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Mated to the Dragons by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One


Jada Rivers hadn’t even been given a trial. From the beginning, the whole investigation had been a sham, a cover-up designed for the wealthiest of Earth’s elite to rid themselves of her, and she had been powerless to stop it. Imprisoned in the depths of a secret government prison, she’d been kept from her family and friends, and far away from any sort of help. In fact, everyone that had been a part of her life probably thought she was long dead.

Biting her lip, she pressed her head back against the dull white wall.

It had all gone so wrong, so fast.

Closing her eyes, she reminisced about it all, wondering if there had been warning signs that could have predicted the series of unfortunate events that had befallen her.

She’d been President Ramsey’s personal assistant. In other words, his slave for whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Her family had considered it an honor for her to serve one of the nation’s most powerful figures.

The president been elected to power earlier that year, enforcing his military doctrine throughout the United States. He’d been an unpopular choice, promising to implement his policies with harsher consequences than ever before, yet somehow, he’d won the election in a landslide and no one had questioned it.

A few months into her new role serving the president, she had come across some damning documents implicating the president for rigging the election. Upon further inspection, she had discovered that he hadn’t won the election at all. In fact, the results had been tampered with. Citizens’ votes had been electronically erased and changed to his favor. Thousands upon thousands of votes had been altered. She had been shocked and incredibly angry to discover such a thing.

Sighing, she wished she could go back in time and ignore those papers. Burn them and pretend they hadn’t ever existed.

Instead, she’d done something stupid. She’d contacted the local paper and gotten in touch with one of their journalists, who had snapped up the story like hotcakes. The first time they had met, everything was normal. When she had tried to meet him a second time to give him the paperwork, she’d found his body instead, throat slit and blood staining the wooden floor beneath him.

It was all a massive setup.

She’d been handcuffed and roughly forced into the back of a cop car. Then she’d been brought before the president and accused of murdering the friendly journalist. Documents were fabricated, her DNA was planted on the murder weapon, witnesses were produced that placed her at the scene, all evidence created to damn her from the start. If that wasn’t enough, false evidence was also contrived that suggested that she was a third child, which would be enough to send her far away from Earth for the rest of her life.

There had only been one judge. No jury. No trial. No basic human rights. She’d been denied them all. One man had decided her fate and there had been nothing she could do to change it.

Convicted of murder and exiled to the far reaches of space, she hadn’t stood a chance. She hadn’t even been able to say goodbye to her parents. Shackled, she’d been loaded onto a government space vessel and transported directly to the detainment center for third children, a place she later found out had the sole purpose of training women for futures as alien brides.

Because of her supposed crimes, she was kept far away from the general population in solitary confinement, even though she claimed her innocence. No one believed her. She watched from afar as women were taken in hand by the guards for various infractions, wondering what it would feel like to be in their position. She lived a lonely life and toiled away through her lessons, engulfing herself with the history of the universe and studying the numerous different species of aliens that inhabited nearby planets instead.

Some were truly too ridiculous to believe. Men that shifted into wolves, dragons, and other various beasts, others that treated women as pets, and yet more that kept human women as second-class citizens made for nothing more than breeding stock. They sounded like mythical creatures straight out of a fairy tale instead of real alien men that lived in space far away from Earth and her home at the detainment center.

Despite her efforts to distract herself from her lonely existence, her thoughts always returned to the traitorous president and what had become of her life. She hated him and craved vengeance. She’d get her revenge on him one day, clear her name, and return to her family once again. The only thing she had to do was be patient. She wouldn’t allow President Ramsey to ruin her future, not if she could help it.

The day she celebrated her twenty-first birthday, she was called into the warden’s office for the very first time. The woman’s harsh brown eyes stared back at her, likely judging her for her supposed crimes. Jada had looked away, seeing a large manila folder strewn open on her desk, a thick pile of papers probably consisting of the mountain of evidence that had been fabricated to damn her and send her far away for good. Blinking away angry tears, she stood her ground and made sure to hold her head tall. She wouldn’t let it affect her. Not today.

