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Their Captive Pet: A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

Carrie sat in her seat by the window, stared out over the wide expanse of the Indian Nebula, and sulked. She turned to look around the cabin and practically growled. It was not at all what she was used to. After years of sleek private starships with champagne and caviar, she was reduced to a rental with warm soda and stale nuts.

“Girl, could you try and muster a smile once in a while?” Carl said.

She shifted her gaze to the seat across from her and to its occupant, her manager. “Really, you expect that much from me? I mean, Carl, could you possibly have found me a more remote and backward planet to perform on?”

“Carrie, you have to face facts, there aren’t many places willing to give you a paying gig these days. You’ve burned so many bridges, pissed off so many people, and alienated everyone up to and including your parents, that no one wants anything to do with you. You remember what the media is calling you? ‘Carrie Over-the-hill’ instead of Overbrook; consider this concert your first step on the road to redemption.”

She rolled her eyes. “Twenty-five and already a has-been. Man, I guess I should have listened to my dad. He said the entertainment industry was worse than the commodities market.”

“Comm…? Oh, that’s right, I remember now, he was a trader for… what, forty years?”

“Yup,” she said with a nod. “One minute he was up, his future secure, and the next they were repo’ing the Beemer and my college fund was gone.”

“That when you became a singer?”

“Naw, I’d been doing that since I was ten, but I didn’t hit it big until I signed with you and had that movie soundtrack when I was fourteen. Sure has been a great run though.”

“Don’t let it get you down,” Carl said. “Hey, make this gig go well and you should get some good press, we parlay that into a couple more concerts, maybe cut an album, and you can get back on top. Let’s try to stay positive.”

“I’m trying,” she said, looking out the window again. “But, man, this place is hell and gone from… well, everywhere. Do these people even know who I am?”

“Ah, actually, not knowing will work in our favor, but the consulate in their embassy on Earth said that the king himself asked for you. So, come on, that’s a good sign.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said with a sigh, and stood to stretch. She wiggled and rubbed her curvy butt. “Man, talk about a long flight, my ass feels like a lead weight. How much longer before we arrive?”

He rose to look out a window. “Eh, I think about thirty minutes. We’ve entered their solar system, and theirs is the fourth planet, which means we’re on final approach.”

“Yeah, and somehow I don’t imagine this place having a busy intergalactic spaceport. Will they even have a paved runway?”

“Hey, don’t go running Nova Island down. It’s a small indie world, but ever since diamonds were found in its mountains, the place has more money than they know what to do with. It’s said everyone on the planet is a millionaire and they import all of their workers.”

Carrie’s eyebrows went up and she smiled. “Really? Huh, maybe I can nab me a rich husband. Wait, in-dee?”

“Old slang, my girl, it means they’re an independent world not aligned with or a member of any alliance or confederation. Hell, look at their name, it’s got ‘island’ in it. For millennia the place has been ignored.”

“Are they human?” Carrie said.

“Humanoid,” Carl replied. “Let’s see… they have pointy ears on the tops of their heads, kind of flat noses, and huge catlike eyes. That’s because their planet is farther from their sun than Earth is from ours, and they’re tall due to the lower gravity.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember reading about those things.”

They laughed as the ship made its final approach, glowing as it entered the atmosphere, and a few minutes later they were on the tarmac and disembarking through the small door. Carrie opened her eyes wide in the dim sunlight, as if doing so would gather more light, and scanned the area. The spaceport sat on the shoreline of a sparkling sea; the sunlight softly glittered off the rolling waves, and a light breeze helped to cool the summer heat. The spaceport was modest, but definitely new; it was high-tech all the way. It stood in stark contrast to the quartet of men arrayed before her. They looked like some sort of Bedouin camel riders—they even had a camel-like pack animals tethered to a hitching post behind them. The animals had the long legs and hump of a camel, but a short neck, and a head and mane like a lion. Carrie had to wonder, did they eat meat or grain?

Carl stepped toward them. “Gentlemen, are you our welcoming party?”

A stout fellow dripping in gold chains stepped forward. “Tis true, it is as the king said, a golden girl,” he said, gazing at Carrie, and then turned to Carl. “I am Aswad, chief trader for Nova Island, you are her master?”

Manager, Ass-wad,” she snapped, practically growling at him.

She stepped back; she didn’t like the way he and his cohorts were looking at her. Carl had been right about their appearance, but he’d left out their rippling muscles, flowing black hair, and dark complexion. Despite their minimal sun, they all looked as if they had deep tans.

“Ah, she is a fiery one,” Aswad said, rooting around in a pocket. “She’ll do fine. Here, for your troubles.”

He tossed a small leather pouch at Carl, who fumbled and almost dropped it. Untying the straps, he opened it, and gasped as his jaw dropped. Carrie managed to steal a glimpse, and her eyebrows shot up.

The bag was full of diamonds.

“Holy cow,” Carl said. “Wha-what’s this for?”

“Your fee,” Aswad said. “It comes with a single stipulation. They are yours if you get back on the ship and leave this instant, no questions asked, and never speak of this journey to anyone.”

“Ahhh,” he stammered.

