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Made to Beg: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


I was born to rule, the firstborn son of a dangerous man with no conscience. I was taught the old ways, brutal in every aspect, unforgiving in every manner. We were gods, feared by anyone who’d crossed our path. I took what I wanted, no matter the consequences. Chicago was my playground, my tastes bordering on heinous. I was a sadistic man with little patience, but there was no time for entertainment. There was unrest on the city streets, vicious rumors flying. I would do what was necessary to regain control.

Heads would roll.

People would die.

Obedience would be restored.

No one interrupted me for fear of my wrath, which is why the sight of the tall, voluptuous woman piqued my interest as well as forced my cock to throb. I tilted my head as she was presented like a treat meant for a king, only she was broken, fractured in several ways.


For some, it meant life. For others the claws of Satan.

The girl’s face and hands were splattered with the caustic substance, her body shaking as she stood in front of me. The king of the underworld. The fact the girl was even here meant she had guts, something I admired. Cowards had no place in society. Her mouth twisted before opening, the sounds she muttered strangled, the words inaudible. She was rubbing her hands on her jeans, a futile attempt to wipe away the horrific stains.

What. The. Fuck?

Blood rained in the streets, violence within various communities of Chicago escalating, but the fallen bodies were almost always men, leaving widows in their wake.

This was… unexpected.

On the inside, I was fuming, my blood pressure rising. On the outside, I was the calm and collected leader of the most powerful mafia family in the Midwest, loathed by the majority who knew me and everyone who’d only heard the family name.

And the trail of devastation.

This had all the markings of a hit, except I had no idea who the hell the girl was and why she’d be standing in my house. I vaguely heard my second in command as I studied her, my instinct on overdrive. There was a distinct familiarity about her.

But my attention was drawn back to the phone call at hand.

“Just fucking deal with him, Vincenzo. You know exactly what to do. Rafael needs a lesson in who owns him and his business. No one betrays me.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl, my mind taken to several dark places. “An eye for an eye. Make certain he never steals from me again.” I ended the call, tossing my cell phone on the desk. Her slight gasp reminded me what a heartless man I’d become. However, business was business, and no one challenged my authority in any manner or faced the consequences. At least I hadn’t given the order to end the asshole’s life. “What the hell, Dante? I’m in no mood for interruptions.”

“Sorry, boss. She just showed up at the gate outside insisting that she knew you. Do you want me to kick her out of here? Probably just a tramp seeking a quick fix.”

I shifted my gaze toward my top Capo, unable to process the question given the rage enveloping every inch of my system. I knew he meant well, even with his crass words. My reputation of being a hard man, one loathing disruptions of any kind was well known, not only with the ranks of my soldiers but also everyone who’d ever been forced to deal with me.

I was brutal and unforgiving, my taste for vengeance allowing a tight rein.

Attacking a woman was something else entirely.

I gazed down the length of the young woman, snarling under my breath. She was barefoot, with visible scratches on her arms, her clothes disheveled and soiled with what appeared to be dirt or perhaps worse. What stood out the most to me was her once luxurious red hair, portions now caked with dried blood, strings falling across her porcelain skin.

“You can speak,” I told her, hoping she’d give me some hint about her sudden appearance.

“Please help me, please. You’re the only one I can turn to,” she half whispered in an agonized manner, her voice husky from whatever terror she’d experienced.

“It’s all right, Dante. How the hell did she get here?” I asked as I rose to my feet, inching around the corner of my desk. It was late, almost midnight. While my address in Winnetka certainly wasn’t a secret, very few people had balls large enough to knock on my front door.

“A cab dropped her off. Had to give the asshole driver a few bills,” Dante answered, pushing her forward gently. “She has no identification of any kind and no money either. The freak attempted to extort two hundred large. Almost broke his freakin’ neck.”

“Did you grill the cabbie?” I lifted an eyebrow when my soldier hesitated. “You did find out where the fuck he picked her up. Right?”

