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King’s Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


Her scent. Enticing.


Invoking a level of desire that I hadn’t experienced before. My cock ached from an almost desperate need, every muscle and tendon in my body ready to explode. I took a deep whiff, her fragrance infiltrating every part of me.


The single word reverberated off my tongue, mixing with the loud clap of thunder, the earth beneath my paws vibrating. Every cell in my body was on fire, flames licking at the imaginary steel bars caging the beast who’d surfaced at the female’s provocation.


It swelled within me like a dark craving, a sadistic need that required fulfillment. Sleep was an impossibility, food nothing that would satisfy my longings. I’d become lost to the realization that I’d never believed would come true.

I’d found her, the one I’d been searching for.

Longing for.

Hungry to ravage.

She was beautiful in every way, her voice lilting and her voluptuous body calling to me.

I longed to feast upon her tender flesh, savoring the taste of her sweet pussy.

I craved thrusting my cock deep into every hole, claiming her.

And I longed to fill her with my seed.

It didn’t matter that she was human.

This was the way of our kind, true predators who’d once ruled the land. We’d once had few enemies, those daring to cross our path succumbing to our wrath.

Then everything had changed, our world colliding with humans, our lives forever altered by the effects of their power and greed long before. We’d sequestered, building our strength, fighting extinction.

And we’d survived.

As I raced through the forest, enjoying the breeze blowing across my face, my claws digging into the soft earth, I could feel the burst of energy as it flowed through every cell and muscle. The rush of adrenaline propelled me forward, guiding me to her location. Everything had suddenly become very clear, the intensity of dreams and visions forming one purpose.

Taking her.

There was no other course, no other need so great.

I’d found the one who could heal the wounds.

She was my mate.

And I was the alpha.

Of our people.

Of our kind.


As her house came into view, the dim lights creating a warm glow, I took another deep whiff. Her scent was intoxicating, enlarging my cock. I shuddered from the raging desire, knowing I would soon be able to devour her.

I threw my head back and roared, staking my claim. I would take her, train her, own her and if she resisted…

She would be punished in savage ways, her body brutally marked.

She would learn to obey my every command, to fulfill my every desire no matter what I demanded.

For I was… king of the jungle.

Chapter Two



I’d grown up learning they were real, beasts who’d once ruled the forests, massive creatures whose hunger knew no bounds. I’d been taught to fear them, like the majority of humans.

Instead, I respected them. They deserved to enjoy a decent life, especially after everything they’d endured.

Dark and stormy nights were the perfect time for their feasts. They were cannibals, capable of tearing into a human’s flesh with their sharp canines. Or so the government had insisted for years. Humans remained afraid, factions determined to drive them into extinction.

But things were not always as they seemed. The Breeds still considered vile beasts had morphed and learned.

And now? Monsters lived among us…

We should all fear what they could do. After all, they were predators.

My entire world ended the day of my graduation from an elite law enforcement school.

Then I was sent straight to hell.

Because now, I was owned.

And he was coming to claim his prey.

“I will take you. Use you. Claim you. I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me.”

“Please don’t,” I managed, struggling to find a way to run from him, but he knew my every move, could sense exactly what I was doing.

“There is nowhere you can run, no place you can hide from me. I am your master.” As he advanced, I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful structure and powerful muscles, his stunning physique complete with a thick, hard cock. He was so large, taller than any man I’d ever seen, and his scent reeked of testosterone. Every part of me hungered for yet feared him. But I would surrender to his every need, his most sadistic desire.

Terror thundered through me, my heart hammering against my chest leaving me gasping for air.

I backed against the tree, shuddering from my vulnerable state as his heated gaze feasted on my naked body. “No. No… I won’t run again. I promise you, sir.”

“Yes… You will, my little pet,” he growled, his intense blue eyes shimmering even in the shadowed light. “And for that you must be punished severely. You will soon learn never to cross me, or you will be disciplined every day.” He grabbed me by the wrist, the rough pads of his fingers digging into my tender skin as he jerked me against the heat of his body, a snarl curling on his lip. “Is that what you want, Clarise? A hard spanking? My cock shoved into your sweet pussy?”

“No, I…” There was no way I could answer his question. Maybe I did want him to take me roughly, driving the length of his shaft deep inside.

He lowered his head until I could feel the wetness of his mouth and tongue, the scruff from his bristled jaw. “Yes… You want me to fuck you.”

The sight of the cane in his hand, the horrible implement the one I hated the most created a wave of shivers dancing down the backs of my legs. I was so wet, pussy juice staining my thighs. It was useless to try to run. I couldn’t resist him any more than he could let me go. He’d captured me, taking me away from my friends and family, keeping me caged until he was ready to use me.

His expression remained intense, his hunger extreme as he closed the distance, brushing the tips of his fingers across my cheek. “I will feast on you soon. Then I will fuck you in every hole.”

