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Rogue: A Dark Cyborg Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One



You’re a shameful dirty slut who needs punishment. You’re worthless and deserve harsh discipline.

I shivered, almost saying the sentiment out loud. My ex-boyfriend and I had argued almost daily, his push to have me submit in every manner the final straw. When he’d left, slamming the door in my face, he’d issued the statement, as if I cared. Sadly, the damning words had been with me for two years, perhaps the only reason I was able to slide into a different personality, forgoing every rule that had been drilled into me since I was a child. I wasn’t the kind who accepted any form of discipline, my formidable reputation had squelched any chance of promotion within my ranks, and it had probably even negated the possibility of me finding a new relationship.

Not that I wanted one, especially after the asshole who’d made that very statement to me the night he walked out of my life.

Good. Fucking. Riddance.

He had said a hell of a lot more than that, including the fact I was some kind of freak.

Granted, I would never be normal. I could never crave a traditional relationship. I’d never dreamed of a white dress and a lavish wedding. I was flawed, damaged, even broken. At least that’s what the psyche evaluations had insinuated two years before. The stringent psychological exams were required by the government every five years, just another method of making certain no one broke the rules. I’d fooled them all, assuming a conservative personality while interviewing for the revered position with the Cyborg Rehabilitation Officers’ Network, CRON for short. If I hadn’t, I would not only have been denied the position, but possibly shoved into a looney bin.

What the fuckers didn’t know wouldn’t kill them. Right?

I parked my vehicle in what I knew to be a safe place, hidden from possible detection. The streets were dark, this section of town considered to be on the seedier side, only small sections having been rebuilt after the last war. I knew the area well.

And I was terrified out of my mind.

I’d heard about this place months before, even circling the area in my efforts to capture reprobates, the vile cyborg creatures who’d broken through their programming, threatening the lives of innocent human citizens.

Although I often wondered if they were truly innocent at all.

I’d seen so much violence and heartache during my tenure as an officer of the law. Times were dangerous for everyone, freedoms taken away in an effort to hunt down and imprison the dissidents and murderers who’d destroyed our former way of living. The realities of life after two horrific world wars had left me cold inside, our beautiful cities destroyed. It would take decades more to rebuild, but I continued to wonder about basic humanity.

What limited light there was created ominous shadows, larger than life figures that seemed to reach out at every corner, ready to devour all those who crossed its path.

I was more like a frightened little girl, no matter the tough personality I portrayed. I’d been told I needed protection, a man I could fall in love with. That didn’t seem to be in the cards. What dates I’d had since the jerk had never ignited my passion in any regard. That’s why I’d debated more than once coming to the secret bar at all.

In my world, women were required to be escorted out at night, the reason being that females needed protection—or what I called political propaganda. Between the rogue cyborgs and other monsters finding a way in through the walls of security, no one was safe in the darkness.

Unless they had a weapon.

I didn’t need a bodyguard tonight. I had enough firepower to handle any situation at my disposal. I simply needed respite from the doldrums of life.

Black Velvet had a decent enough reputation, easily checked with certain on the down-low connections. The location of the bar was off the radar, even though my gut told me the majority of police officers simply knew and looked the other way. As long as no crimes were committed, they left the bar and its patrons alone. I shuddered and glanced into the rearview mirror, making faces at the girl hidden underneath the extensive costume makeup. I’d selected to come on a night when everyone was required to be hidden behind some form of a mask—the only reason I’d felt comfortable enough to dare step foot inside. A masquerade party of sorts for the daring souls longing to find solace, if only for a night.

A scattered laugh left my ruby-stained lips before I found the courage to slide out of my vehicle, glancing up and down the street. There was no one in sight, although I suspected eyes were watching, but they weren’t of the human kind. Even the clandestine bar had its share of cyborgs, although from what I heard, the Black Velvet owners had taken great care in training the flesh and blood machines to satisfy their clients in order to pass as human. I laughed bitterly at the thought. I’d been trained to either arrest or kill rogue cybernetic units on sight and here I was, going to a bar in which I could share drinks and dancing with one or more of them.