“Course, boss. Fuller Park.”

What the fuck was a beautiful woman doing in Fuller Park? The streets were crime-ridden and the horrific violence had nothing to do with the Francesco mafia.

My family.

My domain.

Feral animals controlled that particular area of town; drug dealers and sex traffickers even keeping the police at bay.

“Interesting. Are you hurt, doll?”

She swallowed several times before shaking her head, shifting from foot to foot. From the looks of it, she’d run a distance in order to get away from her attacker. There was something haunting about her appearance.

“All right. Let’s start with your name and why you insisted on coming to my house,” I demanded.

She chewed on her lower lip, blinking several times. Shit, we were getting nowhere. She was obviously nervous and untrusting, as if I wouldn’t be in her condition. I had to give her some slack.

“Take off, Dante. I can handle this from here.” While he knew better than to question my command, he took long strides in my direction, clearing his throat before lowering his voice.

“You sure that’s wise, boss? She could be a plant or an assassin. You know the shit a few of us have heard recently.”

Sighing, I also realized that given the various difficulties the syndicate had faced lately, including the murder of two of my low-level soldiers, I should remain on edge. However, my instincts were usually damn good. This girl wasn’t a threat.

Someone was out to kill her.

Her connection to me was far too intriguing to send her away.

I tipped my head, locking eyes with his before motioning toward the door.

Dante nodded, backing away instantly, realizing he’d crossed the line. “I’ll call you in the morning, boss. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Just keep your mouth shut about this, Dante.” I waited until the office door was closed before walking toward the bar, pouring two hefty tumblers of bourbon. I watched her as she studied my office, her body swaying. I grabbed a bar towel, wetting it with warm water before taking the drinks and the cloth in her direction. I expected her to wince or appear frightened. When she offered a slight smile, I was forced to admit, I was drawn to her for some inexplicable reason.

Her hand was still shaking as she reached out, taking the towel tentatively. I noticed several of her manicured fingernails were broken. My rage increased.

I pointed toward the couch, trying my best to keep my patience with her. She was openly petrified, strangled sounds continually pushing past her lips. I eased one of the drinks in front of her, moving to sit on the oversized chair. I continued to study her as she wiped her face, tenderly at first then her actions becoming manic, her chest rising and falling erratically.

“Hey, take it easy, doll. You’ve obviously been through an ordeal.”

Seconds later, she dropped the cloth, immediately reaching for the drink, at first almost knocking it over. When she was able to grasp the thick glass, she took several gulps, her swallowing sounds exaggerated.

“Who did this to you?”

Five seconds passed.

Another ten.

“I…” She rocked her body, unable to look me in the eyes.

I waited for a full minute, savoring the smooth liquor as it slid down the back of my throat. I moved the glass from hand to hand, uncertain how to approach this. “Look, if you want my help, you’re going to have to talk to me. Patience isn’t one of my virtues, so you need to at least tell me your name.”

Another hesitation.

A slight moan.

“All right. I don’t play games, doll. I’ll call you a cab and you can clean yourself up in one of my bathrooms before it arrives.” I moved to a standing position, frustrated as fuck, turning away from her and heading toward my desk in order to grab my phone.

“Wait,” she pleaded.

I shifted toward her slowly as she lifted her head. “My name is Sierra Fox, Lorenzo. Maybe you remember me. I had nowhere else to go and you are the only man I can trust. The truth is, you’re the only man who can keep me alive. If he finds me, he’s going to kill me.”

Oh, my God.

My cock twitched, my balls tightening. I was more aroused than I’d been in years, four years to be exact.

As I looked into her penetrating emerald green eyes, I was lost for a moment in one of the sweetest memories I’d ever had.

“You belong to me,” I stated in a commanding tone as I rubbed the leather strap between my fingers.

“Yes, sir,” Sierra whispered, struggling with the shackles binding her lovely ankles and wrists.

