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Lord of Ruin: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Sample


“Say you want me, mageménos,” he growled in his usual dark, husky voice as he dragged me all the way down onto his thick, throbbing cock.

Enchanted one, his term of endearment for me.

“Say it,” he demanded, lifting me again, this time bringing me down with brutal force.

Shuddering, I shook my head, doing what I could not to fall under his spell.

He laughed, the sound filling me with longing and the kind of darkness I’d never believed I could want.

“You will take every single piercing inch of me. You will obey my every command. My good girl. My very good girl. You’re my beautiful, filthy woman, the light to my darkness.”

I’d once hated when he called me that, refusing to be his good little anything, but now as my pussy muscles stretched, my heart racing, I couldn’t deny the intensity of my desires.

He lifted his hips, thrusting into me again as he pinched and twisted my nipple until I cried out in pain. The look in his eyes should be terrifying but it drew me further into his darkness.

I also couldn’t lie to myself. Everything about Stavros Diamondis was bad for me, very bad.

After all, he was the one who broke me down before building me back up, fixing me. Healing my heart.

Soothing my anger.

Caressing my bruised skin while wiping away the tears.

Yet I’d become nothing but his plaything.

His pet.

His possession.

Still, a small part of me wanted to be that girl one more time, the one with the bright eyes and verve for life, the one he called his enchanted one. The girl who’d allowed herself to believe he was the right one.

The hero of my personal story, the knight in shining armor.

He had saved my life three times, well, in truth four, the last incident the most frightening. The nightmares would never end. Just when I’d lost hope, he’d found me. He’d promised to die to keep me safe. To burn the entire world down to get to me.

He’d kept his promise, barely surviving, scorching the earth while littering it with blood and broken bones.

But I still couldn’t forgive him.

For what he’d done.

For what he’d accused me of.

For who he was.

For all the promises that he’d never able to keep, no matter how dangerous and powerful he was.

And for telling me I was the love of his life.

However, there was a thin line between love and hate.

And somehow, I’d crossed it once again, his words as electrifying as they were haunting.

You are mine, my beloved. Until the end of time…

Chapter One


Mine. Mine. All mine!

The hard work had finally paid off. To a point.

Only if you get clients coming in through that thick steel door.

My inner voice had been calming over the years, always managing to bring me down to reality. But right now, I wish I had a bottle of champagne to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. I was now a business owner in New York City.

Far, far away from home.

Much to the chagrin of my parents, who hated the fact I’d wanted to remain in New York. They were fearful of the bums and violence, the criminal activity and rude people. I loved them dearly, but they were way too overprotective.

The dazzling city was where I’d wanted to be for as long as I could remember, coming on college breaks and holidays, enjoying the eclectic people and the exciting atmosphere. Now I could call a piece of it my own.

For a hefty monthly price of course.

Laughing, I felt happier than I had in a long time. I’d even found an amazing employee. So far, only one but I had to start somewhere. Right?

I couldn’t help spinning around in a circle for the third time. After all the years of education, working two jobs to try to be able to live off more than just ramen noodles, and putting everything including every dime I had to my name into my dream clinic, my baby had come to fruition.

I was ecstatic.

Eager for the future.

And terrified.

I’d spent all day cleaning and setting the space, adding all my favorite furry baby touches including pictures of doggies and kitties on the walls. I’d been lucky enough to be able to invest in the best equipment, although I’d be paying for it for more than ten years. I had paint under my fingernails, covering my sweatshirt and sweatpants, and my tennis shoes.

Even both cheeks.

I looked like some homeless chick on the streets of New York. But what did I care? I was now the proud owner of Furry Tails Veterinary clinic. My last deed of the day had been to hang my diploma, something I’d worked so hard to achieve, sacrificing almost everything, including parts of my sanity.

I’d had a reason to stay late, a lovely older woman noticing my newly built Facebook page, begging me to stay until she could bring her poodle in. I’d explained I wasn’t quite set up yet, but her sobs had worn down my resolve and I’d agreed. Then she’d been a no show.

