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The Prince’s Little Mate by Meredith O’Reilly – Sample

The Prince's Little Mate by Meredith O'ReillyPrologue

“Say that you want this, admit it,” the man’s gruff voice ordered as he smacked my naked breast again with the suede flogger in his hand.

I was currently tied to my bed, spread-eagled for his viewing pleasures.

Another flick of the flogger fell over my other breast. “Admit it, Allison.”

“Yes! Yes, I want this!” I screamed, giving in to my desires. I wanted this man. I wanted him to give me every ounce of pleasure I knew that he could.

“Good girl,” the man grunted as the flogger fell to the floor.

As he climbed onto the bed, I noticed his eyes go from a light pink to a deep, fiery red. I could stare at his eyes all day.

His body covered mine as he claimed my lips with his own. His tongue invaded my mouth, letting me know who was in charge.

I wiggled in my restraints. He had been teasing me for quite a while and I wanted him to finish what he’d started.

“Do you need something?”

“Make me come,” I demanded.

The man bit my lip, not too hard, but hard enough to send a sting of pain through me until it traveled to my clit and turned into pleasure, making me moan louder.

“All in good time, my dear.”

He placed another kiss on my lips before moving down and giving my breasts some attention.

I lay there, trying to calm my breathing. I knew that he was the one in control and I wouldn’t be able to come until he announced I could.

“You’re being a very good girl,” the man said as he moved past my breasts to my navel, and down to my drenched pussy. His long black hair tickled my inner thighs.

“Thank you, sir.”

He licked the outside of my labia and worked his way in, until his tongue was diving in and out of my slick channel.

“Oh, my gosh!” I cried out as pleasure racked my body. I was so close to coming. If he would only touch my clit, the orgasm would consume me.

“You like that?”

“Yes, sir!” I moaned out again.

“Look at me, Allison.”

I lifted my head and gazed into his ruby-colored eyes.

“I’m coming for you, Allison, my mate. We are going to meet very soon.”

Before I could respond, he leaned his head back down and started to suck on my swollen bundle of nerves.

An orgasm raced through me as I screamed. Pleasure consumed me as I stared into my bedroom ceiling. It was all too much. I couldn’t take more as he continued to lick my clit.

Suddenly, I shot up in bed, my breaths coming out in pants. I looked around and noticed that my bedside alarm clock flashed 2:37 a.m.

Looking down at myself, I saw that my body and nightgown were covered in perspiration.

I fell back against my pillow, trying to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe that I had dreamed about that man again. He had been appearing in each of my dreams for the past two weeks. Sometimes they were tame, but other times they were as kinky as the one I’d just had.

Butterflies danced in my stomach as I thought about the contract I, along with every other female, had been forced to sign by law when I was eighteen. I remembered it saying that if a human female was chosen to be an Aureusian male’s mate, she would know by the male appearing in her dreams before he came to claim her.

That can’t be it, I told myself. Only a select few females had been chosen and the Aureus-Earth agreement had been signed decades ago. It was so uncommon and no one would want me as a mate.

I need to forget about this man. This is nothing more than the fact that I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while. I just need to get a boyfriend, that’s it, I told myself as I flung the covers back and got out of bed. If I get a boyfriend, then I’ll stop dreaming about this stranger.

I undressed, changed into a new nightgown, and climbed back into bed. Everything will be all right, I thought before I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter One

Twenty years earlier…

The sounds of explosions filled the daytime air.

“Momma, where are you?” I cried as I covered my ears. I didn’t like the loud booms or how the sky had turned a deep red.

“I’m right here, Eric, sweetie, everything is okay,” my mother said, as she came into my room. I ran into her open arms and hugged her. I loved hugs from my mommy. She was so warm and made me feel safe.

She picked me up and carried me over to my bed, where she sat down and placed me on her lap. When I saw her face, I noticed that her blue eyes were sad and it looked like she had been crying.

“Are the bad guys here again?”

“Yes, baby, but it’s okay. Daddy and grandpa are out there defending us and they’ll keep us safe.”

I smiled. None of the evil guys would be able to get past my daddy or grandpa. They were both big, strong Aureusian warriors, just like I would be one day. Then I wondered about my big brother. He had been with me a while ago, but stormed out of the room when the loud siren sounded.

He looked really angry. His eyes were bright red when he left. They were only that deep red when he fought with our daddy, which he was doing more and more.

“What about Mikey? Is he protecting us too?”

“No, sweetie. Mikey… he left.”

“Left? Why?” I was confused. Why would my big brother leave his home when he knew that there were bad guys out there? I hoped that he was safe.

He had left a couple of times before, but always came back. I missed him a lot when he was gone. We use to play together all of the time and then lately, he would fight with our father and then he would disappear for long periods of time and come back like nothing had changed. I hoped that he was okay wherever he went.

