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Roughneck: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


“Get out of my way, morons!” The lilting and very female voice drew my attention for the third time today alone.

I knew instantly who had the audacity to act like a child.

Summer Carter.

The blood racing through my veins kicked up into jet fuel, igniting every filthy inch of my six-foot five-inch frame. My balls tightened, my rock-hard cock throbbing like a son of a bitch and all I could think about was stripping her down and baring her rounded bottom for one severe spanking.

Like all bad girls needed.

Who in the hell did this girl think she was?

“Don’t go off half-cocked, Master.” A hand was placed on my forearm, as if that would stave off my increasing rage.

The crew only called me Master when they knew I was pissed off. Hearing the gruff voice, I glared at my second in command. Riley might be my best buddy, but right now I wanted to kick him square in the butt since I knew this had to be his bright idea.

Equal opportunity.

Hire a woman.

On a freaking offshore oil rig.


I adored women, their strengths and superior intelligence. Hell, we had a few women on the massive rig, but not in the capacity of a professional welder, the work grueling and dirty. Not that they couldn’t do the job, but this girl had something to prove, making mincemeat out of any man who dared try to give her advice. She was a feisty little thing as well as breathtakingly beautiful, but her careless actions were going to get someone hurt.

Not on my watch.

Moving closer to the edge of the deck, I took several deep breaths in an effort to stop delicious-as-sin images from rushing around in my Neanderthal brain.

Her pursed and pouty lips sucking on my thick shaft.

Her rosy little nipples ready to be twisted in my callused fingers.

Her sweet bald pussy juice slickening her porcelain skin.

Her long legs wrapped around my waist as I fucked her like a wild animal.

Shit. What the hell was I thinking?

“Goddamn motherfucker. Get the hell out of my way!” Snapping and tossing her safety mask, her angry voice filtered up along the steel poles, heading in our direction. Sunlight glinted off her copper-colored hair like a beacon from the Devil himself. At that very moment, every cell erupted in my body, igniting the passion I’d called dead and buried. “I can do this myself, you bitches!” she barked.

This assignment in particular was supposed to be a simple gig, a few months of working long hours for damn decent pay as well as quiet time to readjust from life in the Marines. Now, I was forced to deal with a wet-behind-the-ears firecracker. She might be sexy as fuck, but she was going to follow my rules one way or the other.

“She’ll calm down,” Riley insisted.

“How in the hell is that gonna happen? She’s tossing a fit like some prima donna brat, something she’s been doing since the minute she stepped foot on the rig. She’s spoiled all right. I think somebody needs to teach her a lesson.”

“Not a bad idea. Some of the crew are mighty tired of her antics as well as her nasty words,” Riley said in an offhanded fashion.

“Of course, it would help if I knew how the fuck she got on this rig in the first place.” Riley had hired three new crewmembers barely a week before, Summer being one of them. This was the third day I’d heard her shooting off her mouth, almost causing two fights. Three days too many. I shot him a nasty look before crossing my arms, waiting for her next explosion.

It came quickly after two members of the crew gestured some ridiculously inappropriate motions.

“You boys can’t best me in anything. Not a game of cards. Not arm wrestling and certainly not shoring up this rig.” She threw out her arms, acting like an unchained wildcat, her face wrenched in utter hatred and her emerald green eyes flashing. “In other words, none of you are man enough.”

“That’s it. I’ve had enough of her bullshit antics.”

Riley flanked my side, a mischievous look crossing his face as he stifled raucous laughter. He thought this shit was funny. “Remember, Summer is just a kid, but she holds her own. At least from what I can tell. I’ve had a couple good reports on her work.”

Holds her own. Jesus. “A couple, huh? And a kid, my ass. Unless you lied to me, she’s twenty-two and ought to know better than to act that way, especially on a rig full of men. Besides, this is a dangerous job and her actions could jeopardize the entire crew.”

