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Rough By Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One



I was so cold that I couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering.

Unbearable icy cold settled deep into the marrow of my bones. A hard shiver raced down my spine as I sat on the small cot and curled into an even tighter ball in order to preserve any semblance of warmth through my tired limbs. I wound my arms around my knees at the same time that my stomach growled angrily in protest. I didn’t remember when I’d last eaten anything. A woman groaned near me and I looked around at the assortment of captive omegas all inside this dank wet cell with me.

In time, each one of us would be taken to be washed, poked, and prepared for sale. We’d be put up on stage in a cage for the highest bidder in order to raise funds for the enemy’s war.

Upon my capture, they’d stripped me of my clothes so that I had nothing with which to fight back. No weapons. No hidden blades.


The walk from Ravenrath to Kingsworth had taken more than a week by my estimation, but it had been difficult to tell because we were so far underground. I missed the warmth of the sun on my skin. All I’d felt was icy cold and moist air ever since and for some reason now it felt even worse.

I rubbed my left wrist. It was incredibly sore, and it hurt even more when I put pressure on it. I angled my arm just enough to catch what dim light was cast off by the torch some ways away and sucked in a gasp at what I saw. There was a small purple bruise and something of a round cut that was indicative of a sloppy blood draw.

They must have sedated us overnight and taken it without any of us knowing. What could they be looking for? They knew we were omegas, women destined to succumb to instinct that demanded they spread their legs for the nearest alpha. What more did they need to know than that terrible fate?

The clink of a steel-toed boot on stone rang out like a gunshot deep down here in the near-silence, catching me off guard. Chewing my lip, I lifted my gaze enough so that my eyes would still be hooded by my thick frame of eyelashes. I didn’t want them to know I was watching and waiting, looking for any hint of their identities or whatever else I could learn.

There were two of them dressed in blood-red robes. With the hoods up, I couldn’t quite see their faces. I studied their gait closely, recognizing the particular roll of a foot of one of the usual guards that had attended us for the past several days. It must be time to change shifts.

“I just can’t believe Borgan is dead,” one of them said, while the other scoffed in disbelief.

“It was about time for leadership to move, I think. That old man sat on the throne for almost sixty years already. He’d grown frail and weak,” he answered.

“That’s true. It leaves a little room for us to finally move up the chain, I guess.”

“What a way to go though, isn’t it? Eating a celebratory dinner at the delivery of a fresh set of highly profitable omegas, opening a fancy old bottle of wine, and dropping dead right in your plate of mashed potatoes and butter.”

One of the men snorted with laughter.

“I’d rather die with my cock sunk deep in some omega pussy.”

The laughter grew louder, and I heard the telltale sloshing of a liquid. I squinted my eyes and the man laughing was sipping something out of a metal pint glass. Probably beer or mead.

“Yeah, that would be a way to go, wouldn’t it.”

They were silent for a moment as they enjoyed their booze.

“What do you think of the new king? The one they’ll be crowning tonight?”

“Magnar? He’s strong and in his prime. They say he’s a warrior.”

“Is he now…”

“Yes. There’s a scar across his left cheek from someone that tried to kill him in his sleep. Rumor has it Magnar threw the man out a window and he screamed all the way down until he hit the rock below. When the sun rose in the morning, the rock was covered with the assassin’s blood.”

“I’d heard rumors that he was vicious. He’ll be a ruthless king and that’s exactly what Kingsworth needs.”

“Borgan has known peace for ages. He was never a king to act. He always sat back and just let things happen.”

“Not this new king. The Alpha Brotherhood will learn that Magnar is a man to be feared. He’s the kind of ruler that will destroy that blemish on society once and for all.”

“Cheers to that.”

The clinking of one metal cup against another rang loudly and the women all around me began to stir.

“It’s about time to get her, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. The beauticians will complain if they don’t get at least ten hours with her and I’ll be the one to hear all about their suffering.”