Even fucking—if I would be that bold.

Another shiver slithered down my spine. I had to be out of my mind to come here, but my fantasies had been skewing my daylight hours, forcing me to make an interesting choice. Attending a party at the bar and maybe finding someone to share a few steamy hours with seemed safer than agreeing to an illicit encounter. At least I’d been recommended by the only girlfriend I had, her good word the only reason I’d be allowed entrance. She’d bugged me for three months to walk on the wild side. A slight smile crossed my face. Sheila’s transfer to another city had left me feeling more alone than ever.

My heels clipped on the broken pavement as I headed for the dilapidated sidewalk, pulling the collar of the coat around my neck. Where I was going, I couldn’t afford to be recognized by another CRON officer searching for reprobates. I knew where some of the machines lived, especially in this section of town. They weren’t on my target list, even though they were fully aware of my title and position and by all rights, I should arrest them. However, some had proven to be damn good informants, so I ignored them. They simply allowed me to be more efficient in exchange for keeping their secret.

I moved quietly, keeping close to the burned-out buildings until I turned a corner, almost hyperventilating. The single light was a sweet beacon of relief. The card Sheila had given me months before would allow me direct access to the secretive club-like atmosphere. Once inside, I would merely become a customer searching for relaxation and a stiff drink.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Sweet Lord above, could I actually do this? Maybe I wasn’t the tough girl after all. No, this was just about having a few drinks and mingling. I could leave any time I wanted. Trembling, I smoothed down my skirt for the fourth time before managing to place my hand around the doorknob, turning it after a full thirty seconds.

The bouncer was delicious eye candy, standing at over six and a half feet tall; he gave me a body check, searching for any weapons. Even that was titillating.

“Don’t cause any trouble,” he muttered before pocketing the card. Obtaining another one would take a permanent customer’s personal invitation. Given the butterflies in my stomach, I wasn’t certain there would be another time.

Taking several deep breaths, I checked the coat and smoothed down the leather skirt yet again before glancing into the main room. The crowd of people wasn’t as huge as I’d anticipated, no doubt because of the recent raids occurring in close proximity. Still, the music was intoxicating and people on the dance floor lively.

I knew if my secret getaway was discovered, my job would end without a question asked and there would be no redemption. However, I craved the freedom of living life the way I wanted, hungering to flirt and drink the night away. I’d read about such luxurious evenings in ancient magazines, highlighting pictures of swanky bars and clubs, full of musicians and women in decadent clothing. Black Velvet certainly wasn’t The Ritz, but I could pretend to be anybody I wanted tonight.

I felt like a little girl lost, especially when dozens of faces peered in my direction, both males and females checking out the new stock. I was nothing more than a piece of meat. I almost chickened out until I remembered everything that Sheila had told me, time and time again.

“You can be anyone you want without fear of being watched or criticized. You can pretend that life outside the walls is everything we’ve read about; blue skies and green grass, picnics and parties. Plus, you’ll find a hunky man who’ll give you a hard spanking.”

I would never forget her raucous laughter, her green eyes lighting up any room she entered. She’d been the only person in my life who’d heard all the wretched stories about my ex, pushing me to find someone else. I brushed my fingers across my lips, trying to push back a moan bubbling up from my throat. I made my way through the crowd, hearing at least a dozen scandalous comments. Everyone was hungry tonight.

A moment of shame slithered into my system, a reminder that I shouldn’t be doing this for a solid half dozen reasons. What if a machine approached me? Would I actually allow a mechanical creature to fondle me? I’d certainly know the difference between a human and a body full of steel. I had enough experience, for God’s sake. I chuckled for a second, the laugh giving me more confidence. This was one night, nothing more. I didn’t have to come back and no matter if I allowed myself to play, I wasn’t using my real name. My fake date would never know anything about me.