Snickering, Riley slapped his hand over his mouth briefly, his eyes dancing with amusement. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Maybe you need to show her a thing or two about the hierarchy of ranks.”

Summer. The name suited her, all fire and brimstone and I could do more than just show her. “Exactly. She needs to learn a lesson and that starts right now.” I shimmied down the ladder, ignoring the rungs, dropping with a hard thud. Within seconds, I was standing two feet away from the voluptuous creature, trying my best to keep my eyes from falling to her well-endowed cleavage. All the control I’d taken pride in keeping had a difficult time preventing me from grabbing her, fisting and tangling my hand in her hair, and yanking her into an unbridled kiss. I blinked twice, forcing my raging libido back into the darkness, remembering my duties. She was a nemesis on this rig, her caustic mouth and ridiculous behavior putting lives in danger as well as pulling down the crew’s morale.

Or perhaps they all wanted to fuck her.

Either way, we had a job to do.

“Ms. Carter. You’re comin’ with me. We need to have a serious discussion that’s long overdue.” I said the words in an authoritative manner, expecting she would comply without question or pushback.

I was dead wrong.

“Like hell I will.”

“Excuse me?” I kept my tone even, doing everything I could to tamp back my conflicted anger. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Just like I said. I’m not finished with the assigned job yet and if your boys don’t get out of the way, I’m going to take a couple swings. You hired some lame asses. I’m a much better welder than all of them,” Summer spouted off to the rest of the crew. She planted her hands on her hips, her upper lip curling, every move a challenge.

To me alone.

Even with her face covered with dirt, her defiance was set in stone.

That was it. I’d certainly never taken this kind of insubordination as a master sergeant in the Marines and I definitely wasn’t going to take it from a foul-mouthed, long-legged bratty girl. Over my dead-ass body. I crowded her space, feeling the heat washing off her body. Now, my cock was throbbing, pinched against the tight confines of my pants. Damn her. “Perhaps you forget that I’m the supervisor on this rig, Ms. Carter. Something you need to remember.”

All she did was give me an intense stare, her eyes full of fury. I could tell she was used to getting her way, no doubt affording her the princess aura that surrounded her like a warm blanket.

“Make me,” she finally said.

The whoops and hollers from the rest of the crew made me see red. There was no one on the face of the earth that I would allow to toss my authority in the wind. Not a single man or opinionated young lady, at least who wanted to live anyway. I reacted, the intrinsic dominating side of me taking over.

Perhaps I should have listened to the inner voice telling me this was a bad idea.

Perhaps I should have remembered that she was just an employee.

But I didn’t.

I grabbed her around the waist, thrusting her over my shoulder in a flash, storming toward my quarters. This was something I would do in private. Hearing the clapping behind me as I walked, I huffed several times. I didn’t need this shit.

“Put me down, you brute.” She pummeled her tight fists against my back.

As if she could cause me any pain.

I’d certainly endured more than my share during my tenure in the military. This was nothing but an aggravation as well as a total turn-on. My God, she was more than a handful, the kind of brat that set me on edge.




But I knew exactly what to do with her kind of behavior.

“Not a chance, sugar,” I stated casually.

“Asshole. You’re a fucking asshole. Do you know that?” she huffed, struggling to get out of my arms.

My jaw tightened in an effort to keep from snapping back some nasty reply. She took my silence as a weakness, laughing and cussing under her breath as I headed into the hallway.

“I heard you’re some big-wig military hero or some shit. Well, you’re nothing but a chicken-shit as far as I’m concerned.” She laughed, managing to knee me in the gut.

Bristling, I gritted my teeth and threw open my cabin door, taking long strides inside and kicking it shut. I tossed her down onto her feet only to have her hand slap me across the face.

What. The. Fuck?

