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Mastered by the Alpha: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Penelope Woods – Sample



Darakana Breeding Facility, Property of Earth

Lightning crashes above the grim edifice of the breeding facility known as Darakana. Behind me, ravenous seed-bearing alphas hunt my fertile scent near the facility’s shattered concrete perimeter wall. I didn’t plan the detonation on the facility, but when I first heard the alarms, I ran as fast as I could.

I’m still running because I know what they do to good virgins like me…

The night is bitter cold, the trail outside this prison thin. I pick up the pace and stride forward along the rocky path, stumbling over flaming tree limbs, my fingers numb and shaking as I cling to the jagged barbs of a fence. I feel the thunder rumble above my head, each drop of rain upon my skin recharging my strength. My feet pound the dirt as the soothing rustle of wet leaves settles underneath me, and it’s in this moment I realize I’m free.

I’ve escaped Darakana, the second breeding facility I’ve been confined to in my wretched life. But I’m not out of the woods yet. At the bottom of the hill is a ravine where Aeris, one of the elder female prisoners, is waiting for me with enough heat suppressants and hormone blockers to last an eternity. She’s here to rescue me, so I can finally experience the outside world in all its glory.

My feet splash into a small pond, and I swim across to safety. In the shadows, Aeris is crouched, waving to catch my attention as I climb out of the sludgy muck. She lights a small torch, flames illuminating the lines of her face. She looks much older than the last time I saw her comforting smile, but that was years ago. Truth is I don’t know her real age. None of the women are told their birthdates.

On the first day I arrived here, Aeris watched over me. Ever since then, she’s been somewhat of a guardian. At my most vulnerable, she’d sing to me through the walls. All just to keep me going. She is the only friend I’ve ever had.

But there’s another sound, another voice calling for me, commanding me to stop. “Alita…”

The voice is gruff, masculine, and sensually deep. I turn and see someone standing in the shadows, a looming dark figure. But when I blink my eyes, the apparition is gone.

A chill runs down my spine. Maybe I’m not so safe after all. “Who was that?” I whisper.

Aeris grabs my arm, pulling me toward her. “They’re looking everywhere for you. Alphas. Keep your head down.”

“I’ve always been their main target,” I mutter.

“Come,” she says, leading me behind a large boulder. “We’re getting you out of here, once and for all.”

A gate crashes open somewhere behind us. The barking sounds of hounds echo throughout the area, and a wave of light shines down upon the forest. “Aeris,” I whisper, bowing my head and collecting myself. “I am indebted to you for this.”

Aeris pushes the pills into the pocket of my skirt, pulling me behind the rock, toward a hatch buried in the soil. Opening the door reveals a ladder descending into bone-chilling darkness. She shoves a map in my hands, and I see that it’s covered in ink. There are handwritten directions to a small village nestled in a forest in the mountains separating the icy north from the arid south. There’s a harbor I can get to by sea, but I’ve never sailed in my life. I’ll never make it.

“Down the hatch,” she says.

I gulp. “Where does this lead to?”

“The eastern forests, near a village settlement called Hetju. The map will take you straight to the safe haven. When you get there, talk to an alpha named Ronan.”

“Ronan,” I whisper. “He won’t hurt me?”

She shakes her head. “He has a mate of his own, so he is no threat. You’ll be safe there.”

I close my eyes and picture a new life, but it’s impossible to imagine myself living among alphas and omegas in harmony. Come morning, the entire alpha world is going to be hunting me. “Okay.”

She throws her arms around me, squeezing the air out of my lungs. “You know I’m always there for you, right?”

I nod. “You’ve been a great friend to me, Aeris.”

Her mouth is firm. “Be safe,” she says, kissing my forehead. “If you’re ever scared, remember my voice.”

I take hold of the ladder, but I pause before going down. Staring at Aeris, my stomach churns with fear. I’m not sure I can do this on my own. “Where will you go?”

Her lips tighten, and her eyes narrow as she looks over her shoulder. Huddling near the vegetation is a group of omegas. Their eyes are wide with fear, and they shiver through the cold. “I’m on a different journey,” she says. “But I know our paths will cross again.”

Tears well against my eyelids, but I don’t allow myself to cry. I’m on my own now, but I always have been. I have to believe I can do this.

New beginnings require great sacrifice.

That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. Keeping control of my emotions, I nod confidently. “Thank you, Aeris. I’ll wait for our reunion.”

Bending, she opens the hatch and urges me inside. “Go now. You can thank me when you’re not caught.”

I step onto the rickety ladder, climbing down a few rungs as the hatch shuts above my head. I’m alone again. But unlike in Darakana, I’m safe down here. I need to hurry.

