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Punished by the Admiral by Sue Lyndon – Sample

Chapter One

Punished by the AdmiralLia stood on the front porch, gazing at the brilliant orange sunset that sparkled on the horizon as a cool breeze ruffled through the trees atop the mountain. Footsteps sounded behind her, and suddenly Cavvik’s warm breath hit her neck. He pulled her back against his hard, muscular body and wrapped his arms around her. She welcomed his embrace and sighed contentedly, marveling that two full years—by human measurements, anyway—had passed since she’d arrived on Varishema.

Much had happened during those two years. She’d fallen in love with Cavvik, the very alien admiral who had captured her and made her his wife, despite her initial protests. They’d faced danger together, overcome the obstacles of their intercultural marriage, grew to care deeply for one another, and now they had a one-year-old daughter together. She had never known such happiness as she knew on this planet.

“Little Melanie is finally asleep. The hovercraft is waiting. Are you ready to leave?” he murmured into her ear. The telltale stiffness of his erection pushed into her bottom, and a delightful shudder rippled from her head down to her toes.

“Are you sure we should leave? I mean, five whole days away from Melanie seems like an eternity. I’m worried that—”

“Nicole has babysat her before and Melanie adores her. Melanie always lights up whenever your human friend from New Earth arrives to visit with us. You’ve already said your goodbyes to both of them. Now, you need this time away. It will be good for you. For us. I love our daughter, but like her mother, she’s quite the handful, and it will be good for us to spend a few days alone together.”

“Okay, you’re right. But are you sure Nicole understands how to reach us if there’s a problem?”

“I showed her how to use the communicators, and even if she forgets, one of our servants will be able to assist her. Come, let us embark for Heche Island.”

Lia nodded and walked next to her husband as he guided her to the waiting hovercraft. The wind blew her skirts about her legs and her hair into her face. Cavvik paused in front of the hovercraft and gathered the errant locks behind her head, then tilted her face up and kissed her hard, possessively. All the nerve endings in her body came alive, and she found herself pressing into him and wishing they would have some privacy on the craft. Unfortunately, the craft wouldn’t fly itself, and she knew a pilot was likely already on board awaiting their arrival.

When he pulled back, she was breathless with anticipation. Pity hovercrafts didn’t have private rooms. Wetness pooled between her thighs and her face heated. She swallowed hard and peered into Cavvik’s dark gaze that always appeared a little stern, a little serious, no matter how light his mood.

“Before you step onto the hovercraft, I must remind you to behave yourself during our trip.”

She flushed hotter. “Behave myself? What sort of trouble could I possibly get into on a secluded island?”

He grasped her hand and guided her to the retractable steps that led up into hovercraft. “Just trust me, Lia, to know what’s best for you. Do you remember how you missed your doctor’s appointment in Gefona?”

A sudden trepidation twisted Lia’s stomach. She bit her lower lip and her steps slowed after she entered the craft. She gasped to find the sitting area wasn’t empty.

“Doctor Sorn?” She felt her eyes grow wide. She looked to Cavvik, wondering why in the heavens the very doctor who had conducted her intake medical examination aboard the Zurrina shortly after her capture by the Varishans was accompanying them to the island. Rage and surprise battled with her shame over the memories of that particular incident, during which the doctor had thoroughly examined her most private places and brought her to orgasm while Cavvik observed. Cavvik had also taken a belt to her bottom after she’d been uncooperative during the exam, all while the doctor watched. She would never forget the mix of shame and arousal she’d experienced that day.

“As I was saying, Lia, remember how you missed your doctor’s appointment?”

She blew out a huff of air and glared at both men. “It was just an annual exam. It’s not like I was sick! I didn’t miss it on purpose either. I’m still not used to the Varishan calendar system. For goodness’ sake, is this really necessary?”

“I reminded you several days before, yet you still missed the appointment. Your health is very important to me, little human. Now be a good girl and take your seat. Once we reach the island, the doctor will examine you and then he will be on his way. We will still have a nice vacation.”

“Fine!” She took the seat farthest from the doctor, and in her anger lost control and mumbled, “Reffa, this is fucking bullshit,” under her breath. The moment she cursed, she froze in her seat and held her breath, praying Cavvik hadn’t heard it. Varishan males did not tolerate their mates using vulgar language. She had been punished many a time for using curse words, both human curses and the Varishan curses she’d picked up during the time she had lived on this planet. Although she had never before combined Varishan and human curses into the same sentence, as she had just now.

Silence blanketed the inside of the hovercraft. The pilot froze with his hand resting atop the dashboard controls. She felt the eyes of the doctor and Cavvik on her, and her tummy fluttered with the knowledge of what would happen.

