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Sold to the Beasts by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One

Michelle Carter pouted and leaned against the wall, standing in line with the other detainees in the general common area, where they’d all been sent after getting in trouble a short time earlier. She and her friends had all been involved in a fight in the cafeteria and now it was time to pay for it. She couldn’t help but notice that Isabella, Jenny, and Aimee were all missing from disciplinary lineup. With a huff, she briefly wondered about where they had been taken, but was quickly distracted by the guards moving about in front of her. She had little doubt that her bottom would soon be bared and spanked for her role in the trouble.

Her friend Aimee had been the instigator, spreading rumors about Warden Taylor and the guards. Frustrated at being held captive and treated like naughty little girls, Michelle and her friends had whispered secrets among the other inmates until it culminated in a massive altercation.

She pouted as she raised her chin and stared back at the guards, standing her ground. She wasn’t exactly a stranger to discipline here, having been put over a guard’s knee multiple times for telling them exactly what she thought of them. Glaring, she fidgeted nervously as one of them droned on and on about something involving respect and boundaries and their naughty and ungrateful behavior.

Looking away, she rolled her eyes, tuning the man out. Crossing her arms, she waited for what she knew was coming as the dreadfully loud guard finally shut up and another one grabbed her wrist. Yelping at the unexpected contact, she tried to pull away, but he was too strong. The man led her to a nearby straight-back chair, procured from the prison cafeteria. In no time at all, he had pushed her pants down around her ankles, revealing her panty-clad bottom. She shivered and bit her lip as the chilly air caressed her skin. Looking up at the multilevel complex, she saw hundreds of women watching her about to receive her comeuppance from their cells. She met several pairs of eyes and shivered with nervous anticipation.

Embarrassed, she moved to cover her backside, but the male guard brushed her hand away. She could feel herself flush, knowing that her face was likely red with shame. Everyone here was about to see her naked bottom spanked. She tried to remain strong and uncaring, but she was growing more uneasy by the second.

The guard took her by the arm and pulled her over his lap, and before she had time to react, he had grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to about mid-thigh.

She squealed, feeling the multitude of eyes staring at her naked skin and the secret place between her thighs. Kicking and fighting, she tried to break away, but her small frame struggling against his much larger one proved futile. She was trapped, her bottom a vulnerable target for the discipline she was about to receive.

Racking her brain, she tried to remember the maneuvers she’d studied during her self-defense training, but she couldn’t come up with one that would work in her current position. He placed his wide palm atop her bottom and she shivered at the realization that his hand was large enough to completely cover one of her cheeks.

A loud slap echoed nearby and she flinched at the sound. Not a moment later, the guard holding her captive over his knees smacked her bottom, once, then twice as she still struggled to escape. His arm wound around her waist, holding her tight, and she whined as the sting of the spanks finally began to hit her.

Her bottom burned as he spanked all over her backside and down the backs of her thighs. Lifting her even higher, he punished the lower curve of her bottom and her eyes began to tear up.

She kicked her feet, trying to block his punishing palm. With an aggravated sigh, he quickly maneuvered her so that her hips balanced over one of his thighs and his other leg straddled over the back of hers, effectively locking her in place.

“I hate you!” she screamed out loud, but the guard simply chuckled. Looking back at him, her stomach dropped as she watched him unclip the leather paddle from his belt. She struggled harder, watching as the implement rose into the air and then began its descent. Nothing she did prevented the eventual fall of the paddle onto her backside and she began to cry. She hated paddles.

Her cries grew louder and louder as her punishment continued. Overwhelmed with her shame, she began to wail as the paddle fell again and again. Briefly, she wondered if Aimee, Jenny, and Isabella were watching her get spanked too.

Finally, the spanking stopped and the guard lifted her to her feet. He pointed to the wall where a few other women with red bottoms were sniffling, and she shuffled over, her pants and panties still around her ankles. One guard spaced them out and directed everyone to bend forward, spread their legs, and put their noses to the wall.

Her red bottom on display with the ten or so other women must have been quite the sight. Sniffling, she pouted as the guard who spanked her lifted her hands and put them on the back of her head. She moved to glare back at him and he responded with a hard smack of the leather paddle on her already sore and achy bottom. Squeaking, she turned back toward the wall, trembling with embarrassment.

