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Taught by the Doctor by Aurie Jameson – Sample

Chapter One

Zoey Lu rubbed at her eyes as she scanned the items on the pink bedspread in front of her. She crossed her arms, staring down at the pens, notebooks, flashcards, and other school supplies. She tucked some of her long dark hair behind her ear and snuck a glance at the wall clock. It was already past eleven at night. Any second now, Zoey’s boyfriend would come barging in, demanding she go to bed before the big day tomorrow.

It had been four months since Zoey was accepted into nursing school. She had spent the hot summer months mostly inside, trying to prepare as much as she could. She knew a lot of the curriculum would require her to brush up on her chemistry and biology, so she had spent the last few months doing exactly that.

In the end, it didn’t matter how much she prepared, Zoey was going to be a nervous wreck regardless.

At least she had a sweet boyfriend to help her through the stressful times.

A firm knock on the door had Zoey diving for her school supplies. She let out a curse under her breath when her dark blue backpack slipped off the bed and hit the floor with a thud. She bit back another curse when the door opened and Evan’s head poked in. He immediately frowned at her, eyebrows furrowing in a stern way.

“You aren’t packed yet?” he asked in disapproval. He stepped fully into the room, revealing he was still in his work clothes. If she wasn’t so stressed, Zoey would have given him an appreciative look up and down. He looked so hot and professional in his dark slacks and crisp long-sleeve button-up. Instead, she snatched her backpack up from off the floor and began to shove her school supplies into it, refusing to meet Evan’s eyes.

“I know you told me to be in bed by eleven, but I needed to print out a couple of things for the first day of classes and then I wanted to double-check to make sure I had everything. Please don’t be mad…” She stopped when a gentle finger pressed itself to her lips.

Zoey’s eyes widened. She didn’t even realize that Evan had crossed the room and had moved to sit on the bed with her.

“Shh, pretty girl, calm down,” Evan requested. He kissed her on the forehead, gently took the school supplies from her, and set them on the bed beside them. He then covered her quivering hands with his. “I’m not mad at you, Zoey. I do wish you were in bed, but I understand completely that you’re nervous about your first day.” He snaked his long arms around her and pulled her into his lap. Zoey pressed her cheek into the crook between his neck and shoulder, relishing his warmth and comfort.

Zoey still didn’t understand why Dr. Anderson had chosen her. She was just a twenty-year-old nurse’s aide when they had met. He was a thirty-two-year-old established doctor. They weren’t even in the same league as far as she was concerned. She didn’t understand it, but she learned to accept it. Mainly because any talk that brought herself down was met with a firm hand to her bare bottom. But she also accepted it because she could tell Evan actually cared about her. That was more than she could say for the few boyfriends she had had in the past.

It was enough to allow herself to be happy with Evan. She just had to do her best to be the woman he deserved.

Evan kissed Zoey’s cheek and began to run his fingers through her long dark hair. “Would you like to talk about it?” he suggested, hazel eyes shining with concern as his hand trailed down her back.

Zoey shrugged. “There isn’t really much to talk about,” she pointed out. She shifted a bit on his thighs. She felt like a little girl all of a sudden, not like the adult nursing student she actually was.

Evan shook his head at her, a fond smile toying at the corner of his lips. “Why don’t you start with why you’re nervous about tomorrow?”

Zoey stiffened. It wasn’t that she didn’t know why she was nervous. She just didn’t want to think about it. “There’s a lot of reasons I’m nervous,” she said in a soft voice. She looked down at her clasped hands. “What if I don’t do well? What if it’s harder than I can handle? What if my classmates don’t like me?” She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the tears forming to dry up. Maybe this whole nursing thing was a mistake after all.

“Hey, slow down,” Evan said in a comforting voice. The hand on her back started to move up and down in a soothing motion. He tilted her chin up with his other hand, forcing her to look up at him with wide watery brown eyes. “You’re going to do very well, Zoey. You’ve wanted this for a while, and you’re an extremely smart girl. That will earn you friends all on its own. Everyone is going to want to copy my girl’s homework and be her partner during labs.”

