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The Billionaire’s Pet by Loki Renard – Sample

Chapter One

The Billionaire's Pet“Stacy! Where’s my latte!”

Ellie Jones’ usually pretty features contorted to create an expression of extreme petulance as she pushed back from a vast glass desk overlooking New York City from sixty stories up. Thin wisps of clouds played past the floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed her an unparalleled view over her domain as her high heels clattered swiftly over the marble floor toward the great tinted glass doors that separated her inner sanctum from the outer office where several secretaries and assistants, Stacy first among them, attended to her needs and whims alike.

Expression aside, Ellie was a picture of professionalism. She wore a neat black bespoke suit, the skirt cut directly at the knee, the flare of the blazer neatly meeting the curve of her hips. Her makeup was flawless, her round face powdered, her lips a professional but dramatic shade of red, her dark naturally long lashes setting off her hazel green eyes. Ice blond hair was cut harshly but stylishly around her chin, framing her face. From a distance, one would have mistaken her for any number of high-powered businesswomen. It was only when one got up close that it became obvious that Ellie was not quite typical. Light freckling over her nose, almost hidden by foundation, but not quite, and a softness to her features revealed that she was still in her twenties, the youngest CEO the company had ever seen, and more than deserving of the fearsome reputation she had gained in her relatively short but stellar career.

“Stacy!” Ellie stormed out of her office—and into an expensively clad wall, which turned out to be the chest of a stranger who had somehow made his way into her outer sanctum. Usually nobody got past Stacy, but he had thanks to the receptionist’s absence. The entire upper floor was surprisingly quiet, entirely devoid of any of her support staff. Strange.

“You’re not Stacy,” she observed toward the chest that was still blocking her way. “Where’s Stacy?”

“I imagine she’s getting you a latte, if she knows what’s good for her,” the human mountain rumbled, taking a step back before extending his hand toward her. “I’m Daniel Treville.”

Daniel Treville. It couldn’t be. As a large hand enveloped her own, Ellie looked up and saw that it really was him. A man so rich he could have given half of his wealth away and still been richer than the next richest man in the USA. Meeting Daniel Treville was like running into the pope of the financial world—and Ellie had just done it face first. There was a smear of lipstick right in the middle of his chest, his white linen shirt sullied by her clumsiness.

He looked exactly like he did in the pictures. Tall, broad-shouldered, classic clean-cut good looks. His jawline would have made a catalog model cry, and she could have cut herself on his cheekbones. His forehead was intelligent and his jaw was strong. He had dark wavy hair, cut in a not-too-short style, graying ever so slightly at the temples, a sign of his mature years.

Ellie knew a great deal about Daniel Treville, though she’d never met him. She knew his net worth, his corporate portfolio, and more personal details too. He was forty-four years old, seventeen years older than Ellie. He was from money, his family had been French nobility before the revolution and had gone to America after a couple of generations in the UK. The Treville family owned land spanning the globe, but Daniel alone had taken what could have been nothing but another old crumbling dynasty and turned it into a modern business empire.

She could have written an essay on the man, but what she hadn’t known until that moment, and what none of the many pictures that had been taken of him had captured was how bright his piercing aristocratic sea-blue gaze was. How it seemed to encapsulate her, wrap her up and simultaneously deconstruct her. He took her measure in an instant—just as she took his.

A thrill of excitement ran through her as she realized he must be standing in her office for a reason. A profitable reason. She straightened her blazer and flashed a professional smile up at him. The difference in their heights was almost as stark as the difference in their ages, but she was not one to be easily intimidated, and even if she was, she wasn’t one to show it.

“To what do I owe the honor, Mr. Treville?”

“I’m conducting an inspection of my latest acquisition,” he said, his eyes lifting from her face to sweep over the office and the view beyond the windows.

Excitement drained away, replaced with a cold chill spearing through Ellie’s chest. “Your latest acquisition?”

“I just bought this company,” Daniel revealed with a rakish smile. “More or less.”

“No, you didn’t,” Ellie corrected him. “I’m the CEO. I would know if the company were for sale.”

“You’d think that, wouldn’t you,” Daniel said, his smile broadening to reveal white teeth and impish dimples. “However, you’d be wrong. I just purchased shares from three of your largest stakeholders—fifty-nine percent in total. That makes me the controlling shareholder, and therefore, the owner in spirit.”

