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The Wolf: A Dark Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One

Lexie Monroe

“He’s here again tonight,” Darien stated, looking down at me through hooded eyes. His eyebrows lifted up and down suggestively, and I couldn’t help but blush a little at his blatant insinuation.

“I should have never told you I had a crush on him,” I scoffed with a playful eyeroll, my embarrassment at his teasing obvious.

Darien laughed under his breath. He shook his head, his smirk growing to epic proportions, and I couldn’t help but smile along with him. His good mood was always contagious.

“Pfffft. I would have found out anyway. If not from you, someone else would have spilled the tea,” he winked, flicking a makeup brush against my cheek. He stood in front of me, scrutinizing my makeup before he nodded and returned to working on blending in my contouring. He loved making me and the rest of the girls the wet dream version of us that Las Vegas demanded.

The men here would accept nothing less.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I sighed. A pause hung heavy in the air before his tone shifted.

“He hasn’t asked for a dance with anyone else. Me thinks he’s waiting for you,” Darien remarked, his tone holding a touch of hopeful promise that I didn’t want to look into too much. It was possible that he was right, but then again maybe he wasn’t.

“Maybe,” I murmured with a blush, and my voice was breathy in a way that revealed my fluttering heart. Darien looked into my eyes knowingly and I only flushed that much hotter.

The image of Kane Lockhart loomed in my mind’s eye. He was the kind of man that women dreamed about.

Big. Broody. An absolute beast of a man…

I closed my eyes, imagining his dark gaze boring into mine. He was the perfect image of rugged masculinity. Dark, tousled hair framed his face while a thick beard covered his jawline. A scar slashed across his right eyebrow, giving him a tough exterior, while his eyes, deep and intense like pools of dark chocolate, seemed to tell a thousand stories with a single look.

He wasn’t a small man by any means. On the exterior, he was built like a body builder, massive, toned, and powerful. I could tell each and every muscle in his body was sculpted, even beneath the expensive Tom Ford suits he wore whenever he came to the strip club I worked at.

I bet he could pick you up and toss you around like a ragdoll while he bounces you up and down on his cock.

I shook my head. He didn’t think of me that way. It just wasn’t possible. I was just some girl at a strip club to him. I danced and that was it. It never went beyond that.

Even though you want it to…

He came often enough that I considered him a regular at the club, but he always followed the rules, which was frustrating to the thousandth degree. Not only that, but he only sought me out. He never asked any of the other girls to dance for him, and I didn’t know if that meant something.

I wanted it to mean something.

You want him to pick you up, carry you into a private room, and fuck your brains out until you pass out from the countless orgasms he forces from your quivering body.

“Stop fantasizing about his big dick, you little hussy,” Darien teased, and I sat back with a pout, embarrassed that he was absolutely one hundred percent right. He chuckled, his gaze sparkling with amusement. He punctuated his words with a smirk and a quick flick of the brush against my other cheek, blending out the pink blush with expert hands.

“It’s funny how you’re the one to mention his dick first,” I scoffed, and his smirk grew wider. A heated flush rose up my neck and my cheeks, likely fucking up his makeup job, but I didn’t care. Darien knew how to work with it. That’s what made him so good at his job.

“I just want you to experience what a nice… thick… juicy… co…”

“Dare! You’re so bad,” I said, cutting him off while blushing even hotter.

“You love me,” he said with a wink.

“I know,” I grinned.

Darien had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. We’d known each other since elementary school. We’d grown apart for a little while when our school districts put us in different middle schools, but we’d come back together in high school. Now we both worked at Lunar Elegance, a high-end gentleman’s club in the center of the upscale Henderson district in Las Vegas.

We thirsted after men together, and on more than one occasion, we’d played the field beside one another just to get the other a date with their current crush, but it had been a while since I’d had the energy to date anyone here in this city.

Las Vegas, while a mecca for tourists and gamblers alike, didn’t exactly present many opportunities for the kind of man that you would bring home to mom for Thanksgiving dinner. In retrospect, that wasn’t really important because I didn’t exactly have anywhere to go other than Darien’s house when that particular holiday came around anyway.

I sighed.

My parents had died five years ago in a car accident. No one really knew what had happened, but the evidence suggested that someone had run them off the highway and forced them to crash head on into a tree at seventy miles per hour. The cops didn’t put many man hours into it, and no one was ever found. They’d never even brought in a single suspect. Eventually, the case grew cold, and it was filed away and never touched again.

As an only daughter over the age of eighteen at the time, there was nothing to do but pick my life up and try to put the pieces back together myself. Darien had been there through it all along with me. I’d even moved in with him for a while so I could get all the bills and things in order and hopefully save up enough to rent my own place and have a home of my own.