A spanking. Her husband would undoubtedly spank her for her slip of tongue. He especially didn’t want their daughter to learn any curse words, and ever since she’d given birth he’d been more stern about her occasional use of foul language.

Would he turn her over his knee and spank her right here? In front of the pilot and Doctor Sorn? Shame heated her face at the prospect of being spanked in front of witnesses.

“Stand up, Lia.” Cavvik’s voice came out quiet but with an icy edge that made her stomach flip over and over again.

She managed to rise from her seat, though her legs felt like jelly. Her hands trembled at her sides, and she kept her gaze down, unable to meet Cavvik’s gaze. He would look so stern and commanding, and she also feared glimpsing the disappointment she knew she would see in his eyes.

“I think you need a firm reminder about my expectations for your behavior before we leave, little human. Tell me, are you allowed to curse under any circumstances?”

Her heart raced and she fidgeted in place as he stepped closer, hovering over her. She glanced up to his chest. His thick arms were crossed in front of him, and he seemed larger and taller than she remembered.

“I-I’m sorry, Cavvik. No, I’m not allowed to curse under any circumstances.” After years of cursing whenever the hell she felt like it, with no supervision after her parents had died when she was a child, cursing was a hard habit to break when she was angry or upset. She took a deep breath and forced herself to look into his dark, bottomless gaze. The resolute sternness she saw there told her all she needed to know.

She was getting a spanking, and it was going to be a particularly hard one.

Tears burned in her eyes and she stepped closer to Cavvik. “Please, sir. Please don’t punish me in front of the doctor and the pilot. I promise to be very good during the rest of our trip. I even pro-promise to-to cooperate during the doctor’s examination.” Oh, God. Had she really just promised that last thing?

Her pulse quickened and heat gathered between her legs, where a steady pulse of desire throbbed harder by the second. Though she didn’t enjoy the pain of a punishment, the humiliation of having to endure a spanking from her husband—possibly in front of witnesses—had an unstoppable and shameful effect on her body. A stern look or word from Cavvik always made her quiver and ache between her thighs anyway, and the prospect of an imminent punishment never failed to deepen that inexplicable and embarrassing excitement she felt in situations like this.

Cavvik stared down at her for what felt like hours. She waited for him to make his decision, hoping and praying he would punish her in private. The one and only time he’d ever punished her with an audience had been shortly after he captured her, that time in front of Doctor Sorn during her intake examination.

“Please, sir,” she implored again. “Please, I really do promise to cooperate with the doctor, and I won’t miss any of my future appointments.”

Cavvik released a long breath and took her by her shoulders, his grip firm but not punishing. “Very well, wife. I will spank your naughty bottom in private. But should you misbehave again in any way during the trip to Heche Island, I will take you over my knee, bare your bottom, and spank you right here in the hovercraft while Doctor Sorn is sitting nearby and the pilot will no doubt hear every smack I give you. Do you understand, little human?”

She nodded vigorously. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Cavvik glanced over his shoulder at the pilot and the doctor, who were already on their way toward the exit of the hovercraft. They walked down the steps outside without a word, and though Lia knew since the hatch was open they might still hear some of her spanking, at least they wouldn’t be here to witness it.

“Why didn’t you warn me about the doctor ahead of time?” she asked, her voice coming out harsher than she intended. She took a step back when Cavvik’s frown became more severe.

“I did warn you, Lia. I warned you that if you missed your appointment in Gefona, the one you scheduled yourself and for which you picked your own doctor, that I would call upon Doctor Sorn to attend to your annual exam. It wasn’t an idle threat I made, and now you’ll be getting a most thorough exam from the doctor. As a human living on an alien planet it is especially important for you to not miss an appointment. There have been no instances of human females taking ill or having an adverse reaction to anything in the environment here on Varishema, but we can never be too careful. I want to make sure you are as healthy as possible.” His gaze softened. “You’re my wife, and I care about you very much. I want you at my side, always.”

Her heart squeezed at his caring words, and in the next moment guilt assailed her for having been careless about her health and his wishes. If she were honest with herself, she hadn’t cared too much about the appointment and therefore hadn’t been paying close attention to the date. Nothing ever slipped by her husband though; hoping he would forget about her missed appointment had been silly.

“It’s late and we should already have left by now. Let’s get your punishment over with, Lia.”

“Yes, sir.” Her throat burned and she blinked back tears. She hadn’t been chastised by him in quite some time, and her nervousness grew as the resolute sternness returned to his gaze.

“I will spank you with my hand only, little human, but after your spanking I’m going to insert a plug into your bottom. You will sit on a sore backside wearing a plug in your tight naughty hole, all the way to Heche Island.”

“Yes, sir.” Her ass clenched and a shiver rushed up her spine. How large of a plug would he use?

