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Riley’s Reckoning by Claire Britain – Sample

Chapter One

“Riley, you can pout all you like, I gave you a week to make an appointment with Doctor Wexler and you didn’t do it, so I made one for you,” Joanna admonished while Riley paced the kitchen floor in Joanna’s penthouse apartment.

“This is crap! How many more check-ups do I need? It’s been over six months, Jo, and there’s nothing wrong with me and I had plans to go riding this afternoon. I’m going to cancel it,” Riley snapped back.

“You’ll do no such thing, young lady! Did you forget you nearly died in that crash? The doctor said once a month until they can be certain there are no more complications from your brain injury. And Riley, you still get the headaches, your appointment is at three-thirty, and I don’t want to hear another word about it! If you absolutely must ride that damn motorcycle, you can ride it to the doctor’s office.”

Riley had received a sizable settlement from the accident after her old motorcycle had been totaled in the crash but Joanna had been mortified when a shiny new motorcycle was delivered to Riley a couple of months ago. At first Joanna had forbidden it and insisted Riley send it back, but after establishing some ground rules Joanna reluctantly agreed she could keep it. Unfortunately, Riley had made a bonehead move and ridden it without a helmet, earning her a ticket and the worst paddling of her life.

“I don’t care, it’s finally a nice day, and I want to go out riding. I’ll reschedule for Monday,” Riley quipped back.

“Keep it up, young lady and you’ll be seeing the doctor with a sore backside!” Joanna warned.

“No, this is bullshit, I’m not going!” Riley exclaimed, picking up her cell phone and walking into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Joanna took a deep breath and headed into the bedroom after her. Riley had been acting like a brat all morning ever since Joanna had told her she was going to the doctor and she had had enough. Joanna entered the bedroom and saw Riley with her phone to her ear.

“Give it to me,” Joanna ordered, gesturing for Riley’s phone.

Riley turned her back, ignoring Joanna, and continued with her call. Joanna wasted no time and took the phone from Riley’s hand, then grabbed her by her ear and escorted her to the bed.

“Ow, ow, Jo, okay, I’m sorry, I’ll go to the damn appointment,” Riley pleaded, knowing she had just crossed the line with Joanna.

“Oh, I know you will, young lady, but I’m tired of your attitude today. I think you need a little reminder of how to behave, get your pants down, you’re going over my knee!”

“Please, Jo, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t make this any worse, Riley. Now!”

Riley knew by the slow measured tone in Joanna’s voice there was no changing her mind.

“Yes, ma’am,” Riley replied, unbuttoning her Jeans and pushing them down to her knees, followed by her underwear.

Joanna sat down on the bed and easily pulled the shorter woman down over her thighs.

Riley grimaced in anticipation as Joanna’s cool palm rested on her prominent bottom.

“You know how I feel about your health, Riley.”

Riley did know how Joanna felt about her health, so she wasn’t really surprised she was in this position. What never failed to surprise her, however, was the wicked sting she felt from Joanna’s palm, as the first spank landed, followed by a flurry of similar spanks that made her yelp. She scrunched up her eyes, knowing the inevitable. Joanna would soon be targeting her tender sit spots.

“Ow, please, Jo, I said I’m sorry, I’ll go to the appointment. Please, no more.”

“Yes, you will, Riley, but you know we’re just getting started here,” Joanna replied in a stern tone.

Riley began to struggle as Joanna’s palm continued to descend on Riley’s upturned bottom in a steady rhythm. When Joanna turned her attention to the tender flesh where Riley’s thighs met her bottom, she began to squirm in earnest and her backside began to burn along with her temper. Riley tried to stay still but her hips started to squirm as she tried to dodge the stinging blows.

“Keep still, young lady, you brought this on yourself!” Joanna admonished, tightening her grip around Riley’s waist.

“Shit, Jo, that hurts!” Riley pleaded as Joanna began to concentrate her spanks on the same spot, over and over again on one cheek followed by the same on the other, stoking the inferno that was now Riley’s backside. After a few minutes more Joanna stopped the spanking and addressed her upturned girlfriend.