Before Ellie could react to that piece of news, her phone rang. She held her finger up to Daniel, returned to the safety of her desk and answered it, glad to have a moment to think.

“Ellie!” A panicked voice came down the line, belonging to the CFO Tag Coleman. “There’s been a buyout!”

“I know.”

“Some asshole has gone and convinced Lehman and Spitzman and Flugler to…”

“I know,” she tried again. It was useless. Tag wasn’t listening to anything that didn’t come out of his own mouth.

“…sell up and take the money to retire.”

“I know,” Ellie said for the third time. “Daniel Treville is in my office eying up my potted plants as we speak.”

A panicked gasp came down the line. “Daniel Treville! Be careful, Ellie. He has a reputation for cleaning house.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Tag,” she replied. “I’ll talk to you later.”

She hung up the phone and turned her attention to Daniel, who by that time was lounging in one of the chairs opposite her desk designed to make the people sitting opposite her look and feel smaller and less consequential. It was a good foot lower than hers and incredibly uncomfortable. Somehow, he still dominated the room, catlike in his ability to look composed.

“Well,” she said, sitting down in her much taller, more comfortable seat that elevated her less-than-extensive stature to CEO height. “Will this be my last day on the job?”

“Oh, I hope not,” Daniel smiled. “You’re far too valuable for that. I wanted to discuss the new direction I have in mind for the company.”

“New direction?” She smiled politely, though internally she was rolling her eyes. There was always some new direction. People like Daniel liked to leave their mark on places, usually by making cosmetic changes to the company’s stationery. Would this be a simple rebranding? Or did he have something more disruptive in mind?

“The products we produce are toxic,” he said in the sort of disapproving tone Ellie had become used to among people who thought that a little lead was a bad thing. The company had a budget for dealing with concerns of the nature Daniel was raising, though most of it was dedicated to keeping various senators and spokespeople paid. Not entirely ethical, but completely legal.

“The products we produce are not toxic,” she replied smoothly. “It would be illegal to sell toxic products to consumers. The byproducts are somewhat toxic, but they’re sold to companies who deal with them.”

“And by ‘deal with them’ you mean ‘find somewhere to bury them.’”

“They might bury them, they might recycle them into mittens for kittens,” Ellie said with a carefree wave of her hand. “Besides, anything can be toxic in large amounts.”

“We produce large amounts of substances that are toxic in small amounts,” he clarified. “I want to change the direction of the company. I want to make sure each and every one of our products is entirely eco-friendly. I want the byproducts to be recycled in-house. I want us to take responsibility along every step of the way, from where we source our materials, to where we dispose of them.”

“No punching polar bears, got it,” Ellie nodded. “Vertical integration for the rainforest.”

Daniel did not seem impressed by her glibness.

“This is a direction all companies are going to have to go in eventually,” he said. “If nothing else, the carbon taxes alone could eventually cripple us. If we get ahead of the curve, develop products for the next era, this company could be in business long past the end of fossil fuels and plastics. Our current position at the head of the market gives us the ability to make these changes now, before the consequences bite.”

“I’ve never been overly concerned with consequences,” Ellie replied. “And the company is not showing any significant losses from any of the issues.”

“Yet.” He ground the word out like a promise.

“Mr. Treville,” she said formally, assuming her serious tone of voice. “While, naturally, we are all concerned for environmental issues, one can’t just wave a wand and change the chemical nature of the task we face. Forthright produces everything from soap to cellphones. It’s not as simple as changing all the old bulbs to eco ones and declaring the planet saved.”

“But that would be a start,” he said. “You have no policies in place anywhere in the company to conserve energy.”

“Conservation of energy is a universal law; I don’t think it falls within my purview.”

“Cute,” he said grimly, not so much of a flicker of amusement registering at her physics-based joke. “I can see you’re going to require some persuading, Ms. Jones.”

“I have a board to answer to, and a series of shareholders who aren’t you,” she replied. “You cannot simply walk into my office and expect the company to change in an instant.”

“Ah, but I can,” he said with maddening calmness. “I know it won’t happen overnight, but I can make it clear to you what I expect to happen—and that I expect you to do as you’re told.”