Summer seemed to understand almost instantly that she’d crossed the line. Slapping both hands over her mouth, her doe eyes were open wide. They were the greenest eyes I’d ever seen, shimmering even in the dim lighting, long eyelashes framing her high cheekbones. Whew. Her lips seemed permanently stained a luscious raspberry color, as if she’d devoured a bowlful. She was a handful and then some. She took two decided steps backwards, her heavy boots thumping on the tile floor.

I took several deep breaths before addressing the situation. “Here’s what I figure. We can handle this one of two ways.”

“This is bullshit! I didn’t do anything wrong. Your crew members are dim-witted!” She huffed again like a five-year-old and crossed her arms, crooking her lips into a mournful pout. As she moved from foot to foot, I could almost hear a distinct whine.

“Nothing wrong, huh? What about bossing the crew, my crew to be exact, cursing at them like some foul-mouthed sailor? What about throwing tantrums when you don’t get your way? Hmmm?”

“If your crew had any intelligence, I wouldn’t have to.”

Oh, that was it. It. I was finished with her princess attitude.

I cocked my head, lifting a single eyebrow. She was far too beautiful for her own good and she knew it too; voluptuous breasts that would fit into my hands nicely, a thin waist with rounded hips made for fucking, and those plump lips.

Damn it all to hell.

Somehow, the feisty little broad had gotten under my skin.

I held up my index finger, waiting until she stood still.

Like a good little girl.

“You call me an asshole one more time and I’m going to tan your hide until you won’t be able to sit down for a week. Do. You. Hear. Me?”

She seemed shocked by my statement, her entire body slumping. Then the wild child reared her ugly head. “You can’t do that. I’ll have you arrested.”

Breathe. The little wench was playing that card. Oh, two could play at that game. “Uh-huh. As I was saying, and you will not interrupt me again, you only have two choices. Am I clear, Summer?”

Silence. Rebellious silence.

Oh, for crying out loud, one way or the other she was getting a spanking, over my knee and pants and panties down. She remained defiant, glaring at me like a pistol before rolling her eyes.

All I had to do was take a single step closer and her lower lip quivered. Maybe she knew I meant business.

“Yes. Okay,” she finally said.

“Better. Here’s what we can do. One, I can send you packing on the next transport helicopter, back home to wherever you came from with a note to Mommy and Daddy stating that you are never allowed on a rig again.”

“No!” she snapped. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, I can, and I will.” I’d found her weakness. She was trying to prove something to Mommy or Daddy. I suspected her father. I made mental note to find out exactly who her parents were.

The silence only added fuel to my fire.

“Wha-what else?” she asked sheepishly.

“O-kay. My earlier idea seems to be one that you need desperately. The only other thing that can happen is that you’re going to receive one long, hard spanking. And every time you disobey me, you’re going to get another one. Always on your bare ass.”

Summer blinked once, twice then she jutted her head forward, a sly smile crossing her face. “You are out of your fucking mind.”

“Am I?” This time, I crossed my arms, keeping my face expressionless.

She chewed on her cheek as her eyes darted back and forth across mine. I waited. I had all the time in the world.

“You’re not kidding.” All the bravado had been tossed out the window.

“Nope. Not in the least. Your choice.” I was shocked at the sinful revelations flowing in my mind, every cell ignited as if I hadn’t been with a woman in years. Truth was, it had been almost twelve full months.

She sputtered and moaned, beads of perspiration appearing over her luscious mouth. “You can’t tell my father. I’m my own woman. I can do anything I want.”

“You’re under my direction now, so you are required to follow rules, but I won’t tell your father anything.” I purposely pulled out my office chair.

“You won’t?” she asked sheepishly.

“As long as you accept the second deal.”

Nervous as a kitty cat, she huffed and puffed as the wheels in her mind churned, her face turning the same color of crimson I imagined her bottom would be after I was finished.

“If I comply, you’ll let me go back to work?” she asked, rather timidly at this point.

“If you behave, then we’ll see. You need a huge amount of discipline in your life and I’m the man who’s going to give it to you. Again, your choice.” By now, my balls were blue, but I slapped on my supervisor hat, trying to keep my libido from getting the best of me.

