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The Little Princess Cruise by Megan Michaels – Sample

The Little Princess Cruise by Megan MichaelsChapter One

Nine days earlier

Gabrielle and Jace were so excited for their week long Little Princess Cruise; they had been feeling alone in the Daddy/little area of their life and were hoping to make some lasting friendships on this trip. Gabby (as she was called when she was his little girl) and Jace had been married for six years and had slowly evolved into the age play arena. They knew when they met that domestic discipline was something they desired in their marriage and it had worked well. Over time, however, they became aware that there was a side of their relationship that was only fulfilled with age play scenes, and there were many days they wished there were other couples around to discuss their questions and concerns. Gabby knew that Jace desired this as much as she did.

The one area that they struggled with—not often, but enough—was the fact that Gabby was Jace’s boss during the week. Gabby came from wealth and carried herself that way. Jace said he had been attracted to her grace and power. He loved nothing more than harnessing power. It was like catching the wind or roping a bull. The challenge was attractive to him and he loved watching a powerful woman submit and give up control. The advertising business that she owned was a family business. Her father had started it from the ground up and spent many years training Gabrielle at his knee.

She was definitely Daddy’s girl and adored her father, but her father often succumbed to Gabrielle’s manipulation and tears.

One day in a meeting, before Jace and Gabby had begun dating, Gabby and her father were reviewing year-end statistics, budgets, and plans for the upcoming year. Gabby’s father was not pleased with one of the spending accounts and became angry, looking Gabrielle’s way with concern and disappointment.

“Gabrielle, you know that’s an exorbitant amount of money to be spent on supplies and coffee for the building. I never allowed such frivolity. I’m still the owner of this business and I can and will use my power to show my only child how to run a business if I feel it’s necessary. Is it necessary that I intervene and take over the spending accounts, Gabrielle Marie?”

She swallowed, looking at the staff present for this uncomfortable interchange. “No, Daddy. It isn’t necessary. I’ve been running this business and making a profit for three years now. You said you were proud of me. Aren’t you still proud of me?” Gabby’s eyes were welling with tears and she grabbed a tissue and held it to her lips. If she looked away and let a tear fall down her face, her father would back down. He always did.

“Yes, Gabrielle, of course I’m pleased with you and I’m always proud of my baby girl. If you need me to help you, you’ll let me know, right? You won’t hesitate to ask your daddy questions, right?”

Gabby smiled, putting the tissue into the trash and quickly ran over to her daddy, kissing him on the cheek and said. “I always rely on you, Daddy, you know that. You’re the smartest and best person I know for business. I couldn’t do this without you! Mwah!” she kissed him loudly and walked out of the office with a lilt to her step.

Later the same day, Gabby had to go to Jace’s office to check on some advertising work he was doing. She walked in and was greeted with a stern look. At least that’s what Gabby thought the look was. He had dropped his chin and leaned back in his leather chair, tapping a pencil on his desktop.

“Are you better, Gabrielle?” Jace asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Better? What do you mean?” Gabby’s eyebrows were furrowed and she genuinely felt confused by the question.

“Your father had you so upset at the meeting this morning. You were in tears. I was concerned that your spirit had been injured or that your father mistreated you on a regular basis. Are any of those the case?”

“Oh, that! That was nothing.” Gabby waved her hand at him to stress the unimportance of the tears. “I was just upset that he was questioning my ability to run the business. If I start crying, he backs off and then I get to do things as I’d planned originally.”

“That’s what I suspected.” Jace’s lips thinned and he closed his eyes briefly in what looked like disgust. “What you need is to have your bottom tanned but good, little girl.”

“What? What did you just say to me?”

“You heard me. I said you need to have your bottom tanned.” He leaned forward in his chair and rested his arms on the desk. “If I was your father, you wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a long time after that display.”

“Well, I never—”

“No, you obviously never have or you’d have known better at this age. You should have been taught years ago to not play with someone’s emotions with tears. It’s the same as lying and in my book requires the same stern discipline one would receive for lying.”

“Well, thankfully you aren’t the person who has to worry about it.” Gabby lifted her chin as a show of disdain for his opinion.