Do as you’re told. The words whipped across Ellie’s ego and left welts. Her eyes narrowed a fraction, and her smile became harder. At any other time, those signs would have heralded a verbal evisceration, but she said nothing, letting the moment of his hubris stretch out. He was, after all, Daniel Treville. Though she was tempted to have him thrown out of her office, it was a bad idea to get on the wrong side of a billionaire in the first five minutes of knowing him. Ellie hadn’t gotten where she was by making enemies of people—at least, not until she’d gotten what she needed. That didn’t mean she was going to let him use her as a doormat either though. Before he left, he’d know who was really in charge.

“Well, Mr. Treville, that’s all very interesting,” she said calmly. “We’ll run some numbers and see how things shake out.”

“Ellie,” he said, his voice a soft purr. “I really do mean what I said. If I discover my measures have not been implemented, there will be consequences.”

Ellie picked up a pen and proceeded to run the numbers in the roughest of ways. A few quickly scribbled sums on her desk pad revealed the estimated cost of even the most simple changes to be in the millions. That would shave half a percentage off the quarterly numbers. Daniel was mad if he thought she was going to do that. Ellie had never presided over negative growth, and she wasn’t going to change that for any philanthropic billionaire with a fetish for kinder, softer business.

“I’ll get my best people on it right away,” she lied through her teeth.

“I want you on it,” he maintained.

“You want me to personally change every light bulb in this building and all our branches, stores, and warehouses?” She kept a pleasant demeanor while essentially mocking him.

“I want you to personally ensure that it’s done,” he clarified. “I don’t want this getting lost in a memo. I’ll expect personal progress reports daily.”

“Well,” Ellie said, reaching for her desk lamp. “Let’s get started with this initiative right now, so you can see the effects of your ideas in practice.” Under his watchful eye, she unscrewed the bulb and put it on the desk before looking him dead in the eye with a frankly rebellious stare. “How many penguins do you think that helped?”


“Oh, there’s another few up there,” she noted, pointing at the light fixture on the ceiling. “If you lift me up on your shoulders, we can get them all out. Better still, we could go down to the basement and turn the power off to the building entirely. That would be much more environmentally friendly.”

Daniel’s thick brows rose slowly at her and quite suddenly, Ellie felt the impulse to squirm.

“I do not expect flippancy in this matter,” he growled, his friendly demeanor sliding away to be replaced with a raw authoritarian presence. “I have a controlling share in this company, Ms. Jones.”

“You may in some sense own the company,” she said pertly. “But you do not own me, and I am still in control of the operations of this company as per my role. If you have a problem with me or my position, you are absolutely free to take it up with the board of directors.”

“I think I’ll take you over my knee instead,” he drawled. “And give you the spanking you seem to have missed out on in the only position you deserve to be in right now.”

Ellie’s jaw dropped as hot shock flashed through her body. The threat was as intimate as it was immediate. “You can’t speak to me that way.”

“I can speak to you that way, and I can make good on that promise too,” he said with a casual confidence that made her feel fundamentally uncertain. The rules of common society seemed to warp and bend around Daniel. She was used to arrogant rich men; they were everywhere and usually she found them boorish and boring. There was something different about Daniel Treville. Perhaps it was because he did not seem so much arrogant as certain, or perhaps it was because his gaze held a keen intellect that made her feel instinctively wary. Ellie had reached her position by being able to read and outmaneuver people. In Daniel, she sensed a more than worthy opponent.

“You’re risking a harassment lawsuit.”

“No, I’m not,” he said. “You know as well as I do that a female CEO who launches a harassment lawsuit against her own company may as well set fire to every copy of her resume, because she’s never going to be hired again.”

He was right, of course. Harassment lawsuits worked for people further down the food chain. At Ellie’s level of employment, lawsuits were an absolute last resort, a sayonara to one’s career.

There was silence following his statement as she tried to catch up and get ahead of him. He was wily, with a mind like a viper. He’d already pressed his advantage and made his position clear. The ball was in her court and she had to do something with it. This would be the defining point in their relationship. If she showed fear, if she let him know that he was rattling her, it would all be over.