I scanned the perimeter, drinking in the neon-infused atmosphere. Flashing lights appeared out of the shadows, following in time to the almost tribal strains of music. There seemed to be employees everywhere, keeping a watchful eye on the customers. At least I felt safe.

I found a seat at the bar, nodding to a young man serving drinks. He appeared as the rest of the staff did, dressed in all black. Everyone who worked here was rough around the edges, in my opinion, hiding behind some sort of a mask. Mine was simply dazzling makeup and a wig. I’d always wanted to be a blonde.

I felt all eyes on me from anyone within close proximity. My pussy clenched, vivid images floating back and forth, every one of them filled with pictures of strong and very handsome men. My legs were quivering, a clear indication that I was in way over my head. My ex’s words floated in the back of my mind.

Maybe I should just go.

Oh, no, the jerk wasn’t going to win. I was going to enjoy myself.

Fuck me.

Use me.

The words slithered back and forth, and anxiety was kicking my ass, a reminder that I was really a good little girl inside. I couldn’t just find a man. I wasn’t even certain any of them would be interested.

“I assure you that nothing will happen without your consent.” The deep voice was soothing, full of a comforting lilt.

I stole a glance at the bartender, chuckling when I saw his amused face. “That obvious?”

“I can always tell a newcomer. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. Why don’t you have a drink and simply enjoy the scenery?” he suggested.

“Good idea. Whiskey?”

“A woman of discernable tastes. Comin’ right up and your first one is on the house.”

A simmer of heat washed over me, sliding straight up to my cheeks. I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, but tonight was going to mean a new beginning. I could dream for the rest of my life or finally live out at least one of my fantasies. The crystal of whiskey arrived within seconds and the first sip was soothing, calming some of my nerves.

After three sips, I finally found the courage to swivel the barstool, gazing at the people gyrating on the dance floor. The various costumes were creative and colorful, far surpassing my makeshift outfit. I hid behind my drink, almost praying that no one asked me to dance. I wondered what Chris, my partner at work, would think if he caught me here. Would he turn me in to the CRON captain? He did tend to follow every rule. Nope. Chris would never, ever learn my secret.

After a few minutes, I shifted again and a man sitting at the end of the bar caught my attention. He was stunning enough with thick, dark hair and a look about him that screamed domination. His face was partially covered by a black mask and given his slick midnight attire, his persona oozed danger. My nipples tightened as he studied me, taking his time sipping the drink he had in front of him.

My pussy clenched, forcing me to cross then re-cross my legs. The wafting scent of my pussy juice gave me a series of shivers. He was rugged and gorgeous, and the kind of man sinful desires were made of. What little I could see of his face was chiseled to perfection, a strong jawline and voluptuous lips.

He finally walked in my direction, taking the seat next to me. My pussy was already wet with anticipation.

His dark and hungry gaze roamed down the length of me, finally settling on my eyes. A slight smile crossed his face seeing the glitter and sparkles adorning my face. The vivid colors had been drawn in different patterns, from butterflies to dragons, all in an attempt to hide the real woman inside.

Perhaps this was the real girl, the one longing for a passionate affair with no strings attached. I only wondered if I could actually go through with something so lurid. A moment of second guessing filtered in, filling me with worry. I should leave now before any real crime was committed.

“You’re a very beautiful woman,” he said in a casual fashion, not crowding my space, simply giving me a compliment. He inhaled, holding in his breath as he closed his eyes, a sensuous smile crossing his face. “Exquisite.”

“Thank you.” Electricity sparked between us, leaving my nipples aching. The attraction was off the chain, sending white-hot heat trickling into my pussy. I’d never had this kind of reaction with any man.

He swirled the liquid in his glass before taking a sip and I couldn’t help but study the outline of his sculpted muscles straining against his tight shirt.

“Did you come here by yourself?” The deep baritone was like smooth velvet.

“Perhaps,” I offered, turning my attention back to my drink.

“A woman who enjoys taking chances, even if she could be punished for her actions. If I may ask, what is your name?”