“Now if you’re done with the attitude I think some time in the corner might do you good,” Joanna announced as she helped Riley stand up.

Riley danced around, rubbing her stinging behind as she glared at her girlfriend in confusion. “What? No, I’m not a child, Jo, I’m not going to the corner,” she said as she started to gingerly pull up her panties.

“Yes, you are and you’ll leave those just where they are. Now go!” Joanna ordered, pointing to a corner of the bedroom.

Riley had been spanked plenty of times by Joanna in the last six months but being told to stand in the corner was a first.

“Jo, c’mon, I told you I’m not a child!” Riley spat back defiantly.

“Riley, you have two choices, either you go stand in the corner or I’ll take you back over my knee and this time you’ll feel the hairbrush. Which will it be?” Joanna challenged.

Riley’s stubbornness won out and in a few short seconds she was back over Joanna’s knee.

“Why do you have to make it so difficult, Riley, hmm?” Joanna asked, as she cracked the hairbrush down on Riley’s already blazing behind.

Riley immediately regretted her answer as the thud of the thick-backed wooden hairbrush landed over and over again, leaving a deep stinging pain in its wake.

“Ow, please, Jo!” Riley begged, as every blow of the brush left a deeper sting.

After a dozen or so swats with the hairbrush Riley’s behind was throbbing and she started to squirm on Joanna’s lap. After a dozen more she was begging for the corner in between sobs.

“Okay, I’m sorry! I’ll go, please, no more, Jo!” Riley spluttered.

Joanna started to land hard swats over and over to just where Riley’s thighs met her bottom. Riley knew this was to drive the lesson home; she hated this part of the spanking that always included a hard flurry of spanks on her sit spots as the finale.

Riley was crying out now, each time the hard surface cracked down and after a few more hard swats, Joanna finally relented and stopped the spanking.

“Good girl, it’s all over, assuming you’re done with the tantrum, miss?” Joanna asked, rubbing Riley’s back as she regained her breath.

With the throbbing pain that was pulsing through her bottom, Riley was more than ready to cooperate with her dominant girlfriend.

She looked up at Joanna with tearful hazel eyes. “Yes, I’m sorry, Jo,” Riley sniffed, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“That’s my girl,” Joanna praised, as she helped Riley up and pulled her into a hug.

“Oh, honey, this didn’t need to happen but you go against me on your health issues and we’ll end up here every time, you know that,” Joanna admonished, kissing Riley’s temple.

“I know, I’m sorry, Jo, it won’t happen again.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Now, corner!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Riley replied meekly as she got off Joanna lap and shuffled to the corner, her panties and jeans still around her knees.

Joanna smiled at the sight of her now compliant girlfriend as she squirmed in the corner, her now very red bottom on display.

Joanna was Riley’s boss and girlfriend and she had been watching her like a hawk since Riley’s motorcycle accident six months ago. Riley lived in LA but had been interning at the New York office of Armstrong, Klein, Dixon and Associates. At twenty-eight, Riley was a promising young advertising associate who Joanna Armstrong and Helen Klein had taken a chance on. What they didn’t count on was that Riley would become the object of Joanna Armstrong’s affection and the two had formed a relationship, despite Riley’s wild and sometimes reckless behavior.

Riley had resigned herself to Joanna’s discipline over the last few months and it was clear that forty-year-old Joanna Armstrong was in control. It was something Riley had begun to rely on, and even crave, and she found herself over Joanna’s knee on a regular basis.

“Okay, miss, pull up your pants and come out of the corner,” Joanna directed at Riley, who for the last fifteen minutes had been fidgeting in the corner of the bedroom.

Riley came out of the corner with a scowl on her face.

“Riley, what is wrong with you today?” Joanna asked, pulling Riley into a tight hug. “You’ve been in a bad mood since you got up this morning. Surely this is not just about having to see the doctor? Is it because David didn’t like your latest ideas for the campaign yesterday?”

David Lannister was the handsome thirty-eight-year-old CEO of Bencom Incorporated. Since Riley had been in New York, she had been working predominately on the Bencom contract that she had helped land with her innovative and edgy design ideas. Everything Riley had presented to him up until yesterday had been a huge success, but for some reason David had been hesitant with her latest brainchild.