“I told you that you were required to obey me at all times and you fucked up, doll. Now, you’re going to receive harsh punishment just like I promised.” My mouth watered seeing her naked body strapped to the bed. I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock into her tight little asshole.

Like I’d done several times in the past few days.

Like I would again after whipping her.

I rubbed my hand across her rounded bottom, still warm from the last spanking I’d given her, and inhaled. The scent of her perfume mixing with her feminine wiles was almost too much to bear, but she required a reminder that no matter where she was, she would always belong to me.

I gave her four strikes, one coming after the other. The sound of her husky moans was a reminder that I was a sadistic man, although this beautiful woman had brought out another side of me. One of caring.

One of almost desperate hunger.

Electricity soared, roaring like a wild beast, my throbbing cock straining against my tight pants. The moment I brought down the strap again, the whooshing sound invigorating, I almost lost control. Her bottom blossomed in a warm kiss of pink. I could lose myself in this girl.

One day I would own her, body and soul.

One day there would be no turning back, no way she could say no.

One day she would be mine.

I swallowed hard, my entire body shaking from the visions as well as the vile anger.

At that very moment and without a second’s worth of reservation, I vowed that I would find this motherfucking asshole. I would hunt him down no matter how long it took, and the useless piece of garbage would die by my hands.



His death the only mercy he’d ever receive.

And I was tingling with excitement.

Four years before


Blue skies.

Turquoise waters.

White sandy beaches.

Yeah, that shit wasn’t me, but I was there, sipping on some fucking frothy concoction for the first time in my life. My father had insisted I take a break, removing myself from the vigilante justice I’d performed on several occasions. While I respected the man, I loathed being sent away for any reason. I was building my reputation, refusing to take the backseat to anything or anyone. Still, blood running in the streets wasn’t in our best interest.

Especially with the FBI breathing down our necks.

What the fuck. At least I wasn’t forced to listen to the bullshit on the streets, the basic thugs begging for another day or two in which to pay their weekly dues. I took another sip, snarling before pushing the glass away and motioning for the bartender. It might be ninety outside, but a tall scotch was in order instead of this shit.

“Too frothy for a big, rugged man?”

The lilt of her voice created an immediate reaction. Burning desire. When I shifted to look at the woman asking the question, I could swear I was witnessing an angel who’d touched down on Earth, ready to partake in dirty, filthy things. “Too sweet.”

“I agree with you. I’ll have whatever you’re having.” She inched closer to the barstool next to me, a knowing smile on her face. “That is, if you don’t mind the company.”



And I knew I was going to feast on her pretty pink pussy within minutes.

I was a man used to getting exactly what I wanted. In women. In business. And in life. Today would be no exception. I’d noticed her before, she and her two girlfriends who were also staying at the resort. I could even say we’d flirted on several occasions, although I wasn’t that kind of man. On this day, her friends were nowhere to be seen. I motioned toward the seat next to me, yanking my libido back into some level of control, at least for now. “What’s your name, doll?”

“Hmm… I haven’t been called a doll I think ever. My name is Sierra. What’s yours?” She gave me a look that screamed of interest in a dark and kinky manner. I could tell she’d already had at least one drink, perhaps allowing her to feel free in making a connection with a stranger.

“Lorenzo.” First names were all we needed. We weren’t here to develop some long-term relationship, as if I would ever enter into one. This was all about a different kind of connection.

Carnal in nature.

No one would ever accuse me of being a romantic. I was brutal in every aspect of life, including demanding full submission from the women I fucked. However, I hadn’t had a taste of a woman in almost a year, a product of business more than anything. I gazed down the length of her, nasty thoughts about everything I would do to her luscious body swimming in my mind.

She was beautiful in an unassuming manner, her thick and long red hair catching the bright sun, sending luminescent shimmers in my direction. She wore a bikini, shocking red in color, the thin slip of material barely covering her voluptuous breasts. A husky growl furrowed in my throat, ready to be heard by all around me.

