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Obeying Her Vikings: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Harlem – Sample

Chapter One

The path through the woods provided Iona a welcome break from the warm day. Midsummer in the land of Norway offered the complete opposite to the depths of winter and it was her favorite time of year. Birds sang and flitted from branch to branch, a squirrel darted across the path, and a rabbit stopped eating a glossy green leaf to stare at her as she passed.

Humming, she stooped and collected hedgehog mushrooms, dropping them into her wicker basket. It was a wide crop and she harvested double the amount she normally would—she’d share them with her dear friend Signi, who she was on her way to visit.

Signi had been Iona’s rock after her parents had died and then again when Wade had left, his promise to return unfulfilled. Each time her heart had been cracked open, each time Signi had been there to help patch it up.

But as with everything in life… things had changed. Signi was now married and no longer in the nearby village. When Iona wanted to see her it was a trek up the hill.

Which didn’t matter on a beautiful day like today, so Iona carried on along the dirt track, pausing to harvest a small batch of loganberries and tug up a few greensticks, which would come in useful. She wanted to tell Signi about Tal, her new love. She hadn’t thought her heart would be open to such feelings again, but since she’d met him, she’d discovered she hadn’t been as broken as she’d thought.

Coming closer now, Iona paused. Loud, fractious voices carried toward her on the breeze.

Stepping off the track, Iona peered around a lichen-covered tree trunk.

What is going on?

It only took a few moments for her to realize Signi was in trouble. But it wasn’t anything Iona could help with. Oh, no. Judging by the cross words, Signi had upset her new husband by straying too far with the goats, she’d wandered into the woods yonder where the wolves lurked, and now she was going to pay the price.

“Signi, you dared to disobey me,” Arne roared.

“I’m sorry, I…” Signi clasped her hands beneath her chin. Her eyes were wide, her shoulders drawn up.

“Sorry will not appease me. What would I have done if you’d been attacked, maimed, or, gods forbid it, killed?” His brow creased and his fists clenched, as though just the idea of something happening to his bride pained him.

“But I didn’t go far, Arne, just to the—”

“Enough! It is time for you to learn what happens when you go against my wishes.” He strode toward her.

Iona held her breath. Arne was huge compared to Signi. At least a head taller, roped with muscles and a black beard dotted with beads and charms, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Everyone knew that.

“Please, I beg you…” Signi stepped away, but it was no good, despite his size Arne was quick and nimble on his feet.

He clasped her wrist in a steely grip then half carried, half dragged her to a tree stump beside the dwindling fire.

Signi’s yelp rang around the woodland as she was tipped over his knee—ass high, head low, and hands scrabbling for purchase.

Iona gasped and shrank a little further into the shadow of the tree trunk. She had to ensure the sun didn’t glint off her red hair and give her away. She should go home. She knew that watching when no one but the gods knew she was there was wrong.

But Iona was compelled to stay. What was about to happen? What did Arne have in mind as punishment for her best friend?

“If you’d been obedient throughout our marriage you would never have had to face a spanking,” Arne said, dragging at the heavy material of Signi’s skirt to expose her pale, slender legs.

“Husband, please…”

“But it turns out less than a week into our wedded life you have displeased me.”

Signi twisted and turned, writhing to be free. But her husband held her in a viselike grip, clasping her to his big body.

Iona gripped the flaking bark and pressed her legs together. What she was witnessing had increased her heart rate. It also had her mouth drying and a tingle traveling over her belly and between her legs.

“Never again will you wander to the Horderland. It is not safe.” Arne shoved at her skirts, revealing Signi’s naked behind. Her round, white ass cheeks were the highest point of her body, vulnerable and naked. “And this will be your reminder not to.” Arne brought his huge palm down onto her buttocks, covering both of them.

The slap rang out like a sharp clap of thunder and Signi jerked, lurching upward, back bowing and letting out a wail.

“Scream all you want, wife, this is happening.” Arne slapped her again, even harder it seemed. “And no one will save you from your fate.”

Signi yelped and slammed her fists onto his leg. “Stop. No.”

Arne didn’t appear to notice, and set up a fast, hard pace, spanking his wife’s bare bottom thoroughly.

Iona stared through the leaves and branches at the scene. Signi’s flesh was rapidly turning as bright as a berry. She shook and fought but Arne was determined in his task.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Iona held in a small gasp; her pussy was quivering, her clit trembling. There was something very sexual about the scene. It made her long for Tal to be with her, to satisfy her.

Arne paused and smoothed his hand over his wife’s sore buttocks. “There is more, and if you keep struggling, it will go on longer than I had planned.”

