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Kept for Christmas by Sara Fields – Sample


Eliot held Raina’s arms up high over her head, his body pinning her against the wall. His male scent assaulted her senses, a mixture of cinnamon and citrus, a heady combination that left her reeling with desire. His lips moved next to her ear, grazing her skin and igniting her flesh with a fiery passion. Moaning, she leaned into him as he began to whisper, his voice hot and heavy with need for her.

“Such a naughty little girl you’ve been. You’ve left me little choice but to bare that disobedient bottom of yours and give you a paddling you’ll remember.”

“Promises, promises, Dr. Knight,” she purred, feeling her thighs begin to tremble with excitement. A tiny smirk edged the corners of her lips as she hopelessly tried to keep her expression serious and contrite.

“Talking back already? You never learn your lesson, do you?” he growled, his tone taking a decidedly darker turn. Grinning, he pressed his hips into her stomach and she squirmed with lust when she felt his long length press up against her body.

Her skin heated to a feverish level. She took a deep, but shaky breath.

“Into my office, young lady. It’s time I took care of your naughty behavior, once and for all.”

He slowly released her from his steady hold, allowing her feet to return to the tile floor beneath her. Even though her legs felt like jelly, she made her way out of the sitting room and into his office. She knew she was about to experience a trip over his lap, and her backside tingled. She couldn’t wait. She loved when he took the lead, adored when he forced her to submit to him, and most of all, cherished how he made her feel special every day. He wanted her, desired her body and best of all, loved her completely for who she was, despite all of her flaws.

She looked around his office, taking in the familiar leather couch, his massive cherry wood desk, the cabinets that hid some of her favorite toys, and she took a deep breath. Holding her hands to her belly, she tried to calm the somersaulting butterflies that seemed to have taken up permanent residence there. She wrung her hands as her stern, yet loving professor took a seat on the loveseat before her. His shadowed eyes found hers and his eyebrows lifted expectantly. She knew what he desired and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

With nervous fingers, she unbuttoned the clasp to her jeans and slowly lowered the zipper, hearing the gentle click as the slider descended down the set of teeth. At long last, she pushed the fabric down over her hips and her pants pooled around her knees. As she kicked her feet free and stood in front of Eliot in just her blouse and panties, she felt sexier than ever.

He pointed to her shirt and she blushed, lifting it up and over her head, revealing her matching pink lingerie set. She had bought it from Victoria’s Secret, spending far too much on something she’d only wear for a few minutes before he made her take it off. Eliot liked her naked and she knew better than to protest.

“That too, naughty girl,” he commanded, his gaze roving up and down her body.

She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, her nipples pebbled with desire. Left standing in just her panties, she trembled slightly, completely aware of the dichotomy between them. Him fully clothed and her nearly naked.

He leaned forward and grabbed her around the waist, bringing her face down over his knees. She gasped when his broad palm settled over her bottom cheeks and groaned a little when his fingers grazed along the gentle curves of her backside.


The sound of the first spank sounded like a gunshot and it wasn’t until a few seconds later that Raina felt the sting. Over and over he spanked her bottom, hard enough to burn, but not overwhelmingly so. Every week, from the moment she left his house to the instant she returned, she thought about what might happen during their weekend sessions under his dominant hands, and she knew she’d love every second of the experience. Every week, on Saturday night, they met in his office, where she was soundly paddled over his knees. Sometimes, he would actually punish her, whereas other times, he just reminded her that he was the dominant one. She loved it all and especially enjoyed the blinding pleasure he would give her afterwards.

He grabbed the waistband of her pink lace panties and firmly dragged them down the curve of her hips, revealing the entirety of her ass to his view. She squealed, knowing that he could see everything, including the molten heat that was currently pooling between her thighs.

He stopped for a moment, his nails gently grazing her sensitive lower lips and she whined when he touched her aching bud, circling it until she thought she might spontaneously combust.

“Look at how wet you are from being spanked like a little girl. What am I going to do with you? Should I paddle this gorgeous ass until you promise to behave?”

“Oh, God, please, sir,” she begged, her hips rolling in such a lewd fashion that she felt a flush rise up over her features.

His other hand twirled into her hair, gripping it from the nape of her neck as he pulled her head backwards, arching her toward him. She mewled with desire, a wave of instant submission washing over her. It seemed as though her body melted like butter on a hot stove, the mixture of pleasure and pain at war inside her. She desperately wanted more.

Her belly pressed into his rigid thighs and she could feel the entire length of his hard cock against her. Giggling, she licked her lips, imagining the taste of his delicious shaft against her tongue. She couldn’t wait to have that too.

His palm lifted from her bare cheeks and crashed back down with vigor. Before long, she was wiggling and trying to escape the blows from his hand on her bottom. He tightened his grip on her hair, pulling a little harder and she stilled, remembering herself. She sighed and leaned toward him, lifting her bottom for his heavy palm. His spanks cracked down on the lower curve of her cheeks and she cried out at the sudden change of intensity. He focused at once on her upper thighs and she yelped while still trying to maintain her position.

At last, the spanking stopped and she wailed quietly, her ass hot and sore. She shivered when he ran his fingers down the length of her spine, into the cleft of her bottom, and deep into the folds of her pussy. He slid into her channel with embarrassing ease since she was already so aroused. Her pussy clenched around his digits as he began to pump them in and out of her.