“Come here.” He guided her to one of the seats, where he sat and wasted no time in bringing her down across his thighs. Her feet dangled, her toes not quite touching the floor. Cavvik was so much taller than her that it was always this way. He always easily got her over his lap, and even if she struggled she never managed to escape. He was larger and stronger, and always oh so determined to teach her a lesson when she had disobeyed him.

The cool air hit her ass cheeks as he lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties because he didn’t allow it. He wanted easy access to her bottom at all times, whether he wanted to spank it, plug it, or fuck it. Or fuck her pussy.

“Spread those thighs, little human, and stop clenching your bottom. I mean it, keep clenching and I’ll insert the plug before I begin your spanking.”

After a deep breath, she spread her legs and forced herself to relax. He touched her inner thigh and trailed his fingers up. “You’re very wet, naughty girl.” He drew a digit through the moisture that had leaked onto her thigh. “Why is your pussy so wet?”

She knew this was part of her punishment—being reminded of the evidence of her arousal. She was glad he couldn’t see her face right now, because she was certain it had grown bright red. “I-I don’t know, sir.”

He prodded the entrance of her pussy, slipping inside and pumping in and out slowly. “You are completely drenched. So wet, so naughty.”

She whimpered and fought the urge to start humping his legs. Her clit throbbed unbearably. If she didn’t come soon, she would combust.

But he meant to spank her. To plug her. To punish her for her naughtiness. She doubted an orgasm was in her immediate future. Her breaths came faster and heavier, and she felt like she was burning up with need and the frustration that her desires would not be quenched anytime soon.

Cavvik held Lia securely over his lap and alternated between cupping her bottom and teasing the entrance of her pussy. He kept her spread wide, her intimate parts on display. Plying her cheeks apart with one hand, he exposed her asshole and smoothed the moisture from her womanhood overtop the snug opening. The little rosebud clenched and unclenched under his attention, and the sight of her tightness quivering under his touch made his cock painfully hard.

Withdrawing from her most private place, he once again cupped her cheeks and gave each one a firm squeeze, before he lifted his hand and brought it down upon her bared bottom. Smack! He struck her right cheek first, then her left, and back and forth again as she writhed slightly over his lap. Little whimpers floated up from her, as well as an occasional sniffle, but he kept spanking her, determined to teach her a lesson.

It was unheard of for females on Varishema to curse. He realized she wasn’t a Varishan female, but he still expected her to follow the rules of his planet, and even more important, to follow his rules. He wanted to help her find her place among his people. If she was heard cursing in public, perhaps when they were visiting the heavily populated capital city of Gefona, her image, as well as his, would be tarnished, and it was a risk he couldn’t take. She’d made friends with several of the other human women who’d been captured and taken as mates by his people, but he still wished for her to have the opportunity to make friends and new acquaintances wherever she might go on Varishema, particularly now that they had a daughter.

Her squirming increased, and each time she moved he glimpsed more of the wetness between her thighs, wetness he would soon use to lubricate the plug he meant to insert in her ass. He had no doubt sitting on a freshly punished bottom with an anal plug in place would help curb her tendencies to curse, or misbehave in any other way during the trip to Heche Island.

Her curvy bottom reddened further as he spanked her harder and faster, then focused a series of especially severe slaps to the area where her thighs and buttocks met. She thrashed around so violently that he had to shift her over one knee and drape his free leg over her kicking ones. When she reached back to shield her flaming red cheeks, he captured her wrists together at the small of her back and continued with her chastisement.

“You were naughty, Lia, and naughty girls must be dealt with firmly. You were so naughty that I had no choice but to take you over my knee and spank your bare bottom right here in the hovercraft.” He scolded her in a deep, no-nonsense voice. A second later, a heartfelt sob escaped her throat and she stilled over his knee, finally accepting each smack he gave her without protest.

He ceased spanking her and rubbed her backside as her cries slowly quieted, satisfied by her surrender and acceptance of his discipline.

“I’m sorry, Cavvik. I’m sorry…” She sniffled and peered over her shoulder at him with wide blue eyes. “I promise I’ve learned my lesson. You’re not still…you’re not still going to put the plug in me, are you?” Her lower lip quivered and a fresh sheen of tears filled her eyes.

“Yes, Lia, I am. It will help you feel more submissive to me and make you understand my expectations better. Now, are you going to be a good girl while I put the plug in your naughtiest hole?”

Her eyes went even wider and her face flushed bright pink. “I-I…yes, sir.”

“Remember, no rubbing or you’ll get extra swats, young lady.”

“Yes, sir.” A look of guilt crossed her face for a moment, as she no doubt recalled the last time he’d caught her rubbing her bottom as she stood in the corner of their bedroom after a trip over his knee.