“Arne, please. I promise I won’t go to Horderland again.”

“I know you won’t.”

He resumed the spanking, spreading slaps down to his wife’s upper thighs, which made Signi wail all the louder.

Iona slipped her hand between the folds of her own skirt and pressed her fingers over her clit. Desire was wending its way through her. Arne was so dominant and determined. It was clear he loved his wife very much if the thought of losing her had angered him so.

And then the spanking ceased.

A bird twittered nearby.

A log shifted on the fire, falling and sending a crackle of sparks upward.

“You will be pained when you sit down for the rest of today,” Arne said gruffly. “And it will remind you that I do not wish to live without you.” He lifted her up, so she was seated over his lap, legs either side of his.

“I love you, bride of mine.” He cupped her face and kissed her.

Signi clung to him as she straddled his lap. Their kiss intensified, growing in pace, in passion.

And then he was dragging at her skirts again and fumbling with the buttons on his clothing.

“Oh, Freya, Odin, and Thor, I should go,” Iona whispered to herself.

It was clear what was about to happen. She’d never thought of herself as a watcher before, but right now, she’d never been more fascinated.

“Oh, aye, husband of mine…” Signi seated herself on Arne. He dragged her onto him, forcing his cock deep and locking her in a thick-armed embrace.

Iona rubbed her clit harder, barely breathing, barely blinking as her friend and her husband fucked not more than a stone’s throw from her. Thoughts of the foraged mushrooms she was taking to Signi had long since slipped her mind. Now sex had taken over her thoughts—sex and that harsh, strangely erotic spanking. Iona didn’t have a husband to discipline her, though her mother had said, years ago, she’d had to brave a few humiliating spankings when she wed.

“Arne, don’t… stop, my love.” Signi threw her head back, her long raven-black hair swinging wildly. It was clear all she was thinking of now was pleasure despite her scarlet ass.

“You are mine,” Arne growled. “Never forget that.”

“I won’t… I won’t.”

The pace intensified. Each gripping the other and breathing fast and ragged.

Iona rubbed herself, feeling the pressure build, the need to find a release of her own growing.

And then her closest friend and her husband were shouting through their climaxes, sending praises to the gods and gasping each other’s names.

I have to go.


Those words slammed into her mind. In another few seconds making a getaway from her spying position would be near impossible. When it was over and silence descended through the glen, Iona’s foot on a twig or a shard of light on her hair would give her away.

And that was the last thing she wanted.

Reluctantly, she stopped touching herself and took a step backward. She stumbled on a stone, but quickly righted herself.

Grabbing at her skirts and scooping up her basket of mushrooms, she made haste through the puzzle of tree trunks until she reached the narrow pathway back down to the river.

Arne and Signi’s pleasure still sang in her ears, as did the image of Arne spanking his wife soundly.

She glanced over her shoulder, knowing Signi would wonder why she hadn’t visited today when she’d promised she would. How would she explain it?

Hello, friend, sorry I missed you but you were upended over your husband’s lap, your ass taking a sound spanking.

Holding back a giggle, Iona upped her pace down the hill.

Suddenly, she collided with a colossal chest. It was like running into the side of the Great Barn. Air whooshed from her lungs and she gasped.

She reached out to stop herself from falling and, at the same time, was gripped around the waist by big hands.


“Tal!” She looked up at him.

Tal was blond, with eyes that matched the deepest fjord. His pale beard was short and he always wore an elaborate bronze brooch shaped like the serpent Jormungand. Today the brooch held together the low neckline of a light brown tunic that stretched over his broad shoulders and showed a scribble of chest hair.

“Where are you going at such pace, woman?” He frowned down at her, a line crossing his usually smooth brow.

“I… I was.” She glanced at the basket of mushrooms. “I was foraging.”

“Ah, nice work.” He took the wicker handle and set the mushrooms, berries, and greensticks aside. “Perhaps we will share a meal later.”

She grinned up at him. Tal often came to visit for food, and it always ended up with them getting naked and sweaty.

But right now she didn’t want to wait. Only moments ago she’d been wishing he was with her, his big cock driving her to ecstasy. So she moved in close and pressed her body to the length of his. “I’m hungry now.”

His eyes widened a fraction and he clasped her ass, dragging her up on to her toes and nearer still. “You are?”

“Yes, but not for food.”

He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip then grinned. “You’re hungry for my manhood?” Already he was getting hard, his cock pressing against her belly.

“Aye.” She stretched up and kissed him, letting him know that her desire for him was real, alive, and a craving that had to be satisfied… now.

Tal didn’t need any more asking. He hoisted her into the air and strode to the nearest tree.

