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Returning to Her Master by BJ Wane – Sample

Chapter One

Returning to Her MasterMarc Taite leaned back against the bar top and took a swig of his beer as he cast a dispassionate look around the room. The small gathering of friends invited to celebrate Jack and Morgan’s engagement were having a good time, some taking advantage of the bondage equipment he and Jack set up for the night; others content, for now, to sit around and converse. Satisfied to watch instead of take part, he wondered if his interest and pleasure in the BDSM lifestyle he and Jack had enjoyed indulging in at their mountain lodge would return soon.

He was happy for his best friend, he honestly was, but he could pin the start of his discontent on Morgan’s unexpected arrival on their doorstep six months ago and blame the slow decline of his interest in the lifestyle with Jack and Morgan’s budding relationship. Jack first met Morgan when he took a summer job during high school and went to work for her wealthy parents, his main job tending their extensive acreage. He had befriended the lonely, neglected little rich girl and grew to care deeply for the woman she became, but his preference for dominant sexual practices kept him from acting on her obvious adult feelings for him until she sought his help and his embrace after breaking off an unwanted engagement.

Seeing the change in Jack since Morgan had accepted his passions and control had been an eye opener, and of late he’d admitted to craving what his friend had found. Although he’d never enjoyed a special bond with a woman like Jack had shared with Morgan for so long, there had been the hint of one almost two years ago.

The pretty young newbie he’d let down without thinking had been on his mind of late, maybe because Morgan’s easy acceptance of her own submissive nature and her stunning responses to Jack’s sexual dominance despite her naïve innocence reminded him of Cassie. Volunteering for beginner’s weekend at a friend’s club in Omaha, he had taken one look at the strawberry blonde and experienced an instant jolt of lust. The first time he had felt her damp response to her first spanking, he had known he wanted more with her. He had spent the past two years regretting giving in to the urge to push her, going too far too fast during those three short nights so long ago. Given the fact he lived in Colorado and she lived there in Omaha, odds were nothing would have ever come of their short time together, but the ravaged look of betrayal on her face that last night still haunted him, rising unbidden whenever he watched or took part in a scene that reminded him of her.

A grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as a look of possessiveness crossed Jack’s face when Scott Tyler clasped Morgan’s head and slowly slid his cock into her mouth. She was naked and seated backwards on Jack’s lap, his cock already buried inside her sweet pussy; Jack was allowing her the pleasure of a ménage to celebrate their recent engagement. During the past six months, his friend had kept her more and more to himself, giving Marc only the rare pleasure of her mouth around his cock, his possessiveness of his fiancée a new development both men were still getting used to. But, for Jack as well as him, much of the pleasure of being a dom lay in exploring and reveling in the heights they took their subs to, and tonight, Jack wanted to give Morgan that ultimate pleasure again.

Marc’s smile turned to a full-fledged grin when Jack landed a sharp smack on her thigh and a visible shudder of pleasure went through her plush body. Nothing felt headier than being with a woman who embraced her pleasures, no matter what kink brought them about. The fact that Morgan still tacked on a title such as sir or master more as an afterthought instead of a respectful address often amused both of them. She was a pleasure to live with and a constant temptation as she paraded around in one of Jack’s shirts. She had gotten used to him being a spectator when they played, but still blushed when he jacked off while watching them.

His cock stirred as he watched the two of them bring her to climax, Scott using his fingers to torment her nipples as Jack controlled her lower body with a tight clasp on her hips. Marc swore when she came apart under their ministrations, wishing he could drum up more interest in finding a willing partner among their guests and bury his discontent in her body. Turning Morgan on his lap, Jack soothed her shaking body with soft strokes as he whispered into her ear. Their happiness and contentment defined their relationship, a relationship he envied more each day and wondered if he’d ever experience himself.

Turning his back on the room, he leaned his arms on the bar, wrapping his hands around the half empty beer, glad this was a small enough gathering they didn’t need a bartender. He had hoped the tour group he’d taken hiking up the mountain earlier today would energize him for tonight, perk up his appetite for the decadent pleasures his friends were feasting on, but his interest remained neutral at best.

Maybe he would see if he could entice a sub out to the hot tub before he returned to their loft on the upper level of their lodge. It might be summer in the Rockies, but when the sun went down the temperature turned cool and the hot tub stayed popular year round. It was his favorite time of year and he loved the outdoor activities their lodge offered both regular vacationers and those people in the lifestyle who visited them for bondage weekends or vacations.

“Not playing tonight?” Scott asked him as he came around the bar and helped himself to a beer from the kegerator.

