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Taken by the Alien by Adrienne Blake – Sample

Chapter One: Sybian Rider

Kate sipped her coffee and counted her tips. Shit. The beach house in Malibu was going to have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately, so was this week’s rent. Maybe she should have waited until she was more flush before getting that last tattoo. Kate shifted carefully on her stool at the diner counter.

“Butt still hurt, Kate?” Their short order cook, Kurt, flipped a pancake and scraped down some grease off the griddle. He had a wicked smirk on his face.

“You might say that.”

Even after all this time, she hadn’t been able to get the alien, Kandana, or Ken as she called him, out of her mind. So instead she had his name tattooed on her butt. Well, it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

“I didn’t think they were supposed to tattoo customers who were drunk out of their minds.”

“Ah, well.” Kate didn’t want to think about the amount of booze she’d consumed before she did it. “Maybe he didn’t get that memo, I dunno.”

Kurt glanced casually at her takings. “So, are you taking me out for a beer and a pizza, babe?”

“Fuck off.” Kurt knew she was sore and broke and the asshole just loved to bait her. “It so happens I have a date tonight.”

“You do? Another alien? Mr. Blooby dressed in green with two orange deely-boppers bobbing on his head?”

Shit. Kate wished she’d never told him about Ken. Kurt had done nothing but crack fun at her since she’d first mentioned the alien and her abduction to his ship on the other side of the moon. Even now, he still wouldn’t believe her best friend, Megan, had gone off and married a real live alien. Kurt thought Ken’s brother, Chaz, was just some good ole country boy from Iowa, not another being from a planet on the far side of the universe.

Still, at least Megan was lucky—her alien had stayed and married her. Ken, on the other hand, had abandoned Kate. Right now he could be anywhere up there among the stars. He had never come back. Oh, well. At least now she had a little memento of him on her butt.

“As a matter of fact this one’s from Portland, Maine, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Oh, what does he do? Is he a stargazer?”

“No, you idiot, Mick’s a math teacher, and he’s very smart.”

“So what’s he doing with you then?”

“Oh ha ha. Now you’re being mean.”

“Sorry, kiddo. I hope this time you’ve found your mister right. There’s a gladiator out there for you somewhere. You bet your tattooed ass there is.”

Ever so carefully, Kate eased off the stool and stashed her money away in her pocketbook. “I’m outta here, Kurt. See you Monday.”

“Yeah, alright. Just be careful out there, darlin’. There’s some real weird ones out on the streets. Watch yourself, babes.”

“Yeah, sure.” Kurt wasn’t a total dick really, but there were times when he did a mighty good impression of one. “Don’t eat all the sausages before I get back.”

“I’ll try, hon, I’ll try.”

The last thing she saw as she left the diner was Kurt waving her off. Other than two customers, the place was dead. Business had been dropping off lately, and since most of her wages were made up from tips, she was really feeling the pinch hard.

Kate walked over to her beat-up Crown Victoria at the back of the lot where her boss told her she had to park. There was a fresh dent in the rear bumper.

“Fuckers,” she cussed, and pulled open the squeaky driver door. “It’s not like this car isn’t big enough to spot!”

As soon as she was seated, she popped on the radio and was soon singing along to Madonna and some other firm favorites on the eighties satellite channel. Music always raised her spirits. And she had a lot to be thankful for, Mick wasn’t a bad sort after all. And though he wasn’t quite as wild as Ken in the luuurve department, he certainly knew a trick or two to keep her happy in bed.

The clock on the dash said six-thirty. Good. There would be plenty of time to shower and pull on all the gear Mick loved. Fishnets, stilettos, PVC, you name it, Mick adored it. As soon as school poured out he’d spike up his hair, put a pin through his nose, and waltz her down to the local BDSM club where he’d ply her with as much booze as she could drink. Not that she needed any to have a good time. But if that’s how he liked to blow his well-earned paycheck, then well and good, she was up for it.

In just a few minutes she pulled up in front of her apartment. It was the older kind, with a shared laundry for each apartment block. None of your modern conveniences, but it had all the essentials and was pretty cheap for what it was. Luckily, the leasing office was in another building, so apart from another nasty-gram about late rent in her mailbox, she had nothing else to be afraid of.

