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Protected by Her Daddy by Shelly Douglas – Sample


Joe typed the final two words onto his manuscript and scrubbed a hand over his bristled jaw, pondering the surprise ending he’d just written.

Damn, I hope my readers enjoy that last twist.

Walking into the bedroom, he noticed that the bathwater had stopped flowing and figured his sexy wife was relaxing in the tub when he spotted her e-reader on the nightstand. Rounding the bed, he switched on the device to see what her latest selection was and found that her taste in authors was getting darker.

Imagine that.

Fast-forwarding through the chapters, he recalled reading the same novel and quickly turned to the scene where the heroine had been restrained to the bed in soft black ropes. Enjoying the heady snippet, he took a minute to contemplate the fact that he’d recently purchased a similar type of bondage for Jill, when the sound of a creaking door interrupted his thoughts. Not missing a beat, he lifted his head and watched as she stepped into the shadow of the room, the dim light accentuating her curvaceous naked outline. Through adoring eyes, he stared as she stood outside the doorway, her arms crossed underneath her full breasts, lifting them just enough to create a delicious cleavage that he wanted to press his aching cock in between. And she knew damn well that when his shaft was hard, it had a mind of its own.

But at that moment, he needed to keep his wits about him.

“What happened to a little notion known as privacy?” Though Jill’s tone was abrupt, her sparkling, amused eyes focused on the Kindle in his hands.

“Everything in this house is my business, Mrs. McDormand,” he said firmly, placing the e-reader back onto the night table. “And while I’d love to discuss your current reading selection, maybe we should talk about how you were spying on our neighbor today. Did I promise you the spanking of a lifetime if that type of behavior continued?”

Jill’s head dropped in a silent admittance of guilt, but Joe’s thick finger quickly lifted her chin.

“Besides being dangerous, it’s an invasion of the man’s privacy.”

Her lips parted, but then she immediately closed them.

“Smart girl. A clever retort is not going to help your case right now.” He wasted no time moving his hands over her round, pert bottom, and as he pulled her in closer, his stiff manhood poked against the crotch of his faded jeans. It was difficult to hide his wanton desires as he inhaled the fresh clean scent of her skin, but the grasp he had on her plump buttocks remained resolute.

Pulling away and dropping to her knees, she brazenly slid a fingertip down the contour of his bulging member. “I’m sure your mind would prefer to be in charge, but this swollen cock of yours is practically bursting underneath this zipper.”

Get a grip on yourself, man. This woman needs to have her ass reddened tonight.

Joe’s lips stretched into a tight grim line. “I want you on the bed with your back arched and that naughty ass of yours in the air. You’re playing a risky game, and you know damn well I don’t like it.”

“I know,” she managed through a sigh, leaning back onto her heels. “But…”

Opening the nightstand drawer, he reached in and withdrew two pieces of bondage rope. “Jillian Rae McDormand, you better start moving those feet of yours, because if I have to ask one more time…”

Crawling up onto the firm mattress, she swerved her neck in his direction. “Where in the hell did you get those? We’ve never played that kind of a kinky scene before.”

“I don’t think that information is pertinent at this moment—and just for the record, I’m not playing.” Though he was well-aware of the solid outline that his hard cock presented through the soft fabric of his jeans, Joe’s resolve remained steadfast as he attached her wrists to the shiny brass posts on the headboard. “You were warned not to spy on our neighbor, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why you’d try to get away with it. By the time I’m done with your disrespectful backside, it’s going to be bright red for disobeying me.”

“So, this isn’t a scene we’re testing for our new book? This is a real punishment?”

His strict tone lowered a notch. “As real as it gets. And I want that ass of yours up higher.”

Jill knew she was about to be spanked, but the way he firmly placed his hand on the small of her back and gently pushed it down to lift her butt up a bit higher always seemed sexy to her. And though his methods of disciplining her were usually embarrassing, she loved how safe and secure he made her feel even while getting her mentally and physically prepared for a spanking.

After placing a pillow under her head, his sturdy fingers rubbed and squeezed her supple globes with a tenacious grip. And then without a word of warning, his palm came down hard on her bare cheek, causing a rush of air to escape from her throat.

