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Taken by Her Mates by Grace Goodwin – Sample

Chapter One

Taken by Her MatesJessica Smith, Interstellar Bride Processing Center, Earth

The dark, musky scent of my lover’s skin invaded my senses as I pressed my face to the curve of his neck. I was blindfolded, but I knew him well. I didn’t need my eyes to know he was mine. I knew his touch. I knew the soft glide of his golden hair beneath my fingertips and the feel of his giant cock stretching me open as he fucked me hard and fast. I knew the strength of his arms as they lifted me by my hips and settled my wet core over him, knew I would take him deep and scream his name when he finally allowed me to find my release.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and threw my head back as he filled me completely. Standing tall and strong, he was a true warrior as I knew him to be.

Up and down he lifted then released me so I slid over his hard length. Another set of hands, my second mate’s gentle touch, caressed the collar around my neck. I knew the feel of his hands, knew he could be tender and gentle one moment, unbreakable and demanding the next.

I knew I pleased them well with the sight of my pussy spread open wide, my bare bottom on display. His desire sparked to life within my mind through the psychic link the collar provided. But what truly drove me wild was the wet heat that built up in my core as my first mate drove deep. I squeezed him with my inner muscles, his need made apparent by the urgency of his savage thrusts.

I could sense their emotions as well as their physical desires; the connection forged by the collars we three wore was deep and completely unguarded. There was no lying, no denying lust or wants or needs. There was only truth, and love, and pleasure. So much pleasure.

“Do you accept my claim, mate? Do you give yourself to me and my second freely, or do you wish to choose another primary mate?”

The deep voice demanded an answer, sending a shiver to race over my skin and causing my pussy to clamp down on his cock with almost brutal force. He groaned with need and I bit my lip to hold in a satisfied smile. My first mate had claiming rights to my pussy until I carried his child, but my second? He had waited, patiently ensuring my body was ready to be filled by both of my mates at once.

Not willing to wait for an answer, my second mate kissed the back of my shoulder, one hand rubbing my ass, dangerously close to the dark place he would claim. His other hand wrapped around my neck in a gentle hold that made me feel helpless, weak and completely at their mercy. “Do you want us both to fuck you, love? Or not?”

My pussy clenched again and my first mate cursed, shoving me down on his cock with a single-minded intensity I had come to crave.

“Yes. I accept your claim, warriors.” The formal words slipped over my lips with a sigh and I tilted my hips to rub my clit against my first mate’s body even as I offered my ass to my second. “I want you both. I want you now.”

The words burst from my throat, but they were not my own. I had no control over the woman whose senses I shared, I could only watch, and listen… and feel.

My first mate stilled beneath me and I whimpered at being denied the fierce thrusts of his cock in my aching pussy. “I claim you in the rite of naming. You are mine and I shall kill any other warrior who dares touch you.”

I didn’t care who he needed to kill, I only wanted him to make me his forever.

My second mate continued to kiss his way down my spine, his next words not required by the ritual, but they were for me. Only for me.

“You are mine, mate. I shall kill any other warrior who dares look at you.” With those words, he slowly worked a well-oiled finger into my back entrance and I cried out. Our first time would be quick, for our passions burned with too much heat to delay any longer.

I wanted them to fuck me, fill me with their seed. And then, I wanted my mates back in our quarters, naked and completely alone. I wanted to take my time with them. I wanted to rub all over their bodies, fuck and taste and explore until our scents mingled into one, until my body was too sore to enjoy any more play.

The thought brought me back to myself for a brief moment and I realized that the three lovers were not alone in the room. Male voices filled the edges of my awareness with a soft chant. I had been so focused on my mates that I had completely ignored them, until now, when their combined voices rose to fill the chamber as they spoke in unison.

“May the gods witness and protect you.”

When my second mate slipped his finger from my back entrance and nudged the virgin hole with the flared tip of his cock, the others were forgotten entirely. When he pushed forward and stretched me wide… wide… wider still with two cocks filling me, I knew I was truly claimed.

“Miss Smith.”

No, that wasn’t either of my mates’ voices. I mentally swatted it away.

“Miss Smith.”

The voice came again. It was a woman’s voice and one that was stern.

“Jessica Smith!”

I startled then, my mind being pulled from the two men that surrounded me to… no, no men surrounded me. I was in the processing room. I didn’t have a cock in my ass or my pussy. I didn’t have two hard bodies surrounding me. I couldn’t feel their heat or breathe in their potent scents. The weight of their collar was not about my neck.

I opened my eyes and blinked. Once, twice. Oh, yeah. Warden Egara. The stiff and formal woman loomed over me.

“Your testing is complete and your match has been made.”

I licked my dry lips and tried to settle my racing heart. I could feel the men still, but it was quickly slipping away. I wanted to reach out and grab them, hang on for dear life. It was the first time I had ever felt safe and protected, cherished and desired. They weren’t even my men.

I laughed dryly then and the warden raised a dark brow.

The only time I felt safe was in a dream. Reality, yeah. Reality was a bitch.

“It’s over?” I asked. My voice was a little rough, as if I’d cried out in pleasure as I dreamed. God, I hoped I hadn’t. It was like snoring with a new lover, but only worse. So much worse.

She must have been satisfied with whatever she saw on my face, for she nodded once and went around the simple table to sit. While she settled into a plain metal chair, I was still strapped to the processing chair, wearing just a simple hospital-style gown with the Interstellar Bride Program logo repeated across the gray fabric in a pattern. Glancing down, I could see my nipples, hard and erect, through the thin fabric. There was no question the warden saw them as well, but she said nothing.

