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Properly Punished by Morganna Williams – Sample


Properly PunishedI shivered as you secured my bonds—my arms stretched above my head and attached to the center of the headboard, with my legs stretched wide over my head and attached at each corner. I was spread wide, open for anything you wanted to do to me.

You smiled down at me, patting my cheek. “Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” I was nervous but not really afraid. You would never hurt me.

“Good girl,” you told me as you tied the blindfold over my eyes, the silken darkness surrounding me like a shroud.

My breathing suddenly seemed over loud in the dark silence of the room. I shivered when I felt a finger glide over the back of one thigh, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

“Did you touch yourself without permission this week?” you asked and my heart nearly stopped.

This was not a position I wanted to be in when you asked that question.

“Answer the question, little girl.” Command was implicit in your voice.

“Yes, sir,” I said quietly.

“Did you come?”

“Yes, sir.” Honesty was my only option; you’d sense a lie.

“How many times?” you asked as if only mildly curious but I knew better.

“I came five times without permission, sir,” I told you guiltily, grateful in that moment for the silken mask that hid any disappointment I might see in your face.

Since I was tied in a spread-eagled diaper position, every bit of me was available to punish. I jumped and gasped when a sharp swat fell on my left bottom cheek. It was hard and left a biting sting behind. You had the thick wooden spatula in your hand, not my favorite by any means.

“Are you allowed to come or even touch what’s mine without permission?” you asked as you began to deliver swat after swat to my vulnerable posterior.

“No, sir!” I wailed as the swats continued falling harder and faster with no discernible rhythm; somehow being blindfolded made it worse. It wasn’t long before tears were trickling out from beneath the blindfold as the fire in my bottom grew.

I howled when you obviously turned the spatula in your hand so you could spank between my sore ass cheeks, each stroke falling on my tender anus and the sensitive area around it. You only gave me five, which was more than enough to get your point across.

“I’m sorry!” I sobbed.

“I bet you are,” you told me. Then I felt the spatula pat the bare lips of my labia lightly and everything inside me clenched.

“What shall I do with this naughty little clit of yours?” you asked me as you slid the spatula over the area. I was so wet I could hear it moving over my flesh making slick sounds.

I knew what you expected me to say so I responded quickly, “Please spank my naughty clit.”

The spatula slapped down without warning, catching both my labia lips in one swat. The burning sting was instant, then it snapped down five more times in quick succession. “Ooooh!”

Your fingers came to my burning nether lips and parted them, exposing the tender inside of my slit to your hungry gaze. The spatula snapped down again, this time right on my clit, filling it immediately with burning pain that quickly morphed to intense pleasure. The next swat sounded wet, embarrassing me but also making me want to beg for more. By the time the ninth swat fell, I was on the edge of an intense orgasm.

“Naughty girls don’t get to come,” you reminded me with a soft pat to the cheek and then I heard you walk away from the bed.

My clit felt swollen to three times its normal size as it throbbed with need. I wanted to cry again, the ache was so intense.

Little by little my breathing returned to normal and that’s when I felt your tongue, gliding up from my asshole through my swollen lips and then centering on my clit. You licked all around it before catching it between your teeth gently so you could worry it with your tongue.

“Ooooh, yes! Please… oh, please…” I cried as you brought me to the brink once more.

Again you stopped just before I could go over the edge. “Nooooo!”

“Do naughty girls get to come?”

“No, sir,” I wailed, my weeping core clenching repeatedly on nothing, it was so hungry to be filled. “I’ll be a good girl! I promise!”

Again and again you brought me to the edge and then pulled back until I was weeping openly in my need as I begged you for relief. My belly was actually cramping, I needed to come so badly.

My head tossed restlessly on the bed that was drenched in my sweat. My whole body was one long sweet ache in its need to be filled, taken… given release.

Then I gasped as I felt the head of your cock stretching my sore slit as you pushed just inside my aching core. “Do you need my cock?”

“Yes, sir!” I cried hoarsely, almost desperate for you to fill me completely. In response you slammed inside me to the hilt, the head of your cock butting my cervix. The pleasure pain was welcome… needed… I reveled in the feel of you as you pounded in and out of me relentlessly.

The pleasure was so intense, I wailed and screamed as you drove me higher and higher until everything in me tensed and released in an orgasm so strong that I saw little white lights behind my eyes beneath my blindfold.

I called your name as I came, but I was so breathless, no sound escaped as my body tightened down as if to keep you inside me. You continued to move without pause, slamming in and out of me without mercy until one orgasm seemed to bleed into another and there was no separation, just unending pleasure.

When I felt the heat of your seed splashing against my inner walls I came yet again, milking your body dry as you pressed kisses into my neck. “There’s my good girl,” you whispered softly as you pulled free of my body and undid my bonds.

You crooned to me as you rubbed my sore shaky muscles and soothed me as my quaking body settled. When I was breathing normally again, you gathered me close, tight against you and I slept in perfect peace… free.

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