For what seemed like forever, the guards stood around them, leaving their bare bottoms on display as an example to the rest of the women still watching. While Michelle stood there, her shoulder-length blonde hair hanging forward and blocking her face, she shivered and contemplated what might happen next.

“Bring me Michelle Carter,” a female voice rang out, and Michelle’s eyes grew wide when she realized who had spoken. It was Warden Taylor and she sounded extremely unhappy. “Remove her pants and panties. I want her bare, well-spanked bottom completely on display for the rest of the day. I want the other detainees to see exactly what happens when a woman misbehaves in my facility.”

Michelle felt her stomach drop to her toes as hands lifted her feet, removing her clothing and leaving her lower half entirely naked. She felt the blush on her cheeks deepen.

A guard grabbed her upper arm and forced her to follow Warden Taylor out of the detainee living spaces and down one of the halls of the space station. As they walked, they passed by women in their rooms who stared at her punished backside, and she flushed heavily in response. She felt even more shame upon realizing that there was wetness dripping down her thighs from between her legs, even though her bottom still burned hot from her recent punishment. How could that be possible?

They finally reached what looked to be the warden’s office and Michelle was led inside. The guard holding her arm released her, leaving her standing while the warden took a seat at her desk.

For the first time, Michelle was able to get a close look at the warden, her lush chocolate brown hair tied up tight in a bun, harsh and unforgiving brown eyes and pretty pink lips hinting at a beautiful woman underneath. Michelle chewed her lips as the woman studied her closely, sighing heavily as she picked up a folder off her desk.

“Michelle Carter. Discovered in Los Angeles in a human trafficking ring. Parents drug dealers and kingpins in the infamous Bloods gang, brothers convicted on both theft and grand larceny charges, without a care in the world for the law, but still,” she paused, “they hid you away. Not a word of your existence until you were discovered as a victim in their own brothel,” the warden began, sympathy hidden deep in her eyes.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me,” Michelle retorted, angrily looking away.

“Why would they traffic you, Michelle?” the woman said softly. The room was silent for a long moment before Michelle sighed. She wasn’t protecting anyone; in fact, they had betrayed her long ago. Her parents had promised her safety, but they had lied to her, more concerned with the money in their pockets than the wellbeing of their own child.

“They sold my virginity to the highest bidder. Made millions off the sale. Rival gangs paid out the nose to have the chance to be the first to have their way with the daughter of one of the major kingpins in the LA region,” Michelle whispered, her voice level and devoid of emotion.

She had come to terms with her situation a long time ago. She hated her parents and her brothers, angry that they would sell her innocence without her consent. Remembering the night she was captured and brought to the brothel location, she shivered and bit her lip.

Uncaring hands had taken her and tied her to the bed, stripped her naked, and left her there waiting all alone. Hours later, a large muscular man had entered the room. It had all happened so fast, but still, she remembered his grisly, dirty face, the cold feel of his touch against her skin, the way his eyes had assessed her body, leaving her feeling sick inside. He’d taken his shirt off first as he stared at her with an excited and terrible smirk, and she had shivered and screamed, but no one had come. No one had cared.

He had been climbing on top of her, unbuttoning his pants and exposing his cock, when the room had burst open with what had seemed like a hundred cops.

That night, the cops had taken her into their care and discovered her status as a third child.

Some time ago, Earth had enacted a law that only allowed families to have two children and no more. Her parents had never cared about the law and thought they were above it, just like every other law they had broken.

Shaking her head, she tried to rid herself of the terrible thoughts of that night and focus back on the warden. Things could be worse. Things had been so much worse.

“In your file, it indicated that you might have been raped. Were you?” the warden asked, her voice soft, yet understanding.

“No. I’m still a virgin. That bastard didn’t get the chance to touch me,” she scoffed, kicking her feet against the floor.

“I’m glad. Really, I am sincerely thankful you didn’t have to experience such a terrible thing,” the woman said and then paused for a long moment, lifting her eyes to meet Michelle’s. “You know what the purpose of this detainment center is, correct? We train and prepare human women to be purchased as brides by the rest of the interstellar community.”

“I know,” Michelle said, nervously chewing her lip.