“No, you’re right. It’s not my concern at all. But someone needs to take you in hand and if it isn’t going to be your father, it needs to be someone who isn’t so easily manipulated.”

Gabby wasn’t even sure how to respond to that, she just stared at him flabbergasted.

While she was quiet and there was a lull in conversation, Jace said “So, would you like to go to dinner with me tonight or some night this week? Maybe we can discuss your need for discipline further.”

“You know what, Jace? You can go to hell. I’ve no interest in discussing my relationship with my father or how he does or doesn’t treat me. Thank you, sir. Good day!”

She turned quickly and left the office, feeling the blush rise on her neck. How dare he threaten her with a spanking! Had she shown her desire to be spanked? How did he know that she wanted to be spanked?

He does have huge hands and he’s big enough to throw me over his lap. Finally a man bigger than I am…

She was initially stunned and couldn’t get past her anger toward him. But as the days wore on she was unable to hide the attraction she felt for this strong man that had zero tolerance for her misbehavior. She longed to have someone take her in hand. As a tall and curvy woman, she found it difficult to find a man who was taller than her or stronger. Jace had the body presence to make her feel like a little girl, which was what she had wanted for years. Because her father saw her as a business partner at a very young age, she felt that she had missed out on a lot of her childhood and longed to have a daddy that saw her as more than a business partner or a professional. She wanted someone who saw her as cute, sweet, adorable, and someone who wouldn’t allow her to bully people or manipulate situations in her life. Jace appeared to be that man.

* * *

After thinking for four days, Gabby finally decided she needed to swallow her pride and see if Jace wanted to go out to dinner. The attraction was obvious. She just needed to take a deep breath and walk in there and ask.

Gabby could feel her heart beating in her throat, almost like it was going to beat out of her chest. She stood in front of Jace’s oak office door and took a cleansing breath, closed her eyes, and knocked on the door with a confidence she didn’t fully feel at the moment.

Jace’s deep voice called out, “Come in.”

Gabby pushed open the door and immediately smelled his cologne. He looked amazing in a dark blue suit and pink dress shirt. She noted that he had taken his tie off at some point during the afternoon. He smiled her way and immediately stood, “Gabrielle, how are you?”

He rounded his desk and met her, lightly grasping her elbow and pointing to a chair, “Please sit. What brings you here to see me? Did I forget something?”

Jace sat down opposite her and crossed his long legs left over right and leaned back casually. Gabby swallowed fighting the urge to let her thoughts wander as she stared at his muscular thighs and his long, slender fingers. She cleared her throat and forced herself to focus on the reason for her visit. “No. No, you didn’t forget anything. I was just—I was wondering—would you—” She let out a sigh of exasperation and peeked at Jace who was sitting with a smirk on his face. “Is the offer still on the table for dinner?”

“Well, it depends.” Jace paused rubbing his forefinger over his top lip. “If I remember correctly, the offer was to discuss your need for discipline over dinner. Have you decided that you need discipline, Gabrielle Marie?”

“Well, I’m open to discussing it with you.”

“That’s not what I asked.” He stared at her long enough that Gabby had to avert her eyes and look down. He was just so intense.

“Gabrielle, look at me.” He waited until she raised her eyes. “We will discuss your need for discipline, as I promised. If you agree, we go to dinner. If you don’t wish to discuss it, say it now. I will not be pleased if we get there and you’re disagreeable.”

Gabby wasn’t sure how comfortable she was with this discussion. “Can we discuss it now and then go to dinner?”

“Absolutely. Let me start.” Jace leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees. “You’re somebody who’s been in charge since you were a child. You’ve been—through your own manipulation and your father’s catering—in charge most of your life. I believe, and I could be wrong, that you’re yearning for discipline, boundaries, and guidance. The thought of someone being in charge sounds good to you. The concept of taking the responsibilities you carry and tossing them off of you like a blanket is appealing. Am I correct?

Gabby stared at him and felt her eyes well up with tears. He said everything she had felt for years. That was exactly how she felt. She swallowed loudly, fighting against the emotions rising in her throat. “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.”

