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Melissa’s Punishment Examination by Carole Archer – Sample

Melissa's Punishment Examination by Carole Archer DetailChapter One

As Dr. Ben Williams and his wife Barbara arrived at their private medical practice to prepare for the morning appointments, Barbara kept her fingers crossed that their receptionist would turn up for work today. Trying to cover reception and simultaneously carry out her own duties as the practice nurse had left her exhausted the previous day. Barbara consoled herself with the knowledge that today was their short day with the office only open from 9 AM to 1 PM, and she had very few appointments herself. Most patients today were booked to see her husband.

Barbara tidied around in the reception area, still a little angry that Melissa had phoned in sick ten minutes after her shift had been due to start the previous day. Barbara had told Melissa that had she given them some notice, they could have arranged for a temp to cover her shift but that it was too late by the time Melissa finally decided to call them.

Barbara shook her head as she wondered if she had maybe been a little harsh with Melissa on the phone, especially if she really had been sick. She was a lovely girl and she did work hard—at least she did when she actually made it in to work! But this wasn’t the first time she had called in sick, and just recently the number of incidences had escalated to an unacceptable level.

Barbara sighed as she unlocked the door and greeted Dr. Williams’ first patient of the day. She showed him through to the doctor’s office and then slumped down at the reception desk. She expected the phone would ring very soon with another lame excuse from Melissa as to why she couldn’t come in to work today.

Barbara thought back to the conversation she had had with her husband the previous evening, and she sighed as she guessed he was right that Melissa was more than likely out partying with friends and taking advantage of their good natures. It was time that Melissa learned to play by the rules, or they would have no choice but to find another receptionist.

A smile crossed Barbara’s face as she recalled what had happened after their chat about Melissa. Ben had suddenly changed the focus of their conversation and told Barbara with a devious grin that she had been a very lazy stand-in receptionist and that there was only one solution for such bad behavior…

As Barbara started to recall events of the previous evening, she was startled from her daydreams as the door opened and Melissa Martin burst in. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she gasped, dragging off her jacket and hanging it on the coat stand. She shook her long blonde hair back before taking a bobble from her handbag and fastening it up into a ponytail, then brushed her hands over her simple white blouse and short black skirt. Barbara couldn’t help admiring her. Even when she was flustered she still managed to look elegant and stylish.

As Barbara got up from behind the receptionist desk Melissa breezed round and bent over to get a few things out of her lower drawer. Barbara gazed at her bottom and admired her feminine curves. She longed to sit down in the chair, take Melissa across her lap, and give her a sound spanking on that shapely bottom. The young woman was always bending over to retrieve things, generally when Dr. Williams was around, often giving him a quick flash of her panties.

Barbara harbored no jealous feelings toward Melissa, though. She actually thought it was quite cute that the twenty-two year old receptionist had a crush on her husband and she found it amusing that Melissa blushed when Dr. Williams sometimes caught her staring at him. She would like to spank the young woman for no other reason than her bottom was just made to be spanked—and it might teach her a much needed lesson in time keeping.

As Melissa settled down to work, Barbara’s first patient arrived. It was a routine blood pressure check and blood tests, and a few minutes later Barbara was leading the woman back out into reception. They exchanged pleasantries and her patient left, after which Barbara stepped back into her office.

Melissa was chatting happily to Dr. Williams’ next patient, and Barbara smiled as she listened from her doorway. When she was actually at work, Melissa was a real asset to the practice. She was popular with their patients and showed the utmost respect when talking to their elderly clientele, yet she was able to effortlessly change to acting silly with the young children and amusing them while their parents were in with the doctor or nurse.

The door to the office opened and an elderly patient, Mrs. Jamieson, hobbled in on her cane. She explained to Melissa that she had an appointment with Dr. Williams the next day but she needed to change it. As Melissa flicked over the page in her appointments book, Mrs. Jamieson said with a smile “You and your friends were enjoying yourself at the beach last Tuesday, weren’t you? I don’t think you saw me and Stanley relaxing on our deck chairs. Oh, I wish we had the energy of youth again,” the old woman sighed dreamily.