Torches illuminate the underground cavern as I travel through its dense, damp corridors. I follow the path as best I can, stumbling over a few rocks as the passageway curves toward what I expect to be an exit. Instead, there’s a wall made of cement, a dead end.

“No,” I whisper.

Chest pounding, I press one palm against the wall, searching for a lever or a small trapdoor, but I can’t find anything. There’s nothing to indicate another way out.

The sound of footsteps startles me. Heart pounding in my chest, I stop and lean against the rocky wall to listen.

I hear breathing. Deep and raspy. Then there’s more footsteps, boots crunching against the dust.

Carefully, I draw a breath. “Aeris?” I whisper, throat raw from fear.

A looming figure walks around the corner, his dark, tattered cape dragging along the cold rock. His face is scarred, and his eyes are sunken. Rippled armor covers his powerful body, his gait steady. My body trembles with fear as this towering mass of muscle meets me, and his arrogant laughter cuts through the silence.

I’ve never seen this alpha before. The way he looks at me… it’s like he’s been sent to hunt me. Only me.

Without warning, he takes my waist, palming my ass. He leans over me, in control. “Aeris is gone now. It’s just us.”

My nerves tighten, and my stomach drops. Tears form at the corners of my eyes, but I don’t let myself cry. Keeping my wits about me is the only way I’ll survive this nightmare. “You killed her?”

This alpha is not like the other guards. He’s tall, strong, and as silent as the grim reaper.

His gaze is striking, a keen light in his eyes, as if he sees everything. All my imperfections. All my fears.

All of me.

He glares down at me, breathing hard. His hands slide up and down my thighs. He knows I’m in heat, and he’s using the time to toy with me.

“Why do you run from your masters?” he growls.

“Get off of me!” I grab his arm, but it’s like pulling against titanium, and he easily forces me over his thigh. I land with a thud, my knees bent. My skirt flies open, panties wedged between my ass cheeks.

Breathless, I turn my head to look back at his wicked face. He glares down at me with desire, his masculine scent, pungent like the wet soil, wafting into my nostrils.

“Wh-who are you?” I squeak, breath catching in my throat.

“Didn’t you hear me calling you, little angel?”

“No,” I stammer. I shut my eyes, horrified of what might come out of this. If he brings me back to Darakana, the guards will have their way with me. All the heat suppressants and hormone blockers in the world won’t stop them from getting their revenge. He lets out a low rumble as he strokes the curves of my ass. “You hear me now.”

My eyes flutter open, and I breathe deeply through my nose. “Yes,” I croak.

He inhales deeply, while caressing the inside of my thighs. “Your heat is causing you to act up. Spoiled virgin brat.” He coils his forefinger and tickles between my thighs, tenderly touching the top of my lips, forcing me to let out a moan. “And your cunt is soaking wet. You need discipline.”

My pussy is throbbing, and he teases me, torturing me with soft and sensual touches. I feel my slick dripping down my lips, down the backs of my thighs where his hands rest. And though my fear is suffocating, my body wants more. My heat demands a mate.

I hold my breath, hating that I’m trapped but loving the sensation. Alphas like him know how to handle an omega’s heat. They dominate and tease their way into triggering a submissive’s pleasure centers. As human as I am, I’m no different than the other women trapped here.

Except for the fact that I’m a virgin.

My body is a prison of frenzied desire and aching need. Until I am fertilized and inseminated, I will be choked with these feelings. Most women in the system are put through the wringer. But I was left untouched, a single rose growing in a lifeless desert.

“Stop,” I moan.

He feels down my stomach, my trembling pelvis, rolling a thumb an inch above my clit. Just enough anticipation to cause me to stir against his masculine thigh.

His voice is thick like syrup. “Mm…”

I’m paralyzed as my body floods with a strange desire that strikes me like a bolt of lightning. My heat is already too strong, and I can feel it spreading through my body, urging me to submit to him.

“I could do so much for you,” he says. “If you comply…”

My thighs tremble, and my heart swells as I think about the leverage I could have with someone like him on my side, but I don’t give in so easily. I’m half-human, which means there’s a rebelliousness inside of me I can’t simply turn off. Besides, I don’t trust him.

With firm resolve, I tell him, “I will never submit to breeders like you.”

“I’m not a breeder, angel.”

I swallow, backing up. “Then what are you?”

He brings a stern palm down upon my ass. My pussy quivers as the electrified pain turns to seething pleasure. My desire grows, but so does my fear.

“I’m the bounty hunter sent to find you,” he says. “And your tight little virgin rump is mine for the taking.”