He helped her off his lap, and in the next moment she dropped down to her knees and leaned forward to kiss his hand, pressing her lips to the very hand with which he’d just spanked her and leaving the wetness of her tears behind when she pulled back and peered up at him with remorse glimmering in her eyes. “Th-thank you for pu-punishing me, sir.”

He cupped the side of her face and brushed the fresh tears that trickled down her cheeks away with his thumb. “You’re a good girl, Lia. My good girl.”

They remained like this for a short while, until he motioned for her to rise and stand against the wall.

“Stand here with your nose pressed to the wall, and keep your skirts lifted.” After this, he stepped back and admired the vision she presented with her red, bare backside on display. Desire swept through him. He couldn’t wait to get her alone on the island and have her to himself for five uninterrupted days. Of course, he also couldn’t wait to observe the medical examination she would endure first. His cock went even harder at that thought, and he fought the urge to adjust himself in his pants and instead went in search of the box of anal plugs he’d packed.

After finding the box in his bag, he withdrew the largest plug, one she had only taken a few times during the two years they had been married. He glanced at the bottle of lube inside the box, trying to decide whether to use her natural moisture to coat the plug as he had originally planned, or to use some from the bottle. A sniffle from the wall helped him decide, and he grabbed the bottle up and put the box back in his bag.

“Turn around and come here, little human. Keep your skirts lifted.” He stood tall with the large plug in one hand and the lube in the other.

She obeyed, slowly turning and keeping her skirts raised to her waist. When her gaze fell upon the plug, a shudder racked her body. “Oh, please, not the large one.”

“Yes. The large one.” He motioned at the seat where he’d spanked her moments ago. “Bend over and clutch the armrests. Keep your back arched, your legs spread, and your bottom lifted as high as possible.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her voice shaking as she moved into position.

Her pussy was swollen and pink, and he couldn’t tear his gaze away for several long moments after she first bent over. He ached to take her now, here in the middle of the hovercraft, to possess her and claim her hard. But the doctor and the pilot were waiting, and he wished to arrive at the island while Lia was still awake enough for her medical exam.

Later. After her exam, he would fuck her into a blissful exhaustion.

He swallowed hard and approached her, then uncapped the lube as he spread her cheeks wider and wider, until her bottom hole was stretched open partially. He trickled the lubrication down between her cheeks and watched as the clear liquid rolled down to cover that tight, naughty hole of hers.

His heart swelled to see her obeying him so sweetly, despite her obvious discomfort from her spanking and trepidation over her impending plugging. “You’re being a very good girl right now, Lia.” He stroked her back in a comforting gesture as he worked two thick fingers into her tightness, making sure her anus was adequately coated with the lubrication.

Her muscles intermittently clamped down on his digits, but he kept moving in and out of her snug hole, working the lube in and out until he felt she was ready for the large plug. Slowly withdrawing his fingers, he immediately replaced them with the tip of the plug and pushed it into her asshole.

“You’re doing great, Lia. Keep opening for me and take all of the plug. If it seems too large, try bearing down on it for a few moments.” He continued stroking her back as he offered encouragement, and to his delight she managed to take almost all of the plug during the next few pushes.

“Oh, Cavvik, I don’t know if…”

Another push and the plug was fully seated in her tight little anus. “There. It’s all the way inside you, naughty girl,” he said teasingly. “You always think you won’t be able to take the large plug, yet every time you manage to take it.”

The sounds of her sudden, heavy breathing reached him, and the urge to comfort her further before calling for the doctor and pilot to return consumed him. He grasped her forearm and guided her to stand. Her skirts fell back in place as she stepped away from the seat, and he wasted no time in gathering her into his arms.

He tucked her head beneath his and breathed in her sweet, floral scent, as well as the scent of her arousal that hung in the air. This was where she belonged, always, at his side and in his embrace. His sweet wife. His perfect little human.

“Are you all right, Lia?” he asked gently as he swept her hair behind her shoulders.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

“Good. I know you are in an urgent state right now, but I expect you to sit as still as possible during the trip to Heche Island. No squirming in an effort to relieve your naughty desires. Do you understand?”

She pulled back and peered up at him, her cheeks flushed a pretty shade of dark pink. “I wouldn’t dare! Not in the presence of the doctor and the pilot, anyway,” she added after a moment, a slight smile curving her lips.

He kissed her forehead and she sighed against him as his lips lingered upon her soft skin. Then he guided her into her seat and closed the safety straps over her chest. She winced and started to squirm, but immediately stopped herself. She gripped the armrests and swallowed hard, a pained look crossing her face as she struggled to remain still in the seat, per his instructions.

“How does it feel to sit?”

She shot him a playful, withering glare. “Could you please tell the pilot to drive this thing at full speed?”

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