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Sharing the Princess by Katie Douglas – Sample


Elspeth lay on the four-poster bed in one of the guest rooms in her castle. She’d never experienced a four-way. Above her, all she could see were the well-defined pectorals of a man she’d never met before. He paid no heed to her scars as his fingers trailed a line of tingling warmth down her stomach, then they lingered on her clit. His touch made a droplet of liquid trickle out of her, as her aching hole silently begged for him to fill it. She opened herself to him, and he pressed against her entrance with his huge, girthy cock. It had to be at least eight inches long, she thought, as he filled her with a swift stroke, stretching her and pressing against the bundle of nerves at the front of her sheath. A split second later, she felt someone’s slick fingers slide into her bottom hole. She had been yearning to lose control for so long that this whole situation was almost too much excitement to bear.

“That’s it, Lea, give her two fingers; she can take it.” Ben’s gravelly voice was unmistakable as he coached Lea, his true love, in a new use for her fingers. Elspeth had never been more surprised to hear the voice of the gruff blacksmith, and as the other man—the stranger—moved slightly, Elspeth saw her best friend Lea. A spark shot through Elspeth’s core as her brain caught up with the fact that Lea really had her fingers inside Elspeth’s tunnel. She felt filled by the newcomer’s cock and Lea’s fingers, and she moaned with joy. She wanted them so much. Before she could say anything, however, Ben’s phallus was at her mouth, glistening with droplets of pre-cum. It smelled musky, and when she opened her mouth she gurgled at the salty taste as his thick shaft slid past her lips. It was one of her favorite flavors. He knelt above her and pressed against the opening to her throat as he fucked her face, gripping her hair firmly. She licked at his cock, listening to the rhythmic sounds as it moved in and out of her. Elspeth felt like she was going to come very soon from having all three of her holes filled like this.

“Cedric, Lea, it’s time to swap,” Ben said as Elspeth felt herself near a powerful climax. No! She needed them! She needed to feel them filling her as she exploded, while they fucked her like a helpless toy! Before she could say any of that, she’d been moved around, and now the man called Cedric was lying on his back on the bed, Elspeth was positioned so she was straddling his shaft, which slid back into her pussy, then he took her hands and pulled her body forward so her head rested on his chest.

Ben moved behind her, setting the bed in motion a moment before he pushed his engorged head against her ass. She worried that his huge member wouldn’t fit while she was filled with Cedric’s cock in her needy slit, and she gasped as Ben’s huge flared head pressed past her tight ring of muscle, then he was buried deep inside her bottom hole, producing sensations she hadn’t known existed. The feeling of being filled by both men at the same time was amazing, and as they began to move in and out of her in unison, she knew she was going to come at any moment.

“Don’t come yet, Elspeth,” Cedric warned her, with a stinging slap to her ass, and Elspeth found his words were enough to push her right to the edge of a huge climax. She tried to shove the feeling away, but it threatened to engulf her too soon.

“Lea, get in front of Elspeth. Her majesty is going to fill your pussy with her fingers. When you come, Elspeth is allowed to come, too,” Ben said, acting as if Elspeth’s title as queen of the realm was a pretense or a part of their scene.

“Anything you say, Ben,” Lea replied breathily, and Elspeth knew she was finding this four-way unbelievably hot, too.

Lea got up on the bed, kneeling with her legs parted on either side of Cedric’s face, her slit glistening in front of Elspeth’s eyes. Elspeth felt Ben support her weight from behind as she leaned up off Cedric’s chest, and she pushed two of her fingers into Lea’s waiting hole. Lea sighed in delight and Elspeth enjoyed feeling her best friend’s slick, silky passage against her fingers, the heat pooling deep in Lea’s core, as Elspeth slid in and out of her. Elspeth channeled some of her magical power into Lea, stimulating her deepest nerves, and was rewarded with a heartfelt cry of delight. The sensation of Ben’s and Cedric’s cocks fucking Elspeth’s pussy and ass at the same time was so distracting, and Elspeth had to work hard to concentrate on making Lea come. She massaged Lea’s clit with her other hand, depending on Ben’s strong arms to help her balance, and she quickly brought Lea to a climax.

“That’s it, princess, come on my fingers,” Elspeth told Lea, who clamped down hard on her digits as she contorted and cried out with pleasure. Elspeth loved that Lea could come like this when she commanded her to.

Able to let go of her own orgasm, Elspeth unraveled as she felt Cedric’s and Ben’s cocks push into her, then pull out again, their movements carefully coordinated. When they pushed in one final time, she felt both men shoot hot liquid deep inside her, coating her insides with their essence, as her ass squeezed down on Ben’s hard member and her pussy contracted around Cedric’s thrusting shaft. She screamed her release, while they both came inside her, and when it began to subside, she tumbled, exhausted, onto Cedric’s chest, her fingers popping out of Lea’s channel as she fell.

