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Taming His Brat by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

“We’re rollin’! Yes!” Rex Sullivan exclaimed, even though he kept both hands on the steering wheel of the Humvee. They were moving into enemy territory, the assignment the most dangerous his unit had encountered. The vehicle lifted off the rocky terrain, bouncing down and skidding on the uneven surface.

“Shit, man! You are on a mission.”

He glanced at the soldier in the passenger seat, grinning before touching his sunglasses. Corporal Trent Michaels was his best buddy as well as one of the best snipers in the Marines. “This has been a long time coming. They aren’t going to know what hit ‘em.” He knew the odds. He was well aware that if their position was disclosed by the various gunners located along the edge of the camp, they would face heavy artillery fire. And still, he rolled in like a bat out of hell, determined to thwart the oncoming attack. “Get in position, Michaels ‘cause we’re almost at our coordinates.”

Corporal Michaels aimed his weapon out the window, moving the rifle in a continuous pattern, his training top notch.

Rex motioned to the others in the back of the vehicle before glaring into the rearview mirror. Four additional military vehicles followed, allowing him to take the lead, the convoy moving at over sixty miles per hour. The coordinates had been chosen carefully and if they hit the target correctly, the loss of life would be as directed. He pressed down on the accelerator, roaring past a series of barricades. “We got this. We’re almost there.”

“Hold on,” Trent called. “Pull back.”

“We got this. I’m telling you,” Rex said over the roar of the engine, narrowing his eyes as he pressed hard on the accelerator. He wanted this more than anything.

“Hey, Sarge. We got company,” one of the soldiers from the back yelled, his voice booming over the noise of the massive engine.

Darting his head to the left, Rex lifted his sunglasses, squinting as a reflection caught his eye. In the next several seconds, everything slipped into slow motion, battered vehicles coming from every direction, headed toward them at lightning speed. And he didn’t need his binoculars to know what was secured on the rooftops. “Incoming!”


Rex hissed, trying to control his breathing. The memories were brutal, kicking him in the ass. You’re a stupid asshole. He’d thought the words more than once. Hell, sometimes they were all he could think about. He loathed the images, the ugliness created from years in the desert. The damn visions had resurfaced, now filtering into his conscious hours. Startled, he sat still, controlled his breathing, trying to remember where he was. Oh, yeah. A night out with the boys. At least he’d have some form of entertainment, instead of staring out the window.

Exhaling, he threw open the door to his truck, jumping out and swaggering toward the entrance. Time to kick the nightmares into exactly where they should be—the past. He was home from the war, his body intact and his brain functioning. At least to some degree.

That was more than could be said for half the men serving on that particular mission. His decision. His choice.

His fault.

“Hey. Hey! There you are. Didn’t think you were coming.” Denton wore a shit-eating grin, a beer in one hand.

He dropped and shook his head as he took several steps into the crowded bar, the country music blaring. “Denton, you old dog. I thought you’d moved away, seeking fame and fortune in Vegas or somethin’.” Rex couldn’t help but laugh, a quiet settling into his system. He’d missed his old friends. He’d grown up with Denton Waters, once the star of the high school football team. Six and a half years hadn’t necessarily been good to the man, who’d packed on a solid fifty pounds.

“And leave all the excitement in Amarillo?” Denton winked, guiding his buddy toward the bar. “I will have you know that I have a fantastic career.”

Rex knew better but he didn’t argue. Denton was like several others in his graduating class, down on their luck. The few who’d remained in town were fighting to find a better life. “I need a beer.” He needed a hell of a lot more than that, but a cold one would do for starters.

“Come on then. I’m buying. Anything for a decorated war hero,” Denton mused as he strutted toward the middle of the bar.

War hero. He loathed the term and no number of Purple Hearts was going to make him forget what had occurred on one scorching Wednesday afternoon in Afghanistan. He swallowed, pushing aside the wretched memories and plastered on a grin. This was a new start. Coming back home to the ranch to recover and regroup had been his father’s idea and he had to admit, he was glad to be back on peaceful ground. Even if his father had barely said five words to him. “And I’m lettin’ you.”

