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The Daddy She Needed by Shelly Douglas – Sample


December 15, 2015 at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

His expression was grim as he put his beer down on the bar and raised a bushy reddish-blond eyebrow. “You lied to me and approximately nine hundred eighty-six friends of yours on Facebook.”

“I was just trying to fit in, Joe.”

“The stories on your website, the posts on your blog page, the interviews you did with some of the other authors. They were all lies.”

Jill sipped her martini and swirled the taste of cranberry with a hint of fresh lime on her tongue. “Why does it matter how I live my life? Aren’t we in the business of selling books, Mr. McDormand?”

“It matters to me. We’d been e-mailing each other regularly for a year, and I was excited to finally meet you in person since your divorce was final.” His brows knit together as a muscle in his strong jawline flinched.

Carefully, she set her glass down on the bar and swallowed hard. “I should’ve been honest with you…”

“So, you were still in college when your first book was published?”

Jill’s shoulders rose as she sighed. “I graduated from Penn State last year. Right after we became real friends.” Leaning forward, she gently touched his forearm. “I’m assuming you really are divorced, right?”

“Yep. My divorce was final five years ago. We never had kids,” he said before a long dramatic pause. “At least one of us has been telling the truth.”

Her eyelashes lowered. “Come on, I fessed up tonight. Doesn’t that count?”

“Of course, it counts. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t erase the years you lied to me and the entire author community. Why did you feel the need to do that?”

“I didn’t think anyone would take a younger author seriously in this genre. What started out as a hobby turned into a second job for me. Doing work from home in the credit management department of a local steel company pays the bills, but I needed to feel a personal success. And I’d always dreamed of being a writer.”

His thick fingers rubbed the stiff dark jean fabric that covered his thighs as he inhaled deeply. “You never talked about having another career, and I’d often wondered about that.”

“I wasn’t trying to be secretive, but it’s certainly not a glamorous or creative way to spend your day. You’re a much more successful author than I am and probably don’t need the job working for Google to pay the bills.”

“It’s been a good career for me, but only stimulating to a point. The paychecks are great, but since I was a little kid, I’d wanted to become a successful author.” He reached for his beer and tilted the amber-shaded bottle in her direction. “There’s just something about taking those creative juices and surging them into a storyline that makes me feel alive. But Jill, we’re talking about a code of ethics, here…”

“You’ve probably never noticed that women chat about their dominant husbands on Facebook,” she said, stretching her eyebrows skyward. “It can turn into a damn bragfest of who calls their husband Daddy, or which author got spanked with a belt for doing something without their DH’s approval. Of course, once you and I became friends, it seemed like it would be almost impossible to undo the damage I’d already done and I came up with the idea of being separated.”

“Most of us hide behind pen names because of the type of genre we write, and I understand that publishing fiction is a competitive business. But real friends are honest with each other. You had plenty of time to come clean with your story. Didn’t you trust me to keep your secret?”

“I’m really sorry. Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive and forget?”

As he glared at her, his lips thinned before taking another sip of his beer.

“That’s what real friends do, right?”

“In my opinion, real friends know each other. I remember reading in one of your posts that you graduated from high school twenty years ago.”

“But I never actually wrote that in an e-mail to you,” she defended, lowering her eyelashes.

“Did it ever occur to you how old I might be? I’ve got to be twice your age.”

“I’m twenty-two… and a half,” she admitted, nervously wringing her hands. “Please don’t be angry with me. You traveled all the way from Texas so we could hang out together in the city this weekend. Come on, it’s light up night, for God’s sake. Doesn’t the start of the Christmas season sound like a good occasion for forgiveness?”

“Forgiveness,” he echoed thoughtfully, running thick fingers along the ginger-shaded stubble of his jawline. “I believe the answer you’re looking for could be found in one of those domestic discipline ageplay books you write.”

“Please tell me you’re kidding…”

Joe’s arms crossed in front of his broad chest. “Maybe it’s time you experienced a good hard spanking. You know, like the ones you describe in all your novels. Like the kind you never had,” he declared with a fevered intensity, his cornflower blue eyes boring directly into hers.