“I don’t know, maybe. Helen was pretty mad, huh? I didn’t mean to disrespect David, I was just telling him my opinion,” Riley pouted.

“I know, darling, but you have to remember he’s the client and if he doesn’t like an idea, you can’t argue with him that he’s wrong,” Joanna said sympathetically.

“I know; I don’t know. I still don’t see why I need to go to the doctor; it’s the first decent day we’ve had in weeks and…”

“Riley Anne Carrington! How is it even possible we are having this conversation again? I obviously didn’t make much of an impression with the hairbrush, perhaps you need to fetch the paddle!” Joanna admonished in an angry tone.

Riley looked up into Joanna’s steel green eyes. “No, no, I’m sorry, Jo. Maybe I should just go down to my apartment for a while. I think it might be safer for my butt anyway!” Riley sulked.

Joanna smiled at her sullen girlfriend and kissed her cheek. “That might be a good idea. Want me to take you to the doctor’s later?”

“No, at least I’ll have time for a short ride if I take the bike,” Riley replied.

Six months ago, Riley would not have had a choice about Joanna going to the doctor’s with her, but since her doctor in New York was Joanna’s father’s partner in his practice, Joanna would get all the information she needed regarding Riley’s health.

“Okay, honey, please be careful and don’t forget Kate’s party at six; we’re leaving here at five-thirty,” Joanna replied.

Helen Klein was Joanna’s best friend and business partner. She lived across the hall in the same apartment building in Penthouse B with her long-term girlfriend of ten years, Kate Dennehy. Kate had just passed the state bar exam so Helen was having a dinner party for her that evening. Riley and Kate had become close friends over the past six months; it was Kate who encouraged her to pursue a relationship with Joanna and she was her standing running partner on most mornings.

Riley’s apartment was on the tenth floor. The firm owned it and used it for associates who interned in the New York office. Joanna lived full time on the West Coast, predominately working out of the Los Angeles office, but since she and Riley had been dating she spent more time in New York and Riley was usually at Joanna’s penthouse apartment.

Riley had worked at the firm for nearly three years but frequently found herself in some kind of trouble. The last time nearly cost her job when she insulted Miles Dixon, one of the senior partners, and was suspended. It was after that that Joanna took matters into her own hands and decided Riley would benefit from some alternative guidance.

Riley was still annoyed as she flopped on her bed in her apartment. Her plans for her motorcycle ride had been ruined by Joanna’s insistence that she go to her doctor appointment and her backside still ached from the encounter with Joanna’s hairbrush.

The real reason Riley had woken up in such a bad mood was that Joanna was leaving in a week. She had to go back to LA for a few weeks and Riley hated it when she and her lover were apart.

“You know what, fuck this!” Riley said as she hopped off the bed and put on her leather boots followed by her leather jacket. She grabbed her helmet, gloves, and keys and headed for the parking garage.

She passed the usually jovial concierge, Rosa, who was giving her a glare and shaking her head at the sight of the helmet in Riley’s hands.

“Hi, Rosa, yes, I’m going for a ride, yes, I will be careful, and no, I won’t kill myself!” Riley prefaced, answering all of Rosa’s questions before she had a chance to start her lecture. The fifty-something-year-old behind the desk just narrowed her eyes and ranted a few sentences in Italian. Just like Joanna, she had been mortified when the new motorcycle had shown up after Riley’s near brush with death in LA on her last one.

Fifteen minutes later Riley was on highway ninety-five following the signs to Philadelphia. Her long brown hair flowed out behind her from under her helmet. Riley was in her element on her bike and she sped down the highway.

I wasn’t the one who made the appointment. Jo didn’t even ask me if I had plans, she just made it, Riley thought to herself as she wrestled with her conscience. She was beginning to regret her impulsive decision to blow off her doctor appointment, but even if she turned back now she wouldn’t make it anyway.

Riley felt her phone buzz in her pocket as she climbed the famous art museum steps from the Rocky movies. Her butt cheeks clenched as she removed it, but then relaxed when she saw a text from her best friend Tracy in LA.