As he turned me to face the massive oak tree, lifting and securing both my wrists, I pressed my face against the coarse bark. Whatever pain I would be forced to endure was necessary. I was his. His to feast on and fuck. His to train and punish.

I heard the whooshing sound of the cane and sucked in my breath. The second it was brought down on my naked bottom, I jerked at the rope securing me, the pain blinding.

Another guttural sound left his lips as he snapped the thin birch across my bottom several times, one strike coming after the other.

“Oh! It hurts. Please, sir. Please don’t punish me. I’ll be good.” I was shocked at the series of sensations rocketing through me even as the anguish continued.

Yet my pussy ached, longing for him to use me, fill me.

The harsh spanking continued, the cane brought down against my upper thighs and bottom over and over again. The burn was intense, heat sliding down my legs, curling my toes. I wiggled and shifted, the bark digging into my tummy, scraping against my swollen pussy.

“You will never run from me again,” he stated with full command before tipping his head back and roaring into the darkness.

As he caressed my skin, rubbing the tender spots, I became lightheaded. But not because of pain. I was wired, the electricity spinning out of control, more aroused than ever before.

He brought the cane down several more times, making certain I was thoroughly punished for disobeying him. When he fisted my hair, yanking back my head, he forced me to look into his eyes. I was mesmerized by the color, the iridescent blue that had captivated me from the beginning.

“Such a bad little pet,” he whispered in a husky tone before nipping my earlobe, making certain I heard his intense and very primal growl.

As I heard the rustle of clothing, I closed my eyes, waiting for my master to fuck me. I didn’t have to wait long. The feel of his callused hands as he rubbed them over my bruised bottom was exhilarating, a moan slipping past my lips.

“Are you wet for me, little one?” he asked as he blew across my shoulders.

“Yes, Master. So wet. Please fuck me. Please.”

A dark chuckle slipped past his lips as he eased his hand between my legs, flicking the tip of his finger across my clit. I was in so much need, my pussy aching. When he drove it into my wet channel, I let out a bedraggled moan.

“Yes, so wet. Are you desperate for me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Master. Please…”

He kicked my legs wide apart before grabbing my buttocks, holding me as he drove the entire length of his massive cock deep inside my pussy. He thrust hard and fast, the force driving me against the tree. He was so savage, always brutal in his taking of me. I was his pet, his plaything. His little toy.

I was his human.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Yes! Every inch of you belongs to me. Never forget that.”

“No, sir.”

“I will take you when I want, how I want, and there is nothing that you can do about it.”

What. The. Hell?

I bit back a moan as I envisioned his face and his throbbing cock. Him. Fantasy man. Beast of the night. Right. The stress was getting to me, the last exams taking all my mental faculties. Why in God’s name would I ever fantasize about a spanking, let alone being tied to a tree in the middle of the night? Wow. I rubbed my forehead, trying to shake off the visions.

“Congratulations, class of twenty-two-seventy-two!” The sound of one of our instructors was obvious music to the majority of cadets’ ears. “You will make this country proud with your service.”

I cringed, an uneasy feeling settling into my stomach, still unable to shove the odd prickly sensations away.

“Woo-hoo!” Catcalls and whistles permeated the room, the sound echoing in my ears. The amount of colorful confetti floating down from the ceiling was a spectacular display, adding to the festive atmosphere.

“Aren’t you excited?” Emily asked as she ripped away the pin holding her long hair in a tight bun. “Maybe you’ll get to work with your beloved beasts.”

“Very funny.”

“You never know,” she said in a singsong voice.

Working with the beasts was only allowed by a select few. I would never be one of them.

Emily Daniels was my bestie, a woman who took no shit from anyone. She was rough and aggressive, and I had a feeling her tough demeanor would garner her a top-level position in one of the government’s pristine and very secretive operational units.

I had doubts that my assignment would be so glamorous. Working with the Breeds was only for the specially trained, men and women who knew how to handle them.

To destroy them if necessary.

“Yeah. Yeah,” I answered, scanning the room. I wasn’t certain what to expect, yet I continued to have a heavy foreboding feeling weighing on my mind.

As well as dark fantasies.

“Are you okay? You don’t look so good,” Emily said over the roar of the cadets. “As a matter of fact, you kind of look like you were rode hard.”

I wrinkled my nose, a rush of embarrassment sliding into every pore. I’d been fantasizing about rough sex with some fucking breed instead of paying attention to my special day. “What the hell does that mean?” She was always coming up with expressions from the distant past, reminiscing when she should have been studying. She’d almost flat-lined the final tests.

“Like you just had sex with one of the hottest, sexiest male studs in the world for hours on end, leaving you wet all over.”

“Shut the hell up.”