“My name is Warden Taylor. Nice to finally meet you, Jada Rivers,” the woman said.

Jada simply nodded her head in acknowledgement, and the warden continued to speak, but only after the woman’s dark eyes studied her from head to toe.

“After a long time of waiting and searching for the right contract for a woman of your nature, I have finally found one that will be perfect for you. There are two brothers that have need of a wife and time is of the essence. You are to leave within the hour and will arrive on Draegira in a few days’ time. In order to ensure the safety of the crew, you’ll be put in a dream stasis for the journey. When you awake, you’ll be in the Draegirans’ custody and the sale of your contract will be considered complete.”

“I take it that I don’t have a choice in the matter,” Jada replied bitterly, and the warden shook her head. The cold look in the woman’s eyes chilled her to the bone. The warden clearly assumed her to be a murderer, just like everyone else. No matter if Jada protested and proclaimed her innocence, this woman probably wouldn’t ever believe her. Jada sighed and looked away as she heard footfalls in the hallway behind her.

“No, I suppose you don’t,” Warden Taylor responded grimly.

Guards moved into the room then, surrounding her and grabbing her with their meaty hands. Another man in a white lab coat walked forward, uncapping a thick needle as he drew nearer. She screamed and tried to struggle out of the arms that held her, but it was useless.

The needle slid home into the crook of her arm and he pushed the milky, purple-colored liquid into her veins. The edges of her vision quickly faded to black and a sense of overwhelming sluggishness rushed over her.

In seconds, her eyelids grew heavy and her limbs felt numb. The last thing she saw was a smug grin come over the warden’s face before her world became a sea of darkness. Apparently, the woman was happy to be rid of her.

Jada didn’t care anymore. She just wanted to sleep.

Allowing her eyelids to droop, she felt the edges of slumber capture her in its grasp and quickly succumbed to its pull.

When she finally awoke, she had no semblance of time or place. She twitched her fingers and moved her toes, slowly taking stock of each one of her limbs. Everything was there. Nothing hurt, although her arms and legs felt extremely heavy and lethargic.

It was cold. The surface beneath her was hard like steel and she could feel a quiet energy all around her. A chilly breeze blew across her face and she shivered. Her nipples hardened into tight little pebbles and she realized that she was entirely naked. She lifted her hands to her throat, feeling a tight piece of leather clasped around it.

There was a chain. She was on a leash.

What the actual fuck?

Her eyes flew open and she crawled backwards in a panic, only to find that she was lashed to a tall pole in the center of a ring, completely surrounded by a silent audience, all seated in a stadium. Thousands of eyes were watching her, viewing her naked body, and she shrieked in fear and utter humiliation.

The large room was like nothing she’d ever seen. It seemed to be carved from rock deep in a mountain cave. The air smelled dank and moist, and if she listened closely, she could hear the sound of dripping water echoing off in the distance. The only light came from above, from a sort of circular natural skylight that centered over her and the pole to which she was bound.

It was like a spotlight, bathing her in the sun for all to see.

Almost like an animal, ready for slaughter.

Her pussy pulsed with desire and she opened her eyes wide, her body’s unexpected betrayal shocking her more than she cared to admit. Why the hell would she want this? Why the fuck was she finding pleasure in being displayed totally naked before thousands of people? What was wrong with her?

Behind her, soft footsteps brushed against the cool earthen floor and she whirled around in fear. Startled, she brought her hands to her chest, her heart hammering loudly beneath her skin. Two men were standing just outside the light of the sun, wearing what looked to be brown leather jerkins beneath mantles of gray and white fur.

Both men seemed exceptionally tall, rising well over her short five-foot-two frame. One of them took a swig from a red earthenware tankard and appraised her with cool, piercing blue eyes. His shoulder-length dark hair surrounded a strong chin, strewn with stubble that she suddenly ached to run her fingers across. His jaw clenched and he raised his chin a bit as he studied her, making his presence even more foreboding than before. His gaze felt exceptionally icy and she quivered with dread at what was to come next.

