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Taming Their Pet by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One

Isabella Bedard ran her fingers through the waves of her waist-length, chocolate-colored hair. With a sigh, she pulled her knees into her chest. She’d been sent back to her cell after getting caught up in the drama that Aimee had perpetuated.

She should have known Aimee was a problem, should have seen this coming from a mile away, but she had wanted to make friends with everyone and Aimee had looked like a good place to start. It had started off alright, but the longer Isabella hung out with Aimee and her friends, the more uneasy she had become. Before she knew it though, Aimee had begun to spread rumors about Warden Taylor and the guards and by then, it was too late to extricate herself. Jenny and Michelle had joined in too and Isabella had made the terrible choice to go along with them.

It had all culminated in a colossal food fight, in which Isabella had actually participated. Why had she been so stupid?

Crap. She was probably really in for it. She should have known better.

In fact, she was probably going to get spanked. That’s what happened to naughty girls who got caught here at the detention center. She pressed her hands to her mouth in dismay when she thought about how they’d bare her bottom and spank it red in front of everyone else. What if they used one of those mean-looking wooden paddles that made all the girls cry? What if one of the guards took off his belt to punish her? She shivered at the thought.

She wasn’t quite sure how she’d inserted herself into the trouble-making clique, but it certainly wasn’t her style. She’d never been the type to spread rumors or gossip and was rather proud of that fact. Now, all alone in her room, she was left with nothing but herself and her thoughts of where it all went wrong. Her bottom tingled, almost as though it could feel the discipline coming at any second.

She missed her life back in Savanah, Georgia. She came from a rather well-off family, with two brothers and a mother and father who thought the world of her. Her parents had made sure she never wanted for anything, as long as she made them proud with her good grades and proper behavior. Her father had been elected governor and she’d learned how to act accordingly in the public eye. She wore the right kind of dress that commanded both respect and love from the citizens of the city. Learning the power of her smile from an early age, she always had a kind word for anyone she’d ever met. Whenever she ventured into the public eye, she plastered on that smile and did whatever was necessary that would help further her father’s political career. She was very careful to do nothing to hurt it.

Unfortunately, when it came time for her father’s reelection, things had taken a turn for the worse despite all her careful conduct. The local news media was tenacious and uncovered a long-kept family secret that ruined everything.

Isabella was an unregistered third child. She was the youngest, with two older brothers who watched over her like a hawk. Not only did they help to keep her in line, but they protected her all her life.

When the news broke that her birth had been illegal, it triggered a nasty dark cloud over her father’s campaign. Eventually, both the political and legal pressure overwhelmed them and her father was forced to turn her in. Once the cops had processed her, she was sent away from Earth to the detainment center in space far away. It had all happened so fast that she’d barely had any time to process it.

Her family had been allowed to say goodbye and she was grateful for it. It had given her closure, allowing her to accept that her life was about to change completely. As she hadn’t broken any laws, the police had been kind and a female officer had explained what was going to happen to her. Although uncertain of her future, she knew that she was eventually going to be sold off to an alien from somewhere in outer space. Supposedly, the detainment center was meant to train her to be the perfect wife, but she had her doubts.

With a sigh, she thought about the last twenty-four hours at the detainment center. How on Earth had she gotten caught up in a food fight of all things? Why had she even picked up a piece of food and thrown it at the warden? Was she crazy?

Dammit. She hoped she hadn’t ruined everything. She was supposed to be married to a nice sweet husband who took care of her every need. Her parents had donated a rather large amount to the detainment center in order to ensure that she was well taken care of, especially when it came time for her to be sold to an alien husband.

With a heavy sigh, she picked up her book off the nightstand, only to be startled a short while later by the warden. She smiled only to falter at the grim expression on the woman’s face.

“Hello, Warden Taylor,” she greeted the warden as she walked in, making sure to mask the nervousness in her voice as much as possible. Warden Taylor sighed and shook her head.

“Isabella Bedard. Your name is one that I did not expect to be caught up in Aimee’s mess. Do you have something to say for yourself?”

Isabella hung her head in shame.

“No, ma’am. I’m really sorry for getting involved. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble,” she said shyly, her apology very clear in her tone. She kept her eyes on the floor.

The warden exhaled loudly again.

“You’ve been so well behaved here. Not even a single requirement for punishment in your records since you arrived. What came over you this afternoon?” she asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know, ma’am. Please forgive me,” Isabella begged as she clasped her hands together. She schooled her features with as much regret as she could muster and the woman’s expression faltered just a little.