Chapter One


The omega lies bare naked on the desk in the center of the interrogation room, palms folded under the small of her back as if in surrender, her eyes burning with defiance. Her virgin bottom, having just been spanked, is reddened but otherwise unmarked. None of the alphas have claimed her chastity, a shocking development that leaves me dumbfounded.

She’s beautiful. The definition of female perfection with long, curly hair, big brown eyes, and a full mouth, begging to be kissed, nibbled, and licked. Her skin is creamy and flawless, her ass framed perfectly by a pair of cherry-red panties that wedge between her cheeks.

The guards are watching us behind a two-way mirror. After her interrogation, they’ll file a report and have their way with her. But as I stand above her tiny virgin body, I want her to myself. I have to keep myself together.

All the tests indicate her body has reached peak fertility. Today is her twenty-first birthday, and she’s as fresh as a peach. Strange, the facilitators hid her away. They never inseminated her. Some believe she is infertile, but it’s possible she found a way to pay them off.

I’m not sure what to believe. It’s the first I’ve seen of it. Omegas never get preferential treatment in these places, but she’s a different breed. As a half-blood, she bears no outside difference to a human. Her skin is creamy, her hair the color of dark honey. Perfect in every way.

I’m not here to judge her fertility or the purity of her blood. My commander tasked me with a more pressing obligation, finding her brother, the most dangerous alpha on the planet.

I stare at her sharp, defined cheekbones for a moment, and then I brush her face with my thumb. It surprises me that her pearly pink skin is as soft as it looks.

She appears so sweet. Pure, chaste, and entirely breedable. That, of all things, makes her the most dangerous.

Judging by her outside appearance, she’s an innocent virgin omega who got swept into the system. When she looks back to meet my gaze, she seems so vulnerable, so fragile. She’s like a tiny doll with wide, guileless eyes. I know better though. She won’t break.

Deep down, I see who she really is. Untamable. Wild. Ready for insemination.

There are hints of her rebelliousness all over her face, down to the way her ears twitch when she’s nervous. She’s a bad apple, acting up whenever she sees an opportunity to serve a dose of chaos. I’d like to take a bite, but I’m not planting any seeds with this one.

I’m a lone wolf. Always have been. A mate would only complicate my already fucked-up life. That doesn’t mean I don’t fall into the same temptations as my brethren. My biological urges are often a prison, and I’m not one to hold back. But the difference between me and my commander is that I always finish the job with flying colors.

And then I disappear.

This time, I’m going for good. After she gives me what I need, I won’t stick around.

Her file says she grew up in Tol Barad, one of the worst breeding facilities in East Eridani. Most women don’t survive that place, but she did. Even more remarkable is the fact that she’s a human, a high-priced commodity to these alphas. Though not necessarily rare, humans aren’t common either. They usually get inseminated fast. She was a womb never put to use, a ghost that vanished through the cracks with ease. Why?

She escaped the seed vaults of Tol Barad, making her way across the continent. That’s in her file, too. There isn’t a breeder that doesn’t know her face, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the tiny omega, Alita. I’m not partial to the politics.

Her brother is a defect breeder turned uranium extractor. He planted those bombs in Tol Barad, killing thousands years ago. Now he has plans to take on Earth’s military, to take control of the ranks from within.

I don’t think he even cares about his own sister. What’s worse is they’re twins. They share a unique bond.

The explosions in Tol Barad were the biggest breeding break in Eridani’s history, and Earth’s highest-ranking military commander, McNeil—my boss—believes Tyn had something to do with it. He wants information on his whereabouts, and I’ve been instructed to get it by any means necessary.

I still don’t know Alita’s story, but she was present at every attack. This marks the second breeding facility bombing in two years. Lucky for her, I was there to stop her from escaping. But I need to find the real culprit. Her brother.

The sight of her soft bottom is worth drawing this out. I reach out and touch her, lightly squeezing each cheek. She gets my heart racing. “There are ways of getting you to talk,” I say.

“I’m not the one you want,” she says. “I know that.”

I slip my fingers between her legs, gently dragging the tips across the dampening fabric. I pull back, the urge to spank her dominating my mind. Her scent is musky, warm, and floral.

“Omegas don’t respond to an alpha’s words,” I mutter. Spanking is the only method of control.

“No,” she says, legs stiff. But she doesn’t fight me. Her heat must ache so badly.

As I breathe her in, my excitement gets the best of me. I smack my palm against her ass gently. I let her soft body wriggle, until her breathing resumes, calm. “Ready to talk?” I ask.

She tilts her head back, eyes narrowing. “No…”

“Then take off your panties,” I say.

Her mouth drops open, and her face flushes.

“Take them off, or I will,” I say.