Barbara held her breath and stepped back as Melissa anxiously glanced around her. “Erm, yes Mrs. Jamieson, we did have fun.” She glanced toward Dr. Williams’ door once more, before politely adding, “I’m sorry, if I’d seen you and Mr. Jamieson I would have said hello.”

Mrs. Jamieson smiled. “I know you would. You’re a good girl. Now about that appointment…”

Barbara walked back into her office and shook her head. She sat down at her computer and went onto Facebook, where she did a quick search for Melissa’s page. “Oh Melissa,” she sighed, as she saw pictures of their receptionist the previous week, cavorting on the beach with her friends when she was supposed to be off sick with a migraine. And just as bad, the previous day her status read “Hangover from Hell!!!” proving that she had once again taken a sick day because she had been out partying the night before.

With a heavy heart, Barbara walked out to reception. “Is Ben free?” she asked Melissa.

Melissa smiled brightly at her. “No, he’s with a patient at the moment. Shall I let you know when he’s finished?” she asked helpfully.

Barbara nodded and returned to her office, shaking her head as she once more looked at the pictures, hoping they might suddenly disappear and prove her wrong. She took out her office log and checked all the recent dates when Melissa had phoned in sick, and each date corresponded with a party she had been to the previous evening or a day she had spent on the beach—all documented, in words and pictures, on Facebook. The silly girl hadn’t even bothered to restrict her profile and photos to friends only.

When Melissa called through the door to tell Barbara that her husband was free, she reluctantly carried her laptop to his office and showed him the evidence. As she had expected, he was furious. “Send her home immediately,” he fumed. “Tell her she’s fired and get onto the recruitment agency at once,” he snapped.

Barbara sat beside him and put a comforting hand over his. Her husband rarely lost his temper, but his one great pet peeve was people taking advantage of the good nature of others and taking them for fools. “Ben, let’s not do anything hasty,” she suggested, squeezing his hand in a comforting gesture. “Let’s talk to her, see what she has to say.”

Dr. Williams shook his head. “She can hardly deny it,” he stated flatly. “The evidence is there in black and white—or rather full ten megapixel glory! Look at that bikini she’s wearing,” he added angrily. “If she were my daughter I’d redden her backside for her. She wouldn’t be quite so keen on showing so much flesh off then.”

Barbara smiled as she sat down on his lap and kissed him. Dr. Williams frowned at her, but as she started to explain what she had in mind, his smile quickly returned…

“Very well, it’s got to be worth a try. Send Miss Martin in to see me,” he told his wife sternly. “Let’s see what that young lady has to say for herself!”

* * *

Barbara walked out into the reception area with a stern look on her face, which caused Melissa immediate concern. “Melissa, could you go through and see Dr. Williams now please. I’ll watch reception while you’re not here, again,” she said. “This is getting to be quite a regular occurrence,” she added, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

The color rose in Melissa’s cheeks as she stood up and hurried to the doctor’s office, wondering if he was going to reprimand her for staying home sick again yesterday. Previously they had only showed concern for her welfare and they had never questioned whether she actually had been ill or not, but she guessed she had taken several days off sick over the last month. Melissa immediately decided that she had maybe better ease off a bit on the partying and start telling her friends she had to go to work when they asked her to go to the beach. She could only hope it wasn’t already too late for that.

Melissa tried to put on a brave face as she entered Dr. Williams’ office. She pushed open the door and smiled brightly at him.

“Come in and sit down, Melissa,” he said, as she closed the door behind her.

She quickly crossed the room and sat in the chair beside him, jumping as he reached forward and pressed the palm of his hand against her forehead. “Hmmm, you don’t feel like you have a temperature,” he told her, frowning.

“Oh no, I feel much better today,” she tried to reassure him, smiling encouragingly.

“If you’ve got something contagious, we can’t have you coming into contact with our patients,” he told her firmly. “Let’s just take your temperature,” he said, rising from his seat and walking across to a small sterilizing unit with a vast array of clean medical tools inside.

Melissa watched closely as he approached her with a digital thermometer, which he placed carefully in her ear.