Life always went on living all around you, even after tragedies like that.

“Well… What do you think?” Darien asked, breaking me out of my sad reverie and bringing me back to the present. He’d spun me around to face the mirror, wanting to show off his work. I held my breath and glanced up.

As I gazed at my reflection, I scarcely recognized the woman who stared back at me. The dim light played with the contours of my features, casting a soft, sultry glow that seemed to dance upon my dewy skin. The makeup he’d applied accentuated my eyes, his expert smokey look making them practically smolder with heat. The shadows and highlights blended seamlessly, sculpting my cheekbones, and making me feel more radiant than ever. My lips, painted with a shade that matched the flush on my cheeks, seemed fuller and even more tantalizing than I remembered them ever being.

Practically kissable even…

“You’ve outdone yourself,” I whispered.

“I know. You give me a pretty gorgeous canvas to work with, though,” he said with an exaggerated wink.

“You flatter me,” I scoffed, feeling a little self-conscious.

“You deserve it,” he grinned.

“Do you really think I’ll ever have a chance with this guy?” I asked, biting my lip nervously.

“That’s up to you. Show him how much you want him, and maybe he’ll take the bait tonight. If that doesn’t work, try something different next time. He keeps coming back to see you, and only you, so that has to mean something,” Darien remarked, his tone taking on a more serious note. He squeezed my shoulders in solidarity and smiled, his face warm and hopeful.

“You’ve got this. Now get dressed, go out there, and seduce your man,” he said, his grin growing wider.

“Okay,” I whispered with audible nervousness. My heart echoed the rhythm of my breaths, each inhalation in concert with the pounding energy that thrummed beneath my skin. I could feel my anxiety building, and I quickly shook it off as best I could.

I didn’t know why I was so tense. It was just another night at the strip club. I’d take off my clothes, dance until the wee hours of the morning, and then I’d go home, sleep for a few hours and head to Nevada State to attend the business classes that my tips paid for.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

I could do this. It was nothing more than a few dances. I looked hot as fuck tonight, and if Kane wanted nothing to do with me, then screw him.

I’d still take his tips, though. Instead of one or five dollar bills, Kane always tipped with twenties, fifties, or most often hundreds. Lunar Elegance had an upscale client base, which was one of the reasons I’d wanted to work here in the first place, but Kane was something else entirely.

I knew he was rich to have spending money like that. He didn’t seem like the type of man that just wanted to show off.

He was something real.

I stood up, walking over to my rack of costumes and perusing the various options hanging before me. There was the typical schoolgirl uniform, but that didn’t feel right tonight. I could go extra slutty and wear my red lingerie set, but that didn’t feel right either.

I traced my fingers along the various soft fabrics until I settled on a lacy pink number that both hinted at vulnerable innocence and blatant seduction. I changed into the matching rose colored bra and panty set and slipped the mostly sheer lace dress over my body. With one final breath, I pulled my shoulders back and lifted my chin, trying to appear as brave as possible.

I could do this. I would do this.

You just want that cock.

I bristled at my inner voice, trying not to overthink. I liked this man and that was it. It was a simple crush, one that left me feeling giddy like a teenager whenever I saw him, but it was nothing more than that.

Keep telling yourself that…

All around me, girls dressed and got ready for the night. Darien mouthed “good luck” in my direction before moving on to the next girl. He readied his brushes and perused her pretty face, mumbling to himself as he planned out his masterpiece in his head.

It was nice to have him here. It made this kind of work easier to bear.

I strode out of the dressing room into the hallway, walking the length of it before I reached the big, open central room. The dim, seductive lighting shrouded the interior in an alluring mystique, casting every corner into tantalizing shadows of obscurity. The air was alive with a soft clammer of hushed murmurs, laughter, and the pulsating beat of music that vibrated through my whole body.

It made me feel alive.

The interior was a tapestry of temptation and fantasy woven together with silvery threads of moonlight. Plush, dark blue seating lined the edges of the main floor, offering a vantage point from which the club members could drink in the performances from wherever their heart’s desired. At the back of the room was a massive wooden bar, complete with every liquor under the sun. Backlighting showcased some of the more expensive bottles, casting the room in the glow of soft blue light. On the ceiling, little white lights glimmered like stars looking down on us from above.

In the center of the room was the stage. It was simple in design. Bathed in a solitary spotlight, a single lit pole stood like a silent dance partner, a steadfast witness to my every sultry sway and graceful spin.

