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The Dragon King’s Pet by Loki Renard – Sample


“You have been a very naughty girl, haven’t you, my pet?”

A deep voice growled the words in a resonant timbre that made the object of his censure quiver with equal parts excitement and fear. Powerful and massive, the dragon loomed over the sweet curves of a young woman who tossed her head, her wide golden eyes appealing for clemency with puppy dog intensity. It did not work. Her bare bottom received another hard slap, the mark of the dragon’s palm blooming beautifully with all the others as she arched and squealed for mercy she truly did not deserve.

Blonde hair fell over her face in a golden cascade and was pushed back by the large hand of the dragon who possessed her. He tucked it behind her ear in a gentle gesture at odds with the stern punishment he was imparting.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped, looking up at him with wide eyes. “You know I’m sorry.”

“I know very little when it comes to you, pet. You are a continual surprise,” he growled gently. “I think I have you trained and yet again you misbehave. I am beginning to believe that you enjoy being disobedient. I am starting to think it is a trait common to all humans.”

Her cry was one of pleasure and pain mixed together as his palm met her bottom again, stinging punishment that made her squirm with need.

“It wasn’t my fault,” she moaned. “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that… you know I didn’t know…”

“You knew well enough,” the regal man intoned. “You know you have earned this. You’ve practically begged for it, haven’t you.”

“Yes, your majesty,” she moaned, her eyes half closed in ecstasy as his hands traced over her spellbound body.

“You are a mischievous little thing,” he rumbled, scruffing the hair at the back of her neck. “You know I tolerate a certain amount of play, pet, but I will never tolerate outright disobedience. Your will must bend to mine, or you will pay the price.”

Her eyes ran over his handsome frame with a hunger beyond mere mortal desire. The same expression hung in her gaze. She was yet to be taken and remained virginal, a frustration that grew by the day, hour, the very minute as this man kept her captive and toyed with her senses. He had taken her for his own, preserved her chastity even as he tore orgasm after orgasm from her sweat-shined body.

Now he went to his knees and blew gently against the straining bud between her thighs and a soft jet of warm air made her tingle. This man controlled the very elements as easily as he controlled the ebb and flow of her pleasure. Now he did both at the same time, streams of heat and then cold passing over the most tender parts of her sex until she cried out for release.

“You are so naughty,” he repeated sternly, his eyes lit with a love for this reckless young woman whose body begged for mating. Her juices of desire were dripping from her sex, forming little droplets on the hot bud of her clit.

“Please… take me… now…”

“Not yet, pet,” the dragon chuckled. “Not quite yet.”

Chapter One

“So are you coming, Mikkie? Tell me you are. It won’t be the same without you. It won’t even be fun.” Traci Markersham, a pretty blonde with wide blue eyes pouted at Mika Ferrier with an expression designed to make even the most stoic of resolutions melt before its power.

“I want to come,” Mika sighed. “But my mom wants me to study before I get to college, and my dad wants me to stay in the city.”

“Your parents are the biggest downers, Mikkie,” Traci sighed. “You need to ditch them already.”

The young women were sitting in Mika’s bedroom, on the top floor of a New York townhouse, a room festooned with all of the trappings of wealth. Her closet was full of clothes, many of which had never been worn; she had every electronic device that had come out in the past year, and some that hadn’t even come out yet. The walls held pictures of her riding horses, sailing, skiing, and of course, modeling.

She had been spotted by a talent scout at sixteen and for the past two years had been taking every job her parents had actually allowed her to take, which wasn’t many. Her mother didn’t believe it was a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, and her father seemed perplexed by the whole industry, but they didn’t forbid it completely. They wanted the best for her, she knew that. They loved her fiercely and they had given her everything they could.

A part of her felt guilty for letting Traci speak this way about her parents, but another part, the stronger, more rebellious part, kept control of her tongue. Traci was right from her perspective. Her parents let her do whatever she wanted. Hers never seemed to notice her at all, in fact. They were far too busy with their lives—social, professional, and otherwise.

“My parents are paying me to go to Ibiza for the summer,” Traci gloated. “My mom sent me out with her personal shopper to get ready. I got the cutest little skirt. It’s so short. It covers literally nothing. I can’t wait to wear it out.”

Mika giggled. Traci was always pushing the limits, and making it look good. She had been jealous of Traci for years, ever since they met in the third grade. Even back then, Traci had been the bravest and the boldest, leading their little group into trouble over and over again. Now they were free of high school, had their lives ahead of them, and Traci’s instinct for trouble was about to lead Mika astray. And Mika was probably going to let it, like she always did.

Her father really didn’t like her association with Traci, nor did her mother, but Traci’s father was a senator and her mother an heiress to a butter fortune and as a result they all moved in the same social circles.

“I don’t know,” Mika said. “I mean, can you really be drunk and dance for a whole summer?”

“If we get tired of alcohol, there’s always other things,” Traci said, her eyebrows lifting suggestively.

“I don’t know, Traci,” Mika said dubiously. “I don’t want to get into anything too crazy.”

“Anything too crazy, like sex with a guy,” Traci grinned teasingly. “Mika, this is the summer you become a woman. You’ve never done anything interesting or fun.”

Mika glanced at the pictures of her adventures and wanted to argue, but she knew what Traci meant. She’d never had sex and she’d never done drugs, and both those things were apparently prerequisites for adulthood in the eyes of every teenager she knew.

“It’s my parents. They don’t let me do anything,” Mika complained, twirling a strand of her blonde hair. Copper roots gave away the fact that she was naturally a redhead, but she had started dying it a highlighted blonde just to be different. Well, maybe not entirely different from all the other pretty girls, but different from her parents, which was all that really mattered. “I mean, I know the legal age is twenty-one for clubs and stuff, but I’ve been to Europe and they drink at sixteen there.”

“Your dad’s from Europe, right?”

Mika shrugged. “Something like that,” she said. “Some country with some name I never remember. He doesn’t like to talk about it. We never went wherever he’s from. We just usually went to France on a holiday, and he’s definitely not French. He didn’t speak a word of it.”

“Maybe he did something messed up back there,” Traci said. “There’s all kinds of weird stuff that happened in Europe, like the soviet states and, yannow, things?”

“I don’t think so,” Mika said. “He never does anything wrong. He’s the most straitlaced guy I know. He follows every single rule he can. And he makes me follow them too.”

“Yeah, your dad’s hot, but he’s boring,” Traci said.

Mika let the comment about her dad’s hotness slide. There were rumors that Traci had slept with some of their friends’ fathers, but her dad was an exception. He didn’t have any time at all for girls like Traci; in fact, he barely seemed to notice she existed.

They fell into a short silence in which Mika thought about Traci’s vacation plans. It did sound like fun. It would be the first time she’d been so far away on her own, but it was time she stepped out from under her parents’ wings.

“Okay, so I don’t think they’re going to say yes, but I don’t care,” Mika said. “I’m going. I’m eighteen now. I can do what I want. And what I want to do is spend the next month in Ibiza. I want to get out of this city and onto a beach.”

“Yay!” Traci clapped her hands together eagerly. “We’re going to have so much fun, and we’re going to meet so many hot guys. Guys from all over the world.”

“Better than the same ten guys we’ve known since forever,” Mika said with a dramatic yawn. “I can’t wait to meet someone new.”

“You can’t wait to lose your virginity, you mean,” Traci beamed. “I am going to make it my mission to get you laid, Mikkie.”

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