“I’m glad you know yourself well enough to admit it. I can see just talking about it makes your emotions rise to the surface.” He leaned over and grabbed a tissue, putting it in her hand. “We will delve into that further on another day. And, I’m fascinated with the idea of having a relationship with you, Gabrielle.” He reached out and lightly grasped her hand in his. His hand was warm and soft. Jace had strong, slender hands and she found herself thinking once again how large those hands were. It would seem a hand that large would cover most of her bottom. She squirmed at the thought. When she lifted her head from staring at his hand, Jace was smiling at her with his head tilted.

“What was that thought, Gabrielle? Your cheeks are blushing. Tell me, I’m curious.” He was stroking her hand with his thumb as he spoke and her pussy throbbed.

“Uhm… I was thinking how big your hands are in comparison—” She couldn’t finish her sentence, she just couldn’t.

But, Jace had no problem finishing it for her. “—in comparison to your bottom?”

Gabby felt the blush on her neck rising up into her face with that statement. “Yes, sir.”

Jace nodded seriously. “Yes. I imagine my hand would cover most of your bottom, which means it wouldn’t take many swats to have your little behind very red and sore. Does that excite you or concern you, Gabby?”

“I’m not sure.” Gabby bit her lip. “I mean, it would hurt. But it sounds nice too.”

Jace cleared his throat and said, “Smart girl. Yes, it would hurt. I would make sure of it. I never give a spanking unless it’s necessary and if I decide it’s necessary, it will undoubtedly hurt. As for whether it excites you, I would bet your panties would tell us.” Jace stopped talking and nodded his head at her thighs, smirking. “I would venture to say your panties are damp as we speak. I won’t embarrass you today and make you tell me, but some day… someday I’ll make you tell me if your panties are wet. I may even make you take them off and hand them to me for inspection. And I’m thinking you find the prospect of handing your panties to me exciting and your pussy is clenching just thinking about it.”

“I don’t wish to discuss that with you, Jace.” Gabby was pulling on her skirt and shifting in her chair, stiffening her back and lifting her chin toward him.

Jace laughed out loud. “I bet you don’t. I’ll never compromise your authority at work, Gabrielle. Your job is important to not only you, but also to me and others here. While we’re at work, I’ll answer to you and do what is required for the good of the company and our department. I have been and plan on continuing to be a good employee.”

Gabby smiled at him and nodded her agreement. Jace raised a hand, to stop her from speaking.

“Let me continue. However, you’ll have to answer to me 24/7 for your demeanor, manners, health and conduct in general. I will never tolerate any swearing, manipulating, rudeness, bullying, or anything that would put you or others in danger. Any infraction of these will result in a bare bottom spanking when you come home. That is, if you decide to have a relationship with me and explore your desire for discipline.” He leaned back drumming his fingers on the arm of the couch gauging her reaction to his decree.

“Jace do you think we can continue this conversation over dinner? I think I’m getting hungry.”

Jace immediately stood, putting his hand out for Gabby’s and helping her rise from the chair. “Absolutely. Let’s get your jacket and go to a lovely Italian restaurant I know.”

* * *

It was finally the day of the trip and Gabby and Jace had given their tickets, received their packets and the key to their cabin. She had dressed in a pretty yellow sundress with a little shrug sweater and was spinning her bright orange fairy princess wand in circles, watching the lights dance off the ribbons. She was barely able to contain her excitement and the prospect of making new friends delighted her.

After they entered their cabin, Jace pulled her into an embrace and asked, “What are you thinking, Gabby?”

“I’m excited about making new friends. But… what if they don’t like me?”

“They’ll like you. If you’re polite and kind, choosing your words carefully, they’ll like you right off. Remember, we discussed that you need to be considerate and kind when you speak to others, right?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Why don’t we get you changed into a nightie and put you down for a nap. We can discuss how you speak to others after your nap. Okay, sweetie?”

She paused, looking at him and could see the warning look in his eyes, she had hoped he would relent and let them enjoy their first day on the Little Princess Cruise. After her behavior at work yesterday and the resulting punishment she had been on her best behavior. But Jace had promised her a small punishment today on the ship as a reminder of how she was to behave while on the ship. She didn’t want to think about that today, but he had a good memory and it looked like her bottom was in imminent danger.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Come here and let Daddy undress you for bed.”

