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Sweet Cruelty: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake – Sample

Chapter One

No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be a heroine.

– Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


I had run out of time… and options.

Tuition was due next week.

I had no choice but to beg for the money tonight, or I’d be kicked out of school.

I gripped the cold, wrought-iron fence railing and tried to calm my breathing. I reached up to straighten my bangs as I checked to make sure the topknot securing my hair was still in place. Normally, I just threw my hair up in a messy bun with two twists of a scrunchy, but today I had taken the care to smooth it into a tight, elegant bun. I had hoped it would make me look older and studious. The effect was almost worth the headache the tight hairband and bobby pins were giving me. I couldn’t wait for this to be over. The first thing I would do would be to take my hair down.

Giving myself one last inspection, I bent down to wipe a small smudge off the toe of my Doc Marten Mary Janes before straightening my pink plaid skirt.

Hefting my leather backpack onto my shoulder, I swung open the gate. Wincing as it squeaked, I paused, waiting for… I’m not sure what. The sounds of angry dogs barking? A warning gunshot over my head?

Sliding first one foot along the brick-paved walkway, then the other, I forced myself to walk up the short set of stairs.

Rolling my eyes, I sighed. The house would have an imposing glossy black door with a massive brass lion’s head clasping a heavy ring in its jaws for a door knocker. All I was missing was some misty fog and the sound of the Thames lapping at the shore and I’d be in some Dickens novel with me playing the part of the poor urchin begging for scraps.


I wasn’t the poor urchin.

Squaring my shoulders, I reminded myself I was the heroine of my story. And like most of Austen’s heroines, this particular heroine desperately needed this man’s money! As Lizzie Bennet said to the arrogant Mr. Darcy: My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.

With more boldness than I felt, I raised my arm to grasp the metal ring. Before I could, the door swung open with such force, a blast of air ruffled my bangs.

With a small cry, I took a step back.

In my vivid imagination, the person seemed more beast than man.

With his legs planted wide, his shaved head barely missed hitting the top of the doorway. The black goatee covering his upper lip and chin only highlighted the sharp planes of his jaw and nose. Beneath his right eye there was some sort of slash mark or scar, which gave the already pretty freaking scary-looking man an even more ominous appearance. Naked from the waist up, his muscled chest was covered in brightly colored tattoos. Good Lord! Was that an image of a dagger dripping with blood on his neck?

A grim scowl clouded his features as he stared down at me with cold, stormy eyes.

“I… I… I…” My brain froze. My jaw was too stiff to form any words.

“You’re late.”

In reality, I knew he had spoken some normal, English-language words, but all I heard emanating from his lips was the deep, threatening growl of a beast. It didn’t help that he had the distinctive guttural purr of a Russian accent.

This man was definitely not Mr. Linus Fitzgerald III, elderly son of my former benefactor!

My tongue felt thick and awkward in my mouth. “I’m so sorry. There’s been a mistake.”

My body jerked off-balance as my heel slid out over the edge of the top step in my effort to back slowly away from the angry, bear-like man.

His giant paw snatched me by the upper arm and dragged me over the threshold. I fell against the hard heat of his body.

“There is no mistake, моя крошка. You’re mine for the night.”

The heavy black door swung shut, cutting me off from the safe sounds of civilization.

“No! Wait!”

It was too late.

I was alone with the Russian beast… inside his lair.

Chapter Two

If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.

– Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


This was bad… really bad.

Stunned, I stood there pressed against his chest. I must have been out of my mind because for the briefest moment, all I could think about was how warm and oddly safe it felt. There was just something about the protective feel of a powerful man’s arms wrapped around me. I had never experienced it before, but I’d read about it in countless books. It was jarring to realize that what I had read in books didn’t come close to how it truly felt.

The heat of his skin. The steady thump of his heartbeat. The way his hands pressed against my lower back. The spicy scent of sandalwood cologne mixed with tobacco. It was all so… intoxicating.

This was madness.

This man was a stranger.

A tattooed stranger with a freaking scar on his face like a freaking pirate!