She glanced both ways, checking to make sure no one at the bar was listening to their conversation. “You can’t be serious,” she whispered as chills of excitement and embarrassment bolted through her simultaneously.

“You’re the one who pens the books, baby girl,” he deadpanned, inclining his head toward hers. “It’s your decision.”

Baby girl? Is he serious?

Inhaling a deep, shivering breath, she paused to contemplate his words before a blush rose in her cheeks. “And then you’ll forgive me and stay the whole weekend?”

His wink was subtle. “Yep, just like we planned. Let’s go up to my room where we can discuss this in private,” Joe uttered in a low-key voice as he helped her off the barstool.

Together, they walked across the lobby, headed toward a band of elevators, and entered the first one that opened. Nervously, she crossed her arms and watched him push the twenty-fourth floor button before eyeing him up and down as he stepped backward to stand next to her. Until that moment she hadn’t taken note of his large stature, but standing next to him she felt small and vulnerable compared to his tall, muscular frame.

Dear God, what did I get myself into?

When their elevator ride ended and the automatic door opened, there was a deafening silence as he motioned with his large hand for her to exit. She trailed two steps behind him to his room, her bottom lip quivering from the embarrassment of the situation and the possibility that he might not forgive her. And she couldn’t stop it from trembling.

Fuck! He must know how nervous I am!

After waving a plastic card in front of the keypad to unlock it, he looked at her with grave disappointment. “Go inside and wait for me on the bed.”

Obviously, it had been wrong to lie to all the other authors, but Jill knew there was another reason why he was upset. Walking into the spacious hotel suite, she remembered many of their personal e-mails in which she and Joe had discussed the concept of trust and how important it was in a relationship.

Why didn’t I just tell him the truth from the beginning?

After sitting on the king-sized bed with her head down, she peered up at him as he strolled out of the bathroom and watched as he calmly sat beside her.

“Jill, there are times when everyone worries they don’t fit in, but why did you think the answer to that problem would be to lie about how you live? We’ve known each other for three years, and I’ve always done my best to make you feel comfortable in this competitive business we work in. What were you thinking?”

“Well, I was thinking that no author in our genre would accept me for who I really am—a twenty-two-year-old single writing novice that has never indulged in this lifestyle. That’s what I was thinking,” she snapped.

Jesus, why can’t I ever keep my big mouth shut?

“I still can’t believe you couldn’t have faith in our friendship. Even if you didn’t trust me in the beginning, there were plenty of opportunities to tell me the truth in our personal e-mails, so I could’ve helped you work through your issues. The lies you’d been telling were childish and disrespectful on so many levels.”

Jill’s lip started to tremble again as her golden-brown eyes filled with tears.

“You just earned yourself a real disciplinary spanking, and then you’ll spend some time in that corner over there with your skirt lifted, thinking about how you dealt with this situation in such an immature fashion,” he scolded, raising an eyebrow.

Holy shit! Is he joking?

Blinking back the tears, she bravely crossed her arms and couldn’t help but wonder if they were just playing out a scene from one of her books. “Do I have a choice?”

“Yes, of course you do. You can take your punishment—which, by the way, should make you feel better and give us a clean slate—or you can say no, which will mean to me that you’re doubting a DD relationship is a good fit for us. We both checked into this hotel separately, and I can walk you to your own room right now if you wish…”

Jill sprang to her feet, took two steps backward, and looked him in the eye, hoping that he’d bust out laughing and say Gotcha!

But instead, he calmly patted his muscular thigh and returned her intense stare. “Would you rather I come and get you?”

“No,” she managed to murmur through a nervous giggle. In that split second, she was apprehensive, but at the same time, perversely turned on by the idea of being taken over his knee.

“Good. Then come here and let’s get this done,” he said in an authoritative tone, drumming his fingers on the white quilted duvet.

Compliantly but reluctantly, she stepped forward to bend herself across his lap and he instantly positioned her, making sure Jill’s backside was conveniently high and in place. It was difficult to keep her mind from vacillating. She was embarrassed at how she submitted to his guttural command, while at the same time, she basked in his dominance.

For some reason, she thought he would begin with a long, drawn-out lecture. But instead, he gently patted her hip and asked one question in a low and serious voice.