“Maybe later.” From Scott’s look, Marc knew his evasive answer didn’t fool him. As the sheriff, Scott knew how to read people, a trait he didn’t bother to suppress around his friends. “I saw you made our girl happy,” he said, changing the subject.

“I can’t take the credit, she’s easy to please as long as Jack’s touching her.” Scott gazed back over at the couple then smiled at Marc. “They do complement each other, don’t they?”

“Yeah, they work.”

“Is that the problem?” he asked with the astuteness of a long-time friend.

Shrugging, Marc gave him an answer as evasive as his feelings. “Who knows? Haven’t you ever gone through spells where nothing seems to work for you?”

“Sure, we all have.” Smiling over his upraised arm before he took a long swig of his brew, he added, “I’ll quit nagging you if that’s all it is.”

“Appreciate it,” he returned in a dry tone.

“I found out something today that should perk you up. The bakery has a new owner and is planning on reopening in about a week.”

“Yeah?” Bear Creek’s bakery had remained closed since Martha retired and moved to Denver to be closer to her daughter over a month ago. Marc had been going through sugar withdrawal ever since and he salivated at Scott’s news. “Who’s the new owner?”

“Not sure, haven’t met her yet. I just saw her in passing yesterday, a pretty redhead, young. Hope she bakes as good as she looks.”

“I’ll have to plan a trip into town next week and check it out,” he said, his interest piqued.

“Let me know, I’ll meet you for lunch. In the meantime, I see a lonely sub in need of some attention.”

Marc watched him stride across the room to one of the single guests with the group, an attractive blonde who took his outstretched hand with a wide smile of pleasure. The sheriff led her to the St. Andrew’s cross where she shed her shorts and top without qualm, her rounded body looking enticing as he strapped her wrists and ankles to the apparatus.

With a heavy sigh, he turned from the couple and came to an abrupt standstill, stunned to see a small, familiar figure standing in uncertainty at the entrance. Wide blue eyes clung to him and he could detect both wariness and pleasure reflected in them from where he stood. That familiar look had his gut clenching as his breath left his body. He’d recognize that red-gold hair anywhere, as well as that petite, tight body. Eyes locked on the woman he hadn’t seen in almost two years, the one he had sent fleeing from him in fear and distrust. He stood immobile until she took a tentative step toward him, her look remaining uncertain.

“Cassie?” he asked in disbelief when she stopped in front of him. It had been two years, he thought, and his first reaction at seeing her again hit him just as strong, and his desire for her was just as forceful as that first night.

He noticed her the minute she entered the club room with the rest of the beginners. Marc stood up slowly from where he sat, watching with little interest the sexual activities going on in the Omaha BDSM club. He and his partner, Jack Sinclair, owned the Bear Creek Lodge in the Colorado Mountains, a lodge that catered to those with alternative lifestyles, giving them a safe place to vacation and indulge in their passions without judgement from others. The Omaha club was one of several they had frequented before opening their own and they knew a lot of the members. For the last two weeks, they had been making personal appearances at some of the more reputable clubs in the Midwest to promote their lodge and extol the benefits of vacationing in the mountains at a place that not only offered them all the fun activities of a mountain resort, but a safe place to indulge in their alternative sexual kinks if they so desired. This was their last stop before heading home and Marc had been looking forward to returning to the peace and quiet of his mountain. As much as he enjoyed socializing with others in the lifestyle and playing with a willing sub, he was ready for a little solitude. That is until he spotted her.

For the first time, he was glad Jack had promised Wade they would help tonight with the beginners. Wade was a good friend who owned Raven’s Retreat, and he ran a decent place any beginner would find a safe haven for their introduction to the lifestyle. Confident his friend had run a thorough check on IDs, Marc made a snap decision about which little beginner he would tutor tonight.

Stepping forward first to greet the small group, his eyes latched onto a pair of bright blue, wary orbs. Not wanting to risk losing her to another dom, he held out his hand, a simple, non-threatening gesture. “I’m Master Marc. Allow me to show you around.”

He released a relieved breath he didn’t know he’d been holding when she put her small hand in his, her tentative smile revealing her nervousness. He couldn’t wait to be the one responsible for changing her wariness to arousal. Nodding to both Jack and Wade, who watched him with knowing smirks, he led her to a small, unoccupied sofa in a relatively quiet corner. “What’s your name, darlin’?” Pulling her onto his lap, he settled her so she sat sideways, facing him with her skirt-draped legs over his.