He had the image of a bloody dagger sticking through his throat, for heaven’s sake!

What was I doing?

Placing my hands against a solid wall of muscle, I pushed free… or at least tried to.

His arms tightened around me. A frisson of alarm ran up my spine like the crawl of cold fingertips over my skin.

“There’s been a mistake.” I couldn’t meet his gaze. My eyes stayed trained on the center of his chest.

“What is your name, моя крошка?”

Shaking my head, my heart raced as my gaze darted about the entry hall. Everywhere I looked there was Chantilly cream-colored marble, from the floors to the sweeping staircase off to the side. There was a lit fireplace, which under any other circumstances would have seemed warm and inviting. Except for a hastily added Persian rug, the space was bare with no artwork or any other furniture, as if someone had just moved in.

It also felt empty. There were no indistinct noises coming from a television in another room or the close of a cabinet or clink of a glass from the unseen kitchen. The bustling soft sounds you normally heard when other people were in a house.

Strong fingers cupped my jaw as he turned my head back to him, forcing my gaze to meet his own.

I had never seen eyes the color of his before. They were a stark steel grey, but with tiny flecks of dark blue. The directness of his stare was unsettling.

“моя крошка, I’m not a patient man. Tell me your name.”

His Russian accent was unmistakable. The inflection midsentence, with softly rolling vowels. The way each word sounded like melting dark chocolate.

“What is that phrase you keep saying? Moya kroshka?”

The pad of his thumb caressed my bottom lip as if he wanted to feel as well as hear the words on my lips.

“моя крошка? It means my little one.”

Watching his lips as they moved, the corners turned up ever so slightly as he softened the harsh English vowels to a purr, leetle une.

I pulled my lip between my teeth, tasting the salty tang from his touch. It was odd how such an innocent endearment could sound so sensual. My stomach twisted. I may never have had a boyfriend, but I wasn’t so naïve as to not recognize the hidden sexual threat of his words.

“That is the game you are playing tonight, no? Naughty little schoolgirl.”

His gaze lowered to my chest. Looking down, my mouth opened on a horrified gasp. The neckline of my pink cashmere sweater, one of my favorite thrift store finds, had shifted as I pressed against him. The deep V-neck now exposed the top of my white lace bra. Even worse, the delicate weave did nothing to hide the sharp buds of my erect nipples.

Shocked and humiliated that I would respond so blatantly to the touch of a complete stranger—and a very scary criminal-looking one at that—I tried to escape his embrace once more.

His hand on my jaw forced my head all the way back as his long fingers wrapped around my throat. “Stop your struggles.”

Without warning, his mouth claimed mine. The hard press of his lips forced my own against my teeth. The tips of his fingers dug into my jaw till my mouth opened for his assault. When his tongue swept in, I could taste a hint of tobacco and mint mixed with the sharp tang of my blood. I had never been kissed like this in my life. The bold sweep of his tongue swirled and teased my own. It was as if he were pulling the very breath from my body till it forced me to breathe in his own air to live. The hard bristle of his goatee scraped against the delicate skin of my cheeks and chin, increasing the powerful masculine feel of his embrace. If it hadn’t been for the press of his body, I didn’t think I would still be standing. The taste and touch of him was overwhelming. It consumed me.

This must be what it felt like to be kissed by a pirate rogue. To know that you were in a threatening situation and to know that it was terribly, terribly wrong… and yet to respond to his touch anyway. It was as if all reason and logic had fled, leaving me at the mercy of my primal self. The dark portion of my soul that craved adventure, passion, and yes… maybe even a little danger. The part of me that responded to a powerful man just reaching out and taking what he wanted and the thrill of knowing that what he wanted was me!

No one ever wanted me before… not like this.

A warm, dizzying sensation crept over me to settle between my legs as a soft mew escaped my lips. I was a taut bowstring humming with tension just waiting to be stroked. Was it madness to actually want this powerful stranger to ease the building ache inside of me? My rational mind warred with my affection-starved body.

