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Mastering His Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James – Sample

Chapter One

Rozalyn and Liza Kincanon looked around the swanky room in one of the best hotels in South Hampton. They tipped the bellboy and watched as he closed the door. Turning to each other, they burst out laughing.

“Oh, my God, Liza! What the hell are we doing here?” The tall, dark-haired Roz looked at her slightly shorter, blonde-haired sister. “Talk about a couple of fish out of water.”

Liza grinned at her sister. “You entered that contest and won! I can’t believe that one of the prizes was an all-expense paid Labor Day weekend here in the Hamptons.”

“I know. Did you see the look on Amy’s face when she realized we weren’t going to be going to her party at the shore and instead would be here?”

“She can’t possibly blame us. Given your choice between the Jersey Shore and here, who wouldn’t choose here?”

The sisters Kincanon were born and bred ‘Jersey girls’ and proud of it. Liza worked as a stylist in an upscale salon in Princeton, while Roz worked in the male-dominated construction trade. She had proven herself as a skilled demolitions expert and welder.

Liza unpacked her new-to-her piece of fashionable luggage; Roz, her beloved Army surplus duffle.

Roz was the elder sister by five years. When their parents had died when she was barely twenty, she had fought to be named legal guardian for her younger sister. It had helped that the Welder’s Union had stood behind her, vouched for her character and that she made a good living, more than adequate to support her younger sister.

The death of their parents had been especially hard on Liza. They had been killed in a multi-car collision on the Jersey Turnpike. Both parents had died on impact. Liza had walked away with a few bumps and scrapes.

Eight years later, both women still shared the small house left to them by their parents. They had done some remodeling, turning it from a three bedroom with one and a half baths, to its current two bedrooms with two and a half baths and a fully finished attic space. Both of the bedrooms were large, master suites with attached full baths. The attic space was a combination office and guest bedroom. The main floor was open living space with a large kitchen, nicely appointed powder room, and the two master suites.

Entering the contest had been a lark. Neither Liza nor Roz had ever heard of the sponsoring company—some group with a post office box here in the Hamptons. Roz had done so more out of boredom than anything else. She’d been surprised to learn after she won, that the trip was legit and completely paid for. The idea of a luxury three-day vacation had been too much for either sister to deny herself.

Roz watched as Liza crossed the room to stare out at the ocean. Coming up behind her, she hugged her close.

“It will be all right, Liza. I promise.”

“You can’t promise that. The doctor said this thing wrong with my blood can be treated but not cured. I can have a kind of remission, but there’s no telling if it will happen or how long it will last.”

“So far your test results have been good. There is every reason to think you are headed into remission and will remain that way for many, many years to come.”

Liza knew part of the reason Roz had entered the contest was so that they could get away and have some time to relax in a beautiful setting.

As the day was still young, both women switched into bathing suits with cover-ups and headed down to the private beach reserved for guests of the hotel only. Stepping out on the sand was an almost surreal experience. Gone were the maddening crowds. Instead, there were exclusive cabanas. One of the wait staff glanced at their keycard and took them to their cabana; nicely close to the ocean but still relatively private. He took their drink orders as he departed.

Liza grinned at Roz. “Do you think if I’d ordered a long-necked beer he would have fainted?”

Roz laughed. It was a deep, dusky sound that most men found very alluring. “I know this is not a beer and peanuts kind of place. But hey, you can’t beat margaritas and lobster nachos in our own private, assigned spot.”

Both women removed their cover-ups revealing athletic figures with ample curves. Although their coloring was different—each favoring a single parent—their physical assets marked them as sisters to even the most casual glance.

They had barely stretched out on their lounges when the cabana attendant returned with their drinks and a small table he set down between them so they’d have a place for their drinks and their lobster nachos. Each took a sip of margarita and a bite of the delicious food.

Placing a large, floppy straw hat on her head and putting on dark sunglasses, Roz stretched and laid back. “I could get very used to this… very fast.”

Liza giggled, nodded, and donned her own hat and glasses. “Well, sister mine, we’ll have to marry uber-rich to pull that off, but hey, who knows.”

They passed a companionable couple of hours dozing in the sun and occasionally talking about nonsensical things. Roz was determined to make this weekend as fun and stress-free as possible. She wanted nothing to upset Liza. Her sister had a tough fight on her hands. But Roz knew Liza was stronger than she looked. They would get through this the same way they had everything else for the past eight years… together. As the sun started its slow descent over the horizon, a shadow was cast. Roz pushed her hat back and pulled her sunglasses down her nose.

