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The Alien’s Pet by Loki Renard – Sample

Chapter One

The Alien's PetFurious yapping woke Serena Spiers from restless sleep. She opened her eyes to see the shadowy form of her black Chihuahua scratching at the bedroom door furiously, little paws scrabbling with all the canine fury that was his to muster.

“Pogo! Quit it!”

He ignored her. She switched the bedside light on and saw that every bit of fur on his back was erect. Whatever was bothering him, he wasn’t going to let it go.

With an irritated sigh, the twenty-four-year-old veterinarian threw back the covers and crossed over to her bedroom door. Pogo’s yaps increased in excited, ear-splitting intensity as she opened it—and then he was gone. She could hear the tapping of his tiny nails on the wood floor as he rushed from her bedroom, down the stairs, to the door that led to the clinic.

Wiping sleep from her eyes, Serena scuffed out of the bedroom and followed the yapping dog.

“There better be a real good reason for this, Pogo,” she yawned as she reached the bottom stair.

Pogo stood back, round eyes fixed on the door handle as he let out intermittently piercing shrieks of canine anger. There was light coming from all around the surgery door. Odd. She was sure she’d turned everything off before going upstairs to the apartment above the business.

Serena crept up to the door and nudged it open ever so slightly, listening between the gaps in Pogo’s barks. There was a shuffling sound, which was fairly ominous given there were no animals spending the night. Something was definitely in there.

Pogo didn’t waste time with timid inquiries. He let out a furious howl and rushed full-tilt into the surgery. She heard his paws skidding on the linoleum as he came to what must have been a very abrupt halt out of sight, and then a high-pitched yelp.

Less than a second after he had entered the room, he came rocketing out and headed up the stairs at high speed. She knew where he’d be going: to the back of the closet where he dragged his bed every time she washed it. It was his safe spot, a place where he retired whenever the world became too overwhelming. Whatever was in the surgery was obviously far too much for his five-pound frame to handle.

Expecting a raccoon, Serena picked up a broom and made her way in. Her clinic was in a remote part of the county. Being a country vet meant that her clients were spread out all over the rural area. There wasn’t another house for fifty miles, and the nearest town was half a day away. Farmlands and woods made up the surroundings of her idyllic little world, so whenever something went awry, a critter of some kind was usually at fault.

She pushed her way into the room, broom held out in front of her to ward off whatever furry interloper had made its way into the clinic. She really needed to remember to start locking the doors properly, but it was hard to remember when the only people in the area were friends.

Serena took one step into the room, stopped and stared. There was no raccoon. There was a very large, very naked man in her clinic, sitting at her operating table with a wide array of her suturing supplies spread out around him.

Her initial spike of alarm at seeing a naked stranger was somewhat mitigated when she saw that he was wounded. He had a gash in his forearm about six inches long, which he was awkwardly attempting to stitch with his other hand.

He ignored her as she entered the room, giving her ample time to stand there and stare.

“Can I, uh, help you?” Serena finally found her tongue.

He lifted his head and looked at her. In an instant, the illusion of normality, as stretched and frayed as it had been, tore completely. His eyes were golden. Not brightly colored like contact lenses, but a solid gold, which she somehow knew was as organic as it was foreign.

His features were strange too. He had a broad, strong jaw, very high cheekbones, and a straight, long nose. His face was framed by thick dark hair that fell almost to his shoulders. His brows were broad and sloping, his eyes set a little deeper than most. She could have cut herself on his cheekbones, the hard handsome slabs somehow powerful. Either he was cold, or the fluorescent lights were on the fritz again, because there was just the faintest hue of blue about his skin. It was the oddest thing. He appeared almost completely normal, but somewhere around the edges of her consciousness there was something that made the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up and bristle just like Pogo’s hackles.

“Come here,” he said in deep, resonant tones. “Suture me.”

Serena blinked and shook her head. There was no mistaking it. She had been given an order. Weirder and weirder. Most injured men with the sort of lacerations this one was sporting would have been damn near crying. He wasn’t even wincing as he pushed the needle through his flesh. He was completely calm, completely in control, and completely unapologetic for having invaded her business and home.

“I’m going to call for an ambulance,” she said, still holding her broom in front of her. “Stay there.”

“Come. Here.”

The words sank into her mind in a way mere words normally could not. She felt his will somehow inside her, his desire superseding her fear. It was the strangest thing, to find herself not turning and running upstairs for her phone, but actually approaching him.

As she got closer she realized that he was even taller than she’d first thought, and broader too. His legs were stretched out under the table, thick muscular limbs seeming to go on forever. His wide, equally muscular torso was covered in bruises and grazes and he was suffering with several lacerations on his back and shoulders.

She stopped about a foot away from him and bent over to peer at the wound on his arm. “Were you in a car accident? Why are you naked?”

He put the needle and thread down, letting the hand of his uninjured arm slide from the table and sweep through the air. It connected with her pajama-clad rear in a hard slap that lifted her not just off her toes, but propelled her a step forward.

“I said, suture me, girl,” he said chidingly. “Not question me.”

Serena clasped her stinging ass, her mouth falling open in shock. “You can’t hit me and tell me to help you!”