“Bar-ten-der. A brewski for my buddy and how about two tequila shooters on the side!” Denton exclaimed, announcing his order to pretty much everyone else in the bar. He’d sidled up to the bar, crowding his way past several cowboys.

“Hey! It’s Rex. Glad to see you back home, buddy.” Another old friend walked closer, a shit-eating grin on his face as well.

Rex almost didn’t recognize the man. The once geeky kid had turned into a brawny dude, at least six more inches and one hundred pounds on his once gangly frame. “Shit. Johnny. Look at you. Whatcha doin’ these days?”

Johnny always had the kind of smile that could make you think he could do nothing wrong, but the class clown had been in more trouble than the rest of them during high school. “Finishing up with my PhD in cyber technology. Just home for a break.”

“PhD? Shit.” Rex pumped his hand, more than impressed.

“Yeah. Had to find a way out of this place.” Johnny was all smiles until he glanced at Rex’s face. “Sorry, man. I know you had to come back here. A lot of shit is different now. More jobs created means more income. You’ll get on your feet.”

Rex wrapped his hand around the cold bottle, bringing it to his lips. He’d given himself the same pep talk more than once. He’d done several tours as a Marine, but then he’d come back home to get his shit together as well as figure out what to do with his father’s estate in general. The once profitable cattle and horse ranch was failing, but the only thing his father had left. Well, he certainly wasn’t going to solve the problems of the world tonight.

As he downed a solid third of the bottle, he took the opportunity to glance around the establishment. Not a bad place. The group of them had even used fake IDs to get in years before, consuming two entire beers before getting caught. Those had been the days. Rowdy. That was the word for their actions. “I have no doubt. You know me.”

“Hell, yeah, I do,” Johnny said as he slapped Rex on the back. “You datin’ anybody?”

“Him? Date? He’s still stuck on one feisty redhead from years ago,” Denton snarked, ribbing Rex in the side.

“Redhead?” Johnny asked, his face pinched as if trying to remember.

“You know. That sweet thang who never had the time of day for any of us?” Denton twirled his beer, his face beaming.

“Oh, yeah. Saw her recently. She was actually nice to me, in a prima donna kind of way. Granted, I kinda ran over her foot with my car but at least she didn’t scratch my eyes out.” Johnny shrugged. “You remember what a little bitch she was. Wasn’t she a cheerleader?”

Rex chuckled as another set of memories rushed into his mind. They’d been barely eighteen, acting more like teenagers in heat. He remembered her fondly, enough so his balls tightened just thinking about her pretty pink pout and legs that went on for days. He’d never forget her gorgeous red hair that always reminded him of fire, copper-colored strands framing the most beautiful set of eyes this side of Texas. An electric jolt skittered down his spine, leaving his mouth dry. “Cooper Dawson. And yes, she was a cheerleader.”

“Oh, yeah. We were on Varsity and she thought she was all that and a bag of chips and a half,” Denton snickered. “Could have fucked her though. Big tits, wide hips, and the longest legs known in the great state of Texas.”

“I think every dude in high school felt the same way. But, she didn’t have the time of day for anyone.” Johnny took a pull on his beer. “Well, except for one salacious night. If my memory serves me.” He winked, burst into laughter, and took a step back. “You thought we’d forget about that night. Didn’t you?”

“She was busting on my last nerve. So, I took control.” Rex inhaled, thinking about the infamous night when he’d refused to take any more of her bratty attitude. What he hadn’t told his buddies was how profound the experience had been.



Damn, if his cock wasn’t throbbing.

Denton rubbed his jaw. “And yet he refused to give us all the glorious details.”