A stage you’ve made a lot of money on…

I stepped onto the polished platform and the world beyond faded away. With the pole as my guide, I began to dance in the spotlight’s warm embrace. I lost myself in the gentle beat of the music, telling a story of innocence and seduction with every sway of my body. The pole became an extension of my very being, every arch and contraction weaving an intimate dance that lured in everyone watching.

I knew that I was only dancing for one man, though.

It was difficult to see out into the crowd because of the bright spotlight, but that made it easier to dance to my heart’s content. I swept my leg outwards, spinning around the pole and using it to arch backwards into a long, thin line. My body stretched out all the way before I pivoted and swung myself down to the floor, sweeping my hands up the length of my body to casually brush against my breasts before I rolled to my stomach and arched back to grab the pole.

I always danced like only he was watching. It was easier that way.

When the song ended, I elegantly crawled around the stage, collecting my tips and heading to the back to stuff them in my locker. After I was done, I made my way back to the floor to the dark VIP booth where I knew he would be.

I slipped between customers in silence. Many of them were watching the next girl dance across the stage. I glanced up to see Serena, a beautiful, leggy Greek goddess with a body to die for. She glided around the pole like it was made for her, and I had to turn away before I started comparing my rudimentary skills to hers.

With a hesitant breath, I lifted my eyes and glanced towards the dim corner, only just catching the dark glint of Kane’s gaze. Even with nothing more than a glance, he exuded a commanding presence that seemed to silence the world around me, leaving only the two of us.

His eyes, dark like the richest cocoa, held a seductive glint that seemed to beckon me to come closer. The dim lighting cast the tousled waves of his dark hair in even darker shadow, each strand mussed yet somehow still perfect. The sharp angles of his cheekbones framed his features, adding an aristocratic air to his masculinity. His beard, a rugged contrast to the refinement of his Tom Ford suit, framed lips that could pull me into a kiss that would most certainly sweep me off my feet.

As he moved, the fabric of his suit clung to his physique, hinting at the strength and muscles that lay beneath. His gaze held mine as I moved closer, and I lifted my chin, feeling a sudden wave of boldness hit me.

This is it. This is your chance.

“It’s nice to see you, Lexie,” he rumbled, his voice a gravely melody that resonated deep within my core. Each word he uttered carried a weight of authority and raw animal magnetism that was hard to ignore. The timbre was a mixture of velvet and smoke, a texture that brushed against my senses like the softest caress and left a lasting imprint that lingered long after he stopped speaking.

A shiver cascaded down my spine. The combination of that voice and the intense gaze of his dark chocolate eyes cast a spell over me that I was powerless to resist.

I leaned towards him, the draw he created inescapable.

His cologne was an essence of seduction, a blend of musk and dark spices that carried with it the promise of nights filled with untamed passion. Notes of rare wood and saffron intertwined, creating a rich, intoxicating base that spoke of luxury beyond measure. A hint of aged leather and velvety vanilla lingered beneath, adding a tactile depth that seemed to caress every single one of my senses.

As the scent wafted towards me, it wrapped around me like an invisible embrace, leaving me breathless and lightheaded. With each inhalation, my blood heated with desire, blazing through my veins and setting every nerve aflame. I tried to shake it off, but it was useless.

Whenever I was around him, my body turned into a molten inferno of need.

“It’s nice to see you too, Kane,” I breathed, my voice a husky mixture of trepidation and arousal. There was no hiding it, and his brow lifted with a knowing gaze. Those dark irises bored into me as he leaned in closer.

Did he know what he was doing to me?

“I’d like to ask you to dance for me tonight,” he suggested politely, his eyes feasting on the sight of my body before him. I wanted him to reach out and touch me, but he kept his hands to himself.

Fuck these stupid club rules.

“What kind of dance would you like?” I whispered.

My heart raced as the tension between us thickened, each passing second charged with anticipation. The dim, sultry ambiance of the club only seemed to amplify the electricity in the air that much further.

“I’m curious to see a dance that matches the fire in those pretty blue eyes,” he murmured, his voice a silky caress. His lips curled into a slow, seductive smile, revealing a hint of the rogue that lay beneath his composed exterior. His fingers brushed my forearm, sending threads of pleasure straight to my core.

My pulse quickened as I met his gaze, feeling his unwavering attention on me. I knew that this moment held the potential to turn into something unforgettable. Drawing on a courage I hadn’t known I possessed, I slid closer to him, closing the distance between our bodies.

Leaning in, I let my lips brush against his earlobe, my breath hitching in the back of my throat the moment we made contact.

“I think you’ll enjoy the kind of dance I have in mind.”