“You’re disobedient,” he said, frowning as if she had disappointed him in some way. “You have not been trained well. Or at all.” Those golden eyes swept up and down her pajama-clad body, taking stock of every inch of her.

“Who the hell are you?” She stood back and scowled at him furiously, quite shocked at his behavior. It was one thing to have her clinic broken into, her supplies stolen. Something else entirely to have her rear smacked and her conduct chastised.

“My name is Zed,” he said. “I don’t have time to train you, so please, if you would, suture these wounds. I don’t want them healing badly. There’s not much time before they begin to set.”

The mention of his wounds took her attention off her own stinging rear. There was no doubt that whoever this guy was, he was a prize jerk, but he was wounded and her instinct was to treat him.

“Keep your hands to yourself,” she said. “Or I won’t help you and I will call the police. Whatever you’ve been up to, it’s obviously no good.”

He flashed her a broad grin and she recoiled. For one shocking second, she saw his teeth flashing bright white, his canines sharp, more like a wolf than a man. She looked again and realized she was being silly. They weren’t that sharp; they were maybe a little pronounced but they weren’t that odd. She was letting her sleepy brain run away with her.

As she moved closer to him again, she became aware of his scent. He smelled incredible, though she couldn’t quite place what he must have been wearing because no man smelled that good. He should have been stinking of dirt and sweat given his clearly battered condition, but instead there was a richness to his scent that made her want to inhale deeply.

“Quickly, girl,” he said, insistence and command in his tone.

He spoke with the oddest accent. “Where are you from?” She picked up the needle and threaded fresh suture thread through it. “Australia?”

“Australia? No.”

He watched as she unclipped the relatively clumsy stitches he’d already put in, then began to make her own. Once she started working, her practiced mind took over. She moved swiftly, stitching his wounds, which she couldn’t help but notice were already incredibly clean. His flesh was thick and dense, taking the stitches well.

“So,” she said conversationally. “Where are your clothes?”

“My armor was damaged in the crash. I had to remove it to avoid being burned.”

“Oh, yes…” She almost carried on the conversation as if he hadn’t said anything of interest at all. But something in her brain clicked as she replayed the sentence in her head.

“Your… armor…” She glanced up at him, met those golden eyes, and felt that prickling tingling sensation as every hair on her body stood erect. She looked back down at the wound she was stitching and noticed properly for the first time what she should have noticed right away: he wasn’t bleeding. He should have been covered in blood, but there was none, just a vaguely reddish but much too thin liquid that she’d first mistaken for blood, but plainly wasn’t.

Her mind snapped to a conclusion that she should have realized instantly upon meeting Zed. Some part of her no doubt had, but the… thing sitting next to her clearly had some ability to influence her mind.

“You’re… not human, are you?” Every part of her shook with a tremor of deep, primal fear. “What the hell are you?”

“Relax.” He gave the command smoothly, his voice seeming to enter her thoughts and play with the locks of her consciousness. “You have nothing to fear. I will not harm you.”

“What are you?” She repeated the question, throwing down the needle and suturing thread. “What the… hell are you?”

He caught her hands in his and held her tight, his eyes locking with hers. “I’m just a man.”

“You are not!”

“I’m not from here,” he admitted. “There are a few things that make me a little genetically different from you, but I am a man.”

Serena started to hyperventilate. She was being held by some man… no, some creature who was almost certainly not a human. An alien. That’s what he was. That’s what he had to be.

While she panicked, he gently pulled her close until they were nose to nose, eye to eye.

“Listen to me,” he said in deep, somnolent tones that were clearly designed to make her feel relaxed and sleepy. “What you’ve seen here today, you’re going to forget it.”

Serena could almost feel the neurons in her mind shifting polarity and place to accommodate his demand. It took every shred of mental control she had to keep her wits about her. Anger helped, an outrage at having her mind messed with. How dare he break into her home, order her about, and then mess with her head?

“No!” She shouted the word at him. “No! I know you’re here, and I know what you are, and I’m not going to forget. You are not going to hypnotize me out of my own memories, you… you jerk!”

He took her disobedience in stride. “What is your name, girl?”

“Serena,” she said. “My name is Serena.”

“Serena,” he said, his voice taking on that deep, resonant tone again. “It’s for the best that you forget. I shouldn’t be here, and you won’t be safe if anybody finds out I was here. Let your mind flow with mine.”

“No,” she scowled.

“No? Oh, Serena, you are particularly strong-willed,” he noted in tones of displeasure. “You’re going to be difficult to deal with, aren’t you?”

She stared at him with wide eyes, alarm bells of fear ringing harshly in her head. He was holding her with impossible strength, putting almost no pressure on her flesh, but not allowing her to move an inch.

“I’m helping you,” she said. “It’s not too much to ask that you leave my brains unscrambled in return, is it?”

His lips twisted in a slow smile as he released her gently. “Perhaps not. You may proceed.”

How generous of him, to allow her to continue helping him with her mind intact. Serena picked up the needle again and frowned at his wounds. “How did these happen, exactly?”

“It’s better for both of us that I do not answer that question.”