“Everything seems fine there,” he told her, frowning at the thermometer as he put it down on his desk and looked at her. He took her hand and pressed his fingers against her wrist, and Melissa closed her eyes and concentrated on her own breathing as he checked her pulse.

“So,” he said, leaning close to her. “What exactly are your symptoms?” he asked.

Melissa squirmed as he looked directly into her eyes. She shrugged her shoulders dismissively. “Nothing specific,” she said, lowering her eyes. “I just had a bit of a tummy upset. I’m fine now,” she smiled cheerfully, hoping she was giving a convincing performance.

Melissa glanced at him and watched as Dr. Williams nodded thoughtfully. “How are your bowels?” he asked bluntly.

Melissa blushed and mumbled, “Fine,” as she took a sudden interest in her skirt, twisting it in her hands as her cheeks reddened. She squirmed in her seat, embarrassed that Dr. Williams was asking her such personal things.

“Any constipation?” he asked, leaning forward and pressing his hand against her tummy.

“No,” Melissa literally squeaked, brushing his hand away as her cheeks burned with humiliation. “I’ve just been a bit off color,” she whined, standing up and hoping he would now allow her to leave.

“Not so fast, young lady,” he said, grasping her wrist and pulling her back into the seat. “So you were just a bit off color?” he asked.

Melissa nodded.

“Well, as this is happening quite frequently, after the office closes today Barbara and I will give you a full medical. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of what’s troubling you,” he said with concern.

“No, that isn’t necessary,” she squealed. “I’m better now, I swear.”

“Oh no Melissa, there’s clearly something seriously wrong with you. Over the last month alone you have called in sick eight times. We need to find out what is troubling you. What type of employers would we be if we didn’t try to help you?” he asked. Melissa became flustered, tugging anxiously at the hem of her skirt and wondering what she could say to convince him she was fine.

“Dr. Williams, it was really just a tummy bug. I’m fine now, honestly,” she whimpered.

Dr. Williams reached across his desk and pulled Barbara’s laptop computer toward him. “Really?” he said, his brow furrowed as he lifted the lid of the laptop, scowled at the screen and shook his head, before staring at Melissa and turning the computer to face her.

“Oh no,” she wailed as she was faced with the laptop screen, showing a photo of her in her bikini. Dr. Williams pressed a few keys and the screen then showed her Facebook page status from the previous day. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered, lowering her head. “Oh, I truly am sorry.” The color drained from her cheeks as she was confronted with her lies. She truly did feel sick now.

“So, Melissa, are you ill or have you been lying to us?” he asked, leaning forward and taking her face in his hands, forcing her to look at him.

Melissa lowered her eyes and swallowed anxiously as his steady gaze unnerved her. “I’m sorry, Dr. Williams, I really am,” she exclaimed, not sure what else she could say. The evidence was there in front of them. She could not deny it, nor could she find the words to admit her guilt, and she could certainly offer no plausible explanation for her actions—at least not one that would be acceptable to her employers.

“You have a choice to make, young lady,” he said sternly. “You have let us down badly and my first instinct is to let you go so we can find someone more reliable,” he said, shaking his head.

“No, please don’t sack me,” Melissa pleaded, reaching out and grasping his hand. “Please,” she begged.

Dr. Williams looked into her eyes and smiled. “How sorry are you, Melissa?” he asked, his smile unnerving her.

“I’m very sorry, Dr. Williams, truly I am. I’ll do anything to gain your forgiveness,” she told him.

Dr. Williams nodded. “Very well, let’s see if you really mean those words. As I said, you have a choice to make. If you wish to stay, you will be punished. I intend to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget,” he said sternly, squeezing her hand.

Melissa quickly pulled her hand away and her eyes widened as she wondered just how he intended to punish her. She gazed at his large hand and closed her eyes, trying to block out an image of him spanking her. Surely he wouldn’t do that, she thought. No, he can’t do that, she tried to convince herself.

“You will submit to a thorough medical examination,” he told her, watching as her cheeks reddened once more. “And you will be soundly spanked,” he added.

Melissa gasped. “Oh no, Dr. Williams, you can’t do that,” she whispered, shaking her head.

“Very well, collect your things and leave immediately,” he told her, turning his back on her.