“Can I at least finish my mead first?”

“I plan on finishing mine.”

I licked my lips. I hadn’t known the old king had died. He’d still been a figure at the head of the city when I’d allowed myself to be captured by the enemy more than a week ago. This could change things for me.

The two guards continued to murmur about more mundane things and I only half-listened for any relevant information, but I learned nothing more useful from the two buffoons.

Instead, I started looking around me at the women clustered into small groups. Every one of them had the distinctive omega structure. Small, thin, curvy, and beautiful. Some were brunette. There were a number of redheads and several blondes mixed in. I scanned every visible wrist I could see, taking note of the fact that all of them had markings like mine. The Cult had taken blood from all of us.

They were looking for something, likely testing all of us.

The guards cleared their throats. They’d finished their drinks and had since moved to the door of the cage.

“Back from the door. We’re here for only one of you,” the one on the left said.

“You. Blue eyes. Blonde hair,” the other said, and he pointed right at me.

My mouth opened in surprise, but I knew better than to answer. The Cult was a man’s world, and they didn’t expect a woman, especially an omega, to talk back. I stood up bravely and walked a bit shakily to the door of the cage. They turned the key in the latch and the harsh squeal of metal screamed all around us as they opened the door. I started a bit at the sound, but I recovered quickly as they reached forward and grabbed my wrist roughly. I was unable to keep myself quiet as his dirty fingers dug into the bruised flesh of my arm, and he grinned wildly with a deviant sense of pride.

“This one is a prize,” he chuckled, and the man with him stiffened.

“I know,” the other answered.

“What if we just played around with her a bit. No one would know,” he continued.

“Even if you wanted her, you couldn’t afford her, you fucking numbskull. Touch her and sign your own death warrant,” the guard scoffed with annoyance.

“I know. Nice to dream though. I bet her slick will smell real good,” he grunted, and I had to force back a shudder of revulsion.

“Let’s just get her where she needs to be.”

“Where are you taking me?” I ventured bravely, but meekly enough not to pose a challenge.

“You’ll find out soon,” the guard answered, and they whisked me away, naked and barefoot out of the dungeons of Kingsworth.

Hours later, I’d been washed, shaved, and anointed with several different kinds of fragrant oils. My hair had been trimmed and styled carefully. My face had been painted with rouge and powders, giving me a soft glow that I’d never experienced before. By the time the stylists were through with me, I felt like a new woman. My blonde hair shone so brightly that it was nearly white. The colors around my eyes played up my icy blue irises, the ones I’d inherited from my father.

The Ghost. The leader of the Alpha Brotherhood. The man who sent me here to Kingsworth with the sole mission of infiltrating and identifying members of the Cult.

I tried to talk to the servants assisting me, but they shook their heads. I continued trying to ask questions, and one of them finally tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my head and watched as she opened her mouth.

A cold chill of shock raced down my spine.

The Cult had cut out her tongue. I hadn’t known.

I swallowed heavily and apologized profusely. She shook her head and smiled softly, silently telling me that I hadn’t offended her. I didn’t ask any more questions after that.

When I was finally ready, the woman brought me a silky dress that she wrapped around my body. It was the same color blue as my eyes, and I felt rather ethereal in it as she tied it around my waist. She knelt down and slipped a pair of dark blue ballet flats onto my feet. Finally, she opened a velvet box and took out a silver necklace. With a soft sigh, she stood behind me and clasped it around my neck.

I looked back in the mirror, studying the way the glimmering icy blue stone caught the light. I looked like a princess. Any other woman would have been happy to be primped and prodded like this, but I felt like I was being prepared for slaughter.

Maybe I was.

The Cult had taken me and now they were preparing me for my buyer. From what we knew about the Cult, omegas were prepared in batches and auctioned off to a number of alpha men. I’d never heard of a single woman being taken like this and my guard was raised because of it.