What you up to?

In Philadelphia! Riley texted back with a selfie from the famous steps.

Cool, with Jo?

No, just me, I kind of messed up again. Riley texted back with a sad face.

Riley’s phone rang and she answered it, knowing her friend wanted answers.

“Hey, T, well, Jo made a damn doctor appointment for me, but I had plans so I blew it off and drove here on the bike. Well, not exactly, she gave me a week to make the appointment and I didn’t do it,” Riley started to explain, as her friend gave her the third degree.

“If I were you, miss, I would get your butt home before things get any worse!” Riley froze as she heard Rae’s stern voice on the end of the phone.

Riley had known Rae and Tracy for nearly seven years. She had worked at their bar and restaurant, The Other Left in LA for a couple of years when she was in grad school. They were like family to her and Riley knew better than to argue with the fifty-one-year-old Rae.

“I heard your conversation with Tracy; no doubt Joanna will want your butt when you get home so I suggest you not make it any worse, young lady! Get your butt back to New York and call me after Joanna’s paddled the tar out of you!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Riley replied sullenly, hanging up the phone.

“Shit, what now?” Riley said, irritated as her phone buzzed again. She began reading a text from Joanna.

Riley, are you okay? Dad’s office called and said you didn’t show up for the appointment with Doctor Wexler?

Yes, I’m fine was all that Riley texted back.

Then where in the hell are you?


Riley, I’m already upset with you and you are trying my patience, now where are you really?

Really Philadelphia, I’m leaving now. I’ll catch up with you at the restaurant if I don’t make it by 5:30.

Oh, I’ll be waiting for you, young lady, your backside has a date with my paddle! Home now! Please be careful!

“Shit!” Riley said as she made her way back to her bike. “What the hell was I thinking?”

Unfortunately, it was Riley’s lack of thinking and compulsive behavior that usually landed her in trouble. After the last paddling Riley had received from Joanna she told herself she was never going to do anything again that would warrant the use of the paddle, yet here she was again, facing the wrath of her controlling partner.

Riley’s mind raced as she tried to think of ways to avoid her inevitable punishment but it was useless.

An emotional Riley made her way back up highway ninety-five, alternating between feeling angry and remorseful. She let her mind wander until sirens from behind her brought her out of her trance. She looked in her mirror to see the flashing lights on the state trooper’s patrol car. Riley glanced down at her speedometer and her heart sank. Seeing ninety-two miles per hour, she pulled over to the shoulder. Riley turned off her bike, put down the kickstand, and began to unbuckle her helmet. She fumbled in her jacket pocket for her license as a burly male state trooper approached her.

“In a hurry there, miss? License and registration,” he said calmly as Riley handed over her documents compliantly.

The trooper returned to his patrol car, leaving a miserable Riley to watch him in her mirror. He got back into his car and talked on the radio before returning to stand next to her with a clipboard in hand.

“Do you know how fast you were going?” he asked in an irritated manner.

“Ninety-two,” Riley replied sadly, tears now threatening in her eyes.

“The speed limit is seventy. Want to tell me why you were in such a hurry?” he asked in a softer tone after Riley’s honesty. “I should write you up for reckless driving going that much over the speed limit!”

“I’m sorry, Officer, I wasn’t aware I was going so fast,” she answered.

“You know what, kid, I’ll give you a break. I’m still writing you a ticket, but I’ll write it for fourteen over. Slow the hell down, will you!” he admonished.

“Yes, Officer, I’m sorry, thank you,” she replied glumly.

Riley didn’t know how the day could get any worse. Joanna was probably already furious about the appointment. The speeding ticket would put her over the edge. One of the conditions of Riley getting to keep the bike in the first place was that she obey all traffic laws and this was her second ticket in less than two months.

Riley got back on the interstate and less than an hour and a half later she was back in the city. She didn’t want to face Joanna and she was in no mood for a dinner party even though she knew Kate would be disappointed if she didn’t show. It couldn’t get any worse, Riley decided. She was already in for a paddling from Joanna so she decided to go to a little bar she had found when she first arrived in New York.