“Eve.” Punished? I shivered from the word alone. That wasn’t going to happen.

“Good to meet you, Eve,” he said, the husky timbre seductive in nature.

“And you?” My nickname suited the girl inside. I concentrated on his massive hands, muscular with long fingers. I envisioned the very same hand cupping my breast, flicking his finger back and forth across my nipple. The erotic thought left me breathless, sitting still becoming uncomfortable as pussy juice trickled into my panties.

“Simply call me… Master.”

“Master? What exactly are you the master of?”

He chuckled, his eyes narrowing. “Punishment for bad little girls who disobey the rules.” He swirled the tip of his finger around the thick rim of his glass. I could almost hear his perfectly manicured nail clicking.

For a few seconds, I was at a loss for words, and that never happened to me. “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

Fuck me. Use me.

I was actually thinking the words. Whew. I inhaled his exotic scent and was thrown even further into a delicious and very dark game. And the best part?

He was all red-blooded male.

“I’m certain that you can, but here you are, disobeying the simplest rule by coming to a bar all by yourself. Are you looking for discipline?”

“Oh, hell, no!” I shuddered at the thought.

“You either know that you need structure in your life or you’re playing a game. Which is it, Eve?” His dark eyes drilled into mine. “I don’t like game-players of any kind.”

“I’ve always known I needed rules in my life, but I have difficulty following them.” I was sitting with a stranger, yet the words were easy to say, even easier to admit. It was as if this man was seeing right through me, past the makeup and cheap wig, but I certainly wasn’t ready for any kind of discipline.

“Then you do need a firm hand. A hard spanking could certainly help you begin your path to salvation.”

Salvation. The word seemed almost out of place if it weren’t for the fact that’s exactly what I’d always felt. “I don’t think so.” I moved off the seat, unsure of my arousal for this man. A spanking? The guy was out of his mind.

The man calling himself Master rose from the seat, towering over me. He wrapped his hand around my wrist, fingering my skin. Tingles raced down my spine, sending a shower of electric sparks into every cell. I was so attracted to him, more so than I cared to admit.

“There’s no shame in knowing what you need, Eve.” He locked eyes with mine; his presence was all encompassing, as if he’d crawled inside, peeling away the many layers I’d used for protection. I was ashamed. “You broke the rules. You deserve punishment. Isn’t that what happens to criminals when they break the law?”

“I’m not a criminal.” I laughed nervously, realizing he was correct, but this was insane.

“I believe you already admitted that you are.” His words were smooth.

I chewed on the inside of my mouth, the woman inside poking at me. He was right. I’d never run from anything in my life. I wasn’t going to start now. “I don’t deserve punishment.”

“You aren’t good at following directions, Eve. That could be a problem. What if you were found out?”

His entire demeanor was absolutely commanding, the authority oozing from him a powerful draw. “No one will know.”

“There are eyes everywhere.”

My lower lip trembled as he brushed his fingers up my arm. I darted a look around me, cognizant that several customers were looking in our direction.

“Yes, you do need to be punished for your infractions.” He gripped my chin, squeezing until I yelped. “You will address me as Master while you’re here. Do you understand, Eve? You’re a very naughty young woman and we need to take care of your indiscretions.”

“Yes, Master.” I couldn’t believe I’d actually answered him. What was wrong with me? Was I going to allow this to happen? I was quivering all over, electricity running all through my system. Shame mixed with desire, driving me to a heightened state. My entire body was on fire, my nipples erect. Oh, my God. This was insane.

“Once you’re punished, you will be absolved of your sins.” He released his strong hold, caressing my cheek, his massive hand wrapping around my throat as if he was taking possession of it.

“Yes. Master.” Stars floated in front of my eyes, my breath stolen.

“Much better. Tonight I’ll use wood, the perfect implement for such a naughty girl.”

“Yes, Master.” Everything about this was so wrong, but my hunger swelled.

The answer seemed to please him. He brushed his thumb across my lips, leaning down until I could feel his hot breath skipping across my skin. The scent of scotch and cinnamon mixed with his musky cologne, creating a wave of desire.