A no show.

That wasn’t the best way to start my new business, but I refused to take it as a sign. Plus, it had driven a fire under my butt, and I’d chosen a paint color and worked my little fingers off. I was thrilled with my efforts and the results.

“Yes!” I pumped my fist, blowing silly kisses to the four corners. I was exhausted but happy, eager for a tall glass of wine and some sleep in my fabulous bed inside my cramped Brooklyn apartment. Tomorrow was a new day and I already had three clients on the books. Oh, yeah, baby. I was rocking it already.

Laughing, I realized there was nothing that could deter my good mood. Nothing! I grabbed my purse, suddenly noticing the time. Ugh. It was after eleven. That meant I’d need to walk to the second subway stop, the closest one shutting down promptly at ten. I had no idea why, other than the building where I leased my clinic wasn’t in the best part of town. However, it was all I could afford, even if my landlord was a grade-A jerk.

Still, a working girl had to start somewhere. Right?

I’d celebrate with a glass of cheap wine and the block of cheese I’d been saving for the occasion.

I slung my purse over my shoulder, grabbing the office keys and taking one last look before turning off the lights. When I walked out in the small courtyard, other small businesses surrounding mine, the light breeze sent an instant chill into my bones. After locking the door and shoving the massive set of keys into my purse, I held the leather strap against my body and hurried away from the building.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

While gunfire was typical on any given day in the dark streets of New York, the fact the sound echoed in my ears meant whoever was engaged in a gunfight or partaking in a horrific crime was close. I scanned the street, my heart racing. But I couldn’t see anything even though there were several streetlights on both sides.

I tentatively took several steps further away from the building, debating if I should head back inside, calling the police. Sadly, this neighborhood wasn’t tops on their agenda for patrolling. The seconds I took thinking about my best move were detrimental, a dark figure appearing out of the shadows, grabbing me from behind.

The perpetrator was strong, yanking me off my feet instantly. “No!”

“Shut the fuck up. Be a good girl and play your part.”

I tried to scream but the sound was cut off when he slammed his thick forearm against my throat, cutting off my air supply. I fought with him against the advice of experts providing tidbits on staying alive when mugged. But I wasn’t the kind of girl to play demure or nice, doing what I could to pull his arm away while kicking him in the shins.

“Stop moving, bitch, or it’ll be your last day on earth.” The guy’s deep voice was ragged, as if he’d had one too many cigarettes in his life. But it was louder than I would have thought. I started to wheeze, stars floating in front of my eyes as I was slowly being suffocated. “Just be quiet and maybe I’ll let you live.” His angry hiss was followed by the bastard placing the barrel of a weapon against my temple.

While another wave of terror skipped through me like wildfire, I refused to lose my wits. That’s how victims were killed. As he started pulling me further into the shadows, I made it as difficult as possible.

There was sudden movement near the three trees in the center of the cracked concrete courtyard, a blur that I couldn’t make out until I heard his voice.

Tha stamatoúsa akrivós ekeí.”

The language was one I didn’t recognize entirely, although if I had to guess, I’d say it was like the Greek I’d heard at one of my favorite restaurants. As he walked under one of the decorative-style pole lights near the single bench, I was in awe of the man. It was as if I was staring at Adonis, his appearance that of a Greek god. He had to be at least six and a half feet tall with shoulder-length, thick dark hair. I couldn’t see his eyes, but in my mind, they were glowing as if he was some kind of crazed superhero.

“Fuck off.”

“I said,” the second guy hissed, “if you let her go and follow my orders, I might let you live.”

Was he really going to save my life?

My instinct told me he was just another bad guy and I’d been caught in the middle of a turf war. He was dressed in a suit as opposed to the hoodie and jeans my assailant was wearing; the moment seemed out of place even for the Big Apple. While I couldn’t make out his features, what I could see clearly was the weapon he had in both hands of his outstretched arms.