Finally, he took mercy on me and released my mouth, but not before pulling the scrunchy and bobby pins out of my hair. The tight bun released and the soft curls tumbled over my shoulders and down my back.

Driving his fingers into my hair, he pulled tight as his lips pressed lightly against my cheek before moving to my earlobe. The sharp edges of his teeth along the delicate shell of my ear had me clenching my thighs.

“Such a chaste kiss. You play the innocent very well. I will let the agency know I’m pleased.”

Chaste? He called that chaste?

Wait… agency? What agency?

Before I could even force my shattered senses to respond, the hard press of his erect cock against my abdomen set alarms bells off.

This is bad… really bad.

“Please. You don’t understand. I’m just here for the money,” I blurted out.

His head snapped back. His grey gaze turned cold and stormy. “Well then, I better see you earn it.”

Snatching my forgotten backpack off my shoulder, he tossed it onto the floor near the door.

For the briefest of seconds, his arms set me free. My body swayed, as if I had forgotten how to support myself without the help of his firm grip. Before I could do anything else, he bent in half and pressed his heavy shoulder against my stomach and lifted me high.

I cried out as I splayed my hands across his back, hoping to get some purchase as the room rocked and spun.

“What are you doing? Wait! Stop!” I tried to push the hair out of my eyes to see where he was taking me.

My cheeks flamed as a hot band of iron pressed under my skirt to wrap tightly around my upper thighs.

My world teetered as he moved toward the staircase.


My legs kicked out. I could hear the beast grunt as the heavy rubber sole of one of my Doc Marten Mary Janes connected with his midsection.

With his free hand, he easily captured my left foot and pulled first that shoe, then my right shoe, off. As he tossed them aside, I watched as my only pitiful weapons tumbled down the marble steps to land uselessly at the bottom.

In desperation, I reached out to grasp the black wrought-iron railing that curved alongside the staircase.

For my efforts, I received a sharp slap on my ass. Even through the wool fabric of my skirt, it stung and burned. Tears blurred my vision. Several fell to stain the denim of his jeans a darker blue. We arrived at the top of the stairs. My chances of escape were dwindling, especially if he got me inside his bedroom.

With renewed ferocity, I tried clawing at his back. It did nothing. I stared at my bright pink nails in dismay. Why did I always have to keep my nails short?

He only laughed at my attempts. “мой маленький котенок trying to use her little claws. Don’t worry. You can draw your nails down my back all you want once my cock is deep inside you.”

The dizzying sway of his body as his hard shoulder pressed into my stomach made me feel sick and disoriented. My world tilted again as he swung me onto the bed.

My body sank deep into the luxurious thickness of his bedcovers. The emerald and gold down was so heavy it took some effort to rise onto my knees.

His back was turned to me as I heard the unmistakable click of the door lock. Panicked, my eyes searched the room for some other escape route. Like the hallway below, the room was in warm creams with an added touch of gold and dark emerald on both the bed and the upholstered chairs that sat before another roaring fire.

There was an open doorway to the right, but from the rows of hanging suits, I could easily see that it must lead to a walk-in closet. Another door across the room was slightly ajar. I didn’t have to see inside to know it was probably a bathroom. It wasn’t an escape, but perhaps I could lock myself in and call for help?

Stumbling off the bed, I threw my body forward as I tried to reach that door.

The breath was knocked out of my lungs with a sudden swoosh as his arm wrapped tightly around my middle. He pressed my back against the naked warmth of his chest.

His hand stole around my throat, pushing my head back against him. I wasn’t considered tall, but I was by no means short, and yet this man made me feel like the little girl endearment he called me. My height was no match for his towering frame. The top of my head barely reached his shoulder.

The open palm of his other hand ran down my belly to settle under my skirts. Cupping me between the legs, he growled into my ear, “So you want to play the shy virgin game? Then let’s play.”

His grip shifted till his skin was against my own. The tips of his fingers moved beneath the waistband of my panties.

A high-pitched whimper escaped my lips as I stood, too shocked from my fierce arousal at his touch to move.

