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The Secret School for Little Girls by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

The Secret School for Little GirlsLita moved about the great hall, lightly dusting the massive stone statues, and felt a mix of embarrassment and silliness. Yet, what choice did she have? There were millions at stake, which was the only reason she was willing to put up with the shit his lordship was putting her through. So, she continued with her work. She was a Princeton graduate, yet she’d been reduced to the stereotype maid; she even wore the classic French maid uniform. Actually, it was a rather risqué version of said outfit, hence her humiliation. The skirt was so short, even a slight bend of her waist put her white lace French-cut panties on display. However, she wasn’t going to quit, there was no way she could quit.

She wanted those jewels!

Dusting a particularly embarrassing statue, she continued to scan the area. According to the manuscript, the first clue was somewhere in the room. She was glad to have an excuse to not look at the statue. It was like all of the statues there: life-sized and very well-endowed, and with a fully erect penis. What was it about Lord McShane that he had to have such artwork?

Huh, maybe he’s making up for feelings of inadequacy.

Then there were the other people in the castle. To say they were enigmatic would be an understatement. The men were all tall and buff, the women quiet and obedient, and quite intelligent. Lita hadn’t interacted with the other ladies much, but from her brief conversations she’d learned they were all college educated on a wide variety of subjects. She also knew—she just knew—that there were other people in the castle.

She never saw them.

Yet, she knew they were there. She’d heard footsteps in the private halls, heard whispers and low talking, and seen the real proof: the food supplies. It was a simple matter of mathematics. Given the size of the staff, a baker’s dozen including her, there was no way they needed as much food and drinks as Lita had seen in the storerooms.

“Lita, what are you doing here?” a firm voice barked.

She jumped, totally shocked that anyone else was there, and spun to face him. It was him.

“Your lordship,” she said slowly, lowering her gaze and giving him a curtsy.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “Lita, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t go in for all that Old England stuff. Yeah, I’m a lord by birth, but I’m also a pretty easygoing guy. It’s George, unless I’m upset.”

Standing up straight, she looked him in the eye and nodded, and knew what to call him. “Yes, Mr. McShane.”

“Very good. Now, do you know why I’m angry with you?”

“Um, I’m behind in my work?”

“No,” he snapped. “I told you when you started here you were to stay out of the east wing. Your duties are to clean the main castle and tend to my quarters, and help the staff with their rooms. You may go anywhere you want during your free time, except the main gardens. Given the sheer size of this estate, you have a huge area to relax in. So, why do you persist in coming here? You are to clean in here only when the entire staff does it.”

Lita’s toes curled inside her fancy black high-heeled shoes. When his lord—when George spoke to her like that, it made her heart pound and her pussy quiver. She figured it was his imposing figure. He was quite large: at least six-four, barrel chest, powerful arms and legs, and flaming red hair and beard. She felt he needed a bit of a makeover, as his hair was a bit disheveled, but on him it actually looked good. It gave him that whole rugged handsome look. Meanwhile, here she was a hair under five feet, petite yet firm, and probably little more than a hundred pounds soaking wet.

“Ah, I’m just trying to be thorough, sir. Do a good job. I finish my duties very quickly each day and get bored, and, let’s face it, it’s not like I can hike into town and visit a pub. So, I look for more work to do. I’m very sorry, sir.”

Lita did have a point about the town. George’s estate sat on the end of a long peninsula and covered hundreds of acres, and the nearest village was miles away. The castle was so remote, she had no phone service, the TVs were satellite, and the only computer was locked away in his office. On top of that, as she was the new girl, the other members of the staff were rather cold and distant. So, she got bored. He knew all this and thus she hoped her story and look of contrition would be enough to win her some amnesty.

He sighed and stroked his rough beard. “Lita, that’s very noble of you to want to do more to help out, but I have spoken to you about this before, twice. I’m sorry, but as you Americans say, ‘Three strikes and you’re out.’ I’m going to have to let you go, unless you’re willing to accept punishment.”

“Punishment?” she squeaked.

Lita swallowed hard and chewed her lip. When she’d landed the job, she’d been amazed at the high salary and nondisclosure agreement, but she’d also been told that any violations of his rules would result in old-fashioned punishment or immediate dismissal. She thought it was all a bluff and maybe a dose of that dry British humor, and besides, she desperately wanted to continue searching the castle.

“Yes, one of my choosing,” he said simply. “Normally, I wouldn’t even make this offer, but I like you, Lita; you have soft eyes, and green is my favorite color.”

“I… um, I… you… um, okay,” she said, squirming.

When he smiled, Lita felt her blood pressure go through the roof, and his eyes, which were the most delightful shade of brown, always seemed to twinkle.

He chuckled. “Okay to what, Lita?”

She blinked her eyes and shook her head slightly. “Oh, ah, sorry. I mean, okay, I’ll take the… punishment. Ah, just one question, it won’t involve any… sort of… um, whip thingy?”