“May I help you?” she said, looking up at the man who had cast the shadow.

The blond Adonis stood looking down at her. His board shorts left little to the imagination. He had a lean, well-developed torso with muscular arms and legs. His chest was bare but a small sprinkling of blond hair trailed down from his navel past the waist of his suit. He had sparkling blue eyes that held a friendly, but predatory gaze.

“I hope so. Please tell me that you and your friend don’t have plans for the evening. My friends,” he gestured to a small group of equally attractive men, “and I would love to take you out.”

Roz sat up and inspected the group. They were certainly easy on the eye, but there was something definitely off about them. “We’re not sure what we’re doing yet. But if you tell us where you’re going to be, we might join you there.”

Recognizing the protective edge to her sister’s voice, Liza removed her sunglasses and regarded the group of young men.

The blond squatted down, taking Roz’s hand in his. “Surely a pretty thing such as yourself doesn’t want to spend her evening without male company?” he said smoothly.

Roz tried removing her hand gently from his, but his grip prevented it. She smiled, looking deeply into his eyes. “Surely you’d rather let go of my hand than have me kick your ass in front of your buddies?”

Her direct and definitive tone caused him to loosen his grip momentarily and she was able to remove her hand. Sensing trouble, two of the hotel’s security men started to close on their position. The blond stood back up and waved the security people off.

“Nothing to see here.” Turning to Roz, he said quietly, “I’ll be seeing you again.”

“Not if I see you first, blondie. Take your little boys club and hit the road.”

The security team had slowed their pace, but continued on and went past Roz and Liza to trail a discreet distance after the group of young men. Ensuring they had left the hotel’s private beach, they returned to Liza and Roz. Then made sure both women were unharmed and not frightened before proceeding back up to their perch on the dunes where they could see the hotel’s expansive beach.

“Well, that was weird,” said Liza.

“Creepy. There was something disturbing about that guy and his little pack of hyenas.”

They gave the men no further thought and finally headed back to their room to get ready to go out for dinner.

The blond wolf shifter watched the women as they finally left their cabana and headed back to the hotel. He and his pack-mates had set up the whole weekend in the Hamptons getaway to hopefully lure one or more attractive human females away from their normal environ. His pack wasn’t from the Hamptons and knew they had to stay under the radar of the Hamptons pack. Encroaching on another pack’s territory could cause a major disruption to the peace that existed between the various wolf-shifter packs. To do so with a plan to turn human females, with or without their consent, to shifters was strictly forbidden. That, however, had not prevented it from becoming more common now than in the past.

Female shifters were becoming more and more rare. Not only were packs decreasing the number of offspring they produced, but males outnumbered females almost two to one. Born female shifters were becoming an endangered species and were more highly prized with each successive generation. For many packs, the only way to ensure their survival was either to raid a rival pack, make an alliance with another pack, or to turn human women.

One of the men he’d brought with him muttered, “Well, that didn’t go as planned. You’d better hope that Oliver Halsey doesn’t have people here at the hotel or all along these private beaches. If he or any of his pack catches wind of us hunting in their territory, there will be hell to pay.”

The blond shifter scowled at him. “Tonight, some of us will help those two lovelies embrace their new lives as members of our pack and some will clean out their hotel room. The desk guy I paid off will make it look like their leaving was legit. By this time tomorrow we’ll have them back home. Once they’ve made it through the change we can figure out who gets to take them to mate.”

“Are you sure the old man is on board with this plan?” asked one of the others.

“The old man knows we need to find mates and we’ve tried everything else. He’s not crazy about us being in the Hamptons, but he approved my plan, so here we are. Let’s hang back and see where they go. I’d like to see if we can’t be headed for home before midnight,” the blond said in exasperation.

The pack quietly made plans as to who would go where and prepared to kidnap Liza and Roz. The plan was Roz and Liza would, of course, be asked if they would like to willingly turn and become shifters. The massive physical changes that took place in the body seemed to be easier and the success rate much higher for those who desired it. If they resisted, they would be turned without their consent and once turned, folded into the pack. Female shifters had some choice in what pack and what mate they had, but it was not entirely their choice.

One of the security team kept a watchful eye on the two girls from New Jersey. He’d overheard them talking about having won a contest with their all-expenses-paid weekend being the prize. He knew of no such contest and the hotel was not inclined to participate in such events. After his shift was over, he wasted no time in getting to his car and placing a call.

