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The Commander’s Mate by Morganna Williams – Sample


The Ramelians came to earth to negotiate for women. In exchange for brides for Ramelian warriors, Ramel would extend their vast knowledge on alien warfare to the people of earth.

The Ramelians had explained the threat of the Gartarian forces headed toward the earth. The Gartarians were working their way systematically through the solar system, stripping planets with exploitable natural resources one by one. Many of the planets were unpopulated, but Gartarian people were like locusts, using up all the resources at each planet before moving on to the next.

By the calculations of Ramelian intelligence officers, it would take ten earth years for the Gartarians to arrive, but much had to be accomplished beforehand if the earth had any hope of surviving an attack with their population intact.

Ramel had suffered an attack from a similar foe generations before.

The leaders of earth were shown recordings of Ramel before they were struck by the Preomoriods and the results of the attacks. Though the men of Ramel were strong warriors and able to easily repel direct attack, Preomoriods didn’t fight openly or face to face until they’d managed to almost decimate a people.

Their attacks were much more insidious; they leaked contaminants into the water system and soils of Ramel. Something the Ramelians didn’t realize until the damage was done. The chemicals attacked women, primarily affecting the female reproductive organs. The ingested chemicals made a woman’s body either completely sterile or unable to carry any female offspring.

Though the warriors of Ramel ultimately defeated the Preomoriods completely, the damage was done.

By the time Ramelian scientists had figured out what the Preomoriods had done, the birthrate of Ramelian children had dropped by 75% and no female child had been born in 20 years. Scientists were able to develop vaccines to prevent the damage, but were unable to reverse the damage caused to Ramelian women.

Ramelians could no longer be harmed by any known chemicals or drugs and had extremely long lifespans, but they had almost a million Ramelian males with no hope of ever finding a mate. Despite Ramelians’ longevity, without intervention the inability to mate would eventually end Ramel society.

Ramelians needed mates for their warriors; the people of earth and Ramel were compatible. It didn’t take long for the leaders of earth to recognize the benefit of having such a strong alliance. The alliance was formed: in exchange for the knowledge and the protection of earth citizens, the earth would allow the Ramelians to harvest brides.

Chapter One

Grayson Treenan, the high commander of the Ramelian fourth fleet, sighed as he watched the landscape flash by on the computer screen. He was busily scanning the region of the United States, which he’d deemed the best place to house his headquarters.

Many of Grayson’s men had already found mates, but none of the earth women caught his interest. He’d been at the bride mart only yesterday, where eager young women lined up to become Ramelian brides. None of the giggling young ladies appealed to him. A mate would be nice, but a true bond mate was the dream of every Ramelian male.

Grayson knew some of his warriors had found their true bond mates on earth. A true bond mate was one woman made by God for just one man; they would be matched in every way, a perfect pair.

As he scanned the brushy landscape of the East Texas area he planned to make his home, he stopped when he spotted a small woman with flame-colored hair attempting to change the tire of her conveyance. Grayson moved the cameras in closer to the little woman; she was lushly built, her full curves filling out very unflattering garments of grey.

As he watched, she bent to work on the wheel and the material stretched tautly across her delightfully full backside. Grayson’s heart rate sped up and his loins leapt at the enticing view. He sat straighter in his chair; could it be? He wouldn’t know until he stood face to face with her, but there was a strong possibility this little curvy woman was the one he’d been waiting for.

The woman cocked her head and turned it sharply to look behind her. Grayson stood up in alarm when he saw the large cat eyeing her from the top of a boulder. He watched in horror as she turned to confront the predator with a large metal tool in her hand. His woman was challenging the mountain lion. With a bellow, Grayson hit the transfer button on his belt; it would take him directly to the quadrant he was studying.

He prayed he was in time to save his woman from her foolish behavior, behavior she would learn not to repeat or her lovely bottom would pay the price.

* * *

Izzy glared at the flat tire, her breath coming in short pants from the exertion of trying to loosen the lug nuts.