Kate was just pulling her keys from her purse when she heard something like a ray gun behind her. Gasping for air, she grabbed her chest and froze to the spot. Could it be…? Her hopes surged and a huge grin spread across her cheeks as she turned to face to greet the love of her life. “Oh, Ken, I knew you would co—”

But it wasn’t Ken. “You fucking assholes!” Her grin gave way to a scowl as she chased off the rotten scamps who she knew lived at the end of the street. They gleefully zapped their Dollar Store ray guns, looking back as she chased them down, knowing full well she could never keep up, not teetering along in those heels. “I’m gonna tell your mothers, you little monsters!”

“Yeah, yeah!” they cried, as if they could care less. Perhaps Kate shouldn’t have told their mothers about Ken, either.

She slowed down, gave up an age-inappropriate gesticulation then turned to go back to her apartment. It had been many months now, and still her heart went pit-a-pat at the thought of the alien Ken. Although she was happy about how things worked out for her friend, Megan, she still wished a little of that happy-ever-after shit had come her way. Oh, well, at least Mick had found her and that was something at least. If nothing else, the man had a social security number and a bona fide mailing address she could sleep over at.

Kate ran up the stairs to her apartment and dropped everything just inside the door. It was a while before Mick was due to arrive and there was something she so desperately wanted to do before he did.

It was a studio apartment, which the complex had had the cheek to describe as ‘open-concept.’ It basically consisted of one large room with a bed, a sofa, and a television in it, and had a kitchenette off to one side. The only other door in the place led to the tiniest bathroom in America. Kate was no neat freak. There were panties and soiled clothing strewn all over the carpet. Laundering cost money. She would worry about it when she had some.

She fell to her hands and knees over by the bed and pulled something that resembled a mailbox out from under it. “Come here, my lovely,” she said. The Sybian had been a gift from Ken, and she’d made good use of it every day since he left her.

Kate wriggled out of her panties and lowered herself carefully onto the erect cock sitting straight up on top of the contraption. She closed her eyes and thought of Ken. Funny, it was always Ken in her head when she did this. Maybe Mick would invade her fantasy thoughts one day, but not today. She turned the machine on, and began to gyrate with the motion.

“Oh, sweet baby Jesus.” It was the second best ride in the universe. Of course, Ken and his unique expanding cock meant he would always be number one. If only human cocks could adapt to perfectly fit each vagina.

In no time at all her body was flush with excitement as the twirling cock worked its magic. In the beginning her whole body would turn to jelly, but Kate was used to it now, and engineered her own delighted frenzy. Around and around that tiny cock turned, producing delicious sensations more powerful than any mere vibrator. Her hands slid up her blouse and teased a breast out of her bra. God! If only Ken were here to operate the controls. A little unexpected alien interaction would have had her ‘gasming for the moon!

Kate didn’t know if she would set any records for multiple orgasms, but she was pretty sure she was up there. Her first explosion was the most powerful, but others followed and whimpering sounds escaped her lips she had never heard before. Pretty soon even her blouse had to come off, she was so drenched in sweat. Over and over again she came, until she was almost delirious from the endorphin rush. Her vagina was drenched, but the pleasure was so intense she didn’t have the heart to stop. And with her all the way—at least in spirit, if not in person—was the gorgeous alien Ken.

At last, Kate’s poor pussy couldn’t take any more abuse and she crumpled on the floor, an exhausted lump. She turned, and flat on her back, Kate spread her arms and legs like an overheated starfish, letting the room air cool down her exposed pussy. A pair of old panties stuck to her bottom and with all the energy she had left, she peeled them off and tossed them aside.

At last, her senses began to return and Kate stole a glance at the clock. Fuck. Without realizing it a whole hour had passed. Mick could arrive any time. She took in a deep gulp of air, and with more than a little reluctance, banned Ken fantasies from her mind. She has shit to do and dreaming about an absentee lover wasn’t going to help her at all.

Chapter Two: Corolla

Kandana woke up surrounded by four Corollan women who had spent the night trying to fuck him senseless. One still rested her head on his thigh, having finished pleasuring his now sleeping cock; if he remembered correctly he had drifted off while she was still sucking him. But in spite of her valiant efforts, he had not found release.