“No, no, my dear, nothing so severe, not for a minor offense. Good, as you’ve agreed, go to my office, and wait in the corner for me. I’ll be along presently,” he said, handing her the key.

“Corner? I… um, yes, sir,” she said softly, taking the key.

She walked off, feeling as if she was floating on air, and George stomped off in the opposite direction. He headed for the east wing. She seemed to be in a dream, just sort of drifting down the narrow stone hallway.

Was this real? Was this really going to happen? She had said yes to taking some form of punishment from George. What was he going to do to her? Chewing a lock of her long platinum blond hair, she froze and her eyes opened wide as she realized something. He had said that he wouldn’t use a whip on her for a minor offense. Logically that meant there was an offense that could warrant such an implement! After that, she was only dimly aware of her surroundings and what was going on. Her legs seemed to operate automatically and she eventually found herself in his office, very neat and efficient, and she planted herself in the corner nearest the window.

It was nice being there, despite the humiliation of such a juvenile punishment. She hadn’t been in a corner since the last time her dad put her in timeout, and that had been when she was four. That was twenty years ago! Now she stood there and fidgeted, her mind racing as she wondered what he had planned for her. The open window brought the sights and sounds of spring to her, and even the light aromas of the flowers in the main gardens. Casting her eyes about the room, she was amazed at the stark contrast between it and the rest of the building. This was a high-tech command center: laptop computer in a docking port, dual flat-screen monitors, high-speed printer, and even a small server. George had spared no expense, yet had also added many warm touches: fresh flowers every day, beautiful paintings on every wall, and mementos of his trips to other countries. It was clear George was well-traveled, especially compared to her. No, Lita had always been a bit of, what was the term her dad used? Bookworm; she hung out in libraries and museums, and studied ancient books.

Yeah, what did my older sisters all say? The only man you’ll ever get is a man-uscript.

Their words always stung her as she felt she had plenty to offer a man. She was smart, petite, and she had quite the nice body and breasts.

Click! The door closed behind her and she trembled. Her back stiffened, her head snapped forward so she was staring straight into the corner, and her skin positively tingled. George said not a word, but she could hear his gentle breathing and heavy steps as he moved to the desk and sat down. She shivered; she could almost feel his eyes on her, yet he continued to stay silent.

What, is this part of the punishment, slow torture? If he doesn’t say something soon, I’m going to faint from hyperventilation.

“Lita, are you ready?” he said.

She jumped straight up into the air, squealing in shock. When she landed, she almost fell over; her heels were so high she momentarily lost her balance. Truth be told, this was the first place she’d ever worn them. Back home, growing up and working at the museum, she’d worn very simple basic shoes.

Lita was a simple basic woman.

Turning around, trying to slow her breathing, her breasts heaving with each breath and practically bursting from her snug blouse, she meekly nodded. “Y-y-yes, sir. What are you going to… do to me?”

He smiled again, while made her entire mind and body melt. “Goodness, girl, this isn’t the Middle Ages. You’re not going to be drawn and quartered. Calm down and come over here, and stand before me.”

She wanted to run to him. The sight of his large frame filling the chair, his nice tweed suit and long scarf, and his hands with his fingers interlaced combined to leave her all but aching with desire. Forget a simple punishment; she would gladly service him any way he wanted right now! Somehow she managed to control her passion and get her legs to move, and a moment later stood eye to eye with him, which wasn’t something she was used to.

“I’m okay,” she said.

“Good. Now, one last time, Lita. I need to hear it from you: You will accept this punishment without complaint or reservation, correct? The alternative is to leave, right now, and adhere to the requirements of the NDA.”

She opened her mouth to agree, but stopped. There was still that lingering doubt as she wondered what he had in store for her. Yet, what could she do? The ancient map she’d found in that old manuscript had said ‘wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.’ That was a lot of money. After all her research, all her studies, the final clue had led her here, and she was bound and determined to find it, no matter what the cost.

“Yes, sir,” she replied simply.

“Then lie across my lap.”

Lita let out a soft squeak as the hairs on the back of her neck shot straight out. Holy shit! He’s going to… he wants to… “Yes, sir,” she heard herself say, yet couldn’t believe the words came from her mouth.

Her brain switched off, but her body followed his instructions. Moving to his right side, she slid into position, and her humiliation went through the roof. Not only was she across his lap like a naughty child, not only did her feet and hands not touch the floor, there was also the fact that her minuscule skirt immediately flew up to put her panties on display. His gigantic left arm lowered across her back. It was like a tree trunk holding her down. His thighs, those massive beefy appendages were a virtual bed. Her left cheek rested on the soft fabric of his trousers, and then she shuddered when his large strong right hand came to rest on her bottom. She squeezed her thighs together, desperate to hide from him the fact that she was getting wet.

“So, we begin,” he said simply. “As this is your first offense, I’m going to go easy on your, Lita. I hope you appreciate that.”

“I… I do, sir,” she choked out.