The other stared at her with bright red eyes, wary and apprehensive of her presence. His hair was lighter in color, his jaw a bit cleaner shaven, his gaze a bit softer, but only by a little. His eyes seemed to burn into the very depths of her soul.

Fire and ice.

Thick leather belts surrounded trim waists, attached to wide baldrics that spanned their chests. Ornate gold-encrusted swords were tied to their backs over top of their mantles.

With a blink, she wondered if she’d gone back in time to the medieval ages.

“So, this is the human woman? The one we bought with the contract?” one of them asked the other, turning his icy blue gaze away from her after the longest time.

“Indeed. The servants have prepared her for the ritual necessary for her to be deemed worthy to be our bride,” the one with the red eyes replied.

“She seems a bit scrawny, even for a human. I’m not sure she could handle the two of us, brother. Perhaps we should consider sending her back and providing the warden with more explicit guidelines of what we need in a woman. The warden insisted she was a warrior, but upon seeing this human specimen, I’m doubtful,” the blue-eyed man spoke.

They gazed back at her, indecision clear in their features.

“I don’t know, Draego, she is rather pretty, and her records clearly indicated that she is familiar with death. I saw the pictures of her crimes on Earth. She is indeed a warrior, at least by our standards,” the red-eyed man responded thoughtfully.

She wanted to protest, but she wasn’t quite sure what to say.

They moved toward her then and she couldn’t help but notice the way the light reflected off their skin in some sort of soft reddish glow. She concentrated on what she had seen and was able to discern faint evidence of red scales beneath tan skin, concrete proof that she was definitely far away from Earth. These men weren’t human. They were definitely aliens.

“I think you’re right, Bruddis. She is rather beautiful,” the blue-eyed Draego responded.

She tried to back away, but the choker and leash around her throat prevented her from moving any large distance away from them. Crying out with frustration, she pulled roughly at it, becoming more afraid with each passing moment. Were they going to kill her?

“Who are you?” she whispered, horrified at being naked and completely vulnerable before these two alien men, not to mention the horrendously large and incredibly quiet crowd all around her. She had to get out of here.

“We’re to be your husbands and masters, human,” Draego said, his gaze dark, seductive, and powerful. She found herself lost in his blue eyes, so much so that she almost forgot that there were thousands of eyes watching her and them. Almost.

Bruddis circled around her and she warily watched him, but it was already too late. Both men surrounded her, leaving her breathless with fear and a strange desire for them to touch her. Their bodies were so close to her and she breathed in their male scents.

Smoky. Spicy. One like fire, the other fresh and clean like winter’s first snow. Together they were intoxicating, and she sighed softly, taking in another deep, shuddering breath.

They both touched her then. A hand on either shoulder; warm, cool, soft, and powerful.

Her fingers tingled and her blood roared. It felt as though she had drunk an entire bottle of champagne all by herself and the closer the men moved to her, the tipsier she became. Her breasts hung heavy with desire, her nipples pebbling into hard little points ready to be touched, to be kissed. Her thighs quivered and she moaned softly, tossing her head back.

The more she breathed in their scents, the more she craved their touch.

Bruddis gripped her wrists and brought them high overhead. She heard a gentle click and she looked up, realizing that he had bound her to the pole with a pair of leather handcuffs. Somewhere deep inside, she thought she should panic, but she couldn’t. Instead she just grew hotter, like her body was calling for the two men in front of her.

She felt like her blood was going to boil right out of her skin. Delirious with an overwhelming sense of lust, she was helpless to fight it. She hungered for them, desired them, craved their touch on her vulnerable naked skin.

Draego and Bruddis each took a hold of her face, their large palms enveloping her small frame as they towered over her. Their closeness made her feel short of breath and she opened her lips wider to try to get more air.

She should want this to stop, but she didn’t. Instead she wanted more, wanted their touch, their kisses caressing her skin, their fingers exploring places no man ever had before. Delirious with her passion, she moaned softly, and the two men growled hungrily at her need. They wanted her too.