He gazed at their curvaceous bodies; he liked his women to have a little meat on them, and these beauties certainly had that. Indeed, they were the most submissive and beautiful women in his purdah, taken from various planets in this solar system. Any other Corollan would have given anything to trade places with him last night and now. But Kandana sighed. His appetite was as strong as ever but still he wasn’t satisfied.

Kandana climbed over the sprawling bodies and over to his window. Thousands of years of wars had changed the appearance of his home planet. The Corollans had become so covetous of the land, they had chopped it up into portable chunks, and a thousand little land masses drifted randomly on the sea. The waters were already chock full of vessels sailing from one mass to another, anxious to get the best prices for their trades.

It was a foolish, unproductive system, evolved from eons of greed. Kandana was the chair of a committee dedicated to restoring the old order, and in his opinion, some degree of sanity.

A discarded robe was lying over the back of a chair and Kandana pulled it on before stepping out to take the morning air. It was mild and warm, and he was hit at once by the aroma of sea algae on the star weed that rolled freely around the harbor.

Damn it, he missed her. Sure, he missed his baby brother, too, but Chazflyn had made his own choice to leave and Ken supposed he was happy now. He had put the Earth girl over his own kind and so, so be it. Kandana had chosen to return. His life was here; he was not at his liberty like his lone warrior brother, as so many people depended on him.

His gut wrenched, reminding him it had been some hours since he last ate. The communicator on his wrist could have conjured any delicacy in the universe, but instead, Kandana slipped into his sandals, wandered down to his personal harbor, and hailed a small boat anchored just a few feet away. The owner rowed over at once.

“Your usual, sir?”

“Naturally.” Kandana gave the man one of his rare smiles. He generally masked his emotions; he found this wise given his military and home responsibilities, but here, on his private slice of Corolla, he felt he could be himself a little. “No one fries Corollan octopus like you do, Spenza.”

“It’s all in the sauce, sir, and if you don’t mind me saying, everything tastes a lot better after your Clean Water and Air Act. We can see the fish swimming in the sea, again.”

Kandana looked up. “And the birds in the sky. Praise be to Ka-la.”

“Praise be.”

Kandana drew a great gulp of it into his lungs. Not too long ago this would have been an unwise thing to do. Spenza, the boatman, did the same.

“I never imagined doing that again,” he grinned as he handed over a couple of Quans.

“Nor I. It’s almost just as pure as it was when I was a boy.”

“But we all knew something had to be done.”

Spenza nodded, and placed a handful of sizzling food into some leaves and wrapped them up. Kandana had been a fierce advocate for the act. The centuries of greed that had resulted in the breakdown of the land masses had more than tripled the water and air pollution on this planet. Growing up, Kandana had never seen the sun, the pollution in the air was so extreme.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Though Kandana himself lived on a secluded island populated only by his purdah and household staff, many more were forced to live on overpopulated islets, as the smaller strips were often called. Sickness and disease had been rife. Still, things were a lot better now.

The hot octopus melted as soon as it hit Kandana’s lips. “Mmm, this is just amazing,” he said, and tossed his head back to swallow a whole mouthful.

“I saved the best catch for you, as always.”

As Kandana picked at his fried breakfast, the boatman used his oars to push away from the dock. Kandana took a great gulp of the air and breathed it in. It was good, but not perfect, yet. But it would be. One day.

Funny. As much as he loved the world he grew up on, there was only one place on it that left him empty. His own island. What the women had done to him last night would have pleased even the greatest emperors of the age, but to Kandana the encounter seemed hollow and pointless. The women, all bought and paid for, were skilled in the arts of lovemaking, but though their bodies performed, their eyes were empty. Kate’s eyes had danced when he’d made love to her, just as the morning light sparkled on the sea ahead of him. And she was just as deep and mysterious as these waters.

Kandana swallowed the last of the Corollan octopus and turned back to his home. At least his belly was full, even if his heart wasn’t. The four women from his purdah had risen while he was gone and he returned to an empty room. Good. He preferred it that way. He collapsed onto his bed and dreamed of Earth.