Zoey laughed when Evan tickled her side gently and rubbed his cheek against hers, causing his stubble to brush against her smooth skin. She pushed him away playfully. “Stop, that kind of hurts!” she said with a giggle.

“What, you don’t like my stubble?” he asked in a sly voice. He then rolled over on the bed so that she was trapped underneath him and began to press his face against hers, making sure to tickle her face all over with his short beard.

Zoey laughed and tried to get away, even going so far as to push against Evan’s chest with her bare feet. Evan chuckled as he held her down and swatted lightly at her kicking feet.

Evan sat up first and pulled Zoey up beside him. “Okay, pretty girl, we better get you to bed now.” He took her hand, tugging her up so she was standing beside the bed.

Zoey resisted, tugging her hand back. “I don’t think I can sleep just yet,” she said in a soft voice. When Evan raised a stern eyebrow, she added quickly, “I’ll go to bed soon, I promise. I just need to unwind a bit.”

Evan made a thoughtful sound in the back of his throat. He sat back down on the bed, but didn’t let go of Zoey’s hand. “I think I know just what you need to wind down.”

Zoey’s eyes widened. “No, Evan—” she started to say, but it was too late. Evan had already tipped her forward so she fell across his strong thighs. Zoey whined and kicked her feet in anticipation when she felt a large hand on the back of her thin pajama bottoms.

“Calm down,” Evan said in a low voice. “This isn’t a punishment, this is to help you relax before bed.” He rubbed her back for a few moments before starting her spanking.

Zoey just groaned and buried her face in her folded arms. She had only been dating this man for a year, and the number of times she had her bottom spanked by him probably outnumbered the days since then. She tried to relax and reminded herself that this wasn’t a punishment, so it shouldn’t hurt.

Evan stared down at his girlfriend of one year in concern. Her little body was so stiff with nerves. If nothing else, he was hoping that a spanking would force her to relax her tight muscles. He peppered her bottom with light smacks, furrowing his eyebrows when he realized that even her bottom was tight.

He would change that.

Zoey gasped when Evan reached for the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Instead of pulling them down though, her boyfriend pulled them up so that the thin material was taut against her butt. Then he lowered the spanks from the summits of her cheeks to just above her thighs.

After applying about a couple dozen swats to Zoey’s rear, Evan rested his hand over both her cheeks. “Is this helping, Zoey?”

Zoey hesitated. If she said no, he could ramp up the spanking, but if she said yes, then he also might decide she needed more severe treatment. Either way, she decided she was doomed. “I think so,” she muttered.

As she predicted, Evan started spanking her again, slightly harder than he had been moments earlier. He pulled the waistband of her pajamas a bit more, causing the material to press slightly into her crack. Zoey’s face burned along with her bottom. She shifted over the doctor’s lap.

Evan grinned as he felt Zoey relax a bit. He knew that he wasn’t hurting her and he was going to keep it that way during this particular spanking. He moved the spanks to the meatiest part of Zoey’s bottom, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt as much with the extra padding.

The spanking went on for another couple of minutes, but they were a couple of minutes of straight swats. They were quick and deliberate, and Evan made sure to pause just a bit between each one so that Zoey would feel them individually.

Zoey squirmed as the warmth spread over her bottom. The spanks were just starting to hurt. “Evan, please. That’s enough,” she said, growing nervous. This was starting to feel like the beginning of a punishment.

Evan wrapped his free arm around Zoey’s waist as he continued the spanking. He moved the swats to the lower portion of her butt, a bit harder than he had been. “Almost done,” he said in his gentle doctor voice. “You’re way too tense, young lady. I’m going to make sure you sleep soundly tonight.”

Zoey twisted around in vain. “How am I going to sleep with a hot butt?” she demanded.

Evan chuckled. “You always fall asleep right away after you’ve been soundly spanked,” he pointed out.