With a determined frown, she positioned the tire iron on the offending lug nut so it was parallel to the ground, then tightly grabbed the top of her car as she climbed on it, giving a light bounce to loosen the nut.

The lug nut came loose, suddenly pitching her sideways toward the unforgiving pavement, but she managed to catch herself on the car. Muttering under her breath, she bent over to loosen the nut the rest of the way with her fingers.

A soft growl came from behind her, Izzy looked over her shoulder and froze at the sight of the mountain lion. Uh oh; the books she’d read said it was best to make yourself as big as possible and make a lot of noise so the animal wouldn’t think you were easy prey.

Izzy snatched up her tire iron and spun to face the large cat, yelling loudly and aggressively while brandishing the tire iron threateningly at it. The cat laid its ears back and yowled at her response. Good, it felt threatened. “Git out of here! Haaaaa!”

Izzy had barely taken two steps toward the cat when something that felt like an iron band wrapped around her waist and she was pulled back tight against a solid torso. An electrical zapping sound filled the air and something popped loudly and clapped off the rock just below the cat, sending her scurrying for safety away from the threat.

Izzy found herself spun around to look up at the biggest man she’d ever seen. He was huge! The man had to be seven-and-a-half feet tall, towering over her own five-foot-three.

“What do you do here, woman?” the man asked with a growl, still holding her firmly by one arm.

Izzy gasped; why did he look irritated with her? “I was changing my tire. Uh… could you let go of my arm?”

Though his hold was gentle, his grip was like iron.

“Calm yourself, woman. I mean you no harm. You should not be out here alone so late. It is unsafe, the cat could have harmed you. You take foolish chances with yourself.”

Izzy glared fiercely. “I didn’t leave the house tonight and think, oh, a flat tire and a mountain lion would be fun, you big jerk! Let me go!”

The man seemed to be trying not to smile at her. “What is your name, woman?”

“I said let me go!” Izzy said, squirming furiously. He had about two seconds before she started kicking him right where it counted.

“Woman, I will have your name,” he spoke sternly and gave her a little shake as if to emphasize his demand.

Izzy pulled back her foot and planted it as hard as she could right between his legs, using his hold on her arms as leverage for the kick.

The man groaned low and loud, releasing her to cup the affected area as he sank to his knees. He glared at Izzy, still unable to speak but emitting a deep growl at her.

Izzy blinked at the promise of retribution in his eyes, taking a step back as she realized how alone she was on this dark country road. Now she was alone with an enraged man who was the biggest guy she’d ever seen; he was still taller than she on his knees. When he growled at her, she knew it was time to get out of Dodge.

Izzy took off running into the ditch, heading straight for the cornfield. Maybe she could find a farmer that would be willing to give her shelter.

“Woman, do not run from me!” the man bellowed after her.

The anger in his voice just spurred her on to run faster. He was going to kill her if he caught her!

As Izzy ran through the cornstalks, she cursed her temper. It had always been a problem for her and now it was going to get her killed. She shouldn’t have kicked him. The sound of something large tearing through the corn made her freeze and drop to her knees. She would have to hide.

Izzy carefully crawled backwards and to the side a little in an effort to get behind him, then she crouched, making herself as small as possible. He came to a stop a few feet from her; Izzy held her breath, afraid to give away her location.

* * *

“Woman, hiding from me is not a good choice. Come to me now and I will be lenient with you,” Grayson said firmly. He knew she was just behind him to the left; he could smell her fear and hear the frantic beat of her heart.

This was not the best beginning to their mating, but perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing for her to learn immediately there were consequences to her actions. Grayson stayed still, wanting her to come to him. As he waited, he contemplated his little woman.

Her curly red hair was piled on top of her head with sticks in a haphazard fashion, and the eyes that glared so fiercely into his own were the deep green of winter wheat. She was very small in stature, but the abundant curves of her body were impossible to hide even in the ugly, baggy clothes she wore. The minute he’d spun her to face him, he’d felt a jolt in his chest. She was indeed his true bond mate.

“Come out now!” he barked in a tone the soldiers of his command would have responded to instantly. From his little mate he heard a delicate snort.