Carrie gasped. “Carl, you can’t be seriously considering it! You can’t leave me here, I don’t know what these guys are… after.”

“Sweetie, there’s nothing to worry about,” Carl said with a nervous laugh. “These men are clearly of good moral character, and remember that the king himself asked for you to come here. What, you think he’d let anything bad happen to you? Bye now.”

Turning, he bolted up the steps into the plane as Carrie felt the blood drain from her body. The cheap bastard was betraying her, after all she’d done for him, and there was nothing she could do about it. Two of the men grabbed her by the shoulders, the third closed the hatch, and Aswad slapped the side of the plane and whistled. Carrie looked around; the ship was being refueled as she was dragged toward the terminal.

“Wait a minute, hold it, I want to call the Earth Embassy or at least home,” she shouted. “Who are you guys? Where’s the king? I have a right to know what’s going on here!”

The men laughed as they forced her inside, and she gasped at the sight before her. It was no terminal, it was a slave market. A small round stage sat at the center of the huge vaulted room and rows of chairs faced it, and behind them cages lined the walls. In each of them was a naked woman of an alien race, Carrie even recognized some of the races, but what got her attention was the one empty cage with its door open.

A medical exam table with stirrups sat right next to it.

She strained to break free of them. “No, stop it! You can’t do this to me; I’m a citizen of Earth and the Grand Confederation. I have rights.”

Aswad stepped in front of her as his two minions held her tight.

“We do not recognize your laws here, little human,” he said firmly. “You have no rights. So, undress and get on the table.”

“What?” she squeaked. “No, never!”

The two men chortled as Aswad reached for something at his waist. She stiffened, afraid that it was a dagger or some other weapon, and then she cocked her head at him when she saw a stout leather paddle in his hand. He stepped around behind her, her muscles clenched, and her head whipped from side to side in an effort to see what he was up to.

“Prepare her,” he said simply.

Before she could give voice to an objection, the men turned toward her, got down on one knee facing each other, and bent her across their collective lap. She yelped and kicked her legs furiously.

“Let go of me! Don’t you dare… touch me with that… thing, I’ll gouge your eyes out, I’ll break your fingers, I’ll… I’ll…”

“Hold her,” he said, ignoring her.

With their free hands, they seized her legs by her thighs, holding her tight.

“No, no, no,” she wailed.

She shivered, her glutes clenching at the tap-tap of the leather against her poor bottom, then it disappeared. She stiffened from head to toe and felt total dread ripple through her body as she heard the rush of air behind her. Smack, it landed. She squealed through her teeth, lurched forward, and squirmed. It didn’t do any good, the men were too strong and too big to fight, and two more swats struck in quick succession.

“Ow,” she yelped. “Stop it, you can’t do this to me, I’m not a child.”

The men laughed.

“Aye, you are definitely no child,” he said, not letting up. “As we would never do such a thing to an innocent child. You are a pet, nothing more, and this is how we tame wild animals to turn them into docile pets.”

She struggled in their iron grip, yelping and wailing, the fire building in her cheeks, which caused her defiance and resolve to weaken. Her anger surged at what was being done to her, especially as they all seemed to take such delight at her misery, and the last thing she wanted to do was yield to his demand. However, the sting in her ass as his paddle ranged across her cheeks making circles of pain with each impact was too much for her to resist.

“All right, all right, I give up, I’ll… do as you say,” she choked out.

The men laughed, but that horrid paddle didn’t stop smacking her poor bottom for another full dozen strokes. She had to blink back the tears, but at least they finally released her. Standing, she desperately wanted to rub, but fought the urge. She didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing how sore she felt.

“That was your first lesson,” Aswad said. “Remember it, and do as you’re told, as next time I will not go easy on you.”

She suppressed a squeak of surprise and dread. Holy cow! He calls that a mild paddling? Damn, I’ve got to get away from these people and get a message home.

Wincing with each step, she moved to stand next to the table, and slowly took off her clothes. Her heart was pounding, as she hadn’t been this embarrassed since those reporters caught her making out with one of her backup singers at her last concert. Then as now, conflicting feelings surged through her mind and body, and as she slid down her designer jeans, she felt a definite dampness between her legs, which only heightened her humiliation.

Whack! The paddle landed against her tender right cheek.

“Ow,” she squealed, shooting in the air.

“Cease your delaying, human, we have an auction to get to,” Aswad snapped.

She spun to face him, her hands flying to her panty-clad bottom. “I will, just stop hitting me,” she whined.

The men laughed harder, she blushed brighter, and pulled her rainbow blouse up and over her head. She shivered as she was now in her blue lace panties and bra, and she squirmed and closed in on herself as she undid the clasp and slipped off her bra. Goosebumps raced across her body as her panties went down. She crossed her legs to hide her bush, and shut her eyes. The hot breath of the assembled brutes drifted across her skin, humiliating her, and she turned to the table so as to not face them. Unfortunately, curling up on the table proved pointless; the two men seized her, forced her into the stirrups, and strapped her down.

Her entire body tightened, every muscle clenching, and she chewed her lip. What are they going to do to me?