Serena shot Zed an annoyed look, then wished she hadn’t as her eyes once more met his golden orbs and she felt an all-over body tingle at being in the presence of something more than human. It reminded of her of a time she had been called to a private zoo to tend to a lion. Although it had been sedated, she had felt a great deal of awe when working on the creature that was so very much more powerful than she could ever hope to have been, and so strange, even alien in its own way. It was a similar sensation being next to Zed—but very much heightened, because he was awake and though he was wounded, she had no doubt that he could inflict serious damage upon her both mentally and physically if he so desired.

While she thought, her fingers were moving, doing their work. She applied the last stitch and stood back to check that she had not missed any of the deep lacerations. The focus that she had been applying to the task of stitching him together dissipated, allowing her to appreciate his naked form for the fraction of a second in which it felt appropriate to do so. What shreds of professionalism remained told her that it would not do to leer at his muscular body. It would certainly not be acceptable to lean over and look at the portion of his manly form hidden beneath the edge of the table, although she couldn’t help but glance…

He was incredibly attractive, and the little peek she could not help but take seemed to indicate that he was fully anatomically correct too.

“Is there some other part of me you would like to examine?”

His deep, thoroughly amused timbre made her blush furiously.

“No,” she lied. “I was just seeing if you have any other wounds to attend to.”

“I think you have sutured everything that needs to be sutured. Thank you for your help. You have been exceedingly kind.”

He spoke English with a certain formality that didn’t quite fit with any particular era or place, but that put Serena in mind of a Victorian gentleman. There was a refined quality to Zed, quite in contrast to his massive body and naked muscularity. She found her eyes drawn to his face, where the mane of dark hair framed his golden gaze. The image of the lion came floating back. If she was to stay safe, she had to do what she had done with that great beast.

“You need an antibiotic shot,” she said. “There’s no telling what organisms might have entered your system.”

When Zed did not disagree with her, she went to a cabinet, took out a syringe and a vial of sedative. Maintaining her professional demeanor, she moved around to the side of him and swabbed a patch on the inside of his arm. Just as she would expect in a human, there was a vein prominent inside his elbow, puzzling her slightly. Some of his physiology seemed so very human. She was deeply curious about him, but her fear overrode her curiosity.

“This may sting a little,” she warned.

Zed let out a rumble that might have been a laugh. “I have borne more pain than your little needle can deliver, Serena.”

Nodding, Serena inserted the needle and depressed the plunger, sinking enough tranquilizer into him to down an elephant. As the drug slid into his system, she felt mildly guilty. There was no real way of telling if it would knock him out or kill him. She desperately hoped it would not kill him. His respiratory system seemed strong and he was almost certainly stronger in constitution than the average person.

Suddenly, Zed let out a growl, swatted her hand away, and tossed the syringe across the room.

“What was in that?” His eyes locked on hers and she felt his fury. She didn’t really blame him for being angry. The drug rushing through his bloodstream, or whatever passed for a bloodstream, was powerful in humans, and it seemed, aliens too.

“It’s a sedative,” she told him honestly. “It’s not a poison and it won’t have any long-lasting effect.”

“You’ve made a terrible mistake,” Zed said as his eyelids began to lower involuntarily. “If anyone discovers me, lives will be lost. If there’s an antidote, you must give it to me.”

“Time is the only antidote,” she informed him. “Don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly safe here.”

Zed slumped against her operating table, his massive muscular frame going quite limp. In the silence that followed, Serena was suddenly struck by his vulnerability. He was a very long way from home, completely unconscious, and covered in deep scars.

She took his pulse, finding it slow and steady. Then she lifted his eyelid and did a pupil reaction test with a penlight. His dark pupils retracted to angry little dots, just as they were supposed to. He was unconscious, but he could still make her quake.

Moving quickly, she ran for a length of soft hemp rope. He needed to be restrained for his own good, she told herself. He needed to be kept safe, and in the animal world, safe meant behind bars or otherwise bound.

It was no easy task to tie the large, incredibly handsome man securely. As she tied knot after knot, she thought about whether to call the police. Certainly her off-world patient did not want that. Were there laws around this sort of thing? Not that she knew of. Where had he come from? How had he gotten to her clinic? There were so very many questions and she couldn’t answer any of them.

She needed to clear her head. Sleep was out of the question now, but a shower wasn’t. She needed to regroup and she knew she’d feel better once she was cleaned up and dressed. The world would be more manageable then, even the parts of it with aliens.

Running more on auto-pilot than out of any rational decision-making process, Serena draped a blanket around her astral guest’s shoulders and went upstairs to take a shower.

She was humming to herself under a stream of hot water and almost managing to pretend that everything was alright, nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and her life was still as pleasant and provincial as it had been an hour earlier when the bathroom door opened and the shower curtain was torn off the rail. Serena turned and screamed simultaneously, covering various parts of her body as best she could, which was not terribly well.

The alien man was much, much taller when he was standing up, and his golden eyes were much more terrifying when boring down at her from a good three feet higher than the top of her head. Serena stared up at him with wide, frightened eyes, taking in every part of his body. Her gaze was drawn inexorably down the muscular plane of his stomach all the way to his penis, which hung long and heavy at the apex of his thighs. He was not erect. She could not begin to imagine how long and thick his manhood would be when he was. Every part of him was powerful and oversized—and she was entirely at his mercy.