“We’re not done yet, your majesty,” Ben said. “Lea, do you need another orgasm?”

Lea nodded hungrily, looking adorable with her flushed cheeks and her long golden braid coming undone at the bottom. Elspeth giggled from within her own reverie. How could she possibly refuse Lea anything? She extricated herself from the two men and she turned Lea over. Elspeth kissed her best friend on the lips, savoring her soft, plump, yielding mouth, while her hands wandered to Lea’s nipples. They weren’t kissing for more than a minute when Ben gently pulled them apart.

“That’s going to cause my eyeballs to explode,” he said, and Elspeth was amazed to see that he had grown hard again already. “It’s time Cedric and I got back in on the action.”

The scene wavered; her vision was ending. When Elspeth came away from her scrying bowl, she knew how a forest felt after a fire had torn through it. Looking around her spell-casting room, in one of the highest towers of her castle, the familiar little bottles and potions looked dull and dusty on the shelves that lined the walls. Carefully, she lifted the black metal bowl from her desk and returned it to its home, in a cupboard where the servants couldn’t disturb its inky liquid. It felt strange to be wearing a gown after being completely undressed in her vision of the future, and she had to look down before she remembered she’d chosen a steel gray satin number today with a square neckline. It swept against the floor as she left the room, still feeling disoriented.

She walked through the corridors, shivering under the high gothic arches as she made her way toward her bedchamber. The four-poster bed was welcoming, and Elspeth parted the heavy blue velvet curtains before sinking into the soft but supportive mattress. She aimed a spell at her tight bodice and heard the fastenings as they came undone behind her, then she could breathe more deeply.

In her mind’s eye, she replayed what she’d just experienced through the scrying bowl. The sights, sounds, smells, and sensations were still fresh in her memory. She’d only asked it to show her whether Ben and Lea’s relationship was going to last or not. She hadn’t expected to be drawn into experiencing the premonition of a four-way with her best friend, her best friend’s boyfriend, and someone she’d never met. Her clit throbbed with need as she remembered feeling both men shooting their seed inside her at once.

Chapter One

Elspeth finished shaping her brows with the nearly black pencil, then watched herself in the mirror while she knocked back another shot of whisky.

He was late. Her visions in the scrying bowl had shown that the stranger should have arrived by now.

Pausing for a moment, Elspeth rearranged her breasts in the tight black corset, then nodded in satisfaction, noting how the dark dress brought out the subtle warmer tones in her deep brown hair. She rose from her knees, and stood in her floor-length black satin gown, allowing her feet to find their balance in the patent leather stilettos she wore underneath. Once she was certain that she was ready, she cast a spell and teleported to the entrance hall of Dovedale Castle. In shoes like those, the castle’s myriad staircases could prove fatal, but she wanted to make a good impression.

Where is he?

The seeing bowl’s inky depths had revealed that he was currently in the forest. Was the knight really so lost that he hadn’t reached the castle gates yet? Elspeth reached out with her mind and felt the web of spells she had woven around the castle, lightly touching them with her power and setting them alight with magic. She tentatively extended a tendril toward the forest path, which began at the castle gates. The man was being attacked by a wolf, about an eighth of a mile from where she stood. Elspeth repressed the urge to roll her eyes, as doing so would break her concentration, and she instead teleported to where he cowered against a tree.

Elspeth waved a hand toward the wolves, but really, such gestures were for show rather than to direct her magic. It set non-magic-users at their ease if they felt they could predict what she was about to do next, and over the years it had become a force of habit. The wave of energy Elspeth threw at the wolves made them flee, howling. The man turned his head toward her and stared, wild-eyed.

“What did you do? Where did you come from?” he asked.

Elspeth sighed. He had clearly been hiding behind the door when intelligence was given out. This couldn’t be the man from her vision; he held himself differently, and he looked shorter somehow.

“Try to keep up, you’re being rescued.” She turned and began walking back to the castle.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Take a guess.” She didn’t have the patience to explain things. Stupid hero was supposed to get to the castle shrouded in mystery before she revealed herself. She’d played her part but there was only so much she could work with.

“Are you a dark and evil witch, intending to tempt me from my path of virtue?” He ran in front of her, his sword drawn. His armor was very polished and his helmet covered most of his face.

She brushed him aside and continued walking. “Rule number one of heroing,” she dictated as she walked, “don’t draw your sword unless you intend to use it.” As she reached the castle gate, she held it open for him, then led the way into the castle.