“Make me, girlfriend, and if I didn’t know how you hate men, I’d say I was right.”

“Like I said,” I growled, glancing around the room.

At least two of the male recruits snickered. Thank God their eyes were on her instead of me.

I wasn’t honestly certain if I was okay. Nothing seemed to make any sense, including the nagging that remained in the back of my mind. I had a very bad feeling about the day, one that I’d looked forward to for so long. Why?

She giggled, blowing the two guys a kiss. “Maybe that’s exactly what you do need. Hot sex.”

“Oh, hell, no. Stop worrying about me. I just had a bad night’s sleep. That’s all.” Offering a practiced smile, I yanked an identical pin to hers from my hair, allowing my long red locks to flow over my shoulders, willing the shivers trickling down my body to go away.

We no longer had to look prim and proper, our graduation from the Academy of Police Integration something our class had worked hard to achieve for two years. Long years. Days and nights had melded together, our studies consuming almost every hour of every day. Now we had a future to look forward to. For some crazy reason, I was nervous about moving forward.

I’d had visions of the beast more than once, the kind that had kept me awake several nights. It was the fifth night in a row, at least the tenth time I’d thought about him, but last night’s experience had been entirely different. So… real. The creature in my dreams wasn’t an ordinary monster. He was marvelous in every way, powerful and enigmatic, drawing me to him. Long dark hair and a chiseled jaw, muscles sculpted out of the finest stone.


His name meant nothing yet everything to me. For some crazy reason, I’d searched Netscape for a full hour in an attempt to find his name, but nothing had fit. There were no registered beasts by that name. As if the monster in my imagination actually existed.

“Big bad wolf of a man. One huge cock that can go for hours,” she teased.

“Stop it.”

“Six-pack abs and a long tongue meant to lick you all over.”

I gave her a harsh look even as I felt wetness pooling between my legs.

My skin continued to crawl with the insanity of my thoughts. He wasn’t like any of the others, the Breeds that I’d met not nearly so regal. Maybe I was losing my mind. A cold shiver trickled down my spine and I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to control my nerves.

“Hmmm… maybe we shouldn’t have consumed that bottle of wine last night,” she said, laughing. Leaning over, her whispered words were enough to make some people blush. “But it’s always fun as shit to talk about big, thick cocks. Just thinking about fucking one of the sexy Breeds makes me hot all over.”

“You’re incorrigible,” I hissed, shaking my head. “I can’t do this right now.”

“Party pooper.”

Maybe that’s why Luca had been born in my mind. Every girl hungered to fuck one of the Breeds, yet few people had ever admitted it. It was taboo, deliciously filthy. I dragged my tongue across my lips. Our conversation had been quite graphic the night before. Why were my nipples suddenly hard, another wave of intense hunger making my panties damp?

Get a grip, recruit.

The night of fantasies had been enjoyable, but I was certainly paying for it now. There was nothing my little voice could do to make me feel any better.

“You belong to me.”

My God. I suddenly felt as if Luca was in the room, beckoning for his bad little girl.

I would never forget his words from before the vision had disappeared. I was finished being flustered over the damn thing. Maybe the naughty fantasy was a cathartic way for my mind to celebrate my graduation in my own twisted way after such a wicked conversation. Now I had a career to start. If only I knew about my assignment, then I would feel better. Maybe. At least half the class had already heard where they would end up, the majority like happy little campers.

Something’s not right.

The nagging voice pecked at me, churning my insides.

Every time the noise of champagne corks being popped sounded off, I trembled. Our graduation day had been pushed up by almost three weeks, something unheard of in the history of the academy.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

“Oh, all right,” Emily huffed. “You’re just nervous. We all are. Drink this, you’ll feel better.”

As Emily shoved a glass of bubbly in my hand, movement outside of the room was easy to see through the almost floor-to-ceiling glass window. I almost had a panic attack.

Men in crisp black suits.

The expensive tailored attire indicated the upper echelon of law enforcement, those who worked exclusively for the Department of Species Integration and Control. The DSIC never attended graduation services, had no dealings with probational officers. They were in a league all their own, dangerous yet effective.

I moved toward the window as my instructor greeted the group of six, speaking without emotion.

“Oh, God,” I said under my breath.

“I wonder what the hell is going on?” Emily asked as she flanked my side. “I didn’t think they normally attended the ceremonies.”

No, they certainly didn’t.

When all seven of them turned their heads toward our room, my mouth went dry. “I don’t know but I don’t like this.”

“Don’t jump to any conclusions. Their presence doesn’t always mean someone is being terminated. Maybe one of us has been selected for a fabulous assignment,” she offered.

I shot her a look, backing away from the window. And maybe the Breeds could fly. Not a chance in hell. I’d been observant enough during the last two years to notice that when several members of the DSIC appeared, their purpose was usually devastating. Several instructors had been unceremoniously yanked from our program, subsequent information citing their lack of dedication to our cause.