“Shhh, it doesn’t matter right now. Do you want me to tell you a story?”

“No. I want you to tell me about mates!”

“Mates?” my mother chuckled. “I’ve told you about mates a hundred times. Are you sure that you want to hear about them again?”

“Yes! Yes!” I laughed, clapping my hands together. I loved when my momma told me about mates. It sounded so magical and happy.

“Okay. There’s an old Aureusian prophet who has been around since the beginning of time. Whenever the fates choose a new couple to be mated, they send that prophet a message letting him know what two people are meant to be together forever. Once the prophet receives the message, he searches for the Aureusian male who is meant to be the female’s mate. Once the prophet finds the male, he lets the male know the name of the female who will be his mate. The prophet also says an incantation over the male to bind the male and female together spiritually.”

“And then the male will start appearing in his mate’s dreams, right?!” That was my favorite part. I thought it would be so cool to be able to appear in someone else’s dreams.

“That’s right. After the prophet says the incantation, the male will appear in his mate’s dreams until he can locate her. Once the male finds his mate, he must take her to the Sacred Church of Aureus and the couple must say their mating vows under the eyes of the Almighty One. Once the mating vows are said, the couple’s mating period begins.”

“And then the male will have two weeks to show his mate that he can be a brave warrior and save her from the bad guys and love her and bring her presents like daddy does for you.”

“That’s right, little one. The male has to show his mate that he will always cherish her above all else. And at the end of the two weeks, the couple will say another special incantation that will bind them together forever.”

Something didn’t add up. Last week, Mikey told me that the male and female had to get up close and personal after saying the incantation, but he wouldn’t tell me what that meant.

“Momma, why do the couples have to get very up close and personal after saying the incantation?”

“Eric, who told you about that?”


My mother shook her head and looked heavenwards.

“I’ll tell you why when you’re older, okay?”

“I’m old, momma! I’m five!”

“Eric,” my mother said in a warning voice.

“Okay. Can I ask another question?”

“Sure, sweetheart.”

“A few nights ago, I heard daddy and Mikey fighting about mates. Mikey said that he would never accept a mate that he couldn’t choose. Then daddy said that he had no choice and Mikey got super mad again. Why does he get so mad? Why can’t he love mates like me?”

Letting out a sigh, my mother said, “Your brother is at an age where he thinks that he should be able to control his own destiny and he doesn’t like the thought that he can’t. When he gets older, he’ll understand that the fates choose the most perfect female mate for each male and he couldn’t have found a better person himself. Until then, he’ll just need some extra love from all of us.”

“I can do that!”

She laughed before pulling me closer and squeezing me tight. I loved my mommy so much.

I was thinking about mates again and another question popped into my head.


“Yes, dear?” she asked, looking down at me with the prettiest bright pink eyes. I loved when her eyes changed colors. Except when they turned red; that meant she was angry. Like last week, when she caught me trying to pet the lepus that lived on the side of our house.

“Even though the fates choose the best person for each male, what happens if the female doesn’t want to be mated with the male?”

“Well, if that ever happens, then the male is going to have to work even harder to convince his mate that he is perfect for her. The male would have to be even more loving and gentle with her.”

That made sense. If it were me, I’d go out and fight even stronger bad guys to show my mate that I could always protect her.

“I can’t wait until I find my mate. We’re going to be so happy together. I’ll show her that I can protect her, love her, and provide for her.”

My momma had the biggest smile on her face. “I know that you will, sweetie. Whichever female is your mate will be the luckiest female to have you,” she said, placing a kiss on top of my forehead.

The quiet was broken by a loud crash. I looked around the room and didn’t see anything. It must have come from downstairs.


“It’s okay, Eric. It was probably nothing,” she said as she picked me up and carried me in to the bathroom. She put me on my feet and bent down until we were at eye level. “I’m just going to go and run downstairs to check to make sure that everything is okay.”

“I want to come with you, mommy.”

“Little one, listen to me. I promise that I will be right back, okay? I need you to stay in here. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding my head. “I love you, mommy.”

“I love you too, little one,” she said, giving me a hug before she left the room, closing the door behind her. I sat down on the bathroom floor waiting for her to come back as I thought about who the fates would choose to be my mate.

“Daddy?” I called as I nudged his almost closed office door open with my hand. I knew that I should be asleep because it was sleep time, but a nightmare had woken me up. For the past two weeks, nightmares had been waking me up.

“Yes, Eric?” he asked, swinging to face me.

He was sitting in his big chair behind his desk.

“I had a nightmare.”

“Come here, son,” he said with his arms outstretched.

I padded across the hardwood floors and climbed up on his lap and into his arms. He gave me a hug and I started to feel better, until I thought about my nightmare again.

“I miss momma.”

“I miss her too, son.”

“Why did she have to die? She promised me that she would be right back.” I asked as I looked up at my dad. His eyes were the deepest, darkest blue that I had ever seen. They made me want to cry.