Without a word, Zed reached out, grabbed her now screaming, flailing form, and hauled her out to the bedroom. Rivulets of water ran from her soaked hair and body, leaving long dark drip marks on the carpet as she squirmed and thrashed against a body that felt like flesh-covered steel. He was so very much larger than a normal man, and much, much stronger. She could sense that in the way he held her, her flailing making no difference at all to the power of his grip.

“What are you doing! Where are you taking me!?” A terrible fear of being taken off-planet suddenly gripped her. What if he were to haul her out of the house and beam her up somewhere?

As it turned out, he was not abducting her any farther than the bed. He sat down on her floral coverlet and pulled her close. Another bolt of panic flashed through her stomach as an image of her pale, lithe form writhing beneath his much larger body appeared in her mind. She was utterly at his mercy, no match for him in terms of strength or anything else for that matter.

Rather than ravish her, Zed sat down with Serena still wriggling about as helpless as a kitten, and tossed her over his thighs. The position was immediately familiar, but it had been so long since she had been put over anyone’s knee that she did not understand it at first—not until Zed’s hard alien palm came sweeping down against the twin rises of her very wet, very bare bottom.

“You’re injured!” she screamed at him as a blaze of heat burst across her rear. “You’ll tear your stitches!”

His palm paused on its trajectory toward her butt and she felt a rush of air where the slap would have been if he had not stopped his hand less than a quarter of an inch from her vulnerable bottom.

“My wounds are already healed, little human,” he replied with more than a hint of amusement in his deep tones. “The sutures did their job. I thank you for your concern, but you should worry about yourself now.”

Healed already? His wounds must have knitted back together almost instantly upon application of the sutures. It had only been twenty minutes or so since she’d stitched him back together.

Zed’s palm completed the journey, whacking her backside with a stinging swat that was quickly followed by many more. Within seconds, her bottom blazed with an infernal heat, the repetitive swatting heating her flesh to a swollen pink state. Her dampness from the shower only made the sting more intense, dozens of swats landing like a flash mob of hornets driving themselves against her tender cheeks.

“Stop!” she cried out. “Why are you doing this!?”

“You know why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because you lied to me and sedated me. Fortunately for the both of us it did not have any extended effect. I’m doing this because you are a naughty girl,” he growled down at her. “Your men have failed you.”

Failed her? What was that supposed to mean? Frowning at the now quite damp carpet beneath her running red locks, she tried to think. She didn’t have the faintest idea what he meant, other than the fact he was understandably annoyed she’d drugged him and tied him up.

“How did you get free?”

“How did I get free?” He made a sound that could have been short, unamused laughter. “You concern yourself with your failed treachery, girl, but you should be worrying about your hide.”

“I didn’t betray you! I sewed you up and gave you something to sleep! If I’d wanted to betray you, I would have called the police, or the fire brigade, or whoever it is who comes and deals with big, mean men from outer space!”

“They have yet to make a man on this planet who could deal with this particular big mean man from outer space,” Zed informed her dryly. “They have, however, obviously made a woman who thinks arguing with me is wise while I have her naked body entirely at my disposal.”

He emphasized his point by running his large palm over her bottom, down her thighs, and then up and over her back, petting her. His skin felt wonderful against the non-spanked parts of her body. He was warm, and with her dripping wet frame losing body heat by the second, she found herself pressing against his also quite naked thighs and belly, soaking up his body heat.

“You absolutely should not have sedated me against my will, girl,” Zed lectured her. “That was dangerous and foolish. You had no idea how that compound could have reacted with my physiology.”

“It’s perfectly safe! It’s largely inert!”

Zed set his jaw grimly as he started spanking her again. This time his hand fell slower but with heavier slaps that jolted her hips against his thigh. “You are a naughty little girl,” he growled. “Human women are rarely obedient, but you are a prize specimen of complete disobedience and disrespect.”

“I don’t owe you respect!” Serena tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he grabbed her arm and held it behind her back, effectively locking her in place. She might not know anything about his kind, but he was obviously quite familiar with earth women. He knew precisely how to handle her to render her completely helpless. That lesson was reinforced through a good dozen of those hard swats that fell low on her bottom, catching the most padded part of her rear and making it ache.

“Zed, stop it!” The fact that she was sprawled naked over an alien man’s lap, her bottom a hot pink hue from the cosmic spanking he was delivering was nothing compared to her impulse to argue. She couldn’t physically overcome him, but maybe she could talk her way out of this.

“Quiet, girl,” he growled down at her.


“No.” The word fell as heavy as his hand on her bottom, leaving another deep ache in its wake. “If you do not learn to submit, you will find yourself very bruised and very, very sore,” he warned. “You still have much punishment to endure for your crimes.”

There was more? How much more could she possibly take? The skin of her bottom felt hot and stretched, her flesh swelling under his hard hand. If he kept spanking her, she’d lose control, cry like a baby, beg for forgiveness—she couldn’t have that happen.

He swatted her bottom again, sparking pain and panic. Serena started to squirm, kicking her legs and bucking her hips as much as she could in a futile attempt to save herself from his discipline.

