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Mortal Sins: A Dark Paranormal Romance by K.L. Hiers – Sample

Chapter One

After an intense chase, Snod had finally managed to corner the vampire down in the dark tunnels beneath an abandoned factory. He was fast, even for a vampire, but Snod was tenacious. He had never failed a mission before and he had no intention of starting now. Vampires were soulless monsters that were a plague upon the earth and it was his sacred duty to destroy them all, including this one.

The vampire’s eyes were flashing brightly as he backed up against the tunnel wall, a spectacular sight that Snod had seen before when the fiends were about to die. It didn’t move him in the slightest. He felt absolutely no regret killing a vampire. They were all abominations, savage and cold monsters that preyed on innocent humans and had no right to exist. He couldn’t feel bad about killing something so monstrous.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” the vampire warned, his bright eyes narrowing fiercely. “All you have to do is walk away.”

Snod was surprised to hear the vampire speak, but he didn’t believe the vampire for a second. He knew it was a trick and he prepared to lunge, drawing a stake from his vest. He heard a strange sound, something creaking overhead, but he ignored it in favor of staying focused on his target.

“Look out!” the vampire suddenly shouted.

The ceiling began to give way with a deafening groan, Snod stuck staring stupidly at the unavoidable death crashing right on top of him. He closed his eyes and began chanting a prayer, waiting for the end.

It never came.

The vampire had grabbed him, pulling him out of the way and dragging him to safety. Snod was stunned, the vibrations of the crash still rumbling beneath his feet as he gawked at the vampire. This unholy abomination had just saved his life and he was completely speechless.

“You can try to kill me if you want,” the vampire said quietly, “or we can find a way out of here. Your choice.”

Snod said nothing to that, but he put his stake away.

They found that the various twisting tunnels only led to more collapsed areas that the vampire was not able to clear with his mighty strength. Even with Snod helping him, it wasn’t enough. Snod had explosives, but those were in the trunk of his car and not very helpful. After hours of silent searching, they both came to the same dismal conclusion.

There was no way out.

Snod slumped against the closest wall, sliding down to the floor. He was furious. He pounded his fist beneath him, snarling loudly.

“You don’t have a phone?” the vampire asked.

“Dead,” he replied shortly. “You?”

“Dropped it,” the vampire sighed, sitting down on the floor opposite him. “Was sort of trying to get away from this crazy guy trying to kill me.”

Snod glared.

“Eeesssh, tough crowd.” The vampire winced.

“I’m not stupid,” Snod snapped.

“I never said you were?” The vampire blinked owlishly.

“You’re waiting for me to fall asleep, to pass out,” Snod accused venomously, “and then you’ll feed on me.”

The vampire held up his hands with a frustrated sigh. “If I wanted to kill you, why did I save you?”

“Maybe you’re stupid,” Snod challenged. It sounded foolish as soon as he said it, but he didn’t know what else to say. He stared defiantly at the vampire, refusing to back down.

“Mmm, I’m loving that razor-sharp wit,” the vampire said with a long roll of his eyes. “It’s just great.”

Snod glared again, and the vampire fell silent for a while. He never took his eyes off of him, ever vigilant, refusing to let his guard down.

It was easy to spot a vampire once one knew what to look for. Trained since he was a child, Snod could pick one out of a crowded room in seconds. They were too graceful when they moved, too still when they didn’t. And they were always very beautiful.

Snod didn’t know if that was the result of the curse or if vampires were particularly shallow when they chose their potential progeny.

This vampire was no exception. He was tall and muscular with bright green eyes and sinfully long legs. Snod tried not to let his gaze linger, staring up at the ceiling and drawing shapes in his mind by connecting lines between the rivets. He had never taken the time to really look at a vampire before, and there was something about this one that made his heart beat a little faster.

Snod didn’t know if it was the strong line of his jaw that he found so appealing or the broad shape of his body, but he felt a stab of guilt immediately when he recognized the feeling as physical desire. It was wrong. Not just because the vampire was an unholy abomination, but he was a man.

The temptation of the same sex was not unknown to Snod and it was one he had fought against all of his life. He couldn’t help but steal another peek at the vampire, glancing over his full lips longingly. The vampire caught him staring and Snod quickly averted his gaze upward once more, counting as many of the rivets as he could see. When he ran out of ones to count, he started over again.

