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Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin – Sample

Chapter One

matedtothewarriors_detailHannah Johnson, Interstellar Bride Processing Center, Earth

I was blindfolded, but I could hear the soft hum of several deep male voices whispering around me. I was surrounded. I turned my head left, then right, but I could see nothing, only blackness. Something silky smooth, but liquid like melted chocolate, enclosed my neck like a collar of liquefied heat. Once the circle was complete, my senses were enhanced. The scent of my mate’s cock teased the air and I knew he stood before me. I could smell the spicy scent of his arousal. I knew well the exotic taste of his pleasure on my lips. How did I know his taste? How did I know the collar about my neck linked me to him somehow?

I tugged at my bonds, trying to reach him, to taste him, but the thick straps that held my wrists together above my head prevented me from doing so. The desire for my mates and the power of their link to me were strong, but all I could do was stand, naked, and wait.

The scent of my own skin and something strangely metallic flavored the air. I could feel the soft flow of slightly cool air moving over my naked flesh. My legs were in a wide stance. Pulling on the restraints above my head, I tried to step forward, but realized that thick straps around my ankles restrained my movement. I kicked at them, but found that although I had a few inches of leeway, beyond that, I could not budge.

All I could do was wait. My ears strained to hear footsteps, a rustle of clothing, anything to alert me to what was going to happen next. I was confused and uneasy, but my body was eager and aching for my mate’s touch.

The thought sent me into a near panic, and my heart pounded so hard I was afraid it was going to explode out of my ribcage.

What was this? Why was I naked? Where the hell was I? This was not what I’d signed up for when I volunteered for the Interstellar Bride Program. I was supposed to be matched to a mate who would be perfect for me, and me alone. I was supposed to be cherished and loved, and…

As if I’d summoned him, a large hand settled on my shoulder and slid up to the side of my neck. Even blindfolded, I could feel the brute strength in that touch, and the sheer size of his palm made me tremble, but not with fear. I knew his touch, somehow, and craved more.

His voice filled my ear from behind, and he pressed the heat of his naked chest to my bare back.

“Do you accept my claim, mate? Do you give yourself to me and my second freely, or do you wish to choose another primary mate?” A deep, baritone voice growled the questions and my pussy grew wet in response to his voice. My mind didn’t recognize him, but my body did.

“I accept your claim, warriors.” The words flew past my lips, as if I had no control. And, in fact, I did not. I tried to ask a question, to find out where I was, what was going on, but it was like I was in a virtual reality sim. I could feel the heat of the giant male at my back. I could smell my mate’s pre-cum teasing me with future pleasures. I could feel the unforgiving metal of the floor beneath my bare feet and the heated glide of liquid silk as it wrapped around my neck. I could hunger and ache and want, but I could not move.

Whatever was going to happen next was completely out of my control.

“Then we claim you in the rite of naming. You are mine and I shall kill any other warrior who dares to touch you.” His hand squeezed softly, wrapping around my neck in the front, a soft but gentle reminder that he was the dominant one, that he could take me, fuck me, make me come—and there was nothing I could do about it.

I didn’t want to escape that strength. I wanted more.

I’d chosen this, the Interstellar Bride Program and their selection testing. I vowed I would give my destined mate my trust and my life, utterly and without reservation.

He pressed his lips to the side of my face as the voices I’d heard chanting earlier answered him in a ritual sounding chorus of male voices. “May the gods witness and protect you.”

My mate growled behind me and squeezed my throat the slightest bit with his right hand, and my pussy fluttered in welcome. A second pair of large male hands came to rest on the outsides of my thighs, and I knew then that another male knelt before me.

The hungry primary mate at my back held me tightly against his chest as my second man’s rough tongue traced its way from the inside of my knee, up my inner thigh, to lick the wet core of me.

My hips jerked forward as his mouth clamped down on my clit. Two very large fingers slid into my pussy as he worked me into a frenzy with his mouth and tongue. I panted for breath and the growling behind me made my knees weak.

