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Seeking Her Out by Summer Graystone – Sample

Chapter One

Aiden took a seat at the bar and raised a finger to draw the attention of the bartender. As he waited to be attended to, he turned on his barstool to look around the VIP floor of the Red Velvet club. Guns N’ Roses played over the speakers, the rhythm of the music a perfect backdrop to what was happening in the club. There were five stages scattered around the club and people sat around the stages, their attention fixed on the performers. The sound of a whip drew his eyes to the center stage, where he saw a man standing in between two women, both of whom were kneeling with their hands cuffed on rings that were suspended from the ceiling. The whimpers and moans from the girls, along with the tears streaming down their faces may have painted the picture of girls in distress, but Aiden knew that they were enjoying what was being done to them, craved it even. The whip came down again, the practiced hand of the man making sure that it hit the thigh of the girl just hard enough to form a red bruise that would probably clear in the next two days. Aiden felt a small stirring in his pants but was not fully aroused. Mostly because he had already had a session with the lovely Erica in one of the rooms at the back reserved only for card-carrying members. But also because he was not really into the whole public display thing and when he was the one holding the whip, he preferred to do it behind closed doors.

“Evening, Mr. Morgan. The usual, I presume?” Brandon the bartender asked and Aiden nodded his head. He took his glass of scotch as soon as it was put in front of him and took a sip, sighing as the liquid slid down his throat. He glanced at his wrist to check the time and calculated that he had maybe fifteen more minutes at the club before he had to go home. He was still focused on the show on the stage when he noticed someone take the seat beside him. It was Walter Anderson, one of the owners of the club.

“Evening, Aiden, how have you been?” he greeted Aiden as Brandon dropped a glass of champagne in front of him without needing to be told.

“I’m fine, Walter. How is Judith?” Aiden asked about Walter’s longtime partner.

“She’s okay. Expect she would be joining me soon, but I needed to talk to you about something.”

“Talk to me about something?” Aiden turned till he was fully facing Walter, his eyebrows going up a notch in surprise.

“You know that we are going to be doing the induction ceremony for new members in October, and while we are not short of volunteers, I was thinking that maybe it was time we updated our website.”

Aiden nodded at that. While it was quite easy for anyone with the right credentials to pay for admission to the main floor of the club, there were some aspects and benefits of the club that were only available to card-carrying members. The benefits included access to the rooms at the back, as well as training and use of the equipment and toys at the club. But more than all of that, it was an inclusion into a society for people who shared the same sexual appetites to meet and explore themselves.

“Actually I was thinking that you could help us redesign the site,” Walter said, as he looked at Aiden. “I mean this type of thing falls under your company’s services, right?”

“Yes, it does and I can’t even believe I have not thought of doing this a long time ago.”

“No worries, Aiden, so I guess I can leave that to you. I don’t know how long it is going to take, but I would like it to be ready in time for the next induction. Is that enough time?”

“More than enough time actually; it would definitely be ready long before then.”

“That’s splendid,” Walter said as he rose up to leave.

Suddenly Aiden remembered, “Also I’ll need pictures for the site. If you want, I could connect you to the studio in my company for…”

“No problem with that.” Walter raised a hand to stop Aiden. “I already have the pictures you would be using. Give me a call tomorrow and I’ll email them to you.”

“Okay,” Aiden said, standing up to shake Walter’s hand. Then he saw Walter’s eyes light up and turned back to confirm what he already knew. Judith was standing at his back, and he nodded at her as he watched Walter walk forward to meet her. She nodded at Aiden and wrapped her hand around Walter’s neck as she dragged his head down for a kiss. The proprietary way she held his head as well as the subservient way he greeted her showed the dynamics between them. For a few moments, her hand disappeared between them. Aiden smiled and his suspicion was confirmed when he saw them walk away, Walter with a small limp courtesy of the cock ring that he was now wearing. Glancing at his watch again, Aiden finished his drink and, picking up his coat, walked out of the club.

Chapter Two

Cara looked up from the work she was doing on her computer as her boss Shelley poked her head through Cara’s door.

“What are you still doing here?” Shelley demanded, the look on her face showing she really was surprised to see Cara still at work.

“Just thought I’d finish the editing on the Robertsons’ wedding pictures. Almost done actually,” Cara said, although she was not really ready to leave the office and go home to another night in her dreary apartment.

Shelley left the doorway and came to stand in front of Cara’s desk. “Okay, that is it. This is the third time this week you’ve stayed at work late and I’m not having any more of it.”


Shelley lifted a hand to silence Cara and continued. “I know it is hard to get over any breakup, honey,” her features softened as she came closer to the desk, “but you sure as hell are not going to do it by burying yourself in work.”

Throwing her hands up, Cara closed her laptop. “Okay, okay. I’ve heard you and I am going home.”