“A good smack on your bare bottom usually takes the mischievous smile off your face, doesn’t it, young lady?”

Raising her shoulders in a stoic shrug, she wondered why she’d let herself get caught up in his sweet and loving preparation of her spanking, instead of remembering that his firm hand felt like a fucking wooden paddle. But after the second slap landed on her tender skin, she let out a plaintive whimper.

And by the time her ass received a third crack, Jill’s memory was completely intact and restored.

“Shit! That hurt!”

“Good. And in case my sassy bride is interested, there’s more to come. Much more,” he assured, alternating several brisk smacks to her full rounded mounds.

“Not so hard, Joey. Come on, that stings!”

His response was immediate and swift with a slap to the top of her left thigh, and she imagined him watching a pink imprint form before giving a matching swat to the other side.

“Yes, a spanking usually does. Has it really been that long since I’ve reddened this naughty backside of yours?”

She bucked upward in defiance and then lowered her hips. “That hurt! It’s enough!”

“I don’t believe you’re in charge here. Which would mean you don’t get to say when it’s enough. I thought we agreed that I would not only be your husband, but also your protector—the daddy you always wanted and needed. Are you changing your mind now?”

She knew he was right. Her whole life she’d dreamed about having a real daddy—a man who would not only protect her, but one who would love her enough to spank her bare bottom when she was naughty.

But for some reason, she just couldn’t resist the urge to egg him on.

“Do you really think I’m in the mood to take a stroll down memory fucking lane with you right now? Jesus Christ, we both know I want you to be in charge, but that fucking hurts! Can’t you find some other way to punish me?” Though she enjoyed wagging that flippant tongue of hers, maybe she shouldn’t encourage him to look for other punishments.

No, maybe I should’ve saved that line for the cheeky heroine in my next book.

Peering up, she saw that Joe’s eyebrow was raised. Yes indeed, this was her stern husband who held the key to the dominance she craved, the man who could speak a hundred words without opening his mouth. Naturally, she knew from his expression that her bottom would be thoroughly spanked for sassing him.

And it didn’t take long for him to get started.

Before she could utter another syllable, his rock-hard palm began to fall steadily on her upturned behind, leaving a fiery burn after each crack. The spanking started out with a deliberate cadence, and it was as if he was waiting for each whimper to exit her throat before landing the next dramatic smack.

“Do you think this will help you to behave, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” she bit out through gritted teeth.

Unfortunately, her answer didn’t seem to satisfy him. In fact, to her surprise, the slaps began to speed up as he peppered every inch of her stinging backside.

“I’ll behave!” she cried out. “I will!”

“And I hope you’ll make good on your promise.”

But just when his hand stopped disciplining her ass, several sharp swats to the insides of her tender thighs were delivered.

“Oh, my God! That burns!” she shrieked.

“Now that I have your attention, this might be a good time to have a refresher on who’s in charge, here.”

“You are, sir,” she said, sniffling.

“Excellent. I’m glad we’re in agreement that I’m still the head of this house.”

Jill lowered her reddened face in the pillow, wanting to show that she was sorry for being a brat. Even though it was customary for her to carry on during a punishment, they both knew that she had an intense desire for his authority and was happiest when he was in complete control. And then in an act of forgiveness, Joe’s hand would roam over her bare bottom, leaving large goosebumps in its wake as he’d lovingly ask if she was ready to be his good girl.

But this time, an odd silence hung in the air, so she craned her neck to see what he was doing.


A deep crease settled in between her auburn eyebrows as she incredulously watched him release the silver buckle from a notch on his belt. “You’re going to use that on my butt, which is sore as hell already? Are you mad?”

But instead of answering immediately with words, his quick response came in the form of a single whooshing sound, as he unleashed the supple black leather from the loops of his pants in one swift motion.

Her gasp was audible as she watched him double the implement in his hands, and he stood motionless for a moment, staring into her surprised caramel-shaded eyes.

“I’m perfectly sane, my dear, but it appears I’ve been much too lenient with you, lately. Your naughty backside has been needing a good hard tanning since we returned from our honeymoon, and it seems that you’ve finally taken my patience to the limit.”

