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On His Naughty List by Shelly Douglas – Sample


As Andy opened the hotel room door, his lip curled into a mischievous grin. “Why don’t you go in and put something comfortable on?”

Ashley had been given plenty of direction by him in the last two weeks, but that one instantly brought a smile to her face. Making a beeline through his suite, she raced to the door that connected to her room, pulled it open, and began rummaging through the closet to find something sexy to wear.

Ten minutes later, she stood in the doorway gazing into his dimly lit sitting area, delighted to find that he was already waiting for her on the couch and drinking in her every movement. She’d dressed herself in one of his starched white shirts and unbuttoned the front of it low enough for her cleavage to be seen. Walking toward him, she discreetly moved the bottom of the long crisp fabric to ensure he’d have a bird’s-eye view of her black lacy bikini panties.

“This is an interesting ensemble, considering it was put together by a detective who does exemplary profile work for the Miami-Dade police department,” he said, tilting his head to admire her curvy body. “By the way, is that my shirt you have on?”

Boldly, she inclined her head to mock his. “Is this your idea of an interrogation, Lieutenant?”

Andy’s deep voice rumbled in his chest as he crooked a finger at her. “Yeah. And this interview is just getting started. I want you over here. Now.”

Sauntering toward him, she tried to keep her best poker face from wavering. But his wavy salt-and-pepper hair was tousled, his five-o’clock shadow was handsome as hell, and the combination of her boss’s stern countenance and impenetrable copper eyes made her pussy damp with desire.

“I’ll ask again, Ashley Elizabeth. Is that my dress shirt you have on?”

“Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, it’s the same one you wore last night,” she admitted with a quick inhale of his scent, a mixture of soap and delicious manly pheromones. But just as she managed to spit out the staccato phrases, his large hands reached out to unbutton the white cotton fabric, exposing her black lace bra that matched her panties.

“Ooh, you’re paying attention to detail. I like that in a detective.” His velvety voice was smooth as he deftly unbuttoned the shirt before reaching around her back to unfasten the bra that promptly dropped to the floor.

The cool air-conditioned room immediately hardened her sensitive nipples, which stood straight up, anxious for a firm touch to inspect them. And luckily for Ashley, her handsome boyfriend was on hand to brush the tips of his rough fingers over her left nipple, teasing it to remain stiff.

“Mmm. I’m glad you’re pleased, Lieutenant.”

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” he whispered in her ear. “I can barely wait for each day to end. All I want is to touch you, to be deep inside you.” He paused and cocked an eyebrow. “Do you like having this effect on your hard-nosed boss?”

Watching as his eyes changed from a light shade of caramel to a hue that was dark and feral, she opened her mouth to speak—but no sound was uttered.

“You are mine, and only mine. Are we clear on that?”

She bit her lower lip and nodded.

“I prefer to hear words, young lady.” He took her rigid, sensitive nipple between his thick fingers and tenderly squeezed.

One more time, Ashley parted her lips, but only a moan escaped.

“That type of response isn’t working for me, Detective.” Moving his warm palm to her shaved mound, he cupped her sex and grasped it possessively.

She sucked in a short, sharp breath and closed her eyes.

“Maybe I’m not making myself clear. Maybe you don’t understand the question.” Sliding his fingers inside her panties, he ran them up and down her slick swollen labia until she groaned. “Kitty got your tongue?” he purred, his other finger traveling the crease of her buttocks, just before pressing into her tight little hole.

“Oh, God!” Her eyes flew open wide as a subsequent groan escaped her parched throat.

“I’m waiting for a complete sentence, Ashley Elizabeth. And we both know I’m not a patient man…”

Fuck. He knows that stern tone alone will make my clit throb. “Yes, sir. We’re clear. I’m yours,” she managed breathlessly.

“That’s correct, you are mine, and so is that shirt you’re wearing. I just don’t remember saying you could wear it.”

She pursed her lips. “No, sir. You didn’t.”

“Ahh, I see. Unfortunately, it looks like you took something that isn’t yours without permission. And I believe that would be considered stealing. Do you agree, Detective?”

She peered down at the floor and did her best not to smile. “You caught me red-handed, sir.”