“I am a gentleman,” Rex insisted, grinning as the others rolled their eyes. “I will say, the girl could have used a hard spanking. If you want my honest opinion, more than one.” He was surprised when both men remained quiet, not a retort in sight. “What? You know most women deserve a spanking from time to time.” Sure, his more old-fashioned concepts regarding relationships had no doubt kept him from seeing more than a couple of girls in a semi-serious manner. Well, that and his six years serving in the Marines. Attachments hadn’t been on his mind. Sure, he’d had a few dates, even keeping in contact with one girl while overseas, but she hadn’t enjoyed his rather firm hand or what she called his dominating attitude.

“You’re serious,” Denton said between clenched teeth.

“Well, yeah. Just the way I was brought up. Not just spare the rod and spoil the child but spare the rod and you’ll have a wild woman on your hands.” Rex snickered, remembering the line his father had used more than once.

Johnny sucked in his breath and grabbed one of the shots of tequila. “Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong in my life. No discipline for the ladies.”

“Uh-huh. If you can get a lady,” Rex teased, snickering when Johnny lifted his middle finger.

Denton slid his beer across the bar, grabbing the other two shots, handing one to Rex. “Here’s to finding the perfect little filly. May she understand that men are in charge, the head of the household.”

Rex had a difficult time keeping a straight face as he downed the smooth liquor. Maybe what he needed in his life was the attention of a woman, a beautiful girl he could shower with adoration. Who was going to take a broken-down veteran into their lives, let alone their bed? And let him give them a spanking? Hell, he might as well stand outside the sheriff’s office if he even considered such a thing. “She was a pretty little thing, even with her caustic mouth.”

“Caustic? The girl talked so much trash, I think she invented new cuss words.” Denton motioned to the bartender for another round of shots. “You know what? I do believe your spanking idea is a good one. Her daddy certainly must not have agreed. She was a little princess from what I could tell.”

“You mean a brat is more like it,” Rex countered, certain memories surfacing. She’d teased, taunted, and tortured almost every male in the entire school, and even some of the girls. But the one night he and Cooper shared had been… spectacular. Whether she’d followed him behind the bleachers as a dare or because she was curious, the fifteen minutes of heavy kissing was something he’d remembered. She’d sidled up to him, swaying her hips until the tiny cheerleading skirt gave him more than just a hint of her creamy thighs, the kind meant to wrap around him as he thrust his cock deep inside her sweet little pussy. When she’d pointed her finger, circling his lips with her perfectly painted fingernail, daring him to control her, he’d fought hard not to lose control. She’d known exactly how to get to him, dragging that same finger all the way down his chest.

That had been the single night he’d taken charge, yanking her into the shadows and telling her in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t going to be a bitch any longer. Funny thing, she’d responded like all bad little girls tend to do, acting conciliatory, at least for those few precious minutes. Maybe she did crave a firm hand.

And the kiss had been off the chain, leaving him ready to devour her.

“That’s a term. Maybe she longed for a powerful man. You know, dominating and shit,” Johnny offered.

Rex’s thoughts shifted, pulling him into a delicious fantasy of taking her over his knee, baring her naked ass, and spanking her until her bottom was cherry red. Huffing, he shifted, his cock aching, twitching at the mere thought alone. Damn, he was horny as hell.

“Shit. Are you blushing?” Denton snarked, shaking his head.

Rex wiped his mouth with the back of his arm, willing away the flush. “Naw. Just kinda hot in here.”

“Uh-huh,” Denton mumbled.

A quiet settled in.

“Well, you missed out on how gorgeous she became.” Johnny’s voice held a serious tone.

“You’ve seen her?” Rex couldn’t help but ask. He’d been out of the game for so long, he had no idea how to even approach a woman, but the mere thought of Cooper brought back a series of sinful thoughts as well as the same desires.

Her fucking hot mouth he was dying to taste again.

Her long fingers he’d love to have wrapped around his stiff cock.

Her gorgeous pussy glistening as he swirled her tongue around her swollen clit.

“Ran into her at the drug store the other day. I’d recognize her gorgeous face from across the room.” Johnny exhaled before absently rubbing his hand across his groin. “A looker. That much I can tell you.”

