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Obediently Yours by Bella Jackson – Sample

Obediently Yours by Bella Jackson (Post 200x300)Chapter One

A few clicks of the keyboard and I am on looking at recent posts in the forums. My surprise discovery of interest in sexual fetishes started years ago after I found a story site called In the Stirrups. A whole new world came to light the day I found that site. It was filled with stories about young women who, either by desire or force, submit to invasive medical examinations of a sexual nature. My eyes burned as I read medical fetish stories for hours well into the night, never knowing before then that these types of sexual fetishes existed. OCD kinky girl, that’s me! I scroll down the forum looking for interesting new posts to read.

Over time, my kinky interests expanded beyond medical fetish to include enemas, spankings, and age play. As I read more and more stories involving alpha males who take control of their adult little girls, my interest in age play really grew. The idea of being taken in hand and controlled so completely makes me hot and no fantasy makes my body clench down below and bring me to orgasm faster than my desire to be controlled by a dominant daddy figure. The idea is both thrilling and terrifying, a combination that has a strong effect on my libido.

I peruse the website forums; nothing new and exciting there. Just people like me looking for others to share their fantasies and experiences. There is a good story about an adult little girl who is put over her Daddy’s knee to have her rectal temperature taken. The author is very talented at describing the feeling of her Daddy lubing up her rectum, using his finger to loosen her up and take what is coming. Oh, the tingly feelings I get reading this. How I would love to have a Daddy turn me over his knee and violate my bottom hole in such an erotic way!

I continue to scan and scroll further down the page, finding the ads section on the website. Skimming the subject lines, one really piques my interest:



I train adult baby girls through online role-playing via email and chat. I know exactly what you need, little one. You crave the excitement of being controlled and want to explore age play with a strict Daddy Dom.

You desire feelings of embarrassment, vulnerability, and even a little fear. You want to submit to an authority figure in control of your body, one who will demand obedience from you and take you to places you never imagined. You are looking for trust, attentiveness, and fulfilling mutual fantasies. I am a very experienced Dom, both in real life and online.

I am also intelligent, creative, discreet, and attentive. While I am firm in my expectations, I also respect my little one’s limits and specific fantasy desires.

If you are a little one in need of a Daddy, email me at

Okay, now I am wet, like I-need-to-change-my-panties-soon wet. I read the advertisement again, my excitement mounting. Doing so creates a spontaneous tightening down low in my belly and boy, does it feel good! Is it really possible that there is someone out there who could help to fulfill my kinky desires and needs in a safe way? I decide that I have to pursue this and answer him. I will completely regret it if I do not do so.

Nervously, I click on “Send Personal Message” and begin to compose a response, careful not to give any identifying personal information about myself. There are all kinds of crackpots out there trying to lure innocent women into their clutches. I think an inquiry for more information would not be too risky.

FROM: Little Siobhan

SUBJECT: Re: Your ad on

Dear Daddy Dom,

I have read your ad and I am a like-minded female looking to role-play with a dominant daddy figure who will punish me when I am naughty and make me beg for him to stop when I am disciplined. I have never done this type of role-playing before, but I imagine I would agree to be subjected to any and all types of treatments and punishments. I would love to be scolded like a little girl for my naughty behavior. I would lay myself over daddy’s lap and anticipate a hard spanking for my infractions. I enjoy real-life rectal temps, enemas, and wearing diapers, although I have only done solo play.

I am a little girl in an adult woman’s body. I want to submit to someone who will treat my submission as a gift, help me to explore my “little” side in a safe manner, and who will make his expectations clear from the beginning.

Like you, I am not interested in real-life meeting, only online role-playing and chatting. If you want to chat more, please contact me at

I hope to hear from you,

Little Siobhan

I read my response over several times, making minor edits to ensure that it is clear and easy to understand. I hit the send button. I cannot help but imagine this dominant Daddy reading my email. What will he think? Will he respond? Only time will tell, I guess.

* * *

The next day, I get home and go about my usual evening routine. Iron and lay out clothes for tomorrow, make something for dinner, and check my email. Save the best for last! Sure enough, there is a response from in my inbox. Feeling a strange sense of nervousness and butterflies in my stomach, I click on the email.

FROM: Daddy Dom

SUBJECT: Response to your inquiry

Hi Little One,

My name is Richard and I received your email. I would love to explore your fantasies and needs. I am a forty-five-year-old gentleman with a unique way of role-playing over the Internet that will make my dominance over you feel very real. I do it for fun and to feed my need to control and be needed by a submissive baby girl. I am experienced in age play, medical play, and various Dominant/submissive and Master/slave scenes. I promise I can make you very wet living out your fantasies.

Write me back and tell me why you want to embark on this type of relationship and what you want to get out of it.

Hope to hear from you!