One long finger pressed between the seam of my lower lips to tease my clit.

Pressing my eyes tightly closed, a tear ran down my cheek. Whether it was from fear, or the humiliation of this stranger feeling the warm wetness of my arousal, I didn’t know.

How could this possibly be arousing me?

I had dreamt of this moment countless times, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I had wanted it to be special, with a man who cared about me. It seemed my body was tired of waiting for the book boyfriend who would probably never appear.

Wetting my dry lips, my voice sounded weak and breathless to my ears. “Please, you don’t understand. I’m not who you think I am.”

“I know precisely who… and what… you are, моя крошка. Mine for the night.” He ran his mouth along the column of my neck, punctuating his possessive claim by pushing the tip of his finger inside of me.

Rising up on my toes, I tried to escape the invasive touch, but his arm around my waist prevented it.

Lifting me up, he walked a few steps backwards and tossed me once more onto the bed. Getting on my hands and knees facing away from him, I looked over my shoulder.

He was standing at the end of the bed, unbuttoning his jeans. His gaze on my ass. I knew I must look like a wanton spectacle. I could feel the hem of my skirt as it rode up high on my thighs. From his angle, he could probably even see the white silk of my panties.

Reaching out an arm, the back of his knuckles caressed my upper thigh. “No thong? Just the innocent panties of a Catholic schoolgirl. Has my little schoolgirl earned a spanking from the headmaster?”


Clawing at the heavy covers, I fell onto my belly as I tried to clamber away.

His hand wrapped around my right ankle and pulled me back. My legs were now splayed wide on either side of his.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Such a naughty girl.”

His fingers reached for the waistband of my panties and ruthlessly pulled them down to just under the curve of my ass.

Oh, my God.

This was happening.

He was going to… going to… oh, my God.

“Raise up onto your knees.”

“Please, you must listen to me. There’s been a mistake! You have to let me go!”

My entire body jerked as his warm hand caressed my bare ass cheek.

“Such ugly lies, out of such pretty lips. Perhaps I will punish your mouth later. For now, I want this ass bright red so I can feel the heat from your punished skin as I fuck you.”


My cry was lost over the ring of his first slap against my vulnerable bottom.

The sound echoed around the room as I felt the hot pins and needles from his strike. Before I could cry out again, he spanked the other cheek.

“No! Stop!”

Mercilessly, he abused my ass with the palm of his hand. Each strike more painful than the last. Knowing I could never fight him off, I buried my head, biting down hard on the soft downy bedcovers.

My knees buckled as my body rocked upward with each hit, the movement pushing my hips against the bed. A groan escaped my lips as it put pressure on my pussy. Shocking myself to the core, I ground my hips against the mattress, the hot sensation of pain from his spanking somehow increasing the pleasurable pressure against my clit. Shifting my shoulders, I rubbed my swollen nipples against the covers as my hand crept beneath my body to rub the sensitive nub of my clit even harder.

This is madness.

Absolute madness.

After an eternity, the punishment stopped.

Somewhere past the buzzing in my ears, I could hear the muted opening and closing of a drawer. Then the rattle of foil packaging. Too wrapped up in the warring sensations of pain and pleasure, I didn’t register what was happening till it was too late.

His enormous hands spanned my hips as he pulled me back onto my knees and shifted me until my feet hung over the edge of the bed.

His fingers bumped into my own as I continued to rub my clit furiously. Forced to masturbate previously with only my imaginings of a man’s hands on my body, it was too much now to feel the rough, warm touch of a real man on my skin.

Something hard pressed against my entrance. I tried to shift my knees forward to move away from the insistent pressure, but his grip on my hips prevented me.

My eyes flew open. Gone was the heady, opium-like embrace of passion.

His hand ran up my back under my sweater as he murmured, “Jesus, you’re tight. Almost like a real virgin.”

My mouth opened, a denial lodging in my throat.

The pressure increased till I felt my body relent. The tip of his cock popped past the tight ring of muscle desperately trying to keep him out.

Sinking his fingers into my soft flesh, he thrust in deep.