Whatever was coming for me, I would be ready. I thanked the servants that had readied me and bowed my head in deference. They smiled back at me and I heard the door open behind me. Their grins faltered and they rushed back to work. I turned my head and took in three masked figures. The masks were simple, painted black wood indicative of the Cult of the Blood Moon. These three had a few decorative elements though, the most obvious being the dark red ruby in the middle of the mask’s forehead, as well as white war paint on the cheeks and around the gemstone. The fabric of their robes was elegant and likely very expensive as well.

These three were important and they’d come to retrieve me.

They kept a triangular formation as they approached me. I noted one had green eyes, one had brown eyes, and the one at the center had two different colored irises, one blue and the other brown. As they walked, I tried to discern anything unique about their gaits because I couldn’t see their faces. The one with brown eyes rolled his right ankle. I’d have to watch that one even more closely.

“She sure cleans up beautifully. She’ll be a worthy gift,” the man with the multicolored eyes murmured. He stood at the center of the configuration, leading me to believe that he was likely the leader.

“Dinner will begin soon. We should hurry this along,” green eyes offered.

“He will certainly be pleased. If his new rank doesn’t make him happy, this pretty omega certainly will,” brown eyes declared.

“Indeed,” the center man replied. “Come now, it’s time. You will follow us.”

They turned to walk out of the room, and I did as I was told. For a moment, I fought with the instinct to run. I knew better though. I was at the center of a Cult stronghold. If I tried to escape, it wouldn’t be long before I was caught and running wasn’t what I was sent here to do. I was here to learn, to observe, and to gather as much information about the enemy as I could.

So, I followed. I didn’t know if I was walking to my death or into the cruel hands of one of the top members of the Cult. I observed my surroundings as I walked, taking in the opulence and luxury all around me. From the handwoven carpets beneath my feet to the intricately embroidered tapestries on the walls and windows, everything screamed ancient wealth. Some of the curtains were drawn, but a few were open, allowing the sunlight to stream in. When we passed one, I deliberately slowed my steps to take in the view.

Kingsworth spread out all around us for miles. It appeared we were at the center of the city and as I studied the lands a bit more closely, I realized that I could only be in one place.

I was in one of the upper towers of the castle.

The cultist with brown eyes turned back.

“Don’t dawdle, omega,” he warned. He turned away briskly and that’s when I noticed something very particular about the way he walked. It was as if he was hiding a limp. I watched him more closely as I picked up my pace, noticing that on occasion that he forgot to conceal whatever old injury it was. Beneath the robes, he was hiding an injured left knee.

The other two didn’t show any distinctive traits that I could tell other than the color of their eyes.

They led me into a grand room, and at once I was taken with the thick fur carpets. I lifted my eyes to peruse the fine oil paintings along the walls depicting warriors on the battlefield and royalty in fancy robes, and that’s when a man cleared his throat.

At the center of the room was a menacing throne built of what appeared to be human bones and gigantic ivory elephant tusks. It was a terrifying sight, but not nearly as scary as the man standing next to it.

He was the biggest man I’d ever seen. I didn’t even have to scent the air to tell that he was an alpha. Instead, his aroma called to me. Without warning, my heart beat harder and the blood pumping through my veins rushed even faster. I swallowed, trying to rein in my body’s response as much as I could.

Forest green irises bored into mine, capturing me in their intensity and holding me captive. I couldn’t look away no matter how hard I tried. His jawline tensed and I took note of the thick beard covering his face. His hair was dark chocolate and tied back in a ponytail. The sides of his scalp were shaved bare, revealing dark black tattoos that signified the mark of a battle-hardened warrior. There was a series of black notches that disappeared underneath the heavy furs around his shoulders, marks that signified every man that he’d killed himself.

I recognized the pelts he wore on his thick, muscled frame. They originated from far north, fearsome wolves large enough to eat a man whole. Once men, they were rumored to have once shifted under the light of the moon and never returned to their human form. Their furs were exceedingly rare. Many men died trying to claim the riches that came with the sale of one. This man was wearing several whole ones himself.