“Good,” Shelley said, as she turned to leave the office before turning around and looking at Cara again. “You know what, you are not going home just yet.”

“What?” Cara looked at her boss and friend, confused at her statement.

“Yeah, you are coming with me and Paul.” Shelley now sounded really excited and Cara did not try to hide the look of dread on her face. “We are going to Spot, it is this new club opening downtown and Paul knows the manager so getting in would be easy for us.”

“Come on, Shelley, you know I don’t really feel comfortable in those types of places. Loud music, people pushing and shoving each other, and all those pervs that keep staring at you.”

“Hey, just because you had one bad experience when you were in college does not mean clubs are bad. Besides, you may even meet a nice guy there. Come on, Cara, how bad can it be, really. Besides, when have I ever resisted when you drag me to those museum things you like to go to?”

“How many times have you complained?” Cara raised an eyebrow. “How about every time I ask.”

Shelley laughed at that and went around the table to hug Cara. “True that, but then I always eventually go.”

Cara thought about it a little. But in the end she decided almost anything else was better that going back to her empty apartment. “Okay, I’ll come with you.” Shelley immediately jumped up, then stopped immediately when Cara raised a finger.

“On the condition that you don’t try to set me up with anyone. No introducing me to guys or making anybody buy drinks for me, okay?”

Shelley rolled her eyes. “If you insist,” she answered as Paul poked his head into the office.

“Hey, Cara,” he said with a wave at her. “Shelley, you ready to go?”

“Sure, and guess who is joining us today?”

Paul looked confused for a moment before his eyes brightened. “Whoa, so you finally decided to join us. Trust me, it’s gonna be real fun. Just talked to Chris and he said they got this new DJ everyone is raving about to play for them today.”

“Enough talking, Paul; come on, Cara, let’s go before he manages to change your mind with all that yapping.”

Picking up her bag, she walked out of the office with her friends.

Chapter Three

Cara watched as Shelley laughed at something Steve, the guy she had picked up at the bar said. She knew she should be trying to mingle, and had even attempted a conversation with Joe, Steve’s friend, only to find out he was more interested in Paul than her. Leaving the two of them alone, she was content to sit back and just enjoy the scene. The music was loud enough that there were a few people dancing on the floor, but not loud enough to be a bother. Cara did not know the song that was playing, but she found the beat catchy enough to nod along with the music. Then a shadow fell across her and she looked up to see a man in front of her. He was dressed simply in t-shirt and jeans. Looking at him, she could see he was definitely fit and handsome too. But, working as a photographer meant that Cara had worked with a lot of male models over the years, models that were the very definition of the perfect body, and now Cara found it hard to be impressed by rippling muscles and a perfect set of teeth.

“Hi, I’m Mark,” the guy said as he stretched forth his hand for a handshake, the smile on his face making him look even more handsome. Cara almost thought of blowing him off, then remembered what Shelley said about giving people a chance and held out her hand instead.

“Hello, Mark, I’m Cara.”

“Cara? Short for Caroline?” he asked with a smile, and Cara decided maybe she really should give him a chance.

“You would think that, wouldn’t you? But no, it’s just Cara.” She laughed at his initial reaction, not the first time people would be surprised her name was not short for Caroline.

“Well, Cara, how are you doing today,” he asked, taking the seat beside her and after a while Cara soon found herself listening to him as he talked about his work. He was a software developer for a tech company in New York and he had some really interesting stories to tell. Cara soon found herself laughing a lot, probably because of the two glasses of rum and Coke she had drunk, but mostly because Mark was genuinely funny. But as the discussion went on, and he started to try to get more personal with her, Cara realized that while he was indeed a good guy, incredibly charming, and an amazing conversationalist, she had no real interest in him. Quickly apologizing and making up an excuse, she stood up to look for Shelley and found that she was still with Steve and from the way they were cozying up at the bar, Cara could bet Shelley was not going home alone that night.

“Hey, Shelley,” Cara said, as she walked up to her at the bar. “I think I’m done for the night.”

“Oh, okay. Wait, let me find Paul so I can tell him we are leaving,” Shelley said, attempting to stand up but Cara waved her back down.

“Don’t worry, I already called an Uber and the driver will be here any minute.” Then in Shelley’s ear, “Besides, I really don’t want to start hearing how it is my fault you never got a chance with what’s his name over here.” Smiling at that, Shelley hugged her friend and then watched as Cara made her way out of the club.