Zoey couldn’t deny it. She’d only been given a handful of bedtime spankings and they had all tired her out enough to where she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. That didn’t mean she had to enjoy the intense heat in her bottom however. She squirmed a bit more before finally relaxing, completely exhausted, her limbs hanging limply over Evan’s legs.

Evan grinned with satisfaction when he felt the tension leave Zoey’s small body. He gave her a dozen more swats before rubbing his large hand over her warm butt. Even through her pajama pants, he could feel the warmth.

“Alright, I think you’re ready for bed,” Evan said, scooping Zoey up in his arms and walking out of the room.

Zoey normally would protest being carried like a child, but Evan’s strong arms felt nice wrapped around her. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and inhaled his manly scent as he carried her to their bedroom.

“Zoey, I know the thought of going back to school has been stressful for you,” he murmured as they entered the room. He expertly flipped the light on with his elbow before making his way to the bed and setting Zoey on top of it.

Zoey nodded, rubbing her eyes tiredly. “It has been stressful,” she agreed. She stifled a yawn. “I just want to do well. I’ve always gotten good grades in school, but studying and test-taking have always been difficult and really stressful.”

Evan nodded gravely. “That settles it, then,” he said in a stern voice. He knelt by the bed so that they were eye to eye. “As long as you have classes, you’re not allowed to worry about anything else.”

Zoey’s eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Evan set his large hands on her shoulders. “I mean that I’m going to do my best to make sure you don’t stress about anything other than school. You’ve already quit working, but I don’t want to hear any talk about going back to work.”

Zoey clenched her teeth, but nodded reluctantly. She doubted that she’d have time to even think about going to work anyway.

Evan wasn’t done. His eyes hardened as he continued. “I’ll also take on more housework so that you can focus on studying.”

Zoey’s eyes widened. “But you’re a full-time doctor,” she argued in dismay. She shook her head. “You can’t do more housework. You already take out the trash and mow the lawn. If you’re not going to let me pay rent, I’ll do most of the housework.”

Evan was prepared for Zoey to argue. He didn’t say anything at first, just calmly moved to sit on the bed with her before grabbing her and throwing her across his lap. In one swift motion, he pulled down her pajama pants, her thin pale blue panties going along with them.

“These changes are non-negotiable,” Evan said in a low voice. He rested his large hand on her naked bottom cheeks, enjoying the way Zoey clenched at the contact. “Now, we’re going to finish this conversation with you in this position. It’s up to you whether or not this pretty bottom turns red or not.”

Zoey’s jaw tightened, but she didn’t argue.

Evan rubbed Zoey’s bottom as he spoke. “We’ll figure out how to break up the chores,” he said gently. His tone hardened as he went on. “But you are going to make your studies your number one priority. I’ll make sure of that.”

Zoey gulped and asked in a meek voice, “How are you going to do that?”

Evan began to pat Zoey’s bottom. “By being your personal tutor.”

Zoey shifted so she could look over her shoulder at the doctor. She frowned, despite her compromised position. “I don’t need a tutor,” she said in a tight voice.

That earned her half a dozen swift swats to her upturned rear. “You said so yourself that you have trouble studying,” Evan pointed out. “So, I will make sure you are doing what you need to in order to pass your classes. That means filling me in on any assignments and exams you have coming up. I will help you keep track of all that and decide how much time you need to spend studying and preparing.”

Zoey froze over her boyfriend’s lap. She almost lashed out immediately at the thought of being treated like a child, but a part of her realized that having help managing her time didn’t sound like a bad idea. It could potentially take some stress off of her. She liked the idea of Evan helping her study as well.

“Yes, sir,” she murmured.

“Good girl,” Evan praised. “Now, let’s finish up this spanking and then we’ll go to bed.”

Evan gave Zoey a couple dozen more smacks, making sure to keep them light, but still stinging. Zoey was whimpering and squirming a bit by the end. Evan concentrated the final spanks on where her bottom met her thighs. Then he gave each bottom cheek a kiss before letting Zoey up off his lap.