“You shall not sway my resolve, foul harpy!” he declared.

Elspeth suppressed a snort of derision as she unlocked the castle’s great door with a spell. “If you’re so determined not to fall into my clutches, and if you think I’m so evil and whatever, why are you following me into my castle?” she asked.

“I’m looking for the Princess Leandrina.”

“She’s not here.” She had a mind to lock him out and see how many years it took him to get the door open.

“Her parents sent me; there’s a great reward for her return. I would be willing to share it with you.”

Elspeth had seen the posters advertising Lea’s reward, and she knew King Leopold was offering half of his kingdom and his daughter’s hand in marriage if Lea could be brought home. If time could be measured in negative seconds, that was how long Elspeth spent considering the man’s offer.

“Come along, there’s something which may interest you in the basement.” She strode toward the secret entrance to the staircase that spiraled down to the deepest vaults beneath the castle. When the wall vanished, the man looked positively horrified.

“Do they all do that? Vanish, I mean?” he sputtered.

“No.” She chose not to elaborate. At the bottom of the stairs, she led him through a doorway into a dank chamber. There was water dripping sporadically from the ceiling and the occasional mouse scurried as she moved further into the room.

“I don’t understand; what are you showing me?” the man asked.

“Your options,” Elspeth stated evenly. “You can either remain here in my dungeon where you cannot harass the Princess Leandrina for some shallow financial reason, or you can leave. Either way, you’re not getting to her.”

When he next spoke, he sounded less like a gold digger and more like a man.

“I have to do this. They’ll kill my brother if I don’t.”

She could hear the desperation in his voice, but she couldn’t help him at the expense of her best friend. “And that compels me to consign Lea to a life of no agency because…?” Elspeth waved her hand as a sign for him to complete the sentence.

“Because this reward is the only thing that will save him. There is no other way I can raise this amount of money, and I have to pay his jailor within a tenday or they will execute him.”

“What did he do?” Elspeth was intrigued. Perhaps there was more to this than she first thought.

“He intervened when some guards were attacking a foreign merchant. The guards claimed that my brother was working in collusion with the merchant, who they alleged was a spy, but I know Edwin, and if he says something was unjust, then he’s telling the truth. He refused to confess to his crime, so he’s been fined one million pieces of gold. If he cannot pay within the time, he will be sentenced to death.”

“Where is he being held?”

“The Kingdom of Darkholm.”

Elspeth knew of the injustices that took place in the kingdom that bordered hers; it was plausible that this man’s brother had been arrested while trying to change Darkholm’s strange society.

“You seem like a good person, who truly wants to make a difference, and I’m sorry, because I won’t help you. I am not able to give you Lea.” She sighed heavily. The man shifted in his armor and set his jaw.

“But, it’s my brother’s life. You think I shall just stand by and let this travesty of justice happen to him?” He looked so determined that Elspeth’s heart softened a little.

“There has to be another way to get that amount of money, or to save your brother.”

“Why can’t you just stop being a heartless bitch and give me the princess?”

Elspeth set her jaw. Why did everyone always think she was the bad guy? “Because she’s not here. She’s with her true love. And I’m not enough of a heartless bitch to come between them. You will have to remain down here, to ensure you don’t try to find her. I need to go.”

Elspeth turned and left, shutting the man into the room. She felt slightly mean about it, so she threw a sleep spell in his general direction to assuage her conscience. At least, in an enchanted slumber, he would be unable to worry about his brother, if he even had a brother.

Elspeth teleported to her library and opened the cabinet where she kept her seeing bowl. She awakened the particles of liquid with some magic and stared into their depths. Once she had verified that the man’s brother was being held in Darkholm, she summoned a fresh bottle of whisky and drank it straight from the bottle as she pondered how she could help the man she had locked in her dungeon.

Leandrina braided another flower into her shining golden hair, which was currently so long that it fell to her waist when it was unbound. She loved how pretty her hair looked when it was full of happy fresh flowers, but they never lasted more than a few hours before they began to wilt, and then she had to discard them and start again.

She couldn’t wait to see Benadrin, her beloved, and every minute he spent working at the town smithy was a minute her heart made her restless and bored. Until his apprenticeship was over, however, he couldn’t set his own hours or take a break without running it by his boss. She wished she was more pushy, like her best friend Elspeth, who would have probably had stern words with the master blacksmith if she knew how hard he was working Ben. That was why Lea admired Elspeth though; she could always seem to get things done, and Elspeth never cared what anyone else thought of her. That was how she’d been given her nickname: the evil queen. A lot of people didn’t like the fact there was a woman ruling the land, especially since she was unmarried and disinterested in forming a union with any of the neighboring countries. Whenever Lea mentioned this, Elspeth seemed oblivious though.