The cause?

Keeping the various animal Breeds in check, the organization a testing ground for any and all alien species as well.

Animal hybrids had lived and thrived on Earth for three decades, the once primal animals ascending to the throne of almost human.






Their abilities to shift from one form to another was still a mystery, although dozens of scientists had attempted for years to find out how their genetic DNA had allowed such a drastic alteration. It was reported that the specially created toxic chemicals used during various wars had played a part, including the elimination of several dominant species as well as other reptiles and more domesticated animals. What few Breeds had remained were now only starting to increase in number.

They’d been given a place in society, allowing them to live as almost humans, working and playing as if they were true sapiens.

But they’d harbored a desire to return to who and what they were.

After years of relative peace, the shifters had begun to demand additional freedoms, even causing minor disturbances and standoffs. The more aggressive Breeds were feared amongst the majority of society, specialized law enforcement agencies tasked to keep them in check. Although thousands of them maintained a human appearance, working and enjoying life as anyone else, it was widely speculated that they were retreating to their predatory ways.




All in preparation for taking over.

There was no way that could happen. They simply didn’t have the numbers.


“I doubt it,” I managed, my breath skipping. None of us had ever met the new DSIC commander, although his reputation suggested he was a difficult man. He had no love for the current methods of police work, nor did he believe that the altered species should have a place within any level of human society. That alone made me sick to my stomach.

As the group of men marched in our direction, I shrank back even more, walking quickly toward the back of the room. I kept my eyes pinned on them as they stood outside the door for another thirty seconds, my instructor more animated than I’d even seen him in a classroom.

When they walked toward what we called the forbidden hallway, I breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps my stress was getting the better of me. Yet something didn’t feel right, my nerves crawling. I had the distinct feeling that someone was coming for me.

No, I had the feeling a beast was coming for me.

And he was never going to let me go.

Chapter Three



Jerking up from the bed, I was forced to blink several times until my eyes became accustomed to the darkness. I remained frozen, the eerie sound still reverberating in my ears. As I controlled my breathing, I waited to see if there was another noise. Thirty seconds passed. Then sixty. Other than the rumble of thunder, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

But the hair on the back of my neck stood up.



Was that a fucking growl?

After a few seconds, I dared to turn my head toward the digitized panel on the nightstand. It was after two in the morning. The witching hour, my mother would say. A time for the predators of the night to feast on the most vulnerable creatures. Like I was going to allow that to happen. My gaze fell to my weapon, which always remained within inches of me, embracing a crazed comfort there wasn’t an asshole on this planet who could take me alive.

Snickering, I folded my arms, a series of shivers dancing down my back. While I lived far away from the majority of people, the aging farm left to me by my parents, I’d experienced only a few intruders now and then, poachers who wanted a free meal off my land. Times were tough, food rations dwindling. If fuckers were on my property, instead of supplies, the assholes would get a sense of one pissed off soon to be law enforcement officer.

At least all seemed quiet, the two flashes of lightning coming in through the open blinds adding to my level of comfort.

I’d always loved storms, adored the vibrations thunder made, the sizzling of pure electricity. Tonight, the extreme weather seemed foreboding. As well as the darkness.

Stop being an idiot. It’s just a storm.

Or so I told myself three times.

I’d experienced a dream and nothing more. That’s what was making me jumpy.

My father had told me from when I was a small child that fear was simply uncertainty of the unknown. While I’d agreed with him at the time, I’d learned that fear had everything to do with lack of control.

Something I loathed.

After a full two minutes had gone by, I slowly lowered my head toward the pillow, the uneasy feeling remaining.

I’m coming for you.

A tremor skated down my spine. I could have sworn the words had been said out loud. Jesus. I really needed to get some rest.

I slid under the covers, staring at the ceiling, still able to see his face.

And his cock.

The beast…

“Ugh.” Even my pussy was wet, leaking into my panties. I was some kind of nutcase. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

The second I closed my eyes, the sharp snap of a branch just outside the window drew me immediately from my bed, my hand wrapping around the weapon on the nightstand. I took careful steps toward the window, peering out into the blackened night. At least the rain had slackened from earlier, allowing me to catch short glimpses of the area outside.

I knew the various sounds, could tell when a limb had fallen. What I heard was something entirely different. As I scanned the darkness, a sense of creepy-crawlies shifted down my back, slithering into my legs. I’d never been one to be afraid of anything, had been able to handle myself in various life-threatening situations.

But the fear that had wrapped around my throat in a suffocating manner was entirely different.

A presence.