“Fantasies aside, Mr. Treville, I run this company,” she said in steely tones. “Your ownership means very little at this juncture. Fortunately the charter is structured in such a way as to be somewhat immune from the whims of shareholders.”

“You mean the charter you instituted approximately one week after being hired,” Daniel said, his eyes glinting at her. “The one you slipped through at the AGM with barely anyone noticing what they were signing. That was impressive, but I’m going to have it overturned—and I’m also going to turn you over my knee, young lady.”

Playing the age card was hardly fair. Daniel Treville wasn’t exactly old, but the way he said the words ‘young lady’ made her quiver. She was able to maintain composure only through the sense of outrage that swept through her upon hearing that Daniel was planning on restructuring the company to suit him. There would be some push back, sure, but Daniel had a reputation for being effective and relentless. He probably already had several of the board members on his side just by merit of his name alone.

“Well,” she said with a small smile. “I’ll put in a companywide order for tallow candles. Much more effective than electricity. Imagine all the money we’ll save. Better still, we could get rid of the computer systems and hire small rodents to carry messages. Gainful employment for endangered animals.”

“Cute,” he said, without so much as a hint of a smile. “I take this seriously, Ellie, and you will too.”

Perfect. Her little jokes and jibes were getting under his skin. Ellie felt a growing sense of triumph and control. Daniel Treville might be good, but he wasn’t nearly as good as she was.

“I don’t have time to pander to the regrets of a middle-aged man,” she said, her tone going from playfully sarcastic to cutting. “If you have some guilt complex about the state of the world, go buy laptops for orphans. Don’t destroy a multinational company. People rely on our decisions for their livelihoods. There are thousands of people relying on me to make sure the ship stays afloat—and I don’t intend on letting them down.”

“And in spite of my reputation, you’re afraid I’ll drive the company into the ground with a green initiative. You have issues with trust,” he said, looking at her with freshly appraising eyes. “Who hurt you, Ellie?”

“Spare me the daytime TV psychology,” she said curtly. “This isn’t about me.”

“Oh, but it is,” he smiled with some understanding. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown, hmm, Ellie? Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else share a little of the load?”

“I have an excellent team under me,” she said, cutting him off. “Now, if you’re quite finished, Mr. Treville, I have work to do.”

She stood up and walked around her desk, extending her hand in what would have been a brief, dismissive handshake—had Daniel Treville not taken it and tugged her right over his lap.

“What are you doing!?” There was undeniable panic in the high pitch of her tone as she fell over his hard thighs, finding herself with a much closer view of the marble floor than she’d ever had before.

He answered her question by bringing his large palm down across her cheeks in a hard swat that left a burning sting and a sense of utter incredulity in its wake.


“I warned you more than once, little girl,” he growled down at her. “You chose to play instead of listening and doing as you were told.”

“I am not little!”

She was small compared to him though. Her short stature meant that while she was pressed across his thighs, her palms on the floor in front of her, her toes kicked haplessly in the air. Daniel took full advantage of that fact, keeping her rear pitched high over his thigh as his palm met the smooth, taut fabric of her skirt, which clung all too closely against her rear.

He was spanking her. He was spanking her as if she were a naughty girl who had mouthed off to him and was receiving a well-deserved punishment.

Ellie could barely believe it, even though she was reminded anew every other second as his hand swatted her yet again, adding more heat and sting to her bottom.

“Are you learning, Ellie? Are you realizing that I do not bluff?”

She was learning. She was learning that his long legs were hard and toned, and that she could feel them flexing underneath her hips. She was learning that he smelled expensive and masculine, and that his arms were long enough to wrap around the narrowness of her waist and hold her locked against his body. And she was learning that his strong palm and long fingers were capable of delivering sharp stinging swats to the most padded part of her body.

“Let me up, Daniel,” she insisted boldly. “Let me up now and I’ll leave you enough in your personal accounts to buy a burrito once my lawyers are done suing you for this.”

“Ellie,” he chuckled darkly. “You know those threats mean nothing to me. Even if you were to sue, you would lose—and likely end up with a sizable bill for court costs to boot. Now be a good girl and take your spanking.”