Marc liked her soft voice but still frowned at her. “Didn’t Master Wade instruct you on how to address a dom?” Her face reddened, which delighted him, as did her quick response.

“Uh, yes, sir. Sorry.”

“Tonight you’re allowed an infraction or two, but don’t forget later. How old are you, Cassie?”

“Twenty-five, sir.”

He smiled when her eyes widened as one of the regular couples walked by, the dom leading his smiling, sweaty sub by a leash attached to her collar, her bare breasts sporting nipple clamps. “She looks lovely, doesn’t she?” he asked, drawing her wide-eyed attention back to him.

“What? Oh, well, I guess, I mean if you think so.”

Chuckling, Marc drew her against his chest. “Relax. No one here will bite you, at least not yet, and not if you don’t want them to. Now, tell me what brings you here. You seem to be unsure about your interest in alternative sex.”

“Well, to be honest, I’m mostly here on a bet. A friend caught me checking out some of this….” her slim hand waved around the busy room, “stuff. The next thing I know, she’s pulling up the website for this place and daring me to come tonight. That’s her over there.”

He followed her pointed finger toward a brunette on the edge of the dance floor, her body gyrating to the fast beat as she flirted with her partner.

“So, you’re here out of curiosity, not any desire to explore?” He couldn’t explain the disappointment he felt with her honest answer. If she only came tonight because of a bet, chances were she wouldn’t last. Indulging in online exploring was a far cry from reality.

“That’s how the evening started,” she hedged.

“And?” he prompted, encouraged, a flare of hope replacing his disappointment. Cupping her chin, he turned her face up to his, refusing to allow her to hide when she turned away from him.

“I wouldn’t mind… exploring a little.”

Marc’s cock jumped at her shy admission and the light in her eyes when he wrapped his hand around her hair and held her head immobile. “What’s your safeword?”

“Cherry,” she whispered, her eyes clinging to his.

“I promise, Cassie, you won’t need to use it.” With that reassurance, he dipped his head and took her lips in a no-holds-barred kiss. Keeping a tight grip on her hair, he wrapped his free arm around her waist and gave her a small taste of what being restrained would feel like. Her first instinct was to struggle, but experience had him prepared for that newbie reaction and he sharply nipped her lower lip to divert her attention and was rewarded when he felt a small shudder rippling through her body. He soothed the sting with a stroke of his tongue before returning to her mouth, pleased when he drew a low moan of pleasure from her and she leaned against him in surrender.

Marc couldn’t remember when he had enjoyed a first kiss more. Her lips were a perfect fit for his, her shy responses inflaming him further. At thirty-three, he wasn’t a horny teenager who couldn’t control his urges, but something about her stirred both his interest and his lust quicker and in ways he hadn’t felt in years. When she moaned again and tried to shift closer to him, he knew he’d have to slow down before he laid her out on the sofa and took her right then. Reluctantly, he lifted his mouth from hers, stroking her lower lip before saying, “I think you’d enjoy being tied to my bed, darlin’.” When she drew back in alarm, he tightened his arm, adding, “But first, let’s see what you respond to.”

Rising, he took her hand and walked with her through the room, letting her observe the play, getting a feel for what she might like and not. He had never taken a virgin sub before. All of his partners have been active in the lifestyle and it had only been a matter of picking one whose needs were compatible with his. It was a fun game he enjoyed playing, but of late he had found himself wondering what it would be like to have a steady relationship, a woman who knew him as well as he knew her.

He glanced down at the petite woman by his side, wondering again what it was about her that pulled at him. She wasn’t even his type. He preferred bigger women, softer subs he could sink his hard body into. Cassie was slender, and her unbound breasts beneath the sleeveless tank top she wore with her mid-calf pleated skirt were little more than a handful. And yet, he couldn’t wait to get her naked, to feel those small nipples in his mouth and her pussy clasped around his cock.

Her indrawn breath and wide-eyed gaze drew his attention to a lighted scene area where a sub lay strapped down over a padded bench, her bare ass on prominent display. A resounding slap on her right buttock from her dom drew a cry from the restrained woman and another gasp from Cassie. When her blue eyes lit with interested arousal, Marc pulled her closer then shifted behind her, bringing his arms around her and holding her against him.

“I could see you there, Cassie,” he whispered in her ear as he moved his right hand up to cup her breast. When she pushed against his palm, he tightened around her, running his thumb over her stiff peak with repeated caresses as the bound woman received another swat on her ass.

“I… I don’t think so,” Cassie murmured on a soft gasp, her eyes fixated on the scene before her instead of shying away, another positive sign.