They cuddled briefly with Evan rubbing Zoey’s warm bottom before they turned off the lights and crawled under the covers, Zoey still bare from the waist down.

Chapter Two

Zoey glanced up at the clock for what felt like the tenth time since the class had begun two hours earlier. It was her last class of the day, but she was already tired from a long first day.

Evan had driven her to school that morning. She’d insisted that he didn’t have to, but it wasn’t too far out of the way from work and Zoey did feel like a large ball of nerves so she appreciated being able to relax on the half hour drive to school. After he let her out at the front of her school, Zoey got a sweet kiss from Evan before he drove off.

Zoey felt like a little fish in the big blue ocean as she walked with the other students into the school. Her first class was at nine in the morning and she was feeling pretty good after it. It was meant to be an intro class to nursing so she felt confident that she would do well. Her second class was at noon and had a lab portion right after it. That one looked a lot more difficult. They would be learning about different medications and how to give shots. The professor warned them that there would be a lot of quizzes and memorizing. Zoey was feeling a lot less confident about that one.

Zoey was racing out the door seconds after the professor released them for the day. She was exhausted but couldn’t help the little hop in her step as she hurried out of the building toward the parking lot where Evan was supposed to meet her. She squeaked when she ran straight into a male chest. Her bag and books went hurtling onto the pavement.


Zoey blinked and looked up from her spot on the ground to see Evan looking down at her with concern all over his face. His lab coat flew up behind him as he dashed toward her and lowered himself to look into her eyes.

“Evan,” Zoey said in a daze, shaking her head to clear it. “I thought you were going to meet me at the parking lot.”

Evan effortlessly helped her off the ground and after making sure she wasn’t injured, bent to pick up her bag and books. He smiled apologetically at the students that stepped around them. After stuffing Zoey’s books into her bag, Evan shouldered it before putting his free arm around her.

“You need to be more careful,” he scolded as they walked. “Why were you in such a hurry, anyway?”

Zoey grinned up at him sheepishly. “It was a long day,” she said. “I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.” She frowned then. “You didn’t answer my question. Weren’t we supposed to meet in the parking lot?”

It was Evan’s turn to look sheepish. “Yes, but I thought it would be more fun to surprise you.”

Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “How did you know where my class was?”

Evan chuckled. “I’m keeping track of your classes, remember? That includes which buildings they’re in and at what time they start and finish.”

Zoey blushed, feeling like a child at the extent Evan was going through to make sure she did well in school. “You don’t have to go that far, y’know,” she muttered.

Evan smiled before ducking his head so he could kiss her forehead. “I will go as far as I need to so that you succeed,” he said. He squeezed her a little as they walked. “But if I ever make you feel uncomfortable, you need to let me know and I’ll back off a bit. Deal?”

They were approaching the car now. Zoey looked up at Evan in surprise as he opened the door for her. “You’d really back off if I asked you to?” It was obvious in her voice that she didn’t believe him.

“No,” he admitted. “Not completely, but if you were truly uncomfortable, I would find a way to compromise with you.”

They decided to stop at one of their favorite restaurants on the way back. Zoey was starving and swung her legs happily in the booth as she ate her shrimp fettuccine.

“How was your first day?” Evan asked her. He asked it casually, but Zoey could hear the weight behind it.

She set her fork down. “It was fine,” she said. She couldn’t stop the grimace that spread over her face. “I’m really nervous. It looks like the classes are gonna be pretty hard. I hope I can keep up.”

Evan reached across the table to put a hand over hers. “You’re going to do great,” he reassured her. Determination stole over his features. “I’m going to make sure of it.”

Zoey looked around the semi-crowded restaurant nervously, sensing the direction this conversation was headed. Their booth was in the corner and the other tables around them were empty, but they were still far from alone.

“Can we talk about this later?” she asked in a soft voice.

Evan smirked. “Too embarrassing?”

Zoey’s cheeks colored. “Of course it is,” she said. She looked away from him, down at her plate. “I feel like a child.”