“Settle down, girl,” Zed ordered.

“Stop punishing me! I didn’t do anything wrong! And this hurts! It really, really hurts!”

She had not expected him to care, but upon hearing her pleas, his hard slaps turned to crisp swats that were not so heavy but made her bottom jiggle with every slap. It was a relief of some sort, but it was not entirely merciful.

“I think you know what you did was wrong,” he said. “You might not understand just how wrong it was, but you knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.”

“I wanted you to rest and not tear your stitches,” she argued. “I was trying to help you!”

“And you tied me up with that laughable twine why, precisely?”

“It’s, uh…” Her face blushed as she realized how stupid she’d been to think a few scouting knots would stop a man from another world. “It’s a human custom… ooowwwww!”

“Don’t you ever try to lie to me,” Zed said, his palm falling with wicked swiftness, fingers biting against her bottom with slap after quick-fire slap. “I am well aware of your customs and culture, girl. I know full well that you are spoiled, as most women on this continent are.”


“The only thing you’re sorry for is that I did not believe your lie,” he said in lecturing tones that made her feel even smaller than she already did, which was very. “You are a most devious girl, but your human mind is not comparable to mine. Your little plots and plans are obvious.”

“Well, I am sorry I don’t have your alien intellect,” she threw back over her shoulder. It was not the wisest thing to say with her buttocks blushing brighter than Christmas tree baubles, but it was pretty obvious that Zed could do as he wanted with her. She may as well make her last verbal stand before she dissolved into the tears that were pricking at her eyes. “And I’m sorry I helped you too, because, you know what you are?”

“What am I?”

“You’re mean,” she said angrily. “You’re horrible.”

“Mean and horrible.” He repeated her words flatly. “I see.”

His palm rested across her bottom, damn near covering both her cheeks. Serena found herself holding her breath in preparation for what she was sure was going to be another barrage of punishing slaps. His hand shifted slightly on her rear, his fingers aligning with her thighs as he smoothed his palm over her bottom, his fingers dipping down to the cleft between her legs.

Serena let out a little shriek of shock as Zed’s powerful fingers slid over the tender soft lips of her pussy.

“Don’t touch me there! It’s sexual!”

“I know exactly what it is,” he replied, letting his fingers drift over her mound in a possessive caress. Erotic shivers began to course through her body, contrasting starkly and yet complementing the tremors of aching pain still emanating from her punished bottom.

Serena found herself holding her breath as the handsome alien tenderly toyed with her pussy lips, his fingertips surprisingly gentle as he stroked back and forth. A new wetness was beginning to emerge. As most of her body dried off, her pussy was growing moist. She could feel her clit tingling with excitement, her thighs spreading instinctively.

He no longer seemed very alien. He seemed masterfully human as his fingertip parted her lower lips and began stirring slowly at the entrance of her pussy. It occurred to Serena that she should stop him, but how? He had taken charge of her from top to toe.

Before her scattered thoughts could come to some conclusion, his thick middle finger slid right into her pussy. She had sensed some wetness between her outer lips, but the slick progress of the alien’s finger told her that she was not just wet, but completely soaked with arousal. He pressed in, almost without any resistance at all, her slick walls welcoming his long digit.

“Your body knows how to obey,” he said, thrusting a second finger inside her. He began thrusting those two thick fingers in and out of her pussy with an adept touch that made her certain he completely understood her anatomy. Serena arched her back and bucked her hips, though whether she was trying to escape or push herself back onto his fingers harder, she did not know. All she really achieved was squirming her tight wet slit around Zed’s hard digits.

Humans always seemed so frail to Zed. This one was no exception. Her curved, lithe body was very pleasing to look upon, but he could feel her fragility too. She writhed and gasped under his palm, the lightest of slaps causing her skin to blush brightly as her vaginal walls gripped his fingers tightly.

Serena was very, very pleasing. Her reddish-brown hair gleamed under the light in a way that was very appealing. The range of human hair colors had always been of interest to him, the way a single head could contain many varied hues. As she threw herself this way and that, her long hair reflected light in a range of delicate and appealing earth tones. He was almost entranced enough to suspend her punishment. After all, she had not known any better. She was a simple earth girl doing what came naturally to most of them—behaving in a headstrong, reckless fashion.

No. He could not be merciful. Not yet. She needed a lesson. If he could do nothing else for her, he could teach her not to cross strange men twice her size—to respect her physiological betters. It was foolish to attempt to restrain a creature such as he was. If she had tried that on any others of his species, she could very well have found herself atomized.

With that thought in mind, he pulled his fingers from her vagina and spanked her bottom with swift slaps, bringing a fresh blush of pink to her buttocks. Serena whimpered with feminine complaint, but she was still very much aroused. Her soft scent was most alluring, the slow flow of her fluids a sure signal that she needed more than a spanking. She needed to orgasm, to submit entirely to his discipline until every nerve in her body quivered and she was left with nothing but the certainty that she was his.

Zed was not normally given to such ardent acts of conquest, but something about this redheaded human demanded it. His cock was already hardening in response to her hot squirming curves and sweet scent. All that stopped him from throwing her down on her bed and taking her tight feminine channel was the knowledge that to do so would be to break protocol—and he had already broken enough protocols for one night.