“Good girl. Severe punishment bruising your beautiful skin. Perfect for a bad little girl like you.” He dropped his hand between my legs, his fingers easily slipping past the thin elastic of my panties, sliding between my pussy lips. After taking a deep breath, he swirled the tip of a single finger around my clit several times then pinched the tender tissue between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes, Master.” I was already breathless, parting my legs as wide as the skirt would allow before he even asked. The pain was exquisite. Heat rose from my neck to my cheeks, fueled by continued shame. This was so unlike me in every way.

He stared at me intensely and I had no doubt his cock was engorged, his balls swollen and aching. A quick snap of his wrist and the hard slap against my pussy forced an unexpected moan. I heard the sound of a slight rip as he yanked my panties aside. He thrust his fingers deep inside, pumping in a rapid fashion then slapped my pussy again. The powerful man thought he knew exactly what I needed.

Pain before pleasure.

This was insane.

Easing his hand from between my legs, he rubbed his fingers back and forth across my lips then polished off his drink. “You’re in desperate need. Aren’t you? You came here as a last resort to find what’s been missing in your life.”

“Yes, Master. Very much so.” I licked my lips in appreciation.

“Then let’s not waste any time. There are a few rooms here that may be used, for very special clientele. You will come with me.” His eyes were full of lust.

I hadn’t known about the rooms and the concept was terrifying as well as exciting. “Yes, Master.”

He took my hand into his as he lowered his head, pressing his lips against mine.

The kiss was delicious, passionate in a manner I hadn’t experienced in so long. As he darted his tongue inside, entwining his with mine, I felt very safe with him. The concept was bizarre, but I was a good judge of character. He would never allow anything to happen to me.

Breaking the kiss, he dipped the index finger of his other hand into the swell between my breasts, inhaling before nodding toward the back of the club. “Tonight I will give you what you deserve the most, a harsh spanking. If you’re a very good girl, there might even be more, but only I will decide.”

“Yes, Master.” I lowered my head out of respect, streaks of light twisting in dazzling colors in front of my eyes as he paraded me through the crowd and toward the back of the club. I was shaking all over, once again rationalizing why I was here. Could I actually go through with this? I’d never been spanked, had no understanding of discipline in any regard, other than the garbage my ex had tossed out. My stomach ached even as my pussy quivered and I’d never been so embarrassed as I walked by the other customers. Could they tell what was about to happen?

Oh, God. Oh, God!

I took several deep breaths, my already erect nipples scraping against the skin-tight bustier. The swirling lights of the dance floor made my eyes hazy, drawing me into another world. Featureless faces in the crowd appeared one after another, shadowed by the lighting. And everywhere I turned, faces were watching me, as if they knew I was receiving the very first spanking of my life.

Shuddering, I shut down my emotions and thoughts, merely becoming the obedient little girl my master required. When he pulled me into one of the rooms, I was forced to hold back a whimper. This was actually coming true. He closed the door behind us, remaining silent.

“Remove your clothes,” he commanded as he glanced around the room.

I almost stopped the entire thing, but just studying the sexy man made my mouth water. You can do this. You are a bad little girl. So many emotions rushed through me, shame and lust, fear and excitement. This was crazy, but I obeyed him. My fingers fumbled as I began to untie the bustier.

He turned to study me, his arms folded and his legs apart. There was something magnetic about his eyes, the shimmer in them a powerful draw.

After undressing, I stood in the center of the room, my arms at my sides. He approached, his face expressionless and walked around me in a complete circle. I could feel the heat of his body as he inched closer. I’d never felt so naked or so embarrassed. This shouldn’t be happening, especially with a stranger, but it was.

I craved his touch, his kiss, and more than anything, I hungered to have his thick cock inside me.

My lower lip quivered as he inspected every inch of my trembling body. I could see desire on his face, unbridled lust as he determined what he would do.