“You’ve been dealt a terrible hand thus far in life and regrettably, got involved with Aimee and her group of friends. Unfortunately, this has forced me to take a strong stance with the lot of you. While your attitude and behavior has warranted discipline here in the past, I like you. You have a strong spirit. So… I have found the perfect contract for you. You’re to be the wife of two war veterans, two strong men who will know how to handle you. You’ll be well taken care of there.”

“I’m to be sold off, right now?” Michelle asked in disbelief.

The woman nodded.

“It won’t be like what you’ve experienced in the past. The men need a strong, independent woman for a wife and specifically requested one that was far from a doormat. Even now, with your red bottom spanked and bared for everyone to see, I still see fire in your eyes. My instincts are always correct. I think you will do well there,” Warden Taylor replied.

“So, I have no choice in the matter,” Michelle said as she gritted her teeth.

The warden shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I know it’ll be hard for you, but it won’t be like before. You’ll be safe and before long, I hope you’ll be happy.”

Michelle stared back at the woman, finding it difficult to be angry when she spoke so sincerely about her wellbeing. Rubbing her wrists, she remembered what it felt like to have the rough, scratchy rope around them, how the marks and bruises had taken weeks to fade away, and stared down at the floor.

“I’ll be safe? They won’t hurt me?”

“They will cherish you as their own,” Warden Taylor responded, her tone full of determination and sympathy.

“When am I going to be sent away?”

“A ship is being prepared as we speak. You’re to be escorted to the gates of their mansion, where you’ll meet the alien men you’ve been sold to. It’s been requested that you wear a dress, a blue ball gown that has been sent to us from your future husbands. Come, follow me,” Warden Taylor said as she rose from her seat.

Michelle watched and evaluated her situation, realizing there was nowhere she could go and nothing she could do to avoid the fate the warden had chosen for her. Despite her fear, there was something deep inside her that was curious about what these alien men would be like, how they would treat her, and if she would like them or learn to love them. Questions swirled around inside her as she moved to follow the warden, her sore backside reminding her that it would be useless to try fighting anymore. It would only result in greater punishment.

They walked deeper into the station and past a multitude of locked doors. Metal gangways connected to what looked like a great catwalk for spaceships both large and small to arrive and depart. Eyes wide, she took in the sights, amazed at the technology before her eyes. The two of them strode down the walkway toward a sizeable ship surrounded in heavy metal armor. Military men were shouting all around them as provisions were brought on board. Someone came by and handed her a pair of pants, which she quickly pulled on, feeling grateful to finally be able to hide her punished backside from prying eyes.

Warden Taylor led her onto the large ship and back down a narrow hallway into a small room with a bed and a small dresser. On top of the dresser was what looked like an old tablet, like the ones she used to borrow from the library years ago.

“There’s a restroom over there through that door in the corner for your use,” the warden said while pointing to a corner. “The journey will take about a week at full speed and you’ll be kept here throughout the journey. Please behave as the guards will be allowed to punish you. You’ll be given access to our learning library, available through a tablet.”

“Where am I going? What’s the name of the planet I’m being sent to?”

“Sahiba. You’ll be able to research it once the ship leaves port,” Warden Taylor said. “Good luck, Michelle. I wish you the best.”

She was gone shortly after, leaving Michelle to ponder what she had gotten herself into.

Chapter Two

The week-long journey passed by very slowly. Michelle was kept in the small room by herself. She was given regular meals, but was mostly left to her own devices. She passed the time by reading mystery novels on the tablet, some of them from long ago. She devoured a few Nancy Drew novels, surprised that she’d never discovered them prior to her capture.

She also researched Sahiba. There wasn’t a lot of information available other than the fact that the planet was presently recovering from the grip of war. An alien race known as the Jurgorgs had attacked with horrific weapons, and the aliens of Sahiba had been in a state of civil unrest ever since. In the recent years, though, there had been an unsteady peace. A royal family ruled the planet, complete with a king and queen. The military sector had been expanded as well, including improvements in weapons, ships, and new technology, in an effort to fight off any future attacks from the Jurgorgs or other alien forces.

The people of Sahiba were absent from much of the literature though and she could only find whispers of what sounded like myths, of giant men who turned into beasts, savage men who only lived to breed and kill. The more she read, the more it terrified her, so she gave up a short time later. There was no way those kinds of things were real… It had to be some sort of odd rumor.