The bartender slid the drinks in front of us, a sly smile covering the man’s face. There was no doubt the electricity that surged between Sierra and me, the current vibrating and humming like a live wire. I swirled the glass, twisting the drink back and forth before taking a long gulp. And she was watching my every move, her tongue dragging back and forth across the rim of her glass.

Dear fucking God. I wanted this woman. I craved shoving my throbbing cock in her mouth, face fucking her until I could take no more, then shoving my shaft into her wet pussy like the wild animal I’d become. But only after marking her rounded bottom with my belt. I’d never craved anything so intensely, my entire body more alive than it had been in years. Whoever the fuck this woman was, she would soon belong to me.

Whether she agreed or not.

There was little in the way of conversation, merely a few niceties that seemed appropriate. When our drinks were finished, I ordered champagne to be delivered to my room.

“Come with me,” I stated after taking her hand. I towered over her by several inches and the way she placed her palm against my chest was enough to bring out the beast from deep within. She wasn’t going to deny me everything I longed for.

Not now.

Not ever.

Sierra didn’t hesitate, merely clasping her fingers in mine, able to keep up with my long strides as I led her toward my suite overlooking the magnificent ocean.

Once inside, I cupped both sides of her face, rubbing my thumbs across her tantalizing skin. “This is just a thing between us. Nothing more. Got it?”

“Oh, I got it,” she answered, arching her back and tilting her head. Those damn gorgeous green eyes stared back at me knowingly. She was fully aware I was going to ravage her body.

I took several deep breaths before crushing my mouth over hers, immediately forcing her lips apart with my hungry tongue. The taste of her was sweeter than I’d imagined, the hints of cinnamon mixing with the bold taste of scotch a powerful aphrodisiac. I was entranced from minute one, losing myself in the mystery of her.

When I yanked her body against mine, she moaned into the kiss, pressing her hands against me. I loved the way her fingers dug into my naked skin, her perfectly manicured nails digging in, the hint of pain far too enjoyable. I fisted her hair, dragging her even closer and as she undulated her hips, sliding her body back and forth, my cock stood at full attention.

The kiss became a roar of passion and I couldn’t get enough of her, drinking in her sweet essence as she clung to me. I dominated her tongue with ease, growling as the French kiss became something from the wild, two beasts mating and little more.

Sierra yanked at my open shirt, almost ripping it over my shoulders in an effort to jerk it off. I allowed her this single moment of control as I slid my hand down her lithe back, caressing her rounded bottom before squeezing and tugging her onto her toes.

I hungered to devour every inch of her. And I would.

She continued to grind her hips against me until I could take no more. I broke the kiss, yanking back her head and brushing my open mouth down to her chin then to her neck. Simply sucking on her heated skin was enough to intoxicate me, sending my pulse into a frenzied state. I bit down on her tender skin, feeling her pulse of life throbbing in my mouth. She had no idea what kind of a precarious position she was in being with a monster like me.

But she wasn’t holding back.

She slipped her hand between us, sliding it down until she was able to wrap her fingers around my throbbing cock, stroking up and down.

I wasted no time, finding first one tie on her bikini bottoms then the other, my fire ignited even further as the slip of material fell to the floor. I could feel her quivering body as she closed her eyes, her moans becoming more ragged.

I eased the tip of my index finger up and down the crack of her ass as I shifted my lips to her ear, my whisper hoarse and demanding. “I’m going to fuck you in every hole. I’m going to whip that pretty little pussy and ass of yours and you’re going to beg me for more.” Issuing a series of barbaric guttural sounds, I pulled back, but not before untying the slender strings holding her bathing suit top in position.

“Oh,” she whimpered when she was fully naked, her face flushed as she nibbled on her bottom lip. The embarrassment she had was far too exciting.