“Are you going to trust me from now on?”

“Yeah,” she responded in a tone that was barely above a whisper.

“Yeah?” he parroted. “I think the author of ageplay spanking novels can be much more respectful than that when she’s about to have her little bottom smacked.”

Peering over her shoulder, she watched the dark pupils in his icy blue eyes dilate with intensity.

Jesus. What is he looking for? Is he trying to see into my soul?

Wrapping one arm snug around Jill’s waist so her wiggling body couldn’t escape his lap, his other hand raised her silky skirt before it came crashing down repeatedly across the center of her panty-clad rear end.

“Oh, my God, that hurts! Please stop. I promise never to lie to you again!” she pleaded. Though she’d never been so embarrassed in her life, there was something seductive about being bent over his lap, and her heart skipped a beat as her sex clenched tight with desire.

Obviously, Joe was paying no attention to her theatrical pleas. With his leg tipping her ass up higher, the elastic on her cotton panties rose as he smacked the top of each thigh. And while the burning sensation spread through her milky-white skin from his unyielding firm palm, tears brimmed her eyes as she writhed and wriggled, trying to get free from his strong grip.

“Please stop!” she begged. “It hurts! Fuck! That hurts!”

“I’m sure it does, and you might want to watch the language while you’re across my knee,” he warned before smoothing and patting her tender inflamed cheeks.

Thank God, it’s all over. Jesus. I’ve never been so humiliated in my whole damn life!

“I’m taking down your panties now, Jilly, so you can experience a good hard spanking on your bare bottom.” Hooking his thumbs under the lace waistband of the cotton fabric, he slid them down her thighs and placed his large hand on her very warm, undoubtedly bright pink, bare behind.

She craned her neck and glared at him as though he was insane. “God, are you crazy? Wasn’t that enough?”

“It will be enough when I say it is. Now, tell me why I need to discipline you, young lady.”

“B-Because I lied to you?” she sputtered in a small cracked voice.

Instantly, Joe delivered a brisk slap to her rear end as he continued their conversation in a casual tone of voice. “And…”

“I deceived the entire author community?”

Another sharp smack to her poor ass landed again. “And…”

“Oh, God! I’m sorry I didn’t trust that you would help me resolve the situation,” she whimpered as her eyes leaked tears of embarrassment.

His broad, heavy palm repeatedly smacked her poor reddened behind as she begged and cried for him to stop. Except for constantly warning her to stay in position, his lecture seemed to have ended, but it was becoming clear that he wasn’t anywhere near finished disciplining her. Joe’s hand rose and fell hard onto every inch of Jill’s bottom, and then he swatted the tender skin underneath each burning mound twice to teach her an important lesson about honesty.

“Jesus, Joe. Please stop! I said I’m sorry!” Fuck. I can smell my soaked pussy, and it feels like I’m bouncing up and down on a cast-iron rod that’s lengthening underneath me. Is he punishing me, or seducing me?

Though his square jaw was clenched and her face was wet with tears, it was clear that they were both aroused as hell. Out of pure exhaustion, she eventually stopped trying to escape from his firm grip and slumped over his knees. Then he reached down and smacked her poor bare ass again.

“Nose in the corner.”

There was no need to explain to Jill how to stand against a wall—they both knew she’d written it plenty of times. Shaking her head in disbelief, she stumbled across the room in high-heeled black suede boots with pink panties pooled around her knees. After putting her nose in the corner, she lifted her skirt back up to display a crimson-shaded bottom and posed herself in that embarrassing position while he threaded his hands through her hair, angling his mouth toward her ear.

“You will stand here for the next ten minutes, young lady, and think about your immature behavior,” he whispered before returning to sit on the bed.

Though her nod was contrite, her mind whirled in confusion. Is he really into this sort of thing? This isn’t what he writes.

When the time was up, Joe stood beside her and applied one last hard swat to her naughty behind.

“Hey! I thought my punishment was over!” she protested, rubbing the sting from her sensitive skin.

“You are forgiven for all your inappropriate behavior, sweet girl. Now, pull your underpants up, so we can watch them light up the city and kick off the holidays as I promised we would.”