But not just any presence, a monstrous creature. Whoa. This was getting out of hand. I’d never been the kind of girl to fantasize about any man, especially a Breed. Breeds and humans weren’t supposed to be together, a coupling against the law. After a few seconds of quiet, I took a deep breath. What if I wasn’t imagining the entire thing?

No. I knew better. Something was outside, prepared to take what…

Belonged to him.

The thought was riveting, delicious, and dangerous. And completely insane.

Making certain the weapon was ready to fire, I took another look just as a series of lightning bolts flashed across the sky, lighting up the entire backyard. Another wave of paralyzing terror swept over me as the bright hue highlighted several yards.

Including the massive figure standing on my lawn.

“What?” The word was whispered, and I moved as close to the glass as possible, struggling to get a better look. Another extreme flash allowed me to catch a second glimpse of the intruder.





The four words came to mind all in an instant, leaving me tingling all over. “What the hell?” As the darkness fell over the land again, I huddled against the wall, my mind reeling from what I thought I’d seen. Jesus. I shouldn’t have had the celebratory champagne. I bit my lip, daring to look one more time as a single flash of lightning barely illuminated the same space.


No monsters.

No delicious hulking man.

No horrible criminals.

Hissing, I tried to rationalize that my mind might be playing tricks on me, but my extensive training screamed otherwise. Think, girl. Take a deep breath.

I wasn’t imagining it. There was someone or some thing out there in the dark. Oh, hell, no. I wasn’t going to have any asshole try to take what belonged to me. Not now. Not ever. I threw on my shoes before racing toward the back entrance, my hand shaking as I attempted to unlock the door. I’d changed very little of the house or barns after my parents had died, preferring the old-timey door and locks the same way they had.

Still, when the hinges of the cracked wooden door creaked, the sound seemed to reverberate all around me. I bit back another hiss as I held the weapon in both hands, taking a few tentative steps outside. The drops of rain instantly chilled me even more, my heart racing, my mind playing tricks on me.

Shadows seemed to be coming from everywhere, the flashes crisscrossing the sky causing me to jerk from one direction to another. My God. Get grip on yourself. You’re a trained officer. Even the nagging little voice did nothing to soothe the girl inside. I took several calculated strides, blinking as the rain fell into my eyes. As I wiped them away furiously, I could feel my heart hammering in my chest.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

There was a presence. He was here. He was…

A musky scent manifested itself, rich and thick with testosterone. I took a deep whiff, the odor filtering into my nostrils, wrapping around me like a warm blanket.

What I suddenly realized was that I was no longer experiencing terror or even apprehension. I was excited, shaking from an adrenaline rush. My breasts were aching, my arms and legs quivering.

Swaying, I dragged my tongue across my lips, licking off the drops of rain. The taste was entirely different. So sweet. Delicious. Decadent. Even my pussy clenched and released several times, forcing a single moan up from my throat.

What the hell was going on?

I was shocked at my body’s reaction, so damn confused as to what I was experiencing, even more intense than the fantasies from before. With my limited training in chemistry and alternative substances, I was well aware there were airborne drugs capable of producing hallucinogenic effects. I knew there were certain virulent criminals who regularly used them in their acts of violence, but there was nothing of value to steal in my dwelling. Nothing except…


Another round of real terror swept through me, fighting with the effects of whatever was happening to me to take control. Was it possible the inoculations I’d received only days before had manifested horrific aftereffects?

I stumbled backwards, further shaken that I’d walked a solid ten feet into the yard. How the hell did that happen? Jesus. That wasn’t good. I was likely to be tested one last time before an assignment was made. If I had drugs in my system, all the hard work I’d put in would mean nothing. I had to get inside and try to find a way to eliminate the intoxicating effects.

What if the asshole beast was actually here? What if he’d made it inside? No, I knew better. No one had passed by me. I couldn’t think straight, my mind a muddled mess, completely unprepared for an attack of this kind.

I managed to make it inside, gasping as I shut and locked the door, rubbing my hands over my eyes and nose in some ridiculous effort to rid myself of whatever had occurred. Shuddering, I inched toward the light panel, slapping my hand over the heat scanner.

Nothing happened. Not a single light came on.

That was impossible. Electricity had been altered over a century before, the source no longer dependent on grids and outdated power stations, the fear of enemies using electromagnetic pulse too significant. Everything had changed decades before. Even our vehicles were new, scientists perfecting a new system that would supposedly prevent attacks on our machines. Short of a variant nuclear blast, there was no way to shut down any system.

Then why the hell was there no light?

Oh, God. Oh…

As the storm raged outside, raindrops now pelting against the windows, I became sick to my stomach. I’d been told that living so far removed from civilization wasn’t a good idea. Why had I believed I was impervious to the living and breathing beasts that roamed the forests?