As if she had a choice. She was caught in place over his thighs, trapped in his disciplinary embrace. It was the most intimate situation she’d found herself in for over a year, and part of her shock was due to the fact that the hard, masculine body pressing against hers was arousing undeniable excitement where it absolutely should not be.

Daniel’s hand was still clapping against her rear in steady, slow swats, each of them jolting her out of the notion of control she had spent so very long trying to create. As the realization of her helplessness settled in, and the heat began to build to a most uncomfortable sting that peaked every time a fresh swat landed, Ellie found it increasingly difficult to control her reactions.

Before she could stop them, tears began to roll down her cheeks, a shameful admission of weakness. Dammit! How could this be happening? Within minutes of meeting, Daniel Treville had spanked her to tears. Ellie knew she would never live this down. If word of this event got out, she would be shamed in every boardroom in the world. Oh, how they would all chortle at the idea of Ellie Jones having her bottom thrashed by a billionaire.

“Do we have an understanding, Ellie?”

“Let me up, you bastard!”

He let out a little sigh of disappointment. “Oh, no,” he said. “That will not do.”

She felt his fingers at the hem of her skirt, sliding the fabric up over her thighs and the curve of her bottom. No! He was disrobing her!


“Naughty girls get spanked on their bare bottoms,” he said in a masculine growl that made her panic as the hem of her skirt settled around her waist. Her bottom was not bare. A pair of very expensive black silk and lace panties stood between him and his target, but he seemed in no hurry to remove them.

He smoothed his large palm over the rounds of her rear. She felt his bare skin against hers in the small spots between the lace weave. A hot blush suffused her body. She could imagine what she must look like, the curves of her body caught over his lap, her bottom snugly covered by the French briefs, her legs bare and vulnerable, still unable to touch the floor, Louboutins suspended in space. If he kept doing what he was doing, soon her bottom would be as red as the underside of her shoes.

“I must say I admire your taste in lingerie,” he murmured, letting one fingertip trace under the hem at the base of her left cheek with a gesture that was both casual and titillating.

“I don’t think they come in your size,” Ellie shot back. The little verbal rebellion was enough to make her tears dry up and restore some kind of composure.

Daniel let out a brief laugh before swatting her bottom hard enough to make her squeak. It hurt much more without the protective barrier of her skirt absorbing some of the sting.

“Naughty,” he said. “But why should I expect anything different from you? You think you know best…”

“Because it’s my job to know best,” Ellie snapped. “You want a simpering, spineless CEO who whimpers every time a decision has to be made?”

“I want one who listens to reason,” Daniel replied, clapping his palm against the center of her cheeks. “And I want one who understands who she works for. Your job is to achieve the goals of the shareholders and grow the company in a sustainable direction.”

“My job is to maximize profits!”

“That’s just a part of your job,” he corrected her. “A part you’re incredibly good at, admittedly, but only part.”

The praise, though it came between hard swats delivered to her panty-clad bottom, still pleased her ego. Finally, an admission that he knew who he was dealing with. Maybe that was why he was spanking her. Maybe he figured a physical display of dominance was the only way to gain the upper hand. Seen in that light, the spanking was more of a sign of desperation.

“Let me up, Daniel,” she said in freshly composed tones. “This isn’t going to work.”

There was a pause as his long fingers drifted over her bottom. “You might be right,” he conceded. “A simple spanking isn’t nearly enough to get through to you, is it, Ellie?”

She smiled, knowing he would let her up in seconds and then it would be her turn to assert her dominance. Oh she was going to tear strips off this overgrown, oversized, overbearing…


She squealed as her panties were swept down to mid-thigh by powerful fingers that ran down the crevice of her cheeks, making lace fall in their wake. In seconds Ellie found her bottom entirely bare as she see-sawed half naked over Daniel Treville’s lap.

“You cannot do this, Daniel! This is completely…”

“Hush,” he said, slapping her bare rump with a hard swat. “Listen to me, Ellie. I’m not playing with you here. I know exactly what sort of woman you are, and I know you won’t listen to a thing I say unless I make you. You have a reputation for being headstrong and relentless and I’m betting that’s only the half of it. I’d usually have someone like you replaced with a pick of my own choosing, but I like you. I did my research. I know I’m going to have to do some hard work to get you in line, but that’s a challenge I’m up for. So settle down, quit wriggling, and tell me you’re going to be a good girl.”