I swallowed heavily, fearing him already. He cocked his head to the side, studying me intently, and I held my head high, forcing myself to appear as though I was unafraid and undaunted by his menacing appearance. He smirked slightly, as if he could read my thoughts, and I narrowed my eyes at him in challenge.

“What is this?” he asked. He sounded annoyed.

His voice was like butter and my nipples pebbled almost instantly. I hoped that they wouldn’t show through the thin fabric of the dress. The attendants hadn’t given me a bra or panties to wear, forcing me to be exceedingly aware of my nakedness beneath it.

“A gift for you, Magnar. A proper gift for an alpha that is to be crowned as king of our magnificent city,” the center Cultist offered boldly.

The king glared at me for a long moment before he turned away.

“I did not ask for a wife,” he growled.

I don’t know why, but his rejection made the air rush out of my lungs. A cold simmering feeling rolled in my belly and I made myself stand tall. I took a deep shaky breath and glared back at him. I don’t know why, but it hurt.

“It is a gift from me, my king,” the bicolored Cultist offered.

Magnar sighed, crossing his arms over his chest as his gaze returned to me. He pointedly looked me up and down, pausing rather arrogantly at my chest and at the cusp of my hips.

“Omegas make alphas weak,” he spat. His glare deepened and I couldn’t shake the feeling in my chest that not only did he not want me, but he was also disgusted by me.

“This is not just any omega, sire. She is much rarer than that. She is a sigma,” the man explained.

I stiffened. What the fuck was that?

“A sigma,” he repeated flatly.

“My lord, a sigma is very special indeed. You see, she is at her core an omega, but her blood is very special. It will protect you. It is known that a sigma’s blood can cure a wound, fatal or not. It is also rumored that her blood may grant you long life,” the Cultist explained, and my breath caught in my throat.

“We found her in the most recent omega haul and knew she was a gift that would only befit a king,” he continued.

“A special gift indeed,” Magnar answered. He sounded only slightly less irritated than before.

“We will leave you now. We’ll see you at the crowning celebration shortly,” the Cultist replied. The two at his side stayed silent and I watched as they left the throne room together. They didn’t look back and the two great mahogany doors shut behind them, closing me and the future king together in a single room with a reverberating boom.

“What is your name, sigma?” Magnar said gruffly. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought there was a slightly gentler air to his tone now that we were alone together.

“Ariana,” I dared to answer.

“You’re a very unexpected gift, Ariana. I was not prepared to take an omega,” he ventured, stepping down the slightly raised stage that the throne was on.

“I had not expected to be given,” I replied curtly. My mind was still reeling from the information about my genetic makeup. I’d always known I was an omega, destined to give in to instinct and beg to be rutted by an alpha through my heat once it took hold. All my life, I’d taken suppressants to keep my nature at bay, but I had lost them once the Cult took me as their captive.

His eyes turned back on me with a fierce haunted look. He stepped even closer to me and I was made aware of how much taller he was than me. How much bigger. How much stronger. Without any effort at all, he could probably lift me off the floor and toss me across the room as if I was nothing but a pebble in his way.

If he decided to claim me as an alpha, right here, right now, there would be nothing I could do to fight him.

Nature had done that. Nature had made it all but impossible for an omega to fight an alpha. It was my fate and when he finally stood in front of me, my body responded even more vividly to his close vicinity. I could feel the first trickle of my slick dripping down the bare folds between my legs. There was no doubt in my mind that he could smell it too.

His rough fingers grasped my chin, and he lifted my eyes toward his. There was a glimmer of recognition in those eyes, but he turned away almost as quickly as his touch had come. I could feel his fingers on my skin long after they left me, electrifying trickles of tension arcing between us whether we wanted them to or not.