Grayson again tried not to smile; he was well pleased with his little mate’s feisty nature. They would make fine children together.

* * *

Izzy snorted at the command. Was he kidding? No way! She was staying put; surely he’d give up soon and go away. She yelped when firm hands pulled her from her hiding place and she was tossed over a broad shoulder. The shock of being picked up alone was enough to stun her into silence; sure, he was a big guy, but she was way too heavy to be tossed around like a Barbie even for a big man and this fella wasn’t even winded.

Then she realized she appeared to be meekly accepting her fate and that was unacceptable.

“No! Let me go!” Izzy pounded her fist against his broad back and was rewarded with a sharp stinging swat to her bottom. “Oww!”

“Enough of your nonsense, young woman! I will have your name and I will have it now!” the giant practically roared at her.

Izzy crossed her arms over her chest, raising herself a little higher from her position over his shoulder. “Fine, my name is Izzy and I really resent your behavior. I demand you put me down!”

“Little mate, you should not be so anxious to be removed from my shoulder. When I put you down, it will be across my knee to deal with your foolhardy actions and you will wish you had obeyed to begin with,” he said with a certainty that made her very nervous.

“Why on earth should I have obeyed a strange man?” she asked incredulously. “Actually I’m not sure why I would obey any man.”

“You will learn to obey me, little mate. This I promise you.”

He set her down next to her small car. Izzy looked up at him nervously, wild curls hanging down around her face and down her back; she’d lost the chopsticks holding it up between her run through the corn and being manhandled by the Neanderthal. Then she zoned in on his wording and a kernel of dread filled her as she realized the import of one little word. Mate.

At that word, everything clicked into place. It also explained his strangely old-fashioned way of speaking. She’d heard that the Ramelian speech was very formal. Izzy remembered the notice being posted on all the news stations about an agreement with the planet Ramel about providing security for the earth in exchange for brides for their warriors. It was expected any single woman chosen by the warriors would go as a willing sacrifice for their world. Izzy hadn’t paid much attention because it never occurred to her she would be chosen. She stared up at him in shock. No way could she pair with this man, big as he was. If everything was to scale, he would kill her trying to mate with her.

“No way, José!” she said, backing slowly away. “I’m not going to be some brood mare for you! Go away! Besides, I’m way too old to be a mate! My childbearing years are long past!”

“You will be able to bear children for many years to come, this I know. Do not make the mistake of running from me a second time, little fire, my patience with you is wearing thin,” he said firmly.

“I won’t be some alien breeder! I won’t! I have feelings and life plans that don’t include you or any of your buddies. And it would never work, you’d kill me if you tried to… to… well, that,” Izzy finished lamely, suddenly feeling like she might pass out. She would be able to bear children for many years to come? She’d just had her fortieth birthday; there was no way his words were possible.

“Of course you won’t be a breeder. You will be my mate, my wife. A position of great honor in my society. I am Grayson Treenan, the high commander of the Ramelian fleet.”

“I don’t care who you are! I have a life and I learned a long time ago I don’t need a man to complete me. I have a job I love and have no intention of quitting. I won’t be mated to some barbarian who doesn’t care anything about me and expects me to spit out babies for the rest of my life!”

“It isn’t at all the way you are portraying things. Mates are very precious to us. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have one. The women in our culture have died out and without women, our society will end. I will care for you, we will be a bonded pair and while I expect obedience, I would never harm you. I will protect you always. Your other fear will be shown for nothing soon enough; you will know nothing but pleasure in my bed,” he explained earnestly. “I will need your ID card. This is what we agreed to turn in to your government to keep track of the women we’ve taken to mate.”

“No!” Izzy yelled defiantly. “I won’t be your mate!” She couldn’t believe this was happening to her of all people. Men didn’t find her attractive; in fact she generally felt invisible to attractive males. Unless of course they came to the library and needed her help to research something.

The man sighed before simply tossing her over his shoulder once again. “You have been my mate since the moment I saw you alone and unprotected. If the men of your culture are so foolish as to send their daughters out alone without escort, they leave them open to being claimed.”

