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Tamed by the Aliens by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

The Deep Space Corps had a special appeal to Geena; it allowed her to escape the demons plaguing her back home on Earth. As a side benefit, she had been lucky enough to get paired with a really decent partner. Mioshi was not only a brilliant exo-biologist and exo-anthropologist, she was a good friend. She also tended to let Geena have her way, which was definitely a big plus.

Yeah, I can be a bit, what was the term my last boyfriend used? Oh, yeah, a planetary-level bitch. No wonder we broke up.

That was in the past, as was their current mission time. After six months combing the furthest reaches of unknown space, they were headed home for shore leave, and Geena was so looking forward to getting royally laid. She drifted about the main cabin of their snug little scout ship in her underwear.

So, okay, it isn’t strictly regulation, but who’s going to know? Mioshi is so deferential and the ship is always too damn hot, at least in my opinion.

Geena knew Mioshi wouldn’t say anything about it.

“Geena, message coming in from HQ,” Mioshi said.

Geena was startled and spun about in midair toward the doorway. There floated her partner, in proper uniform, and frowning.

“Hey, buddy,” she said with a smile. “Yeah, I know, out of uniform. How important a message?”

The meaning was clear: was it merely audio or did it rate the power needed to establish two-way visuals.

“You need to dress,” she said simply.

“Shit,” Geena snapped.

That HQ was willing to expend that much energy could only mean one thing: something big was up, which meant her future sexual activity was in danger. Drifting over to her cabin, she slipped on her boring uniform: blue slacks and white blouse. At least she’d tailored them to be snug and form-fitting to show off her fine figure. Geena and Mioshi were best buds, but they had quite different looks and styles. Where Geena was close to six foot, Mioshi was barely five. While Geena had a bust line most women would kill for, Mioshi was barely an A cup. Geena was almost thirty, while Mioshi was only twenty-five. The one thing they had in common were firm strong figures. That was pretty standard for the Corps.

Once dressed, she and Mioshi floated up to the bridge and gathered around the comm-unit, the small round disk at the center of the room. Mioshi activated the unit and a moment later the stern face of Director Ingrid Boltzmann appeared.

“Director,” Geena said, trying to smile. “To what do we owe the… pleasure of your communication?”

“Geena, Mioshi, I’ll get right to the point, we need you to investigate a missing ship.”

“Ma’am, you can’t be serious,” Geena snapped. “We’ve been on patrol longer than I care to think about. It’s been so long since I’ve been… touched by a man that Mioshi is starting to look good to me.”

“Ah, Geena, always so colorful in your choice of words,” Ingrid said.

“Madam Director, I think Geena was merely trying to convey the degree of her… concern regarding our ability to properly perform our duties given the level of our fatigue.”

“Yeah, what she said. I mean, come on, there must be other ships you can send.”

Ingrid shook her head. “You’re closest to his last reported position. Besides, I kind of thought you’d want this one, Geena. It’s Jonas.”

A very audible gasp escaped her lips before she could suppress it. Yes, it was right and proper that she should go search for him. The DSC didn’t lend itself to family life or even long-term relationships. The very concept of love was almost unheard of; there just wasn’t time to build that much depth with someone. That was why she felt so close to Mioshi, and why she loved her like a sister. As for Jonas, he was the closest thing to a boyfriend she’d ever had.

“Okay, we’ll check it out,” she said. “Send us the full skinny and we’ll see what we can find.”

“Coming to you via subspace download.”

“Great. Mioshi, will you—?”

She nodded. “I’ll review everything and prepare a mission briefing. Be ready in an hour.”

Geena smiled, they signed off, and she took care of one final item. Per DSC rescue procedures, the first data sent to them was Jonas’s last known position. She set course for it and then slipped off to her cabin.

Floating there, her mind slid back through the pages of her life to her last shore leave. It was the second time they’d been together, their first hookup had gone so well during their previous vacation, and he’d found them a little cottage on the shores of a small mountain lake. It gave them privacy.

She remembered their last day together, and the events flitted through her mind as though it had been yesterday…

Bouncing in from a swim, dragging her wet towel behind her, she scanned the living room. “Daddy, I’m hungry! Is lunch ready?”

Only silence answered back. She chewed her lip. Jonas had to be up to something; he was nothing if not devious and inventive. So, she decided to play along. Tossing her towel deliberately on the couch, she made her way to the kitchen, and opened the old-fashioned cookie jar on the counter. Her first instinct was to grab some fruit or make herself a sandwich, but where was the fun in that? No, she stood there stuffing her face and getting crumbs all over the floor, and waited. Geena made a point of bending across the counter as much as she could to offer an ideal target. She wasn’t disappointed. Smack! A firm hand struck her shapely bottom.

“Ouch,” she yelped, spinning to face him. Damn the man, how did he always manage to do that? He had been as quiet as the grave.

“Little girl, do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in?” Jonas scolded.

“Huh? What’d I do, Daddy?”

She felt a bit silly calling him that, despite their mutual love of age play. The issue was one of size. At six-one, he was only a little taller than her, although his incredible physique did compensate a little and added to the effect.

