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The Marine’s Pet by Loki Renard – Sample

Chapter One

The Marine's Pet by Loki Renard“Nunu! No! Come back here!” Sarah Digby chased her little curly black dog down the street, slipped leash in her hand. Nunu was not coming back; he was having far too good a time, bounding and bouncing all over the pavement, leaving Sarah in his wake.

She didn’t catch up with him until he stopped, sniffed, and peed. Sarah took the opportunity to crouch down and try to get his collar back on. The clasp was fiddly and Nunu managed to squirm and pee at the same time, which made everything much more difficult than it needed to be.

“You need to get that dog under control before someone gets you under control.” A deep masculine growl interrupted Sarah’s attempts to get Nunu back on his leash. She looked up and found herself under the ice-blue stare of her neighbor, Austin Black. Crouched next to Nunu, Sarah was momentarily frozen as Austin leaned over his fence, all six foot plus of him creating a shadow that completely eclipsed the sun.

Sarah scowled up at him. “He’s just having fun.”

“He’s running amok,” Austin said, his handsome face hard with judgment. “He needs a harness, not that silly diamante collar you insist on putting him in.”

It was a pity her neighbor was such a pain, because he was damn hot. He was in his late thirties, a decade or so older than her, but not suffering at all for the additional age. His face was a blend of the product of good genes and clean living. He had dark blond hair, meticulously but stylishly cut. His macho masculinity was predicted by the broad, hard jawline, and not at all softened by the rakish set of his eyes or the hard, high planes of his cheeks. She imagined he was just as at home shouting orders at hundreds of soldiers as he was… well, shouting orders at her.

He had military written all over him, and for good reason. Austin Black had spent years in the Marine Corps. He’d worked his way up to sergeant, seeing his share of combat along the way based on what she’d heard. But it turned out that as good as he was at leading men in battle, he possessed a more unique skill. Even with all the high-tech gear available these days, a well-trained canine was still the best way to sniff out explosives, and Austin was one of the best dog trainers in the Corps.

His job sometimes required him to be away from home for long periods of time, which meant that although he’d bought the house next door to Sarah a year ago, it had only been the last three months that he had actually lived there.

That had been when the trouble started. First it had been a complaint about the state of her hedges, then he’d not liked it when Nunu did his business on his front lawn. Not a week had gone by since Austin moved in that Sarah hadn’t run afoul of him in some fashion.

She stood up and let Nunu finish painting Austin’s fence a slightly yellowed shade. Spiteful, perhaps, but she strongly suspected that he was the one who had called noise control about her party.

Standing at her full height, she was still only about chest level for Austin. He was still looking down at her with an exasperated expression. He was exceptionally handsome when he smiled his broad smile and his eyes lit up with warmth. But Sarah almost never saw that side of him. She’d seen it once, but only from afar, when someone else was talking to him.

“Are your ears painted on?” Austin inquired. “You don’t ever seem to take my advice.”

Sarah bristled. “Yours aren’t painted on, are they. Yours are so sensitive you have to ruin everyone else’s fun.”

Nunu finished peeing, looked up at their neighbor, and let out a shrieking bark that emphasized Sarah’s point.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Austin replied.

“You called the fun police on me. I know you did,” she said. “And that’s rich considering you have a dozen people around every week, cluttering up our street with their cars, staying to all hours.”

Austin snorted. Apparently he found her amusing. “I did not call the police on you, fun or otherwise.”

“Bull,” Sarah said, going on the attack. “Nobody ever called them until you moved in. Now my friends and I can barely whisper without someone coming around and telling us to break it up.”

“Maybe the tolerance of your other neighbors happened to erode at around the time I moved in,” he suggested. “Or maybe someone else has moved into the neighborhood.”

“Or maybe it’s the man who snaps at me every time I pass his front gate,” Sarah said. By this time, Nunu had bounded forward on his back paws, put his front paws on the fence, and was doing a decent impression of a Rottweiler, growling and yapping with little white flashing fangs.

Austin didn’t give him a second glance. He kept the full intensity of his glare on Sarah as he replied. “If I were to do something about your raucous parties and ill-disciplined dog, it wouldn’t be to call the police. I’d take you over my knee and give you a damn good spanking.”

Sarah’s jaw dropped. In all her days, she’d never been spoken to in such a direct and embarrassing manner. Even Nunu fell silent in the aftermath of the statement.