The sound of the knock on the door forced another growl, more savage in nature, to erupt and I dragged my tongue across my lips. The slight pink flush on her cheeks turned to bright crimson, her effort to cover her breasts and beautiful bare pussy pushing me close to the edge.

“Stay right here. Do not move.” My instructions were clear and perhaps I was testing her, fully aware that her luscious body could be seen by the person behind the door.

Her mouth twisted as if to object, but she did as she was told, a hint of defiance in her facial expression.

I wasted no time answering the door, ushering the young man from the hotel inside. His eyes held surprise even as it was easy to tell his excitement grew by the sight of her.

“Your… champagne, sir,” he said in broken English. He rolled the cart just inside, backing away almost immediately.

My actions were abominable, but I enjoyed the show if only for a few moments before handing him a cool hundred-dollar bill. I locked the door behind him after he left.

There would be no more interruptions.

Sierra remained nervous as I walked closer once again, my desire building to the point that I wasn’t certain I could be gentle.

“You’re a very bad girl attempting to seduce a stranger.” I walked around her in a circle, taking several deep breaths.

“Yes,” she managed.

I tapped her on the bottom before wrapping my hand around her long hair. “You will address me with respect, Sierra. Is that understood?”

“Yes… Yes, sir.”

I knew a submissive when I saw one and her needs were significant. “Better. I think you need to learn a lesson.” I eased around to face her again, sliding a strand of hair from her face before taking her hand into mine and placing it on the buckle of my leather belt.

Her eyes opened wide, her mouth twisting as she took shallow breaths. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do. In fact,” I said in a hushed tone, “I think you’ve craved a dominant man in your life, one who will discipline you as necessary, fucking you as often as he desires and who will make certain that you understand your place. Isn’t that true, doll?”

I could see the wheels of her mind processing before she lowered her eyes, her fingers fumbling as she attempted to tug the strap from the brass buckle. “Yes, sir.”

“I can’t hear you, Sierra.”

“Yes. Sir.” She tugged again, able to begin the arduous process of pulling the belt free from the tight confines of my pant loops. With every inch she gained, she took a deep breath until she was moaning once again.

I was fucking enthralled, mesmerized in a way that left me unable to focus clearly. When she was finished with her task, she took a controlled step backwards, holding the strap in both hands. An offer. A telling moment.

This was something she craved more than almost anything else.

My entire body was hyped up on extreme adrenaline as I eased the strap from her hands, immediately folding the belt until the two ends were together. She watched my every move, every ragged breath she made laced with a breathless whimper, but there was such excitement in her eyes. She burned with the same kind of fire that I did, one that would never be quenched.

I rolled the leather across her cheek before sliding the strap between her breasts. Her nipples were rosy and already hardened from intense excitement. I could barely contain my actions as I pressed the end across one hardened bud then the other.

While she continued to quiver, she was able to lock eyes with mine, her green irises drawing me into her incredible web.

“Legs apart,” I directed, taking several deep breaths in an effort to control myself.

There was no hesitation, Sierra obeying me immediately.

“Hands over your head, fingers locked,” I continued.

“Yes, sir.” Another moment of obedience.

Yet, I’d never wanted to spank a woman as badly as I did at this moment. I rolled the strap down her stomach, encircling her belly button before positioning the belt between her legs. “Do you enjoy the feel of leather, Sierra?”

“Very much, sir,” she breathed.

The mere sight of her swollen pussy lips was breathtaking, my balls tightening. I rubbed the leather back and forth, savoring the way she blinked several times as she jutted her hips forward. “They say you can’t have extreme pleasure without a taste of pain. Do you believe that, Sierra?”

“Mmm… Yes, sir.”

I slid the strap back and forth more vigorously, my heart racing as the desire continued to build. When the strap was thoroughly coated with her pussy juice, I pulled the belt to my nose, taking a deep breath. “Perfect. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

She seemed surprised at this particular command but did as she was told. The moment I slid the wet portion of the belt across her tongue, she swayed forward, as if ready to fall to the floor. She was a very hungry little minx, her longing almost as intense as my own.