Burying himself inside of me.

Tearing through my maidenhead as he filled me with every thick, painful inch of his cock.

“What the hell?” he roared.

Chapter Three

Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.

– William Shakespeare, Macbeth


What the fuck was happening?

With extreme willpower, I pulled free of her sweet, tight cunt.

Leaning up, I grabbed her around her narrow waist and easily flipped her body till she was on her back.

Small fists pounded on my chest and arms. She was like an angry butterfly trying to attack a lion with the flutter of her pretty wings.

Snatching her flailing arms, I secured both her wrists in my left hand and dragged them above her head.

Her body twisted and bucked beneath my own. It only settled me deeper between her legs. The sensitive underside of my cock brushed against the soft down of her pussy. My balls were tight and almost painful as my entire body screamed to once more thrust deeply into her wet heat. If she kept moving under me like this, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. There was only so much a man could take before his baser needs took over.

“Enough!” I barked.

Her eyes widened as she stilled, frozen with fear.

For such a little thing, with a small face and tiny pert nose, she had impossibly large eyes. They were a beautiful dark brown with hints of gold. They turned down slightly at the edges, giving her the look of an innocent doe.

Too bad a hunter had captured her.

“Tell me, now.”

Her slight body trembled beneath the heavy weight of my own and at the harsh sound of my command.

A gentleman would have talked in a more soothing voice. Would have petted her head and given her soft kisses on her cheeks as he gently pressed for an explanation.

I was no gentleman.

I wanted answers, and I wanted them now.

There had to be a reason as to why the high-class escort I had hired for the night was a fucking virgin.

The knowledge that all her earlier feigned innocence was not a game or a well-practiced seductive act, but the genuine reactions of an untried woman, twisted my stomach with unease. How was this even possible? How could an American girl her age still be a virgin? Unless she wasn’t of age. Jesus Christ.

My right hand gripped her jaw and tilted her head back to force her gaze to mine. I searched her gamine features for signs of age. “How old are you?”

Her eyes filled with tears. A small amount of eyeliner had streaked down her cheeks. Pale pink lipstick was smudged over her swollen lips. Her long brown hair a tangled mess of curls as it spread across my pillow. Damn me if she didn’t still look beautiful as hell. My cock, which was still semi-hard, swelled.

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind I would finish what we had started, but before I sank deep into her again, I needed answers.

“моя крошка, tell me. How old are you?”

“Twenty-three,” came her whispered response. Her voice so soft and low I had to strain to hear it.

Still, it was all I needed to know. Despite her delicate young features, she was of age.

I would get the rest of the answers I needed later.

Shifting my hips, I pushed my right thigh against her own, opening her wider as I raised my torso up higher. Reaching between our bodies, I gripped my shaft and positioned it once more at her entrance.

She mewed as her body tried to twist and turn beneath me.

“Please…” Her beautiful doe eyes pleaded for sympathy and compassion.

If she knew who I was… what I was… she’d know it was pointless.

Everything I possessed in this world I had taken through some form of force. She would be no different.

And make no mistake, I now possessed her as well.

The moment I had felt my cock breach her maidenhead, she became mine.


It was an indescribable feeling, this primal surge from deep within me. Knowing that no man had come before me… and at least for now, no man ever would. A virgin, the embodiment of innocence. A gnawing hunger arose deep inside my black and twisted soul, a need to devour all her purity and light for my own. As if by simply touching her, I would be redeemed from my sins.

I don’t know what circumstances had brought her to my doorstep this night, but obviously a woman this naïve needed a powerful protector. She had mentioned a need for money. I had plenty of it. Whatever trouble she was in, I would buy her out of it… and collect my fee in other, more pleasurable ways.

Yes, this little treasure was all mine now.

So she had better get used to the feel of my cock.

The heavy bulbous head pushed inside. I released the breath I was holding as her body squeezed around my flesh.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you… I’ve never had… I’ve never been with…” she stammered.

I cradled her delicate jaw in my right hand as the pad of my thumb brushed her cheek, wiping away the dark smudge of makeup.