“You like his mouth on you?”

I knew, somehow, that he expected an answer, and that there would be no lying. “Yes.”

“Come for us, then we will fuck you.” His large cock nestled against my bare bottom and I was torn between the desire to press forward onto the sucking tongue that made me squirm, or push back hard to tease the cock pressed to my ass.

I tried to do both, but couldn’t move. My captor kept one hand on my neck and another teasing one nipple, then the other, into tight peaks. He tugged them to the edge of pain as the man between my legs fucked me with his fingers and licked my clit so fast, he was better than any vibrator I’d ever used back home.

I moaned. I needed to be filled. Fucked. Claimed. Forever.

I exploded and pressed the back of my head into the giant chest behind me. He belonged to me now, my safe harbor, my mate. When my legs collapsed, he held me up, as I knew he would. He was mine, and I was his.

His voice was practically a purr in my ear. “Very good, we will fuck you now, mate. You belong to us.”

Us. Yes. I wanted both of them. “Yes.”

The man kneeling on the floor was mine, too. They were both mine.

My ankles were released and I was spun in a circle to face the male behind me. He lifted me off the floor and stepped back. I couldn’t see as they freed my wrists. I lowered my arms, settled my wrists at my waist, grateful for the relief in my shoulders as my mate pulled me onto his lap facing him. I felt the huge head of his cock brush my core, and that was the only warning I received before he lifted me, then invaded me with one brutal stroke.

I cried out at the thick feel of him impaling me. He was huge!

I was stuffed so full my pussy ached and so aroused I couldn’t think, I could only want. But before long, the familiar pleasurable heat of his pre-cum spread from my pussy to the rest of me and I squirmed, so hot and out of control that if he didn’t move soon I was going to beg.

“Now, you shall be claimed. Forever.”

His voice vibrated through my body and somehow, I knew what was coming as he leaned backward. He lay flat, pulling me down on top of him with my ass in the air.

Two hands landed on my bare bottom and held me with a firm, hungry grip. As I leaned forward over my mate, a second man squeezed heated oil into my virgin hole, and I whimpered.

This was what I’d been waiting for, what I’d wanted. What they’d been training me for.

My primary mate shifted below me, rubbing my clit over his hard body and I shuddered, so close to the edge that I felt like a wild animal, my entire focus on the joining of our bodies, and the thick glide of the second cock over my ass.

From behind me, a second voice, deep, solid, and reverent spoke to me. “Do you accept me, mate?”

“Yes!” I tried to lift my ass, to encourage him to move faster. His pre-cum traced a line of wetness on my bare ass cheek, then I felt the arousing fluid practically melt into my skin, driving me higher.

I lay flat on my mate’s chest, my hands lifted to his face and waited for my other mate to breach me, to fill me, to make me truly complete.

My mate grabbed my knees and shifted under my legs, spreading my knees farther and bringing my ass up in perfect position for fucking. My knees were still bent, and as he supported my weight, I was bent over and ready for the second cock to fill me up.

“Hurry. Do it now.”

Was that my husky voice? I didn’t recognize the breathless sound, so filled with desperate hunger.

“I am pleased by your eagerness, but do not attempt to issue orders.” A hand landed on my bare ass with a loud smack and I jerked in place as stinging heat spread straight from my ass to my clit. I wiggled my ass, wanting the man behind me to strike again. And again.

I licked my lips as my body clenched down on the cock filling my pussy. “Take me.”


“Fuck me,” I begged.


Please!” I moaned as I thrust my hips back for the next strike of his palm. The mixture of pain and sizzling pleasure was incredible.


“Please? Is that all you have to say to us?” My first mate asked the question with his cock buried balls deep inside me.