“For the record, state your name, please.”

“Jessica Smith.” I squirmed in the chair, realizing that my gown was damp beneath me.

“Miss Smith, are you now, or have you ever been married?”


“Do you have any biological offspring?”

“You already know these answers.”

“I do, but a verbal recording is required prior to transport. Please answer the question.”

“No, I do not have any children.”

She tapped her screen a few times without looking at me. “I am required to inform you, Miss Smith, that you will have thirty days to accept or reject the mate chosen for you by our matching protocols.” She glanced at me. “You are the third woman from Earth to be matched to this planet. Hmm.”

I had my doubts about the testing and being truly matched. I hadn’t found a man on Earth who was interested in me, so it was a little depressing that I needed to search the entire universe for him.

But why then, did my testing dream have two men? What was wrong with me if I dreamed of that? Surely my mate would not be thrilled to know I had pervy dreams with more than just him.

“There will be no return to Earth if you are not satisfied. You may request a new primary mate after thirty days… on Prillon Prime. You may continue this process until you find a mate who is acceptable.”

“Prillon Prime?”

I hadn’t heard of it, but that didn’t mean much. I hadn’t heard of many of the other planets or anything about the races that inhabited them. I had been too busy with my job, with my life on Earth to even consider space. But that changed pretty fucking quickly.

“I feel like a prisoner. Is there a reason that I’m still restrained?” I flexed my wrists and bunched my hands into fists.

“Many of our volunteers, as you know, are prisoners.”

“So they really aren’t volunteers,” I countered.

She pursed her lips. “I won’t argue semantics with you, Miss Smith, but with your prior military experience you must be aware that sometimes a person is restrained for their own good. During your testing, women often become… restless. We have to ensure your safety.”

“And now?” I asked.

She looked at my fists. “Now, now it is to keep you still for any preparation or body modifications that might be required prior to transfer.”

“Body modifications? Warden, let me out of these restraints right now.” I heard the hard edge to my voice and hoped she’d know I wasn’t fucking around.

She didn’t flinch. “Do not worry, you will be unconscious when they are made. You have already signed the documents and the match has been made, Miss Smith. Because of this, you are no longer a citizen of Earth, but a warrior bride of Prillon Prime, and, as such, you shall be bound by the laws and customs of your new world.”

“Including being restrained?”

She cocked her head to the side. “If that is what your mate desires.”

“I don’t want to be matched to a man who ties me down!”

“You have been matched, Jessica, to a fierce warrior from that world. You should be proud to submit to him.”

“You think just because he’s a soldier that I should bow to him? What was I then? I fought. I killed.”

The warden stood and came around the table.

“I know, but sometimes it is extremely difficult for women as strong as you are to find a mate dominant enough to handle your… ummm… needs.”

Holy shit, was she blushing? The stiff-lipped warden was turning three shades of red. What the hell was she talking about?

“Remember, Jessica, he was matched to you as well. What you need, he will give you. It is his right, his duty and most important, his privilege.” She smiled then, a wistful look in her eyes. “No more hiding. You will fight him, I can see this, but I promise he will be worth the price you will pay.”

“What price?” Where the hell was she sending me? I hadn’t agreed to being dominated by any man. My pussy clenched at the remembered strength of the hand around my throat in the processing simulation, but I’d yet to meet a man strong enough to take me, to bend my will. I doubted such a man existed.

“Surrender.” As she spoke, the warden pressed a button near the foot of my chair and a bright blue opening appeared in the side of the wall. Still strapped securely, I could do nothing as a long, very large needle appeared and I tried to squirm, tried to fight, but I couldn’t move. The needle was attached to a long metallic arm in the wall.

“Do not resist, Jessica. You are not going to be harmed. The device will simply implant your permanent NPUs.”

The needle stung when it entered the side of my temple, but nothing more. Another came from the opposite wall and repeated the task on my other temple. I felt no different and so I took a deep breath. The chair lowered, much like at the dentist, but I was placed into a heated bath of some sort. Blue light surrounded me.

“When you wake, Jessica Smith, your body will have been prepared for Prillon Prime’s matching customs and your mate’s requirements. He will be waiting for you.” She sounded rote, as if she’d said these same words over and over.

Prillon Prime. “Now?”

“Yes, right now.”

Warden Egara’s clipped voice was the last thing I heard above the quiet humming of electrical equipment and lights. “Your processing will begin in three… two…”

I tensed, waiting for her to finish the countdown, but a red light flashed above me and she whipped her head to the side, looking at a screen I could not see.

“No. This can’t be correct.” Her frown turned to a look of shock, then confusion, all as I waited in that damn blue bathwater, naked—when had I become naked and what had happened to my gown?—and feeling like I was three-quarters drunk.

“What’s happening?”

“I don’t know, Jessica. This has never happened before.” She scowled down at the program tablet in her hand, her fingers flying over the screen as if she were typing a very long, very complicated message.

“What is it?”

She shook her head, her eyes round and confused. “Prillon Prime rejected your transport.”

What the hell did that mean? Rejected my transport? What did they want me to do, take a spaceship? Was their transport broken, or out of whatever they used to power it? “I don’t understand.”

“I don’t either. They terminated the protocol on their end. They will not accept your arrival, or your right to claim your mate.”

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