“Hey, this is Rod. I think you may have a problem.”

Sebastian Aldrich, known as Bash to his friends, was the beta to the venerated Hamptons pack. It was one of the oldest packs in America and had occupied their small island compound for hundreds of years. One of their ancestors had been granted the land by a grateful king long before the American Revolution. The Hamptons lured many beautiful women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and financial standing every year. The Hamptons pack was well aware that there were some packs that might find that kind of target-rich environment too tempting to resist.

It didn’t happen often. When it did, the pack’s alpha, Oliver Halsey, made an example out of anyone caught doing so. There were those who said that his many times removed great-grandmother had been the mistress of the pirate Captain Kidd. Like the pack in New Orleans who could trace their lineage and the beginnings of their fortune back to Jean Lafitte, Oliver’s ancestors had taken the pirate treasure left by Captain Kidd and used it as the foundation of their own sizeable fortune with each generation contributing more than they spent.

“What kind of problem and what makes you think so?”

“A couple of pretty Jersey girls are here on an all-expenses-paid weekend that the hotel knows nothing about. I found some shifters trying to pick them up on the beach this afternoon and they’ve been lurking around all day. I just thought Oliver would want to know. I took a picture of both the girls and the pack. I’m sending it to you now.”

The pictures arrived and Bash took a moment to assess the women and the pack. Rod was right; the men pictured were most definitely wolves. The women were prime targets all right—of the right age and appeared to be healthy and beautiful. He was particularly drawn to the blonde. The stirring in his groin was a pleasant surprise. He couldn’t blame the rogue pack for targeting the women, but what worried him was that he doubted they’d care much whether they got their consent to be turned or not.

“I’ll be sure to tell him. I’ll get our people out in the most popular watering holes. We’ll see if they can’t enjoy their weekend none the wiser. Thanks for keeping a watchful eye out.”

“My family has been serving the Hamptons pack in one form or another for generations. We know that part of the tranquility we enjoy in our little neck of the woods is due to Oliver’s willingness and ability to keep the peace. I’ll give my brother who is with the police department a heads up that something might be going down sometime this weekend,” said Rod.

“Thanks, Rod.”

Bash hung up and dialed the pack’s alpha, Oliver. Oliver was in Europe tending to pack business. He would be none too pleased by this turn of events.

Chapter Two

Having changed into something appropriate for the Hamptons’ night life, Liza and Roz headed into town. They walked Main Street listening to the various music and vibes coming from different restaurants, lounges, and bars. Finally settling on one, they ventured in. They almost turned around when they spotted the blond from earlier in the afternoon ensconced with his friends in one of the back booths.

The men spotted them immediately and hailed them. Roz and Liza both inclined their heads to let them know they’d been seen, but then turned their backs and went to the other side of the bar. They ordered their drinks. They had barely taken a sip when one of the bartenders approached them saying a group of good-looking guys had offered to buy them a round.

“Tell them thanks, but no thanks,” said Roz.

The bartender smiled knowingly. “I take it not just for this round, but for any round?”

Liza nodded. “They approached us on the beach this afternoon. I think they’re having trouble with the concept of no.”

“Not to worry. When you get ready to leave, just let me know. I’ll arrange for someone to walk you to your car or to your hotel. We pride ourselves on being a place where ladies can come and not be bothered.”

Roz smiled. “Thank you. We appreciate that.”

The bartender went to find a regular patron. He’d asked earlier that if a blonde and brunette came in and were bothered by a group of five or six men, that he’d appreciate knowing about it. Locating the patron, the bartender started to cross the room so he could point the men out. He’d only gotten about halfway there, but realized the group had disappeared. He thought that they must have figured that their chances would be better elsewhere and moved on. He returned to the bar and thought no more about it.

Roz and Liza spent the evening slowly sipping drinks and dancing to the live band. They danced alone, with each other, and in groups. They were having a wonderful time and Roz was happy to see Liza so relaxed. The bartender gave the signal for last call and the girls finished their drinks and started to head out. One of the bouncers offered to escort them home. Roz assured him that they were both still very much sober and that the group of guys hadn’t been seen since they first walked in.

They went out on the well-lit sidewalk and started back to the hotel. People were still mingling around and it appeared that at least some of the bars were still open for business.

“Gosh, Roz, I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun.”

Roz squeezed her shoulder. “Me either. It’s so pretty here. And people are much friendlier than I thought they would be.”