His fingers dragged down from the side of my neck, curling under one then the other breast. When he cupped both, squeezing, I sucked in my breath. “Beautiful as well as disobedient. I can tell you have a difficult time with authority.” He pinched my nipples, twisting until the agony was excruciating.

And I wanted to beg for more. Confusion rocked my mind, making my lower lip tremble and my heart race.

“You are in tremendous need tonight,” he mused, chuckling under his breath.

“Yes, Master.”

He trailed his hand along my stomach and across my hipbones to the small of my back, running his fingers all the way down the crack. “Perhaps one day I will fuck you in the ass, shoving my cock so deep inside that you beg for more. Maybe tonight. Depends on if you can be obedient.”

The thought gave me a series of ravaging visions and I succumbed to the peaceful moment. My nerves were already less on edge, my blood pressure decreasing. “Yes, Master.”

Two hard swats on my bottom brought me out of my reverie.

“Do you see that lovely creation over there?” he asked, pointing to an apparatus positioned in the center of the room.

“Yes, Master.”

“This is a very special design and a piece salvaged after the Great War. There are very few in existence.”

I swallowed several times as I studied the bench, wooden in design with leather padding in strategic locations. A spanking bench. I’d only seen them in pictures. As he guided me toward the piece, I felt lightheaded. When he eased me over, I sense my pussy slickening my thighs, a dead giveaway of my intense arousal.

You can’t want this. You can’t. You can’t!

The inner voice was right, but I didn’t want this to stop.

He wasted no time shackling my wrists and ankles, my legs spread wide open, my ass inches above everything else. I felt so vulnerable in this position, completely immobile and everything about it was freeing even as humiliation crowded in. I was awash with electricity crackling every cell in my body from his fingers dancing down my spine. The anticipation was almost as delicious as the outcome.

Everything about this moment was raw sin, completely shameful. I closed my eyes, shaken to the core as he caressed my ass cheeks before dancing the tips of his fingers across my swollen pussy lips. I couldn’t help but let out a ragged moan, clenching my fists.

“My hope is that I can help teach you to be obedient. There are methods that can work.” He said the words in a casual fashion, as if he was an expert.

In his hands, I felt so small, but a ravenous excitement surged through every cell, driving me on edge.

He issued several hard slaps before wiggling his thumb into my dark hole. His deep breaths mixed with my scattered breathing. I was shocked, gasping for air. The pain was intense, if only for a few seconds, melding into a wonderful bliss. I should beg him to stop, to run away and never look back.

But I couldn’t.

Bad girl. Bad girl. Bad girl.

“Tight hole. Wet pussy. Perfection,” he said hoarsely as he pumped his thumb in and out. When he removed his finger, I felt a loss, but this was just the beginning. He walked away, moving toward a tall cabinet.

Bucking backwards, I struggled against my bindings after he selected an implement. The hard thudding sound as he slapped his chosen paddle against his hand brought an additional set of tingles. This wasn’t about romance or foreplay, and the spanking began only seconds later.

The first smack was positioned square in the middle of my ass cheeks. There was no instant pain, as if my body was on slight delay, but the sound reverberated in my ears and the force was jarring.

He struck again, the impact driving my stomach into the cool leather. A slight chill slithered up my legs, heat beginning to sizzle. By the third and fourth spank, the pain became white hot, blinding to the point I clenched my fists, taking several deep breaths. I didn’t want to scream, to give into the agony. I wasn’t a girl who cried and had no desire to do so now, no matter the tremendous pain.

When he tapped the edge against both thighs, I concentrated on his ragged breathing, unable to stop shaking. I had a feeling he wanted to break down every defense, but no man would be able to do that. Ever.

My resolve was too much for him. I took several deep breaths and he started again, only this time his smacks were brutal, the agony biting. Blood coursed through every vein in my body, my pussy clenching and almost climaxing. Would I bruise, finding it difficult to sit down for days? Would I be able to stand myself after tonight?