One of them kicked her legs open and she gasped, feeling her arousal peak even higher. She tried to squeeze her thighs shut, to hide the rampant wetness dripping down her folds, but she wasn’t allowed to do so and that made her burn all the hotter.

She felt a blaze begin to smolder under her skin and she panted with want, with need, with the desire for these men to take her as they wanted.

What was happening to her? Why was she so aroused? And why did she want to fuck these two men, these two complete strangers, until she was spent with exhaustion?

Their hands dropped, exploring her curves, and she arched into their touch, desperate for more. One felt hot, the other cool as ice, and she quivered from the tango of sensations.

Each one pinched her nipples hard and she keened as her pussy clenched, wanting more, demanding more.

“Please,” she begged, her voice giving away just how needy she was.

“She’s responding to our alpha blood, brother. I’m pleased,” Draego said softly, and Bruddis growled seductively.

“Maybe she’ll be acceptable after all,” Bruddis said in wonder as his palm drifted down to cup her pussy.

His fingers brushed along her inner thighs, sliding along the wetness gathered there. She squirmed as he held her gaze, not allowing her to hide from him like she had done before. When he touched the place between her legs, she whined with shame, knowing he’d discover just how wet she was.

She whimpered softly as he clutched her mound harshly, claiming her as his in one single motion before the eyes of the quiet audience. Then he let go, his touch turning gentle.

Tenderly, he brushed over the tops of her folds, before centering on the needy bud between her legs. He circled her clit once, then twice, and she couldn’t help herself as she leaned toward him, her need growing by the second.

“Please,” she whimpered, all her thoughts centered on the place between her legs.

“Has anyone ever touched you here before, human?”

She shook her head, hardly able to concentrate on anything but his touch and her desire for something more. Her entire body hummed with electricity and her hips rocked back and forth in tune with his movements.

“Oh, God,” she said softly as he teased her, dragging his rough finger across her clit, over and over. Her body felt like it was flying, every nerve burning with desire.

She shuddered, leaning forward, finding that her knees were weak. She hung from her bonds as her muscles trembled. He didn’t say a word, but continued to torment her, taking complete control over her body with nothing but his fingertips.

Moaning, she trembled with anticipation, so aroused that her every thought was focused on her clit, on the feelings swirling around in her head and the intoxicating passion that was coursing through her veins.

Her muscles quivered and tightened as the rubber band inside her snapped and she screamed with pleasure. Every nerve pulsed and throbbed and she collapsed forward, her limbs complete jelly. She hummed with desire and moaned as her orgasm rocked her.

She sighed, overwhelmed by her passionate reaction, yet she could feel her blood begin to boil once again.

“She is a greedy one, brother, stealing her first orgasm,” Draego murmured, and he took her nipples between his fingers, beginning to squeeze harshly. She cried out under his powerful grip.

“A good bride is a wet bride,” Bruddis smirked.

Draego’s hold on her breasts tightened. Her body tender and vulnerable, she whimpered as it began to hurt, the pain intermixing into something pleasurable and painful all the same. When he finally let go of her hard and sensitive buds, she cried out as the sting radiated from her nipples outward and heading directly for her throbbing clit.

Bruddis moved directly behind her and lifted her high off the ground. He held her around the waist while Draego spread her legs wide. Draego looked down at her pussy then, scant inches from his face, and she shivered with shame as he studied her. Leaning downward, he met her eyes as his tongue slid out from in between his lips, and she shuddered with her need and desire and insane curiosity. She felt powerless to fight her craving for more.

The very moment his tongue made contact with her clit, she felt as though she saw stars. Shuddering with pleasure, she leaned backwards against Bruddis as he claimed her lips and devoured her in a kiss so deep that it left her drowning in pleasure.

The sound of a belt coming undone didn’t worry her; in fact, it excited her even more. She looked forward through hooded eyes and vaguely recognized that Draego was lowering his pants and she moaned with excitement.

His cock bobbed forward and her hips jolted in his direction, almost like her body was calling for him to take her, to fuck her as though she were his. He was long and thick and she yearned to feel him between her legs as he claimed her.