Chapter Three: The Dumpster

It was useless. Kate fell flat on her back and stared up at the ceiling. She had tried everything. Mick had cuffed her to the headboard, spread her, blindfolded her, untied her and spanked her doggy style (carefully), even zapped her with Harry the Hitachi, but still, nothing could make her come.

“I just don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she cried, slipping her almond-colored nipples back inside their respective bra cups. “I’ve never had this trouble before.” Certainly not when I danced on the Sybian.

Mick shrugged and toyed with his cock, which was tenting very obviously inside his boxers. One quick flick and it was out on display in all its manly glory. He slid onto his side and Kate could feel the thing poking urgently into her thigh.

“Well, sugar, maybe you can’t but I know I can. Whaddya say to a quickie? Or you could suck me off if you like.”

Kate sighed; she pushed Mick away and got up from the bed. She still had on fishnet stockings and groaned when she saw the huge tear in the side. These had been her favorites. She bent down to gather her discarded red satin panties off the floor.

“Not now, Mick,” she said as she slipped them on. “It’s just not working for me. Later, maybe.”

It was Mick’s turn to roll over and groan. “And what am I supposed to do with this?” he said, showcasing his prominent erection. “You got me all stiff an’ everything, you ought to do something to give me relief. Come on, babes, give me a pity fuck at least or something.”

Kate turned. It was a beautiful specimen—nice, thick, and beefy—and she’d certainly had some fun riding it before, but right now she just wasn’t in the mood. “Sorry, babes. I’m all in. Can we do this some other time?”

Mick let go of his cock, draped his arm up on the pillow, and growled slowly. “Have I done something wrong?”

Kate shook her head and wriggled into her minuscule leather skirt, which was a little tight for her full, plus-sized figure. “Nope, you were great, all your moves were good. I think maybe I’m just getting my period or something. Don’t take it to heart, sweetie, it’s nothing you did, believe me.”

She pretended to ignore Mick as he bit his bottom lip and rolled onto his side to watch her dress.

“But you’ve been getting your period all week, baby.”

“Yeah, well, false alarms, I guess. But I’m pretty sure now.” She zipped up her red bodice and grabbed her bag, ready to go. “Don’t be mad at me, babe. I mean really, I’ll be fine in a day or so, I promise.”

Mick collapsed on his back and stared up at the ceiling. “Just tell me you’re not seeing anyone else,” he said. “I can take a lot of shit but I couldn’t take that.”

“There’s no one in this world I’d rather be with,” she said. It was kind of true, wasn’t it? “Just gimme a little time, babes, we’ll be okay, I spanky-promise. But I gotta go. I have an early start tomorrow and if I don’t go home now I won’t get any sleep.”

“I would have said you’ve had plenty of that, of late.”

Kate ignored the jibe and grabbed her keys, which were lying on a side table by the door. She took a sweeping glance around Mick’s anal-retentively tidy apartment, blew him a conciliatory kiss, and ran out the door before he could say another word.

What the fuck was wrong with her, she wondered, as she skipped down two stinky flights of stairs and out onto the main street? Typically she prided herself on her ability to multiple orgasm and now she could barely muster a little tingle. Sure, she could have stayed to give Mick what he needed; after all, it wasn’t his fault she wasn’t performing right now, and yet for some reason she’d been desperate to get out of his room, first chance she could get. There was something in the air, and Kate felt restless. She just had to go.

Kate thought the fresh air might shake off her strange mood but out on the street outside Mick’s apartment the unsettled feeling grew stronger. They had come here earlier in Mick’s car, and since her own place was just half a mile down the street, she opted to walk home. It wasn’t cold or anything. And she was totally aware that her raunchy taste in provocative clothes often made people stop and stare. She was used to that. But this was something different.

What did it say on her horoscope in her copy of Allentown Today this morning? Something’s coming out of the shadows? Beware. Shit. She had laughed earlier but now, under the dim street lighting the words took on a whole new sinister meaning. And though it was hard to walk quickly in a pair of spiked thigh-high boots, Kate folded her arms in determination and upped the pace home.