“Been with the Order long?” the vampire asked after a while, fidgeting with his glasses. They had been broken, perhaps during the chase.

“My family is one of the original seven that founded the Order,” Snod replied with a faint hint of pride.

“That makes you… a Rosario? Or a Snod?”

“You know us?”

“Yeah, I always make it a habit to learn about the crazy people that might show up trying to kill me someday,” the vampire dryly replied.

“My name is Obadiah Penuel Snod, and I am not crazy. I am here to absolve you of your unholy curse,” Snod recited dutifully. “It’s my mission from God to cleanse the earth of your sin, to free your soul of its impure taint.”

“So you’re a virgin?” the vampire pressed with a sly smile.

Snod felt his cheeks burning, refusing to answer such a ridiculous question. He couldn’t explain why his pulse was continuing to race and his thoughts were suddenly swarmed with all sorts of lewd thoughts.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” the vampire soothed.

“Fuck off.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you’re not wearing a ring,” the vampire explained. “The Order requires pretty strict celibacy, right? Until marriage?”

“To hunt the impure, we remain pure,” Snod grumbled. “The Order teaches us that sins of the flesh cloud our minds. Hunters can only marry after they retire.”

“You know, you’re not really selling me on the whole Order thing. Doesn’t sound like a very fun club to be in,” the vampire laughed. “Like, at all. I mean, some cults at least have orgies.”

“It’s not a cult,” Snod defended. “It’s a sacred order that was founded hundreds of years ago, charged with a—”

“Holy mission from God to kill vampires, blah, blah, blah. Got it,” the vampire scoffed. “Wow. They’ve really got you brainwashed bad, huh?”

“Fuck you.”

“No, seriously. You can’t get laid and you spend all of your time trying to kill vampires. What the crap do you do for fun? Punch old ladies? Kick puppies?”

“Is this your plan? To keep talking incessantly until I beg you to drain me dry?” Snod groaned lightly.

“Just trying to be friendly,” the vampire protested, “since we’ll probably be down here for a while.”

“Can’t you… call someone?”

“Already told you, I lost my phone.”

“Not on your phone,” Snod snorted. “You don’t have anyone you can summon?”

“No,” the vampire said, finally understanding what Snod meant. “I don’t have any children to summon. And my Maker will not come even if I tried. Trust me, you wouldn’t want him to anyway.”

“You’ve never turned anyone?” Snod was genuinely surprised. “Thought you things couldn’t help yourselves.”

“No,” the vampire replied quietly, fiddling with the broken glasses. “Most of us ‘things’ take turning someone very seriously.”

“So. You have no progeny, and you’re refusing to summon your Maker.”

“If he actually came, he’d kill you on sight,” the vampire said simply. “He doesn’t like humans very much. You’re just food to him.”

“Aren’t we?”

“I don’t think so,” the vampire replied earnestly. “We’re not all monsters, Obadiah.”

“Don’t call me that,” Snod growled.

“Fine, shit… forget it.”


The vampire didn’t respond, his eyes cast down at the bent frame in his hands.

Long moments of silence passed before Snod spoke again. “Why do you wear glasses?”

“I used to,” the vampire said, looking up at Snod with a little smile. “When I was human, I mean. Obviously don’t need them now. Sort of a habit, I suppose.”

Leaning his head back against the wall, Snod exhaled slowly. He was exhausted, hungry, and his body ached. He had never spent this much time with a vampire and he was desperately trying to squash the sinful thoughts threatening to invade his mind. He watched one of the bulbs flicker and go out, scowling at the added darkness.

“You need to eat,” the vampire remarked. “You’re getting weaker.”

“I’m fine.”

“I am not going to sit here and do nothing,” the vampire declared. “There has to be a way out. One we haven’t found yet.”

“We already looked,” Snod drawled in annoyance.

The vampire set the glasses down, frowning. “We’ll keep looking.”

“To what end?” Snod snapped.

The vampire looked positively sullen, crossing his arms over his chest. “I didn’t save your life just to watch you starve to death.”

“Why did you? Wanted a little snack for later?”

“Because despite what you think, I’m not a monster,” the vampire insisted.