“So, did you talk to her?” Rex asked, an odd twinge of jealousy flashing into his system. The emotion was ridiculous. He had no claims on her.

“I tried,” Johnny muttered. “At first, she didn’t give me the time of day. Then she was rude, acting like I was still the same dweeb from high school. Granted, she was with a couple other girls, but Jesus, I thought high school was over.”

“What a bitch,” Denton snarled.

Rex could see how much the interaction had bothered his old buddy. Sometimes people never changed.

Shrugging, Johnny seemed to regroup, flashing a mischievous smile. “Hey, I’d still enjoy spending a time with her, if ya know what I mean. Va va voom, baby.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. I heard she’d dating Zeke Keeler.” Denton held up his hands. “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

“Zeke Keeler?” both Johnny and Rex said at the same time. Rex shook his head. “My guess is that asshole is exactly the same, an asshole.”

“He’s doing all right for himself. Owns a contracting firm in town. Still thinks his shit don’t stink. I remember you two got into more than one brawl.” Denton grinned.

Yeah, the guy had been his natural born enemy in school, the kind of kid who swaggered to class, preening like some Ken doll. He couldn’t have imagined Cooper falling for his tricks, but she had, acting like a spoiled brat when Zeke showed her any attention. Seems like her antics hadn’t changed and still, he remained attracted to her.

“Good luck, Zeke. My guess is he has his hands full.” Johnny laughed.

Rex shifted toward the bar, fighting not to adjust his aching cock. The damn jeans were pinching to the point he was more than just uncomfortable. “Even if she’s the most gorgeous woman on earth, if she were my girl, I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior. Ever.”

“You go, soldier!” Denton snorted.

“I’m serious. Doesn’t matter where or when, when a woman acts like a child, she’s going to be punished.” Maybe the tequila was getting to him, but Rex was having more fun than he’d experienced in a couple of years. He also meant what he said. Bad girls deserved severe punishment.

“Well. Well. Speak of the devil,” Johnny chortled, nodding toward the entrance. “You just might get your chance, hot shot. I don’t see Zeke following her like a lap dog either.”

Rex didn’t have to crane his neck or move to any degree. His height allowed him a clear view of the front door. As soon as Cooper Dawson walked in, followed by two other girls, he sucked in his breath. Every synapsis was on fire, hair standing on end. He’d never had this kind of reaction to another woman and seeing her made him crazy with desire. The mere thought of tasting her sweet pussy, giving her orgasm after orgasm until she screamed out his name was far too stimulating. For a few seconds, no one else existed and his imagination almost got the better of him. Stripping her bare, whipping her rounded bottom, and fucking her hard. A slow and steady hiss slipped past his pursed lips.

“Not bad at all,” Denton whispered. “Shit.”

He found himself studying her actions, taking in her lovely hourglass figure, the same long legs that he’d remembered. She’d filled out, her features more mature, but she had the same fiery red hair framing her ivory skin. The way her body moved was more like a seductress, hunting her prey. He envisioned her naked, writhing underneath him. Instead of tattered jeans and a tight tee shirt, her usual high school attire, she was dressed in a sexy dress, clingy in all the right places. “Tasty.”

“Still a little vixen. Trust me,” Denton said, shaking his head.

Rex couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her, the same reaction as a solid eighty percent of the men in the place. She’d always had a way about her, performing with a dramatic flair, all the while maintaining her cock tease attitude. Tonight appeared to be nothing different as she flitted through the crowd, blowing kisses in a tantalizing fashion. He leaned forward, amused as hell. She was a handful. That was certain. At the time, he’d called her a princess, even torturing her by decorating her locker with various hot pink items. She’d been pissed, hunting him down and he’d forced her against the bleachers, taking absolute control.

She’d craved full domination.

He’d hungered for her to submit.

And he’d made certain she knew who was in charge.

Now, his cock was really aching, his balls so swollen he had difficulty breathing.

“Look at her go. She has every male on high alert,” Johnny said under his breath.