“W… what?”

Austin’s cheek dimpled as he took in her shocked, red-faced reaction. “You need a spanking, Sarah. And if you’re not careful, one of these days I’m going to give you one.”

“You…” She cut her eyes at him. He had to be the most authoritarian, overbearing… the longer she stood there, the more she felt his eyes boring into her and the more she blushed.

“Come on, Nunu,” she said, finding her voice. “Time to go home.”

Austin’s threat echoed in her ears long after she had gotten home. It followed her for the rest of the day, lingered in her mind. Austin was such an overbearing pig of a man. What right did he have to go around threatening corporal punishment?

“Asshole,” she muttered under her breath as she put on her painting smock and went into her studio, where a blank canvas had faced her for most of the month.

A mirror hung inside, and she caught sight of herself in it. Austin’s lecturing made her feel like a little girl, but she damn well wasn’t. She was a grown woman with a natural elegance completely divorced from cosmetics or baubles. Her blond curls were breaking free of the scarf she’d tried to tame them with and cascading over her shoulders in a way that framed her round, almost heart-shaped face very sweetly. She had wide brown eyes framed with blond-ish lashes and her nose turned up at the end in a sweet snub. There was a smudge of pink paint on her left cheek and a daub of something white on her chin—marks all painters tended to bear.

A heavy knock at the door broke her concentration and made her jump. She turned around to see Austin standing outside the sliding glass door, Nunu in his arms. Nunu was a small dog at the best of times. Held by a tall Marine, he looked positively tiny.

“What the hell?” She scowled and stamped forward, throwing the door open to confront Austin. “What are you doing with my dog?”

“What was your dog doing on the street, is a better question,” Austin said, putting Nunu down. “That gate of yours wasn’t shut.”

“Oh.” That took some of the wind out of Sarah’s sails. She couldn’t really be mad at him for getting Nunu off the street.

Before she could say anything else, Nunu started barking. Although he had apparently been quite content to sit in Austin’s arms and be carried about the place like a little prince, the moment he was on the floor between them he started acting up, yapping and darting at Austin’s legs.

“He’s very protective,” Sarah tried to explain through the high-pitched canine shrieks. “He doesn’t like it when other people get close to me, especially men. He bit one of my dates.”

At that moment, as if cued, Nunu darted forward and grabbed the hem of Austin’s pants, yanking and growling with all the fluffy fury at his disposal.

“Nunu, no!” Sarah squealed her annoyance and bent down to try to pull the little dog away. She received a nip for her troubles. She swore and shook her hand while Nunu returned to the destruction of Austin’s jeans.

“Leave him,” Austin said calmly. “When you squeal like that, he thinks you’re joining in. Did he break the skin with that bite?”

“No,” Sarah said, holding her hand close to her chest as she glowered at Nunu. The little beast had never snapped at her before. How dare he!

Austin held his hand out, wanting her to put hers in it for examination. When she hesitated, he took it gently and examined it closely.

“He didn’t break the skin, but he did give you quite a nip.”

Austin’s hand was so large, hers looked diminutive in comparison. Sarah let her palm rest in his a little longer than was strictly necessary, enjoying the way his thumb massaged across the site of the nip.

“Something’s not right with that dog,” she said in dark tones.

“Nothing’s wrong with him. He knows how to be a dog. You don’t know how to be an owner.”

Sarah snatched her hand away. “I didn’t ask you for your opinion.”

“Well, you’re getting it anyway,” Austin growled. “Someone has to take charge around here, and you’re too busy splashing paint around to notice that your dog is having a breakdown. He’s, what, all of five pounds and he thinks he has to defend you and this whole property. No wonder he’s a nervous little guy.”

Sarah looked down at Nunu, who was standing there panting with a broad grin, apparently pleased with himself.

“He doesn’t seem nervous. He’s smiling.”

“He’s not panting like that because he’s happy. That’s stress.”

“Look at that grin!”

“It might look like he’s happy, but given he just tried to take a chunk out of my leg and he did get you, I think it’s safe to say he’s not smiling.”

“Well,” she insisted. “I think he’s happy.”

“You’re a pain in the ass,” Austin said. “But you’re not stupid. I can help you, if you want. Neither of you have to live like this. It’s not necessary and it’s not healthy.”