“I do not want you. I am to be crowned king and I don’t need a woman at my side to weaken me or distract me from my duty,” he declared forcefully. He refused to look at me and I stared at the back of his tattooed scalp. As he turned, the fur pelt jostled enough to reveal a blood-red layer beneath. I took a brazen step toward him and grabbed the edge, turning it up to look at the fabric. It was the same cloth that the Cultists’ robes were made of.

“You are a Cultist yourself,” I observed, careful to keep any hint of interest out of my voice.

“That I am,” he spat. I let go of the furs as if they had burned my fingers.

I don’t know why I was surprised. It made sense for the Cult to put one of their one on the throne in a city as massive as Kingsworth.

“I am yours to do with as you wish,” I eventually whispered.

He shook his head, and for some insane reason, his refusal to accept me threw me off guard. I wasn’t ready to say I was upset by it, but it was unexpected all the same. I tried to rein in my emotions. It proved difficult.

“Let me tell you how it is going to be, Ariana. You will present yourself as a king’s omega is expected to. You will speak only when spoken to. You will kneel by my feet and serve me whenever I ask it of you. You will be safe at my side, but I will not touch you like an alpha touches an omega,” he said quietly, his voice just loud enough for me to hear.

“If you do not want me, why keep me?” I answered curtly.

“I cannot refuse a gift from the men that gave you to me. It would be disrespectful,” he whispered. His dark green eyes turned back toward me and I realized there were distinctive flecks of yellow in them. On further study, they were quite regal to behold.

A knock sounded on the door and he stiffened before it opened.

“Kneel, omega,” he demanded. He cocked his head to the side arrogantly and pointed cruelly at the floor. I reluctantly knelt down on the fur carpet and sat back on my heels, waiting for what would come next. It wouldn’t do any good to make a scene now.

Three men walked in the door. I studied them carefully. They were dressed in simple finery that spoke of their station. Light brown leather tunics covered their chests, embellished with fox fur mantles on their shoulders. Each one wore a necklace that signified their role. One wore a carved stone hand, an insignia that represented the hand of the king. The second wore one signifying that he was the master of coin and the third wore one signifying he was the reigning commander of Kingsworth’s forces. They were three men of a much larger group that gathered as the king’s council, a royal court that advised the king on matters of great political and financial importance.

They strode in with gleeful grins.

“It is time for your crowning, my king,” the hand of the king began. His brown eyes glanced from me to him knowingly and his smile grew even more salacious. “I’m very much looking forward to the festivities,” he added as he glanced up and down my body.

I forced myself to suppress a snarl of disgust at his obvious interest.

“Then let us join. Come, omega,” Magnar responded. He offered me an arm and I took it a bit tentatively. The advisors chuckled and turned to leave the room. Magnar took several steps and led me along to the door, before he leaned down and whispered a word of warning into my ear.

“It would be in your best interest to be obedient in the eyes of those watching, my pretty omega. I don’t know where you come from, but here in Kingsworth, a defiant omega is punished rather harshly. You would do well to remember that,” he said softly.

“Yes, Alpha,” I spat.

I didn’t need him to remind me. I already knew I was in danger just by being here. I would use this match of convenience to my own advantage.

The cruel, arrogant king wouldn’t stop me from achieving what I was sent here to do.

I would listen. I would learn and I would figure out how to destroy the Cult of the Blood Moon from the inside out.

Chapter Two


She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Her blonde hair shone white in the sunlight, sparkling like the light of the moon so much that I yearned to touch it and run my fingers through it. Her icy blue eyes drew me in. She had the delicate features of an omega, a small frame, a thin waist that curved out to her hips, firm pert breasts that would fit in the palm of my hand. There was something else about her, a certain strength in her poise, in the way she looked back at me. She wasn’t afraid of me like everyone else.

She should be. She didn’t know what kind of monster she was looking back at in open challenge.