But those were not the words she wanted to hear him speak at that moment. Jill’s labia had become slick in an abundance of slippery juices, and she had high hopes that they’d be enjoying some earth-shattering sex to complete their lustful scene.

“But Joe…”

“No buts,” he said before smacking her ass one last time. “Pull up your panties and behave yourself.”

Chapter One

Three months later in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

As Jill’s white Subaru pulled into the garage, the kitchen door opened and her handsome boyfriend watched with interest as she stumbled out of the car.

“Shall I assume you overindulged at the bar with your friends?” Joe’s arms were crossed in front of his massive chest and his eye seemed to be twitching.

Although a voice in Jill’s mind begged her to remain silent, her smart mouth paid no attention as her head swerved to meet his firm gaze. “I spent four hours this afternoon writing three damn chapters that didn’t make any sense and received a one-star review on Goodreads, stating that the scenes in my last book were disjointed. Drinking two Campari martinis was the smartest decision I’ve made all day and I’m standing by it. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m truly exhausted and need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and we can continue this adorable discussion early in the morning after we check our book stats and social media pages.” She quickly spun on her heels and made a dash for the hall steps.

“Stop right there, Jillian Rae. This conversation is far from ending.”

He hadn’t scolded her in that authoritative tone since they’d met at the Fairmont Hotel, and the use of her full name stopped Jill dead in her tracks. As she swiveled in his direction, her palms bravely found the curves above her hips, but just the glare in his blazing blue eyes had her buttocks clenching as he got closer.

“E-Exactly what kind of conversation do you have in mind?”

“I’m thinking maybe it’s time for a change in our relationship.”

Jill’s hands dropped to her sides as a frown instantly appeared on her lips. “You want to move out because I drove home after having a couple of drinks?”

“I moved in two months ago because we wanted to live together instead of flying fourteen hundred miles to see each other on the weekends, and I have no intentions of leaving, young lady. But you know better than to drink and drive, so what I’m witnessing tonight is either a cry for attention or outright disobedience. I just can’t figure out what’s going on with you.”

She raised a sculpted eyebrow. Young lady?

He scrubbed a hand across his face as a crooked smile appeared. “Do you remember our first night together?”

She giggled and threw her large leather handbag onto the gray granite counter. “Are you kidding? I was nervous as hell sleeping in that hotel room with you. Even though you said you’d never lived a dark BDSM lifestyle, I had a hard time believing it. After all, I’ve read every book you’d ever written, and they’re so damn descriptive.”

“We did have one hell of a conversation that night. I should try and slip that banter into my next novel…”

“Maybe I could beta read your next book before it goes to the editor and make sure the conversations are accurate,” she teased.

He pondered a quick thought before his eyebrow shot up. “Aside from the dialogue, we could try out a few strict punishment scenes to see if they’d work in real life…”

“Forgive me for interrupting, but what exactly is going on in that twisted mind of yours?” she asked incredulously, watching him finger the heavy leather belt that was nestled inside the loops of his khakis.

“I do love to create stories about sexy mafia kidnappings, but so far, that gray line of dubious consent has only come from the creative side of my imagination.”

She chuckled nervously as he cupped her chin in his palm. “Really?”

“Mmm hmmm. But lately, I’ve been thinking that the daddy/little girl lifestyle you’re composing might need to become more of a reality for you,” he continued, drawing her face closer. “I’m beginning to wonder if you might want to live that way. Is it a secret fantasy of yours?”

“After spending that night together in the hotel, I couldn’t get the scene we played out of my mind.” Her cheeks blushed with embarrassment at the vivid memory of him taking her over his knee. “I got my first disciplinary spanking for lying, and then you forgave me,” she remembered, touching the pendant on her necklace thoughtfully. “At the time, I wondered if it was just some innocent roleplay between authors. But now…”

He angled his head and met her curious gaze with a gleam in his eyes. “If we were going to have a real relationship that went beyond e-mails and social media, I thought it was important for us to do some exploring,” he said, with a twirl of her small body.

Instinctively, Jill clenched her ass and closed her eyes, but she still had to wonder if he was serious. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Oh, God, is he going to spank me? For real?