“You will orgasm while I punish your bottom,” he informed her. “Your climax will be your apology.”

He swatted her bottom again, then thrust his fingers back inside her. She was wetter still, if such a thing were possible. If he was reading her eager body language correctly, she seemed more than willing to orgasm for him; in fact, her hips were moving back, impaling her cunt on his fingers.

Most females of his species would have blushed and begged for anything besides forced orgasm, but human women were different—this one especially so. Serena seemed to be a particularly headstrong and wanton woman; if he had not known better, he would have thought that she was just as keen to climax as he was for her to.

What kind of punishment was it if she wanted to reach the point of release? Zed held his fingers still and noted that Serena kept moving, her hot red bottom squirming back and forth as she ground her wet pussy over the hard intrusion.

She was in heat. She needed to be mated.

To hell with it. As one of the first commanders, he’d written half the protocols in the first place. They could be unwritten.

Zed swept Serena off his lap and tossed her onto her bed, pinning her on her back. She did not have time to react other than to gasp as he pulled her slim legs up, spread her thighs wide, and tossed her ankles over his shoulders, then lined the thick length of his cock up against the pouting, wet lips that guarded her vaginal canal.

Serena’s eyes opened wide as he pressed in, giving her the first taste of his cock. He knew he was thicker and longer than most human males, but all the sexual stimulation and her copious lubrication eased the passage of the flared head of his member into her body.

“Zed! No! Zed… Yes…” She moaned helpless little refusals followed by agreement. Her body was covered in a blush of excitement, her nipples hard like two little pink pebbles as he pressed further forward, slowly sinking almost all of his ten inches inside her.

Her gasping breaths grew shorter and her squeals more plaintive the deeper he went. It was certain she had never been penetrated like this before; he could feel her quivering cunt clenching at him, drawing him deeper with greedy muscle contractions.


Serena was not a virgin, but the powerful alien thrusting his impossibly long, thick cock inside her made her feel like one. He was fucking her, his thrusts very slow, but undeniable. More than that, she could feel a heat building inside her pussy, something that fizzed deep inside her, sending tendrils of heat and excitement tracing through her lower belly and all the way down her legs to the tips of her toes.

“What… you… that doesn’t feel right…”

“Relax,” he said, smoothing his large hands down over her thighs. “There’s a small chemical reaction between my fluids and yours. Nothing dangerous. Most Earth women find it quite pleasurable.”

It was more than pleasurable; it made her pussy feel like the center of the universe. She closed her eyes and little sparks of light burst forth, fading into darkness but reigniting every time Zed thrust. The strokes were starting to speed up. He locked her legs against his chest with one arm wrapped over her shins, using the other against her hips to bounce her body on his cock. Slid back and forth on that thick rod of pleasure, Serena was little more than a toy, a vessel for his pleasure.

“You are exquisite,” Zed breathed. “Every part of you is extraordinary.”

Serena had a dozen flaws, but he did not seem to notice any of them. He was not concerned with the dimples on her thighs, or the way her belly bounced a little with each and every thrust. He did not care that one of her brows was slightly thicker than the other, or the fact that her nose was perhaps a little too wide. He looked at her with a golden gaze of pure approval, his hips describing the arc of their shared ecstasy.

She could not forget the spanking either; her bottom was still tingling and aching where his hard hand had met the flesh of her rear. The heat and the sting were now part of a greater pleasure, combining with the deep internal tingling to create an erotic cacophony of stimulation that made every part of her body hum in response.

Just when Serena thought she could take it no more, he let her legs slide from his shoulders, bent down, and picked her up. With her pussy still wrapped around his cock he held her upright, fucking her with deep, controlled strokes, sparing her the final inches of his length.

Serena wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him with primal need. Her lower abdominal muscles clenched, making her pussy clamp down around his cock so she felt the full extent of every single one of his thrusts.

She had never felt so helpless and yet somehow so powerful, her body holding the alien in thrall. Zed’s golden eyes were locked on hers and she saw his need, his naked lust, a desire that transcended galaxies. His hands cupped her bottom, the sore, spanked flesh massaged with every thrust.

“I’m going to come,” she gasped against his mouth.

Zed growled and kissed her deeply, his tongue lashing against hers, two orifices plundered at once by the alien’s desire.

“Come,” he said, uttering the word as a command.

Her orgasm burst forth in response to his order, a rushing of sensation and emotion that erupted suddenly, taking her by surprise.

Feeling the initial tremors of her climax, Zed grasped her sore bottom hard and plunged her down on his cock, driving almost his entire length inside her in one last savage thrust. His cum rushed inside her, sending a fresh flush of tingling warmth through her lower abdomen.

“Oh God, Zed, oh my God, oh my…” Her cunt began clenching and quivering in response to the injection of alien bodily fluids. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she found herself grinding against his pelvis, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone with wanton need.

“Easy, little human,” he soothed, swatting her bottom.

“It feels so… oh my… it feels…” Her head was spinning, her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat and she was weak. Zed was supporting her against his chest, his palm cupping her bottom, his other arm wrapped around her shoulders. She had never before been so very well held, so completely cared for, his cock still thick inside her.