Oh, I knew what he wanted, and I was tempted to push him further, to feel the hot sting of their domination on my ass again and again. The flash of pain sparked my nerve endings and made my whole body tremble with lust. But I had pushed as far as I dared, and I was so aroused that my pussy actually throbbed, the need to come driving me to the brink of pain. I needed him—them—pounding into me. I needed to be completely filled. “Please, sir.”

He didn’t answer me with words, but some sign must have passed between them, for the thick head of my second mate’s cock pressed against my tight little rosebud, penetrating the outer walls of my virgin ass with remarkable ease. I knew now that the training I’d been put through had been well worth it. The sound that left my throat was one I didn’t recognize. After several careful yet masterful strokes, the man behind me stilled, his cock fully embedded in my ass.

I shattered into a million pieces at the connection, came apart and gave them everything. I didn’t keep anything for myself.

I surrendered, completely. Wholly. My body belonged to them, my pleasure, my every breath.

As my body clenched and spasmed around their huge cocks, the scents and sounds started to fade, like I was walking through fog, slipping away until they were—gone.

I was alone. Empty.

My pussy clenching and pulsing around nothing.

I tried to curl into a ball, but couldn’t move.

I drifted back to reality slowly, requiring several minutes to emerge from a strange daze, to discover that I was strapped to a medical examination table in Earth’s processing unit for the Interstellar Bride Program. I blinked, returning to myself, and to the woman I’d spent too much time with the last few days.

Warden Egara stared down at me with dark eyes and a program tablet in her hand. My body trembled with continued need as aftershocks of the orgasm still fluttered through my pussy. The exam table was cold and the gown I wore was open in the back. The standard gray cloth was covered with small replicas of the Interstellar Bride Program’s insignia in a repeating pattern of red. I felt like I was wearing wallpaper.

“Very good, Hannah. The matching process is complete.” Warden Egara was a stern-faced young woman who took her job, matching human women to their alien mates, very seriously. She looked at the medical equipment on the wall above my head and nodded to an assistant in a plain gray uniform who entered the room and began to remove the wires, tubes, and sensors they had attached to my head and body for the match assessment.

“What was that, a dream?” I licked my lips, parched from crying out my release. I wanted to know. A dream? A fantasy? Some deep, dark need I had buried so long ago that I didn’t even know it existed? I’d just dreamt of being spanked and fucked, and not just by one man, but two. I’d also come harder than I ever had in my life.

“Oh, no, dear,” the warden commented. “That was the recorded mating ritual of another human bride. That recording is several years old and belonged to a bride I sent there in the early days of the program.” Warden Egara’s face held a hint of a smile, the first I’d seen from her since entering the building for processing several days ago. She was very dedicated to her job. Very thoughtful, as if she had a personal interest in the happiness of every unmated warrior in the galaxy.

“You mean… I? That was… what?” What was I trying to say? “That was real?”

“Oh, yes. The Neuroprocessing Units used by the matching system will be embedded in your body during final processing for transport. Not only does the NPU help you understand and speak their language, it has been preprogrammed to record your own mating ceremony so it can be properly documented and used to assist other brides in their own matching. Just like the other woman’s experience was used to help match you.”

I shuddered and wished she’d left me there, in that dreamland, for a few more minutes. I wanted more. Craved it. “Will my mate be like that?” Like what, I wasn’t sure. I never got to see a face, but I knew. I knew I wanted him. Or them.

But two men? That was why I was confused.

“There were two men. Was I matched to two men?”

She shook her head. “No. You are only matched to one male. And your primary mate will be a warrior, but it will not be that warrior.”

What did primary mate mean?

I shuddered and tried to imagine what might happen to me in the future. Would my mate be as big? As strong? Would I feel what that other bride felt? Would my mate want to include a second man in our mating ceremony? Would I want him to? What I had just experienced had gone beyond eagerness to total trust. Raw, mindless lust. Would I be as happy to be claimed as she had been?