“You’re a fucking fool if you think I’m going to follow your orders and stop. Get the fuck out of here.”

“Then you die,” he said in English, his deep voice penetrating my eardrums, the sultry sound splashing over me like a protective blanket.

There was no further discussion, no ugly comments back and forth. The man standing maybe ten yards in front of me simply fired his weapon once.

But that was enough.

It took me a few seconds to realize what had actually occurred but I only fully understood when the assailant’s arm started to slip away, his body hitting the blocked concrete with a hard thud. I stumbled forward, slapping both hands across my mouth as I peered down at his dead body. If I were to give the other marksman points for accuracy, he’d top a ten given the bullet wound was centered perfectly in the asshole’s forehead.

I might be in some kind of shock, but my mama hadn’t raised a fool. I’d just witnessed a murder, which meant the guy who might have saved my life would end up needing to strip it away to keep me quiet. So, I did what any smart, red-blooded chickie would do.

I took off running.

And screaming.

As if that would matter. No one cared about a girl fighting off an attacker. Not in this city.

I hadn’t anticipated that the hulking mass of a man would be so fast, grabbing me from behind just as the other jerk had done, slapping his hand over my mouth. When he pulled me against his hard body, I shuddered from his possessive and dangerous hold as well as a sick series of tingling sensations.

“Now, if I remove my hand, you’re going to promise not to scream. Yes?” His dangerous tone was whispered in my ear, his hot breath cascading down the side of my neck. I couldn’t stop shaking as I dug my fingers into his massive, chiseled arm.

All I could do was nod slightly.

“Good girl.” He slowly lowered his hand, wrapping it around my throat instead, but his hold was more about possession, not a direct threat. Still, I had a feeling he could easily snap my neck if he so decided. “Now, who are you?”

Was he kidding me? Did he think I was somehow involved in this brutal game? When I didn’t answer him immediately, he nuzzled against my ear, laughing in a dark and dangerous way.

“We’re going to try that one more time, sweetheart, and I suggest you answer the question. Who. Are. You?”

He didn’t release me, but I was easily able to talk, even though a lump the size of a grapefruit had formed in my throat. “I’m… I’m a veterinarian leaving work. My clinic is behind us.” My voice was shakier than it had been before, my pulse racing as it should be. How was I going to get out of this? How?

“You’re a vet?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

“Take me to your clinic.” He pressed the weapon into my side as a reminder of who and what he was.


“Because, sweetheart. I said so and right now, I am the man in charge, the one holding a gun to that pretty little head of yours. I suggest you remain a very obedient little girl.”

Chapter Two


The terror skittered through me even more than when I’d been kept hostage on the street, except for inside my clinic I had some sharp instruments. If I could break free of his hold, maybe I could do some damage since I knew the perfect location to cut a human so they bled out faster. Great, now I was using all the years of medical and veterinary school to contemplate murder. Perfect.

Okay, so I wasn’t a killer, but I refused to play victim to anyone.

My hands were fumbling as I tried to shove the key into the lock, dropping the lot of them, the clang against the metal door making me gasp.

“Relax, princess. Just take a deep breath.”

His words of comfort were just as infuriating as they were terrifying, the ugly thoughts of what I wanted to do to him remaining in my mind. He kept the full weight of his body mostly pressed against me as he dropped to the ground grabbing the keys. As his hand swept up from the small of my back to my shoulders, I bit back a strangled sound.

He was very gentle in handing me the set of keys, even brushing hair that had dropped free from my ponytail out of my face.

“Now, take your time, sweetheart. Everything is going to be just fine.”

In whose world was he talking about? I’d read enough terrible stories in the news about victims who never recovered mentally from something like this. His accent was far too absorbing, definitely Greek now that he’d spoken several sentences. And his scent was incredible, musky and slightly citrusy with hints of cardamom and ginger, cinnamon and pepper.