Growling, he swung again. And again. He moved into a perfect rhythm, one coming after the other. I was thrown into absolute dichotomy of bliss and pain, the anguish shifting to ecstasy.

At least the rage that had continued to build was dispelled, flying away. Everything about this was magical as well as sinful. I was floating. I was so alive. Then there was nothing. A single whimper slipped past my lips.

“My pain whore. You are in need. I will make certain your bottom is a bright crimson, exactly what you require.”

“Yes, Master,” I struggled to say, the heat increasing on my ass cheeks. Was I in need? I had no idea at this point, except I was so aroused I was shaking.

I was aware he’d selected a second implement, the thinner wood whooshing through the air just seconds before striking my bottom, one coming after the other. I could envision my blushing skin, the reddened welts crisscrossing my buttocks and even my upper thighs. The sting was painful, my mouth pursed as tiny whimpers were all that I would allow myself to emit.

The round of discipline continued until I was left exhausted and aching, as well as full of shame.

And almost satisfied.


I wanted him, his cock shoved into my mouth, my tongue licking up every drop of sweet cum. I yearned to have his cock shoved into my pussy, ravaging me like a crazed animal.

Sweet Jesus, I needed him to violate my asshole, taking me where no man had before. I’d never wanted anything so much in my life, but the desire was so wrong. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.

Oh, God!

Bad girl!

The words were true. I was a disobedient woman, but I still wanted this intoxicating mystery man.

“You did very well. I’m proud of you,” he whispered darkly, his hot breath sliding across my back.

The paddle was dropped to the floor, skidding toward the front of the bench. I blinked several times as I calmed my breathing, finding focusing of any kind so difficult. This was as close to nirvana as I would ever have, and I lolled in the afterglow.

He issued a series of ragged breath sounds as he rubbed his fingers down the length of my spine. “So beautiful. Now, so obedient.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I hunger for you.”

I clenched and unclenched my fists as he brushed his fingers in aimless circles on my bruised bottom, making me shiver even more. I heard the sound of his buckle and held my breath. Was it possible he was going to use the leather strap on me as well?

“I’m going to fuck you now, sweet Eve.” He bent down, planting a series of kisses along my spine. Then I felt the tip of his cock sliding up and down, finding my pussy lips. As he slipped his cockhead just inside, spreading me, I held my breath.

Master gripped my hips, his rugged fingers digging into my skin just seconds before he thrust the entire length of his cock inside, filling my pussy completely.

This time, I yelped, my arms yanking the straps holding me down. He was so damn savage in his actions, driving in what seemed like a blinding rage of need. His skin slapped against my bruised ass, adding to the intensity. I was gasping for air, my heart thumping against my chest walls.

My God, he was fucking me. I was shaken, uncertain of what to think. He’d read my mind, knew what I longed for.

Fuck me.

Use me.

Shame me.

“This is exactly what you needed,” he stated, his tone husky and more sensuous than before.

“Yes, Master.” I doubted he heard my words or even cared. He was in absolute control, demanding with every action.

“I could fuck you like this every day.”

My pussy muscles clamped around his shaft, swallowing him in deeper. I was so wet and felt beads of juice trickle between my legs. Every synapsis was on fire, ready to combust as he pumped harder and faster. The creaking noises of the bench made me smile and I closed my eyes, accepting the hard fucking like a good girl.

“My little slut.”

He wrapped his hand around my neck, squeezing until I saw stars, no longer able to focus. The air was slowly being cut off and still he thrust in such a vicious manner I was taken aback. I could almost swear we were connected in some unseen manner, fulfilling an insatiable hunger.

As his breathing changed, becoming more scattered, I clenched my pussy once again. This time he let out a strangled roar, the sound floating up to the heavens.

I would perhaps remember his stern punishment or even his eyes, shimmering pools that gave such a vibrant look into his damaged soul.

But I would soon forget what I could see of his face and likely his touch.

The realization threw extreme sadness into my very soul. A little girl lost in search of forever.

I snickered at the thought. In this world, there was no such thing.

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