“Please, Dr. Williams. There must be something else,” she begged. “Please don’t fire me.”

Dr. Williams turned back to her and pushed the laptop computer toward her once more. Melissa squirmed uncomfortably and turned away from the screen.

“You have greatly betrayed our trust. My decision is final. Either you accept my proposed punishment or you leave immediately. So what’s it to be, Melissa?”

Melissa just sat there, unable to form words for several moments.

Dr. Williams suddenly stood up. “Melissa, you’ve wasted enough of our time already. This discussion is over. I want your answer now,” he snapped.

Reluctantly, Melissa nodded. “OK, I’ll do it,” she said quietly. “Just please don’t fire me,” she pleaded.

“Very well,” Dr. Williams said. “There’s no time like the present. Let’s start your punishment right now, give you a small taste of what’s to come,” he said, crossing the room and selecting another thermometer from the sterilizing unit.

Melissa stood watching him in silence, her mind struggling to process what was happening.

Dr. Williams walked toward her and Melissa’s eyes focused on the thermometer in his hand. He shook it a few times, his gaze concentrated on the red liquid moving inside the thin wand.

As he reached her, he held it out in front of her. “Now let’s start by taking your temperature the old fashioned way,” he said, smiling wickedly. Melissa sighed and opened her mouth.

She glanced at his face and was confused at his bemused expression. “Not like that,” he told her, his smile growing. “Lift your skirt, drop your panties, and bend over my desk. This way will give us a much more accurate reading,” he informed her.

Melissa’s jaw dropped and she stared at him and then at the thermometer. She shook her head and her eyes widened as she continued to stare at the long, thin glass wand which he held between his thumb and forefinger. “You can’t put that in my bottom,” she insisted.

“Melissa, if you insist on behaving like a naughty little child and refusing to comply with my instructions I can always take you across my knee to do this. And I’ll spank your bottom first if you make that necessary,” he warned, as he opened his drawer and took out a jar of lubricant. She watched mesmerized as he removed the lid and pushed the tip of the thermometer into the jar, then pulled on a white latex glove and dipped his index finger into the jar, thoroughly lubricating it as well.

Melissa gulped as he looked at her. “Your choice, Melissa,” he told her. “You know what the alternative is,” he added, as she lowered her eyes and turned her back on him to hide her blushes. She slowly raised her skirt, hesitating as she gripped the waistband of her skimpy black lace panties.

“Now Melissa!” he snapped, and she quickly tugged her panties down below her buttocks and bent forward across the edge of his desk.

Melissa whimpered as he pressed his hand firmly on her back, forcing her down until she lay flat on the desk. He then used one hand to pull her panties right down to her ankles before he pulled the flimsy material over her feet.

“Spread your legs wide,” he ordered, “and raise your bottom.” Melissa’s cheeks were burning as she struggled to comply with her boss’ orders. She briefly considered quitting— anything seemed worth it at the moment to avoid this humiliating procedure—but she knew that she needed this job too badly for that to be an option. Her thoughts were interrupted when he parted her buttocks with one hand, pressed his finger against her anus, and thrust it firmly in. Melissa gasped as he pushed the digit deep into her and probed around for several seconds. She held her breath, unable to believe what he was doing to her, and she felt immense relief when he finally removed his finger.

She had just allowed herself to relax again when seconds later she felt the end of the thermometer slide into her bottom. She immediately tensed up again. “Relax!” Dr. Williams snapped, smacking his hand down hard on her bare bottom.

“Owww!” squealed Melissa, reaching back to rub her stinging behind. Not wanting another smack, she immediately relaxed as much as she was able, gritting her teeth as the thin and rigid rod slid into her tight bottom hole. Dr. Williams twirled the thermometer around inside her and Melissa squirmed anxiously. She was horrified to be in such a position.

She had fancied Dr. Williams since her first day at the practice, and over the past year she had developed quite a crush on him. She had always dreamed of playing doctors and nurses with him, but her fantasies were nothing like this… She was thoroughly humiliated and she closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out what he was doing to her, but he constantly fiddled with the thermometer and it was impossible not to focus on her embarrassing position.