“You can’t picture yourself in her position, allowing me to spank you, or you can’t imagine enjoying it like she does? Look close, darlin’. See how wet she is?” He grinned when she flushed beet red, the blush almost obliterating her cute freckles.

“I don’t think I’d enjoy being spanked at all, let alone in public,” she replied, but she didn’t look away from the scene being played out.

“Let’s see, shall we?” He pinched her nipple then soothed the tormented bud with more thumb-rubbing caresses. As her breath sped up, he pinched her again, a little harder, her whimper and slight push against his palm both positive, gratifying signs. “Are you wet?” He bit her small earlobe, then laved it with his tongue. “Answer me now.”

“Of course not,” she denied on an escaped breath, the blatant lie disappointing him more than it should have.

Marc turned her around, his hands firm on her slender shoulders, and glared down into her startled, aroused face. “Don’t ever lie to your dom, Cassie. This lifestyle isn’t for you if you can’t at least be honest about what you like and what you don’t. Your body doesn’t lie. Do you want me to reach under your skirt to check for myself?”

The poor girl looked around in frantic embarrassment before hissing, “You wouldn’t!”

So, the timid little mouse had a little spitfire in her, much to his amusement and pleasure. “I would unless you give me an honest answer or use your safeword.”

“Fine,” she snapped. “I’m wet. Are you satisfied?”

“Not yet, but I hope to be once I have you under me.” The flare of excited heat in her eyes from his blunt, honest reply sent an answering flame of heat straight down to his cock, encouraging him to push her more than he knew he should a newbie. His eyes on hers, Marc took her hands and pulled them behind her, holding them with a firm grip while he lowered the strap of her tank top, baring her right breast with his other hand. The sounds of slapping flesh, heavy grunts, and soft cries came from the couple behind them as Marc lowered his head and wrapped his lips around a taut nipple. When she pushed into his mouth, he knew she was with him, knew watching the other couple had heightened her senses and lowered her guard even though she couldn’t admit it.

Switching from lips to teeth, he nibbled on her nipple then bit it lightly before laving the sting with his tongue. He held her breast cupped in his palm, surprised at the soft fullness as he kneaded her plump flesh and suckled her tight, cherry pink nipple. Fuck, he thought as his cock demanded attention. When had the simple act of sucking a woman’s breast turned him on so much? Her soft cries and restless body fueled his desire, and he had to force himself to let go of his delectable treat and pull back a little before he scared her off.

Her eyes were wide and dazed when he released her, her lip pinched between small white teeth as she expelled her breath on a heavy pant. “You make it easy to forget you’re new to this,” he sighed, covering her breast. “Come on, dance with me.”

The switch from a clamoring, fast beat to a quiet slow tune played into his plans as he drew her unresisting body into his arms. With her in flat shoes, her head barely reached his shoulders, but she still felt just right in his arms. When her arms slipped around his neck, he cupped her buttocks and held her against his groin, letting her feel how much he desired her and where this could lead if she wanted.

Lifting her head, her tentative look couldn’t disguise the arousal in those expressive eyes. “Sir?”

“Soon, darlin’. Tell me about yourself, what do you do when you’re not accepting dares from your friend?”

“I’m a high school English teacher and I love to bake. What do you do when you’re not doing…” she waved her arm around them, “this?”

“I own a vacation lodge in Colorado and do this.” He used his head to indicate the room’s activities, more pleased with her by the minute. Her shyness and uncertainty hadn’t sent her fleeing yet, which he took as a positive sign.

“How old are you, sir?”

Marc lowered his head to her ear, whispering, “Only eight years older than you, Cassie, but decades older when it comes to experience. Are you sure you want to continue this night with me?” As difficult as it would be, he would let her go if she wasn’t sure. He needed her to be sure with a desperation bordering on insane, given their short acquaintance.

Cassie gave him a direct look before surprising him with her candid reply. “I wanted you the minute I entered this room and saw you. You haven’t done anything to make me change my mind.”

Praying he wasn’t making a colossal mistake and could contain his more dominant urges, Marc grabbed her hand and pulled her to the stairs leading up to the private rooms, hoping like hell one was available. He knew he was rushing her, moving way too fast for a beginner, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. Much to his relief, he found an empty room with a king-size bed he couldn’t wait to see her sprawled on. With any luck, he would get her to come so many times tonight she’d be happy to return tomorrow night and be brave enough to try something new.

“Do you trust me, darlin’?” he asked her when he turned back from securing the door to find her chewing her bottom lip.

“I just met you.”