As her back collided with the trunk, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I’m going to give you what you need,” he said, breathless now as he shoved at her skirts.

“Give me it. Hurry.” Impatience clawed at her. She was so needy. Watching Signi and Arne had done that to her. Created a lust that was as big as any mountain.

Tal gritted his teeth, released his cock, and angled the impressive length at her entrance.

She caught his face, kissed him again, his beard abrading her skin. As her tongue jabbed into his mouth, he speared his cock into her pussy.

She cried out and the sound was muffled by the kiss. A stitch of pain accompanied his fast entry. He was a well-hung Norseman and his cock stretched her delicate internal muscles.

“Ah, so good…” He shoved in higher, dragging her up the bark.

She clung to him, locked her ankles and angled her hips so his body ground against her clit.

“You’re so wet, All Father give me strength,” he moaned.

“Wet for you,” she managed as he withdrew then blasted in again.

“You have been thinking of me, as you… walked…?”

“Aye. Aye. Oh…” She’d keep what she’d witnessed to herself.

He gripped her right thigh and curled his other hand around the back of her neck, holding her to him. “You are my moon and stars, Iona. You know that.”

“And you are mine.” She stared into his beautiful eyes. Her climax was growing. Like an ocean wave getting ready to curl, spill over, it was there. “Oh… don’t stop… Tal…”

He grunted with each thrust, his body seemingly overtaken by primitive instincts.

Iona held her breath, savored the sublime moment before her release, and then let it pour from her. Her pussy clamped around his cock. She wailed out her joy, the sound rising up to the gods, to Valhalla itself. “Aye. Aye. Oh… Tal.”

He thrust harder, faster, and then he too was coming.

She kept her eye contact with him, seeing into his soul, where his true self lay. She saw truth and valor. Tal was a brave Viking warrior—and he was hers.

“Ah… thanks be to Thor,” he groaned, his lips parted. A sheen of sweat glistened on his brow and top lip.

Iona stabbed her fingers into his thick hair, holding him tight. Her heart was thumping wildly. She loved this man. He’d become so special to her over the last handful of seasons. “Tal…”

“Iona…” He blew out a breath. “It’s never felt as good with anyone else as it does with you.”

She kissed him. They were so in tune. She was so perfectly able to be herself with Tal. He filled her heart, her thoughts and, she hoped, her future.

Chapter Two

Tal declared he needed to speak to Arne about a plow he’d borrowed. Confident Arne would no longer be inside his wife, Iona nodded, smiled, and told Tal she’d see him the next day for his mushroom stew.

She wandered down the path, humming the tune of a drumbeat she’d heard during Freyfest a few moon cycles previously.

She smiled, her thighs gliding together, a little moisture having coated them. A rabbit hopped past, its fluffy tail bobbing. A goshawk glided above, tilting as it weaved between branches, and in the distance the roar of the summer water cascading down Torsten Rock grew louder.

Eventually Iona emerged from the cover of the forest into the glade her grandparents had claimed many winters ago. Set in a meander of the river—high water at this time of the year—it offered a shallow shingle slope to the water’s edge, a lush green meadow with fertile soil, and a quick exit using the small rowing boat should it be necessary; unscrupulous invaders, hungry wolves, and marauding bears were not unheard of.

Her home was long, built of sturdy upright timber and the roof slanted to let the winter rain and snow slide from it. Iona loved the building, from the internal wattle walls she’d helped her mother repair when she was a child, to the long stone fireplace in the center that provided heat and light during the coldest, darkest days.

Swinging her basket, she wandered up to the house. She set the mushrooms beside a table she used for preparing food, then piled her hair up on her head, securing it with a pin made of bone.

Aware she still wore a satisfied smile, she tossed a few grains to the chickens, then ambled to the cove.

The water called to her. Her skin was hot, she was a little sticky, and despite being wholly satisfied by Tal, memories of Arne and Signi continued to make her hot.

Will I dare ask Signi about it?

Although Iona longed to, she also knew that in doing so she’d have to confess to being a voyeur. And it hadn’t been her place to see their private moment. That was for them and the gods to know, and them alone.

She removed her clothes, setting them on a large brown rock she affectionately called Elk because it looked a bit like one.

She then stepped onto the round, smooth pebbles that made up the shingle beach and walked into the water.

It was glacial cold and sent sharp pins of ice into her flesh, but Iona was used to that and kept on going. As she descended the bank, the waterline raised, covering her knees, her thighs, and then her warm pussy.

She blew out a breath, trembled, then dipped her shoulders beneath the chill. After blowing out another breath, she submerged completely.