The warden sat down on the bed beside her. The room was quaint, but it was private and Isabella had put her personal touch on things. The soft quilt on her bed was a rosy pink and her walls were decorated with some of her favorite pictures from back home. Warden Taylor fingered the quilt before looking up to meet Isabella’s eyes. Her gaze was apologetic and warm, almost as though she regretted what she was about to say.

“You’ve left me little choice, Isabella. Since you’ve been associated with that group and now that it is public knowledge, I can’t have you receiving special treatment. It sends a bad message to the rest of the girls. I don’t think you misbehaved intentionally, but you associated yourself with the wrong people. I’m going to have to be harsher with you because of it, which includes more heavy discipline than you’ve ever experienced before. I could sentence you to the medical wing, but I don’t think that you would excel there,” the warden said with an exasperated sigh.

“Please, I really didn’t mean it,” Isabella said softly, her bottom itching nervously at the warden’s words.

“It’s either that, or I choose a match for you immediately.”

The woman’s big brown eyes turned to Isabella, the tight firm demeanor she usually carried softening toward her.

Isabella kept silent, waiting for her to continue.

“I’m going to give you a choice, Isabella. If you choose to stay, you will be publicly punished and it will be harsh. I must make an example of you so such behavior does not occur under my watch again. That, or I choose a match for you right away—but I must warn you that none of my current contracts are for the faint of heart. I very rarely receive requests for a simple courtship anymore. Alien men have very high expectations when it comes to the women they want.”

Isabella stared at her wide-eyed. For her, there was very little choice. Having been in the public eye for much of her life, she did not like it in the slightest. She didn’t want the other girls to see her turned over a man’s knee and punished like a naughty little girl. It would be humiliating and shameful. She couldn’t handle it. Chewing her cheek, she met the warden’s eyes, knowing she would have to accept what was to come.

“Please choose a husband for me. I won’t cause you any more trouble. I promise,” she said reluctantly.

The warden nodded curtly before standing up. She turned back and smiled gently at her.

“I’ll pick the man that is best for you. I’ve matched many women to our clients here at the station and whenever I follow up, they’re happy. You’ll be the same, even if it will be hard for you at first. Trust in the process and you’ll find your happily ever after.”

“Thank you for giving me the choice. I appreciate it,” Isabella whispered quietly.

“Be prepared to leave in a few days. Pack a bag of your things, so that you may take it with you, if your owner or masters will allow.”

“Masters?” Isabella asked, turning her head with curiosity.

“Yes. I have many contracts where two or three alien men request one woman. It’s possible that you could be sold to them, if I deem it to be the right match for you. I’m going to go study their files now and determine the best course of action for you.”

“Oh,” she replied, unable to form any more coherent words beyond that.

“Don’t you worry, just have faith that it’ll all work out,” the warden said softly, her usual firm demeanor wavering for a moment. “In the meantime, you’ll stay in your room. Meals will be brought to you and I will come for you when your match is made. Try not to cause any more trouble or you’ll force me to punish you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Isabella whispered quietly, drawing her knees up to her chest. She wasn’t used to being in trouble and it left a warm feeling deep in the pit of her stomach that she couldn’t identify as shame or desire or excitement. Chewing her lip, she watched as the warden opened the door of her cell and walked out, leaving her alone once again.

Her tummy churned with nerves and it took a long time for her to relax again. She was used to getting her way, but she’d always been polite about it and hadn’t thrown a tantrum since she had been in diapers. She reminded herself that she had been raised to be a lady and to use her smarts and wit to achieve a desired result. If she wanted something, she just had to go about it in the right way so as to not sully her own image or her family’s.

With a sigh, she fell back on her bed and placed her head on her soft down pillow. Even here at the station, she had many of her old luxuries, including jewelry, the latest technology, and enough money in her off-planet account to order whatever she wished for. Her closet was full of the latest designer dresses and shoes. None of the other girls here at the detainment center had anything like she did.

But now she’d gone and ruined the whole thing by getting involved with Aimee, Jenny, and Michelle and their shenanigans. In just a few days’ time, everything was going to change. She was going to be sold off to her future husband, or husbands, she thought with a shiver. Swallowing heavily, she imagined what it would be like to be with more than one man and she couldn’t help but tremble with nervousness and a twinge of excitement.

What would it be like? Would she like it? Would she be able to handle more than one husband caring for her at a time?