Izzy struggled over his shoulder, only to be stilled by two sharp swats to her upturned bottom. She could hardly believe he’d swatted her bottom again like she was a naughty child! “I hate you!”

“You may think it now, but it will not always be thus,” the commander said matter-of-factly before bending to retrieve her purse from the car. It took only a moment to remove her license from her wallet. “Isabella Marie Benton. You have a lovely name, Isabella.”

“My name is Izzy!” she shrieked.

He jostled her gently on his shoulder as he would a fractious child. “Shhh, little fire. Everything will be fine. Your fears are ungrounded. You will see this soon.”

Since nothing she said made any difference, Izzy decided she wouldn’t speak to the odious man anymore. She suddenly realized that when the alien took her to his planet, there wouldn’t be anyone left on earth to miss her, except maybe her friend Madge. Her parents had been gone for years and she’d just lost her aunt last week.

If she hadn’t needed to check her aunt’s house and secure it until a realtor could look at it, Izzy wouldn’t have been on this dark country road to begin with and she wouldn’t have been captured by a giant alien determined to turn her into his little alien wifey.

“Where is your father that he would allow his unmarried daughter to travel alone?”

Izzy ignored the question, still unwilling to speak to the monster.

“Isabella?” The warning tone was accompanied by the palm of his hand being placed threateningly on her bottom.

“He’s dead!” she yelled, not willing to risk another of those stinging swats.

Suddenly she was brought down from his shoulder and cradled in his arms so he could look down into her face. “The rest of your family?”

The tenderness in his eyes brought tears she thought long cried out to the surface. “Gone. They’re all gone,” she whispered softly.

Grayson cuddled her tightly to him, kissing her softly on the forehead as if she were already precious to him. “You are no longer alone, Isabella. You never will be again.”

It frightened Isabella how comforted she felt by his arms and words. She suddenly felt blanketed in safety and well-being. This man was dangerous.

“Place your face to my chest, little fire. We are about to transport and it will be less disorienting if you close your eyes.”

That was all the warning she had before the world started spinning. With a squeal she flung her arms about his neck and pressed her face tight to his chest.

* * *

“We are here, little fire. You’re safe.” Grayson smiled down in amusement at the way she clung to him. She might not be ready to accept he was her mate, but she knew instinctively he was her safety.

Izzy looked around curiously. Everything was so white it almost hurt her eyes. “Where are we?”

“My ship. I need to check in on deck and register our bonding with the human-Ramelian board, but first I will drop you by the infirmary so Dr. Pimel can run the standard tests.”

“Tests? I don’t want to!” Izzy suddenly clung to him once again in a panic.

Grayson didn’t understand her fear and simply continued on to the infirmary.

Dr. Pimel was waiting inside the infirmary expectantly. “Commander, congratulations on your marriage. Place her here on the table. My, but she’s a feisty one, isn’t she? A lovely bride indeed.”

The doctor was tall and powerfully built, though he appeared to be quite a bit older than the commander. His hair was all silver and his eyes a piercing blue. Izzy cringed back against Grayson as the doctor peered at her like a specimen under his microscope.

The doctor continued to chatter as Grayson attempted to place Izzy on the table. She clung to him like a monkey, arms and legs wrapped tightly around him to keep from being set down.

“Isabella! Cooperate and lie down on the table,” he instructed firmly.

“No! I won’t! I am not having some alien probe stuck up anywhere! I’ve seen all the documentaries on Area 51 and alien abductions!”

“Alien probe?” Dr. Pimel asked in confusion.

Grayson nodded his head toward the door, dismissing the doctor from the room. The man moved quickly into his office and shut the door.

“Isabella, your behavior is unwarranted and unacceptable. You will cease this at once and submit to your examination.”

“When pigs fly!”

At the end of his rope, Grayson unwound her arms from his neck and grasped her wrists firmly in one hand, then used the other to unwind her legs before sitting himself on the doctor’s stool and dropping her face down across his lap.