As she swiveled her head toward their freshly painted wall, she opened her mouth with full intentions of being contrite. But when he put his hand on the small of her back and raised her hips a bit higher, she clamped her lips tight. There seemed to be no point in trying for a last-minute reprieve.

“Stay put.”

The first bite of the calfskin belt snapping against her inflamed flesh sent a piercing cry from her dry throat and her body bolted upward as she felt a line of fire undoubtedly imprinting on her fair, delicate skin. “Please, please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she begged through her sobs, her bottom rising into the air as the second loud crack landed across the cleft of her ass.

“I’m sure you are,” he said, landing the third fiery sting precisely onto the tender crease underneath her shuddering buttocks. “But your promises are rarely kept when you utter them during a punishment.”

Though she knew he was right, her tone remained apologetic and strong. “I mean it this time. I do! I do!”

“Tell me,” he rasped, angling his mouth close to her ear. “Tell me exactly what it is you’ve learned, bad girl.”

Rolling from one side to the other, Jill tried to extinguish the red-hot sting by waving her burning behind back and forth, and at the same time, she prayed that he couldn’t see the moisture forming on her trembling pussy lips. Joe knew damn well if he called her a bad girl in that low tone, it would make her clit vibrate, and she was going to do whatever it took to hide her embarrassing arousal over those two simple but sexy words. “Why do I always have to say it? You know I understand! You’ve made your point!” she countered, lowering her hips with trepidation.

His steady hands lifted her back up as he scolded her in a calm voice. “That’s not the answer I’m looking for, and I’ll decide when my point has been made. I’d think my headstrong little lady would know that by now.”

“Oh, God! Please!” she howled in a high-pitched plea as she lowered her bottom.

“You will keep that bright red ass of yours in the air. Because if I have to raise it for you…”

There was no need for him to finish his sentence. Compliantly, she managed to boost her hips upward and bit down on her lip as she heard the leather whistle in flight before it cracked down once more, across the center of her lush backside.


His tone was soft as he dropped the belt on the bed. “Now then. Are you ready to tell me what you’ve learned?”

Jill’s voice trembled and cracked through all her sniffling and crying. “I know that you care about me, and you’re trying to keep me safe. It’s dangerous to spy on people I don’t know.”

“Sometimes a daddy has to punish his little girl to show how much he loves her.”

Her heart skipped a beat, and she was absolutely glowing at the sound of him calling her his little girl, but she didn’t think there was any need for him to see her reddened face. “I know, but my butt feels like it’s been seared with a hot poker,” she whimpered into the fluffy pillow.

“How about if my naughty drama queen walks over to the corner, so she can do some proper thinking.” Joe’s tone was calm and collected as he removed the thick rope and patted her aching behind.

When she twisted her neck to make eye contact with him, he snapped his fingers and pointed to the corner. Jill wanted to tell him how much she hated standing there, but she didn’t need to utter a word—her tear-filled eyes and somber expression spoke volumes.

In silence he gently helped her off the bed, but when her feet rooted to the floor, he trailed the seam of her ass with a gentle finger. “Are you going to head across the room compliantly, or does Daddy need to punish the inside of your bottom, too?”

Tears of embarrassment dripped down the sides of her face as she stomped her foot and pivoted to face her handsome husband. “I’m not a five-year-old, you know…”

Tipping his forehead to touch hers, his eyes darkened. “But you’re certainly carrying on like one right now, and I’ve made it quite clear on numerous occasions that I’ll not tolerate your misbehavior. We made an agreement when I moved into this house that my naughty girl would be spanked and sent to the corner by her daddy if she didn’t follow the rules. Did we agree on those terms, or did I imagine that conversation?”

“We agreed.” Jilly sniffed back tears as her delicate hands reached back to rub her burning cheeks.

Joe’s firm manner didn’t waver as he elevated one bushy reddish-brown eyebrow. “Are you allowed to touch your backside after a spanking, young lady?”

“No, sir,” she said, dropping both arms to her sides as she slowly walked to the corner.

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