“Now that we’ve been living together for a couple of months, I think it’s necessary to get to the heart of the matter and not be afraid of who we really are. Don’t you agree?” he asked, landing a sharp smack straight across her round buttocks protruding from the soft jean fabric.

Whirling in his direction, she reached her delicate fingers back to rub her smarting hind end. “Are you fucking insane, Joe? That hurt!”

“My suggestion would be to stop talking and march that naughty little bottom upstairs. I think a red backside poking out of a corner should wipe out any remaining confusion you might be experiencing about drinking and driving not mixing in my book.”

Though her expression was one of disbelief, she pressed her thighs together as a strange desire surged through her. “But I didn’t think you had an interest in a domestic discipline relationship. For God’s sake, the subject hasn’t come up once since you moved in. Not to mention that you’d never shared an internet post in that genre, or reviewed any of my books. How many stories of mine have you read?”

“Ahh, I’ve been a closet fan since your first book was published three years ago,” he retorted, raising his eyebrows. “Jillian Rae Walsh, has the alcohol also impaired your hearing?” Swerving her petite physique around one more time, he swatted each cheek with a firm hand before following her up the stairs.

As he kneeled in front of her while she sat on the large bed, Joe’s crystal blue eyes tangled with hers. “Haven’t we talked about the dangers of drinking and driving?” he asked with a softness in his voice. “Were you testing me?”

She looked both ways, avoiding his stare.

“Never mind. I already have my answer.” He raised her chin with two fingers. “Stand up and slide down your pants,” he instructed in a no-nonsense tone.

“Aren’t we supposed to have a conversation first?”

Suspecting that she was stalling for time, an amused expression played at the corner of his lips. “Hmm… now you want more dialogue?” He paused to think and began to speak slowly. “Let’s see, if this was one of your spanking romance stories, how many rules would the heroine have broken today?”

She stood and crossed her arms. “Two.”

“Try again,” he said with a quiet patience.

“Okay, three if you count that I didn’t text you back right away.”

“Now close your eyes and try to imagine what will happen if I have to take those pants down myself.”

“Jesus.” Her face radiated a bright shade of crimson as she unbuttoned and peeled her straight-leg jeans down to her knees.

Trading places, he sat down on the edge of the bed and with a hand wrapped around her waist, tossed her five-foot-two-inch petite frame across his lap. As he laid his palm onto Jill’s rump, her smooth, cool skin had him imagining that his hot shaft was thrusting deep inside her, but when she slyly rubbed her pussy against his thigh, he came to his senses and gave her a sharp warning.

“Enough,” he ordered along with a quick slap of admonishment to her buttocks. “I did not put you over my knee for fun.”

It had been three months since he’d placed her in that embarrassing position and he couldn’t help but muse over several other ways he could discipline her naughty little bottom.

Oh, God, would I love to slide my cock into this gorgeous ass…

But all of Joe’s inner thoughts immediately ceased as she made a valiant attempt to get away, squirming and writhing over the soft khaki fabric that covered his muscular thighs. “This is crazy! You’ve made your point! Please let me go!” she pleaded and squealed, but his hold on her small body was steadfast.

With fingers curled under the elastic of her striped cotton thong, he shucked it down her legs and landed a brisk swat across her luscious hind end. “Are you kidding? I’m just getting started.”

“Come on, that hurt!”

“I’m sure. It did. Do you. Have anything. Else. You’d like to. Say to me?” Her backside fluttered as he spanked each side repeatedly, matching almost every other measured word with a swat from his rock-hard hand. “Because I can listen and tan your hide at the same time,” he stated with a glint in his eyes as he punctuated his final thought with two heavy swats onto the back of her legs.

“Oow! That hurts!” she wailed.

“That’s it? That’s all you got? Funny, that smart mouth of yours was much more articulate when you questioned my fucking sanity,” he said, his unyielding palm raining down multiple smacks to the sensitive curve beneath her bottom.

“Jesus Christ!” she howled at the top of her lungs.

“Well, well, well. That’s more like the Jilly Walsh I know and love. But may I remind you that this bedroom window is open and the whole neighborhood doesn’t need to hear me discipline you.”