Smack! His hand impacted squarely across the center of her ass. She choked on a yelp. The second and third spanks followed quickly, and by the fifth she cried out. She was also able to tell that he had told her the truth. Granted, she was no expert on spanking, having never experienced one before, but she was a good judge of people. Given George’s physique, he could easily smack her much harder. Lying there, she reached down to grip the cloth of his pant leg with both of her petite hands, and brought her legs as close together as possible. She yelped and squealed at the rising heat in her cheeks.

“Lita, you need to understand, I do not tolerate disobedience from my servants,” he scolded. “This is the mildest punishment you will ever receive from me, is that clear?”

“Ouch! Yes, sir, yes, I-ow-understand.”

“If you ever violate another of my rules again, you’ll be back over my knee for a far more severe session. Is that also clear?”

Lita gasped, her voice cut off momentarily.

He’d do… this again?

For some reason, the ‘s’ word was hard for her to even think. Her mouth went dry. She opened it wide, tilted her head back, and howled as the fire truly burned her ass. Bouncing or bucking was impossible. George didn’t even have to put forth much effort to hold her down. Merely the weight of his large arm resting on her back was sufficient. Licking her lips, she swallowed a couple times, and cleared her throat.

“Ow! Yes, sir, yes, sir, that is-ouch-oowww-so very, very clear!” she cried out.

Suddenly a soft rap could be heard from the door.

“Come in,” George said casually, not letting up for a moment.

Lita gasped and genuinely strove to escape. It was a futile gesture. Hannah, the chief of staff, sauntered in. One look and she snickered. She was quite the fine figure of a woman: tall, fine curves, and long black hair that cascaded across her broad shoulders. Lita performed yet another meaningless act: she covered her face with her hands.

“George, excuse me for interrupting, but there are some matters we need to review,” she said.

“Ah yes, of course,” he replied. “Let me think… hmmm, I think a few more minutes will be sufficient. Lita here has been naughty, but not extremely.”

“Oh, what, a minor offense?”

“Quite right,” he said. “She… wait, Lita, you tell her what you did to earn this spanking, and uncover your face!”

Lita whimpered, but did as he ordered and immediately yanked her hands away. His voice was so strong, so commanding, she didn’t have the willpower to resist him. She also blurted out the details of her infraction. All the while, his firm hand just kept smack, smack smacking away. The fiery sting continued to build, her cries of pain increased, and Hannah casually leaned against a file cabinet and crossed her arms. She and George continued to chat, reviewing some details of the issue she’d come to see him about, yet kept things vague enough that Lita couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. The informal tone to their voices sent Lita’s embarrassment into overdrive, and she actually felt tears trickle down her cheeks. They weren’t from physical pain. Her bottom had a terrible ache to it, but her pain threshold was a lot higher than what she was suffering. No, it was the blending of the different aspects of humiliation she was being subjected to. Her position, the juvenile nature of her punishment, and that it was in front of a witness all combined to push her beyond her emotional breaking point. So much so that she was barely aware that the spanking was over until she felt his strong and supple hands wrap about her upper arms.

“All right, missy, corner again, no rubbing mind you, and you are to remain there a full thirty minutes,” he ordered. “After that, return to your quarters until dinnertime.”

Lita’s hands, halfway to embracing her throbbing cheeks, froze. She opened her mouth to protest, but their eyes met, and she melted into total compliance.

“Y-yes, sir,” she squeaked.

Hobbling to the corner, very unsteady on her heels, she stood there lightly sobbing, and clasped her hands in front of her. She heard George rise from his seat.

“All right, Hannah, let’s go,” he said.

“Ah, you sure? Don’t you need to wait and keep an eye on you-know-who?”

“Not at all,” he said with confidence. “Lita, you will stay put for the full thirty minutes, won’t you? And you won’t rub, will you?”

She turned her head slightly so as to again look him in the eye. “No, sir, no rubbing, and I’ll stay here as long as you… order.”

He smiled and turned to Hannah. “There, you see?”

“Huh, you know what? I believe her too. She seems to have a very submissive nature. Okay, let’s go, we’ve got lots to do.”

They left, leaving the door open, which added to her embarrassment, and she stood there like a statue. Her pussy throbbed and pulsated with sexual energy. As the minutes slowly ticked by, the migration of heat from her poor behind to her pussy continued.

Yet, she did as ordered: she didn’t rub, she stayed put for the full half hour, and only then did she rub and go to her room. Standing there, she looked over her shoulder at the full-length mirror, and tugged her skirt up. She gently rubbed and kneaded her red cheeks, and winced. Yes, there was pain, but there was also something else. She was conflicted about him not pulling her panties down. It was hard to tell which emotion was stronger: regret or relief. The thought of him doing it, those large fingers tugging her underwear down made humiliation positively pulsate through her body. Yet, she didn’t know if that was a bad thing because, mixed with those feelings was something else: raw sexual fire. She had to experience more!

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