In the cab, Cara could not help but wonder about what happened with Mark in the bar, her concern stemming from the fact that this was not the first time it had happened. Hell, it was even the major reason she broke up with Tony. She had stopped feeling the excitement, doubted she ever really felt it with him in fact. Tony was a great guy, sort of. And even though some people might think of him as boring, Cara liked to think of him as dependable. At least she used to. Until one Tuesday when she came back home from work, looked at the time and then scheduled a nap for the few hours before he got home because she knew Tuesday on their calendar was the day when she had to endure thirty minutes of him pawing at her, before he grunted his orgasm while she had to more often than not fake hers. That was when she started seeing his dependability as boring. But three months after the breakup, she was still yet to feel the spark, and this time Cara was beginning to wonder if she was actually the problem.

Chapter Four

Aiden pulled into the underground garage of his building and took the elevator to his floor. He took a quick bath and after checking the content of his fridge decided that Chinese takeout was his best bet. As he waited for the food to be delivered, he brought out his laptop and thought he’d start working on the website for the club. Normally, this type of work was left for one of his employees, but this time, Aiden decided the project was personal and he was going to handle it all by himself. Flexing his fingers, he got to work, and soon lost himself in the thrill of the work. The food he ordered was delivered and paid for, only to be kept in the fridge as Aiden got right back to work. As his fingers flew over the keys, he saw the idea he had for the site come to life and realized he missed this kind of grunt work. As the CEO of his company, he was mostly busy with meetings and administrative duties. leaving almost no time for stuffs like this.

Four hours after he started working, he raised his head to see that it was already three a.m. Deciding that it was time to turn in for the night since he had a very important meeting very early this morning, he walked out of his home office and to his bedroom, putting off all the lights. He lived in a three-bedroom condo apartment and had converted one of the bedrooms to a home office. Growing up in foster care had taught Aiden very early on in life that no one was going to be handing him anything for free and that he was going to work for everything he wanted. And he did just that. He worked his ass off through high school and community college, doing odd jobs here and there as he took online courses in programming. Then he designed a small app that became a moderate hit, and when he finally sold it he got enough capital to start his own company where they designed software for corporations. That was seven years ago, and even though to some people he had already made it, Aiden was not planning on stopping anytime soon.

As he turned down the sheet and got into bed, he reminded himself to call Walter about the pictures. He had to admit to himself, he had not been this excited about working on a project for a long time.

Chapter Five

“Do I still have any more meetings for today?” Aiden asked Lena, his assistant through the office intercom.

“Diamond Investments already called to reschedule the meeting they were supposed to have with you at four, and that was the last meeting for the day. Although Mr. Wright from City Gate said he needed to schedule a meeting with you as soon as possible. Should I call him and ask if he would be available by three today?”

“No, schedule a meeting with him for some time tomorrow and no more calls or meetings today unless something is on fire, okay?”

“Alright, sir.”

Aiden dropped the phone back in its cradle as he dragged his chair closer to his desk. Two meetings in the morning along with a business lunch and Aiden would normally be feeling a little bit tired. But today, he was so psyched about the website, he had not even taken his vest off. He picked up his phone and dialed Walter’s number, waiting for the call to be picked up on the other end. Walter answered on the third ring, and from the background music, Aiden figured he was in the club.

“Hello,” Walter said over the phone.

“Walter, it’s me, Aiden.”

“Oh, hello, Aiden. Sorry, didn’t check my phone before picking up the call. How can I help you?”

“Calling to ask about the pictures for the site.”

“How soon do you need them? I mean they are on the system in my office and I can just email them to you.”

“As soon as possible because I have already started building the website and I need them so I can get a feel for how it is going to look and maybe work on them if I have to,” Aiden said, as he brought up the website on his laptop and started working on it.

“Whoa, so fast. You know the induction is in about two months’ time, right? But no problem, I will get to my office and send them right away.”

“That would be great.”

“Okay then. Just let me know anything else you need?”

“Sure thing, Walter.”

“See you around,” Walter said, as Aiden removed the phone from his ear and ended the call.

Aiden kept working on the site. A few minutes later, he got the notification of an email and opened it to see that Walter had sent the pictures. He downloaded the attachments and unzipped them. Opening each of the photos one by one, he began to go through them, taking note of the ones that would be used and the ones that would be discarded, as well as those that needed to be edited. Not that there were plenty of those. Aiden noted the high quality of the pictures and even though he was not a professional photographer, he still had to confess that whoever took the pictures knew what they were doing. It was not about the costumes, or the props and toys used, all of which were great. It was not about the models who were used in the shoots, all of whom were sexy and aesthetically pleasing. It was the fact that the photographer had managed to capture the emotions in the models in such a way that it drew the observer into the scene. There was a picture of a girl mid-moan as a whip was used on her by another girl and Aiden did not have to close his eyes to imagine the crack of the whip as it traveled through the air to land on the girl’s ass. The pictures were arranged by series and Aiden saw that all the activities of the club had been well represented. Soon he was going through the pictures, forgetting that he was supposed to be taking notes, flipping through them quickly with the arrow key of his keyboard. Then he came to a picture and immediately his finger froze as the picture staring back at him seized him by his throat and demanded his attention. His cock that had been semi-erect as a result of the pictures he had been looking at suddenly became fully hard, his pants tenting under his desk. What was even more amazing was that compared to previous pictures he had seen, this one was rather tame. The model was wearing a black leather corset that pushed her breasts together till they spilled over the top. Sheer stockings and six-inch fuck-me stilettos completed her ensemble. And while her outfit was sexy as hell, as was she, she was not the sexiest he had come across in the slide. Yet there was something about her that spoke to something deep inside him. There were only three pictures of her.