Lea looked in the mirror. Her golden hair and blue eyes often earned her wolf whistles and bottom smacks in the local tavern, but she was used to it. When Elspeth was out with her, nobody dared to say anything to either of them. It had been weeks since they last went anywhere, just in case another of the long line of money-grubbing pseudo-princes sent by King Leopold caught up with them. The last one had spent two weeks as a lawn ornament before Elspeth had lifted the curse and teleported him back to his home town. Lea was glad Elspeth was around to keep her safe. Home was the last place she wanted to go.

The nearby chime of five bells carried into the room, and Lea’s stomach started to buzz in anticipation. She stood up and slipped on a pair of black leather flat shoes, then ambled slowly toward the blacksmith’s.

When she opened the door and saw the young man hammering metal, sending sparks of white heat flying in all directions, her heart seemed to lift into her throat.

She stopped in the doorway and watched him for a minute, as his burgeoning muscles flexed and stretched in time with the huge metal hammer he wielded over the anvil. The wave of heat from the furnace was making her sweat already… or was it the sight she was enjoying that caused her to feel so hot?

“Close the door, Lea, you’ll let the heat out,” he called to her. As things went, it wasn’t the greatest sentence ever spoken by a man to a woman. It didn’t have comparisons to a summer’s day, but she inhaled sharply at the sound of his voice nonetheless.

A moment later, her brain interpreted his words, and she turned awkwardly to do as he’d asked. Slowly, she stepped closer toward him, and watched him work again, imagining what it would feel like to be molded into new shapes by those strong, skillful arms.

“It’s after five,” she managed to spit out, once her daydream had run its course, and while he was showing no signs of stopping. His chiseled jaw had a speckling of dark stubble, matching his deep brown hair that he kept short.

“Can’t put my tools down ‘til I’ve got this done.” He didn’t look up.

“I’ll wait.” Lea didn’t know what else to say, so she just feasted her eyes on the delectable sight. Her underwear was growing wet, she noticed.

“Could be a while. I’d hate for you to be bored. Anyhow, I don’t like you coming in here, in case you get hit by a flying spark of metal.”

“That’s not very likely, is it?” Lea tried not to roll her eyes.

“It’s not a risk I want you to take. Why don’t you go back to the cottage and get dinner started? And go carefully, honey, there’s people looking for you. I keep telling you, you must wear a scarf, so that no one recognizes you as the only person in the kingdom whose hair looks like beautiful strands of gold. Use your handkerchief for now.” He hit the glowing metal again and Lea suppressed a sigh as his bare arms literally pumped iron.

“All right.” She put her hand in her pocket and realized she hadn’t brought a handkerchief. Their cottage wasn’t so far away. She was sure it would be safe to walk home. He was so overprotective. Lea mustered a great deal of effort and tore herself away from the sexiest sight in the world, then slipped out of the door, remembering to close it behind her.

Walking back to their little cottage alone, she was lost in a mist while she replayed the vision of Ben hammering metal. She had no idea what he had been making, and she had been too distracted to ask, but she knew it was probably a horseshoe or something equally boring.

In the version she was replaying to herself, he was making a sword. A huge sword, fit to be wielded by the finest knight in the land, whoever that was. The sort of sword that would have a name and a destiny. Lea had read a lot of stories, and she knew that some swords were truly special. Ben was special, so he was clearly making an equally spectacular piece of equipment on the anvil.

Her thoughts strayed to Ben’s equipment. He was just too perfect. It figured that her family would never accept him.

Lea didn’t really feel like making dinner, and anyway, she guessed that Ben would be working for at least another hour or two. The flowers were in full bloom today, and Lea fingered the posies in her hair as she thought about how nice it would be to have a pretty bunch of flowers in a vase on the dinner table.

Instead of going home, she wandered off toward the forest. It was a warm day and the sunlight was dappled between the trees. Butterflies and bluebirds flitted from here to there, and Lea felt at peace with the world as she picked pretty flowers.

Someone grabbed her from behind, and covered her mouth before she could scream.

Elspeth was carrying a tray of food for her prisoner. She didn’t want him to go hungry. At the bottom of the steps, she frowned when she saw the door to the dungeon was ajar. Venturing into the dank room, she left the tray on the floor and cast a fiery glow to illuminate the empty space. Her captive had escaped.