The arrival of the beautiful omega was quite unexpected and entirely unwanted. Her brilliant blue eyes had met mine without fear and with so much innocence that it tore at the blackness of my heart. I had never wanted a bride. I lived a far too dangerous life to take one, but when the leaders of the Cult of the Blood Moon gave a gift, I knew better than to refuse them.

It was through them that I had been granted the throne of Kingsworth, a role I’d worked long and hard to earn. I’d killed men. I’d usurped others and I’d taken their power for myself, not caring who or what I hurt in my climb up the ranks.

I’d been under the Cult’s wing for so long I almost wondered if I had become as evil as they were. I was deep undercover, placed here so long ago by a man who had led the Alpha Brotherhood. Sometimes I wondered where my loyalties lay and other times, I remembered the cruelty of the Cult I’d been sent to infiltrate.

I’d killed to get where I was. I’d slain whoever was necessary by following a code of my own. Along the way, I’d done whatever I could to avoid hurting any women or children. When ordered to kill them, I made them disappear into exile so that they would never be seen or heard of again. I lived by that vow and the appearance of this omega threatened that immensely. I didn’t know if the Cult was testing me, but one thing was for certain.

I couldn’t trust her, and I would never take her as my mate. I couldn’t risk it.

My cock disagreed. The scent of her at my side was torture, a soft fragrance of wildflowers, cherry blossoms, and raspberries all around her, but that all paled to the aroma of the slick dripping in between her thighs.

Her omega wanted my alpha. I wasn’t going to give that to her.

Carefully, I widened the distance between us. If she noticed, she said nothing at all, and I didn’t press the issue. If anything, she sighed with relief. When we reached the grand hall, it was already full of the royal court, all of my advisors, and whoever else was rich enough to secure a seat for the celebration of the new king. It was a grand showing of the Cult’s finances and power and I would be their crowning achievement this day.

If I hadn’t worked so hard to get here, it would sicken me. I didn’t let even a hint of that show as I walked into the room. I observed the attendees with indifference and walked up on the raised area where the king and his royal advisors were expected to sit. I tugged the reluctant omega at my side along with me. There was a chair at the center meant to mimic my throne, created from the bones of the men I’d slain on the battlefield and those of my enemies that had tried and failed to take me down along the way. I sat down and the crowd roared.

I stared out at the people gathered before me, the people I was meant to rule. A servant poured me a full goblet of red wine and I took it graciously before taking a long draw of the burgundy liquid.

A much smaller wooden chair was brought to my side and I gave the omega leave to relax beside me in silence. I watched her carefully as she observed the room and her eyes widened at something in the corner. I lifted my gaze to see what she was looking at and I stilled.

There was a bed in the corner of the room, lifted high on the newly built stage for everyone in the room to see. There was no guessing its future role.

The Cult expected me to take my omega to heel right here, in front of everyone as a celebration of my crowning. I ground my teeth together, turning away with a hard grimace.

I wouldn’t do it. I would accept their gift and I would do it gracefully, but I wasn’t going to take her as an alpha takes an omega in front of the entire royal court. I was going to do things my way.

I stood and my closest advisor Neegan approached me. I glanced down at the hand of the king emblem on his chest and at the pillow in his hands.

He brought with him the crown and the crowd went silent. Silently, I bowed my head as he placed the pillow down on the table. He picked up the angular silver crown and slowly placed it on top of my head.

The sound of chanting started to rise.

“Long live King Magnar,” they chanted, repeating it over and over as the volume soon grew to a deafening drumbeat that made the very pebbles on the ground tremble in its power.

I pounded my fist hard against my chest.

“Long may we reign, my people of Kingsworth,” I shouted and every single person within that Great Hall roared with approval. I could feel the rising tension in the omega by my side. She was uneasy and I did nothing to ease her woes.