Evan frowned. “You know I don’t see you as a child,” he said. He slid his hand under the table and placed it on her thigh, making her jump a little. His smirk returned. “In fact, I think you are quite grown up.”

Zoey blushed and looked down at her plate. She felt really shy all of a sudden. Evan was staring at her with such intensity. It embarrassed her, but she also felt something else. She felt beautiful and sexy.

“I wanted to take you out to celebrate you officially starting nursing school,” he said.

Zoey grinned at him, a genuine one of thanks. “I really appreciate it, Evan,” she said sincerely.

Evan returned her grin, but then his expression grew serious. “I also wanted to discuss more of what I expect from you during the school semesters.”

“Evan, later, okay?” Zoey almost begged. She started to look around again. The people closest to them weren’t really in hearing distance as long as they kept their voices down, but still. Just the thought of someone overhearing them was extremely embarrassing.

“No one can hear us,” Evan said, as if reading her thoughts. His tone was innocent, but Zoey could see the mischievous light in his eyes. He was enjoying this. He loved to watch her squirm.

“But why can’t this wait until we get home?” she asked in dismay.

Evan’s voice was calm, but he pinned Zoey with a stern look. “I gave it some thought and decided we would have this conversation in public,” he told her. “Since I attempted to talk it out privately with you in the comfort of our home and you almost threw an impressive tantrum.”

Zoey averted her eyes when memories from the night before flooded her mind.

Evan reached across the table to tilt her chin up so she was looking at him again.

“I will be taking on more housework,” he said sternly.

Zoey grit her teeth, her eyes narrowing slightly. “Fine,” she said quietly.

Evan raised an eyebrow. “Keep the attitude up and you’ll be one sorry little girl when I get you home,” he said, raising his voice ever so slightly. He watched in satisfaction when Zoey glanced around again to make sure no one had heard his threat.

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry!” she said quickly. She swallowed hard. “Anything else?” She knew there would be but was still hopeful.

“We’ve already discussed that I’ll also be keeping track of your assignments and tests,” he said. He continued when Zoey nodded stiffly. “We haven’t talked about what will happen if you fail to turn in an assignment or don’t do well on a test.”

Zoey swallowed, but stayed quiet. She began to fiddle with the edge of the tablecloth that hung just above her lap.

“It’s no secret that I’m going to be taking your studies very seriously, Zoey,” he said, eyes darkening. “If you fail to turn in an assignment, I will be punishing you.” For her sake, he lowered his voice a bit at the threat.

Zoey nodded her understanding, her cheeks growing dark. “And the tests?” she murmured.

“Generally, you will be punished for unsatisfactory marks on tests as well,” he said, but then softened his tone slightly as he continued. “But it will depend on the circumstances. If you do fail a quiz or test, we will sit down and review how much you studied for it as well as the nature of the test and any outside forces that might have caused you to not do well. Then I will make the final judgement to decide if punishment is necessary.”

Zoey listened carefully, her eyes widening. “So, it’s possible that even if I do fail a test, you won’t punish me for it?”

Evan nodded. “Your classes are going to be difficult,” he said. “If I feel like you honestly did your best and you still failed, I will not punish you.”

That was the end of the school conversation, much to Zoey’s relief. She poked at her food for several minutes, lost in thought.

Evan’s eyes didn’t leave her face as he took a sip of Coke. “Zoey, you’ve stopped eating,” he said, his voice laced with concern. “Is your food not good?”

Zoey shook her head. “It’s really good, Evan,” she said in a reassuring tone. A few minutes ago, she had been eating pretty ravenously, but the sudden butterflies in her stomach were making her a bit nauseous. “I just lost my appetite all of a sudden.”

Evan reached over the table and placed the back of his hand on her forehead before stroking her cheek, making Zoey’s eyes flutter shut. “Are you not feeling well?” he asked.

Zoey smiled at him, not wanting him to worry. “I’m fine,” she said.

Evan’s face turned stern then. “Then you need to keep eating, young lady,” he said.

