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Tamed by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman – Sample

Tamed by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman

Chapter One

“Let me go,” Frederica jerked her arm away from Gaston.

“But, my darling, can I help it if an impending battle makes me randy? It’s the anticipation. It excites me.” He encircled her waist from behind and buried his face in the tender curve where her neck met her collarbone. His lips pressed hot against her skin, and her irritation waned slightly.

“I don’t understand you. Aren’t you concerned?” She wriggled to get free, but he held her tighter. Their cabin was lit by a single lantern and Frederica peered from the window out into the black. On a night this dark, there was no differentiating between the air and the sea; both melded into an inky black veil settling over the ship.

“What good will that do me? Our plan of attack is sound. The men are prepared. There is nothing left to do but bide our time until daybreak, my love. Please allow me to defile you.” His erection nudged at the cleft of her ass insistently.

Frederica giggled. Normally, she welcomed her handsome husband’s advances, but this morning she was preoccupied. On the brink of battle with the cruelest enemy she had ever known, she was up long before the sunrise, nervous. Within a matter of hours they would face Humphrey, captain of the Neptune’s Damnation, and the thought of it made her sick to her stomach. “What if he won’t surrender?”

“He definitely won’t surrender,” Gaston scoffed.

“This will be a disaster, I just know it.” Frederica wrung her hands.

“‘Twill be nothing of the sort. We will simply take him alive and sink his ship.” Gaston’s hands roamed over her breasts, and she let out a heavy breath, as he slowly awakened a primal craving within her. He had that effect on her, always had.

“You speak as if it is a foregone conclusion, as if there is no need to allow events to unfold.” Ever since the first day she’d met Gaston, Frederica had been both annoyed and impressed by Gaston’s confidence. Over the years she had found that it sprang less from arrogance than from optimism. Gaston chose not to entertain the possibility of failure because he considered such contemplation a waste of time and energy. Once, when discussing an imminent battle with a particularly vicious band of pirates he’d told her, “Whatever the outcome, the amount of time you allow yourself troubling thoughts has no influence whatsoever on the end result.”

She only wished she could be as cool under pressure. Her stomach had turned itself in knots and she felt the urge to vomit.

“Freddie,” Gaston groaned insistently as he unlaced the front of her blouse. “I must have you.”

His words set off a twinge of desire, despite how immersed she was in her worries. “Oh, all right.” Yielding to him, she inhaled his musky scent and embraced the wanton appetite he’d awakened. The stubble of his beard tickled her neck as he nibbled her flesh, and she closed her eyes in an attempt to shut out the rest of the world.

“Forget Humphrey, my dear. Let me remove him from your mind.” He maneuvered a hand up under her petticoat, grasped first her thigh then splayed his fingers over her mound. He dropped his britches and when his cock touched her, a zipping sensation rushed through her bloodstream.

Standing behind her, he pressed against the small of her back, making her instinctively tilt her buttocks toward him in an unspoken invitation. He pinched one of her nipples then with his hand between her legs, he slapped at her other leg, indicating his desire for her to open them further. Compliantly, she slid a foot to widen her stance.

“I’m going to bend you over that chair and take what’s mine,” Gaston snarled in her ear.

His words of ownership never failed to stoke the fire in her loins. He slid her a few feet toward the chair and she latched onto its back, finding support for her slowly melting frame. His fingers curled into the hairs of her pubis, twirling them devilishly, toying with her until he buried one deep inside her. He pulled it out to stroke the length of her sex with her juices, readying her for his assault.

He made deep, languid sweeps inside her then out, drawing all the way to her apex, coating her with her own lush moisture and driving her into a frenzy. She hadn’t thought it possible that he could take her mind off the upcoming confrontation with Captain Humphrey, but she had underestimated Gaston and the power of their carnal connection.

She felt the tip of his cock hovering at the edge of her channel, and she arched her back, so eager was she to have him sheathed inside her.

The white cat, Old Bones, curled himself around her ankles, making a figure eight between her legs and flicking his tail up her calf. Gaston nudged him aside. He’d never had much patience for Old Bones.

Gaston’s palm came down on her bottom with a ‘whack,’ and she reveled in the sting of it. Gaston had taught her the ways pleasure and pain could join forces to enhance her enjoyment of sensual acts and she’d grown to crave his smacks. They were never harsh enough to leave marks upon her skin, but they always increased her arousal tenfold.

Thwack! “I won’t tease you anymore,” he said, smacking her ass a third time. Her rear end stung but he eased the discomfort by plunging inside her wet, welcoming pussy.

She moaned and held tight to the rungs on the back of the chair as Gaston thrust his cock in and out of her aching cunt. He worked her body over and over with his, kissing, caressing, pinching, fucking until finally her muscles squeezed round him, and she shuddered, her climax washing away all the worries that had been troubling her only minutes before. Gaston bucked his hips into her one last time and spilled his seed inside her.

She remained limp against the chair until Gaston hoisted her up over his shoulder, crossed the room, and laid her gently on the bed.

“Stay here, my darling and rest.” He wiped the sweat from her brow and kissed her flushed cheek.

“But Gaston, I can’t sleep. Not with…” She started to get up.

He cut her off. “Lie back. Perhaps you have not had your fill.”

“I have,” she protested and raised her shoulders again in an attempt to prop herself up on one elbow.

His hand clamped onto her shoulder and he pushed her back on the bed. “Stay down or I will make you sorry.” He moved back her skirts until he had access to her recently loved pussy. He took a thigh in each hand and purposefully spread her wide.

She rolled her head to one side, embarrassed. Even in the dim lamplight, he would see her private parts exposed—swollen, used, dripping. As many times as she’d lain with him, and as many intimate things they’d done to one another, he could still make her blush and arouse her with the impropriety of his requests. “What are you doing?” she asked then bit her lip, awaiting his response.

“If you’re not sleepy now, my pet, I haven’t worn you out entirely. It is my supposition there is more pleasure to be wrung from that delightful cunt of yours.”“


“Hush it, or I shall have to gag that mouth of yours again, and frankly, I have enough on my mind with the upcoming battle against your former captor in a matter of hours. The least you could do is be cooperative.”

That silenced her. Frederica usually had a snappy retort for most of Gaston’s suggestions, but in this case she daren’t object because he was right.

He spread her folds and licked around and around her very center. The teasing continued until he finally took one monstrous lick from her opening all the way up to her clit, which he then took between eager lips and pulled away from her body. Delicious shivers rippled through her even as she wondered at his gumption to take his mouth where he’d only just emptied himself.

She smiled to herself. Gaston was a pirate. Oh, certainly he considered himself a dandy and much more intelligent than the other men, but in truth he was a pirate and could be as filthy, dirty, and coarse as any man she’d ever been acquainted with. It was one of the things she loved about him. In fact, it was his wild side that drew her to him in the first place. That, and the fact that he’d saved her life. As she whimpered under the power of his talented mouth, she hoped that once again Gaston would find a way for them to prevail against Humphrey. As his tongue swirled across her most sensitive button, she finally let her mind go, embracing the singular pleasure her husband wrought over her.

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