Andy clipped a finger under her chin and raised it until their eyes met. “I think your bottom needs to be taught a lesson. I think what you need is a good hard spanking.”

“A s-spanking, sir? But it’s Christmas.”

As they walked into the bedroom, he took her hand and gently put it to his lips. “Mmm-hmm. Maybe a special Christmas spanking from Santa is just what you’ve been needing.” Slowly removing the comforter and the sheet at the same time, he eased her onto the mattress and placed a pillow under her hips.

Ashley immediately turned her body and reached over to turn off the lamp on his end table, but his deep voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Don’t even think about touching that light, my darling girl. Santa wants to be able to see your face when he makes you come,” he warned in a no-nonsense tone.


“There’s nothing to debate.” Andy’s lips seized her mouth with a fevered possessiveness before moving down her neck in search of her rosy hardened nipple, which he sucked and nipped lightly with his teeth. One hand cupped her panty-covered mound, and his other grasped the middle of her plump soft buttocks, raising them up over the pillow.

“My God, you are so damn sexy,” he said in a deep, exhilarated voice, trailing kisses down the center of her belly and across the top of her extremely low panty line. With both thumbs curved under the elastic, he slowly lowered her underpants and deposited them on the floor. His index finger then traced up and down the slit of her swollen, drenched pussy.

“We both know I like to be in charge. But since it’s Christmas, I want you to tell Santa exactly what you want. Would my girl like to be given pleasure here?” he asked while bending her knees to tenderly kiss the inside of her creamy thighs.

She reacted quickly with a hand to cover her naked pussy. Even though she knew he liked the sight of her shaved sex, it completely embarrassed her when he stared at it. “Please, can I turn out the light?”

“Nope. Not this time,” he said, swaying his head from side to side. Moving her hand away, he circled her drenched sex with his fingers, and she watched him bend his head for a taste, gently separating her folds with his velvety wet tongue. Around and around, with tenderness, he kissed and sucked her silky skin, occasionally flicking her invigorated hard bud. Her eyes closed as he replaced his tongue with his finger, slowly sliding it inside her tight canal, and she contracted to receive his deep thrusts until her hips arched up to meet him.

“Does this feel good, Detective?”

“I don’t think I can hold back—”

“Well, I think you’d better try because Santa isn’t done tasting all of you, and he still hasn’t heard what you want tonight.”

“But you said—”

Flipping Ashley over onto her belly, he took his sweet time to slowly lick the sensitive area up and down the seam of her quivering behind.

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said, raising her up on her hands and knees. “You’ll be directing me soon enough.” Removing the pillow, he gently guided her head and shoulders onto the mattress. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him take his pants off and felt the tip of his cock tickle the slit of her silky pussy. Without warning, a sharp slap was administered across her soft hind end.

“Hey, what was that for? I’ve been a good girl today.”

But instead of answering, he shifted and entered her, sliding in slow and deep. With each thrust came a firm swat to her fluttering buttocks, and each drive became more intense.

“Please… don’t… stop…” she mumbled through short inhaled breaths, only to have him shift and plunge into her again and again as she groaned and closed her eyes.

“I’m still waiting to hear what my girl wants,” he said in a guttural growl, exiting her pussy right before the distinct sound of lubricant spurting from a container could be heard. The cool gel was briskly tapped in between her warm cheeks, followed by his finger pressing into her taut furrowed hole.

“Oh, God. Please…”

Though Andy was silent, his finger spoke volumes of dominance as he slowly entered and exited in between her cushioned mounds.

“Tell me what you really want for Christmas, Ashley. I want to hear you say it.”

“I can’t say it, you know I can’t say it.”

“Do you want Santa to talk dirty to you? Will that help you to be my brave girl?”

“Jesus,” she moaned as an adorable blush flushed her face.

His grin was wolfish. “I’m gonna fuck you with my finger up your ass. Is that what you want me to do?”

She shut her eyes and nodded vehemently.

He teased her one more time with the tip of his cock positioned at her soaking wet entrance. “Ask me. Ask me to fuck you hard and I will,” he growled in a low-pitched, commanding voice as he started once again to slide himself into her slick pussy. “I’m losing my patience with you, Detective Scott,” he said sternly.