With a tight grip on her wrists, I leaned down to gently kiss her lips as my free hand cupped the heavy weight of one perfect breast. Rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I pinched it roughly. Her lush mouth opened on a gasp.

My tongue swept in, with an overpowering need to taste her sweet honey again.

As my tongue swirled and danced with her own, my hand moved to caress the nip in her waist before sliding over her hip and down the silky skin of her thigh. Wrapping my long fingers around the underside of her knee, I pushed her leg up high, trapping her more effectively underneath my weight.

Her body tensed as my cock thrust more deeply into her. Inch by inch.

I swallowed her cries as my hips thrust forward.

Her tight pussy fought the intrusion. Clenching and grasping at my flesh as I drove in deeper. Only when my balls brushed against the underside of her ass did I stop and finally release her lips. My mouth skimmed over her jaw and cheek, tasting her salty tears.

She trembled as she inhaled a shaky breath. “Why are you doing this to me?”


Did she really have to ask why?

Did she have no concept of how she looked lying beneath me, in my bed? That her beautiful vulnerability and innocence mixed with such a stunning made-for-sex body was an irresistible drug to a man like me?

Leaning over, I flicked her earlobe with the tip of my tongue before rasping, “This is happening because you knocked on the door of a very… bad… man.”

I shifted my hips to pull out halfway before thrusting in deep. I could feel her inner pulse as it vibrated up my shaft. Her body’s resistance was weakening, submitting to the domination of my cock.

“Ow! Ow! It hurts!” Her arms pulled on my grasp as her back arched, pressing her breasts against my chest.

Unable to resist the temptation, I sucked one erect nipple into my mouth, needing to taste its berry sweetness. After licking and laving one nipple, I moved to the other. Deliberately capturing her shocked gaze with my own as I opened my mouth to flick the pert nub.

The music of her soft moan was the only answer I needed.

Releasing her wrists, I lifted my torso and placed both forearms on either side of her head, bracing myself.

My restraint had snapped. I could no longer hold back.

“моя крошка, whether you let go and enjoy the pleasure I can give is up to you, but you are not leaving this bed,” I threatened through clenched teeth as I fought for my last shred of control, not wanting to tear her with the ferocity of my thrusts.

“I don’t know… what… I don’t…”

“Let me show you.”

Swiveling my hips relentlessly, I thrust forward and back, opening her body to me. Her slick heat coated my cock as I kept a steady rhythm. Her body telling me more than her lips ever could. I increased my pace, pressing down on her as I buried my face into sweet-smelling curls cascading around her, the color of soft mink.

Those tiny fists that once fought me off now wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer.

The moment her hips unwittingly tilted up to match my thrusts, all was lost.

Reaching between us, the pad of my thumb put pressure on her clit as I increased the pace of my thrusts, bottoming out inside her tight heat each time.

The force of my violent thrusts shifted her up on the mattress. I had to place a protective hand on her head so it wouldn’t bang against the heavy mahogany headboard.

“Oh, God!”

“That’s it, baby, take it. Take it all,” I ground out as sweat dripped between my shoulder blades.

It was a marvel my massive cock was fitting inside her tiny body at all. Her untried pussy would feel bruised and swollen tomorrow from the brutality of this fucking, but that didn’t stop me. I hammered at her till my balls tightened.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop!” she breathed as I felt a ripple of arousal from deep inside of her.

My sweet little doe was coming. Her first orgasm from feeling a man’s cock inside of her and it was mine, all mine.

As impossible as it might seem, my cock swelled even harder at the possessive thought.


All mine.

I felt the rush of her arousal around my cock as her head tossed from side to side on the pillow and her fingertips dug into my upper arms.

The moment her orgasm ebbed, I unleashed the beast. Pounding into her as if the dogs of hell were on my heels and her body held my only redemption. One of the most all-consuming orgasms of my life tore through my body as come poured from me.

I had a flash of irrational regret knowing my hot seed would not be coating the walls of her cunt, would not truly be a part of her, but was wasted inside the rubber confines of a condom.