“What are you… no-o-o… you can’t!” Izzy wailed as his fingers hooked in the back of her sweatpants and then jerked both them and her panties to her knees.

“I’ve had enough, Isabella. I’ve tried to be lenient and understanding, but you will obey me. Perhaps after a sample of what your defiance will earn, you will behave more appropriately.”

Finished with his lecture, Grayson began to apply the palm of his hand vigorously to the full inviting globes of her upturned backside.

“Owww! Please… don’t… stop… please!” Izzy cried as she wriggled over his lap, trying to avoid his paddle-like hand.

He brought his hard hand down across her upturned cheeks again and again. His little fire reacted to correction exactly as a Ramelian woman would, wriggling her round bottom in a desperate attempt to escape the fire he was rapidly building in her posterior. Knowing the spanking he was delivering to be a relatively mild one, Grayson ignored the pleading cries coming from his now frantically wriggling little mate.

He enjoyed watching her round bottom flatten and spring back with each spank and the way his little mate’s flesh bloomed with increasing color with each well-placed swat.

Grayson took her white bottom from pink to red to crimson before he was satisfied he’d taught the lesson he intended.

He pulled her pants back up and then stood the sobbing Isabella back before him. “Now, do you think you can be a good girl?”

“Yes, sir,” she said with a loud sniffle.

Grayson smiled and cuddled her close, kissing away her tears as he rubbed her back. “There… there… it’s all over. You took your punishment well, little fire. You’re forgiven.”

When her crying turned to miserable little sniffles, Grayson placed her up on the table and called the doctor back to the room.

“Poor dear. She’s overwhelmed, commander. Nothing to worry about. These little earth women appear to be high-strung. First we’ll run a quick scan.”

The scan only took seconds. “All of her organs are in good shape. I’d say she’s about forty earth years and should be able to have a long healthy life with you and produce good offspring. Of course I will need to give her supplement shots for a few weeks until her body becomes used to healthy air and good nutrition. Once those take effect, her organs will renew themselves, including her reproductive system.”

“She said she was unable to have children,” Grayson told the doctor with a frown.

“I’m sure she believed it to be so; the poor air quality and nutrition cause the reproductive organs of the earth females to shut down at an early age. Though their bodies are still functioning, I believe many women on earth choose not to have children after a certain age because of the risk of birth defects. Which are of course another result of poor air quality and nutrition.” The doctor smiled at the commander. “Now, young lady, if you’ll remove your clothing, we can finish your exam.”

Grayson held Isabella in place when she would have jumped from the table. “What kind of examination?” she asked suspiciously.

The doctor patted her lightly on the shoulder before turning away to get gloves and pull something from a drawer. “A pelvic examination so I can look inside and ensure everything is as it should be.”

“No!” Isabella yelled and began to fight Grayson to get off the table.

Grayson easily held his disobedient little mate in place and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Isabella, if I need to spank you again so soon, I will do it in front of the doctor and I won’t stop until you are begging to be examined.”

* * *

Izzy looked up at the giant barbarian in horror; her bottom hurt from the last spanking! She dropped her shoulders in defeat and closed her eyes when she felt Grayson begin to tug off her clothing. She lay completely still, no longer fighting him but not helping either.

When she was laid out completely naked on the table, Izzy squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as she could in an effort to ignore the two men staring down at her nude body.

Izzy wouldn’t have thought she could blush any deeper, but then she felt the doctor grab a nipple in between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, tweaking them sharply.

Her eyes sprang open, mortified to find Dr. Pimel studying her breasts closely as he continued to twist her nipples gently. She wanted to cry as they tightened responding to his clinical examination.

“Good. Very responsive breasts. Full; she’ll definitely be able to nurse a child,” the doctor said before giving each full breast a squeeze then moving on to pull her feet into stirrups.

Izzy wanted to pull her legs back together, but Dr. Pimel quickly strapped her legs into the stirrups and spread them wide until the table locked into place with a loud click.