I certainly knew just how nervous I was if I was deciphering his aftershave instead of trying to figure out how to remain alive. Concentrating, I finally managed to unlock the door on the second try, slowly opening the door.

“Is anyone else here?” he asked in the same husky voice.

“Does it look like it? It’s pitch-black inside.” Oh, great. Now I was being snarky with a man holding a weapon.

I wasn’t certain whether I should be comforted by his chuckle to my less than appropriate joke but at least I hadn’t pissed him off any more than the dead guy had done.

“Why don’t we turn on a light?”

I rolled my eyes, grateful he couldn’t see it but did as he asked. As soon as light flooded the facility, he took that moment to push me into the front room, closing and locking the door behind us. I backed away, placing my purse in an easily accessible location. I had my phone inside, although I had a feeling he was far too much of an expert to allow me a single chance at making contact with the outside world.

I spun around to face him, shocked at the man standing only a few feet away. While I was no fool in that criminals came in all sizes, shapes, and economic statuses, I was floored how incredibly good looking he was. His shoulder-length shaggy dark hair seemed to glisten in the fluorescent light, his deep blue eyes reminding me of the finest sapphires under the sparkling LED lights.

But it was his perfectly chiseled, aristocratic features that set him apart from the thousands of men I walked past on a daily basis. With his square jaw and the two-day stubble, carved cheekbones and skin tinged with a hint of a bronze hue, he appeared as if he’d walked off a runway for a men’s fashion magazine. Except even in what was easily a five- or six-thousand-dollar suit, he still appeared to be one of the most rugged and masculine men I’d ever laid eyes on.

That didn’t take away from the fact he was a cold-blooded killer.

“Who are you?” I asked, my tone a tiny bit demanding.

He wore a look of amusement on his face as he slowly lowered his gaze all the way to my ratty tennis shoes. Of course the bastard was concentrating on just how horrible I must look in my rattiest of clothes. “Are you sure you’re a veterinarian?”

“Yeah, the diploma I hung on the wall from Cornell University makes it all nice and official. You know, an Ivy League college and one of the best veterinary schools in the country? Oh, maybe you wouldn’t know since you’re obviously nothing but a thug.”

“Awful mouthy for a woman who witnessed a murder.”

Oops. There was that. “Not by choice but yes, I’m a goddamn vet and this is my place.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then you might prove to be helpful.”

“How so?”

He slowly eased his weapon into the side pocket of his linen jacket, wincing as he took it off. That’s what I noticed his light blue shirt was soaked with blood. He’d been shot. Swallowing hard, I fought the increasing nerves as I stared at him, finding it impossible to look away or even blink.

“What do you want me to do?”

His smirk was just as reprehensible as the fact he was here, barging in on my place of business where he’d likely start to bleed on my nice clean tile floor at any moment. Damn the man. Damn the fact I hadn’t left earlier.

“I need you to get this goddamn bullet out of my shoulder.”

I stared at the monster as if he’d just grown a second head. “I can’t do that.”

“You’re a damn doctor. You can and you will.”

He was already sweating, his face covered in a light sheen. “Go to a hospital.”

“Sweetheart, let’s get something straight. The kind of business I’m in doesn’t lend itself to going to a hospital with a gunshot wound.” His voice was gruff yet stilted, as if he was in significant pain.

“What kind of work are you in, other than killing people on the street?” I tried to stop my mouth, which tended to get me in trouble more often than not, but it just flowed since being around him.

There was something decidedly evil about his smirk, but it also added to his sexiness. Okay, what I thinking?

“I don’t think you really want to ask questions that could get you into more hot water than you’re already in. Now, do you?”

“Maybe not but I’m no medical doctor. You need to find someone else.”

“What I need is for you to stop talking, sweetheart, and start digging this out of my muscle.”

I opened my mouth to retort I wasn’t his sweetheart, and I certainly wasn’t a good girl but managed to stop myself before I jumped into a vat of boiling oil. “I’ll need to get some things from the back room.”