The thought shocked her.

She was a virgin. No man had ever touched her like these men were touching her. Somewhere in her mind, she felt like she should protest, fight back, but she couldn’t bring herself to. She wanted it, needed to be taken hard.

The crowd around her roared their approval as Draego pressed up against her, the head of his cock smoldering as he pushed against her entrance, wet with her arousal. He gripped her hips as he began to slowly slide inside her. Her heartbeat pounded in her chest, her breath a heavy pant as she moaned, her pussy slowly stretching open for him.


She felt him pause, felt him encounter the barrier of her virginity, and she whimpered.

Bruddis wound his arms around her and toyed with her nipples, distracting her. He kissed her neck and she lost all semblance of rational thought.

Draego’s hips surged forward and he broke through her barrier in a single motion. She screamed with an odd sense of desire and pain that quickly dissolved into only pleasure.

“Shh, human. It will be alright. Relax and let your future husbands take you for the very first time,” Bruddis whispered, his breath hot on her cheek. His voice was even more intoxicating, and she felt her body respond to him, obeying and submitting to his every word.

Leaning backwards, she kissed him hungrily as Draego began to move between her legs, his cock guiding in and out of her pussy, and she groaned, completely overcome with the enormity of being fucked by a man for the very first time.

Her pussy clenched around his girth and something deep inside her clenched hard, her desire mounting once again. Unable to fight, she gave into that passion and arched her back, taking him deeper than ever before.

He increased his cadence, fucking her harder and deeper, claiming her as his.

Behind her, she felt Bruddis begin to move, supporting her with one arm while he undid his own belt. Draego leaned forward and gripped her around the waist.

“She’s ready, brother. Her blood is responding to us, making her receptive toward the first sacred mating,” he whispered softly, and she furrowed her brow for a moment, wondering what he was alluding to.

It didn’t take long for Bruddis to ready himself and the two men tipped her forward. Bruddis gripped each side of her bottom and spread her cheeks, nuzzling the tip of his own cock against her rosy bottom hole.

Holy shit.

They were both going to fuck her at once.

She panicked slightly before her arousal got the best of her. Draego kissed her then, swallowing her whimpers as Bruddis pushed into her tight entrance. Her bottom clenched, fighting the unnatural, shameful intrusion, but still he continued.

Bruddis stretched her bottom wider and she shuddered at the burning, stretching sensation as the tip of his cock finally breached her tight rosette. He urged onward, his great length claiming her as his until she felt his balls press up against the sensitive cheeks of her ass.

Draego’s tongue danced with hers, his cock caressing her pussy as he pushed in and out of her. Bruddis slowly slid inside her bottom and she keened with the pleasure, shame, and burning pain of it.

She should be embarrassed of her wanton behavior, but she couldn’t bring herself to be. With thousands of people watching two strange men take her virginity and fuck her bottom, she should be wallowing in shame, but instead, she just wanted more. In fact, as she looked out at the crowd, watching the looks on their jealous faces as she moaned in pleasure, she grew wetter than ever.

Two cocks stuffed inside her. Two men taking what was theirs in front of everyone watching. Her nipples peaked and her pussy surged with wetness as they began to fuck her without mercy. Flesh slapped against flesh, and she screamed with pleasure.

Her wrists bound over her head, her pussy and asshole claimed by two men, and her body writhing with desire as thousands watched, her release claimed her completely, her passion so overwhelming and intoxicating that she felt like she was going to combust.

Brilliant white light blinded her vision as she screamed with pleasure, her orgasm taking over every single one of her senses. Her nerves blazed hot, the bonfire within her burning so fiercely that she felt like she would go up in flames at any second. Her muscle trembled and quivered with the power of her release and when the men groaned beside her, her passion rolled into a second, more powerful orgasm.

Their hot seed painted her insides, marking her as theirs and theirs alone, once and for all. She was theirs and they were hers.

And everyone watching could see it.

She kissed one and then the other before her world faded into blackness, exhaustion taking her completely.

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