Almost panicking, I tried to remember where I’d placed the single light-stick I owned. The kitchen. Trying to remain silent, I kept the weapon positioned in both hands, shifting it from one hand to the other as I made my way through the house, furious with myself for not remembering the exact location of the alternative light source. One of the drawers. Yes, that had to be where I’d keep it. Right?

I rushed forward, my fingers like ice as I pressed my hand against one of the levers, waiting as the drawer slowly opened.

Gggrrr…” Him. Oh, God.

The deep gravelly sound pulsed through every cell and muscle, stealing every ounce of energy as it suffocated me. I was instantly electrified, my pulse skipping as a humming sound thrummed in my ears.

Then I felt him.

The presence.

The beast.

The man destined to take me.

“Hello, Clarise.” The being chuckled after whispering the two little words, the tone so husky and dripping with a vibrant hungry lust that I fell against the counter. Whoever the intruder was, he knew my name. That wasn’t good, not on any level. “Were you waiting for me? Are you as hungry as I am? Are you ready for me to fuck that tight pussy of yours?”

The recent fantasies floated back into my mind, my heart skipping several beats. I almost said his name out loud. I almost believed what I was seeing.

Finally, my instincts kicked in, the training that I’d lived and breathed every day. “Don’t you dare move any closer, you fucker. I’m trained and know how to use this.” I managed to swing around, pointing the weapon toward him, only able to see a hint of his silhouette in the bolt of current flashing across the sky. Standing at least six and a half feet, his bulging muscles screaming of domination and power, he wasn’t anything like I’d expected. The fantasy hadn’t done him justice.

Trembling, I kept the laser barrel pointed at his heart, knowing the impact would shatter every artery, instantly killing him.

“You don’t want to do that,” he stated as he dared to walk closer.

“I suggest you stop right there, whoever the fuck you are. I don’t take kindly to assholes breaking into my house.”


The hard slam of thunder forced a moan past my lips as the combination of fear and excitement surged, meshing together and keeping me on edge.

Keeping me hungry.

I was overwhelmed by the various sensations cascading through me, my fingers suddenly numb. When two quick bolts of lightning flashed in close proximity, I was shaken to the very core by the sight of his eyes. I could swear they were glowing, the vibrant blue hue shimmering like electrified sapphires.

In those few seconds, his entire being seemed to encapsulate me, further paralyzing any concept of protecting myself.

I’d been able to see his long dark hair, the ruggedness of his chiseled jaw and sculpted body as well as the fact he was completely naked.

His chest rising and falling.

His cock thick and hard.

He took long and slow strides toward me, his eyes still glowing as he locked his onto mine. I could swear I sensed his purpose, could tell exactly what he’d come here for.

To take me.

Use me.

Fuck me.

I was breathless, my nipples aching to the point I was almost in pain, the hard buds scraping across the thin tee shirt I’d selected. I could feel the heat between my legs, my juice soaking my thin panties. Nothing like this had ever happened to me.

No, that was a fucking lie. I couldn’t figure out why I was bothering to lie to myself. Out of some fucking guilt? Out of the shocking embarrassment that I hungered for this brutal, horrible beast?

Yes, it had happened on three occasions, but not to this degree. Not like this.

Not the wanting.

The roaring desire.

The almost desperate need crushing down on my system.

I backed away, refusing to take my eyes off him. He was a true predator, a man who was capable of stripping away not only my dignity but all sense of rationality.

“I said, don’t come any…” The words died in my throat, the ones I said almost inaudible. This had to be some kind of crazy dream. I wasn’t standing here in the middle of the night with a naked man, let alone a gorgeous, roughhewn specimen with a perfect body.

Oh, hell, no.

As he issued a low-slung growl, the sound permeating the air all around me, I was no longer afraid.

Just pissed off. Who the hell did he think he was?

“Clar-ise…” he whispered. “Come to me.”

“Over my dead body. I will shoot you without question.”

“No, you will not, or you will be punished. All bad girls deserve to be punished and you are one bratty girl in a woman’s body.” His damn insanely husky voice had some kind of power over me, the tone floating into my mind as bizarre images of the stranger taking me, sliding his thick cock deep inside yanked at my very soul.

I was wet and hot all over, unable to comprehend what was going on.

“Brat? How fucking dare you.” Another rush of embarrassment flamed across my face.

Punished? There wasn’t a single person on this freaking planet who had the right to do something like that. I struggled to snap out of my hypnotic state, realizing exactly what he was.

A beast.

A shifter.

But unlike any of the others, the ones I’d learned about or had spent time with. He was huge as well as much more muscular. But that wasn’t it either. There was an aura around him, majestic and beautiful. No, he was something else entirely.

Far superior.

A true alpha.

A king…

Every part of my body tingled, my skin seared from the electrified jolts slamming into every muscle and tendon. Even my breathing had become labored, my eyes having difficulty focusing. I realized I was lowering my weapon, as if this asshole had some kind of control over me. No. No. Using every ounce of what training I could concentrate on, I managed to pull the trigger.