She looked at him suspiciously. He said everything as if it had been carved on a stone tablet somewhere, with complete and total authority. Maybe Nunu wasn’t happy. She wasn’t happy about being bitten, that was for sure.

“Come inside,” she sighed. “I’ll make us some coffee and you can tell me how much I suck, which seems to be your favorite pastime.”

She pulled her smock off over her head and led Austin and Nunu to the main house. It was a gorgeous old wooden affair painted mint green with white trim. It featured arches and an attic with a stained glass window and tall trees growing all around. Sarah had fallen in love with it the moment she saw it.

Followed by Austin and Nunu, Sarah pushed her front door open, climbed over the vacuum cleaner, tiptoed around a couple of trash bags that hadn’t quite made it outside, dodged some discarded pantyhose, then tripped over several discarded wine bottles and ultimately landed on her large orange puffy couch, giggling amid squishy pink pillows. “Sorry,” she said. “I haven’t cleaned up from last night yet.”

Nunu barked and jumped on top of her, putting his paws on her head and wagging his entire rear. He seemed to have already forgotten that he’d put his teeth on her.

Austin looked around the house with a perplexed expression. “This explains quite a lot.”

“It’s usually tidier than this,” she reassured him. It wasn’t entirely true, but he was looking rather concerned. His brow had furrowed and his mouth was set in a firm, hard line. One would have thought he had walked into a heinous crime scene, not a perfectly normal home.

“So what do I need to do?” Sarah turned over to lie on her back. Nunu climbed on her chest and licked her face. “Do I need to show him that I’m the alpha?”

“Dominance theory has been more or less disproved in domestic canines,” Austin said. “But it holds surprisingly true for people.”


“Nunu isn’t the problem. There’s a lack of discipline in this house, and you’re suffering more than he is for the want of it.”

“So what are you going to do?” Sarah said, her lip curled in a sneer. “Spank me until I’m good?”

“Nunu. Come.” Austin clicked his fingers. To Sarah’s surprise, Nunu actually obeyed Austin. She watched as Austin put Nunu out of the lounge and into the hall. He then turned toward her and nodded. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”


“The last three months you’ve done nothing but let him run wild, throw parties, and generally make a nuisance of the pair of yourselves,” Austin said as he crossed the debris of the room. “Someone needs to take you in hand, and I guess I’m it.”

Sarah scrambled up so she was sitting on the back of the couch. “No! I’m not… you can’t… No!”

“Yes,” he said firmly, his eyes locked on her as he reached out and took her by the hand. Sarah felt herself go somehow limp as his strong fingers wrapped around her and eased her off the back of the couch and over his knee.

He did it so naturally, as if he’d done it hundreds of times before. Sarah was momentarily shocked into submission as she felt her soft belly and breasts pressing against his hard thighs. He was actually doing this. He was actually going to spank her!

“Austin!” She squealed his name in such a high-pitched tone that Nunu was probably the only one who heard the tail end of it. “What are you doing?!”

“You know what I’m doing,” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist. “I’m giving you the spanking you’ve needed for a good long while.”

Cinched against his body, unable to go anywhere or do anything, Sarah’s head spun. She could not believe it was happening, not until his palm clapped against her cheeks with a hard swat and the physical burn jolted her into reality. This was happening; the arrogant marine from next door was spanking her. Hard.

His hand landed on her squirming cheeks a dozen times before he paused long enough for her to let out the string of swear words that had been building while she’d held her breath and tried to bear the pain stoically.

“What the hell, Austin! You’ve got no right! You can’t do this!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he growled. “I am doing it and I have every right, seeing as I’ve been putting up with your nonsense for the past three months. You may not care if you turn your dog into a dangerous biter, but I do.” With that, he resumed the spanking, his palm bounding off her bottom with swats hard enough to make her jolt against the unyielding ridges of his thighs time and time again.

Sarah had never been spanked before. She was somewhat shocked by how much it hurt. Every time his palm met her bottom it was like an incendiary device going off. There was a flash of pain that shot through her nervous system, made her toes curl and her nipples harden with what she told herself was outrage. And then there was the aftermath, an ache that sank deeper and deeper every time he swatted her.

“Spanking me isn’t going to fix Nunu!”

“Yes, it is,” Austin said. “Your dog bites because he does whatever he wants, just like you. Once you have some rules and boundaries to follow, he’ll snap right into line.”

“I’m going to call the cops on you!”