Your future Daddy

Holy crap, he responded! Is this real? Could it be possible? Should I do this? All of these questions race through my mind as I reread Daddy Dom’s response. Each time I reread it, I feel a tightening deep down in my belly and involuntarily clench my thighs. My nipples are rock hard poking through my shirt and I can feel wetness pooling in my panties. The physical responses to his words are overwhelming and I cannot hit “reply” fast enough to compose a response.

 FROM: Little Siobhan

SUBJECT: Your email

Hello Richard,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have experience chatting and doing online role-play with “doctors” to engage in medical fetish fantasies. Recently I have wanted to explore my submissive side and interest in age play. I suppose I should admit my very dirty secret—I love to wear diapers. It embarrasses me to even type that out to you. I fantasize about my Daddy taking me in hand and treating me like the little girl that I am. I am a 40-year-old woman who wants to free her baby side to come out and play. I have a very stressful and demanding job that requires me to be in charge and control at all times. I do not have any significant other, so I engage in this fetish as a way to relax and get some sexual satisfaction and relief.

When I am home alone, I put on my pull-ups (several over each other to make it bulky) and I imagine it is Daddy telling me I have to wear them because I am a little girl. I have a pair of plastic snap-on panties to wear over my pull-ups, causing the area to heat up. I like to feel hot and bulky between my legs. I cannot help but have conflicting feelings when I engage in this activity. It feels so good, yet it feels so wrong to feel so good. Does that make any sense to you? I fear I am not explaining this well at all.

I love to chat with others and occasionally role-play online, but that is all I am interested in. Up until now, I have engaged in all medical fetish scenarios. I want to be clear that I do not have a web cam and am not interested in using one. Others I have role-played with eventually pester me to get a web cam “to make our exams more real.” I am proud to say I have an active imagination and do not need a web cam; I can picture the person and situation perfectly in my mind and it is just as erotic.

I am dying to explore my little side and, if you are willing to talk about your experiences as an online Daddy Dom, I would love to hear from you again.

Thanks for responding!

Little Siobhan 

I feel the familiar wetness making my panties very damp. Deciding I desperately need to masturbate, I head to my bedroom for some self-pleasure and dreams of a dominant Daddy. Just sending that email to him was so erotic I could cum for hours. I’m turning into a horny little monster. I picture myself with little devil horns chuckling to myself as I plug my vibrator in and gets lost in Daddy Dom’s powerful and erotic words.

* * *

I wake up to my alarm clock after hitting the snooze button several times. I start to get ready for another busy and stressful day at work. Putting on my big-girl panties and power business suit, I get a hold of my executive persona and head to the office.

Throughout the day, my mind wanders to last night’s email and the possibility of online Daddy/little girl role-play. How would it even work? His response talked about it feeling like he is really dominating me. How true can that be? Shaking my head, I realize that I should stop worrying about it. Daddy Dom will have to lead the way. After all, he is the Dom! I smile to myself with this thought and again feel that all-too-familiar dampness in my panties.

“Hey, Siobhan, we have a problem,” Allison, my program coordinator says as she pokes her head in the door. “Come on in, Ali, what’s up?” I reply as my erotic thoughts are quickly extinguished, forcing my mind to focus on the real world.

After another day of problems and complaints, I get out of my car feeling weary and drained. I enter my house and am greeted by Luna, my gray tabby. “Hey, Luna, how are you today, kitty?” I ask while rubbing her furry little head. I adopted the cat over a year ago after “the breakup” with James. My home was so quiet and my ego so fragile at that time, I needed someone to love who would love me back unconditionally. Luna never tells me to lose weight. My thoughts wander to James’ cruel words telling me that I am too fat. These thoughts dampen my spirit, so I quickly put them back into my bad boyfriend box, slamming the lid down tight.

After throwing in a load of laundry, walking on the elliptical for a half-hour, and laying out my clothes for tomorrow, I pour a bowl of cereal and make a cup of tea. I move into the office and log on to the computer as I eat breakfast food for dinner, my favorite kind of meal.

Anxiously, I click my way onto my favorite website and log in. Sure enough, I see “1 Unread Message” blinking at the top of the screen. Like a child on Christmas morning looking at the blinking lights on the tree, I am giddy with excitement as I click on the message. Also like a child, I spill my tea. Crap! I quickly grab some tissues to dab up the mess. Looking at my screen greedily, I read:

FROM: Daddy Dom

SUBJECT: Let’s Get Started

Hi Siobhan,

It is interesting as I read your email to discover that you have the same fantasies of being in a diaper as many strong and independent women I have met online over the years. Clearly, this is not unusual as evidenced by this website and others just like it, so while it is secret, it is not so much a “dirty secret” as you put it. You are not the only career woman who enjoys getting away from real life to be comforted and told what to do by a strong Daddy.

I have met women from all walks of life. Professional women with advanced degrees and high-power jobs, most in their thirties and forties, so you are not alone at all in your fantasies to be controlled and comforted.