“She does know how to take over a room,” Denton added.

Rex watched in amusement as she grabbed a shot out of some poor dude’s hand, throwing it back and moving on. “A real handful,” he said under his breath. It was as if time had ceased to exist, the same hunger roaring into his system. He’d never felt about a woman the way he had Cooper and doubted he ever could. She just did something to every inch of him, body and soul.

Within two minutes of her arrival, Cooper managed to cause a commotion, pushing her hand against a man’s shoulder before giving another an evil eye. And all the while she swaggered in a manner few women could accomplish.

“See? What did I tell you? Same old Cooper.” Denton swallowed another shot of tequila.

“One big brat,” Johnny said, laughing.

Brat indeed and all naughty girls needed a firm hand. Grinning, Rex crossed his legs, watching the floor show with interest. The girls who followed behind Cooper had the same haughty attitude as they sashayed their way through the sea of hungry cowboys. He followed her with his eyes, sipping on his beer, his curiosity piqued. Maybe this was kismet seeing her again. He rolled his eyes at the thought, but he was forced to admit, he was damn attracted to her.

Only when they disappeared through the crowd, heading toward the back, did he turn around, leaning over the bar.

Denton crowded in. “You should go talk to her. You know, put the old Rex the Stud mark on her. You’re back in town. She’s back in town. Could be a marriage made in heaven. Granted, you’ll have to corral that little filly, but I have no doubt you can.”

“Not a chance,” Rex answered, giving his buddy an evil eye. The last thing he needed was any complications. He had enough to contend with.

“Chicken,” Johnny said as he made clucking noises.

Rex gave him the finger before lifting his beer. “Another round for these not so fine assholes, please, bartender.”

“Assholes?” Denton growled. “We are fine upstanding gentlemen.”

Snickering, Rex turned his attention to the game being played on the television over the bar. The debilitating depression was biting at his heels, fighting to derail his homecoming. The extra two months of therapy seemed to be wearing off. Being home was comforting, but he wanted more. Hell, much more.

“Hey! Bartender. We need drinks over here. You know, cold beverages.”

The voice wasn’t shrill, but melodic even though the volume could reach the rafters. Rex tipped his head, able to catch a glimpse of Cooper as she wiggled in her chair to the music, waving to the lead singer. The other two girls had already followed her lead, flirting with any man who dared come close to their table. Too bad Cooper had an affinity for games.

“Once a bitch…” Denton led the words roll.

“Now, now,” Rex chastised. “She’s just in a good mood.”

“Right,” Denton huffed. “And I’m in the mood to whup her ass.”

“A perfect match for our man of the hour here,” Johnny encouraged. “Imagine the wedding. High school hero turned all-American hero and local prima donna. News at eleven.”

Rex was tired of everyone thinking of his high school days, the glory he’d secured the entire town during his tenure on the football team. Even the hero’s welcome on various posters around town the day he’d arrived remained a thorn in his side. If they only knew the truth.

Cooper whistled in the background, her antics increasing.

Determined to ignore her, Rex kept his attention on the television, blinking several times as he lost track of who was playing or the score. When he heard the sound of her voice again, closer this time, nastier this time, he flinched, shooting her a look over his shoulder.

“You okay, man?” Denton asked, nudging Rex’s shoulder.

“I’m fine. Just been a long few days.”

“What does a girl have to do around here to get some drinks?” One hand was on Cooper’s hip, the other wagging her finger. “I mean, come on. Do I need to have a chat with your boss?”

“Really?” Denton mumbled under his breath.

Rex bristled, the commanding side of him ready to take over. He’d seen her soft underbelly a few times, the sweet girl inside much more alluring, but that had been years ago. People changed. He sure as hell had.

“What will you have?” the bartender asked her between clenched teeth.

Cooper shouted out a series of drinks, ending with, “And I’ll expect they’ll be brought to our table. Pronto.” When she turned on her heel, swishing her hips as she walked back to her entourage, the bartender tossed the towel in his hand, the thudding sound mixing with the crackle of glasses banging together.