“You’re not my father! You don’t have any right.”

“Oh, I have all the right in the world.” After thirty seconds, I threw up my hands. “Fine. The deal is off the table.”

“Please. No! I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Then submit to a spanking, just like you deserve.”

Wrinkling her nose, Summer finally nodded.

“I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes! Okay,” she whispered.

“Okay?” I half growled.

“Yes. Sir,” she spit out, her tone full of venom.

“Drop your pants and panties,” I directed, my tone full of grit and determination. This little girl was going to learn her lesson.


“If I have to say it again, your ass will pay.”

“Fuck you!”

I touched my belt and her eyes lit up, the outline of her hardened nipples poking through her thin shirt.

Summer blinked several times then looked away, turning her back to me. “You’re just mean.”

“I’m just not the kind of guy who will take any shit. You’re a disobedient girl who needs to be taught a lesson in humility.” My entire body felt like a firestorm had swept through, igniting the flames I’d long since thought were dead and buried.

She mumbled something under her breath, no doubt cussing me out one more time, but she obeyed, unfastening her jeans and yanking them past her hips.

Seeing the thin piece of fabric mostly hidden in the cleft of her ass cheeks was just about all I could take. To say I wanted to fuck this girl in the most savage fashion was an understatement. Inhaling, the strong scent of her desire wafted across me like a hammer smashing into my brain. Jesus H. Christ, I wanted this girl more than I had any other in one helluva long time. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What the hell was I doing here? Acting like some Daddy to a girl who was half my age.

Trembling, she slipped her fingers past the thin elastic of her panties, sliding them down her hips in the most provocative manner.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her perfectly molded ass, my imagination running the gamut. I couldn’t wait to mark her with my hand.

My belt.

And just about any other implement I could find on the rig.

I had to be out of my mind, but this felt right.

When she finally turned in my direction, she brushed her hand through her hair, half of it having fallen out of her ponytail in her bout of anger. While her eyes were still raging defiance, the rest of her demeanor appeared resigned to her punishment.

“Come here,” I instructed and sat down on the chair.

Another hesitation.

I simply gave her a stern look.

“Yes. Sir,” she spouted off, yet she refused to move.

I patted my lap, once, twice then gave her the kind of commanding look that made her shiver.

Dragging her feet, she finally headed in my direction, the look in her eyes like that of a fierce warrior.

And I wanted her even more.

I guided her over my lap, pressing my hand against the small of her back. “You need to learn that you can’t talk to superiors in a defensive, bitchy manner, or anyone else for that matter. You have a nasty mouth.”

“That’s not true!”

I smacked both ass cheeks, planting my hand firmly in the center of her bottom. Her orbs were firm but jiggled just enough my cock twitched. “I suggest you learn how to act like a lady.”

“Not here.”

That got her six hard smacks in a row, one coming after the other.

Squirming, she undulated on my lap, her legs kicking up. “That hurt!”

“In case you didn’t know, little lady, spankings are supposed to hurt. Stay in position or I’ll be forced to pull out my belt.”

“Nobody’s ever given me a spanking!”

“Well, maybe that’s part of your problem.”

Another huge sigh was followed by a dramatic slap of both hands on the floor. She tossed her head toward the floor, but I could hear the string of expletives erupting from her mouth.

I spanked her again. And again. Each smack harder than the one before. She whimpered, finally tossing her hand behind her back, struggling enough she almost managed to crawl off my lap. “None of that.” I hoisted her body, finagling her until I was able to wrap my leg around hers, encircling the one wrist with my hand with ease. I grumbled as I began again, the sharp slaps ringing in my ears.

Summer didn’t stop moving, but this time it seemed like she was grinding her pelvis into my groin, being the naughty girl I was forced to accept she truly was. She was going to need a hell of a lot of training, including daily rounds of discipline in order to keep her in line.