“Please don’t stop! Please fuck me and don’t stop!”

As he drove deeper and deeper inside her, her groans became louder, and it soon became apparent that she wouldn’t be able to communicate verbally any longer. But when he slid his finger out of her round mounds, she managed a yelp between clenched teeth.


“Then say it. Just say out loud, baby, and I’ll make you come good and hard.”

“Fuck me while your finger is inside my bottom! Please! Please!” she begged, arching her back, her pussy pulsing with need, her clit twitching in greedy anticipation. Satisfied, he pumped his finger slowly and deliberately in and out of her tender hole while driving deep and mightily into her fragrant wet cunt, her hind cheeks jutting up to meet each thrust.

“Mmm. That’s my good girl.”

“Andy… Oh, my God, Andy!” The pleasure came all at once, and she exploded with an almost painful intensity that she had never felt before. His eruption was strong and quick while her clit convulsed a second time, and uncontrollable laughter spilled from her mouth as he slowly exited from her wet sex. Rolling over onto the firm mattress, she giggled into his chest as he held her tight. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that. You really are special, Santa.”

“Merry Christmas, Ashley Elizabeth. Now go to sleep, my sweetheart. We have a long work day tomorrow.” He promptly kissed her forehead and reached over to playfully administer three swats to her bare tingling behind.

Chapter One

Two weeks earlier

Dressed in a gray T-shirt with an army logo in large black letters across his chest, and long fatigue pants, he looked both ways before turning the knob and gingerly pushed the old wooden framed door forward with a gloved hand. Stilled, the intruder listened for any movement on the other side of the door, but the only sound in the room emanated from the loud thump of his racing heartbeat.

Opening the door bit by bit, he peeked inside her large, dimly lit apartment. This stupid woman hadn’t heeded the police warnings to keep her front door locked, so she needed to be punished.

Cunts who think they are above the rules need to be taught a lesson.

Smiling, he remembered sitting in the bushes across the street, watching and waiting for her boyfriend to leave for work. From his past surveillance, he knew that it was her day off and he wondered if she was still sleeping. Inching forward, he stopped to listen for noise coming from the back room.

Ahh, the water is running in the bathroom.

His hand slipped behind his back as he quietly hinged the door shut.


Stopping for a moment, he pondered how this young woman he’d been watching would react when she realized her life would be on the line if she didn’t submit to him. He loved to watch the fear in their widened eyes. Especially right before he overtook them on the bed by force.

The layout of her apartment was familiar to him. He’d made sure to visit a couple of times when she wasn’t home, so he knew plenty about her, along with the fact that her hallway led to the bedroom area. Sliding his feet over the hardwood floor surface to avoid creaking, he edged closer to the spacious room and stopped to listen.

Nothing. Total silence.

He figured she must have just turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Maybe he wouldn’t have to rape her, after all. Maybe she’d like being his captive and submit to his every will. He pondered the thought for only a moment. The chuckle that followed was low and deep.

Nahh, I’ve been planning this for far too long, and my cock is hard to watch this bitch squeal.

After putting one foot in front of the other, he opened the bathroom door. Watching with anticipation through the large cut-out eye holes of the black knitted hood, he waited patiently for her to close the vanity on the wall. As she finally pushed the mirror shut, they had a clear view of each other as he stood behind her.

Her mouth opened wide as she let out a high-pitched scream.

Chapter Two

Police Commissioner Stan McMillian spoke in a quiet but commanding voice. “Lieutenant, do you understand why I’ve asked for this briefing?”

“I can only assume it’s because we’ve not made the progress you’ve been expecting in the sexual attacks.”

The commissioner got up from his chair, walked around the front of his desk, and perched his large husky body on the edge. “Andy, the mayor has been crawling all over my ass because of these unsolved cases.” Nervously, he tapped his fingers on the side of the desk and stared at the opposing wall. “There have been ten women raped in the last two months and you don’t have one solid lead.”

“Sir, we don’t have a composite, but we do have some idea of what he looks like…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Black ski mask, fatigue pants, and an army T-shirt,” he clipped, watching Mayor Manella, a short man with graying hair, enter the room.