“I know I kind of thought they’d be…”

Liza’s sentence was cut off as both she and Roz were grabbed, gagged, and pulled into a dark alley. Before they knew what was happening, their hands were bound, black hoods were placed over their heads, and they were shoved into a large vehicle, most likely a van.

Roz could hear that Liza was struggling with them as was she, but they were outnumbered and the men were incredibly strong. She kicked and tried to scream through her gag. She connected with one of them and obviously in a vulnerable spot as he swore.

“Bitch!” he cried.

“That’s enough. We need them in good shape. We’ll get them out of town and then turn them. They won’t feel much like fighting after that and so we should be able to get them home fairly easily.”

Roz couldn’t see them, but their words did not bode well for her or her little sister. She began to struggle even harder.

The man who was behind her holding her by her arms shook her. “Knock it off. We’re going to give you girls such a gift. You’ll be healthier than you’ve ever been, live longer and fuck harder.” He laughed as he said the last. “You know, I think since we took all the risk to get them, we ought to at least have a little taste.” He pinioned her arms behind her against his chest and then reached around to fondle her. Roz snapped her head back and heard his nose break as he howled and let her go.

She was immediately subdued and her hood was removed. The first thing she could see was Liza. Her hood had also been removed and there was a nasty long, thin knife being held to her throat. Liza’s eyes were wide with fright.

Roz shook her head and looked at the men pleadingly.

Blondie, who was holding the knife, said, “If I take your gags off, will you promise not to scream?” He looked first at Liza, who nodded. He then looked at Roz, who nodded as well.

The gags were removed and both sisters could breathe easier.

“Don’t hurt her,” Roz managed to get out.

“We aren’t going to hurt you. Well, only a little bit. That’ll start the change. The change can be rough, but you’re both tough and healthy so you should make it through all right.”

“What change?”

“That’ll be our little secret until it’s complete. Then like Jack said, you’ll feel better than you ever have. And you’ll be part of a family.”

“So are you guys a cult?” whispered Liza.

The men all laughed. “You might say that, but really more of a family. Everyone will be so happy you’ve joined us.”

“What if we don’t want to join you?” asked Roz, trying to keep her voice neutral.

“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice about that. We need you; we caught you; now you’ll be one of us.”

Roz saw Liza shudder. “Please don’t hurt her. She’s sick. Let her go and I’ll do anything you want.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“A rare blood disorder.”

The men laughed and nodded. “That’s not a problem. The change will cure that.”

Blondie turned to the driver, saying, “Find a place to turn off. We can turn them, which will make transport easier. Then all we have to do is see them through the change and they’ll be ready to be placed with a mate.”

Roz could see the chills running down her own spine echoed in her sister’s demeanor.

“We’ll be missed,” offered Liza.

“Not really,” replied Blondie. “Neither of you have serious relationships, and all of your family except the two of you are dead.”

“You planned this,” whispered Roz accusingly.

Blondie smiled a very feral smile. “Yes, we did. Our pack needs females and two sisters were more than we had hoped for.”

“You can’t get away with this.”

“Yes, we can. Shifters have been turning females for centuries. A turned female isn’t as good as a shifter born, but she’s a whole lot better than nothing. Just be grateful that the old man doesn’t need a mate. I understand being knotted by an alpha is an unpleasant experience. But you should know, most shifters are well endowed and like to keep themselves well laid. It may take a while for your body to accept being used that often, but you’ll get used to it and I’ll bet you both learn to enjoy it.”

Roz and Liza both shuddered as the van pulled off on a side road and after a bumpy ride came to a stop.

“Who’s going to turn them?” said one of the smaller males.

“I’m the only ranked member of our pack that’s here. I’ll do it,” said Blondie.

“That doesn’t seem fair,” muttered one of his pack members.

“I’m beta. It’s part of my responsibility and one of the perks. Keep in mind it doesn’t mean I’ll get to mate with either of them. But I’m hoping the old man will let me have this dark one. Would you like that?” the blond said, leaning into Roz.

Roz snorted at him. “I’d rather fuck a dog.”

That caused all of the men to laugh. Blondie smiled. “That can be arranged once you’ve turned. Let’s get them out. I’ll turn them and once the change takes hold we can put them back in the van. They’ll be preoccupied with trying to get through the change. Come on.”

Blondie exited the van first. Roz and Liza were each taken out and held between two men. They seemed very strong. Roz glanced down and could see the pronounced bulge in Blondie’s pants. He smiled at her and patted himself. “I’ll do the younger sister first.”