Throwing herself back on the bed, she wondered what her future would bring.

On the last day, she felt a bit stir crazy from cabin fever but also excited knowing that their destination was mere hours away. She passed the time by staring out her tiny round window, seeing a lush green and blue planet come into view. Eagerness and nervousness bubbled up from deep inside her as she took in her future home. It wouldn’t be that bad, right?

The surface came closer and closer until they were ready to touch down, and she was a bit taken aback at the sheer size of the trees. Once on the ground, she couldn’t see the tree tops anymore, just the lush green vegetation and the massive trunks climbing up into the air. It was a wild jungle, a remote, uninhibited landscape instead of the technological city she had come to expect.

Not long after, a guard came to fetch her from her bedroom on the ship. He brought with him a very large box and she recalled the warden’s mention of a blue dress. The guard pulled it out and she gasped at the sight. He told her to undress and she did so hesitantly, only after he threatened her with a spanking.

Gently, he held the dress so she could step into it. She pushed her hands into the three-quarter sleeves, the gorgeous sky blue brilliant against the paleness of her skin. The guard laced up the corseted back as she smoothed out the ball gown skirt. A sash wound around her waist, making her look even smaller and curvier than before. Lace surrounded her chest, cupping her breasts and lifting them to create a perfect heart shape. The sweetheart neckline dipped low, giving an ample view of her cleavage, and she blushed when she glanced down.

When the guard finished his task, she stood tall and quickly glanced in the bathroom mirror and gasped at the sight.

A slim curvy woman met her view, one that looked much older than twenty-one. The dress hugged her form tightly, giving her the illusion of a very tiny waist and ample hips. She felt beautiful. She felt like a princess even.

Together, they exited the ship and walked up a dirt road, where a tall man dressed in a black tuxedo met them at a massive iron gate. Intricate rose designs curved round the top of the gate and Michelle shivered, an odd sense of foreboding boiling up from within.

“Are you here to collect the human bride, Michelle Carter?” the guard asked the man in the tuxedo. The guard held his hand protectively against her lower back and she was suddenly grateful for it.

“That I am,” the man answered formally. He stepped forward and Michelle was able to get a closer look at him. He was clean cut, his hair perfectly placed, and his dress reminded her of a butler of some sort. He seemed much more human than she had expected. “I’m the groundskeeper and butler to Rose Manor. My name is Sir Gregory and my name is on the contract as well as Masters Roan and Dane. The masters of the manor are indisposed at the moment and I have been sent to fetch our new charge.”

“Indisposed?” Michelle murmured, her nerves getting the best of her.

The man’s eyes flashed toward her before moving back to the guard. Immediately, Michelle became even more suspicious.

Another guard walked up behind them just as she was about to protest.

“The man is correct. On the delivery form, it indicated that the bride may be picked up by a Sir Gregory. We’ll leave her with him and get back home per the warden’s orders,” he said.

Sir Gregory smiled. “Thank you. Miss Carter?” he said, while offering his elbow to her. The guard pressed against her back with his palm, forcing her to take a step forward toward the butler despite her reluctance. The other guard unclipped both paddles from his belt and stepped forward, handing the dreadful implements to the groundskeeper.

“At the detainment center, the brides are spanked if they misbehave. Warden Taylor asked me to give these to you upon arrival. If Miss Carter misbehaves, I recommend a good turn over the knee to correct her naughty ways,” the guard said boldly, and Michelle nearly groaned out loud. She felt her face flush hot. Did these men have no shame?

Her bottom twitched, remembering the dreaded feel of the leather implement. She surely didn’t want to find out about the wooden one.

“Thank you,” Sir Gregory said. She watched as he unbuttoned his tuxedo and slid the paddles into an inner pocket. Biting her lip, she looked back at the gate and trembled.

He offered his elbow again and the guard behind her pressed her forward. Having no other options, she took Sir Gregory’s arm and was led away. Turning back, she watched her temporary prison prepare for takeoff. Five minutes later as Sir Gregory led her up dirt path, she heard the spaceship take off, leaving her alone and afraid on the surface of an alien planet.