“Gentlemen, don’t let me interrupt your discussion. It sounds fascinating. There’s a rapist on the loose in our town, and all we have to go on is that he owns military clothing.”

The commissioner nodded for Andy to continue. “Tell him what you have so far.”

“Despite how it looks, we are about to make some headway,” he said. “Most of the women he attacked live close to each other.”

Mayor Mike Manella peered at the commissioner before glowering across the room. “You better have more than that, Lieutenant.”

He cleared his throat. “I think the perp lives or works close to these victims.”

The commissioner’s round, ruddy cheeks looked like they were about to burst. “What are you going to do? Arrest all the men that live or work in South Beach?”

“We already ran computer checks to see if any of them had priors that live in the surrounding neighborhoods of the women who were attacked.”

“And what did you find?” the commissioner asked, cocking his head to the side.

Andy sat with a poker face, watching the mayor raise a bushy eyebrow. “Nothing yet, sir. But I have an idea.”

“I certainly hope it’s better than your last one, Lieutenant,” Commissioner McMillian growled, crossing his arms.

“I’ve already spoken to the manager of the Eden Roc Hotel and I’d like to put together a covert operation.”

“You want to go undercover in a hotel?” the mayor asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Sir, I think that our man either works or lives in the heart of Miami. And with the holiday only a month away, I have a feeling he’s going to surface in a public place. They just renovated the famous hotel and it’s become extremely popular with the young crowd. As you know, the women he’s attacked have all been in their early twenties.”

“The holidays do tend to bring out the worst in criminals,” the mayor agreed. “Are you thinking that’s why he’s back on the prowl lately?”

“I do, and my team members and I think he might want to rub elbows with the public. You know, to feel smug that he hasn’t been caught yet.”

“And what, pray tell, are you planning to go undercover as?” Commissioner McMillian snipped.

Andy’s hands opened and closed tight while he stared at the nerve twitching in the mayor’s neck. “My plan is to work the Eden Roc lobby as Santa Claus.”

“Jesus. Will you be bringing any elves with you?” the commissioner joked, rolling his eyes.

Mayor Manella slammed the desk with the flat of his hand. “This is no laughing matter, gentlemen—we need results, damn it. You have all the resources of the department, yet after two months, this is all you can come up with? Jesus Christ. I get phone calls daily from women saying they don’t feel safe in the city. I have an election coming up next year, and I can’t have this bullshit sitting on my shoulders!”

As Andy stood to his full 6′2″ height, he did his best to appear resolute while attempting to shake off the negative comments. “Mr. Mayor, with all due respect, we’re working on this case around the clock, and you can be sure my team and I are doing everything we can to find this monster.”

The mayor’s face reddened and he pointed his finger. “If you don’t catch this maniac, you aren’t going to have a job, let alone a team!” Without as much as a goodbye, he pivoted and stormed out of the room.

Andy’s eyes lifted to the ceiling as the door slammed. “I don’t think that could’ve gone better.”

Commissioner McMillian paced, palming his damp forehead. “In case all of that wasn’t clear to you, the mayor has the authority to make major changes around here. And I think that all of us would prefer to keep our jobs. Am I right on that one, Lieutenant?”

Andy kneaded a knot in his neck and sat back down, waiting for the commissioner to finish tearing him a new asshole. But his superior’s next sentence was unexpected.

“I think we need a fresh set of eyes on this case.”

Flying out of his seat, Andy approached him head on. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

“Calm down. Calm down. I’m not thinking of replacing you, but I would like to add another person to your squad.”

“What are you going to do? Hire a watchdog from the FBI to look over my shoulder, so he can report my every move to you?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. Maybe we need a different perspective, a viewpoint from someone who could give you another professional opinion.” The commissioner reached across his desk, picked up his phone, and pressed a button. “Jeannie, please send in Detective Scott.”

Andy looked at the door as it opened and watched an attractive woman with short dark hair and striking blue eyes stop in front of him to extend her hand. “Hi, I’m Ashley Scott, nice to meet you, Lieutenant.”

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