She tried to wriggle her way off his lap, but he held on tight. His six-foot, three-inch, two-hundred-twenty-five-pound physique wasn’t allowing her too much movement. “I get it, Joey! I get it,” she muttered in a small voice.

“With a couple of martinis in your bloodstream, it took a little more time than I’d expected for you to come around. It’s been way too long since I punished your beautiful behind.”

“If you remember, a part of me thought we were just playing out a scene that night in the hotel,” she said, the tears brimming the lids of her eyes. “Can I get up now?”

“No, you may not. I’m nowhere near finished.”

Wriggling back and forth, she tried to get free from him, but he held onto her waist with steeled determination. “You’ve been in dire need of a smacked bottom, and I believe I’m the best man for the job,” he scolded with a sly expression. “Now hold still, and take your punishment like a big girl. You earned it, and once again, you’re going to receive the type of sound spanking you’ve become so creative at describing,” he continued as his resolute hand bounced from one inflamed cheek to the other.

“Fuck!” she screamed out. “My ass is on fire!”

“Your language is only going to get you into more trouble, young lady,” he firmly advised in a low gravelly voice before his open hand landed another sharp chastisement to her fluttering buttocks. The sight of her blushing hind end had his aching erection practically leaping out of his pants, but in the quick minute that he had gazed at her adorable upturned bottom, Jill jolted upward, trying to break away from his grasp.

“Lie back down,” Joe warned in a dark voice, applying another swat across her reddened cheeks. Watching intently as she instantly slumped in submission, his eyes glittered from her quick response.

“Good girl,” he said, repositioning her hips across his thighs, securing his leg over both of hers. “Now behave yourself, or the next sound you hear will be a belt being pulled from the loops of my pants,” he added, administering two swift smacks to her pert, round globes.

Peering up at him, her tears started to flow, and as she continued wiggling and jerking from side to side trying to get free, she jutted her hands out to protect her delicate backside.

“And let’s keep these out of the way.” He deftly grabbed her wrists in one hand and quickly landed several hard swats onto her cherry-red behind with the other.

“Jesus! I can’t do this anymore!” she squealed, lurching about, revealing her needy, slick pussy in the process.

“Okay, okay. It’s all over. You can relax, my little drama queen,” he soothed, caressing his palm onto her inflamed ass while tipping her forward to lustfully admire her swollen sex. As she stopped crying and her breathing returned to normal, he pulled her up into his lap and ran thick fingers through her short, layered hair.

“You haven’t had a release like that since our night at the Fairmont, but it seems you’ve been needing one,” he whispered, folding her head under his chin.

Jill’s wet eyelashes lowered, her face glowing with heat. “I was beginning to wonder if you still cared enough.”

“So, you have been testing me. Well, now that we both have affirmative answers to the questions on the table, I think it’s time for your fantasies to become a reality, baby girl,” he said, raising her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes.

Jill’s thoughts whirled in her brain as she tried to compose herself, wishing she could erase the heady scent of her lust that was permeating the air. “Wait a minute. Is this really what you want?” she asked through tight lips, her cheeks burning with embarrassment while her pussy shamefully dripped with desire onto his pants.

His calm countenance was gentle and inviting as he lovingly pressed his forehead to hers. “Mmm hmm.”

Though the low rumble in his voice caused her insides to flutter, a shadow of doubt followed in the depth of her glistening eyes. “So, why are you writing scorching hot novels filled with kidnapping and dubious consent sex scenes? I always figured that kind of stuff yanked your chain. When we talked about it in the hotel, you said that sort of thing fueled your creativity.”

While repositioning her on his lap, his eyebrow shot up as he took note of a soaked stain on his light-shaded khakis from her arousal. “I can’t deny that there’s an energy I get from creating dark erotica stories and it does tend to keep my fingers flying. But I also get that same surge from reading murder mysteries. Tell me, do you think James Patterson is a serial killer?”

“No, but…”

“Sometimes our personal fantasies are not what we share with the outside world. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been a fan of yours since you were first published. Can you understand why?”

After a shivering inhale, she managed a sweet, “Yeah. I guess so.”