“I will never be a good girl,” Ellie hissed through her teeth.

“Now that’s where you’re wrong.” His hand began to thunder against her bare bottom, slap after slap raining heat and sting into her flesh. “I’ve had you profiled, Ms. Jones. A team of corporate psychologists has assessed you in numerous ways, watched videos of presentations you’ve given, examined the minutes of meetings you’ve attended, interviewed numerous associates too.”


“It’s not nonsense,” Daniel replied smoothly. “Business is about people. Knowing what they want, how they behave, knowing what drives them.” He ran his hand over her burning cheeks. “Many CEOs test fairly high on psychopathy scales, did you know that?”

“I know you’re a psycho,” Ellie shot back.

He let out a gentle chuckle. “Not quite. And neither are you. You see, you play the cold-hearted little bitch to a T. But the decisions you make within your company show a much softer side. Do you know what I think, Ellie?”


He leaned down and purred the answer into her ear. “I think you’re a little girl playing a big game of pretend.”

As his words sank in, a zip of electricity rushed over Ellie’s scalp and down her spine, followed quickly by a hot wave of embarrassment. She felt completely undone, more than her body bared. She felt as though her very soul was somehow open to him. Daniel was pushing buttons she hadn’t known she had.

“I’m right, aren’t I,” he murmured, palming her bottom. He began to slowly massage her well-spanked skin, soothing a little of the heat away. “That’s why you’re not screaming the house down, even though your little bottom is hot as Hades. Some part of you knows that you deserve a good spanking—and that you need someone who knows precisely what you are. We’ve known one another for half an hour, but I bet you’ve never been this open with anyone before.”

He was right again. Ellie took a deep breath and tried to think. The tears were drying on her cheeks, making her skin feel tight where salty rivulets had coursed their way down.

“Believe it or not, I’m not doing this to humiliate you, or to break you down. I’m doing it because I think this is the way to get through to you. Words won’t do it. You know as well as I do that words obscure the truth. But touch—that never lies. Can you feel that, Ellie?”

She could. She could feel every part of her being responding to him. He had her entirely in his thrall, her heated ass just a part of the puzzle. This was not how she had imagined her day going. This was not as any day had ever gone—and part of her was thrilled by that fact.

“You’re going to enjoy being mine,” he said in a possessive growl. “You’re going to enjoy what I have in store for you.”

A little thrill passed through her, a shiver of anticipation that came to a peak as he slid his fingers down between her thighs, the pads meeting her damp lower lips. She let out a gasp as his touch became even more intimate, his fingers parting her lips, one swirling around the entrance of her pussy. He was a fraction of an inch away from penetrating her, and her tight abdomen and arched rear spoke to her desire for that and more.

Ellie could not remember a time she had been so aroused. Nothing about what was happening was appropriate. This was as far from her normal experience as it was possible to get. She did not give herself lightly or freely in matters of romance, but that did not matter because here and now she was being taken by a man who subdued and subverted every instinct she had.

Daniel spent a few minutes gently toying with her pussy, driving her to panting distraction as she writhed over his lap, the wetness between her lips beginning to trickle down and seep into the fabric of his trousers. She felt as though she were high, her arousal so powerful it blocked out the restrained, careful parts of her consciousness and awoke a creature who wanted nothing more than pleasure.

And Daniel did not disappoint. He lifted her up from his lap and pressed her hot bare bottom against her desk. Tempered glass held her weight easily as he masterfully spread her legs around his waist and reached for his fly. The zipper ran down smoothly and a moment later his cock sprang out thick, long, and hungry.

He was going to fuck her. Right here. On her own desk. In her office. He was going to fuck her. Some part of Ellie knew she should put up some form of resistance, but she could not muster it, even as he took her left leg and lifted it over his broad shoulder, spreading her cunt for the thick head of his manhood, which was already gleaming with pre-cum.

Hot-bottomed and awash with her own juices, Ellie wanted his cock inside her more than she wanted oxygen. When he pressed the tip to the glistening lips of her cunt, she let out a sigh of satisfaction, knowing soon she would be filled with that hot rod of flesh.