She looks stunned, eyes searching for a way out of the room. But when reality seems to kick in, she slides her fingers underneath the waistband, drawing them off. “There,” she croaks. “Happy?”

“Stomach against the desk,” I say. “I want to see that ass, virgin.”

Her cheeks turn red with what I take as anger or embarrassment. She’ll give up soon enough.

I spank her bottom raw, each blow no less than the last. The high-pitched squeals that come out of her mouth just cause me to push her harder. And her red ass cheeks show how far she’s willing to go.

When she stops moaning, I take a deep breath. It’s time to begin the questioning. “Why did you plant the bombs?”

Her bangs cover her eyes. She exhales, cheeks pink. “I told you already. I didn’t have anything to do with the attacks.”

I pull my hand away from her soft flesh, wondering what to do with the virgin slut. She’ll never talk, and there’s an obvious tension between the two of us. I can’t stop staring at the plump mound between her legs, her wetness glistening between the lips of her sex. My pulse quickens at the sight. I didn’t map out this interrogation before I started it, and my impulses are too strong. My cock is hard. My palm is already stinging.

The guards have suggested I inseminate the human myself. A joke at her expense, I guess. It’s an easy solution to her defiance, and I have to admit I’d have a good time doing it, too.

But I’m not proud of my work with human scum. I act only in survival. The guards don’t think beyond the cages. The children born here end up in cells like their parents, or worse, they rebel against their leaders.

All of this is a ticking time bomb. When this whole thing falls apart, Earth’s military commanders will abandon the planet and all their little pet projects at their most opportune moment. They’ll kill everyone here. But if she cooperates and gives up her brother, she might get a shot at freedom.

Her alluring rump squirms beneath my palm as I strike again. I make her cheeks jiggle, drawing her scent into the air. My chest tightens, cock pushing against my pants with deepening desire. Her heat demands more of me, but there are too many guards around. I have to hold back.

Alita breathes with deep grace, throat moving up and down with a rhythmic cadence as she lets out a soft moan. “Is that all you got?” she murmurs, lips moistened with saliva. “The guards clap me worse than that.”

Humans are trouble. Omega humans are no exception. It’s better to stay alone in a heartless world than to seek company. But in the midst of her defiance, I feel strangled with passion. Her beautiful face portrays a mixture of sorrow and hope, a story too tempting not to tell.

As I trace my fingers down her spine, her rump quivers. I slide down her thighs, loving the way she tenses. But discipline and domination only barely scratch the itch. I want so much more.

There’s a scent here that drives my nerves crazy, a sweetness that spikes my need for her complete submission. My need to breed will be the death of me.

Deep down, I know I can’t stop. I have more in store for her. She can be sure of that.

Breathing in deep, I circle the room in silence. Just when she seems to think I’ve backed off, I rain more spanks down upon her bottom. Her flesh bounces with each blow, and I quickly smack her again and again, reveling in the sight of her wobbling curves. This aspect of punishment is my favorite. Watching her reaction. Waiting for the point where pain turns to pleasure.

It happens faster than I expect with this one. Her soft pale flesh bounces an inch, and I spot the fine goosebumps that rise across her cheeks. This omega was made for me.

She stops panting, squirming but still compliant. I let her lie on the interrogation desk for a moment to compose herself, but then I return to her behind, and continue to stroke her bottom. “I will not ask you again,” I command. “Speak!”

“Alpha, sir. Please, I beg you—”

“Now you beg?” I ask.

Her eyes are wide open, pupils dark. “Please.”

I roll my ring across my knuckle. I got it when I first enlisted in the military. That was a long time ago. I barely even remember it anymore.

“There are stories about you and your family,” I interrupt her. “I’d like to talk about them.”

I keep tracing the red lines across her skin, and I suddenly feel her trembling.

“There are many rumors about my family,” she finally says, her voice a soft whine.

I briefly close my eyes, roughly forcing her thighs together. “Rumors,” I repeat, exhaling. “Let’s address them, one by one, Alita.”

She growls, muscles flinching, but she’s not strong enough to push me away. “Get off me, you piece of alpha trash.”

I give her another round of harsh spanks until her jaw slackens; her bottom is like a red firecracker. I pull on my collar, taking another deep breath. “Number one. Tol Barad. Tell me about your time in that breeding facility.”

“Never heard of the place,” she says with a groan.

My palm whips her buoyant cheeks before she can lie to my face again. I’m a patient alpha, but my human colleagues, my superior rulers, are not so understanding. “I won’t ask you again. How did you arrive there?”

She looks back at me, swallowing as a bead of sweat rolls down her forehead. “You’re asking me?”