Austin let out a laugh. “No, you’re not.”

“I will!”

“You’re going to call the police and say your neighbor spanked your naughty bottom after your dog bit him? You’re going to call the police to your house? You don’t think there’s anything here they might find more interesting than your hot little ass?” He palmed her bottom and waited for a response.

Sarah went tense over his lap. He was referring to the drugs, of course. The drugs nobody knew she had. Or nobody was supposed to know she had anyway. They helped with her art, and they definitely helped make her parties livelier. How the hell did he know about them?

“Cat got your tongue?” He swatted her lightly, catching the very center of her cheeks. “Or have you just realized what a corner you’ve painted yourself into?”

It was with hot-bottomed horror that Sarah realized Austin had her right where he wanted her. She was at his mercy, and he seemed to have taken a very intense interest in her behavior, which could not possibly bode well.

“When I’m done with you, you’re going to stand up, go into the corner for ten minutes, and then you’re going to clean this place from top to bottom. I don’t want to see a coaster out of place, you understand me?”

Looking around at the chaos that was her home, Sarah whimpered. “But… Ow!

He’d slapped her bottom hard in response to her objection. “I’m not making a request, Sarah. I’m giving you an order, and you’re going to obey it, or you’re going to find yourself panties down with a wooden spoon slapping your bottom, understand me?”

Her response was more an incoherent wail than anything.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said as he flipped the hem of her skirt up over her back, revealing her panty-clad buttocks.

“Austin!” Yet again she said his name in scandalized tones.

“Naughty girls who don’t train their dogs or clean their homes get spanked properly,” Austin replied. “That means over their panties and then on the bare.”


“No buts,” he said firmly as he began spanking her again. He gave her what had to be at least twenty swats over her panties, sealing in the heat he’d started over her skirt. Sarah couldn’t believe he was still going, and she certainly couldn’t get her head around the idea that he intended to take her panties down too. The thought made her blush from the top of her head all the way down to her toes, and gave her a curious sensation in the very pit of her belly. Every swat made her squirm, and every squirm was making heat turn to something else. Austin’s palm was less than an inch from her pussy whenever he paused, and now that her skirt was no longer lending modesty to the proceedings, she was more aware of it than ever.

Her body was reacting of its own accord, producing a traitorous wetness that she knew would soon soak through the gusset of her underwear, and even if it didn’t, it was going to be plainly visible when he made good on his promise to take her panties down.

Whimpering softly, Sarah tried to quell her body’s reaction, but the more she tried tensing things and resisting the spanking, the more it hurt and the wetter she got.

“Time for these to come down, I think,” Austin said. The words made her quiver, as did the way he let his fingertips drift under the lower hem of her panties, traveling along the reddened skin with a gentle touch.

Sarah made no reply. What was the point? She had no control in any of this; he had made that much quite clear. All she could do was lie there over his lap, her hot bottom aching as he ran his strong fingers over her skin and hooked them in the waistband, drawing her panties down with what seemed to be a deliberate slowness. He wanted her to know she was being bared. He wanted her to feel every inch of her modesty disappearing as he slowly peeled down her underwear, stopping not when her panties were no longer covering her bottom, but letting them fall all the way down her legs until they tangled at her ankles.

He let out a low whistle and passed his palm lightly over her reddened cheeks. “You’re gorgeous,” he said, catching her off-guard with the compliment. “Look at this bottom.” He patted her hot buttocks lightly, apparently pleased with the way they moved under his hand. “You were made to be spanked, Sarah,” he said. “There’s no doubt about it.”

She did not have much to say in response to that. The lowering of her panties had not just left her bottom bare, it had exposed her pussy. It had meant that her clit was now pressing against the rough fabric of his jeans, and it meant that she was now completely distracted from almost everything besides where his fingers were going and how close they came to touching her lower lips.

He swatted her bottom lightly, almost playfully. “You’ve gone very quiet,” he observed. “Is that because you’ve discovered you like this?”

Sarah closed her eyes, though that made no difference at all. She was blushing so furiously the tips of her ears felt as though they were on fire. He knew what he was doing to her. She felt his hand slide over her bottom and then onto her outer thigh. He applied a little pressure, spreading her legs. She could have resisted, but she didn’t. She let him see the results of his spanking, the wet glistening slit of her pussy.