“I think she could use that spanking you were talking about,” Denton suggested.

Rex polished off his beer, waiting until the bartender lined a tray with the three drinks before pushing away from the bar. Something spurred within him, thoughts and desires that could no longer be denied. “I think you might be right.”

“Whoa, are you kidding?” Johnny asked, coughing several times.

“You know when I’m serious,” Rex stated.

“Don’t mess with this man!” Denton chortled.

He took long strides to the other side of the bar, tapping on the top seconds before the bartender walked from behind, drinks in hand. “How about I take care of that for you?”

The bartender gave him a once-over before grinning. “Sure thing, buddy. Have a good time. She’s a pistol.” The words were said with extreme sarcasm.

Oh, he planned on it. While he was no waiter, he steadied the tray in the middle of his hand, walking quietly in her direction. The girls paid him zero attention as he bent at the waist, plopping the drinks down with just enough force, all three sloshed over the side.

“Hey!” Cooper snapped, jerking back in her chair. “Watch out, asshole.”

“Yeah, jerk,” one of the other girls said.

Several of the other customers groaned.

Rex took his time placing the tray on the next table, giving the wide-eyed couple sitting on the other side a mischievous smile.

“I swear. You can’t get good help around here,” Cooper muttered as she grabbed a cocktail napkin, pretending to wipe invisible drops off her dress. “My father should purchase this bar and fire every last one of you.”

He’d heard the same bullshit time and time again.

After a significant pause, he planted his hands on the girls’ table, sticking his face only two inches from hers. “I beg your pardon. What did you say to me?”

She didn’t even flinch or bother to look in his direction.

“You heard what I said, asshole.”

Rex wasn’t angry in the least, only amused and he knew exactly what he needed to do. Right here. Right now. In front of everyone. “You know, in these parts, people are courteous, nice to one another.”

“What?” she asked without bothering to look in his direction.

“Ever heard the term, ‘You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar’?”

She didn’t react, other than calling him a series of horrible names.

Rex inhaled, his heart rate increasing. Even though her perfume was intoxicating, filling his nostrils with an exotic scent, he knew he couldn’t stand for her bratty behavior. No one else should either. “You are one bad girl, and do you know what naughty girls deserve?” He didn’t wait for her answer, merely yanked out the fourth chair at the table, plopping down and within two seconds, pulled her over his lap.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Cooper demanded, pushing hard against him, flailing her arms and legs. “Let me go, you bastard.”

“Bastard. Another reason for a hard spanking.” Rex exhaled, easily taking her wrist into one hand. She was certainly no match for his brawn.

“Don’t you dare try to spank me! I’m an adult,” Cooper huffed.

“If you’d act like an adult then you’ll be treated like one. You’re acting like a child and bad children receive punishment,” he countered.

“What… the…” one of the other girls exclaimed, the other bursting into laughter.

“I think he has your number, Cooper,” the third girl finally said.

“You aren’t going to ever treat people this way again. Am I clear?” Rex smacked her bottom several times, moving from one ass cheek to the other. The heat surrounding him was oppressive, adding gasoline to the embers buried deep inside. He wanted this girl, just like he had all those years ago. Everything about her burned a fire in his belly, his cock twitching hard against his way too tight jeans.

And he wasn’t into taking ‘no’ for an answer.

“Ouch!” Cooper kicked out, struggling to release her arm. “I’ll have you arrested.”

“Go ahead and try.”

She was a wily one in his arms, whining and pitching a fit.

He pushed her arm aside, spanking her again. And again. “No, you don’t. You’re going to learn to be a little lady when you’re out in public.” A series of mumbles from other tables could be heard. Obviously, they had no idea whether or not this was an act.

“You’re crazy!” Cooper yelled.

“I am that, but everyone in this bar knows exactly what you need and that’s what I’m giving to you.” Rex peppered her ass with hard spanks, taking his time as she continued to wiggle. When she issued a litany of cuss words, he’d reached his limit. “That’s it. You’re getting a bare-assed spanking.”