He teased the head along her slit, giving her a little taste of what it would be like. He was thicker than most men, her lips spreading wide around the flared head as Daniel Treville massaged her wet cunt with his cock.

Arching her back, Ellie tried to make him press inside her with the slow writhing of her hips, but all she succeeded in doing was rolling pressure from one well-spanked buttock to the other, reigniting heat and sting. Daniel chuckled softly and slid his hand down her other thigh before lifting her second leg onto his shoulders. She was now completely in his sway, her body captured by his as the thickness between her pussy lips slipped down to the aperture she’d so wanted him to fill and slowly began to press inside her.

Ellie’s eyes went wide, her mouth describing a perfect ‘o’ as Daniel’s cock began to make her inner walls spread around him, the wet hot depths of her cunt welcoming him.

It had been a very long time since Ellie had gotten laid. And she had never had sex like this before.

He slid deep inside her, pressing all the way in with one long thrust, soothing her through the little gasps that arose as tight walls first resisted, then gave way to his flesh. Ellie let out an animal wail as she was totally, irrevocably filled.

Daniel stilled his hips, gazing down at her with one brow mildly quirked. “Are you alright?”

She was flushed, dizzy, her pussy clasping his cock with a desperate desire. “Yes,” she breathed in response. “Oh, god, yes…”

A devilish smile replaced the brief look of concern. He began to stroke inside her, long pumping motions of his powerful hips making her cunt ripple under the sway of his cock. At first they were slow, passionate, controlled. His eyes feasted on her body, his fingers doing away with the buttons of her blouse to bare her midsection and her breasts only barely covered by the brassiere that had slipped under the strain of the writhing she’d done while he was spanking her and now allowed the pink aureoles of her breasts to peek above the lace. One swift motion rendered her bra completely useless, encircling her waist as her breasts bounced free under more forceful thrusts.

“Beautiful,” he murmured down at her. “Absolutely stunning.”

Ellie could not muster a reply. Her pussy was completely full of him, and when she looked up into the hard lines of his face, his handsome dominance overwhelmed her usual independent nature to the point she felt her inner walls quivering in response.

Daniel fucked her masterfully, driving them both toward satisfaction with supple motions of his powerful form. Soon she could feel his cock pulsing inside her, his hot hard flesh responding to the needy grasp of her wet cunt. She saw the tension in his face, the lust in his eyes as he approached the brink of orgasm and held himself there with incredible self-control.

Their eyes were locked in a passionate gaze almost as intense as the convergence taking place between her thighs. She stared up, her eyes wide as he slammed forward, spreading her wet little cunt over and over with no regard for the tenderness of her flesh. He demanded that she take everything she had to give as deep and as hard as he could give it. The sounds of her thighs slapping against the hard lines of his shirt-clad but obviously hard stomach filled the room as Daniel Treville fucked her like a wanton little slut, destroying the illusion she had gotten so used to playing she had almost mistaken it for her true self.

She felt tingles and flashes of heat running through her whole body from her scalp to her toes. He wasn’t just fucking her cunt, he was fucking her entire being. She saw a little bead of sweat appear at his hairline, his breathing coming faster as he lost the battle with restraint. His cock swelled inside her pussy and Ellie suddenly knew that he was going to come inside her. The moment she realized that her bare pussy was going to be filled with his seed, Ellie felt her erogenous zones overload, her clit pulsing, her cunt clenching, her nipples so hard and erect they almost hurt.

Daniel came moments later, his seed shooting deep inside her plundered pussy, triggering an answering full body quiver that erupted into orgasm. Every muscle in her body tensed, her ass arching up off the desk to try to claim all his cum. He had to lock her legs against his body to stop her from writhing clear off the desk, her hips humping desperately in the throes of feminine climax.

And then it was over.

The moment the last ripples of climax dissipated, the enormity of what had happened came crashing down on her. Lying sprawled across her desk, bra askew, nipples hard, panties torn, Daniel’s cum glistening between her lips, she came back to her senses. Her ravaged, aching pussy throbbed in the aftermath of the most vigorous sexual encounter she’d ever had.

Daniel stood over her, somehow composed. He’d already tucked his shirt back in, secured his manhood behind the zip of his fly. His tousled hair and a smear of lipstick both on his collar and across his left cheek were the only indicators of the sordid sex he’d engaged in.