Holding her waist still, I pull up her file on a small tablet. I’ve read it a thousand times, but I still can’t figure out where she came from. Children are always kept in pens with their mothers at the beginning of their lives, but she was left alone for years. For all we know, her birth mother is being kept at another facility with the other retired women, but even if that’s the case, someone made an error in Alita’s birth report. By all accounts, Alita just appeared there. No record of the father, either.

This is the strangest part of her file. One of her parents had to be human. But these are details I was told to steer clear of. I don’t need to know her entire backstory. Strangely, I want to know.

“You don’t know your own mother?” I ask.

She shakes her head, cheeks reddening, a vein clearly visible at the center of her forehead. “Whoever she is—wherever—she’s gone. I raised myself.”

I close my lips, inhaling through my nose. “And your father?”

She blinks with sarcasm. “Are you my daddy?”

I spank her one more time for good measure. This time, it doesn’t satisfy me. I’m not getting anywhere with Alita. Without breeding her, I can’t get into her head. The defiance of a virgin is just too strong. The guards are on the other side of this room, waiting for answers, and I’m running out of time until they force me out of their business.

A realization pops in my head. If I’m going to find what my bosses are looking for, I’m going to have to break her out of here. It wouldn’t be forever. It would be time sensitive. Just enough time to get what I want, too.

Out there, I can break her defiance. I know it.

I continue my interrogation without a change in character. “You have had three heats in the last year, but there is no record of gestation. How is this possible?”

“Tyn says I’m barren.”


That’s the name I’ve been waiting to hear. Although the consonants cause a quick release of dopamine, I remain neutral to the information. I need her to give me more.

I release her thighs as soon as she stops fighting me. I see the spark of anger, but she’s guarded. “Yes, I read that in your report.”

Absorbing this new information, her eyes light up. “It says that?”

It doesn’t, actually, but the guards had suggested telling her that it does. “Yes. But I see your body. I smell your heat, omega. I’m not sure I believe that a virgin as wet as you can’t get pregnant.”

She looks away. “The doctors don’t tell us anything,” she says. “If it’s in the report, then that’s my diagnosis.”

“Your report is home to a lot of strange details.”

I lower my head closer to her, slowly inhaling the air above her neck. It’s just me and her in here, and I want her to know it. She is fertile. I can smell her ovulation. Pleasure rushes through the length of my cock, my longing for her growing, her scent arousing me further.

She lowers her eyelids, bottom lip quivering. I can’t tell if she’s afraid, turned on, or worse, sizing me up for any weaknesses in the report. There’s a desperation in her eyes that can’t be mistaken, and I can’t look away. I’m hooked. “You cannot lie to me, omega. Your heat is strong. It’s impossible to cover up.”

She’s trembling. Her pulse thrums at her neck. It’s barely noticeable, but it gets stronger as I move on top of her, my chest pressed to her back. Her heat is like a bird trapped in a cage. It’s eager to escape, but she’s a captive nonetheless.

I want to fuck her. I want to rut out all the information she’s stored in that sweet pussy of hers, but I can’t act on primal desires. Staying civilized is a top priority.

“Whatever you want, just get it over with,” she says.

Calming my nerves, I take her hips, and with some gentle force, I lower her to the floor. I glance at the double-sided mirror hanging upon the opposite wall of the room, wondering what the guards are thinking. Settling my palm across my forehead, feeling cold condensation, I sit in a chair near the exit to stabilize my breathing. She has nowhere to escape. I want her to know that, too.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Settle down. I’m not here to breed you.”

Alita looks at me with defiant eyes. “Are we done here then?”

I’m sure she’d say anything to stay here in the facility. After all, she was never supposed to be found. Her only friend sold her out, so I can’t imagine what she’s thinking.

It’s not my job to think. It’s my job to spank. Regaining my strength, I come toward her. She looks up at me, mouth agape. “Punishment is not over yet, sweetheart. You have two more strokes,” I tell her.

Her whole body tenses as I fixate on her soft bottom. “And then what happens to me?”

I kneel down, unable to resist her. My hand goes to the inside of her thighs, fingers clutching the hot wetness of her pussy. She tries to escape me, her legs writhing against my chest. It takes a second for me to realize she’s not fighting me. She’s wrapping them around me, pulling me closer. Her moan almost brings me to my knees.

“And then I get you out of this place,” I whisper.

She stares at me in disbelief. Her lips part for mine. And right when I move in to kiss her, she kicks me in the groin. I roar in pain as the guards rush to my aid.

Gasping for air, I grin. She’s a tough little bitch. This is going to take so much more.

I give her a firm nod. Then I continue disciplining her ass.

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