Slowly, she saw the glimpses of a massive mansion come into view as they walked along the long path. It looked spooky and dark and the closer they got, the more afraid she became. Finally, they turned one last corner and a huge house came into focus. It was three stories high and covered in a dark gray plaster. Each window was surrounded by red wooden shutters, but the curtains were closed in every single one. Dark burgundy roses grew in abundance on and around the front porch.

Large columns spanned up to the roof, intricately carved with more flowers and upon closer inspection, she realized they were also roses. Pausing, she reached down to pluck one of the beautiful flowers and cried out when a thorn pricked her thumb.

Pulling her hand away, she saw a small bubble of blood form over the wound and she pressed her finger in between her lips. The coppery taste of her own blood washed over her tongue and she shivered, mentally chastising herself for her stupidity.

The front door was probably about ten feet tall, made of carved cedar wood, stained dark to showcase the beauty of the natural feature.

The whole image reminded her of the manor houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries back on Earth. It was almost as though she’d stepped back in time.

There were a few indicators that she wasn’t on Earth though, like the much larger size of the roses and the massiveness of the trees surrounding them and the two red suns beating down overhead through the foliage. If she looked closer, subtle differences in the birds and the animals that fluttered around them indicated she was indeed on an alien planet. She figured with more time, she would begin to notice more about Sahiba. This was now her home.

Sir Gregory opened the door and motioned for her to go inside.

Nervously, she went forward, the darkness making it impossible to see what was inside. Leaving the brightness of the outdoors, she entered into what looked like an extravagant sitting room and waited as Sir Gregory came in behind her. The door clicked shut and she was closed in. Hardwood floors beneath her feet flowed into the distance down a hallway. A massive brick fireplace rose up the wall, large enough that she could walk into it standing up. Gregory gestured for her to continue onward and she followed him further to where the room opened up into a massive entry hall. Staircases curved up to the second floor to either side of her and a huge crystal chandelier hung overhead, lit up with what looked like a thousand little candles. Bright light bounced off of dark wooden walls and she looked around with delight. A movement at the top of the stairs captured her attention then and she gazed up toward it.

A dark figure turned at the top of the landing, followed closely by the shadow of another. She could hardly make anything out except two very tall male figures. Folding her fingers together, she nervously waited for someone to say something, anything. Not knowing how to proceed, she looked to Sir Gregory for help.

“Sir Roan, Sir Dane, may I present to you Miss Michelle Carter,” Gregory spoke loudly toward the shadows at the top of the steps.

The two big forms turned and large hands folded around the railing at the top. Her eyes traveled up their wrists and then across their large chests, covered with dark clothing, to see two furious-looking men staring down at her.

“What the fuck is she doing here,” one of them growled, and she was slightly taken aback. What was going on?

“And where the hell did she get that dress? What is this?” the other roared, and this time, she took a step backward in fear.

This wasn’t quite the reception she had imagined. Both men took opposite staircases down toward her, walking into the light, and she was able to study them even further.

One had dark hair and even blacker stormy eyes. A hint of stubble shadowed his chin and a strong jawline tensed with unfathomable anger. The other had chocolate-colored messy hair, and was clean shaven and even more angry than the other.

Their furious resentment toward her chilled her to the bone. How was she supposed to have her happily ever after when both men looked like they wanted to kill her?

The one with the dark hair gripped her shoulders and twisted her around harshly. She cried out at the pain of his firm hold and covered her face as he grasped the back of her dress. A terrible ripping sound echoed through the grand hall as the gown pulled away from her skin. The other took the top of the dress and tore it down the front, quickly divesting her of the pristine and beautiful garment she had been so very proud of just moments before.

She choked back a sob.

The men were well over seven feet tall. She didn’t have a chance. In a matter of moments, the dress fell away to the floor in shreds, leaving her naked and shivering before two strange men.

They took the dress then and tossed it in a nearby fireplace and she cried as flames crackled, eating away the gorgeous blue fabric in seconds. The men turned then, glaring back at her before climbing the stairs and leaving her there alone.

When they reached the top of the landing, the one with dark hair spoke, his voice gravelly, dark, and incredibly angry.

“Get her out of my sight. Send her back to where she came from,” he roared.

“Yes, Sir Roan,” Sir Gregory murmured, his face ashen.

She collapsed to the floor then, tears streaming down her face, shivering with her shame and nakedness.

This was most certainly not her happily ever after. This was hell.

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