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The Warrior’s Mate by Samantha Madisen – Sample

Chapter One

The Warrior's MateThe moment I stepped into the cavernous space, I felt the first thin streak of wetness begin between my folds.

The chamber was enormous. The walls soared gracefully upwards, curving slightly inward until they met at the peak of the ceiling. Looking around, I was met with the somber expressions and wide eyes of my tribe that had gathered here for the Choosing. As my eyes adjusted to the light, my gaze swung slowly to the center of the space. A podium, round and large, lay covered by a mattress and delicate sheets.

A rush of nerves coursed through me at the sight. I glanced at the two women on either side of me, but when they looked back I turned my eyes down. My face flushed with the first redness of my shame. From somewhere in the darkness, a voice called out.

“Bring her forward!”

The two women pressed gently on my arms, urging me forward and toward my destiny. My eyes caught motion at my chest and I looked down to see my exposed breasts bouncing slightly with each step I took. Another flush of shame. Doubtless that all the eyes in the room were on my mounds as well. The thought made the wetness swell between my legs again. My nipples tightened.

When we reached the podium, the figure of the man who’d spoken came into view.

“Welcome, Adena.”

I bowed, as I’d been instructed in the preparations. “Today we are gathered here to witness your choosing. Do you submit wholly to your new mate and all of his desires?”

I swallowed loudly before answering the question.

“I do.”

“And do you submit to being taken and for that carnal act to be witnessed and sanctified by this congregation?”

“I do.” My heart had started pounding wildly in my chest. It was the custom of our people that every woman, once they had arrived at nineteen years, be chosen by a warrior from a clan the elders had approved. The woman would not know her suitor before seeing him for the first time at the ceremony. She would not know anything about him. She would only know that it was her duty to obey his every whim and wish. That she was there to serve his pleasure. Today, I was that woman.

“Good,” the robed man growled. He stepped forward and removed the hood that covered his head. He was an older man and as I looked at his face, I realized he was the healer of our tribe. “I see your body is ready for the ceremony. Good. Place her on the pedestal,” the man instructed the two women at my side.

They turned me around so my back was to the mattress. The circle of people had closed in from where I’d entered the room. I was now surrounded completely by men and women, some of which I recognized lived close to me. I felt myself being pulled gently back until the round of my ass pressed against the softness of the mattress. The two women helped me up and soon I was sitting on the edge of the pedestal.

With another push the women urged me to move farther back. One of them walked around and pushed the pillows that were there behind me so I was in a half-sitting position. I once again scanned the crowd. Now there was no hiding. All of their eyes were on me, on my breasts, on my legs, still covered by the long dress I was wearing.

“Before she is chosen,” the large man rumbled toward the crowd, “we must examine her to make sure she is pure.”

It was of course the duty of every maiden of the Gath tribe of our planet Selon to maintain her purity until such time that she was chosen by her warrior. Warrior. The thought of the word sent a chill down my spine. Soon he would emerge from the same door I’d entered by. Soon I would see my mate, the man who I would live to serve until the end of my days.

“Bring him!” the healer called out, lifting a massive arm toward the ceiling. The crowd erupted in a roar. I felt my pulse quicken again. The low sound of drums beating softly filled the room. Of course I’d never attended a Choosing myself. Only those who had been wed, those who were of age, or those who were not of the breeding class could do so.

The crowd parted once more and I narrowed my eyes to try to catch the first glimpse of my soon-to-be husband. When his shape emerged through the door, I caught my breath.

He had to lower his head to fit beneath the frame of the door. As he straightened, my eyes widened at his stature. Thick, broad shoulders, muscled and firm. The taut chest of a true warrior tapered into the six bumps of his abdominals then flared out again into thighs that looked as if they were made of stone.

And between those thighs? Between those thighs, already half-stiff, a man’s cock—my first time seeing one. The sight made me shudder. It had been explained what he would do to me. How he would… insert himself into me. But now that I saw the thing, how long it was, how thick, I could not believe it would fit.

“Step forward, warrior,” the healer said, motioning to the man. He did. With heavy steps he lumbered toward us, toward me, his shaft swinging from side to side with his stride. The healer placed a hand on the man’s chest, stopping him in his tracks when he was no more than two feet away.

The warrior barely seemed to notice. His flesh had become completely hardened as he approached me and now his eyes were devouring my round breasts, the nipples protruding from them in invitation. The healer looked at the length and stiffness of the warrior’s member and smiled.

“He is ready!” he announced to the crowd. It had been explained to me in my preparation that the warrior had also been required to abstain from any contact with a woman. This was done to keep the men fierce and fighting, their minds forever on the ultimate prize of being discharged and given a hefty stipend on which they could start a family.