“Oh, you do like this,” he said in husky, aroused tones. “You like this a lot.”

His fingers drifted up her thigh and brushed gently against her outer lips. Sarah let out a little sigh. In spite of the heat and the ache, his caress was exquisite. The lightest touch was all it took to make her clit brim with excitement. She needed more from him. In that moment, she would have taken more spanking if it meant that she received another one of those brief caresses.

The spanking began anew, but this time there was no fierce fire to the swats. This time he spanked her almost lightly, and each slap was interspersed with a caress to her pussy lips, a teasing touch that made the petals of her womanhood flower increasingly until his fingertips were dipping into her moisture and sliding into her body, penetrating her just barely.

Sarah had long released all notion of propriety. She arched her bottom and held her red cheeks high, hoping that it would earn her a deeper touch. He chuckled and patted her bottom, his palm pausing for a moment as he seemed to be trying to make a decision.

“Sit up,” he said, letting her have her freedom. She squirmed up to her knees, ending up beside him on the couch, looking at him quizzically. He didn’t seem to be done with her, but the spanking was clearly at an end.

“Take your top off.”

She hesitated for a moment, staring into his eyes. She saw no indecision there. He meant what he had said. He wanted her naked. And for some wild, completely hedonistic reason, she agreed. She pulled her blouse off over her head, revealing her bare breasts and belly to his gaze.

His eyes roamed her body appreciatively. “Beautiful,” he said, reaching out to caress the underside of her left breast, his thumb brushing across her erect nipple.

“Kneel up on the couch,” he said, making a new order. “Facing the back.”

She did as she was told, caught in an erotic daze. She could not see him, but she felt his hand slide up her back and her neck and then his fingers tangled in her hair and he pulled gently, arching her naked body backwards.

Sarah was completely in his thrall, her hips gyrating ceaselessly with carnal excitement as he held her in place. She heard the zipper of his jeans, then felt the brush of his long, hot, hard cock against her inner thigh. A brief spark of something like moral panic ignited at the realization that her handsome neighbor now held her completely naked and was poised with his cock at the last barrier of her resistance.

“You took your spanking well,” he praised, patting her bottom with his free hand. “And taking your spanking well earns you a reward.”

“Mmnnghh?” Sarah couldn’t quite find the words to respond to that. But what were words when her wetness was tracing down her inner thighs and her pussy was pulsating with need? She could smell her arousal, a feminine musk her body was releasing as it begged for more.

“Because you’ve been such a good girl, I’m going to fuck you now,” he purred in her ear. Her hair was caught in his fist, her body arched as he moved his hips forward and thrust the bare length of his cock inside her without any hesitation or precaution. In less than a second he was buried deep inside her, her cunt wrapped around him like a tight glove, his hips pressing against her spanked bottom. The hand not in her hair moved from her hip around the front of her body. He slid his index and middle finger along either side of her clit and pinched lightly as he began to thrust inside her, long hard strokes that claimed her for his own.

Held and fucked, Sarah could do nothing but take her pleasure. Her clit felt as hot and as tight as the skin on her bottom as Austin’s cock plundered her. He knew how to take a woman. He knew when to thrust hard and fast, and when to slow down and offer a few teasing strokes with just the head of his cock before burying himself deep inside her.

Sarah had never made love like this before, never been taken by a man who had so roughly seduced her and left her unable to object to her own ravishment. She arched her hips back, welcoming every thrust, soft vocalizations becoming louder as he took her harder, grinding and thrusting until her pussy began to ache from the vigor of it all.

Though she whimpered, he did not stop. His fingertips danced over her clitoris as his cock demanded her complete submission. He did not speak a word, but she knew what he wanted. He wanted her to cum on his thrusting rod. He wanted her to dissolve completely and give way to the tremors that were racing through her lower belly and rising to an uncontrollable crescendo as he bent her head forward and bit her swiftly on the back of her neck.

She came hard, falling forward and being caught by the back of the couch as Austin clamped her hips in his hands and flooded her deepest places with his essence. He kept biting as he came and did not release her until the last drops of his cum had made their way inside her bare pussy.

The force of the orgasm left her trembling and weak. Left to her own devices she would have slumped over the couch, but he gathered her close, cradled her on his lap, and kissed her over and over until she managed to find words.

“W… what was that?”

“That,” Austin said with a twinkle in his eye, “was the beginning of the rest of your life.”

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