Snod ignored him and kept running through scenarios in his mind, trying to figure out a plan. Something. Anything.


“Heart blood,” he said at last, staring wide-eyed at the vampire. “What about heart blood?”

The vampire blinked in surprise. He scoffed quietly, demanding, “And what exactly do you think you know about heart blood?”

“It’s the most powerful source of vampire blood,” Snod said, his fingers inching toward his stakes. “Blood straight from your heart, right?”

“Uh, yeah. But you don’t have to get it from my heart. You can draw it anywhere while my heart is beating because it’ll pump everywhere,” the vampire explained quickly. “You can’t get it out of me if I’m dead, so don’t get any cute ideas.”

Vampire blood was a powerful substance. When ingested by humans, it temporarily granted them all sorts of intense abilities. It was also rumored to be an amazing aphrodisiac, but it was the increased strength that Snod was interested in.

The power from heart blood was said to be the most potent of all. Their combined efforts hadn’t been enough to clear the debris trapping them down here, but with heart blood? It could give Snod the extra boost that they needed to escape.

But what the vampire was saying didn’t make any sense.

“Vampires’ hearts don’t beat,” Snod argued, his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

The vampire shook his head sadly. “You really don’t know anything about us, do you? Except how to kill us.”

“Tell me.”

“God,” the vampire groaned, appearing distressed by Snod’s ignorance. “It beats when we’re first born, when we lose or make a progeny, or… uhm…”

“Or what?”

“When we fuck,” the vampire finished bluntly.

“You’re not turning me!”

“I didn’t say I was going to!”

“That’s it? Those are the only ways?”

“Yes!” the vampire insisted stubbornly. “I have nothing to gain by lying to you.”

“Or I can just stake you and find out for myself if you’re telling me the truth,” Snod reasoned, pursing his lips.

“I already told you that won’t work,” the vampire growled in frustration. “If you try to harm me, I will defend myself. We both know that will not end well for you.”

Snod thought back to the incredible chase that had led them here. Having learned the vampire’s nightly routine in the weeks preparing for his attack, Snod had been waiting for him to leave the karaoke club he visited every Thursday to make his move. Unexpectedly, the vampire had left much earlier than Snod had anticipated and prompted the demanding pursuit.

It was like chasing a ghost. Snod had never met a vampire that could move like this one, simply disappearing and reappearing in a blink. As much as he prided himself on his skills as a hunter, he knew there was no way he could kill this vampire without taking him by surprise.

Even in that scenario and under the most optimal conditions, there was doubt whispering in the back of Snod’s mind. If he couldn’t kill him to get the necessary blood, that left only one option. It was one that made Snod’s loins tighten up and he could barely believe what he was about to say.

“So, sex,” Snod said quietly. “We should have sex.”

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Yes,” Snod replied, aiming for casual even as his pulse began to thump heavily with excitement. “We’ll do it really fast, get the blood, and get out of here.”

“My panties are already dropping,” the vampire drawled, unimpressed. “Take me now.”

“We have no other choice,” Snod snapped. “We can try to keep waiting, in which case I’m going to die in two more days without water. You may take longer to starve, but you will die eventually, too.”

Snod knew what he was proposing was rife with sin. Sex outside of marriage, sex with another man, and sex with a vampire were all damnable offenses to God. He didn’t know which was worse, but he was not going to die down here.

The vampire was very beautiful. The Order wouldn’t have to know about it. He could continue serving them loyally just as he always had. But to serve, he had to be alive.

“Who says I even want to have sex with you?” the vampire huffed in disgust. “Maybe you’re not my type.”

Snod scowled.

“You did try to kill me,” the vampire pointed out. “Not exactly putting me in the right kinda mood.”

“If we survive, I’ll tell the Order you’re already dead,” Snod bargained. “No other hunter will come here.”

The vampire didn’t look convinced.

“If it doesn’t work, and we don’t survive… at least I wouldn’t have died without knowing what it’s like,” Snod said quietly, allowing a rare moment of vulnerability to shine through. Knowing that what he desired was a terrible sin, he had resigned himself to being a bachelor. But maybe, just this once, he would finally be able to know the true intimacy of that most passionate embrace.