It was as if time had stood still, his hand wrapping around the weapon, tossing it aside before the spray of ammunition had an opportunity to wreak havoc on his body. He slid his fingers around my throat, pulling me onto my toes, his eyes burning once again into my mine. I could feel him searching my memory banks, every brain cell electrified as he processed how to deal with me.

How to control me.

As if I already belonged to him.

As he lowered his head, taking a deep whiff, I slammed my palms against his chest. Immediately I was more aroused than before, a fire erupting in my tummy, soaring into new heights, erupting into an inferno. I couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Could no longer see. I was powerless against him, desire roaring unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

When his lips brushed across mine, I was unable to hold back a series of whimpers. Everything about him reeked of danger, as if he could consume me in a single bite. His hand remaining on my throat, he captured my mouth, immediately thrusting his tongue inside. I was shaken by his continued prowess, the scent that was entirely too intoxicating. The taste of him was a powerful aphrodisiac, so sweet yet I could swear it was draining the life out of me, sucking me dry of any clear thoughts or abilities.

I had to fight him, to shove away the insane attraction. He wasn’t real. He wasn’t human. He was something else entirely.

He was a beast.

The kiss became a wild moment shared between us as he held me, his fingers digging into my skin. I struggled to breathe as his tongue dominated mine, exploring the dark recesses of my mouth. As he ground his hips against me, shifting back and forth, I pummeled my hands against him, trying desperately to get away. The feel of his throbbing cock pressing into me was surreal.


Dragging me further into the darkness.

His darkness.

Pushing me away, he released another savage growl, his eyes shifting back and forth.

With no chance at obtaining my weapon, I grabbed a knife, swinging it in his direction.

Even in the darkness, when he roared, I could tell that I’d sliced his arm, the stench of blood filtering into my nostrils. The sound the beast made was guttural, tossing a wave of vibrations dancing down my legs. He immediately reacted, rocking his arm forward, catching the various items placed on my counter. As the sound of glass shattering, metal slamming against the cabinets permeated the space, I did the only thing I could think of doing.

I fled the room, scrambling to reach the front door. If I could make it safely to my vehicle, I might be able to get away.

Go. Go. Go.

Don’t go…

You want him. You belong to him.

I should have known better than to think I could run.

Before I had a chance to make it ten feet, he’d captured me, yanking me against the extreme heat of his body. Squealing, I smashed my fists against him, but his rock-hard body didn’t budge an inch.

“You will pay for your actions,” he stated as he dragged me through the house, every sound one of a primal beast. I did everything I could to fight him off, but I’d reached a level of utter exhaustion. When he tossed me onto the bed, he glowered down, and I could swear his entire body was shimmering, an aura of luminescent light unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

Refusing to back down, I lunged for him, wrapping my hands around his throat, my own primal scream filling the air.

He laughed and with a single hand, ripped the front of my nightshirt, the force tossing me back onto the sheets.

I was stunned at his level of vehemence even as my skin remained on fire, burning from the kind of interminable desire that left me panting. I pitched my body across the bed in a last-ditch effort to get away, only to feel his hand wrapping around my ankle, yanking me to within inches of him.

“Get off me!” I snarled, horrified that I was even wetter than before, the scent of my pussy juice matching his increased testosterone and pheromones.

The hard kick I delivered connected, another labored growl rushing up from his throat. Within seconds, the tee shirt was ripped away from my body entirely, leaving me even more vulnerable to his filthy needs. I clawed at the bed, groaning as he wrapped a finger around the thin elastic of my panties. With one snap of his wrist, I was totally naked, my aching body on full display. I had no doubt he could see in the dark, able to tell how aroused I remained, my nipples hard and swollen.

The electricity we shared was magnified, as if I would never be able to resist him, my mouth watering in anticipation of the savagery he would perform.

Exhaustion settled in even as I continued to try to crawl away, determined not to fall prey to the attraction, a connection my mind couldn’t process. Why did I crave him?

The beast fisted my hair, yanking me onto my knees and jerking me to the edge of the bed. With a series of husky sounds, he ran the tip of his finger down my spine, digging his nail into my skin.

“You will be punished,” he stated with clear authority.

“You’re crazy. What do you want with me? Who are you?” His scent was entirely different than any of the other canines or cats, highly evocative, a drug I couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Yanking my head, he leaned over and the feel of his long rough tongue as he slathered it across my cheek gave me another round of shivers. Even the way his hot breath tickled my skin added a burst of liquid fuel to the flames.


Oh, my God. This just couldn’t be real. He was the creature from my fantasy, the monster who’d been determined to capture me. Take me.