His sharp inhale signaled his reaction, a mixture of mystery and desire that mirrored my own. Slowly, he tilted his glass and took a long sip of bourbon before he placed it down on the table beside him. Then, I stood up and moved in front of him, staring down into those rich chocolate eyes and losing myself in them.

This is it. Show him what you’re made of.

With a delicate sway of my hips, I began to move to the beat of a melody playing over the speakers. The soft, sultry notes enveloped us, setting the pace for a dance that was slow and seductive. My fingers trailed lightly over the fabric of my lacey dress, skimming the curves of my body, and leaving a trail of heated sensations in their wake.

Kane’s eyes remained locked on me, a combination of intensity and raw longing swirling within their depths.

The club’s ambiance seemed to fade into the background, leaving only the two of us in a world of smoldering tension. With a coy smile, I reached out, my fingers grazing his chest, tracing the contours of his muscles. His controlled façade faltered for a moment, revealing a hunger that matched my own.

Now you’re getting somewhere…

As the music reached its crescendo, so did my building desire. My body moved in harmony with the beat of the music, a silent plea for him to reach out and touch me, to take me in the back and claim me as his. The air was thick with a sensual pull, drawing us closer until there was no space left between us.

With a final, lingering gaze, I brought the dance to a slow and deliberate end, our proximity and shared energy hanging in the air like an unspoken promise. The applause from the surrounding patrons brought us back to reality, and Kane’s fingers brushed lightly against my hip. I sucked in a breath, heated spirals of sensation coursing across my skin with his not-so-innocent touch. My nerves fired all at once, and a jolt of fire blazed right to my core.

But was it enough?

“That was exquisite,” he whispered, his voice a low murmur that only I could hear.

“Thank you,” I whispered. I waited with bated breath. Would he make a move? Did he know how much I wanted him to?

His words hung in the air like a sweet promise, but then he slowly pulled away, and a hint of disappointment flickered across my features. He held my gaze for a moment longer, his eyes holding a mixture of regret and restraint.

A heavy sigh escaped me as I watched him sit back, his fingers slipping away from me. The heat of our connection lingered, an invisible thread between us that tugged at my heart. I offered him a wistful smile, masking the yearning that swirled within me, and he returned it with a subtle nod, a silent understanding passing between us.

He wasn’t going to break the rules, at least not for me.

He reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet out. He tugged a few bills out of the leather folds and slid them into my hands.

“Have a wonderful rest of your night, Lexie. Until next time,” he rumbled. His words swept over me like a cold shower before he stood and made his way out of the booth. It wasn’t until after he was gone that I looked down at the money he’d given me.

It was ten one-hundred-dollar bills.

He’d paid me a thousand dollars for that single dance.

Chapter Two


For the next two weeks, I worked at the gentleman’s club nearly every night. I made a decent amount of money, but it was Kane that truly lined my pockets whenever he was there. Each time he came, he requested a lap dance from me and me alone. With every single one, he overpaid, and I stashed it away, knowing my next tuition payment was due at the end of the month. At this rate, I might actually get ahead, pay all of my bills, and eat something other than Ramen for dinner for once. Maybe I’d even go out to eat at my favorite sushi place.

A girl could hope, right?

Night after night, he’d request lap dances from me, each encounter a tango of seduction that left me yearning for something more. Yet, despite the palpable chemistry that crackled in the air, he remained maddeningly restrained. Each time his fingers brushed against my skin, I could feel the promise of something electric hovering just out of reach. Frustration knotted within me, a mix of longing and exasperation, my body a taut cord of desire and need.

Some nights it was almost more than I could bear.

One night after he’d already left, I stole back into the dressing room, seeking out Darien. Having finished getting the girls ready for the night, he was working on his own makeup. I knew he had a drag show tonight. I was a little sad I couldn’t go. I’d forgotten to request the night off, but I’d vowed that I wouldn’t for the next one.

Darien was one of the most charismatic and talented drag queens in the city. His radiant energy and captivating presence made him a true icon, and his outfit that night was nothing short of a masterpiece. His makeup was a work of art, with expertly contoured cheekbones and eyes that sparkled like stars. The way his eyes were adorned with glittering eyeshadow made him look like some otherworldly celestial being when it caught the light just right. His lips were painted in a bold as hell shade that blew me away.

His makeup only added to the grandeur of the rest of him. His outfit was a stunning sequined 1950’s pin-up dress that exuded elegance and confidence. The dress, with its flattering hourglass silhouette, was a vibrant burst of bright pink, adorned with silver polka dots that seemed to dance with each step he took. The sweetheart neckline softened his image, and I smiled, knowing how much time and effort he’d put into his costume and makeup. It was Darien’s attention to detail that truly set him apart.