Chapter Two

“What the fuck?” Kate questioned as she read the text from Riley.

Sorry, Kate, been a really shitty day, I can’t make it tonight, I’ll make it up to you, K?

“Katherine, mouth!” Helen Klein admonished her irritated girlfriend. “What on earth is the matter?”

“Friggin’ Riley! She’s blowing off tonight, she said she’s had a bad day?” Kate replied crossly.

“What? That doesn’t sound like her,” Helen replied as Joanna burst through the door looking at her own phone.

“Did Riley text you, Kate?” Joanna asked in a furious tone.

“Yes, what the hell is going on, she said she’s not coming tonight?” Kate replied, showing her phone to Joanna.

“Joanna, what’s going on?” Helen asked, seeing the two angry women.

Joanna started to explain the events of the afternoon. “Now she texted me and said she needs some time to herself and she won’t be at dinner! She won’t tell me where she is, she said she’ll be back later!” She fumed as she paced Helen and Kate’s kitchen.

“Did you tell her to get her butt home?” Helen asked.

“Of course I did, she won’t answer the phone,” Joanna ranted. “Do you think I was too hard on her? I gave her a week to make that damn appointment and she blew me off.”

“No, Jo, you were right to make the appointment. Riley’s just thinking about her butt right now and doesn’t want to come home. I’ll text her; she may listen to me,” Helen comforted her friend.

Riley, you’re upsetting everyone, get your ass home before Joanna is not the only one you’ll be answering to. Do you understand me? Helen texted to Riley’s phone.

Riley sat in the bar shaking her head as she read message after message from the three angry women.

“Christ, really!” Riley exclaimed, finishing her fourth beer as she read the last text from Helen.

“Girl problems?” A tall, slim, brunette woman with short spikey hair asked her, sitting down next to her at the bar.

“You could say that,” Riley replied, ordering another beer.

“You’re new, I haven’t seen you here before; Alex Denton,” the women said, extending her hand to Riley.

“Riley Carrington, yeah, only been here a few months from California,” Riley replied, shaking the woman’s hand.

“So, what brings you to New York and our little seedy bar, Riley?” Alex asked with a grin.

Riley and Alex hit if off immediately and Riley found herself opening up to the stranger she had just met.

“So, she’s your girlfriend and your boss and she’s at home pissed off waiting for you?” Alex asked, amused.

“In a nutshell, yes,” Riley grinned, working on her eighth beer as her phone buzzed again on the bar.

“She older than you? She sounds controlling,” Alex asked, amused, sipping on her drink.

“Yeah, twelve years, she’s incredible but she’s definitely the boss,” Riley said with a sloppy grin. “So, Alex, what do you do? Let me guess, you look like a cop.”

“Guilty!” Alex said with a smile. “Detective, twenty-third precinct.”

“No shit!” Riley grinned. “So what do you think about those missing women, you think there is some psycho out there?”

“Well, it’s beginning to look like that, the department has us all working over at the twenty-second round the clock to try to come up with some leads but so far nothing,” Alex said thoughtfully as she regarded Riley.

“So, tell me, Riley, why are you hiding out here on your own when your incredible girlfriend is at home waiting for you, hmm?” she asked with a smile.

“Fuck, where do I begin?” Riley started to explain her day while Alex listened to her attentively.

“Then on the way back I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket,” Riley finished, raising her beer bottle.

“Damn, girl, you had quite a day, didn’t you! How fast were you going?”

“Ninety-two, cop was cool though, wrote me for fourteen over. Joanna is still going to kill me,” Riley said sullenly.

“I would have given you a ticket too, young lady, that’s way too fast!” Alex said with a scowl. “But Riley, what’s the worst that can happen? Go home and talk to her. Joanna will get over it, I’m sure. It sounds like she loves you very much.”

“Oh, I know she will, right after she spanks the crap out of me with her wooden paddle!” Riley replied shamelessly, the effects from the alcohol taking away the embarrassment of her disclosure.

“Oh, shit, really? Well, you’re quite the rebel, aren’t you? Riley, Joanna’s not abusing you, is she?” Alex said seriously.