I had never imagined being spanked before. I’d only thought of it as punishment, so I never would have volunteered for that. Truth be told, I didn’t want to be matched to an alien mate at all. But, here I was, strapped to this freaking table in the processing center and it was my own fault. I’d volunteered for the Interstellar Bride Program to help get my brother out of debt with some very nasty people. He had three kids and a wife and if he didn’t come up with a large sum of cash, they were all going to be on the streets. Or worse. Much worse.

My job as a preschool teacher barely paid me enough to survive on my own. I didn’t have any extra money to give my brother. But I could do this.

Until this moment, I hadn’t really believed there would be anything enjoyable in the matching process for me. I had doubted the bride program’s ability to find a suitable match. I mean, really? How could a stupid computer program know which man in the entire galaxy would be perfect for me? I’d never found the right guy on Earth, so how could they find an alien match for me on a distant planet? The quivering pleasure I’d just experienced made me hopeful. Very hopeful. It was the first time in the past few weeks that I’d felt maybe things would be all right. Maybe volunteering for the Interstellar Bride Program hadn’t been the biggest mistake of my life.

Mistake or not, family was family. This was the only way I could help my brother. My body and my life were all I had left of value. I wasn’t rich, but I was young and fertile and unattached. Hell, uninspired was more like it. I’d had three lovers in five years, and none of them had made me come as hard as I just had… from a neural simulation. From another woman’s memories.

Oh, God. I wanted one of those big, deep voices behind me. I wanted a huge hand wrapped and resting on my throat with a hot tongue stroking my clit. I wanted to be held in place as someone fucked me from behind. I wanted

My monitor beeped and I blushed, knowing it was reading the increase in my heart rate as I relived everything that had just happened to me. No, it hadn’t happened to me, but to her. The other woman. The one Warden Egara had sent to Prillon. The one who had been claimed by a warrior. A big, strong warrior with a huge cock. Her primary mate. Whatever that meant.

“So, is that where I’ve been matched? To that woman’s planet?”

Warden Egara nodded curtly. “Yes. To a warrior of Prillon Prime.”

Prillon Prime? I’d been matched to Prillon Prime? The planet inhabited by the hulking warrior race? The program’s brochures had said that Prillon warriors actually requested brides while still in active military service. They were one of only three races that kept their brides with them on battleships. In space. On the front lines of the war between the biological races and the Hive, the artificial lifeforms and cyborg races trying to take over the universe. That war had finally come to Earth, and the coalition had accepted Earth under their protection, on one very strict condition.

Brides. A thousand a year. Most of Earth’s brides came from the criminal justice system. Earth’s politicians were not opposed to sacrificing criminals to fill the alien bride quota, but here I was, a volunteer hoping I hadn’t just made the biggest mistake of my life.

I remembered reading that the Prillon males were supremely confident in their warriors’ abilities to care for their mates. Anywhere. Prillon warriors never shied away from battle and were the most feared race in the Interstellar Coalition. They were on the front lines of the war, and their commanders were in charge of the entire interstellar fleet.

Holy shit. I wasn’t going to a planet! I was going to go live on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere where they actually fought other spaceships? Or cyborgs. Or whatever! The heart rate monitor began beeping once again and this time it wasn’t arousal I was feeling. It was panic.

I shook my head. Once, twice. “No. There must be some mistake.”

“No mistake.” She scowled at me. “Your match is estimated at ninety-nine percent compatibility.”

“But…” I wanted to go to Forsia, or to the twin worlds of Ania and Axion, where they lived in cities surrounded by restaurants, parties, and opulence. I didn’t want to go to a warship in space.

“Quiet.” The word was bitten off as she hissed at me like an irritated cat. “It is done, the match complete. You already signed. Your family has been compensated, as you requested. Unless you wish to return the funds, you will honor your legal obligation to the program. You chose the matching protocol. You must abide by the results.”

Warden Egara was nice enough, in her twenties and even pretty, if a bit brusque. I understood. The woman at the front desk told me that they didn’t get many volunteers. Most of the women Warden Egara processed were convicted criminals whose only two choices were either enter the Interstellar Bride Program or serve hard time in prison.