He advanced on Liza, who screamed. Roz struggled to get away to get to her sister. The two men held her fast. Blondie pulled her close and opened his mouth. Roz could have sworn she saw his two upper canines elongate slightly and drip something that looked to be more than saliva.

“We’re going to make you well. When you make it through the change, it will have fixed whatever is wrong with your blood.”

He held her head cupped in his hand and lowered his mouth. With a feral noise that sounded like a growl, he sank his teeth into her neck where it joined her shoulder. Liza screamed Roz’s name and began to struggle even harder. Blondie bit her long and hard and then lifted his head.

“That should do it. Keep struggling, honey, it’ll help pump the virus through your system.” He turned to Roz. “You’re next. I wish I could just mark you and be done with it, but I suspect the old man will let me have my way with you once we get home.”

Roz used the two men trying to hold her still as a fulcrum and swung her body upward to connect with Blondie’s torso. She managed to knock him backwards.

“Damn it. Hold her still.” The men switched how they were holding her so that she couldn’t break free of their grip. “When you’re pack, I’ll teach you to attack your betters.”

He approached her aggressively and exposed the same place in her neck where he had bitten Liza. Roz screamed as he lowered his head and she felt his teeth sink into the soft flesh and then into muscle. Then, he released her.

“You tasted sweet.”

Roz watched in horror as Liza’s struggles lessened. “Liza?” she called to her sister.

Liza failed to respond and within moments was hanging limply from the grip of the two goons that had held her as Blondie bit her. Roz could feel her temperature rising. She felt flushed; her blood felt like it was rushing through her veins. Her sight was beginning to dim as her skin began to burn.

She heard a feral growl and in her peripheral sight she thought she saw a large dark gray wolf bound into the clearing with several other wolves. Roz knew she must be delirious as she was about to pass out as she could have sworn the two men holding her suddenly changed to wolves. Her fevered brain registered that she was falling. But before she hit the ground, a pair of strong arms caught her.

“It’s okay. You and your sister are safe. We’ll see you through the change and deal with these bastards.”

Roz could barely open her eyes. The last thing she saw was a pair of oddly shaped human eyes that had an ethereal glow.

Bash and a small group of wolves from the Hamptons pack had lost sight of the girls. It took them precious minutes to figure out they’d been snatched and packed into a van that was headed out of town. That they would go after them was never a question. That they would deal with them was also not a question. Bash only hoped they could get to them before anything happened that couldn’t be explained away in strictly human terms.

Bash had arranged for several pack members to take motorcycles so that they could rush down small side roads to ensure the van had not pulled off. His fear was that the invaders would bite them there to start the change so that they would be easier to handle for the trip to wherever it was they had come from.

Oliver had been clear. Only one of the kidnappers was to live to tell the tale. The rest were to be executed and their bodies disposed of. Bash shook his head. The pack must have been desperate to come hunting in Oliver’s territory.

Normally, Oliver was good-natured and easy-going. A shark in business matters but a benign and loving alpha to his pack. However, when crossed—and hunting human females in his territory certainly qualified—he was deadly. He thought to make an example of these men, sending a clear message to other packs that the Hamptons was a no hunting/no trespassing zone and that violators would be dealt with in the harshest of terms.

The radio crackled. “Bash? It’s Greg. I can see them. They’re stopping. We need everyone here now.”

“Greg, don’t try taking them on by yourself; wait for the rest of us. If they get them turned, we’ll see them through the change. But you can’t get them stopped by yourself.”

Bash made a U-turn in the SUV he was driving and made a beeline for Greg’s position. He saw the other two motorcycles get to the road first and accelerate down the road. They all parked, shifted, and made their way to the clearing where the two girls were being held. They heard one scream and her sister call to her. Another scream came shortly thereafter. Stealth no longer served them; they broke into a run and charged into the clearing.

Seeing they were under attack, the invading pack quickly shifted to their wolf forms. Bash and one of the others of his pack changed back to human form just in time to catch the two women before they hit the ground hard.

Bash was barely able to shift and slide under the blonde to let his body cushion her fall. Greg barely made it under the brunette. She hadn’t yet succumbed to unconsciousness and Greg was speaking soothingly to her.

The invading pack was quickly subdued. All shifters changed back to their human forms. Greg lifted the brunette and Bash the blonde and carried them to the SUV.