“Oh, where do I start? Wet towel on the sofa, wet footprints on the floor, cookies before lunch, and crumbs all over the place!”

Geena opened her mouth to protest, but never got the chance. Jonas was a man of action, one of the things she loved about him. His long mane of white-blond hair was another, his six-pack another, and his best feature of all was most definitely his firm cock. Perhaps the proper term was biggest? His penis was the largest she’d ever seen. That he was in his Speedo only added to the fire between her legs. He sat, pulled her across his lap, and landed a firm spank to the seat of her damp red bikini. She yelped, but also smiled. Jonas was always good about using the stool. Lying across his lap, his large firm bare thighs under her, her feet didn’t touch the floor, which heightened her feelings of being his little girl and her excitement.

It was incredible!

Over and over his hand slapped her poor cheeks, gradually heating and drying her wet bottom, and he only paused once—to tug her bikini down. Once she was bared, he truly let her have it. She squealed and yelped, begged for mercy, and never got any. All he did was scold her, which sent the flames in her cheeks deep inside her, and soon her pussy was on fire and the only part of her that was truly wet.

“Sorry, Daddy, sorry, Daddy, I sorry I bad,” she wailed. “You spank, Daddy, you spank me goooood!”

He did.

Only when she was truly toasty did he stop and march her to the corner.

“Now, you stand there, hands on your hot little bottom, but no rubbing,” he ordered.

“Ohhh, but, Daddy, I so sore,” she whined.

He chuckled. “Good, that’s how you should be, and feeling that heat, that horrid sting, and not being able to caress any relief into your enflamed flesh is the best part of your punishment, don’t you agree?”

She whimpered and nodded, and stood there softly sobbing with her hands planted firmly on her fiery cheeks. It was pure torture! All she wanted to do was rub, even just a little bit, but she knew better than to so much as budge a single finger. Jonas moved about the room. She also knew not to try to look, but she sure he was making them lunch.

“Now, I was going to have us eat first,” he finally said. “But, the sight of your bright red bottom is too much for me to resist, my precious girl. So, Daddy is going to take his fun first!”

Geena shivered; she knew what that meant. “No, Daddy, not here. What if someone sees us?”

He moved behind her, his hands playing up and down her firm and supple frame. “Oh, there’s no danger of that. We’re miles from anyone. Now hush, Daddy wants his ‘candy,’ and he’s getting it.”

His powerful arms forced her forward, bending her across the nearby counter, and making her ass stick out. His suit slid down, his rigid cock came forward, and he shoved it between her hot cheeks. Geena squeaked and moaned. Jonas always knew just how to drive her wild. Gripping her about the waist, he guided and forced her hips to come back to meet his powerful thrusts. She bent lower across the counter, her hands latching onto the edges, and she arched her back.

“Ohhh, Daddyyyy, no, not… not… ass, not the ass,” she choked out between moans.

He laughed. “Oh, yes! Don’t lie to me, little girl, you love it up the ass, don’t you? Come on, say it, ask for it, beg me for it!”

She gurgled and groaned, her nipples growing hard as her thighs quivered. “Ohhh! I… I… ohhh, yessss, yes, Daddy, do it, fuck me in my ass. Do it now, hard, take meeee!”

He did. His powerful hips slammed into her throbbing behind over and over. The aching from her spanked bottom added to her passion, and his hard cock drove deep inside her. She lost it, she came and he came, and they screamed out their mutual delight.

Later, naked from the waist down, she stood to eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Jonas, this has been the best vacay ever. When can we get together again?”

He grimaced. “Eh, I’m not sure, baby. I’ve been assigned to quadrant forty-one. Probably be a while before I get shore leave.”

“Shit, forty-one? Damn, that’s… that’s hell and gone from… well, everywhere. What’re they sending you way out there for?”

“A Deep Space Probe detected some primitive audio/visual transmissions. Could be intelligent life, and they want someone to check out the area.”

“Television, Jonas, it was called television.”

“Whatever. The point is: they got a signal, they want someone to investigate, and it’s my turn. I’ll be away a minimum of six months.”

Geena groaned and hung her head, then smiled and looked at him. “Hey, I got an idea; I’ll volunteer for a long-term mission. With any luck, it’ll run close to half a year or so, and that’ll give us a good chance of hooking up again.”

He smiled and wrapped his long arms about her in a warm hug. “That’s my girl, always plotting and planning. Okay, baby, it’s a date!”

Geena remembered that day and the whole vacation as being great, and she wanted to know that pleasure once more. So, if Jonas was missing, she’d do her best to find him. Drifting on up to the bridge, she slid into the command seat and strapped herself in. A moment later, Mioshi joined her.

“So, you want to tell me about this Jonas guy?” she said.

“Wha-what are you talking about?”

Mioshi rolled her eyes. “Oh, please! I saw your reaction when you heard his name. Come on, what’s up?”

“When you’re in the Deep Space Corps, you get to know your fellow pilots.”

“Is there anyone in the Corps you haven’t slept with?”