“You. Fucking. Wouldn’t. Dare!”

“Like hell, I would. And no cursing!” Yanking up her dress and exposing her G-string, he wrangled one leg over hers, keeping her in position as he moved from one butt cheek to the other, savoring the stinging in his hand as he spanked her. Her bottom quickly took on a warm blush. “You’re a mouthy brat and you should have your mouth washed out with soap.”

“No!” She continued to struggle, whimpering as she jerked her head up and down. “Someone help me!”

“No one is going to help you, young lady. Your behavior is uncalled for.” Rex could tell every head in the bar was turned in their direction. Even the band had stopped playing, preferring to watch the action at hand. He fell into a rhythm, spanking her long and hard and after her bottom was crimson in color, only then did he notice that she’d stopped struggling, her palms on the floor, her head hung low. He could hear the few cuss words she still muttered and knew her punishment would only do but so much good.

Cooper took several deep breaths, her soft whimpers turning into soft sobs. “Stop. It hurts.”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt,” Rex stated, loud enough for the customers in close proximity to hear.

“Spank her harder,” a gruff voice said from the crowd.

“She deserves it,” another male voice stated, calling out over the others.

“Are you going to be a very good girl?” Rex asked as he rubbed her ass cheeks, his fingers tingling from the slightest touch of her heated skin.

“Yes…” she snapped, huffing under her breath.

Smack! Crack!

“Yes?” he asked, hesitating.

“Yes. Sir,” she stated through gritted teeth, wiggling until she was grinding back and forth across his groin.

Breathless, a series of electric sensations shot through him, stalling his efforts. Beads of sweat trickled down the back of his neck from the raging current alone. He blinked, attempting to focus on the task at hand. But this woman, Jesus, this woman was getting to him. He was ready to drag her outside, impale her with every inch of his hard, throbbing cock. “Six more,” he managed to say.

“Yes, sir.” Her tone remained snarky, but at least more subdued.

Rex made certain she would feel the last strikes for some time to come. And he could swear the crowd was counting them off, one by one, enjoying the spectacle. Hell, so was he. When he was finished, he pulled down her dress, a flash of embarrassment crowding against the desire burning into his body. He’d had the same reaction to her years before. “You did very well. Hopefully you’ve learned that bad behavior won’t be tolerated.” He helped her to stand, keeping his hands placed on her shaking arms.

She panted, her head remaining lowered, her shimmering eyes locked onto his. A light seemed to dawn in them, as if she recognized him from all the years before.

Suddenly uncomfortable, he wanted this particular session to be over, but damn if he didn’t crave more—much more from this enticing brat. “Now, if I ever see or hear of you acting this way in front of anyone again, I will use my thick leather belt next time. By all rights, you should be standing in the corner with your dress raised for at least thirty minutes, so you can think about your ridiculous actions, but I’ll spare you that tonight. Do you understand?”

Her defiance had returned ten-fold, her mouth pursing, but she issued the words, just as if she knew what would happen if she didn’t. “Oh, yes. Sir.”

“Good.” He stood, towering over her, the sweat now sliding against the collar of his shirt. What in the hell had possessed him to do this kind of thing? His heart was racing as he held his head high, grabbing the tray as he walked away from the table and back to his friends. Why did he have the distinct feeling he’d slammed himself smack in the middle of a hornet’s nest?

The clapping was loud, uncontrolled and he couldn’t help but smile. As he passed by the bartender, dropping off the drink tray, the bartender grinned.

“Buddy, just for that, drinks are on the house for the entire night,” the bartender quipped, slapping his hand on top of the bar.

“Wow,” Denton whispered when he returned.

“That was fantastic,” Johnny added.

Rex stole another look in her direction, grinning given the way her friends remained wide-eyed and unmoving and he knew… Oh, you bet he knew that they would tangle again. And one day, he was going to have to tame his brat once and for all.

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