“I know, Eric, but it wasn’t her fault. A Serpentine got past our defenses.”

“I hate Serpentines,” I yelled as tears fell down my face. I tried to wipe them away before my daddy saw them. I was a boy. Boys were supposed to be tough and not cry, but no matter how fast I swiped my tears away, more kept coming.

“It’s okay, Eric. Remember, mommy is up in heaven with grandma. They’re probably looking down on us right now.”


“Hey, do you want to hear about the new rules for mates that grandpa made?”

“Y-yeah.” Finally, my tears had stopped falling.

“As you know, many of the Aureusian females went to heaven during the war. Well, grandpa was watching the Serpentines to see if they were planning to attack another planet. He didn’t want the same destruction that happened on Aureus to happen on another planet. When he discovered that the Serpentines were going to attack Earth, grandpa and our warriors saved the planet. After that, grandpa and the Earth’s leaders met and discussed the issues, and they all signed a deal that stated from now on, Earth women can be chosen as mates for Aureusian males.”

“So we won’t run out of female mates?”

“No, we won’t,” my father said, smiling.

That sounded like a good idea to me, except what happened if the Earth girls were different from Aureusian females?

“Daddy, what do Earth girls look like?”

“Well, they look pretty similar to Aureusian females, except Earth girls are smaller. They’ll also probably be a little bit more scared of being chosen as a mate to an Aureusian male. This is all new to them.”

“If they’re scared of being mated, then the male will have to be even more loving and gentle with them. That’s what mommy told me when I asked her what a male would have to do if the female didn’t want to be a mate.”

“She was right, Eric.”

“I hope that I get an Earth female then. I would show her just how awesome an Aureusian male could be.”

My father laughed at what I said. I wasn’t sure why. I was serious!

“I’m sure your mate will love you, son. Now, it is time to go back to sleep.”

“Do I have to? I want to stay here with you.”

“No, it’s time to sleep. You’ll need all the sleep that you can get so you can grow big and strong and sweep your future mate off of her feet.”

“Okay, daddy. Can you carry me? I’m too tired.”

“Sure,” he chuckled as he picked me up and carried me out of his office and back to my bedroom. He tucked me into bed and sat on the edge.



“Is Mikey ever coming back?” I hadn’t seen my brother since the day that our momma died. I missed him.

“I don’t know, Eric. Now enough questions, go to sleep.”

“Okay. Night.”

I closed my eyes and before long drifted off.

I landed my Interstar 5000 spaceship on my landing pad in my garage and turned it off. Home, sweet home, I thought as I unbuckled myself before exiting the ship. I was starving. After a full day out on the battlefield, I was ready for some warm food.

Entering my house, I went straight to the food prep room, but stopped in my tracks when I saw an old man sitting in one of the chairs next to the table. He wore blue silk robes and had short white hair.

“Greetings, Prince Aerichax.”

“Hello,” I replied warily. Who was this elder and how did he know my name?

There was an awkward silence between us before the old man started to chuckle. “Forgive me, I thought that you might recognize me, but obviously you don’t. My name is Tiomizmo, Tio for short. I am the old prophet that your mother used to tell you so much about.”

Thinking back to all of the times that my mother—and even my father—had explained to me about mates caused a huge smile to cross my face. It was my time. The fates had chosen a mate for me! I had been waiting for this moment my entire life.

The priest stood and walked over to me.

“You have been waiting for this moment your entire life.”

I blinked in amazement as his words mirrored my thoughts. “Yes, sir. Ever since I was a little boy and my mother first told me about mates, I found something magical about the whole thing.”

He smiled. “There is something magical about mates. Don’t lose that feeling.” With that said, he placed his hands on either side of my head.

“The mate that the fates have chosen for you is from the planet Earth. Her name is Allison Black. She is going to be very resistant to the idea of being mated to an Aureusian. You will have to convince her that you are the man for her.”

“My mother warned me this might happen and I am prepared to do what is necessary to convince my mate that I am her fated one.”

“Yes. Now, by the power of me, let this man find his mate across the galaxies, and let her see him in her dreams.”

The priest removed his hands and took a step back.

“It’s done? Allison will now see me in her dreams? She’ll know that I’m coming?”

“Yes, she will see you in her dreams. Now remember, once you find her, you must bring her back to Aureus and straight to the Sacred Church and say the mating vows under the eyes of the Almighty One. Once the mating vows are said, you will have two weeks from that moment to convince her to be your mate.”

“Yes, sir, thank you.”

“You are quite welcome, my prince. The fates have spoken, the rest is up to you,” he announced, holding his hand out.

I shook it before he left. Once he was gone, I ran upstairs to my holocom. I needed to speak with my father right away and let him know that the fates had finally chosen a mate for me. Now all I had to do was find her.

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