Knowing she was spread completely open to both men was beyond humiliating. Grayson made a humming sound and leaned down to whisper in her ear again, “You’re doing very well, little fire. Such a beautiful little mate I have. I see how pink and wet you are, naughty girl.”

She gasped as he pinched one of her nipples lightly; feeling the wetness between her thighs added another layer of embarrassment to the situation.

“Her body is very responsive,” Dr. Pimel said as he slid a gloved finger through the slick lips of her labia and skated it across her clit.

Izzy bit back a groan as her hips canted forward in response to the caress, then cried out when two thick fingers sank deep inside her. “Stop! Please!”

“Shhhh… little mate, it will be over in but a moment,” Grayson murmured softly.

The doctor pressed down on her abdomen as he moved the fingers inside of her, pressing deep enough to wring another gasp from her lips. Then it was over and the doctor smiled down at her as he removed his gloves.

“She’s a virgin, a rare find indeed, commander. Everything is in order, she should have no problem breeding healthy babies. No problem at all.”

Izzy sprang from the table as soon as the doctor unclamped her from the straps; thankfully Grayson let go of her shoulders. She wanted to clamp her fingers in her ears to keep from hearing what the doctor had to say. They talked about her like she wasn’t even there!

“Where are my clothes?” she asked, not making eye contact with either man.

Grayson wrapped a blanket around her before scooping her back up in his arms. “The garments you were wearing have been disposed of. I will supply all you need.”

“So I will no longer have anything of my own?” Izzy asked, defeat filling her voice and showing in her posture. She couldn’t see anything positive about the situation. Her thoughts and feelings would obviously mean nothing and she would have nothing; basically she would be nothing.

* * *

Grayson didn’t care for the defeated posture of his mate. She refused to look at him, staring morosely down.

The doctor smiled at him. “This has not been an uncommon response; she will get used to the way we do things. They all do. As this has already been such an emotional day, I would recommend a nap. A good rest and she will wake with a more positive outlook.”

Isabella looked up long enough to glare at the doctor, but thankfully held her tongue. Grayson really didn’t want to have to punish her again so soon.

Grayson thanked the doctor then took his leave, carrying his precious burden to their quarters. He quickly stripped her of the blanket before tucking her into bed. “You will rest now, Isabella.”

She looked up at him for a minute before turning her back and curling into a ball beneath the blankets.

Grayson sat down next to her and watched as the tightness left her shoulders and her body relaxed in sleep.

He’d enjoyed seeing his little mate’s lush figure. She had beautiful full round breasts, a nipped-in waist and a cute belly with lovely rounded hips and thighs. The mate the creator made for him was perfect; Isabella would be an asset to his home and a treasure in his bed.

* * *

Izzy smiled and stretched as she woke cocooned in warmth, then froze when she realized her movements were restricted by the large body wrapped around her own. A male arm wrapped her torso and a heavy leg was thrown across her lower half, leaving her pinned rather possessively to his large body.

She tried not to panic, but then she felt the hot press of his morning arousal against the side of her hip. It was huge! Long and thicker than her wrist; there was no way her body could accommodate such a monster.

Izzy started trying to scoot out from under him in an effort to escape the inevitable and couldn’t suppress a gasp as her tender bottom slid across the sheets. He’d spanked her like a naughty child and then they’d examined her like a brood mare!

Calling him a foul name under her breath, Izzy tried again to slip out from under him, only to gasp in dismay when his hold tightened and he pulled her to lie on top of him.

She barely had a moment to register he was awake before his hand landed on her now exposed backside with a resounding smack that echoed through the room.

“Owww!” Izzy cried, frantically reaching back with both hands to shield her poor bottom from further assault. She’d never thought spanking sounded like a big deal before, but it hurt! Was he going to spank her every time she voiced a thought or opinion?

“I will tolerate neither disrespect nor foul language from you, little fire. Best you learn this lesson quickly for the sake of your bottom,” Grayson said firmly.

“Let me up,” she commanded softly, looking away from him.

“I think it best we lay your fears regarding sex play to rest this morning, little fire. It is time to take you fully and cement our bonded state.”