“Then I’m coming with you. I suggest you don’t do anything stupid.” He moved away from the door, headed in my direction.

I was still shaking but managed to turn stiffly, moving toward the small operations room I’d set up. I grabbed a sterile pan and some gauze, adhesive tape, rubbing alcohol, and a couple of different scalpels. He hovered in the doorway, his breathing labored from the obvious pain. I used the moment to turn slightly, taking one of the scalpels and sliding it under the sleeve of my sweatshirt.

As I turned around, the way he was staring at me so intently was more unnerving than before. His eyes darted back and forth before allowing a now very heated gaze to fall to my feet all over again.

Only this time it felt as if the man was undressing me with his eyes.

I did what I could to stop shaking, lifting my eyebrow when he remained in the doorway. “You can move now. I’ll take you into one of the examination rooms.”

His eyes were so piercing, mesmerizing in a way that didn’t make any sense. After a few seconds, he backed away, giving me a single nod. I pointed toward the room on the left and like a trained seal, he walked inside. That allowed me to attack from behind.

Only as he’d done before, it was as if he’d anticipated my actions, snapping his large hand around my wrist when I had the scalpel in midair.

He cocked his head, an evil grin sliding across his face. “That wasn’t very nice of you or a good idea, sweetheart.”

“I’m not your damn sweetheart.” My retort was done without hesitation and I refused to drop the instrument.

But he twisted my arm just enough so pain slammed into my shoulder, the whimper escaping my mouth unavoidable. So was dropping the instrument.

“Don’t do that again or I’ll need to punish you.”

The assassin made the statement as if this was nothing more than a disagreement. I had the pan in my other hand, and I couldn’t seem to stop myself, smashing the stainless steel into his head. I might not be the strongest girl in the world, but it was enough to break contact and he stumbled backward. I didn’t wait to see what happened next, turning and fleeing into the front room, snagging my purse and racing toward the door.

A loud clang was followed by a series of words spouted off in Greek. I had the door open and was ready to race for my life when he fisted my hair, yanking me with enough force I was pitched backward by several feet. The hard slam of the door was matched by the moment my body hit the receptionist desk with a brutal thud.

I was dazed but came out swinging, managing to get in a single hard punch under his chin before he pinned me against the desk, his breathing even heavier than before.

“You are one bad woman. Do you have a death wish?”

“No,” I retorted. “I just don’t want horrible criminals bleeding all over my nice clean floors.”

It was his turn to stare at me incredulously before shaking his head. “You should know better than to attack a very bad man.”

“Yeah? Well, I guess I don’t have anything to lose. Now, do I?”

I both hated and loved his deep, seductive laugh at the same time. When he spun me around, yanking one arm behind my back and marching me toward the same examination room where the mess had been created, I held my breath, realizing I’d just fucked up royally. For all my bravado hot, heavy tears welled up in my eyes as the fear threatened to become paralyzing.

I couldn’t allow that to happen, trying desperately to bring the anger from before back to the surface. He was strong, so much so that for all the wiggling I was doing, I wasn’t going anywhere.

He slammed me over the edge of the table seconds later, immediately wrangling with the elastic on my sweatpants.

“What are you doing?” Suddenly, the tone of my voice was no longer demanding, sounding more like the frightened little girl that I was. Tears slipped past my lashes, rolling down my face one after another until it was as if a faucet had been turned on.

“Punishing you, which is exactly what you deserve.” His gruff voice was no longer seductive, merely a reminder that he had full control over me.

I wanted to fight him with everything I had but the ugliness of a final realization hit me hard. I wasn’t going to win this battle or any if I continued fighting him. Maybe that’s why he was easily able to jerk both the thick sweatpants and my thong down at the same time.

“Please. I just… I’m sorry.”

The next sound, other than the intense growl he issued, was easy to decipher. He was unfastening his belt. Really? This was all about spanking me? I had to be dreaming. Or maybe the fear had tossed me into some a surreal state of mind. All I could do was try to keep from hyperventilating as he tugged on the thick leather, fighting to free it from the loops of his trousers.