Smiling, he drew her into his brawny chest and gave her a loving squeeze. “Come on, kitten, we both know you can do better than that.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her face glowing with heat. “But…”

He kissed her wet cheek before squirming to shift his weight from side to side, attempting to readjust the throbbing ache between his legs. And then he helped her off his lap and patted her rosy behind. “I want that beautiful nose in the corner.”

As she craned her neck, Jill’s tear-filled eyes met his unnerving stare. “You can’t be serious.”

“I certainly am, and there you’ll stand with your red-hot bottom extended for the next fifteen minutes.”

As she sat on the floor, attempting to remove the tight jeans that had gathered around her ankles, she quietly mumbled a string of obscenities.

“Excuse me. Did you say something?”

She peered up at him through her long, copper-shaded bangs. “Nope, not a word,” she lied defiantly.

He helped her up from the floor and landed a loud slap onto her fiery buttocks. “That’s for the smart mouth, young lady. In the future, you might want to remember that my lip-reading skills are impeccable. Now walk across that room and behave yourself.”

As Jill leaned her forehead against the wall, she felt him tap the sensitive flesh on her hot backside.

“Do I need to remind you to push your hind end out?” he whispered in her ear as his fingertip trailed down the crack in between her two mounds and stopped to press into her tiny, crinkled rosebud. “I have a lovely piece of ginger that I bought in the grocery store today. And it seems to have your name on it.”

“Imagine that. Did you pay extra for it to be personalized?” she muttered facetiously under her breath as she hollowed out her back and presented her reddened cheeks while silently cursing the fact that the spicy note of her arousal was still in the air.

“You are a naughty, naughty girl,” he grated through a wolfish grin, tickling her swollen saturated pussy lips with the tip of his finger. “And look how wet you are. I think your own lubrication would do nicely for the plug’s insertion.”

She bucked backward, urging him to delve deeper into her wanton cunt. “Joey, please. I promise never to drink and drive again.”

“The next time you deliberately disobey me, you’ll be experiencing a fiery burn inside your bottom instead of writing about it. And you can take that warning to the bank,” he advised, landing one last hard swat across her stinging ass.

“Okay, Joey, okay,” she whimpered in a childlike voice, her face blushing bright red.

“God, I love cuddling with you like this,” she cooed, tucking her small head under his bristly chin.

He chuckled, rocking her back and forth as they sat in the large overstuffed chair together. “Even with a sore backside?”

“I’ve been taunting you with bad behavior since you left Houston to come live with me,” she admitted. “And you’ve been putting up with all my antics for two months.”

“I tried being patient with you, but your decision to drink and drive finally pushed me over the edge. The next time you decide to test me, maybe pick something a little less dangerous, eh?” he said, giving her a loving squeeze. “And while we’re on the subject, the games can come to an end. Although I must admit that the brat in you does tend to stoke a fire in me,” he added, adjusting his position in the chair to accommodate the huge bulge in his pants.

A shy smile lifted the corner of her mouth as she eyed the tented fabric between his legs. “I’ve been waiting for someone to really understand me…”

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you write that type of fiction. Even though you never practiced it, on some level, writing about this way of life is cathartic for you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said, nuzzling her cheek against his chest.

“I always had a feeling we’d be a good fit. Your insolent behavior in the last two months was pretty telling of your need for someone who would protect and love you like a daddy. You never commented on the way I disciplined you in the hotel for lying, and it was kind of awkward to bring it up later in conversation. Even though you had written that type of scene so many times, I wasn’t sure how you’d react to having your bottom bared.”

“I’d never been able to get that evening out of my head, but didn’t know how to approach the subject.” Her cheeks reddened to a shade of scarlet and her eyes filled with tears as she shrugged. “It was just too embarrassing to admit that I’d been wanting to live that kind of lifestyle.”

“Well, you don’t need to test me anymore. You’ve got to trust that I’m not going anywhere. I love you, Jilly, and I’m staying right here.”

Lifting her head, she found it difficult to meet his soulful blue eyes. “Someday, I’ll tell you why my whole world was shattered into a million pieces. Why I create the sugar-coated happy-ever-after endings.”

“When you’re ready, I’ll be right here to listen,” he whispered, inclining his mouth to her ear.

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