Zoey looked down at her food and grimaced. “Can’t we take it home?”

Evan shook his head. “No, pretty girl,” he said. “You’ve only had a few bites. You were starving when we got here, so you will finish at least half before we leave.”

Zoey stared at him, studying his expression for any signs that she could possibly sway him. The hard creases in his forehead and set in his jaw made her decide the chances of swaying him were very slim. She lifted her fork and ate slowly.

Evan nodded in approval. “Good girl,” he praised.

Zoey blushed again, realizing in shock that she loved it when he said that to her. She wanted to be his good girl. She smiled at him shyly.

She ended up nearly finishing her dinner. They decided to take a walk at a little outdoor mall not far from their house. Evan had an arm around her shoulders and she rested her arm lightly around his waist as they walked. The mall was decorated with twinkling lights across the buildings and the trees. She sighed, just content to walk with him with their arms around each other.

Evan dropped a kiss on her temple. “What are you thinking about?” he asked.

Zoey frowned a little bit. “Just that I wish we could do this every day, but school is probably going to get too busy,” she said in a quiet voice. Her lower lip poked out in a bitter pout. “We probably won’t get to spend much time together until December, when I’m on Christmas break. That feels like so far away.”

“Zoey,” Evan chuckled her name, making her look up at him in surprise.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, a little hurt. She couldn’t see how he could find any part of this humorous.

Evan pulled her over to a bench so they could sit down. He surprised her by pulling her so that she was sitting on his knee. She pressed her face into his shirt in embarrassment. She was so much littler than him that she probably looked like a child sitting on his lap.

“Being in school doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun,” he told her.

Zoey’s eyebrows scrunched together. “It was always like that for me,” she said. “When I was taking classes at the junior college, I didn’t have any time to do fun things.”

Evan pushed some hair away from her forehead tenderly. “That’s because when you were at the junior college, you were also working full time, remember?”

“True,” Zoey allowed, but she shrugged. “But I was in school part time back then. I was only taking two classes a semester. I’m taking four now!”

“But this time, you won’t have work to worry about,” Evan pointed out. He patted her on the hip, a little too close to Zoey’s bottom for her liking. “You think I’m going to let you overwork yourself just because you’re in school full time? If so, you are sorely mistaken.” His lips found her neck, making her shift and a giggle escape her.

“Evan,” she whined halfheartedly. Zoey was a shy girl by nature. The PDA stuff still made her blush a brilliant red.

“Understand me?” he demanded playfully. He nipped her earlobe lightly when she waited too long to answer for his liking.

“But you can’t decide that,” she squealed, trying to keep her voice low. She hid her face in his chest again, mumbling into his shirt. “You can’t control how much work I have to do. It’s going to be hard. I’ll have a lot of studying and worksheets and projects…” She could feel her stress begin to rise as she thought about how busy she would be.

Evan felt it as well. Zoey had exposed her bottom slightly when she turned her face into his chest. He glanced around to make sure no one was looking their way before bringing his palm down on her skirt-covered bottom. The spank barely even made a sound because it was so light, but Zoey felt it and lifted her face to look at him in shock, her face flaming.

“No more of that,” he said sternly. He then wrapped his arms around her, drawing her close. “I know you’re anxious about going back to school. You haven’t been back in a few years and this is your first time at a university. That’s why I’m going to make sure you make good choices so that you’ll have time to relax and rest. I’ll also be tutoring you whenever you need it.”

Zoey couldn’t help but wonder what he meant by making sure she made ‘good choices,’ but she kind of didn’t want to know at the moment for fear he would start talking about punishing her again. She simply nodded her understanding.

Evan smiled at her before pressing his lips to hers. He stood up, carrying her with him before setting her lightly on her feet. She looked up at him, marveling at how strong he was. He took her hand, before leading her down the line of shops. “Alright, let’s get you some hot chocolate before heading home, okay?”

Zoey nodded vigorously, a smile lighting up her face. She fell into step beside him and couldn’t help but skip a bit.

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