I enjoy many aspects of dominance, not only Daddy to little ones, but also roles such as being doctor to patient or Master to submissive. Some of the role-playing I have done is fairly advanced, so we will stick to your role as a little girl and my role as your Daddy for now, if you wish to proceed. You should know that I will have rules for you to obey and I will spank my little girl for failing to follow the rules and disobedience.

There is never any pressure and we will have agreed-upon pre-established deadlines for any tasks I expect you to complete. I couldn’t care less about web cam, so put your fears about this to rest. I will encourage you to ask questions and seek clarification as we move forward. We will start with me sending you some questions to answer with strict honesty so I can get a feel for your interests and preferences. My job as your Daddy Dom is to help you explore your fantasies and make this a mutually beneficial process for both of us. Before you make any decisions about moving forward, I want you to consider the bottom line: I am a strict but fair Daddy and I expect obedience! If you respond back, give me some specific details about what you fantasize when you think about having a Daddy Dom. Be completely honest about what turns you on the most.

By the way, little one, I will expect that you call me Daddy from this point forward.

Hope to hear from you again,

Richard, Your Daddy

I am cognizant that my breathing and heartbeat are fast as I read Richard’s email. I almost cannot believe that this is for real and wonder what the catch is. He certainly seems sincere. I get up to make another cup of tea. Of course, he could be a complete crackpot who preys on women over the Internet. I could end up on the six o’clock news, found dead in a ditch with a slit throat. God, do I have an active imagination or what? I need to stop reading murder mysteries. I’d much rather read my fetish porn anyway.

I return to my computer, teacup in hand, and reread Richard’s email. I hit “reply” and take a few minutes to gather my wits so I can form coherent sentences.

FROM: Little Siobhan

SUBJECT: Let’s Get Started

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for your email. I am very excited to talk to you and proceed with being your online baby girl. In all honesty, I am not completely sure how this will work, but I trust that you will lead the way. It is wonderful that you have been able to find others who share the same fantasies and fetishes in the past and I am hopeful that I will be your next online relationship.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have and will be completely honest with you. I love the idea of being given rules that must be obeyed and that there are consequences for disobedience. I get very aroused thinking about you giving me rules to follow and the possibility of being punished if I fail to follow them. I would love to have a dominant Daddy to hold me accountable when I am naughty.

To tell you a bit more about me—right in line with what you were talking about with regard to professional women seeking the comfort of a Daddy, I’m your classic case! I have a high-pressure job running a non-profit agency. My fetish helps me to relax and let go of the days’ stresses. I love to read stories about strong Daddies and the baby girls that they love and discipline. When I am home alone, I fantasize to these stories as I put diapers on and plastic panties, then force myself to drink lots of water until I feel like I have to go pee. I have not actually wet my diapers; I stop just short of that. I imagine Daddy telling me it is okay if I wet my diapers and that he will take care of me. I take the diapers off and slip into a nice, warm bubble bath and, as I wash myself, I imagine it is Daddy’s hands washing me, rubbing and loving me. My soapy fingers slide down to my pussy and I imagine Daddy’s fingers down there rubbing my clit. Sliding his fingers into my soft pussy and stroking and rubbing until I cum.

When I am “naughty,” I stack some pillows in the middle of the bed and lay myself over them so my bottom is nice and high. I imagine Daddy standing over me, telling me how disappointed he is in me, and that he will teach me to obey him. I then take my bath brush and spank my bottom red, picturing Daddy holding the bath brush up high and swinging it down on my bare bottom. I spank my bottom until it gets warm and stingy. I have also used capsaicin cream on my bare bottom to simulate the sting of a spanking. The cream burns my bottom and lasts a long time. I have no control over how long the burn cream will last so I have to endure it, just as if I had endured the stinging burn of a real spanking from Daddy.

So now I am nice and aroused! LOL. I hope to hear from you again soon, Daddy!

Your Baby Girl,


I shut my computer down after sending the email and head to bed, realizing that it is pretty late. I go to sleep that night with dreams about my Daddy Dom. Not before I take my bath brush, pull my panties down, lean over the bed, and give my bottom cheeks a few good swats. Just like in my fantasy, I imagine Daddy is standing behind me holding the bath brush, telling me that I am naughty and need to be given a punishment spanking. I raise the bath brush high and smack, smack, smack my bottom cheeks. I feel the sting and warmth spread over my butt as I swing and smack, smack, smack again. “Oh it hurts, Daddy,” I say out loud.

I hear Daddy say in my head, “It’s supposed to hurt, little girl. Punishment spankings hurt and are given when you are naughty,” using a deep, dark, and dominant voice.

This simple acted-out scene causes me to have several explosive orgasms. I pull my panties up over my sensitive bottom, put my bath brush back on the dresser, and lie down.

My body totally relaxed, I quickly drift off to sleep, that same deep voice in my head saying, “Good night, baby girl.”

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