“Imagine the moment I whip that pussy of yours,” I said in a husky tone, forced to take several deep breaths.

“Yes. God, yes, sir.”

I took a step back, wrapping the buckled end of the belt around my hand then flicking the end against her breasts.

Her body shook, her mouth opening wide, but her eyes maintained a look of absolute ecstasy. I repeated the action, snapping my wrist, the sound of the strap hitting her skin such beautiful music. I was on fire as I slapped her breasts one last time before walking behind her, caressing her beautiful bottom lovingly. Her body was sublime: an hourglass figure and rounded hips, long legs that were meant to wrap around my waist and perfect peaks for nipples. I wanted to bury my face in her pussy, lapping every drop of sweet cream.

“Discipline is vital. Necessary. Do you agree?” I asked rhetorically. The scent of her filled my nostrils, pulling me into another dimension.

“Yes… I mean, yes, sir.”

“Then you understand that I’m going to spank that beautiful bottom of yours.”

“Yes, sir,” she responded, her fingers digging into her head.

“Good girl.” I stood back, more invigorated than I’d been in so long. I wanted to take my time with this, to make certain every aspect of what I did was perfect.

The first whooshing sound was incredible, echoing in my ears. When the belt sliced across her rounded bottom, I could barely contain myself. Every aspect of this was fantastic. The force pushed her forward onto her toes but to her credit, she kept her position, only a single whimper escaping her mouth.

I was lost in the excitement, issuing one hard strike after another, relishing in the way her bottom blossomed from a luscious hint of pink to a beautiful shade of crimson.

Her moans were enigmatic, powerful in their intensity.

“Such a bad little girl.”

“Yes. Yes…” She kept her head held high, her rebellious nature easy to see.

Everything about her was amazing, darkly delicious and I couldn’t seem to get enough. I brushed the tips of my fingers across her heated buttocks, caressing then kneading. “Are you wet for me, little girl?”


“Do you crave having my thick cock inside your tight little pussy?”

“Yes. God, yes.”

“Maybe. But only if you’re very good.” I continued the spanking, snapping the belt against her upper thighs, marking her as mine. My desire to possess her intensified, pulling me further into the darkness that I rarely let out in the open. Few women could tolerate my yearning, fewer still hungering as much as I did.

She was different.

My instincts were heightened, the knowing keeping me on edge. I adored the cracking sound of the belt as it came into contact, my cock pushing hard against my zipper.

“Five more,” I said, my voice almost inaudible. “Count them off for me.”

“Um… Yes. Sir.”


“One, sir,” she managed.

I issued two more.

“Two and three, sir.”

I rolled the leather down her back before snapping my wrist yet again.

“Four. Sir!”

The last one brought an intense moan slipping past her lips.

“Five… sir.”

When I was finished, I eased back in front of her, flexing my fingers open and rolling then down from her neck to her breasts, flicking my index finger over her nipple as she licked her lips, her eyelids half closed.

“That’s it, Sierra. Let go. Give me all of you.” I took her hardened bud between my thumb and forefinger, pinching then twisting as I lowered my head. When I darted my tongue around her other nipple, she struggled to maintain her position, falling forward.

Chuckling darkly, I slid my hand all the way down to her pussy, taking my time to tease her perfect little clit.

“Oh, God. Oh…” She lolled her head, panting several times.

I continued the action, finally sliding my finger just inside her wetness. “I’m going to take all of you.”

“Um. Yes. Please. Yes!”

At this point, I could barely hold back my desires. I tossed the belt, quickly removing the remainder of my clothes. This wasn’t about romance, so I took her standing up. As she straddled my hips, wrapping her arms around my neck, she had a look of a wildcat, purring uncontrollably as I pushed the tip into her wetness, sliding past her swollen and very wet folds.

She gave me a naughty girl smile as I held back, wrapping her fingers in my hair. Tempting me.