The cold filled her ears, clasped her scalp, and tweaked her nipples to hard points. She treasured it, this moment; it was cleansing, rejuvenating, almost like being reborn.

When she stood, she kept her eyes closed, turned and smoothed her hair over her head. The sun was a welcome stroke of warmth, one she went months without in the winter.

“Ah, thanks be to Freya,” she said, breathing deep and enjoying the tickle of the breeze on her wet skin.

“Well, there is a welcome sight for any Viking warrior with blood running in his veins.”

She flicked her eyes open. “Wade!”

He stood not ten feet away from her. Not a vision, as she’d seen him when he’d first left and she’d dreamed of him every night, but real flesh and blood. Tall and handsome, with thick dark hair and black eyes that flashed with intelligence. His shoulders were broad and wide and the sun hit the side of his face, making the swirling tattoo that meandered from his scalp, over his ear, his temple and to his jawline appear all the darker.

“What are you doing here? I thought…” She frowned as anger mixed with relief that he was alive. “It’s been many months.”

“And for that I am sorry, my hunting didn’t go to plan.”

“I’d agree with that.” She paused, her heart doing a strange flip, the way it used to when Wade came calling to the farm—the way it did now when Tal visited.

“I sent word with a wanderer.” He grinned, his gaze slipping lazily down her naked body then slowly back up again. “Gave him three good coins too. He assured me you’d received my message.”

“What message?”

His grin faltered. “He assured me he’d seen you, told you I wasn’t coming back as soon as planned.”

“I never saw any wanderer. He lied to you. And took your coins.” She slammed her hands on her hips. The air licked over her naked body, tightening her nipples. A remembered sensation of Wade touching them, stroking them, licking them rushed into her mind.

He’s really here? He’s back. It’s what I asked the gods to give me, for so long I asked them until I gave up.

“I will find him and he will be sorry, this idiot wanderer.” Wade huffed then another grin spread on his face. “But as you can see I got lucky, and I’ve come back to feast with my woman.” He gestured to a huge pile of rabbits, a deer, and several big game birds lying by the rock, but he didn’t take his attention from her. “And now I’m thinking I’ll feast on you, my redheaded maiden.”

She scowled. “Is that right?”


“After all this time you really think you can just walk back onto my farm and…”

“And take you. Aye, I do. You are mine.” He tossed aside the silky brown pelt strewn over his broad shoulders, then shucked out of his tunic to reveal his wide, hair-matted chest. “Come here…”

Iona didn’t move. She loved Tal. He was her man now. She’d thought Wade had gone forever, that he’d been killed or maimed or taken a wife in some other valley or kingdom.

“Come here now.” His voice was growling.

“No, I can’t, it’s not like it was, I—


“Or else?” Her mind was spinning.

“You’ll be over my knee.”

She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Myriad new images flashed through her mind. This was the first time she’d ever been threatened with a spanking. The thought of Wade tipping her over his knee, Arne style, wasn’t completely abhorrent and it spread a tingle of anticipation and longing over her ass cheeks and down her legs. The sensation settled in her knees, weakening them. Maybe it was because she was angry and relieved, shocked and surprised and the emotions had combined into one big confusing broth.

“I’m warning you, little one.” Wade released the buttons on his trousers then pushed them down his legs. His erection sprang free, the tip glossy and the shaft dark and thick. “Do not deny Wade Gudlaug the Fourth.” He jabbed his thumb on his chest. “When I have returned to take you.”

The tremble attacking her found its way to her pussy, then her nipples. Her breaths were coming in short excited pants.

Wade kicked away his boots and stood on the shingle, naked and irresistible.

I have to resist.

“But Wade, you don’t understand, now I—”

“Are you going to make me come and get you?” he roared.

She pressed her fingers to her lips, holding back a gasp as his loud voice echoed around the rocks.

“You asked for it.” His eyebrows lowered and he stomped to the waterline, his feet sinking in the stones. He then splashed through the water toward her, apparently unaware of the cold.

“Wade, no!” She turned away.

She didn’t see it but he must have moved faster than the wind, because the next thing she knew his arms were around her waist and his body pressing up against her back. “Wench.” He held her tighter, his cock jutting into the hollow of her spine. “Trying to escape, are you?”

“Leave me alone, you big brute.” She didn’t really want him to let go. She’d longed for him to return and hold her.

But what about Tal…?

His mouth was against her ear. “You’ll never escape me, Iona. We’ll be together in this life and in Valhalla.”

Suddenly air was pushed from her lungs and the breeze hit her ass. A stinging slap landed over both buttocks. A real hard whack that sent a shockwave of heat over her skin.