She slowly walked over to him and blushing, she raised her arms so he could take her dress off. He turned her around, undoing her bra and let it fall to the floor, and then patted her bottom saying, “Push down your panties and step out of them, baby.”

Why was it always so damn arousing to be asked to push her panties off? Her clit was throbbing and she looked over her shoulder, the heat in his eyes plain, the evidence of his arousal tenting his pants. She slowly bent over, pushed her panties off and stepped out of them.

“Stay bent over.” Jace pulled her cheeks apart and blew softly on her back entrance and then, pulling her pussy apart, blew over her clit. She struggled to stay in position and felt her womb clench, she couldn’t contain the moan that escaped through her closed lips. He leaned forward and licked her pussy lightly, sliding his tongue through her slit, pressing his thumb on her pink rosebud but not entering her. He teased with increased pressure on the tight muscles there, pushing his tongue farther into her crevice and flicked her clit lightly with fluttering licks until she was unable to stand still. He slid his tongue back down her slit and brushed it several times over her dark hole, blowing on the wetness there, her sphincter tightening. She sensed him pulling away, then heard him unbuckling his belt and the rustling of his pants as he pulled them down. Then he said, “Back up, Gabby, and sit on my cock.”

Gabby sat backward on his lap, his cock slowly entering her pussy, filling her until he was up to the hilt inside her, stealing her breath. Jace had one hand milking her left breast while the other hand rubbed her clit. With each leg over his thighs, she pushed her toes into the plush carpet, giving herself leverage to work herself slowly up and down on him. The position of her legs ensured she was open to him, receiving and welcoming his thrusts, feeling him bounce off her inner flesh. She attempted to slow her pace and hold him at bay, but her clit wouldn’t hear of it and she found herself thrusting and meeting his pace, pounding herself on his cock and thighs until she flew apart, her throat became raw from her shouts. She continued to milk his cock with her pussy, squeezing him as she was pounding herself onto his shaft. She increased her pace until she felt his body stiffen under her and heard his shout of release. She fell onto his thighs and threw her head back, resting it upon his shoulder, panting to catch her breath. After several minutes, as she came back to reality she could feel his seed seeping out of her. She slowly pulled herself up into a standing position and walked to the bathroom to wash herself.

When she walked out of the bathroom, Jace was standing with her nightie. “Hey, Gabby Girl, come see Daddy so you can take your nap.” He put her nightie over her head and walked her to the bed, tucking her in with a kiss to each eyelid. Jace kissed her nose and said, “Butterfly kisses, Gab.” Leaning forward he placed gentle butterfly kisses on her cheeks until she just had to giggle. “Sleep well, baby.”

* * *

Jace sat in the chair by the foot of the bed watching his little girl sleep. Many people would be confused by their dynamic—and it was hard for even him to explain some days—but it worked for them. He was her subordinate forty hours a week at work, but her husband, head of the household, and Daddy the rest of the time.

Sometimes the transition was difficult; at others she came home and the need to relinquish her control was immediate. She’d go to her room and come back in drop seat jammies or a cute outfit, lie on the floor, and color until dinner. On difficult days, she’d come home like a wet, clawing cat and it required stern discipline and time outs to get her to regress and give up control.

Some days the lines blurred and Daddy would whisper into his boss’s ear of earned retribution. Like yesterday, their last day of work before the cruise. She was stressed and concerned that her staff would find it difficult to keep up with the projects in her absence. Jace had warned her to keep her temper under control and to use kind and considerate words toward her employees or she’d earn a punishment.

They had been in a meeting discussing responsibilities and roles for the next ten days. Scott, one of Gabrielle’s managers, and known to sometimes struggle with a stutter, was briefing the employees on the temporary roles and responsibilities for each staff member during Gabrielle’s absence. Normally, Scott was able to speak in a fluent manner, but sensing her intensity and need to rush, he started stuttering. She was trying to fill in the rest of his sentences and huffing and puffing in exasperation. At one point Scott paused and took a steadying breath to continue with his rehearsed speech only to have Gabrielle interrupt with “T-t-t-oday, J-j-junior!” causing the table to erupt into laughter while Scott was left red-faced and smiling trying to be a good sport.