I sighed, feeling down and trying to put a little pep in my step to encourage him to have a good night while I languished in a melancholy of my own making.

“Lexie, honey…”

“Yes, Dare?”

“No, no, no. None of that,” he chided.

“None of what?” I pouted.

“Are we having a pity party, or are we gonna grab life by its sequined skirt and dance like no one is watching, or maybe like a particular someone is watching…?” Darien quipped with his signature sassy grin and a bold, knowing wink.

“Kane might as well be off-limits. Darien, you know the rules.” I sighed, watching his reflection in the mirror as I fidgeted with my own lacey see-through costume.

He rolled his eyes dramatically. “Rules, rules, rules. Sweetie, let’s talk about what those rules have ever done for us, besides being a buzzkill. We’re here to provide a fantasy, and your dancing makes every dick in this place rock-hard, especially his, and you know it.”

I chuckled despite myself, his energy infectious even in my moments of doubt. Even though I didn’t want to, I found myself smiling and laughing along with him.

“You’re one-of-a-kind, Dare.”

“Damn right, and so are you,” he shot back, his voice dripping with sincerity. “Kane Lockhart may look like he stepped out of a billboard, but he’s nothing more than a puzzle, babe. And you, my dear, have the power to completely unravel him.”

“But what if I’m just another dancer to him?” I glanced at my reflection, meeting my own eyes in the mirror.

“Oh, Lexie, you sweet, sweet summer child. You’re not just ‘another dancer.’ You’re a temptress, a seductress, an absolute goddess of desire. And honey, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He wants that sweet little ass of yours, and he couldn’t hide it even if he tried.” Darien said, his laughter tinkling like a melody.

“You always know how to boost my ego, don’t you?” I sighed again.

“Someone’s gotta remind you that you’re fierce as hell, bitch,” he said, a touch of seriousness in his voice. “Now, go dance your little heart out. Show him that Lexie fire, and let the rules be damned. Go get that dick.”

“Thanks, Darien. I needed that pep talk.”

“Anytime, hun. Now, go work your magic out there,” he said with a grin.

“Break a leg tonight, superstar. Wish I could be there with you,” I exclaimed. We shared a smile, a silent exchange of support and friendship. He was my best friend, and I would always be there for him in the same way he was for me.

“Laters, babe,” he smirked, winking with our little inside joke.

“Laters,” I replied.

Leaving the dressing room, I stepped into the dimly lit corridor that led to the stage. The energy that radiated within the club was electric tonight. With each step, my heart quickened, echoing the cadence of the music that thrummed beyond the curtain.

As the spotlight’s glow washed over me, I stood at the precipice of the stage, feeling the familiar shiver of excitement and nerves cascade down my spine. With Darien’s words echoing in my mind, I took that first step, embracing the role of the temptress, the storyteller, and the sheer embodiment of the male fantasy just like he had suggested. The music began to cast its spell over me, and I moved to its rhythm, throwing aside the rules and restrictions, and allowing my body to express the unspoken desires that pulsed through the air.

The desire for that single man waiting for you in the corner.

I met the gazes of all the men, and somewhere in the dimly lit room, I caught a flash of Kane’s dark gaze. His eyes held a mixture of intrigue and restraint, as if he battled his own desires while watching me dance.

Using my body, I sent him my own message through the unspoken language of dance, daring him to step into my world, where fantasies intertwined, and rules were meant to be broken.

After my stage dance, I took to the floor, making my rounds and attending to some of the other regulars within the club first. I didn’t go to him right away, instead choosing to prolong the night and build the tension between us that much more.

You want him to watch you.

I couldn’t shake the sensation of his gaze upon me. It was as if an invisible thread connected us, drawing his eyes to every twist of my body, every arch of my back as I danced for other men right in front of him. With each moment I delayed going to him, I felt an undercurrent of desire that flowed between us like the rising tide.

It was undeniable.

When I finally made my way over to him at last, the hunger in his eyes was unquestionable. In that moment, the room around us seemed to fade, leaving only him and me in a world where anticipation crackled like static in the air.

The moment hung suspended between us as his hungry gaze met mine. The music’s sultry beat pulsed through the air, and without a word, he extended his hand, a silent request that I felt in the depths of my being. With a breathless nod, I accepted his unspoken invitation, and his fingers closed around mine, sending a jolt of anticipation up my arm.

He didn’t need to ask me to dance. I knew what he wanted.

As I started to move for him, the world around us seemed to narrow. The seductive sway of my hips, the fluidity of my movements—it was a performance meant for his eyes alone. With every look he bestowed upon me, the ravenous glint in his gaze intensified, a flame that ignited my own longing and made it so overwhelming that I was soon breathless with it.