“Ow!” she shrieked, scrabbling to clutch onto Wade’s torso. She kicked her legs, her heels banging upward.

“Stop that.”

Another resounding spank, this one she was sure would leave a handprint. Again she cried out and squirmed. “Let me go.”

“Keep still.” He made his way back to the shoreline, storming through the water.


“I told you not to make me come and get you from the water.”

“For the love of the gods you cannot, you have to listen to me, now I am with… ouch!”

He’d spanked her again. Her ass was on fire, as if real flames were licking over it. Her pussy pulsed and she now knew what Signi had felt earlier.

“I can and I will come and get you and do this.” He chuckled. “You can’t stop me.”

He wasn’t really mad at her, the brute had just wanted to upend her and spank her bare ass.

But she was mad at him. All those nights she’d cried for him. And now he’d just shown up and thrown her over his shoulder, his cock hard and determination radiating from him.

“Put me down,” she demanded as they reached the shingle.

He ignored her and continued to make his way toward the house.

Iona wriggled and writhed, each step made her huff. It was hard to breathe, let alone continue her objections.

Then, when he reached the soft patch of moss beside the log pile, he stopped. Very gently he set her on her feet and cupped her face.

She clutched his thick wrists and waited for her eyes to refocus and the spin of dizziness to subside.

“My sweet little one,” he said, kissing the tip of her nose. “You must learn to obey me for when we are wed I will insist upon it.”

“When we are wed?”

“Aye. When we are wed.” He kissed her, stroking his tongue into her mouth and pulling her close.

Their naked flesh connected, her hard nipples jutting up against his scratchy chest. Iona allowed herself to get lost in a flash of memories—Wade making love to her on thick warm furs and candlelight flickering. Wade smiling at the top of the falls as he placed a yellow flower behind her ear. Wade feeding her broth when she’d had a fever and little spots peppered her cheeks and back.

He lowered her to the soft, mossy earth, kissing her lips, her cheek, and down her neck.

She tipped her head, allowing him better access to the point just below her ear that always made her tickle all over. “You have been away for so long, Wade, and I have to tell you that—”

“I know, I missed you too.”

“Yes, that but… oh…”

He lavished attention on a sweet spot on her neck, tweaking her nipples at the same time, pulling and squeezing until she gasped.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations he was creating in her. “Wade, listen to me, I…”

“Talking later. Right now just know that I love you,” he murmured against her navel. “And I’m going to show you how much.” He parted her thighs and settled between them, smoothed his palm over her mound then tugged the skin upward, exposing her sensitive bud.

She trembled, watching him as he poked out his tongue and stroked her clit.

She pursed her lips and blew out a breath. She’d missed his tongue on her so much.

He worked her in small circular movements as they kept their gazes connected. He was seeing into her soul, she was visiting his. The way they always used to.

Her pulse thudded in her ears, her thighs shook beside his ears. She fisted the moss, tearing it from the earth.

Wade fingered her entrance then pushed inside her.

She moaned and let her head fall back, closing her eyes and clenching his fingers with her pussy.

He thrust in and out of her, catching the spot he knew tipped her over the edge.

“Oh… oh… I’m going to… oh…” Her climax was almost there, so close it hurt.

“Not yet.” He withdrew and reared above her, locking his arms beside her head and angling his cock at her pussy. He clenched his jaw, his brow furrowed, and he forged into her.

The air was blasted from her lungs, releasing on a fast, sharp yelp. He’d filled her to full depth, impaling her with his big cock.

“Now come, on my manhood.”

“Aye… I am…” Iona couldn’t hold it off. The climax was so intense, so ready to release. She felt consumed by Wade and his desire for her. She still wasn’t convinced she wasn’t dreaming. After all this time he’d really returned?

She gripped his shoulders and canted her hips to meet each of his thrusts. He was so good, so hard… and very real.

A flash of light seared over her eyes. For a moment she forgot who she was, where she lived, everything she’d ever known. Then the topple into release had her wailing through pleasure. It spread to every corner of her body, shaking her and delighting her.

Wade came too, filling her with his seed and grunting with each forward grind.

She found his mouth, kissed him, a crazy dance with their tongues. She felt so whole, so complete with this man. But she did when she was with Tal too.


Oh, what had she done?

What was she going to do?

“What in the name of Odin is going on?”

Her heart seemed to skip a beat and then throw in an extra one.

She flicked open her eyes.

To her right, Tal was staring down at them. His usually pale cheeks were flushed and his blue eyes flashed. He had his hands on his hips.

“Tal?” she said, her voice a squeak.

“I’ll ask again,” he said, setting his huge boot on Wade’s shoulder. “What in the name of Odin is going on?”

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