At once, the Great Hall was filled with a line of servants bringing beer, mead, and wine to the masses. There were continual cheers and shrieks of laughter. Today was a joyous day. I was meant to bring the city happiness and hope. The crowning of a new king when the world was on the brink of war.

All of my work had come down to this day. Tomorrow I would figure out what to do next.

One course of food after another was brought out in a lavish display of the wealth and glory of Kingsworth. There were no expenses spared on this day of celebration and I knew it was a showing of power from those who led the Cult.

The crowd started to sing songs of me, chanting renditions of my exploits and of my reputation both on and off the battlefield. I listened carefully, pleased to hear that much of the songs spoke of the people’s mutual respect and fear of me. It was an image I’d cultivated very carefully and one I worked incredibly hard to maintain.

One I was going to have to live up to while also ensuring the omega beside me wasn’t put in danger.

The raised bed in the corner of the room was both a beacon and a message, but I had been crowned king before all of these people. I would do things as I saw fit. The Cult wanted a show, and I would give them one, but I would do it my way.

With a deep breath, I plucked the wineglass from Ariana’s fingers and placed it on the table. Purposefully, I took her hand and led her in front of the table. A rolling hush came over the crowd, curious eyes watching the interplay of an alpha king and his omega.

“My people…” I began, waiting for the room to go completely quiet.

“You know who I am, but I fear I’ve neglected to introduce you to someone very important to me,” I continued, maneuvering her to stand in front of me. Casually, I placed one hand on either shoulder, noting how tiny she felt beneath my grasp.

“One day soon, I will take this woman as my mate, but that is not all. She will be my bride and she will also be your queen,” I declared, and she stiffened under my fingers.

“But, my dear people, she is not yet any of those things. She stands before you as simply an omega that has yet to feel the hands of her alpha on her naked skin,” he continued, and she tensed even harder beneath me.

Too swiftly to allow her to react, I grasped the sides of her dress and tore it open, exposing the body I knew was bare beneath. I glanced down, noting that her nipples were pebbled hard. The sound of ripping fabric filled the air as I made quick work of the garment that once covered her beautiful body and in a span of moments, I threw what was left of it to the ground.

“This pretty omega before you has never been properly put in her place by her alpha. You can see it in the way she lifts her chin, at the way to bites her lip in order to keep quiet, and the way her face tenses in an effort to hold back how much she wants to challenge me. She wants to challenge her king,” I exclaimed, and the crowd perched forward on their seats with bated breath. They wanted to see what I would do, of how their new king would handle his omega.

“Now my omega has been obedient thus far, so I don’t intend to punish her before all of you. I simply plan to give her a taste of what might happen should she displease me,” I continued. I said it more to calm the woman beneath my fingers, but I think the words functioned more to appease my own guilt about what I was going to have to do in order to placate the men who had put me here on the throne in the first place.

With restrained cruelty, I dug my fingers into the thick blonde hair at the back of her scalp and fisted it hard. She cried out at the pain, but I didn’t falter even as I lifted her several inches higher, forcing her to arch her back and stand on the tips of her toes. I put her on display for all to see. I showed them that I wasn’t afraid to. Quickly, I turned around and swept my other arm across the table, clearing the surface as I bent her over it without even a second’s hesitation.

She squeaked in surprise and I doubted she’d ever been manhandled like this before in her life.

“Let me go,” she spat, and I grinned.

The Cult wanted to see how much I appreciated my gift. I was going to show them that and so much more.

With my free hand, I caressed her naked backside. I allowed myself to gaze at her bare porcelain skin, fully enjoying the pale color that would soon wear the king’s mark.

She really was a beautiful gift.

But against me, she didn’t stand a chance.

I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy this next bit far more than she was and that made my cock as hard as iron.

I took a long moment to drag my fist up and down my shaft and the crowd went wild.

We lived in a land where alphas reigned, and this defiant little omega needed to be taught her place in that world.

I grinned as she struggled beneath me.

Oh, yes. I was really going to enjoy this.

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