The climax of the dance drew near, the charged air heavy with the unspoken tension between us. He leaned in, his lips tantalizingly close to mine.

You finally got to him.

Then I saw a flicker in his eyes, a moment of hesitation. Just as our lips were about to brush against each other, he pulled away, as if remembering himself at the last possible second.

The world seemed to snap back into place. He met my gaze, a mix of reluctance and restraint clouding his features, and for a moment we stood suspended in a dance of emotions too powerful to put into words. It left me both exhilarated and aching, as if I had touched the edge of something profound and untamed, only for it to slip through my fingers like grains of sand.

My core throbbed greedily, almost like it hadn’t gotten the memo that the night was already over before it had even really started.

He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts, his chest rising and falling with an unsteady beat. With a deep breath, he stood up abruptly, his movements a mix of determination and inner conflict. In his hand, he held a wad of cash.

“Here,” he said, his voice raspy with a mixture of desire and frustration, as he pressed the roll of bills into my hand. I glanced down, my heart quickening before I looked back up. I stood there, watching him walk out of the club.

I wanted him to look back, but he never did.

This time, he’d paid me two thousand dollars.

That night I went home, and the only thing on my mind was where that kiss could have led. I tried to distract myself by washing my face and getting ready for bed, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t stop imagining what it would feel like to have his lips against mine. Would he be a good kisser? Would he keep his hands to himself? Would his cock get hard just from that?

Fuck. You’re absolutely hopeless.

With a sigh, I tried to push aside the images of his dark eyes and the weight of his gaze that seemed to linger on my skin. I changed into my favorite pajamas, the soft fabric a soothing touch against my sensitive flesh. The moonlight filtered through the curtains that covered my window, casting a gentle glow that painted everything in my room a muted silver. I slid under the covers, the cool sheets a soothing balm to my heated thoughts, and closed my eyes, willing myself to fall asleep quickly.

It didn’t work.

The more I tried to banish every waking thought of him, the more they seemed to bounce around in my mind, each memory a seductive thread that pulled me deeper into a web of longing. The heat of desire built within me like an ember that refused to be extinguished. His presence lingered in every shadow, igniting a fire that blazed beneath my skin. The echo of his voice, every instance of his heated touch—each sensation was etched into my senses, and as the moon traced its path across the night sky, my yearning for him only grew stronger.

Overcome with need, I drew my hands up my body, sliding my fingers beneath my button up shirt and lightly brushing my skin. I bit my bottom lip, dragging it through my teeth and sighing softly as tendrils of fiery sensation cascaded over my skin.

I imagined my fingers were his exploring my body for the very first time. Instinctually, I knew he wouldn’t be particularly gentle, but I didn’t want that. He was the type of man that fucked rough and hard, so much so that you couldn’t help but come over and over again all over his cock.

My God. I was positively hopeless.

One by one, I slowly undid the buttons of my nightshirt, baring my breasts and then my stomach. With every instance of flesh exposed, the electricity within me flickered to life, liquid heat spiraling through my veins with increasing speed. Nothing quelled the growing lust in my core, and I knew that I was lost.

I was going to touch myself tonight, my wicked fantasy lush with thoughts of him and only him.

It’s awfully naughty of you to touch yourself. What would Kane do if he knew?

I dragged my bottom lip between my teeth again, imagining him barreling through my door, catching me with one hand on my breast and the other pressed into my panties.

What would he do? Would he punish me? If so, how would he do it?

Lying back on the bed, I sighed and lost myself in the fantasy of him, one where he couldn’t say no, and one where I’d get everything I needed and more.

“My, my… Lexie, look at you with your hand in your panties. Did I give you permission to touch that needy little pussy?”

“No,” I breathed, my breath hitching in the back of my throat as I grappled with the surging nerves inside of me.

“What did I tell you would happen if you disobeyed me?” he asked, his sultry voice sending shivers racing through me with wild abandon. My clit pulsed underneath my fingertips. His stern scrutiny left me feeling adrift, lost in an ocean of desire as I slowly pulled my hand out of my panties.

He’d never seen me fully naked before. The club I worked at was topless only, never full nude, which was one of the reasons I’d chosen to work there in the first place. A girl needed to keep her secrets from time to time, and the place between my thighs was one of them.

Quickly, I tried to cover myself, like I could hide what I’d been doing after the fact. He’d already seen what I’d been doing.

Slowly, he closed the door behind him and walked over to the side of the bed closest to me.

“What should I do with a naughty girl like you?” he asked again, his voice carrying a clear vein of firmness that hadn’t been there before.