After a minute or two, he began to thrust again. Her pussy now ached as much as her bottom did, but it was with a slow ache, a rising heat that made the walls of her pussy stretch willingly for him all over again.

The second time around was slower, more tender. He kissed her deeply, his taste more alluring than ever. She could feel chemical changes taking place inside her body, her tissues swelling, her body reacting on a fundamental level to the thrusting strokes Zed was making her take by lifting her up and down, sliding her tight pussy over his gleaming cock nice and slow.

She gazed into his eyes, getting lost in the golden glow as her eager clit throbbed and her pussy flowed with more natural fluids than ever before. She was soaked with arousal that only grew the more she gave herself to him. The exquisite madness of the moment carried her through another quivering orgasm, and then another and still Zed continued to make love to her. His thick, hard cock plunged deep inside her over and over with a relentless lust as he held her in his arms and claimed her pussy as his own.

Soon Serena could take it no more. Her clit still hummed with need, her pussy was still flowing with juices, but she was tired and aching and she knew she would be sore when the ecstasy wore off. “Zed… I can’t… it’s… sore…”

“Sorry,” he breathed against her lips. “I forget how delicate other species can be. If you were one of our women, you would orgasm until all dozen of your follicles were fertilized.”

“I don’t have any follicles,” she gasped. “I mean, not that I know of, and I don’t want to be fertilized…”

“Easy,” he said, pressing a kiss to her mouth. “I am capable of showing mercy, little human.” He slowly eased his cock out of her aching cunt, leaving her with a strange sense of loss. Her inner walls were still clenching with the force of the orgasms that had rolled through them, animal need overriding the need for erotic respite. Never before had her body reacted so hungrily. She could feel his seed and her juices trickling between her lips, running down already sticky thighs.

“Now I really need a shower,” she said. “But I don’t think I can even stand.”

Her limbs were weak. Every part of her quivered where his hands had roamed, his lips had kissed, where her muscles had grown tense at his command and shook with the force of the climaxes he demanded she give him.

“I’ll take you,” Zed said, scooping her up in his arms. True to his word, he carried her gently to the shower, which was still running. Thanks to her gas water heater, it was still running hot. Zed stepped into the tub and let her gently down to stand on her feet, keeping a hold of her to steady her trembling body as she relaxed into the heat of the pounding droplets.

“I can’t believe you’re really… what you are…” She ran her hands over his body. “You’ve come from another planet, and I’ve barely ever left the county.”

“Well, it is one of the larger counties in this state,” Zed said, his lips quirking with amusement.

“That’s true,” she agreed with a smile.

“Let me wash you,” he suggested. “You are quite covered in my seed.”

“Do you know how?”

He let out a little snort. “Yes, Serena, I am familiar with the way humans wash themselves. You like to pour surfactants and emulsifiers over your skin, massage them to a lather, and then rinse yourselves with water. It is a fairly effective method, though it is subject in efficacy to the care the individual takes.”

“Well, uh, yeah.”

Zed took the ylang-ylang body wash from its place on the rack and poured it over her body, a little more liberally than she would have, but Serena did not complain. His hands were soon back on her skin, massaging with surprisingly tender gentle care. He cleaned her with a precision she quite often did not use herself, missing no part of her. He started behind her ears and washed every part of her all the way down to the spaces between her toes.

She made little sounds of complaint when he reached her bottom and pussy, but he was most insistent that they be cleaned thoroughly. Serena blushed hotly as the pad of Zed’s finger massaged her anus.

“You may touch me,” he said, a note of amusement in his voice as she gasped and reached for him, then drew her hands back as if afraid of crossing a boundary. Odd that after all that had passed between him, she still felt awed by him.

She reached out and touched his chest, finding his musculature hard and toned. His body fat was incredibly low, leaving a physique of ridges and planes to explore with her fascinated fingers. Zed’s skin had a slightly different texture to human skin; when wet it had a much more resilient, tougher feel to it than her own.

His body was a thousand little variations on what was essentially a very familiar theme. Her fingers drifted down toward his cock, stopping just shy of his pubic region. There was no hair there, just the hard pubic plane and that very long cock hanging between his thighs. It had been inside her, and she could hardly believe it—though the ache between her thighs confirmed her heated memories.

“You have all the same body parts we do,” she said wonderingly. “How is that possible?”

“We are essentially the same thing,” Zed said as his hands moved over her well spanked bottom, soap making his palms glide back and forth over her punished skin. “Spawned from a common ancestor, seeded on planets throughout the galaxy. Like seeds scattered on stony ground, some species never adapted to their environments, others thrived and developed all manner of technologies. Most still live in simple tribal groups with little in the way of advanced technology. There are three main humanoid species that have crossed the barrier to hyperspace.”

“And we’re not one of them.”

“No,” Zed said. “But you are close. A few hundred more years and I am certain humans will be taking their place. A few more thousand years and they might learn how to handle themselves responsibly.”

It was fascinating, learning about what no other human seemed to know. Serena found her curiosity consuming her evermore, distracting her from the sensations Zed’s talented fingers were evoking as hot water drummed against the pair of them.

“What do your people call themselves?”