Everyone had laughed. Everyone, that is, except Jace.

He leaned back in his chair and glared Gabby’s way; he had specifically warned her to be patient in their meeting and to not humiliate Scott during his presentation. Jace had been coaching him during the week and helping him prepare for the meeting, knowing that Scott was concerned that Gabrielle wouldn’t be patient. Jace had drummed his fingers on the armrest of his chair, waiting until Gabby Girl looked his way. When she did, he tapped his belt buckle with his right forefinger.

Immediately, her face turned crimson. The warning of future discipline was clear and direct, and her blush let him know she understood the threat. Her eyes widened and she cleared her throat as he nodded his head, confirming to her what was coming.

“Gabrielle,” Jace said, his voice calm, neutral. He could see the panic on her face “I think Scott is almost done with his presentation, if you would like to take a seat or take a break, I’m sure he will be done soon.”

She immediately sat at the table and said in a quiet, dignified manner, folding her hands in front of her with her back ramrod, “Yes, of course. I’m sorry, Scott. That was rude of me. Please continue. I was just trying to be funny and apologize if I offended you.” She dropped her eyes, the blush rising on her neck and cheeks again as she stared at the oak conference room table.

Scott, who was used to ribbing about his stuttering, quickly recovered and said, “No offense taken, Gabrielle. I’m almost done. Th-thank you.” He continued with his presentation. However, Gabby and Jace heard not a single word; they were focused on what had just occurred and the impending discipline that would result.

Jace continued to stare at Gabby until she raised her eyes to his. He could see her swallow and she was playing with her wedding rings, which she did when she was nervous and unsure. When Gabby made eye contact he raised an eyebrow at her and she averted her eyes intently watching Scott continue his presentation. The meeting was adjourned and the staff casually talked, gathering their things to continue their day. As they left, they wished Gabrielle and Jace a safe and fun-filled vacation.

Jace hung back until all the staff had left, then walked up to Gabrielle who was trying to pour a glass of water from the pitcher on the counter. Her hands were shaking and he knew she was aware of him behind her. He held her elbow and leaned into her ear to whisper, “We discussed this meeting just this morning, didn’t we?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Remind me, Gabby, what I said, because I’m not sure after the display I just witnessed that I was clear enough with you. Obviously something was missed in our little conversation.”

“Uhm… you said that Scott had been preparing for his presentation this week and that I was to be patient. I was to speak words that were kind and uplifting.”

“Turn around please; I need to see your eyes.” She turned and he could see her struggling to keep eye contact with him. “Why did I have to ask you to do these things today?”

“Because I haven’t always been kind to Scott in meetings before, sir.”

“That’s right. You’ve been downright mean to him in meetings. Were you punished that last time you treated Scott poorly?”

“Yes, sir.”

Daddy. I want you to call me Daddy.”

“But I’m at work, Jace.” He could see fire starting to spark in her eyes.

“Don’t you dare start getting an attitude with me, missy. We’re in a private setting with no one around. You can speak as low as you want, but you will call me Daddy. The issue we’re discussing requires your submission. Are you going to comply or am I adding to your punishment tonight? You’ll submit one way or another.”

“I’ll comply—”she looked around the room “—Daddy.”

“All right. So, were you punished the last time?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


“I was spanked with my hairbrush.”

He brushed her hair off her shoulders and pushed some strands behind her ear. Then he kissed her right at that soft spot behind her ear and whispered to her “Tonight you’re going to receive the belt just like I warned you. If you had listened to what I said, this wouldn’t be happening. Why is it so difficult to control your mouth?”

“I don’t know, Daddy.” Her eyes filled with tears and he knew that he couldn’t cave. He was a sucker for her tears, but he had to be strict with this. She had to learn how to curb her tongue or she was going to lose valuable friendships and respect.

“Well, Gabby Girl, you’ll have a sore bottom to help you remember. Do you think you can behave for the rest of the day, or should I give you a reminder before I leave for my office?”

“No, Daddy, I’ll be good.”

“You better be.” He looked around and then patted her bottom as a warning, winking at her as he made his departure from the conference room.

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