The vampire’s face was perfectly blank, but his eyes flickered softly in the darkness. “There’s some things you should know if we’re going to do this. And I haven’t agreed yet, but I want to be honest.”


“You know about the blood bond?”

Snod’s confused expression indicated that he didn’t.

“If we share blood, which we are going to, we’ll be connected,” the vampire continued patiently. “You’ll be able to sense me, just like I’ll be able to sense you. It’ll be strong at first, but eventually it will fade. It won’t go away completely, but you should be able to ignore it after a while.”

“Sense what exactly?”

“Feelings, sensations. The more blood that’s exchanged, the stronger the connection.”

Snod hated that he was so fascinated. It also startled him that the Order apparently knew so little about the creatures they had been hunting for so long.

“Fine, I don’t care,” Snod said quickly, shaking his head. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Wait! I still haven’t said that I’m going to do this,” the vampire argued. “A pity screw is one thing, but you’re a friggin’ vampire hunter. Maybe I should just let you starve, huh?”

“You said you weren’t a monster,” Snod reminded him.

“How many vampires have you killed?”

“How many humans have you killed?” Snod snapped back.

“Asked you first.”

“Thirty-six,” Snod said smugly. “You?”

“Seven,” the vampire replied, his expression deeply wounded.

Snod was dumbfounded. How could the foul fiend have survived without killing humans every night?

“Now who’s the monster,” the vampire snorted, shaking his head dismissively.

Snod didn’t say anything, shifting against the wall.

A long drag of silence passed with the vampire seemingly lost in thought. He was perfectly still, so motionless that he easily could have been mistaken for a statue.

Snod tapped his foot impatiently, his stomach gnawing at itself with hunger and anxiety.

“I’ll do it,” the vampire said at last, “but I have conditions.”

“And those are?”

“First, lose the stakes,” the vampire replied. “In fact, lose all of your weapons and any anti-vampire voodoo you might be carrying around. I still don’t trust that you won’t try something.”

Snod leaned forward, taking off his tactical vest that held all of his stakes and throwing it down the tunnel. He removed a large knife from his ankle, two more from his belt, and a bottle of atomized silver spray. From around his neck, he pulled off his scapular, a religious charm designed to ward off vampiric mind control.

Cleared of all dangerous objects, he held out his hands expectantly. “What else?”

“Second, you have to let me feed from you,” the vampire said. “I won’t drink enough to hurt you, I promise, but we have to bond. It’ll make it easier… especially since it’s your first time.”

Snod made a face. “Fine. Anything else?”

“I guess that’s it. I just…” The vampire cleared his throat. “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Snod nodded, licking his lips. “How do we…”

“Look. Just relax. I’ll take care of you,” the vampire promised. He smiled, slinking over on his hands and knees toward Snod. He crawled into Snod’s lap, his toned body much heavier than it appeared.

The weight felt good, Snod’s interest becoming apparent very quickly.

The vampire made no comment, guiding Snod’s hands to his hips.

Snod had wanted to rush this and get it over with, but now that the moment was here and his cock was twitching, he wanted to savor every second. He’d thought about having sex for years, especially as a teenager when he first noticed that he enjoyed looking at the bodies of his male companions instead of the females.

He took his vows seriously, ignoring the urges as best as he could. What he wanted was unholy. When he couldn’t stand it any longer, he would find relief in a shower stall thinking about broad shoulders and strong jaws, letting the water wash all the mess away.

As the years went by, he knew that he would never be happy in marriage to a woman. He prayed for guidance, received none, and opted to continue hunting. He rarely even thought about sex anymore.

But now with a beautiful vampire straddling his thighs, every single one of his debauched adolescent fantasies was taking over his brain. His skin already felt numb, tingling with nerves and anticipation, unsure of what exactly to do except he wanted to touch and feel.

Snod started to slide his hands up to explore, cringing when he realized he was shaking.

“Take your time,” the vampire said, taking a deep breath he didn’t need. “It’s all right.”

Snod moved over the vampire’s chest with more confidence, frowning at how cold he felt. He pressed his palm over his heart, startled that there was truly no heartbeat. He knew there wouldn’t be, but it was still quite off-putting.

He let the vampire undress him, expecting that there would be a rush of clothing flying off. The vampire surprised him by taking his time, divesting him with an unexpected care and tenderness.