He was cunning, she’d give him that. She teleported to her seeing bowl and searched for his life essence. He had to be somewhere nearby. When she saw him in the depths of the bowl, he was holding Lea from behind, looking like he might be trying to kidnap her. It was a good thing he seemed to have such a poor sense of direction, Elspeth thought, or he might have succeeded. She sighed and teleported to the forest. He blanched when he saw her.

“You again!” He took a step backwards, forcing Lea to walk with him.

“Let her go,” Elspeth said, raising her hands as if to cast a spell on him. If he didn’t do as she told him, she’d put him back to sleep again.

“No! I have to save my brother.” He tried to drag Lea away, but he stumbled and instinctively released her when he put his hands out to break his fall. Lea ran toward Elspeth and stood behind her.

“I know exactly how to deal with naughty boys who can’t stay in my dungeon when they’ve allowed themselves to be captured.” Elspeth waved a hand and he flew up into the air, then he floated behind her as she took Lea’s hand.

“He didn’t hurt you, did he?” She didn’t want anything bad to happen to her princess. Lea shook her head, and Elspeth felt relieved. “All the same, I’ll accompany you back to your cottage.” She waved a hand over the inconvenient knight, and a blindfold covered his face. Lea stopped to collect some flowers.

“I dropped them when he grabbed me,” she explained. “They’re for Ben. I only wanted the table to look pretty.”

“I’ll go and see him next. I need some ironmongery.”

The walk to the cottage was rushed, and there was no time for Elspeth to savor being in the forest with her favorite girl. They arrived at Lea’s doorstep and Elspeth kissed her on the forehead.

“You must keep a lower profile, Lea. Cover your hair, maybe wear something other than your favorite bright colors. It’s a full-time job keeping you safe, you know.”

“I’m sorry. It was the flowers. They were just so enticing,” Lea said. Elspeth suppressed a smile at her friend’s adorable nature. She was certain Ben would deal with Lea for wandering into the forest alone, so she said nothing on the topic.

“I’ll see you later, little one. I need to get this fool clapped in irons.” Elspeth left her friend and headed further into the town. If the townsfolk thought it was strange to see their queen being followed by a floating man wearing a blindfold, no one intervened or questioned her. At the door to the smithy, she lowered the man to the floor and made him walk inside.

“Ben? Benadrin!” She hurried to the anvil where Ben was hammering iron. His physique always sent chills through her core, but especially when he was working. She tried to focus.

“This twit just tried to kidnap Lea while she was picking flowers in the woods. Can I buy a few yards of thick iron chain, please? I need to secure him to ensure he doesn’t get out again.”

“What’s the matter, is the evil queen persona not enough to keep him frozen in fear?” Ben teased her. He was the only man she’d ever met who dared speak to her like that, and she loved it more than she would ever tell him. It was nice that someone, somewhere wasn’t afraid of her or in awe of her. Maybe, if she ever went truly evil, Ben would be the one to stop her before she hurt anyone. However, she was allowed—expected even—to have at least a little megalomania. Her reputation as a lone queen ruling a kingdom depended on it.

“I grew tired of keeping statues before you started your smithing apprenticeship. Do you have the iron or not?” She knew that, at twenty-nine, he was a year younger than she was, but she liked to tease him about his apprenticeship anyway. It was just another of the many ways that the sparks seemed to fly when they were together.

“Sure. On the big spindle next to the rack of spears.” He nodded with his head, never taking his eyes off the length of iron he was bending into a horseshoe. Elspeth wondered what it would be like to be impaled on his length. She looked at the knight who stood blindfolded beside her. He had amazing muscle definition, and he definitely wasn’t short, but the two men simply didn’t compare. Her persistent prisoner was handsome, but Ben was stacked.

She reeled off as much chain as she thought she would need, and went to pay.

“Maybe the guy in the blindfold should be paying,” Ben suggested. “What’s he called, anyhow?”

Elspeth paused for a moment and racked her brain. She’d never even asked his name. Annoyed at her own bad manners, she simply tapped him on the shoulder.

“Do you have a name?” she asked.

“Cedric. Sir Cedric Wilmslow,” he said. Elspeth grinned and threw her hands up.

“Out of the mouths of hapless captives…” she remarked. Ben didn’t crack a smile.

“He comes near Lea again, I’m holding you responsible. You should have turned him into a gnome or a statue or something by now,” he growled. “Three gold for the chain.”

Elspeth was surprised at his tone; usually, Ben was talking her out of turning people into lawn ornaments.

She put the money on the counter, then lifted the heavy chain, dragging Cedric along by the arm. When she was out in the open again, she made both Cedric and the iron chain float behind her again. He was still blindfolded, which was a real shame, she thought as she made her way back to her castle, because he was missing a beautiful sunset, but he had proven that he couldn’t be trusted.

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