“At least the bites are clean and fresh. We should be able to get some antibiotics into them as well as some immune boosters and be able to help them survive the change,” said Greg, who had been a paramedic in Oliver’s ranger unit. Oliver had turned him to save his life in the heat of a pitched battle. Upon returning home, Oliver and Greg’s VA benefits had paid for Greg to attend medical school and he was the pack’s resident doctor. He also had a small country practice for those less affluent citizens of Long Island.

“Get them as comfortable as you can. I’ll have one of the other guys sit back here with you until we get them home,” said Bash.

Bash left the SUV and approached the other pack, who were crowded together. “Which one of you bastards is in charge of this group of hyenas?”

Calling a wolf a hyena was a major insult and one no true wolf would tolerate. The fact that there wasn’t a single growl confirmed everything Bash thought of the men who stood before them. Bash watched as one by one all of the group looked at the tall blond man who had inflicted the bites.

“And you are?” Bash asked pointedly.

“I know who you are, Aldrich. I’m beta, same as you.”

“You aren’t anything like me. For if I were you, and your pack had held the Hamptons for centuries, and I’d been caught trespassing and hunting in your territory, I’d be making peace with whatever powers in which I believed. You will not survive this night. Which one of you wants to live?”

“What do you mean?” asked the blond beta.

“Funny, I thought I was pretty clear. You and your miserable group of mutts are trespassing and hunting in our pack’s territory. That’s a clear violation of the treaty amongst member packs. The penalties are pretty clear… whatever the offended pack leader declares as penalty is the penalty and will be enforced by the Ruling Council. I spoke with our alpha, Oliver, earlier today. He wants all of you save one to die. That one is to go back to your pack and tell them what happened here. And tell your alpha that if any one of you ever violates our territory again, not only will all of the invaders die, our pack will hunt down every last one of you and see that you never bother anyone again.”

“I’m a ranked member of our pack. I should be the one to live.”

Bash watched with a certain level of detached amusement as the invading pack quickly turned on each other.

“Enough,” he growled. “In addition, Oliver was very clear that if the girls were actually turned, whichever one or more of you inflicted the actual bite was not to be spared. I saw you bite both. You die. Now which of you do you choose to have survive?”

“You’re just going to murder the rest of us?”

“Not murder… execute. You may have murdered those girls for all you know. You set up a fairly elaborate plan in our territory to turn a couple of humans. They may or may not survive the change. Regardless, their lives will never be the same again. Oliver wants us to be able to tell them that those responsible will never do that again to anyone.” He looked each of the remaining mutts in the eye. Each had the decency to break eye contact. “So who lives?”

“Joey is the youngest of us and we sort of bullied him into coming,” said one of them. The other members of the group started to argue and the one designated as Joey started sobbing with relief and thanking the man who had singled him out.

Bash walked over and separated the man who had spoken up from the others. “You alone were willing to be executed for the sake of one of your pack. I choose you to live.” He turned to the remaining members. “Shift and run for your lives. If you make it off Long Island, we will not pursue you, but we will register your names with the Ruling Council as rogues. No pack will have you.”

The pack shifted and took off. Bash turned to the sole survivor of the ill-fated operation. “Go to the SUV and give the names of those with you to Greg. Then get in the passenger side front seat until I return. After that, you can take that crappy van and leave our home… never to return again.”

With that Bash and the other Hamptons wolves shifted and went after their prey. One by one the invading pack members were caught, challenged to single combat, and killed. Bash had made certain that everyone knew the blond Beta was his to challenge. It wasn’t much of a fight. The challenger knew almost immediately that he was no match for Bash. He quickly went belly up in surrender and submission hoping Bash would spare his life. Bash did not. He killed him quickly. As much as Oliver wanted whoever had turned those girls against their will dead, Bash wanted the man who had bitten the beautiful blonde girl he’d held in his arms dead even more.

The pack shifted back to human form. “Rod said the police will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to any of this. Take their bodies to be cremated. I’ll get their pack’s address and send the ashes back to them.”

One of his pack members spat on the body of the dead beta. “More than they deserved. My Sylvie was turned against her will. It was a horrifying experience for her.”

Bash clapped him on his shoulder. “I know. Tell her we sent this group home in a box. If I know your Sylvie, that’ll make her feel a little better about this. And unless you think it would be too upsetting to her, it might be easier on those two girls if she was there when they wake up.”

“I’ll see to it, Beta. You’d better get back to the SUV and get those girls home. Greg’s going to want to start treating them immediately.”

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