The vampire frowned at all the scars he found beneath Snod’s shirt, tracing over them with delicate fingers.

“The Order,” Snod explained as if it was obvious. “Lessons.”

The vampire said nothing, but there was a splash of anguish in his smile. Perhaps it was even pity. He let Snod take off his shirt, sighing as Snod’s trembling fingers traced over his bare skin.

The vampire’s body was a smooth sea of white, its perfection occasionally interrupted by little freckles and moles. His body was sculpted perfection, tangling himself around Snod and letting their bodies press together.

“And what about…” Snod didn’t even finish the sentence before the vampire had a few condoms and a small packet of lube in his hand.

“I was headed out on a date with a really nice guy,” the vampire explained with a faint smile. “I was expecting it to go well.”

“That’s why you left the bar early.”

“Yes, stalky stalk, that’s why I left early,” the vampire groaned. “Wow, you’re so romantic.”

“Shut up.”

The vampire rolled his eyes, appearing surprisingly human.

“Well, let’s get going,” Snod said stubbornly. His nerves were getting to him, and he didn’t know how much longer he could last with the vampire’s firm ass pressing down on his dick.

“Slow your roll, Casanova,” the vampire griped. “You can’t just flick a switch, okay?”

“Tell me what to do,” Snod said, a frustrated growl tainting his tone.

“Have you ever even kissed someone?”

Snod didn’t answer.

“We’re going to take this one step at a time.” The vampire cradled Snod’s face, his cool touch soothing to his overheated flesh. He pressed close, his nose lightly bumping Snod’s cheek. The vampire’s eyes were so bright as they gazed into his. “Do everything I tell you, listen to my voice… and I will make this so good for you. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes.” Snod’s palms were sweating, the anticipation making his pulse race and skip over beats.

“Good boy.” The vampire smiled, crossing the last few increments of space between them and sealing their lips together in a sweet kiss.

Snod stiffened immediately. The vampire was too cold, too male, too wrong. He wanted to push him away, knowing he should feel revolted. Everything he had been told all of his life said this was a terrible sin.

But… it felt good.

There was a strange heat prickling his flesh and a pressure building in his loins he had never known. The closest comparison he had were the private moments he had dared to take in the shower in his youth, but this was infinitely more intense. It made his cock throb and took his breath away as he shyly pressed his lips back against the vampire’s.

The vampire was endlessly patient, letting Snod get used to the feeling of their mouths chastely touching before slowly deepening the kiss.

Snod groaned without meaning to, embarrassed by the needy sound and ready to end this right now.

The vampire persisted, allowing himself a small purr of pleasure, encouraging Snod to be as expressive as he wanted to be. His fingers moved over Snod’s short hair, petting over the base of his neck as he slipped him the barest hint of tongue.

The taste was electric, Snod gasping at the new sensation. His hands reached out, finding the vampire’s sides and waist, feeling every inch of cool flesh that he could reach. He kissed the vampire earnestly, experimenting with the angle, finally brave enough to let his tongue dart forward.

Moaning softly, the vampire let Snod explore, kissing him with increasing passion.

Snod had to come up for air, panting and staring awkwardly at the vampire. His lips were pink from kissing, and his eyes were so green they were practically glowing. He had seen vampires’ eyes light up before in battle, usually right before the moment of death.

But nothing like this.

Snod had never seen anything so beautiful before, and he wished he had the courage to say so.

“Now,” the vampire said, nuzzling their noses together. “Who is gonna be wearing this?” He held up the condom expectantly. He looked over Snod’s flushed face, smiling as he teased, “Mm. Thinking it’s gonna be you, big boy.”

His cheeks continuing to roast, Snod cleared his throat. “That’s fine.”

The vampire shifted, suddenly completely naked in Snod’s lap. The rest of his clothes were folded in a neat pile behind him.

Fuck, he was fast.

“How do you move like that?” Snod couldn’t help but ask, stunned. He’d barely gotten his own shirt off and the vampire didn’t even have his socks on anymore.

“That’s really what you’re thinking about right now?” the vampire hissed, reaching down and starting to unbutton Snod’s pants.

Snod scowled.

The vampire sighed, “Shut up and kiss me.”