Her apartment block was in sight. She was just a short distance away when she spotted the leasing agent standing by the front entrance, talking to a mother of four small monsters that typically rampaged in the rooms above her. Great. It was kind of late for them to be hanging there but what did that matter? They were right by the door and there was no way she could get past them without being seen.

Kate skipped over a small stone wall and slipped her way through a private garden where she hoped to work her way around the back of the apartment block. If she was lucky and the leasing agent hadn’t seen her, she could let herself in by climbing up onto the garbage dumpster and in through her bedroom window, which she always kept cracked open for emergencies such as this.

Damn it. It was a warm night and to let some air flow through the building, the back door had been left open in addition to the front one. Kate could hear them talking, and if she could hear them, they would certainly hear her scrambling up the dumpster and in through the creaky window. There was nothing for it but to lay low for a bit and hope either someone would shut the back door or the agent would simply go away.

“Of course, Molly O’Connell complained of bedbugs in the top apartment on 12th, but then word got out and the shit hit the fan. We had to get the exterminators in but although they zapped those fuckers good, the damage was done. I can’t get any new tenants in that building now for love or money, but I swear to God, it’s clean as a whistle—not a bug in sight. But people won’t have it.”

“I suppose it just takes time,” said another voice, who Kate recognized as the mother of the rotten little tykes running about her. “You’ll get people in after a bit, I’m sure.”

“I guess.”

On and on they rambled, and Kate wondered if the pair was ever going to shut up. It didn’t look like they were going to any time soon, she was tired of hiding behind the back of the dumpster, and it was getting cold. But then a shiver ran up her spine and she froze. Was someone else out there?

“Hello,” she whispered, as loud as she dared.


Still, Kate’s sense of uneasiness wouldn’t go away, and she grew more and more anxious to get inside her apartment. Her ears strained to hear anything at all above the banal conversation coming from the front of the building. But it was no use. Sound or no sound, there was someone out there watching her, she could feel it. Shit, there was nothing for it, she would just have to be as quiet as possible and climb up the dumpster.

Ever so carefully, she hoisted a hefty calf up onto the rim of the opening where the residents tossed their trash, and with a silent one-two-heave-ho, she bounced her way halfway up the dumpster, holding onto the filthy top with her bare hands. Eeek, she thought, trying not to think of the years of apartment goop caked onto the metal frame. So far, so good. But the next part was going to be a lot trickier as she would have to scale the edges of the dumpster to work her way around to her window. Not so easy, and especially not in heels.

Kate’s arms shook as she fumbled cautiously in the dim light, totally unsure of her footing and afraid, even now, she might still be being watched. Perhaps it would be better, she thought, to just cut her losses and go right in. With a bit of luck they might not see her entering from the back, and she might have been spared all these stupid acrobatics. She was just silently cursing the night when she missed her footing, and though she managed not to cry out loud she felt herself slipping.

Shiiiiitt! “What, wait!” She didn’t hit the ground. Instead, she found herself caught up in the strong arms of the last person in the world she expected to be there.

“Mick!” she whispered. “For fuck’s sake, were you here watching me all the time? What the fuck are you doing here? I just left you in your apartment.”

“I was worried about you, babe,” he whispered, his tone matching hers. “You were acting kinda odd. Why are we whispering?”

“The landlord dude is at the front door. I haven’t got the money I owe him. I was trying to sneak in.”

Mick let her slip onto her feet and as soon as she was steady, he peered around the open doorway. At the same time, Kate noticed the voices had stopped. “I think the coast is clear,” said Mick. “Let’s go in.”

“Hold on.” Kate grabbed hold of his arm and listened intently. Mick was right. They definitely weren’t talking anymore. But still, there was something—she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Maybe she was just being silly. “Okay, let’s go in,” she said. “But you shouldn’t creep up on people like that. I might have had a heart attack or something.”

“But you didn’t,” argued Mick. “So shut your whining and let’s go in.”

“Okay, if you insist.”

Kate let Mick lead the way but before disappearing inside, she took one last look behind her. Really, it was the strangest feeling. But then she shook her head, and convinced she was now imagining things, followed Mick into her apartment building. She’d had enough excitement for one night. It was time to go home.

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