“Pleased with your conquest, Mr. Treville?” She shot the question at him with some bitterness as she tried to restore herself to some semblance of propriety.

Daniel took her chin between thumb and forefinger, looking deep into her eyes. “You’re not conquered yet, pet. Not even close.” He winked, brushed a brief kiss to her lips and looked at his watch. “I have another appointment to make. I’ll see you tonight.”

She looked at him askance. “What do you mean, you’ll see me tonight?”

“When I pick you up at eight for dinner.”

“I didn’t agree to have dinner with you.”

“So you just used me for sex?” He smiled and tutted, that teasing smile making his cheeks dimple.

“I absolutely did not.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t think I’m going to become some kind of booty call for you.”

“Booty call?” A dark brow raised in her direction, followed by an amused smirk. “Now there are two words I wouldn’t have expected out of your mouth. You are certainly not a booty call. I’ll see you this evening.”

Open-mouthed, hair tousled, clothing awry, Ellie watched him walk out of her office.

With Daniel’s seed trickling down the inside of her leg, Ellie attempted to clear her mind and get some kind of equilibrium back. Okay, so she’d had sex. Hot sex. With the man who was now the controlling interest in her company. It wasn’t the end of the world. She could come back from this. In fact, seen in some lights, the sex was a good thing. It had cleared the air. No unrequited tension. She could think clearly now.

He would not find her such an easy target in the future. She might have succumbed to his advances once, but she would be on guard against any further attempts at seduction. What had happened could not happen again. She couldn’t afford to develop feelings for the man—and love was completely off the table.

Straightening her blazer, Ellie made her way to her office’s private en-suite, where a shower and a change of clothes were waiting for her. She had always kept a small wardrobe at work; one never knew when one might need a fresh shirt, or a pair of panties that wasn’t ripped and covered in cum.

When she returned to her desk, freshly showered and dressed in clean pressed clothes, a memo was waiting in her email inbox—a companywide directive outlining the nonsense Daniel had been trying to push during their meeting.

Her eyes narrowed to two cold slits. It was one thing for him to walk into her office and more or less fuck her like an animal; it was something entirely different for him to hijack her company. That she would not stand for. This was her territory, and Daniel Treville was going to have to learn to steer well clear.


Please disregard the previous email, she wrote, addressing the various heads of departments, which alone numbered in the hundreds. Any and all policy changes will be issued from my office, and my office only. Ensure that your team members are not confused on this point.

She hit send and sat back, satisfied. This was just an opening salvo in a battle that would probably only serve to mark the beginning of a war, but she’d acquitted herself well. He’d probably already received a copy of her email, thanks to one of his moles. Daniel almost certainly had someone inside the company feeding him information. He’d probably been sourcing information for months.

The first matter of business was to ensure the loyalty of her managers, and to make it abundantly clear that any defections would be punished.

“Stacy!” She poked her head outside her office to find her perky assistant finally actually at her desk. “Stacy, get IT on the phone. I want records of all messages sent from company servers in the last five or so minutes.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Stacy agreed quickly.

She’d soon discover who was leaking information. If her email had been forwarded out, it would show up in a simple search. Ellie sat in her chair, trying to ignore the remnants of hot-bottomed sting that still remained. Her eyes traveled across the smooth, usually clear surface of her desk—and stopped abruptly at the faint marks of two rounds on its surface. Their tryst had left a butt print at the edge of her desk. Blushing to herself, Ellie tried cleaning the marks away with the sleeve of her blazer. It mostly cleared them off, but a few faint smears remained to taunt her.

Frowning to herself, Ellie checked her email. Stacy had not wasted any time in sending the report.

Three people had sent the email to Daniel. Two were relatively low level sub-managers; one was the director of North West sales. She sent an email to their managers directing that their employment be terminated immediately without severance. Cold and clean, that was the way to do it. If Daniel thought he could worm his way into her company by using her own people against her, he had another think coming.

Firing people wasn’t one of Ellie’s favorite things to do, but on this occasion she felt very little guilt at all. She sent another memo making it clear to all concerned that sharing private correspondence or company information with unauthorized third parties was grounds for immediate dismissal, then went home for the day. She had a dinner to prepare for.

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