Snod obliged, leaning forward to capture the vampire’s lips in another passionate kiss. His breath stuttered when he felt cool fingers pulling his cock out of his pants. No one else had ever touched him there before.

It was too good, too much, and he panted against the vampire’s lips as he struggled to control himself. The condom was rolling down his shaft. He wiggled a little at the unfamiliar sensation and the weird smell of latex.

The vampire had lifted his hips, kissing Snod eagerly, asking, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Snod replied, determined and excited.

There was no Order here; there were no punishments, no sermons. It was only him and a beautiful vampire, whose lips made his heart race and whose touch made his very soul tremble. He was finally going to find out what sex was like. He would know what it was like to be inside someone and fall into that most intimate embrace.

Snod gritted his teeth when the vampire began to lower himself down, the tightness of his body squeezing around his cock and making him moan. It was so snug and slick, and he tried to catch his breath as quickly as it was being stolen away.

“Nice and slow,” the vampire said, rocking his hips patiently, wrapping his arms around Snod’s neck and kissing him tenderly.

Snod couldn’t hold the kiss for long, his head dropping back against the wall with a light bang, cursing, “Fuck…” The vampire’s body felt cool, but not uncomfortably so, and he marveled at how easily the creature took every inch of his cock.

“Good?” the vampire asked, kissing along Snod’s neck.

“Yes,” he panted, his hands racing over pale flesh, seizing the vampire’s narrow hips. His cock was buried so deep. He felt overwhelmed by the beautiful friction when the vampire moved. He’d never felt so connected to another person, desperate to touch and kiss, moaning quietly.

The vampire mouthed along Snod’s throat. “I’m going to feed from you now… relax.”

Snod nodded, gritting his teeth when he felt the faint prick of fangs. Oh, this was stupid. He had given a vampire permission to feed on him. This was even more despicable than laying with another man, offering himself as a meal for a monster. He braced himself for the pain of his throat being torn apart, but it never came.

He only felt light pressure and a gentle sucking, the vampire groaning beautifully as he drank. The sensation was tender and sweet, leaving Snod writhing as the vampire rode him hungrily.

As he drank, Snod was startled to feel that the vampire was getting warmer. His whole body was flooding with warmth, Snod’s cock suddenly swallowed up in the new and intense heat of his tight ass.

“God… please forgive me, fuck,” Snod moaned, letting the vampire take all that he wanted. “It’s so fucking good.”

The vampire pulled off with a loud moan and not a drop of blood spilled, gasping as he slammed his ass down harder. He began to lean back, his hands now pressed against Snod’s thighs as he greedily fucked himself down on his cock. “Mmmm, you’re doing so well for me, Obadiah… so fucking good…”

Everything the vampire did was perfect and graceful, Snod awestruck by the way he moved. The curl of his back, the way his hips bounced up and down so effortlessly; it was absolutely divine.

Snod was starting to lose himself, cursing and crying brokenly. It was all so incredible. He wasn’t going to last much longer. The pressure building inside of him was threatening to burst at any second, and he hissed a warning, “Close.”

The vampire growled, straightening himself back up and grabbing Snod’s hand. Snod nodded, pressing it over the vampire’s heart. “Almost,” the vampire cried, never losing rhythm, still relentlessly riding Snod’s cock. “Almost there.”

Snod gasped when he first felt it. There it was, only a tiny thump at first, but a definite pulse was steadily starting to grow in strength beneath his palm.

The vampire’s heart was fluttering to life, soon beating as fast and hard as his own. It was beyond fantastic, and he growled as the vampire rode him even harder, intent on taking them both over the edge and into absolute madness.

The vampire tilted his head, clawing at his neck until a bright red stream of blood began to trickle down his collarbone. “Drink,” he commanded urgently. “Hurry!”

The blood was so bright that it glittered, Snod feeling his guts roll at the thought that he was about to drink it. But that blood meant freedom; he had to do this.

He grabbed the vampire by his hair, ravenously locking his mouth against his bleeding neck and sucking hard. His mouth flooded with blood, the vampire crying out pleasurably.

Snod swallowed it down, his body rocked with a plethora of new feelings. He could feel enormous strength, an ancient consciousness that seemed to stretch on forever. He could sense pleasure and breath and his eyes were starting to tear up from the flood of emotions saturating his thoughts.