The warrior tried to step forward, his desire burning in his eyes, but the healer’s firm hand stayed in place. “Soon, honorable fighter. The ceremony is not yet complete.”

The healer took his hand away from the man’s chest as the two maidens who had helped me took up places by his side, their slender hands on his arms. I doubted very much if they could restrain him, should he choose to lunge.

The healer stepped back toward me and in a swift motion I was not ready for, yanked the dress that I was wearing from my middle, tearing it and leaving me exposed to the crowd. The gasp that came from them was followed by a gentle hush. A fresh swell of redness rushed to my cheeks. Here I was lying bare and completely naked in front of this throng. My legs closed of their own accord in an attempt to protect my most precious place from shame. But the healer put a hand on my knee and pressed on the inside of it, spreading me apart slowly.

The wetness that had begun in my pussy as soon as I’d entered the room now felt like it was pouring out of me. I heard the sound of my folds opening, my nectar coating them completely. The eyes of those in the crowd who could see me drifted down between my thighs, sending even more heat to my face. How humiliating being gazed at by all those people, staring at a place I’d seldom even looked at myself.

The healer turned to look at the warrior.

“Honorable Lor, great freedom fighter of Selon, may I request your permission to examine your bride?” The healer bowed deeply as he spoke the words. The warrior spoke.

“Yes. Inspect that she is ready.” He too had been trained in how to respond to every question asked by the healer. The man turned back toward me and his hand floated gently down the soft flesh of my inner thigh. The position I was in allowed me full view of everything he was doing and I saw, as well as felt, his fingers moving down my leg until finally they rested on my softest flesh. I gasped at his touch.

“Do not be afraid,” he said softly. “Soon you will be in your lover’s arms.” Without warning he pushed a stiff digit between the folds of my skin, my wetness coating him. Slowly, he slid first lower toward my hole, then up as waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt the muscles in my legs tighten as the tip of his finger found my nub and I couldn’t help but whimper at his touch. This seemed to please him as a slow smile cracked his lips.

The eyes of the silent crowd were all on me. How embarrassing! How ashamed I was that everyone was watching me. My legs splayed, my most private parts on display for all to see. But this was the way of our people. This was part of the ceremony and every woman who had come before me had to endure it. Every woman who would come after would have to as well.

One look at the giant man standing before me caused wetness to come from my folds.

The healer looked up, his expression serious. But the nod he gave me indicated he was pleased with what he’d found. He pulled his finger back and held it up, examining its wetness. It was the first time I’d been touched by a man.

“She is ready!” the healer cried, rousing the crowd into shouts of approval. But his finger was soon upon me again, spreading me, sliding up and down my now gushing slit. He plunged down back toward my hole, until I felt him at my entrance. Slowly he began to pierce me as my whole body tensed again in expectation. The crowd hushed to a silence again. I felt him pushing at the sides of my flesh, easing himself in until I felt the tip of his finger at my unbroken flesh.

Lor, the man soon to be made my husband, stood staring at my sex. Occasionally his eyes would sweep up toward my chest, linger there, then continue on until they locked with mine. He stood there staring at me for some time until the healer removed himself from my core and called out.

“She is pure!”

“Praise be to the chaste and the whole!” the crowd replied, then quickly settled back into silence. The healer turned to Lor.

“The gods have kept her well. Her gift is for you alone. You will take her soon but as it is written, her training must begin on the eve of her wedding so that she may know what it means to be a good and faithful wife.”

Reaching into the folds of his robe, the healer pulled out an object. It appeared to be of glass, with a tapered end and a ball by which he held it. My body tensed at the thought of what it might be for. Handing the object to Lor, the healer stepped to one side and swept a hand toward me.

“Prepare her for the sacrament.”

Lor took one step forward, placing his massive body directly at my pussy. My eyes couldn’t help but glance down at his raging cock, the head of it swollen and pulsing with desire to deliver his seed. Taking the implement from the man, Lor held it in both hands and raised it for all to see.

“As it is written,” the healer exclaimed, “the bride will be trained to serve her husband. The ointment will be delivered to prevent his seed from taking root, so that she will be without child until her training is complete!”

Ointment! Now I could see that the object was in fact a vial. A vial filled with liquid. I could only guess that this would be somehow inserted into me so that I would not yet become pregnant.

The whole scene flooded my body with new sensations of shame and embarrassment. I was to be watched by a crowd of hundreds as this potion was injected into my hole. Then, I would be plundered by this massive man, filled by his seed. But my body and my mind did not feel as one. Despite my shame, an ache had started in my middle and the fluid pouring out of me now seemed to come in a torrent and not a trickle.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath as I’d been told to do. This was to be my destiny.

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