A look of horror came over her face. “No! We can’t. I don’t know you… no, it isn’t possible.”

A deep chuckle was Grayson’s only response as he rolled her swiftly beneath him on the bed.

This time she screamed and began fighting like a wild dervish, so great was her panic.

* * *

“There is no need for such drama, Isabella. I will not harm you. I promise by the time I join our bodies, you will be begging for my possession.” Grayson frowned as the words he’d intended to reassure her only renewed her struggles with increased desperation.

Grayson was curious instead as to how it could be possible for a woman of her age to still be untouched. “How is it possible you’ve never known the touch of a man, little fire? You are fair of figure and face, how is it no man has breached you as of yet? Your society is known to be freely sharing of their bodies with one another.”

If possible, her body got even stiffer as her back became rigid. “Not everyone is lacking in morals! I always thought to fall in love and sleep with one man. The opportunity just hasn’t happened because despite the fact that you like to call me little, I’m not. I’m fat and unattractive to the men of my world.”

Grayson sat up with a scowl, sitting Izzy on her knees between his thick thighs. “While it is possible the men of your planet are idiots, I will not hear such drivel from your lips again. You’re perfect as you are.”

When Izzy snorted in response, she found herself tossed across his strong left thigh as his hand began to fall with vigor on her cringing bottom.

“I will not hear you call yourself fat or unattractive again, Isabella. You are everything I could have wanted. I can’t wait to lose myself in your lush curves and your lovely face enchants me. Everything about you is beautiful; I even enjoy your penchant for defiance.” Grayson stopped after twenty well-placed swats; this was only a warning and he had other things to show her this morning.

Izzy’s sniffles turned to sighs as his warm hand began to stroke across her punished flesh with broad sweeping strokes, bringing him ever closer to the juncture between her thighs.

His broad palm cupped the inside of one of her legs and drew it over to hang on the other side of his thigh, opening her up to him. Grayson lightly skimmed his fingertips across her wet center. “Little fire, you are already wet for me,” he told her as he pierced her deeply with the smooth thrust of one thick finger.

Izzy mewled in protest, but he felt her body clamping down on his finger as if to welcome it. She gasped as Grayson began to move his finger slowly in and out of her hot channel, her legs spreading further apart in unconscious invitation. His finger began pumping faster as he watched her body tighten, then his thumb stroked across the center of her pleasure and the tension released like a snapped rubber band.

Pressing her face into the bedding, Izzy bit her lip as the pleasure of his touch consumed her; she’d never known such intense pleasure. The few times she’d tried touching herself were nothing compared to his touch.

She gave a soft little scream as her body contracted around his finger. He continued working his finger in and out of her and stroking her clit to wring as much pleasure from her as he could.

Before she could recover from her first orgasm, he shifted her to her back with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. Izzy protested weakly when he knelt on the floor between her spread thighs and lifted her legs to rest on his broad shoulders.

She tried to close her legs, but he was already between them using one hand on her belly to hold her down as the fingers of his other hand spread her labia open. He studied her for a moment before lowering his head to run his tongue up one side and down the other, studiously avoiding her little pearl.

Isabella squirmed and whimpered at the sensations of his tongue gliding across her most private flesh, her whimper turning to a wail when his tongue began to thrust in and out of her opening, wriggling around inside her in an erotic dance.

The palm resting on her stomach moved down to the top of her mound, pressing down rhythmically against her clit as he used his other hand to stretch the skin taut around her channel to intensify the feeling of his tongue as he rimmed her then plunged back inside forcefully.

Soon her hips were rising to meet each thrust of his tongue as she built quickly to another release more shattering than the last. As she cried out his name, Grayson thrust two fingers hard into her still spasming channel, wrapped his lips around her little clit, and sucked.

* * *

Isabella went straight from one orgasm into another and still he kept thrusting his fingers and alternately sucking and licking on the little bundle of nerves. She was struggling to breathe as he pulled his fingers out only to return with a third to stretch her sensitive opening further. Grayson almost groaned as he watched her body’s response grow with each stroke. He ached to sink deep inside her, but knew prolonging their foreplay would give her more pleasure.