Teasing me.

I thrust the entire remainder of my cock inside, throwing my head back for a scattered roar, the sound little more than barbaric. I didn’t give a shit who heard us or who complained. This was my woman for the taking any damn way I pleased. Within seconds, I slammed her back against the wall, using the strength of my upper thighs to drive into her savagely. I was on fire, every cell and muscle ignited from a once in a lifetime passion, finding it difficult to breathe.

“Fuck. Yes. Yes. Yes.” She tossed her head back and forth as she pressed one hand against my chest. The touch was so freaking amazing, keeping me electrified, our connection off the charts.

I’d never felt so invigorated or so desperate with need, my body aching from the primal urge to fuck her. I rolled onto the balls of my feet, plunging harder and faster, breathless as stars floated in front of my eyes.

Her breath caught in her throat, the sounds mere whispers, her entire body trembling. I knew she was close to coming.

“That’s it, doll. Come for me. Let me see you orgasm,” I instructed. “Come on my cock for me.”

She bit her lip, her eyes opening wide, her arms flying over her head. “Oh. My. God.”

I fucked her so hard the sound was thunderous, powering into her in a brutal and crazed manner. Every sound guttural, I concentrated on giving her the ultimate in pleasure. After all, she was breaking my fast, fulfilling a tremendous fantasy.

And there were no strings attached.

No danger of tasting more.

Sierra moaned, slapping her hands against the wall as she tipped her head from side to side. “I… I… Oh!”

I felt her pussy muscles clamping around my shaft, sucking me in even deeper as the first throes of a powerful orgasm swept over her. “Good girl.” I lost myself in the moment, trying to push her straight into ecstasy. I wanted her satisfied.

I wanted her to remember this for months, even years.

As the single orgasm turned into a second then a third, I continued driving my cock in as deeply as possible. The mewing sounds were far too stimulating, keeping the fuel burning deep within.

Only when she stopped shaking, her arms sliding down the wall did I ease back, the adrenaline kicking into overdrive. I walked us toward the bed, easing her down and leaning over until our lips were only centimeters apart. “As I said, all of you belongs to me. Now, I fuck you in the ass.”

I wrapped my hand around her hair, using the hold as leverage as I twisted her body, forcing her onto all fours. She responded instantly, positioning her legs partially open, her back arched, her body waiting.



My entire body was shaking as I slid the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her ass. The scent of our combined sex floated all around us, a moment of drunkenness settling in. Then I became the crazed man once again, pushing the tip into the cleft until I was able to find her dark hole. I used every last ounce of control when I slipped inside, driving past the tight ring of muscle.

I wasn’t a gentle man. I wasn’t a caring man. Hell, I wasn’t anything but a ruthless bastard, but I would be gentle with her.

To a point.

She whimpered, her mouth opening wide as a flash of obvious pain rushed into her system. The sheen on her face was mesmerizing, stealing my damn breath. Why was I so attracted to this girl? Why did I want to lose myself in her, basking in her glory? This wasn’t anything like me.

As the warmth of her ass muscles swept around my cock, I fell into a lull, moving in and out in a perfect rhythm, riding her. Then my actions intensified, becoming more brutal, the thrusts faster and harder.

She pushed up hard from the comforter, meeting every savage plunge, her moans matching mine. We were nothing more than two primal beasts, a beautiful match. I had no idea how long the hard fucking lasted, but as beads of perspiration slipped down both sides of my face, dripping in an accentuated manner along her back, I could no longer see anything in my field of vision.

I knew there was no holding back, no way of keeping my needs from being satisfied. Lightheaded, I threw my head back and issued another keening roar as I exploded into her, filling her with my seed.

I knew that however long we were together at this place, she would belong to me. She would obey me, fulfill my needs, and I would take her in any manner I desired.

And perhaps one day, I would own her forever.

Her body.

Her submission.

Her soul.

Mine. All mine.

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