“Coming,” the vampire snarled, his hand grabbing his own cock and bringing himself to the peak of ecstasy. “I’m coming, fuck!”

Snod had to sever the connection, choking on the last swallow of blood when he felt the vampire’s body clamping down on him. He couldn’t stop himself, climaxing so hard it made his head hurt, his vision blinding white as his cock pulsed over and over again.

He clung to the vampire, his body slamming upward as he tried to chase that perfect feeling. It was fleeting and gone too soon, its loss leaving him trembling and sweating.

“Good?” the vampire panted, smiling brightly.

Snod nodded feebly, replying, “Yes… it was…” Amazing, glorious, magnificent. “It was good.”

“Come on,” the vampire huffed, his smile fading and rolling his eyes at Snod’s meager review of their coupling. “Let’s get going.”

Snod wanted to hold him a bit longer, his arms tightening around his waist. He wasn’t ready to lose this yet. He wanted to throw the vampire down on the floor and do it again, he wanted to do that over and over for hours and hours on end.

He could still feel the vampire’s heart pounding in his chest, the beat slowly starting to fade as reality crept back in. He knew they had to move. He released him finally, knowing the vampire could have broken away whenever he wanted.

Smiling sympathetically, the vampire rose to his feet and offered his hand down to Snod.

Snod stood up, a deep satisfaction resonating all the way down in his bones. The touch of the vampire’s hand made his stomach flutter pleasantly, and he cleared his throat as he tried to ignore it. He peeled off the condom, tossing it away and tucking himself back in his pants.

The vampire blinked back into his clothing by the time Snod had finished zipping, saying, “We need to go. Now or never.”

“Got it.” Snod was all business once more as he followed the vampire back down the tunnel. He retrieved his gear as they went, his muscles itching from all the unfamiliar energy coursing through him.

When they reached the rubble, together they grabbed the chunk of twisted metal that was blocking their path. It groaned and squealed, finally giving way from their combined might and revealing an opening big enough for them to crawl through.

The vampire zipped through first, shouting behind him, “All clear, come on!”

Safely back on the factory floor, Snod began to approach the vampire again.

The vampire watched him warily, saying, “Remember our bargain. We’re done, right? You’ll leave the city?”

Snod couldn’t stop thinking about what it had felt like to be inside him, the lovely sounds he made, or the way his eyes fluttered as he came. He knew it couldn’t happen again, and no one could ever find out. His memories would have to be enough to last a lifetime.

“Yes,” Snod said abruptly. “I’m going to go.”

“Wait,” the vampire said, almost frantic, speeding over to Snod’s side.

Snod blinked, licking his lips slowly. “What?”

The vampire bit the end of his finger, gently rubbing blood over the puncture marks he had left on Snod’s neck. “Yeah, probably wanna get rid of those first,” he said with a smirk, stepping away.

Snod touched his neck, surprised to feel the wounds had vanished. He knew vampire blood was powerful, but healing like that was astounding. There was so much they didn’t know about these creatures.

“I never asked,” Snod said quietly. “What’s your name?”

“Are you serious?” The vampire laughed. “Wow. You really wanna know that now?”

“Yes,” Snod replied simply.

The vampire stared Snod down with those impossibly green eyes, debating for a long moment. Finally, he said, “Francis Barnaby Temple. But you can call me Frankie.”

Snod nodded, a flicker of a smile curling his lips. “Frankie.”

The vampire stuck out his hand, saying, “Nice to meet you, Obadiah.”

Snod shivered when their hands met, resisting the desire to pull him back into his arms. “Nice to meet you, too, Frankie.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way or anything,” the vampire said with a nervous chuckle, “but I really hope I never see you again.”

Snod smirked. “Don’t worry. You won’t.”

“We’re not all monsters,” the vampire said with a wistful smile. “I hope, if nothing else, you remember that…”

Snod didn’t know what to say to that.

The vampire was gone in a blink without another word, leaving Snod alone in the factory. He could still feel the vampire’s lips ghosting over his, wishing like hell he had been brave enough to steal one more taste.

Snod took a deep breath, forcing himself to turn and walk away.

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