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A Taste of Submission by Jamie Fairfax – Sample

A Taste of Submission by Jaimie Fairfax

Chapter One

As she stepped out of the elevator, Jenni quickly glanced at the reflection of the glass in front of her. Her medium length blonde hair and makeup were in place, her skirt was just short enough to show off her athletic and toned legs but still appropriate for business, and her lovely silk blouse with a matching jacket finished off the perfect look for an up-and-coming young ad exec.

She was there to pitch a plan for a marketing campaign to a hot new software company. Having spoken several times to the owner and founder, Charles Connelly, she was sure he had developed the next big thing in online privacy protection.

Charles’s product was already a hit with the online community, ‘the geek world’ as the folks at her ad agency liked to call it. The company was now looking to expand the brand to a more mainstream and broader universe and wanted to run some ads in major magazines.

Jenni was a print media specialist. While her friends and contemporaries had all gravitated to online marketing because it was much more hip, Jenni had realized there was still a lot of life left in traditional print.

You only had to look at the magazine section at a Barnes and Noble to know there were still a lot of magazines selling. Jenni figured there would be less competition in the print field, not that she was afraid of competition, and she was correct.

This was why she was the youngest account manager at her firm. After she gave herself the brief once over she turned to her team, Jake and Susie, to do a quick check in.

“You guys all ready?”

“Yep,” they both responded.

“And what’s our motto?”

“Leave no prisoners!” responded Jake with a smile.

“Exactly, now let’s go get them!”

She and her team were led into a conference room. There were a half dozen young people there, four guys and two girls. All looked to be in their twenty’s and all were wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a very casual shirt or a T-shirt. In short, it looked exactly like she expected—a room full of geeks, probably soon to be rich geeks.

She was trying to see if she could pick out Charles Connelly when someone else walked into the room. He was about six foot one with dark hair and very well built, but not too muscular and drop dead handsome. He was wearing nice-looking slacks, a business shirt and a casual sports jacket but it all was elegant—she was guessing this was at least a thousand dollar outfit.

She figured he was probably in his early thirties, which appealed to her because she had always preferred older men. There was no doubt this was the man in charge.

He strode over to her and she moved toward him and stuck out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Jenni Ryan.”

He took her hand with a gentle but firm grip. “Hi, Ms. Ryan. I’m Charles Connelly. Nice to finally meet in person.”

As he smiled at her she found herself looking into a pair of amazing hazel eyes. He seemed to be staring into her lovely blue eyes too, and she realized they had held their hand shake a little too long for a business meeting and she was relieved when they both let go at the same time.

“Okay, let’s get things going,” Charles instructed, in the way of someone used to being in charge.

“Right,” replied Jenni as she quickly composed herself.

She had actually felt her pussy tingle just from shaking his hand and wondered if he had become a little erect. Great, she thought, I’m supposed to be professional and business-like and the sexiest man I’ve met in ages is sitting there.

Jenni refocused her mind—now was not the time to be thinking about a hot guy and she tried to dismiss Charles from her thoughts. Calmer now, she took a deep breath and launched into her pitch. She and her team had laid out what she knew to be a clever campaign, which let people know how important online privacy was without being over the top scary.

Charles asked a number of pointed and incisive questions during her presentation. Jenni was impressed that he also solicited input from his team. He would ask specific people what they thought about a certain point and you could tell he valued their input. They spoke freely, clearly feeling free to be open and honest about what they thought.

At the end of the presentation there were a few more questions, and then Charles thanked her and asked her and the team to step outside the conference room for a few minutes while they discussed their proposal.

After about ten minutes they called her team back in.

Charles looked directly at her. “Well, Ms. Ryan that was very impressive. The entire management team likes your approach.”

“Thank you, Mr. Connelly. I’m very glad to hear that and please call me Jenni.” And call me anytime, she thought to herself.

“Okay, Jenni, please call me Charles. If we gave you the go ahead, how soon could we have some ads running?” he inquired.

Jenni smiled. “I actually took the liberty of putting a hold on ad space in several of our target magazines for the September first issues. If we get the go ahead by tomorrow we can definitely meet that goal, so we would be launched in six weeks.”

Charles smiled. “Excellent, leave the contracts with us and I’ll have our lawyer look them over today, and, assuming no hitches there, we should be good to go tomorrow. Thanks very much to you and your team.”

As Jenni and her team were wrapping up Charles came over and took Jenni aside. She could feel her heart beat faster just from standing near him and thought, why does he have this affect on me?

He smiled warmly at her. “I just wanted to say thank you again, Jenni. That was a great job. But it was a bit ballsy to have all those magazine ads on hold already.”

“Well, I had the utmost confidence you would see the brilliance of my plan.” She was thrilled that she had impressed him.

He laughed and stuck out his hand. “Well, I look forward to us working together.”

Jenni also extended her hand. “Me too. I intend to deliver for you and your company,” she replied with confidence.

Charles squeezed her hand a bit. “Well, I do love a woman who can take charge, except for certain circumstances of course.”

Jenni pondered this cryptic statement as she felt Charles’s gaze become more focused and intense. He towered over her and she felt his physical presence dominating her smaller frame. She also sensed a wonderful manly smell, no cologne, just a little bit of a musky smell, perhaps from body soap. As she looked into those eyes again, she sensed someone powerful, someone secure in himself and she could not help herself as she blushed and lowered her eyes.

She realized her hand was still in his and was acutely aware of his firm grip. She suddenly had an image of him picking her up right there and taking her; fucking her hard on the conference room table as she gave herself to him completely. What am I doing? This is a business deal and I’m acting like a teenage school girl, she thought, and quickly looked up as he released her hand.

She saw a look of satisfaction in his eyes, and wondered what that was all about. Jenni had no clear clue why, but she felt like something very significant in her life had just happened. And it wasn’t that she had landed a big ad contract.

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