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The Alien’s Rules by Maggie Carpenter – Sample

Chapter One

thealiensrules_detailHer legs were spread, his fingertips were tickling her inner thighs, and as they moved ever closer to her drenched seam, his touch began to tingle. He was sparking her skin. Ooh, how she loved it when he sparked her skin! The electric contact was drawing tantalizingly close to her womanhood, and she knew what would happen when he pressed his magic fingers against her. Feeling the heat radiating from his palm as it hovered over her sex, she was barely able to stand the anticipation; he was making her wait.

“Please,” she whispered, “please, I promise to behave.”

Those were the magic words. His mystical hand brushed across her, his thick, tingling finger slipped inside her, and the powerful orgasm swept her up, carrying her into paroxysms of glorious pleasure. He, whoever he was, had barely touched between her nether lips, but it had been enough to send her over the edge. The scintillating spasms seized her, and try as she might she couldn’t contain her cries. Would her neighbors complain; worse, would they call the police, thinking she had fallen victim to an intruder? The walls were so painfully thin. If only she had the money to move somewhere decent, but the fleeting thought quickly passed as the delicious convulsions shuddered through her body, then moments later, sinking into the after-bliss, she mumbled a ‘thank you’ to the mysterious stranger who had been haunting her nights.

She had been having the salacious dreams for some time, but they had recently increased in frequency and intensity, and had turned sublimely real. Though she had been drawn to bondage and discipline, and had dabbled on occasion, nothing came close to the lascivious scenes that floated through her head as she slept.

Sometimes she would find herself bent over pillows as his large hands slapped her backside. The sting they carried contained an odd tingle that would travel through her sex, and he would tease her every few slaps, ultimately sending her into a staggering orgasm. Other times, when he was disciplining her following a confession of some crime she had committed, from years past or that very day, he would afford her no such pleasure. His smacks would sting and burn, and amazingly, the soreness would linger for several days. The difference between his punishment spankings and pleasure spankings was clearly defined. It had convinced her that she possessed a truly powerful mind. How could her bottom hurt from a spanking she’d only dreamt? She didn’t care. Ellie Blake’s lonely life no longer felt quite so lonely.

Ellie had somehow created a dream lover who would send her into powerful, sparkling, mind-numbing orgasms, then a heavy sleep into which she would gratefully surrender, but since the dreams had become so potent her alarm clock had twice failed to wake her, and both times she’d been late for work. She knew she needed to check the time, but the deep sleep was washing her away like a riptide, and fighting it was taking a supreme effort.

If she could just open her eyes, that’s all, just open her eyes and glance at the glowing-red digits on her bedside table, but her eyelids were heavy, so very heavy, as if a great weight had been laid upon them. She had to do it, she simply had to, and focusing all her effort on the one simple act, she dragged herself through the weighty darkness. It was working, but suddenly she felt an unfamiliar tingling through her entire body. It was as though the fingertips that had so salaciously sparked her skin were now electrifying her entire being. It wasn’t unpleasant, but she somehow knew she would be delivered back into sleep, and her wish to open her eyes had transformed into a compelling need to wake up, completely wake up, not just groggily check the clock. The power of the energy increased, and the more she battled, the stronger it became. The fight was exhausting, and she was just on the verge of yielding when the vibrations began to lessen, then, to her surprise, her eyelids popped open.

She was staring up at a violet lamp. Why was she staring at a violet lamp? She felt a tickle of confusion, then fear, and as the light came into focus she realized it wasn’t a light at all, but hundreds of tiny gleaming pinpricks forming together to glow down on her. She was having another dream! It was the only explanation, but she felt so awake! No, it was impossible! She couldn’t be awake! There was no bizarre purple light on her ceiling, and it certainly wasn’t her mattress upon which she was lying. The soft, billowy support under her felt like a cloud of cotton.

“Hello, Ellie.”

The voice was male, low, deep, and melodic. She tried to turn around, but her limbs wouldn’t move. A rustling sound penetrated the quiet, and the face of a man moved into view. He was leaning over her, blocking out some of the violet light, and as she gazed up at him, she thought he was truly beautiful; not handsome, not striking, but beautiful.

Long hair, almost like dreadlocks, fell around his face, and black stripes were painted across his forehead and along his nose. She could see a strong jaw, and thick full lips, purple lips, or was that from the lamp? His skin appeared to be smooth, almost too smooth to be skin, and around his neck he wore a wide, glimmering silver collar, with rows of cylinders and squares that fell below it, trailing all the way down to his chest, festooned with sparkling stones. It was an astonishing sight. He was an astonishing sight.

“You like my appearance. I am pleased.”

She tried to answer him, but her mouth was dry, and in this particular dream she wasn’t able to speak or move.

“You fought very hard to make it past the barrier. You must be ready,” he said softly. “It is only when you know it is time that you are able to push through.”

His voice was cloaking her like a cashmere blanket; soothing, warm, and deeply comforting.

“I will touch you now, and you will know it was me who has been bringing you such great pleasure,” he purred. “You will be able to open and close your eyes as you wish, and you will have your voice.”