“You should punish me,” I finally whispered. Saying the words out loud sounded even more shameful than I had imagined. Would he think something was wrong with me?

“How?” he growled, his tone inquisitive and endlessly seductive. This time, the rumble of his tone reverberated down my spine, casting a web of desire and catching me within it without warning. I drew in a heated breath, feeling my arousal grow hotter and hotter, and it took everything within me to stay still. His fingers reached out to brush against the sensitive skin of my throat. A spiral of desire tightened within me, connecting straight to my clit and driving me wild with need.

I said the words I’d been both dreading and wanting to say ever since I’d laid eyes on the man.

“With your cock,” I whispered, my voice a soft hush.

“Hmmm. Is that what you need?”

He reached out to brush a strand of hair out of my face, his thumb gently caressing my cheek.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“I think you need far more than just a fucking, naughty girl,” he added darkly, his eyes glimmering with sordid intent. I bit the inside of my cheek, wanting to ask what he was going to do and how he was going to do it, but I stayed quiet, instead choosing to go along with the mystery of it all.

I looked up into his eyes, seeing the dark waves of seduction roll through them, growing darker until they bordered on pitch black. His smoldering gaze made me question everything.

Was I ready for this?

“I think you need a spanking to remind you of your place,” he mused.

My eyes opened wide, and there was little time to scramble backwards on the bed before he was there straddling me. He held his body around me like a prison, holding his weight off me and caging it around me. I drew in a deep breath, trying to quell the rampaging fearful need brewing inside me.

A spanking?

I started, breaking out of my fantasy for a moment. Where had that come from? I’d never imagined myself bare bottomed over a man’s knee before. Sure, I’d read about it in a few books and seen it in the movies, Fifty Shades of Grey immediately coming to mind, but I’d never let my mind run wild with such a shameful thought. Spankings were a childish punishment, meant to deter and teach, not to put a grown woman like me in her place.

Your pussy doesn’t agree.

Even now, my fingers slid between my thighs with embarrassing ease. I was wetter than I’d ever been. Was this a simple crush, a passing fascination that would eventually fade over time, or was this something bigger than that?

Sure, I’d had sex before. I was twenty-six years old, and I’d lost my virginity at the age of eighteen. I’d dated some, but work kept me busy these days, so it had been a good, long while, maybe even a year now since I’d fucked anyone. I wasn’t well-versed in bed, but I’d been with a few men. Only one had actually made me come, but he’d been too much of a low life to even consider taking things further than a first date.

Kane was different, though. He was an entirely different breed of man.

Hesitantly, I closed my eyes and let my mind wander once again. Hell, if my pussy wanted to think about getting a spanking from big, bad Kane Lockhart, then fuck it. It would probably make my inevitable orgasm that much better.

He won’t ever know anyway.

I scoffed at my inner voice. Who was she to tell me that I’d never succeed with Kane? Maybe it was more of a slow burn with him. Maybe I just had to catch him at the right time for him to make a move? Maybe I had to be the one to do it first?

Despite his rough exterior, Kane was every part the gentleman. In a world where desire often blurred lines, he had maintained a respectful distance, his gaze a sordid caress that set my skin ablaze without ever crossing boundaries. He had listened, truly listened, when I spoke, his attention a rare gift amidst the madness of the club. There were the times when, between dances, his eyes would find mine from across the room, a silent reassurance that he was there, watching over me.

Almost like he was my protector…

It was the smallest gestures that spoke volumes, though, like the way he always ensured a glass of water, or on one occasion even a glass of wine, was waiting for me after a performance, or the time he discreetly handed me a scarf to ward off the chill in the night air so I wouldn’t be cold when I went home that night.

I laid there, trying to grapple with the dichotomy of the two sides of him. I reached up and took my left nipple in between my fingers, pinching it lightly at first, and then harder like I knew he would do. I cried out, dull pain lancing across my breast, yet I continued. I twisted as hard as I dared, my back fully lifting off the bed as I arched into the pain.

I released my stiff, punished bud and gasped when a secondary wave of pain followed. I suffered within those few moments until at long last, it faded, and I dared to slip my fingers between my thighs once more.

I bit my lip, realizing at that moment that I was much wetter than I had been before.

Pain gets you off, apparently. Nice one, you little slut.

I ignored my inner voice, choosing instead to lightly circle my clit. My whole body trembled, and I closed my eyes again.

Fuck it. It was time to see how this fantasy played out.

“You’d spank me?” I whispered.

“I’d do more than spank you, naughty girl,” he purred, and a shiver coursed down my spine. My muscles tightened with anxious arousal, and it took everything in me to remain still beneath him.