I repeated his name in my head, attempting to remember if I’d ever heard it before my depraved fantasy.

“You are mine,” he added before rearing back, bringing his hand down against my bottom.


I was shocked as an instant wave of pain coursed through me, my heart thudding hard against my chest and my pulse skyrocketing as the adrenaline powered into overdrive.

He smacked me again and again, moving from one side to the other, the rain of scalding strikes lighting my entire world on fire.

“Stop! No,” I moaned, undulating my hips as I struggled with his hold.

“You will learn.”

“I’ll scream!”

“You can scream as loud as you want. No one will hear you.”

“I’ll call the police!”

He chuckled. “You are the police. Isn’t that right, little girl? As I said, you will learn.”

Learn what? That I was supposed to obey him? That I suddenly belonged to him? Not a chance in hell. While he continued the harsh punishment, I refused to give in, throwing back one arm then another, never making contact with his massive body. He laughed at my attempt, his hold on my hair tightening.

“Why? Why…”

“Because you deserve it,” he growled.

“No. I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Yes, you will.”

“Just stop,” I begged, and I never pleaded with anyone.

“When I’m finished.”

The words no longer made any sense coming from my mouth, the sound simply ringing into my ears. I closed my eyes as the spanking continued, only able to concentrate on the wetness pooling between my legs, the increasing scent of my own desire. And I knew it had fueled him, prompting him in his brutal actions. I could feel his hunger increasing as if instinctively knowing I was surrendering, the strange bond we shared heightened.

With every savage strike, my pussy clenched then released until I was fearful that I’d lose all control, climaxing from the actual wretched experience.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I couldn’t stop the guttural noises erupting from the depths of my very being, the anguish almost blinding in a sick and twisted away.

I remained excited, so turned on that I couldn’t think clearly. The heat shifting across my bottom was explosive, coursing down both legs as the sound of his palm slicing against naked skin floated into the air.

Luca spanked me long and hard and the second the harsh discipline was over, he mounted me, thrusting the entire length of his cock deep inside my aching pussy.

“Oh. God!” My whimpers were ugly reminders of what was happening.

“Your God can’t save you, little girl. Only I can.”

“What are you? Who? Why?”

“All in good time.”

I smacked and clawed the sheets as he forced my back into an arc, his powerful plunges driving me several inches forward. I was unprepared for his brutal thrusts, my muscles straining to accept his wide girth, clamping down until all I could do was pant like a crazed dog.

With every savage stroke, he let out a series of roars, as if he’d claimed his prize.

As if he’d reclaimed what belonged to him.

As if I was his mate.

I struggled with the idea, every thought turning fuzzy, but the sensations were incredible, pushing me into a state of utter bliss. I was shocked how incredible his throbbing cock felt, the force he used only adding to the surreal nature.

“All mine,” he huffed.

When he thrust at least two fingers into my dark hole, I could no longer breathe, the strangled sound I emitted no longer human. I was suddenly a ravenous beast, my hunger knowing no bounds even as the agony of what he was doing stripped away my humanity.

“Oh, God. Oh. Oh…”

“So tight, little one,” he whispered. “Every hole belongs to me. I will enjoy taking you in the ass, the punishment exactly what you need.”

Everything about this beast was dominating, as if he’d never take no for an answer. I continued to believe this was all some sick fantasy, even falling into the rhythm as he finger fucked my asshole, driving in jabbing motions. My God, I was bucking my hips, accepting his savage deed. What the hell was wrong with me?

Fight. Get away.

But I couldn’t.

No, I wouldn’t.

I was locked in the moment as if placed in a bubble, the entire experience completely carnal. He removed his fingers from my asshole, replacing the thick invasion with an even bigger one.

His cock.

The eruption of panicked whimpers escaping my mouth was nothing in comparison to the flash of pain shooting into every cell and muscle when he slid his cock into my dark hole. I opened my mouth in a silent scream, dumbstruck by the voraciousness of his actions, the way he pushed past my tight ring of muscle. The monster was forcing me to accept.

“Yes!” he growled as he gripped my hip with one hand, thrusting in and out in an even but unforgiving manner.

I could no longer feel my legs, had no control of anything as my body responded, accepting the brutality. I couldn’t want this. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.

But as my breasts seemed to increase in size, my nipples screaming in need of being licked and sucked, bitten and twisted, an actual smile crossed my face.

As if I’d always hungered for something so brutal.

As if I’d only accept being taken like an animal.

His guttural moans matched my own as he took me, driving long and hard as my muscles clamped around the thick invasion. The wildness of his actions intensified, and I could tell he was close to coming, spilling his seed deep inside.

Unable to control my body, my muscles clenched and released several times as his body began to shake. Seconds later, I felt him erupt deep inside, filling me.

Claiming me.

Marking me.

As if I’d become his mate.

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