He placed his fingertips on her breast. She gasped, the gentle prickling taking her breath away as it permeated her nipples. Her dream lover had always been in shadow, and now she was finally seeing him. Joy was filling her heart. She loved how he looked, then, suddenly, an unexpected thought flashed through her head.

You’re awake! Be scared! This isn’t a dream!

But she was lost in his divine control, and she pushed away the interfering alarm as he spiked the puckered buds atop her breasts and trailed his other hand between her legs, cupping her womanhood. A gentle buzzing lit up her sex as something pushed its way inside her and pressed against the magic place buried deep in her channel. Moments later an unexpected orgasm was abruptly upon her, and she begged for her release.

“Please, let me come, please,” she begged. “I must, I must!”

The prickling of her nipples intensified, and his warm, luscious, purple lips devoured her mouth as the unstoppable seizures swept through her again and again, until, like a conductor leading his orchestra into the fading notes of a great symphony, he slowed his attention and brought it to an end.

“Sleep now,” he murmured, kissing her tenderly. “You will sleep now, and dream of me, your alien lover. Your transition time has begun.”

Valodar stood quiet and still as he stared down at her; such a lovely female! She possessed a pure, passionate heart, and was sincerely submissive, which for an Earthling was uncommon, but would her natural proclivities permeate her general behavior? Females across the galaxy lived their roles joyfully. Adored and treasured by their mates, they were cherished, protected, and honored, and though submissive, they were revered as equals, a concept most humans had yet to comprehend.

Placing his six-fingered hand over her left breast, he measured her heartbeat. It was gently thumping as it should. Then, squeezing the plump flesh, he let out a deep sigh. She had taken such great pleasure in his ministrations, but now he had to win her respect and love. Was it possible? Humans were difficult, yet of all the candidates he had considered for pairing, she was his favorite.

The Earth females were spirited, but overly sensitive, though it was their propensity to feel so deeply, and nurture so easily, that had made them legendary throughout the cosmos. It also made them temperamental, stubborn, and moody. As potential mates they held a certain intrigue, but most often were considered too risky, especially for a male in Valodar’s position. Though successful unions with humans were rare, Valodar believed the issue was their conditioning, not their nature, and that Earth females were often forced by their societies to live with a facade. Many pretended they wanted to be in charge, while nothing could be further from the truth, and the pretense was a burden they wished they could shed.

Training a human female took courage, stamina, and a keen sense of knowing when and how to lovingly administer discipline. Valodar believed he possessed the skill and instincts necessary. Having a successful pairing with a human female was, according to those who had managed it, unlike any other pairing in the galaxy. Valodar wanted such a life, and many years before, when he had first connected with Ellie, he had felt something special for her.

It was time to check in with his commander. Moving across the room, he waited for the door to slide open, then stepped into the soft lavender light of the hallway. Commander Tavlon would not be pleased. He didn’t care for humans, and had already told Valodar he would be reluctant to offer his support. Valodar didn’t need it, but he wanted it, and as much as Tavlon’s honest assessment disappointed him, Valodar understood the commander’s concerns.

Humans were a backward species. Many tribes on the blue planet still battled with one another; the clearly defined roles between males and females, so carefully instituted eons before, had become distorted and were fast slipping away. They didn’t comprehend the depth of the technology they had developed, and for what it should be used. As if that wasn’t enough, many had no understanding of the beauty of the other creatures with whom they shared their world. It was tragic, and Tavlon had expressed serious doubts that the human race would survive.

Reaching the commander’s quarters, the door slid open and Valodar entered. Tavlon nodded up at him, but as he did, Valodar saw concern on his face, concern too heavy to be related to the subject of the Earth female.

“What have you to report? Will you be transporting her back to her habitat for transitioning?” Tavlon asked.

“She battled here,” Valodar replied. “I allowed her to see me and she had her first waking experience.”

“You know we’ll only be in this area of the quadrant for five more Earth days. What do you want to do?”

“I wish to keep her on board, transition her here, and proceed with the initiation of passion.”

“I don’t believe you can achieve what you want so quickly, not with a human. You know how emotional they are, and how unpredictable.”

“I believe I can be successful,” Valodar said firmly. “Ellie is in touch with her true self. She is aware of her submissive nature and already embraces it. I don’t want to wait for our next visit. That will be one Earth year from now. She could easily meet a human and be less malleable when we return.”

“I’m still not convinced this is the right choice for you, Valodar. You are a monitor. Being paired with a human will bring disruption into your life.”

“It is the sort of disruption I seek, Commander. I need more than the usual pairing. She will bring stimulation and challenge. I find such things inspiring.”

“I know, and your ability to meet things head-on and conquer them is admirable, but you’ll be an ambassador soon. Will she be up to the task?”

“I know I will face difficulties, I am fully aware that she has been raised and conditioned in a confused society, but I believe she will.”

“Very well,” the commander agreed. “I wish you luck.”

“Thank you, Commander.”

As Valodar turned and strode from the room, Tavlon smiled grimly.

“I wish you well, Valodar, but this thing will be over quickly. This human will see it as abduction, pure and simple, and will reject you. I just hope she doesn’t frustrate you too much before that happens.”

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