Groaning, she covered her face with her hands, feeling a flush come over her. Mortified, she realized her nipples had hardened into tight little peaks beneath her shirt and she was thankful she was alone and no one could hear what she was thinking.

Trying to distract herself, she pressed the button on her wristband so her digital eBook reader glowed awake once again. The holographic screen brightened and brought up her library. Lying back, she lifted her finger to choose the book she was currently reading and swiped to carry on to the next page.

Her scrambled nerves were incredibly distracting and eventually she turned it off with a huff. She jumped up from her bed and paced back and forth, wanting to talk to someone, anyone who could alleviate her worries. She deserved that, didn’t she?

She moved toward her door and peeked through the barred window.

The detainment center was still on a mandatory lockdown. Every girl was assigned to her quarters and not allowed to leave until given permission to do so. It must have been evening by now and the station was quiet, except for a few voices echoing up from the lower areas.

Looking downward, she realized a small group had gathered in the social area on the ground floor. There was a lineup of girls against the wall and every single one of them had their eyes on the floor while guards lectured them. Isabella recognized some of the girls that had been involved in throwing food in the cafeteria at the warden. She even saw Michelle down there with them, a scowl twinging at the corners of her lips.

A strange warmth flooded into Isabella’s core.

All at once, the guards reached forward and grasped the regulation pants at each girl’s waist and whisked them down to their ankles. None of the girls fought as they were left standing in front of the guards, bared down to their panties. She noticed that even Michelle didn’t fight back against them.

Isabella swallowed, her mouth suddenly incredibly dry. She fidgeted as she watched. Unsure what to do with her hands, she hugged them around her chest.

One of the men raised his voice and she couldn’t help but overhear him. The window in her door had no glass—meaning that she could hear anything that went on below, including all the punishments that occurred in the detainee living areas. Licking her lips, her eyes grew wide as each girl was guided over a man’s knee. Panties were quickly divested from the girls, exposing full, round, and creamy white bottom cheeks to her view.

Her breathing quickened as she pressed her thighs together. One of her hands flittered back to her own backside, imagining what it would feel like to be exposed to a man in such a way so that he could see everything from the cleft of her behind to the secrets between her legs. Her heart pounded excitedly in her chest.

One of the guards rubbed the backside of the girl over his lap gently and she whimpered as he raised his palm and smacked down directly across her bottom, causing the woman to flinch in surprise. The rest of the guards then followed suit and her eyes grew even wider at the sight. At least ten girls each lay over a lap, all getting their asses tanned for their bad behavior.

They cried out in despair as their cheeks quickly turned pink all over as the guards thrashed them from the top of their bottoms to about mid-thigh.

Isabella reached the hand that wasn’t cupping her own backside down between her legs and ran her finger up and down the crotch of her cotton panties. She gasped when she felt the wetness there and pressed harder on the spot that seemed to need her touch the most.

Watching the bottoms redden before her, she circled the hard bud beneath the thin cotton of her panties. Moaning quietly, she pressed a bit harder and lifted her head, all the while keeping her eyes on the bouncing cheeks of the girls getting their just desserts. Her own bottom clenched as she imagined herself lying over a man’s knees, her own backside bare, getting spanked for her own wicked behavior. She quivered at the fantasy.

Her body heated as she explored herself like she had never dared to do before. Every nerve felt as though it was simmering to a boil, slowly and surely, almost as though she was approaching the edge of a volcano. Burning hotly, she continued her discovery until she felt like she was about to burst. One of the guards withdrew a small leather paddle from his pocket and Isabella whimpered as she watched the implement smack against the woman’s naked bottom, leaving a white imprint that quickly turned red a fraction of a second later. The sight pushed Isabella over the edge into an intoxicating cloud of arousal, desire, and white-hot pleasure.

She felt naughty and knew she should be ashamed of her behavior, but she was alone and no one could see what she was doing. Her legs trembled beneath her as she leaned against her door, soft little moans escaping her lips as she struggled to keep her balance.

The heat enveloping her limbs eventually passed, leaving her breathless, yet awash with a glorious satisfaction. Finally, she tore her eyes away from the discipline that was coming to an end and slowly walked back to her bed, where she dove under the covers to hide in shame for what she had just done.

The experience had taken everything out of her. No longer was she drowning with her worries about her future; instead, she was calm and satiated. Her body tingled as she closed her eyes and laid her head back in the pillow.

Asleep in seconds, she allowed herself to give into the darkness, happy and appeased for the time being, all alone and safe from prying eyes, at least for now. She’d deal with tomorrow when the time came.

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