Grayson showed no mercy to his little mate, bringing her to fulfillment again and again as she thrashed against his face.

As her sheath convulsed around his fingers for the fifth time, Grayson rose above her and fit the head of his cock to her tight grasping entrance. He groaned at the feeling of the mouth of her sheath sucking at the head of his shaft, her body instinctively trying to pull him inside.

Isabella’s eyes opened wide and she grasped his shoulders in sudden wariness, but before she could even so much as shake her head to deny him, Grayson took her to the hilt with one hard thrust.

She bucked against him, fighting the painful intrusion. Grayson whispered soothing words and praised her, holding still within her as she grew accustomed to his intimate invasion.

Isabella began to shift restlessly against him, obviously still nervous of him but wanting something more. In response Grayson caught her knees over his arms to deepen his penetration; at her gasp of pleasure, he pulled out almost to the tip of his erection then drove back to the hilt with a smooth stroke. The pleasure was almost more than he could bear, but he was determined to make his little mate’s introduction to lovemaking memorable.

He began a long, slow stroke that seemed to quickly drive his little mate out of her mind. She tried to move her hips to take him faster, but the way he held her legs prevented it.

“Please… faster… I need you to go faster!” Isabella said breathlessly.

“You will have everything you need, little fire, and more,” Grayson said, ignoring her pleas to move faster, enjoying taking his time, pulling almost all the way out before gliding slowly back inside. He wanted her to feel every inch as he moved.

Grayson watched her face as he kept up the slow pace, then on an inward stroke he pressed home and ground deeply against her, keeping steady pressure, grinning as her breath caught on a gasp and she came around him. Her sheath fisted tightly around him and milked his cock as her body shuddered.

“You come so beautifully around me, Isabella. I love watching you take me deep,” he told her as he continued to move, smiling at her restless movements beneath him.

He fought the pull of her wet sheath around him with a grit of his teeth. Once she relaxed into the bed, Grayson began again this time alternating his thrusts. One deep and slow, two short and fast.

“Grayson!” she moaned his name softly, the sound of her sweet surrender almost more than he could bear.

Isabella began crying out with every movement. Her body was sensitive to everything he did, the pleasure never ending as she rode from one wave to the next.

Grayson pressed his thumb against her little bundle of nerves, sending her off like a rocket once again. Loving the way she screamed louder with each orgasm.

Grayson lost track of the number of times he made her come. When he withdrew completely from her, he grinned when she sighed with relief, only to yelp in dismay when he simply flipped her over.

Grayson lifted Izzy to her knees while pressing her chest to the bed, looking delightedly at her red swollen folds. He spread her legs further apart, then fitted himself to her once more, taking her in a hard driving thrust.

His little mate cried out anew at the hard driving rhythm. “I can’t again…”

“You can and you will, little fire,” Grayson told her firmly as he took her hard and fast. This time was for both of them and he took her with long deep strokes, pulling out all the way and driving back in until his balls slapped against her tender entrance and his thighs against her hot red bottom.

Grayson cupped a breast in each hand as he rode her, tweaking her tight nipples until they stood out proudly against his hands. She groaned as the new sensation built on top of everything else.

He rode her harder and harder until she unraveled around him again, screaming her pleasure hoarsely. Then as he came, Grayson found her g-spot and rubbed relentlessly against it as he spilled, sending her over the edge one last time.

Isabella’s entire body seemed to seize up with that last grind of pleasure and she came hard, shuddering as fluid gushed from her to mingle wetly with Grayson’s seed. He smiled; it took great pleasure to bring such an orgasm forth from a female.

Grayson withdrew from her, wringing another whimper from Isabella as he took her into his arms. She was asleep almost before he had the covers pulled up around them.

He was most pleased with his little mate, her passion was almost a match for his own. Isabella just didn’t realize it yet. Grayson would enjoy teaching her the depth of her passion. Of course he would need to give her a little rest today as he had taken her hard and she would be sore.

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