Next time.

Next time, I would know the pleasure of a true release inside of her with nothing to separate us.

Next time, nothing would come between me and the woman I now called mine.

Breathing heavily, I slipped out of her body and climbed out of the bed. After discreetly tossing away the used condom, I padded barefoot across the bedroom to the well-stocked bar cabinet.

Never in my life had I needed a stiff drink more.

Reaching for the black and gold bottle of Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition, I unscrewed the cap. Pulling the long gold-plated ice pick that was secured to the inside of the cap free from the bottle, I poured a generous amount into a waiting crystal tumbler. Raising the glass to my lips, I tilted my head back and drained the contents in one swallow. I poured another.

After kicking that one back, I poured a third and turned back to face my captured little doe.

After awkwardly wrapping the thick coverlet around her body, she was tiptoeing across the chamber toward her discarded pile of clothes.

Not giving a fuck about my naked state or my still semi-hard cock as it swung between my legs, I stormed across the room. “Where do you think you’re going?” I demanded as I kicked her belongings out of her reach.

“I… I… I thought you were… finished with me.” Her gaze refused to meet mine. It stayed on the ominous-looking ice pick still clutched in my right fist.

Gesturing with that same arm, I growled, “Get your ass back in that bed. We’re not done.”

Her body trembled as she backed away from me on shaking limbs. As she neared the bed, I issued another command. “Drop the blanket.”

She clasped it harder to her chest, twisting the silk between her breasts. “Please… I…”

“Drop. The. Blanket.”

Straight pearl-white teeth dug into the lush fullness of her bottom lip as she stood there undecided. Then with a cry, she dropped the blanket. As she lunged for the bed, she lifted the top sheet up and scrambled beneath it.

It really was adorable how she thought she could fight me, even on this trivial thing, and win.

Approaching the bed, I climbed on top, straddling her narrow waist. My hard cock rested against her abdomen, her pussy only protected by a thin piece of cotton. As if she thought it might bite her, she scrambled to sit up, resting her shoulders against the headboard.

Handing her the glass of vodka, I ordered, “Drink.”

She shook her head. Her pretty lips pouted as her eyebrows creased. “I don’t want to.”

I placed a hand on the headboard high above her head and leaned in. Lifting my other arm, I placed the tip of the ice pick beneath her chin and raised her head. It wasn’t a real ice pick, more a marketing gimmick than anything else, but it was threatening enough for her. I could see her big brown eyes widen as the muscles in her throat contracted with her hard swallow.

“I didn’t ask if you wanted to. Now drink.”

The crystal clattered against her teeth as she brought a shaking hand to her mouth. The glass barely tipped toward her lips. Using the tip of the ice pick, I placed it under the bottom rim of the glass and tilted it up, forcing her to swallow the total amount. It was only a splash or two of vodka, enough to brace her for what was about to come.

She coughed and choked. Clear liquid coated her lips.

An open invitation.

Leaning down, I licked the errant drops of vodka from the corner of her mouth before flicking my tongue along her bottom lip. The head of my cock pushed against her stomach.

The glass dropped from her fingers as she curled them into a fist, futilely trying to push me away.

Her fighting me was only arousing me further. I knew only a barbarian would force their attentions on a virgin so soon after taking her maidenhead. Since I knew I was barely better than a barbarian, I needed to remove myself from the temptation of her open thighs.

So I shifted till I was sitting to one side of her with my feet on the floor. As I grasped her jaw with my free hand, she stilled. “You are very adorable when you’re angry but I assure you, моя крошка, it will not be as cute when I am angry.”

She buried her hands into the sheet and raised it protectively to her chin. “You got what you wanted. Just let me go.”

She really was naïve.

Too naïve.

It would be almost criminal for me to send such an innocent, vulnerable girl back out into the world.

Good thing I had no intention of doing so.

Holding the ice pick lightly in my hand, I placed the tip against the base of her throat.

She inhaled sharply.

“I haven’t begun to take what I want, моя крошка.”

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