He moved backwards, his knees to either side of my legs. Partially released from the cage of his body, my self-preservation finally kicked in and I tried to squirm away. With his massive hands, he immediately gripped underneath my thighs and yanked me backwards, pinning me to the bed as effectively as a length of rope.

“There’s no getting away from me, Lexie,” he growled, and my core collapsed in on itself. I licked my lips, and he watched the traveling journey of my tongue, like the little movement had enraptured his every waking thought until I tucked it back inside my mouth.

Truthfully, I didn’t actually want to get away from him. I wanted to find out where this would go.

With an unexpected gentleness, he reared up and slowly peeled the fabric of my nightshirt away from my body, exposing my breasts to his view. He’d seen them before, but I usually wore pasties under my bra to hide my nipples. Now, he was staring right at the hard little rosebuds with a dark, ravenous expression that turned my insides into molten ash.

“Kane,” I whispered, my voice hoarse with need. I trembled beneath him as his finger grazed my hip, trailing upwards to caress the underside of my breast with a reverence that bordered on worship. His gaze followed the line of his touch, igniting every inch of me with heat that only seemed to grow hotter the more time went on.

“You’re wearing far too many clothes for the punishment I have in mind,” he mused, taking his time and glancing down at the panties that still covered me. My nightshirt was spread wide open, revealing everything else.

“I am, aren’t I?”

My voice carried with it an air of challenge, almost as if I was daring him to bare me. What had gotten into me? Why was I pressing him further into this? With a boldness I didn’t know I was capable of; I lifted my knee up slightly and dragged it against the rock-hard line of his cock.

He was enjoying this just as much as I was.

“We’re going to have to rectify that,” he growled. Gradually, he drifted backwards as his fingers trailed down the length of my torso. Electric tingles cascaded over my bare flesh, and then my breath caught in my throat the moment his fingers collided with the waistband of my panties.

I held my breath. I’m not sure why.

With a meticulous gentleness, his fingers curled underneath the lacey hem, grazing against my naked skin, and my heart pounded like a drum in my chest. I tried to draw in a breath, but it was as if the air in the room had vanished. The heat between us stole every bit of it away, and I bit my lip, trying to grapple with the raging storm of arousal in my core. If this went on much longer, it was going to turn into a category five hurricane of uncontrollable lust.

He was careful as he dragged my panties down my hips, inch by slow inch until the fabric caressed the top of my mound. Only a little more and he’d see every last bit of my pussy. The thought of that made my body shake with desire and a soft moan escaped me. I clamped my lips shut, vowing to keep quiet, but nothing I did made the desire surging in my core quell.

That had a life of its own.

My breath quivered as he jerked my panties down a bit more roughly now, almost as if he needed to see me and couldn’t wait any longer. I hesitantly lifted my eyes to meet his darkening ones, and I saw the same storm that was raging inside me within his tumultuous gaze.

He wanted me. Badly.

Carefully, he threaded my panties down far enough, and then seemingly without any effort at all, he tore them right off. He met my eyes pointedly and then knowingly dropped them to the cusp of my thighs, truly looking at me for the very first time.

“You’re nervous, naughty girl, but your pussy is soaking wet knowing you’re about to be punished,” he taunted, his seductive teasing driving me wild with need.

I blushed, the heat reigning over my face with vivid intensity.

He was looking at me, really looking at me, and there was nothing I could do about it. The thought only caused a blistering jolt of heat to surge straight down to my core.

Without a word, he grasped me around the waist and flipped me over onto my belly. Immediately, his hands moved down to my hips, and he hiked them up, exposing me in an entirely different way.

Could he see all of me?

His broad palm settled on my backside, and I stiffened, remembering his threat as if I was hearing it for the first time.

He’d said he was going to punish me, both with a spanking and then with his cock.


Fuck me.

The shrill sound of my alarm sliced through my fantasy. I jolted awake, disoriented by the abrupt transition from the world of desire to the mundane reality of my bedroom. It had all been a dream, a vivid fantasy that now slipped through my fingers like smoke. Frustration mingled with disappointment as I silenced my alarm, realizing that the day ahead beckoned with responsibilities beyond just lying here and touching my pussy until I came a thousand times.

Reluctantly dragging myself out of bed, I fought the urge to sink back into the sheets. It was time to get ready to head to school. I had an exam this afternoon, and I needed to get to the library to cram a little bit before then.

Despite my better judgement, Kane surrounded my every waking thought and when the professor announced that the exam was open book the moment I walked into class, I was overjoyed with my small stroke of luck.

I’d take care of my needy pussy later tonight.

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