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Taming the Little Princess by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter Onetamingthelittleprincess_detail

 London, 2059

Mary had quite a unique view of the world. Actually, it was more accurate to say she had a different view of the floor, as she was staring straight down at it. She was over Charlie’s lap and he was spanking her, albeit rather halfheartedly. The man definitely needed some lessons on manning up! Over and over his hand connected with her pert rump, and she took it stoically.

“Had enough? Ready to apologize?”

“Ha, enough of what? Charlie, if you don’t have the balls to be a real man, wait here and I’ll go out and buy you a pair!” she shot back over her shoulder.

She grinned to see the vein on his temple start to throb. Yeah, that got his engine revved up. Let’s see what he can do now.

The next smack caused her to lurch forward on his lap and truly yelp. Now that his blood was boiling, his arm was striking with a very firm force and the pace was increasing. Mary couldn’t believe the night had ended this way. This afternoon, she had been sitting in a huge auditorium listening to the great Dr. Charles Putnam talk about some of the alien races he’d negotiated treaties with. Every word had made her heart flutter, as she’d always found intelligence an incredible turn-on. So, naturally, she’d invited him to dinner after the lecture. Were they ever a sight—he in his nice suit, she in her old faded jeans and tie-dye t-shirt. Their witty banter, delicately laced with sexual innuendo—at least on her part—had resulted in one thing leading to another, and they were soon back at his hotel room. When he’d balked at some of her kinky suggestions, she’d adopted a new tack: goading him into spanking her.

She was now wondering if she’d bitten off more than she could chew. Charlie was a scientist, and they were all supposed to be bookworms who weren’t physically fit. Well, he was definitely an oxymoron. She’d noticed that when she’d ripped his shirt off; he was quite buff. His hand slammed into her ass, covered now by nothing but her black lace thong, which offered her no protection. She longed to tell him to slow down, let the heat build, and she’d show him a good time, but that didn’t seem likely now.

“So, learned your lesson? Ready to give?” he snapped.

Mary grit her teeth, determined to make him work for it.

Then, quite suddenly, he did stop. There was a rapping at the door. Charlie stood and almost dumped her on the floor. She managed to slide off onto her hands and feet, and then sort of crawled off to the corner. He threw on a robe and moved to the door. Mary couldn’t quite see who was there, but she saw the front of a small cart, and thus knew who it was.

“You ordered champagne, strawberries, and whipped cream, sir?”

“Oh, yes, thank you. Here, I’ll take it.”

He rolled the cart in, signed for it, and closed the door. Turning, he was greeted by Mary’s happy smiling face.

“I still haven’t learned my lesson,” she said smugly.

Mary almost laughed at Charlie’s expression. While he’d been distracted, she’d slipped off her matching bra. Her ‘twins’ were just about standing at attention. He staggered back, bumped into the end of the bed, and sat. Mary, a sexy grin on her face, sauntered over to him and crawled once more across his lap. Folding her arms, she put her head down yet stayed up on her knees, thus putting her ass high in the air.

“Well, you certainly put the target area up high enough for me to easily reach,” he said.

She wiggled her behind. “So what you going to do abo—ow!”

Mary didn’t get to finish the sentence. Charlie again let her have it. His hand slammed into her still-red ass, but this time he seemed to pick up on her body’s responses. Her hips rocked and swayed, she yelped and moaned, and slowly slid down until she lay prone across his lap. Reaching out, she latched onto the bedspread and gripped it tight. The fact that he had ‘pre-heated’ her helped immensely. The initial smacks had moved into her pussy and started stoking her fire. Now the fire was raging!

“Okay, okay, I’ve learned, I apologize,” she wailed. “Let me show you how sorry I am!”

Charlie stopped, clearly taken aback by her outcry. That was all the opening she needed. Rising up, she pounced. Down onto his back he went, with her on top. Charlie’s hands played across her breasts as his cock stiffened and easily found its way inside her. She bounced and jostled on his hips, every contact with his firm thighs sending bolts of pain and delight deep inside her.

Charlie arched his back. “Oh, God—so good—” he groaned.

He reached down, wrapped his great long arms about her waist, and grabbed her red bottom with both hands—tight. Mary’s back stiffened, she gasped, and climaxed. “Arrggg, Charlieeee! Yeah, baby!”

He followed a moment later, filling her with his hot seed. In no time at all, he was hard again, and she came three more times before he was left limp, drained, sound asleep, and snoring. Mary was tempted to curl up next to him and get in a little morning episode, but she still had a midterm for her master’s degree to study for. So she dressed, gave him a final kiss on the cheek, and headed for the door. She paused there, turned, and looked at him one last time.

Yeah, he’s a good guy and a good lay. I don’t know many men I can say that about. Sleep well, Charlie. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again someday.

A few minutes later, she was walking the streets of the city. She could take the Underground, as the subway was called here, but she preferred to walk. Mary always felt that the truly great cities of the world were the ones you enjoyed walking in. London was her favorite place to walk, and the stars were especially bright this night. Gazing up at them, Mary found a new appreciation for and meaning to the stars. They were no longer mere distant suns. No, thanks to Charlie, she saw them as neighbors, and she now wondered what races dwelled in those distant reaches of space.

“Excuse me, miss, I have a question,” a small voice said.

“Yes, sorry. What, are you lost?” she said, snapping her head toward the stranger.

Mary smiled. It was a little girl. She couldn’t be more than thirteen, she looked so cute and tiny. Then, upon a more intensive look, Mary realized she was wrong. This was a full-grown woman, someone older than her, merely petite.

“Negative. I have been tasked by his majesty with learning about Dr. Charles Putnam. I attended his lecture earlier, but he left with you. Now I see you leaving his temporary domicile. Might I inquire as to the nature of your time together?”

“By the king? Wow, what, you work for the royal society of something? As for him and me, yeah, you can ask, but I ain’t telling you, girl. Those details are what’s known as private.”

“I really must insist,” she said simply. “I serve the king, and he and the queen must know what sort of man Dr. Putnam is before entrusting him with their offspring.”

Mary snorted. “You can insist until the cows come home, but it’s still not happening.”

“Cows are irrelevant to this conversation. I—insist,” she replied, her tone soft yet firm.

Mary opened her mouth to tell the lady off, but froze. There was something about her eyes. They were two giant pools of magic water, and Mary felt as if she was falling into them.

“I… I…”

The woman stepped closer and whispered, “Tell me about Dr. Charles Putnam. Tell me everything about Doctor Charles Putnam.”

“He—he… we, we…”

She dove in, and became lost in the magical waters.

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