Melissa was able to breathe once more when at last he slid the thermometer out, but she was disheartened when she immediately started to rise from the desk and he pressed a hand firmly down on her back. “Stay where you are,” he said sternly, smacking her bottom.

“Your temperature’s fine,” he said, patting her bottom. “Let’s just take it again though, just to make sure you’re well enough to be punished.” Before Melissa could object, his hand was pressed on her back and the thermometer jabbed into her back package once more. Melissa yelped and squirmed as he twirled the thermometer inside her anus, not letting her forget for a moment what he was doing to her. Melissa was relieved when finally the thermometer was removed.

“If you call in sick again, Melissa, be sure that I will come round to your house after the office closes and do this to you. If you’ve lied about being ill, you’ll be instantly dismissed,” he warned her.

Melissa nodded sadly as Dr. Williams’ hand pressed down on her back. He landed a sharp slap on each of her bare cheeks.

“Owww!” she yelped. “Please stop. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise,” she pleaded.

“Oh, I’m sure you won’t, young lady,” he said sternly, landing a hard smack to the center of her bottom, which took her breath away momentarily. As he landed another smack, she squirmed across his desk. “We are going to make very sure of that when you are punished this afternoon,” Dr. Williams added sternly, cracking his hand down twice on her slightly pink bottom. “I have patients to see and you have work to do,” he reminded her, landing the hardest smacks of all to her sit spots, three to each side in quick succession. Melissa kicked her legs and yelped as each smack landed. When Dr. Williams released her, she stood quickly and rubbed her smarting butt.

“Get yourself dressed and get back out on reception,” he told her sternly.

With tears in her eyes, Melissa nodded as she pulled her panties over her sore bottom and lowered her skirt back into place. “I am sorry,” she said, touching her hand to his arm.

Dr. Williams looked up at her, his brow furrowed. “You will be punished severely for your behavior,” he warned. “If you’re prepared to accept that punishment you will return here once the office closes today and we will discuss what is to happen to you. If you’ve had a change of heart after that little taste and you wish to leave, you may go now,” he added, before returning to some papers on his desk. “I am thoroughly ashamed of you.”

“Dr. Williams, I’ll do anything to make it up to you, anything!” she told him.

Dr. Williams looked up at her once more, amusement in his eyes. “Very well,” he smiled, “I’ll see you this afternoon. Let’s see if you can keep that promise.”

Melissa rubbed her bottom once more and her cheeks flushed as she could still feel the sensation of both his finger and the thermometer in her rectum. Turning, she slowly walked out of his office and closed the door.

With her head lowered, she approached the reception desk, her cheeks burning, knowing that Barbara would have heard her spanking and most likely knew exactly what Dr. Williams had been doing to her. She was certain they must have discussed it.

Her cheeks flushed and she blinked back tears as Barbara stood up. Melissa was surprised when Barbara gave her a brief hug before stepping aside. Melissa’s eyes settled on the cushion on her chair and she winced as she turned around and sat down.

“I am sorry,” she said, looking up at Barbara. “I really am.”

Barbara nodded. “I’ll go and get you a coffee,” she kindly offered. “In the meantime you might want to think about your behavior and whether you want this job or not. There are plenty of other young ladies out there who would be glad to have the position,” Barbara told her sternly.

Melissa nodded sadly. She had been a fool and she knew it. Her bottom still stung slightly and she was thoroughly humiliated by Dr. Williams’ treatment of her, but she had a suspicion things were about to get much worse—if of course she decided to stay. Shaking her head, she knew she had no other option.

Barbara returned moments later and put a steaming mug of coffee and a couple of cookies on Melissa’s desk beside her.

“Thank you,” Melissa said, looking up at Barbara. “I will…”

Barbara raised a hand to stop her. “Save it for later, Melissa, we’ll talk then. I am very disappointed in you, I thought better of you.”

Melissa put her head in her hands as Barbara walked away. “Oh, what have you done?” she asked herself. “You stupid, stupid girl,” she snapped, raising her head and suddenly smiling brightly as the door opened and the next patient entered the office.

Melissa knew she would have to put a brave face on for the rest of the morning. After that she would have to face the music.

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