Sighing softly, the passion that had built within her surged and she cried out in dismay when he pulled his fingers out from her. Instead, his hands grasped her about the waist and lifted her up, maneuvering her so that she straddled his lap. Tentatively, she reached down between her legs to touch the waistband of his slacks and he didn’t stop her. She continued, releasing his shaft to her view, and giggling softly with excitement.

He lifted her and positioned his length at her entrance. With a smirk, he brought her down, his cock surging into her depths. Throwing her head back, she cried out with pleasure at the sudden fullness. She hissed slightly as her freshly spanked bottom cheeks pressed against his thighs, igniting the soreness once again. Her body heated further as she experienced passion and pain all at once.

“Show me how naughty girls make up for such bad behavior,” he growled into her ear. He gripped her hair again, arching her forward so that her breasts thrust into his face. With his other hand, he palmed her chest, squeezing her hardened nipple harshly and she sighed. On the opposite side, his tongue swirled around her other sensitive bud. Biting softly, he held her tightly so that there was no escape from his dominant touch.

She would have thrown her head back with lust if she’d had the choice. Instead, he held her hair with a heavy grip, the nape of her neck prickling with pain, yet it didn’t really hurt. If she actually thought about it, it made her body all the hotter, almost feverishly so with pleasure. She loved every second of it and wanted more of it.

“Ride me, naughty girl.”

With his permission, her body reacted almost violently. Her hips surged forward as she ground into him, his large cock stretching her wide. The pressure on her hair decreased a little and his lips crashed down to meet hers. She kissed him just as fervently, the lust inside her growing to unbearable levels. She felt as though she was a firework, already lit and seconds away from exploding in a brilliant display of passion.

“Please, sir, I need to come,” she begged.

His hand descended, a thumb grazing across her engorged clit and she cried out with insane desire. Her body hummed, every nerve on fire, ignited with her lust. He just had to say the words and she could let go. She didn’t dare come without his permission, otherwise he’d punish her for her disobedience. Sometimes, he’d spank her with his belt, other times a wooden paddle, followed by claiming her ass. By the time he was finished with her, she was always a very well disciplined and contrite woman.

Just thinking about such things made her even hotter, imagining her naked form over his knees, her bottom thrashed for her behavior, growing redder by the second. She both loved and hated punishments, yet couldn’t imagine life without them. But after it was all over, they would have the most explosive sex ever, her body hot and wet and ready for everything he had to give.

Oh, God.

She couldn’t last much longer. Her hips ground into his and her muscles began to tighten. Her release was imminent. She didn’t want to be naughty, but she struggled to hold back. The harder she tried to stem her orgasm, the more difficult it became, until all at once she felt herself breaking.

Throwing her head back, she couldn’t help it as her release took over, her entire body tensing. She trembled, blinding white pleasure surging over her like a massive wave. Riding him hard, she threw her arms around his neck as he circled her clit. Completely shattered, she slumped into his strong embrace. When her body ultimately calmed, she shivered with nervous anticipation. She knew she had earned a punishment.


“Yes, sir?”

“Did you just come without my permission?”

Hiding her face behind her hands, her body still pounding hot from her orgasm, she nodded her head.

“I didn’t hear you. Did you, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” she whined, peeking from between her fingers. One side of his lips was drawn up in a smirk as his eyes narrowed. She gasped, coming to a stark realization. He had wanted her to misbehave. A small thrill of excitement raced through her. What did he have planned?

“It’s been some time since you had a real punishment, hasn’t it, little one?”

She nodded, lowering her hands from her face.

“When we get home, I want you to get naked and climb up on the bed. You’re going to get the belt tonight, my pretty sub. And then, I’m going to tie you up and spank that pretty little pussy with my crop until you scream for more.”

She shivered with excitement. Eliot wanted to play harder tonight and her pussy clenched around his cock with a sudden eagerness. As she imagined the line of fire striking against her bare bottom cheeks, liquid began to pool between her thighs. With a slight gasp, she thought about how the crop would feel as it cracked down against her sensitive pussy lips. As much as she was nervous about being punished, she couldn’t help the fact that it turned her on. She knew that he would fuck her hard after it was all over and she secretly hoped that he would put her on her hands and knees and take her tight bottom hole. She ached for him completely.

She loved it all. Ever since she’d gotten to know the real Professor Knight, the dominant man with a twitchy palm who spanked her whenever she needed it, the kinky man who liked to claim both her pussy and her ass, and the lovable man who held her tight, her life felt complete. She wouldn’t change a thing. He awoke desires inside her that she didn’t even know she had.

“Put your clothes back on, Raina. You’ve got a long night ahead of you. I aim to thrash those naughty cheeks so hard that you won’t be able to sit down tomorrow.”

“Promises, promises,” she teased, smirking back at him. With a dark chuckle, he helped her up and she whined a little when his big cock popped out of her pussy. They stood up together, his hand holding hers tightly.

In a flash, he threw his foot up on a nearby table and tossed her body over one knee so that she was balanced over his thigh. Short as she was, her feet didn’t reach the floor and she was dangling in midair. His palm cracked down five times on each cheek, catching the lower curve of her buttocks, and she squealed as each smack awoke the sting from her previous spanking.

But despite the sudden ache, she couldn’t help but smile.

Everything between them was perfect. He was her happily ever after. As she held onto his leg while he smacked her bottom, she remembered how it had all begun.

Him, a well-known professor. Her, a shy graduate student who had happened to land a teaching assistant position for his class. Even then, their chemistry had been palpable. Grinning, she remembered the first time they’d met and the way he’d made her insides quiver; her stern professor, her Dr. Eliot Knight. He was her entire world and she loved it that way, spankings and all.

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