“Hey, those were relationships,” Geena snapped. “Now, come on, focus. No matter what our… past, he’s a fellow member of the Corps. We owe it to him to do our best to help him.”

Mioshi chewed her lip. “Yeah, okay, you’re right. I’ll run a prelim scan of the area; see what I can… ah, would you look at that? Already got something.”

“What?” Geena said, the glee and anticipation clear in her voice.

“I’m detecting a faint ion trail; it’s dissipating rapidly, so we need to follow it fast.”


Mioshi nodded. “According to the report, he crashed about five months ago. He was so far out that it took this long for his distress signal to reach home base.”

Geena grabbed the controls. “Ah, got it. Okay, say the word, friend of mine! Point me in the right direction, and we’re out of here.”

“Course calculated and on the board.”

“We’re off!”

The ship took off, following the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ until it finally vanished near a remote star system. Mioshi ran scan after scan, but there was nothing to find.

“Come on, Mioshi, you’ve got to give me something to go on!”

“Well, there is that planetary system.”

“What, you think he could have crashed there?”

“The system has seven planets, and one is habitable,” Mioshi explained. “According to the file I reviewed, his last message was slightly garbled due to solar flares, but he did mention finding a habitable world. So, Q.E.D., he could be there.”

“Yeah, and if he crashed on one of the other planets, he’s dead.”

“Geena, come on, try to stay positive. Take us in, I’ll scan, and then we’ll see what’s what.”

She grumbled, but did as Mioshi suggested. After all, what else could they do? Slipping into geosynchronous orbit, Geena waited as Mioshi ran her scans. It took several minutes, but a stream of data finally displayed on the big screen above them.

“Ah, now we’re getting somewhere,” Geena said. “Um, where is that exactly? That doesn’t look like a crash site.”

She was right; it was more like a blurry streak across the planet’s surface instead of a spot.

Mioshi shook her head. “It isn’t. Looks like the ship broke up during entry. Which means it’s hard to say where Jonas could be.”

“What do you…? Oh, he could have ridden the ship all the way to the end, or…”

“Or he may have used the escape pod to get out quick. Ah, in fact, I’m getting a high metal reading near the start of the impact strip.”

“A pod?”

“Hard to say; readings are… inconclusive.”

Geena sighed. “Of course they are.”

“So, what do you want to do, chief?”

“Well, let’s start at the beginning; it’s where we’ve got the strongest reading. We’ll set down at the start, load up with our recovery gear, and hike along the trail until we find him. Once we’re closer to the ship’s components, we’ll be able to get a better lock on the direction his ship followed as it went down.”

Mioshi agreed and went to prepare their backpacks and equipment while Geena plotted their course. Entering the upper atmosphere, the ship was enveloped in red-hot flames as it streaked around the planet. It took four orbits, but they finally emerged from their fiery haze to find a beautiful blue-green landscape laid out before them. Geena set them down in a small field at the foot of a modest bluff.

“Light as a feather,” Mioshi said, stepping back onto the bridge. “Just like always.”

“Hey, it’s what I’m good at,” she said, casting her eyes over the supplies Mioshi had assembled. “No enviro suits. So, I take it we don’t need them?”

Mioshi nodded. “Correct. Atmosphere breathable, no signs of dangerous microbes.”

“Ah, so no War of the Worlds ending for us, eh?”

“Huh? War of what? Oh, I know, it’s one of your ancient literary references.”

Geena sighed and rolled her eyes. “Damn, girl, didn’t you ever study the classics?”

“The only thing I know about the classics is a quote from Mark Twain. He said a classic was something everybody wants to have read, but no one wants to read.”

“Okay, whatever! Come on, let’s get to it.”

Hiking on down to the main hatch, Geena popped it, they stepped outside, and started to cough and gag. It never failed. No matter how many worlds they visited, no matter how many explorations they made, the air on a new world always smelled bad initially, and made them choke for a moment.

Mioshi pulled out the scanner and held it up. “Getting a solid reading. Bearing of one-oh-eight, about eight klicks.”


“Getting a lot of interference from… something,” she said, studying the scanner. “Can’t get a lock on the material, but it appears to be refined metals.”

“Refined?” Geena said sharply. “I thought the report stated the locals had a simple agrarian culture that was a laboratory example of arrested development.”

“Maybe they’ve learned to… forge metal.”

Geena chewed her lip. “Yeah, maybe, but my instincts tell me to be careful, which is why I landed here. It’ll give us nice natural cover. Come on, let’s track that signal.”

Mioshi nodded and they set off. It was early morning when they landed. By the time they neared the site of the first debris, the sun was reaching its zenith, and Geena’s mouth hung open at the sight before them. She turned to Mioshi, who was similarly shocked by the community they saw in the valley below.

Unless Geena was mistaken, it was a western American town from the late nineteenth century!

“Holy shit, what the hell is going on here?” she said, turning to Mioshi.

“Wow. Um, hang on a minute; I got to think about this one.”

Geena saw movement in a field just outside of town. Grabbing Mioshi by the arm, she dragged her into hiding among a cluster of shrubs.

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