I was absolutely the man to do it.

Her bottom was a lovely blush color as I peppered her skin with several smacks. The sting in my hand was invigorating, driving me into a heightened state of desire that was shredding my rationality. She was forbidden for several reasons but that only made me hunger for her more. I gathered a scent of her pussy juice, the fragrance filling my nostrils, like candy to a baby. She was more aroused than I was.

I refused to stop, slapping my hand against her heated bottom and upper thighs. I wanted her to have difficulty sitting for at least a couple of days. She needed to remember this, needed to remember the fact I was in charge of every aspect of her life.

Body. Mind. Soul.

She’d been placed under my care and she was going to get just that and so much more.

After ten more, she seemed resigned, no longer fighting me. I heard her deep breathing, short scattered gasps. I was able to see her pretty pink pussy lips peeking out, swollen and wet from excitement. It seemed the girl craved a firm hand, her body reacting to the round of discipline in a most positive manner. My cock was no doubt leaking, possibly staining my pants and a dead giveaway just how turned on I was. I cleared my throat, trying my best not to finger fuck her.

“Have you learned your lesson yet that you can’t be rude to anyone on this rig?”

“Yes, sir.” This time, her voice was so small, a slight sniffling sound floating up from the floor.

I caressed her ass cheeks and took a deep breath. The way my cock was throbbing, no doubt against her stomach was a blowtorch skittering under my skin.

At that point, I could only think that I was a very bad, bad man spanking this young woman.

“That did you some good,” I stated, resisting the urge to slide my fingers into her dripping pussy.

“I’ve really never had a spanking.”

“Well, you’re going to get more if you behave in that manner. Something for you to keep in mind.” I smacked her four more times for emphasis. My entire hand was tingling, a series of sensations rocketing throughout my body.

“Ouch. Ouch!”

“I think we’re done.” I helped her off my lap, holding her arms as she attempted to gather her wits. Her glare was just as rebellious, even though it seemed some of the fire had been stripped away. She blushed, the shade much deeper than the color covering her ass cheeks. “Now, you’re going to follow my directions.”

“Sure, whatever,” she snarked, jerking at her panties and taking several deep breaths. The spanking had indeed done her some good.


Well, thank freaking God for that. “Oh, no. Keep your panties right where they are.”

“What do you mean?” She snapped her head in my direction.

I pointed toward the wall. “Go stand in the corner. I think you need time to reflect on your bad behavior.”

She narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth to object then obviously thought better of it, stomping toward the corner even though she was hindered by her clothing.

“And no rubbing your ass,” I commanded.

She threw a harsh glance over her shoulder before following my directions.

Summer was an unbridled pony who needed to be broken.

I walked to my desk, rustling through papers and trying to move my concentration away from the beautiful girl standing with her bare ass only inches away. I couldn’t help but wonder both why and how she managed to get here in the first place. Oil rig work was physically challenging for any of the male crewmembers. While she had a tough exterior, she was a cream puff on the inside. My mind wondered as to the various methods of discipline I would need with her. At least she was obedient for the moment, remaining quiet.

That was short-lived, her caustic mouth taking over.

“Who are you anyway? Everyone calls you ‘Master.’ What in the hell could you be the master of?” The snark in her voice was too much to let go. “Next, you’re going to want me to call you Daddy.”

“You know what? I think that’s a great idea,” I snapped back without thinking. “You’re going to call me Daddy from now on and here’s how I’m going to respond to your question.” I allowed her to hear me unbuckling my belt, ripping it out of my belt loops. “That just garnered you another ass whipping, and I assure you, Summer, you won’t be able to sit comfortably for some time.”

“No! Please, I’ll keep my mouth shut. I promise,” she wailed, her eyes opening wide.

Taking two long strides, I gripped her arm, yanking her over my desk.