When he did, the final yank was done with enough force it was popped against the floor and I jumped, the moan sounding as if I was being pleasured. He wrapped all five fingers on his left hand around my thick ponytail right at the scalp, shifting his hips back and forth.

Holy fuck. The man was aroused, pressing his thick, throbbing cock against my bottom. What the hell? If the fucker tried to rape me, I was going to cut his dick off and shove it inside his mouth. Nothing would stop me.

While I was planning his demise, he brought the belt down three times in a row. I was stunned, so much so I couldn’t see clearly. Nothing. Not a light or an image. My breath was stolen, ripped right from my lungs. I’d broken my arm in three places as a child after falling from a tree my mother had told me not to climb. That had hurt but this… this pain was different, so much so my body was shaking.

But finally, a small part of me became alive again and I let off a powerful scream.

While he stiffened, I didn’t think he was going to react. Yet he placed the belt beside me and in one easy move with his powerful hand, he slipped a couple of fingers under the elastic of my thong, snapping it free. When I opened my mouth to protest, he shoved the damp material inside.

Moaning, my eyes were open wide, my pulse electrified, and I was certain I’d die from the terror that continued to grow. So why did I taste my own arousal on my panties?

“That should keep those lovely lips of yours quiet,” he said, the accent sweeping over me more like a warm blanket than a warning.

As he snatched the belt from the table beside me, I was thrown into a different place where all time seemed to stand still, every action he took in slow motion. It was odd to suddenly feel like I was having an out of body experience, watching what was progressing from far above. That had happened to me once before when I’d been in a horrific car accident where I thought for certain I was going to die. I’d come through it with a few bruises and nothing more.

It had been as if luck had been followed me or the hand of God had intervened. I had a terrible feeling no one was going to be watching over me at this moment. Maybe the bone collectors, creatures crawling up from hell to claim their feast for the night, were finally making a move.

I closed my eyes, fighting the various sensations as he brought the thick strap down countless times. I was aching all over, the anguish sweeping through every muscle but the sickening part about the petrifying moment was that a small part of me, one that I would never claim, was also aroused.

I could feel dampness between my legs, could gather a tiny whiff of my desire. If I could do so in my state of shock, the reprehensible criminal likely could as well.

Indeed, he pulled the belt away, taking a deep and exaggerated whiff. I was mortified, heat building across my neck and face from extreme embarrassment. I’d taken enough psychology classes to know that victims of horrible crimes often had unbelievable reactions to their captors and the situation. Everyone was different. But this wasn’t just unexpected.

It was truly disgusting.

He mumbled something in Greek, words I couldn’t understand to any degree, but they sounded as if he was stroking my skin in a blaze of passion. I held my breath as additional tears fell, fighting the despondency with everything I had.

“If I take out the gag, will you promise to keep your mouth shut?” Why was he bothering?

I nodded rapidly, wondering if he had a guilty conscience all of a sudden. He muttered again but removed the thong, gingerly placing it on the table.

“Maybe you can be a good girl.” Two more savage strikes were brought down as if testing me. I clamped my mouth shut, fighting all the urges to kick him. Another three smacks of the belt and my mouth was like a volcano. Before I knew what I was doing, I blurted out personal information that I knew I’d regret later.

“If you’re going to kill me, just do it. Please just get it over with but know I have a mom and dad who love me back home, a baby sister who looks up to me for advice. They will miss me. One day I was hoping to be able to get a son. I mean, a puppy. You know. A little furball to take care of and love. I’ve had to put that dream on hold, but this clinic was one step closer.”

As if in providing an answer to my nervous blabber, he brushed the tips of his fingers underneath my sweatshirt, caressing as he would a lover. I was just as stunned by these actions as I was by everything else he’d done.

“Relax, sweetheart. If I’d wanted you dead, you’d already be dead. Just take your punishment like a good little girl.”

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