“No way, I think she saved me really. Fuck, I would probably be without a job and behind bars if it weren’t for Joanna and Rae, a friend from California,” Riley replied, twirling her empty beer bottle on the counter.

“Well, how about I give you a ride home. The bike’s staying here, yes?” Alex asked, Riley raising her eyebrows.

“God, you sound like Joanna! Well, if the bike’s staying here then let’s have another drink. I’m buying!” Riley replied with a smirk.

“Beer and cran-soda, Al?” the bartender asked as she put another beer in front of Riley.

“Yes, thanks, Pat,” Alex replied with a smile.

“Wait, that’s all you’re drinking? Shit!” Riley slurred.

“You are a feisty one, aren’t you? I can see why Joanna needs to keep you on a short leash. Why don’t you at least text her where you are? She’s probably worried. It’s nearly eleven.”

“Shit, I’m so dead!” Riley said, looking at her phone and seeing eighteen missed calls and texts from Joanna, Kate, and Helen.

Joanna, Kate, and Helen waited anxiously in Joanna’s penthouse for word from Riley after they had cancelled Kate’s dinner party.

“I’m going to call downstairs and tell them to let us know as soon as she gets home. I’m going to kill her. I can’t believe she pulled this today,” Joanna ranted angrily as she paced the kitchen.

“Well, after you’re done with her, she and I are going to have a conversation too. She’s going to learn she doesn’t text me to mind my own business!” Helen replied with a scowl on her face.

“Well, much as I would like to stay up and see Riley get the tar beat out of her, I’m going to bed; it’s after midnight,” Kate said with a yawn as she hugged Joanna and kissed Helen.

“Goodnight, Kate, sorry plans got fouled up tonight. We’ll do it another day, okay?” Joanna replied.

“No worries; night, Jo,” Kate replied with a smile.

A little after one, Joanna’s phone rang. “Thank you, Jose,” Joanna said, hanging up the phone.

“Shit, a police officer just brought her home, apparently she’s drunk!” Joanna announced in a worried tone, heading out the door with Helen.

Helen and Joanna reached Riley’s apartment in time to see a tall slender woman helping Riley down the hallway.

“See, I told you she’s cute!” Riley slurred to Alex as Helen and Joanna took Riley’s arms and led her, staggering, to the bedroom.

Alex smiled and shook her head when Joanna emerged from the bedroom.

“You must be Joanna, Alex Denton,” the tall woman said, handing Joanna her business card. “I thought I better help her home, she’s pretty ripped. Her bike is in the garage. I had a friend follow us on it,” Alex said, handing Joanna Riley’s motorcycle keys.

“Thank you, Detective,” Joanna replied, looking at the card in her hand. “I’m sorry you had to do this. She’s not usually this irresponsible.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be having that conversation tomorrow. Goodnight!” Alex smiled.

“Goodnight, and thank you again for seeing her home safe,” Joanna replied.

Joanna returned to the bedroom where Helen was helping Riley off with her jacket. “Don’t be mad, Jo, please!” Riley slurred as Joanna went to work helping Riley out of her clothes.

“Riley, we’ll talk tomorrow, you need to sleep,” Joanna said, trying to stay calm as she pulled the covers off the bed and helped Riley in. Helen brought in a glass of water and put it next to Riley’s bed.

“She’s out, she’s going to be feeling this tomorrow. This fell out of her jacket pocket,” Helen said, handing Joanna the speeding ticket.

“Shit!” Joanna exclaimed as tears started to well in her eyes. “Maybe I should stay with her?”

“No, let’s go back upstairs. We’ll deal with this tomorrow, okay, Jo? There’s nothing you can do tonight; she just needs to sleep it off.”

Joanna locked the apartment door behind her as the two women headed back upstairs.

“Helen, was she afraid to come home? Did I do this? I mean…” Joanna started.

“No, Jo, you didn’t. Stop it now. Riley knows exactly where she stands. She just likes to push the envelope,” Helen replied, wrapping an arm around her friend. “So, what’s it going to be, death by hanging?” Helen hugged Joanna with a smile.

“She’s not getting off that easily!” Joanna smiled back.

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