“Hmm. I believe I will add this outburst to your bride data. Your new mate should be warned of your impertinence.”

My eyes widened and my mouth fell open.

“Just a minute! I never agreed to that.” Impatient, I yanked at a couple of sticky pads attached to my temples and grimaced as they snagged on my long black hair. I handed them to the assistant, who finished unhooking me from the rest of it and left the room. Warden Egara must have realized that I was about to shove that tablet up her ass, for she held out her hand in a placating gesture.

“All right, Miss Johnson. I will delete that from your profile.” She tapped the screen again and frowned. Her long hair was pulled into a tight bun and the strain on her skin made her look even more severe. “Now, for the record, state your name.”

I took a deep breath, let it out. “Hannah Johnson.”

“Miss Johnson, are you now, or have you ever been married?”


“Do you have any biological offspring?”

“No.” I rolled my eyes. They’d already asked me this. I’d signed this shit in triplicate and I was sure it was listed on her tablet.

“Excellent.” She tapped her screen a few times without looking at me. “I am required to inform you, Miss Johnson, that you will have thirty days to accept or reject the mate chosen for you by our matching protocols.” She lifted her head and actually grinned at me. “Judging by these scores, however, I think that is highly unlikely.”

I wasn’t as confident in the computer program they used to match brides to their mates, but I was reassured that the ultimate decision was mine. “Okay.”

“Regardless of your choice, there will be no return to Earth. If your new mate is unacceptable, you may request a new primary mate after thirty days… on Prillon Prime. You may continue this process until you find a mate who is acceptable.”

“Warden, I just want to know…”

She sighed. “You have already signed the documents, Miss Johnson, but I also feel obligated to remind you that as of this moment, you are no longer a citizen of Earth, but a warrior bride of Prillon Prime, and, as such, you shall be bound by the laws and customs of your new world.”


“You have been matched, Hannah, to one of the fiercest warriors from that world. You should be proud. Serve him well.” I wasn’t sure if Warden Egara’s command was meant to encourage me or frighten me, but I didn’t have long to wonder. I had no idea that she knew anything personal about the alien males she matched. Apparently, she knew more than I did. Perhaps she liked me more than I imagined. If I were a crazy serial killer, would she still send me to this fierce warrior? Did she tell all women some lie about how fantastic their match was to make them eager to leave Earth?

She stepped forward and shoved on the side of my medical chair. With a small jolt, a bright blue opening appeared in the side of the wall. Still strapped securely, I could do nothing as a long, very large needle appeared. The needle was attached to a long metallic arm in the wall. I tried to pull back and she raised her voice so I could hear her over the bubbling of the strange blue liquid below me.

“Do not fight it, Hannah. That device will simply implant your permanent NPUs. Nothing to fear.” Her smile was forced and her lips thin, but at least she was trying to reassure me. I got the feeling she didn’t do this kind of warm and fuzzy thing often.

I slid into the tiny enclosure and felt the sting of the needle first on one side of my temple, then the other. I was quite sure that the strange and very strong buzzing sensation I now felt on both sides of my head would give me a migraine from hell. Resigned to suffer the effects of the NPU, I was lowered into a heated bath of some sort. Blue light surrounded me.

“When you wake, Hannah Johnson, your body will have been prepared for Prillon Prime’s matching customs and your mate’s requirements. He will be waiting for you.”

Holy shit. “Now? Right now?” I struggled against the cuffs that held my wrists to the table. “I haven’t even said goodbye to my brother! Wait!”

For some reason, my anger and frustration just disappeared, as if the warm bath washed it away. What the heck was in the water? I felt so relaxed, so happy.

So numb.

Warden Egara’s clipped voice was the last thing I heard above the quiet humming of electrical equipment and lights. “Your processing will begin in three… two… one…”

Everything faded to black.

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