Away from the overstimulating sights downstairs, her self-preservation had kicked in, the worried look she cast at the closed door a dead giveaway. “It’s not locked. Master Wade doesn’t allow locked doors for safety reasons. I assumed you’d want privacy for your first time here. If I’m wrong, we can go back downstairs.”

Panic and a hint of excitement crossed her face with the quick shake of her head, that glorious mane of red-gold hair flying around her shoulders. “Oh, no, please, sir. I want to stay here.”

“Good enough. Since I don’t want to put you in a position where you have to lie to me, I won’t ask you again if you trust me. Let me just reassure you that you can. Now, strip.” Arms crossed over his chest, his kept his gaze as direct as his order. The instant puckering of her nipples revealed how much his dominance turned her on.

She wasn’t a very neat little sub, he thought with amusement as she tossed each garment onto the chair in the corner along with her sandals. When she stood before him naked, a blush tingeing her cheeks, he damn near came in his pants. She had the prettiest breasts, soft and round, nipples a pale pink. The small roundness of her stomach and patch of neatly trimmed red-gold curls between her shapely legs delighted him.

Reining in his lust, he went to the closet and found a spreader bar, just what he needed. Showing it to her, he asked, “Do you know what this is?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to see if a little pain stimulates you.” Kneeling, he attached the cuffs on the end of the bar to her ankles, leaving her legs spread eighteen inches apart. “Relax.” Smiling at her, he sat on the edge of the bed and drew her slowly over his lap, adjusting her so her head hung down with her ass propped up. “Comfortable?” he asked, running his hand over her rounded buttocks.

Peering up at him through the cascade of her hair, she sputtered, “No!”

Marc smacked her cheek, admonishing, “No, what?”

“No, sir.”

“Let me see if I can take your mind off your uncomfortable position.” He smacked her again, a little harder, and then ran one finger down her slit, pleased with the dampness he encountered. “I think you rather like this position.” She cried out with the next two smacks, but another check of her pussy revealed her pleasure at the stimulating pain. Alternating between slapping her buttocks and fingering her warm, wet sheath, he brought her to a fever pitch. Her cries were sounds of pain, but when she lifted her ass for each swat, she told him without words she wanted more of that pain and the obvious pleasure it gave her.

Nothing turned Marc on more than the sight of a wriggling red ass, and Cassie’s was no exception. Her buttocks warmed under his hand, a heat he found reciprocated in her pussy each time her warm, damp walls closed around his finger. When he felt the ripples of small contractions heralding her climax, he smacked her ass harder while paying attention to her swollen, needy clit. She screamed as she came, her hips grinding against his thighs, her buttocks jiggling along with her spasming pussy.

He waited for her cries to turn to whimpers and her hips to settle then soothed her buttocks with alternating soft caresses and light, palming squeezes while continuing to stroke her pussy. She was so tight he had to work patiently as he slowly slid two fingers into her core, which inflamed him more, made him want to get inside her faster.

Reaching down, he released the spreader bar and turned her over on his lap, cuddling her shaking body against him. Her tears of submission and the pleasure/pain she received from it endeared her to him in a way he hadn’t seen coming.

“Tell me, darlin’,” he insisted when she had calmed down from what he suspected was the best orgasm she’d ever had, “have you ever come like that before?”

Cassie turned her face into his shoulder, her body still shuddering with pleasure. “No, sir. Never.”

“Good girl. For being so honest even though it embarrassed you, I’m going to reward you. Up on the bed now.”

She watched him out of wary eyes as he lifted her right arm and attached her wrist to a cuff before moving to secure her left one. She tugged once on the restraints, and a panicked look replaced the blissful afterglow of her climax. But before she could demand to be let go or say her safeword, Marc held her face between his palms and kissed her, using his mouth to soothe her fears. It took only moments for her to relax and begin kissing him back, for her body to strain against his in a silent plea for more.

“Better?” he asked when he lifted his mouth from hers.

“Yes, much, sir.”

As he stripped out of his clothes he couldn’t explain the desperation clawing at him to get inside her, claim her before another dom discovered what a treasure she was. It made no sense, he thought as he covered her body with his. He was in Omaha for the weekend then returning to his home in the Colorado Mountains. He wanted to return home, eager to get back to the peace of his quiet mountain and away from the bustling noise and constant activity of the big city. His feelings, the panicking sensation of sinking and going down fast every time he looked into her guileless blue eyes made no sense. But as he slid between her legs and into her tight, welcoming sheath and heard her small cry of pleasure, he couldn’t stop the out-of-control spiral of sensations bombarding him from all angles.

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