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be. It’s called respect and you seem to have none. You’re going to call me Daddy in private and sir in public after everything I ask you. You act like a brat, you’re going to be punished like one.” I doubled the strap, snapping it between both hands.

Struggling, she pushed up from the desk, twisting her neck in order to see me. Tears were brimming her eyes, her cheeks red from embarrassment, but certainly not as deep as the crimson color of her ass. “I promise I won’t say another cuss word.”

“Excuse me?” My voice was gruffer than normal. I had difficulty focusing, lust raging through my veins.

“Sir! I mean Daddy. I mean…”

“Hmmm… You really have issues with authority. Might take time, but I’m going to cure you of that.” I cracked the belt across her rounded buttocks and instantly she howled, kicking one foot out then the other. I pushed her jeans and panties all the way to the floor, able to catch another glimpse of her swollen pussy lips. Pussy juice trickled on both sides, more inviting than I cared to admit. I smacked her four times in succession, keeping the strikes even but solid. She deserved one harsh round of discipline.

Clenching and unclenching her ass cheeks, Summer sobbed openly. “Please, stop! That hurts.”

“What did I tell you, sweetheart?” She certainly was hardheaded.

“Daddy! Please stop, Daddy. I can’t bear any more pain.”

“You can and you will, Summer.” I rubbed her reddened ass, so hot to the touch then proceeded to strap her again. And again. Her shoulders and back heaved as she cried, tears falling to the surface of my desk. Why did I have the feeling some of her raw emotions were nothing more than pure drama? I’d seen enough of her kind before, the type that pushed every button in order to get her way. Well, that wasn’t going to happen around me. Still, her cries and whimpers tugged at my heartstrings, even as I wanted to fuck her sweet pussy. “Twenty more and I think you will have learned a valuable lesson for the day.”

“Yes. Dad-dy.” While her tone remained slightly sarcastic, she’d certainly changed her tune since the beginning. Harsh tactics seemed to be something she craved. I also had the distinct feeling she was a born submissive. All the huffing and puffing was nothing more than a challenge for a man to dominate her.

Guess she’d met her match.

“Count them off for me, Summer and thank me for caring enough to punish you.” My wrist snapped, the whooshing sound making her jump even before the belt made contact.

Yelping, she fisted her hands, pummeling them against the desk. “Oh. Oh!”

“Do you want me to start again?”

“No, Daddy! One and thank you, Daddy for punishing me.”

“Much better. Very proud of you.” I issued one directly on her sit spot, giving her just enough time to recover.

“Two, Daddy and thank you for punishing me.”



“Three! Daddy and… thank you for… punishing me.” She gritted her teeth when she said the words, shooting me another look.

Such a defiant little wench. Taming this particular misbehaving, foul-mouthed, and sexy as hell brat was going to take everything I had.

Her ass wiggled every time I smacked her heated skin but by the end, her legs were parted as far open as they could, her juices continuing to leak.

“Nineteen and twenty, Daddy and thank you for punishing me.” The throaty sound of her voice enveloped every inch of my rigid muscles. I could lose all control with this one. Something snapped inside me, a desire not only to protect but own.

Her racking sobs were touching but she’d unearthed the full dominating side I hadn’t experienced for some time. I wanted this woman body and soul.

Sniffling and shaky, she pushed up from the edge of the desk, glaring at me even though she was certainly more subdued than before. “What now?”

Wasn’t that the question of the hour? I gazed from her disheveled hair all the way down to her scuffed boots, debating. I was taking a huge chance on several levels.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you, but only good little girls get fucked in the pussy.” I unzipped my pants, pulling out my cock and running the tip of my finger along the bulging veins.

“What does that mean. Daddy?” Her eyes shimmered with mist until they fell on the sight of my throbbing shaft.

Then there was nothing but lust, her tongue dragging across her voluptuous lips.

That’s it. I was a goner. There was no turning back.

She belonged to me. Period.

“That means you’re getting fucked in the ass, sweetheart.”

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