In the first one she was sitting with her legs crossed on a leather chaise, her head thrown back with her hand supporting her weight behind her; a position that meant her breasts were pushed out. But it was the look in her eyes that really held Aiden’s attention. It was a look of defiance, a look of confidence. In the next picture, a pair of velvet handcuffs chained her to a bar on the wall while the end of a leather cane was placed on top of her cleavage. The wielder of the cane was out of camera focus so that all was seen was the model cuffed to the wall. But again, there was that look, as if telling whoever was looking that, chain or not, she was nobody’s bitch and daring them to contradict her. Maybe it was years of experience or pure intuition, but at that very moment he could have placed half the money in his account that she was not a sub. And not a dom either. She was just a girl who was wearing some very sexy outfits with cuffs on her hands, but Aiden knew he very much wanted to make her his sub. He wanted to spank her ass till it turned crimson red, and then wrap his lips around hers as he drove her to multiple orgasms.

Aiden kept flipping back and forth between the three pictures, already knowing that there was no way he was going to put them on the website. She was his, and as soon as he found her, he would let her in on that fact. But as he looked at the pictures, he knew that finding her was not going to be easy at all. The model in the picture was wearing a masquerade ball mask; a mask that covered half of her face and made it almost impossible to identify her. One thing was sure though, she was not a member of the Red Velvet club, because in all his years at the club, no one had ever been able to elicit this type of reaction from him.

That night, Aiden sat alone in one of the private booths in the VIP section of the club, taking in the show happening on the center stage. The drink in his hand was more for show than anything. He rarely came into the club on weekdays, except if there was a special occasion happening. A look around though showed him that the club’s population held no such discrimination. He had come straight to the club from his office and throughout the ride, there was only one thought on his mind: how to meet the woman in the picture. And even now that he was sitting in the club surrounded by semi-nude bodies, it was still the only thing on his mind.

“Aiden? Is that you? Fancy seeing you here on a Monday,” someone said at his back and he turned in his seat to face Erica.

“Hello, Erica,” Aiden said, standing up to kiss her on the cheek. “You look especially gorgeous this evening.” Erica smiled flirtatiously as she came to sit beside him.

“So what brings you here today, and please tell me you especially enjoyed our session yesterday and you are here for a repeat,” she said. Her head was lowered just an inch and she looked up at him, eyelashes fluttering and her voice purely an invitation for him to take her and use her. Normally it was an invitation Aiden would not mind taking. But today, looking down at her, all he could think about was her blonde hair and how different it was from the long black curls of the girl in the picture. And maybe that was what made him sit up, the fact that the image of the girl had crept so deep into his subconscious. In the past, his only criterion for hooking up was that his partner shared the same sexual appetite with him and was willing to give the whole dominance thing a try. He did not have a particular type, and as long as she looked fine he was down with it. Yet here he was thinking of turning down someone whose company he had enjoyed in the past, because of a picture. He almost laughed at how corny that sounded, then told himself that it was just a simple case of infatuation. Then to prove it to himself, he grabbed Erica by her neck and shoved his tongue down her mouth as he gave her an openmouthed kiss, his other hand going around to grab her by her ass. She moaned low in her throat and arched her neck. Then he pinched her nipples hard as he covered her gasp of pain/pleasure with his mouth. He stepped back from her, taking note of the flush of her skin and the way she refused to meet his eye. The game had well and truly began. He grabbed her by the hair. “In three minutes, I will be walking into the Silver Whip room and when I do, I want you to be on your knees, your palms on the floor and your ass in the air. Nod if you understand me.”

Erica nodded and started to stand up to do as he bade her, when Aiden grabbed her by her arm as she passed by him. “Oh, and Erica. The only stitch of clothing I want on you is that thong I know you are currently wearing,” he whispered in her ear, then watched appreciatively as she rushed toward the back of the club, where the private rooms were located. As she dashed off, he found himself wondering if the girl in the picture had been wearing a thong under her skirt and had to shake his head a few times to dispel the errant thought. Stubbornly, he followed after Erica, refusing to listen to the screaming voice in his head that told him he had zero interest in going after her.

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