“We do not have a name for ourselves,” Zed said. “Because we consider ourselves the essential species. That which does not need to be named. According to legend, we were the originators of every other species. Our kind is scattered throughout the universe, related to one another through the original DNA of a pair you know in your mythology as Adam and Eve. The garden they were cast out of was our planet. You see, there is truth in all the old tales.”

It sounded far-fetched, but Zed was fetched from somewhere very far away, there was no doubt of that. She had no way of disproving anything he was telling her, and he spoke with eloquence and conviction, which made her inclined to believe him.

The little hairs on the back of her neck rose as another wave of understanding hit her. He was not just an alien, he was a biological ancestor. He was what humans had once been, or maybe he was what they would one day be. She wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she was in the presence of someone unfathomable, whose eyes captured her soul, whose touch set her heart aflame.

Zed turned the shower off and helped her out, taking the towel next to the shower with an almost studied demeanor. He knew precisely how humans lived, but everything he did seemed to indicate that he only knew it secondhand. He unfolded the towel with one hard shake and wrapped it around Serena’s dripping body, patting her down.

“I know this is very confusing,” he said. “I usually avoid all contact with humans, but circumstances dictated that I seek shelter in your home.”

Circumstances, or fate? Serena wasn’t sure which.

Zed wrapped the towel tight around her and bent down so his eyes were level with hers. He spoke with a solemn tone and she felt that queer pull on her mind that she had felt when they first met, an exertion that went beyond the mere verbal.

“Understand me, little human; if you tell anyone about me, anyone at all, lives will be lost. Your leaders are infantile and brutal in their mindsets. Contact inevitably results in bloodshed. You will not be safe if you breathe a word of this. They will take you and they will break you for any information at all. They are hungry for what we have, but they do not want to develop their own technologies if they can use ours.”

“I’m not going to tell on you,” she said. “Don’t worry about that. But don’t you have… methods of dealing with these issues? Like your brain-scrubbing thing you’re trying on me right now?”

He smiled and his gaze became slightly less intense. Serena felt as though her mind had been held very tight, but released.

“It is not that simple,” he said, his smile making her pulse quicken. “There are ethical issues.”

“Aliens have ethics?”

Zed swept her up in his arms and carried her off to bed, letting the towel fall by the wayside as he slid under the covers with her as naturally as any human lover might. Serena curled up into his arms, resting her head against his chest. She was exhausted from the night’s events, most of which did not seem real. If it weren’t for her swollen bottom and aching pussy, if it weren’t for the fact that she was still wrapped in his arms, she wouldn’t have believed it.

“Of course we have ethics,” he said, wrapping his arm more tightly around her waist so that she was nestled against the firm but still comforting lines of his body. “We have a responsibility to lesser life forms.”

“Oh, so I’m a lesser life form?” Serena didn’t have to pretend to be offended.

He lifted a brow at her in an expression that was all too human. “That’s not what I meant. Humans are an interesting species, on the brink of their own discovery of the universe. Your leaders are hungry for technology but lack the necessary maturity required to use it for anything other than bloodletting. It’s a delicate time in the growth of a species, where they become capable of using advanced technologies, but are not yet capable of truly understanding the ramifications and consequences of it.”

He spoke with a solemnity that suddenly made him seem very old and wise. If he had not thoroughly ravaged her tender body earlier, she would almost have thought him too refined for such carnal acts.

“Well,” she said. “I don’t know who I’d tell even if I wanted to. I guess a selfie with me is out of the question?”

“You guess correctly,” he drawled. “You are tired. Sleep, Serena. We will speak more tomorrow.”

“I don’t feel tired.”

“Your adrenal system is in overload from excitement. If you allow yourself to be still for but a few minutes, you will likely find yourself unconscious.”

Serena felt Zed’s hands on her, turning her over onto her stomach. He pressed her down against the mattress, his large palm massaging her bare and still tender buttocks in a way that was more soothing than sexual.

She turned her head to look at him. “How do you know so much about humans?”

“I know a great deal about a great many things,” Zed replied, failing to answer the question.

She narrowed her eyes at him, which her heavy eyelids took advantage of to make her eyes close entirely. Maybe she was tired. Or maybe he was trying one of his odd alien mind tricks on her again. Whatever it was, she felt her muscles relaxing as a sense of wellbeing suffused her well fucked body.

“One more question,” she said as it occurred to her sleepy mind. “How is it you’re speaking English?”

“I’m not.”

She opened her eyes and shot an incredulous look at him. “Yes, you are.”

“It sounds like English to you. It’s a universal dialect. Like a linguistic skeleton key. You can understand me, I can understand you, it might seem like we’re speaking the same language, but we’re not.”

She stared at him until her heavy lids demanded that she close her eyes again. “I don’t understand,” she mumbled as she approached sleep.

He pressed his lips to her forehead. “You don’t have to,” he said in soothing tones. “Get some rest.”

Zed had taken her in ways she’d never imagined being taken, made love to her with an expert touch and animal passion that was literally out of this world, and now a part of her was surrendering not only to his will, but to his care.

“Zed… I…”

Serena was asleep before she could finish the sentence, lulled into dreams by the persistent rubbing of his powerful palm.

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