A man in a lab coat, some sort of doctor, moved between her legs and sat on a low stool. Given his incredible height, he had to bend low to reach her, and for his hands to touch her pussy. She strained against the straps, but they were like steel bands, and she wasn’t going anywhere. One index finger swirled around the edge of her pussy. She shivered and her tummy clenched, and then he slid in to tickle her clit. She bit her lip and tasted blood. Her mind and body were conflicted; she both loathed and loved his touch, and her total helplessness only seemed to heighten her body’s fiery reaction.

“She has good reactions,” he said casually, fingering her g-spot. “Is she to be a pleasure pet or breeder?”

Her eyebrows shot up. Breeder, what the devil?

“She is a golden beauty,” Aswad said. “I want her looks preserved as long as possible.”

“So, no breeding? Pity, her breasts are more than ample to nurse a fine litter.”

“Dr. Sayyid, I asked you to evaluate her because you’re the best veterinarian on the planet,” Aswad snapped. “I do not need your advice as to how to conduct my business.”

He sat back, withdrawing his fingers, and turned to a low table next to him. “Fine, I’ll keep it strictly professional, and I’ll thank you to do the same.”

Turning back to her, he held up a very long ribbed device.

“What’s that for? Keep it away from me,” she yelped.

He chuckled. “Whoa, she’s a feisty one, isn’t she? You might want to keep her claws short, at least until she’s sold. Don’t want her scaring off potential buyers.”

“No trouble there,” Aswad said, smacking his paddle across his palm with a mighty whack. “I can tame her.”

Dr. Sayyid lowered the device, the table hummed under her, and she squealed as her legs went up in the air. Then she yelped louder as the probe entered her ass. She grimaced and groaned, her thighs and butt wiggling as much as she could, but nothing could stop the tip from entering her bottom. He worked it around; the first rib easily slid in, the second made her frown, the third got her teeth on edge, and the fourth truly stretched her and made her yowl.

“Excellent, she’s quite tight,” Sayyid said. “She’ll make an excellent anal pet.”

“What? No, never, I hate anal, I’ve never let a man… touch me there!”

The men all smiled and licked their lips; they looked like hungry cats sizing up a little canary for a snack.

Aswad rubbed his hands together. “An anal virgin? Oh, her opening price just doubled.”

The probe began to vibrate and extend deeper into her ass, and she heaved against the straps.

“Oh! Arrrggg, no, stop it, stop it this instant,” she screamed, and then she wailed louder.

The doctor stuck his fingers deep inside her pussy, which was positively drenched.

He turned to Aswad and smiled. “Ignore her protests; with a little… encouragement she’ll be a fine anal pet.”

Carrie felt her stomach do a major flip-flop. Her humiliation at being naked, at what the doctor was doing to her, their talk of her being a… pet and what was going to be done to her, they all tore through her mind and body. She couldn’t believe it, but she was close to coming. She almost screamed in protest when he withdrew his fingers and the probe.

“Excellent, thank you, Doctor, you can go. Men, prepare the auction block.”

“I expect my usual fee,” he said, gathering his instruments.

The two men seized her; she struggled and squealed as one locked a muzzle around her face.

Aswad smiled and nodded. “Oh, of course. Wait, men, no, not in her cage. She goes to the block first.”

The vet departed, but what caught her attention were the expressions on the minions’ faces. They looked amazed by his words.

“Ah, sir, the king asked for her,” the tall one said. “And he is not expected until the end of the auction.”

“Exactly,” he snapped. “She is far too valuable to allow him to snatch her up for a few hundred credits! I want top dollar for her. So, prepare her for a good and proper display, and then get those buyers in here.”

She looked up at the two men, who looked quite scared as they swallowed hard and meekly nodded.

‘Prepare’ me? What’s that going to entail?

They dragged her over to a large table that had a weird-looking machine on it, and she positively trembled at what it might be used for.

“Can I please have my clothes back?” she begged.

The men laughed.

“You will wear what your master gives you,” the other said.

“We will stuff and mount you for the buyers to admire,” the tall one told her.

Now it’s ‘stuff and mount’? Sounds like something you do with a hunting trophy. What kind of a crazy world is this?

She wanted to resist, to fight back, to escape somehow, but the sting in her ass and their great strength made that impossible. Once at the table, they took her by the arms and legs and hoisted her onto the center of the machine. It had a narrow padded bench that went from her chest between her breasts, which hung free, to her mound, and she was down on her elbows and knees. Shackles locked around her wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, forcing her to hold position, and then they closed a loop around her head that forced her to hold her chin up. She tried to pull back and away from the clamp, but another loop closed around the back of her head.

She was trapped.

Her heart pounded, the sweat trickled across her skin, and then she yelped as a massive and ribbed dildo slowly pushed into her bottom. She groaned to feel the medium ring stretch her anus, and then howled when the largest took her flesh to the very limit of its flexibility. It sat there, holding her tight, and she didn’t know what she dreaded the most: it staying put or facing the prospect of it being removed.

The men got on either side of the table and rolled it and her toward a set of double doors on the other side of the room. She shivered and chewed her lip, her heart positively throbbing against the padding. The doors slid open as they neared it; she swallowed hard, and then cringed at the sight before her. It was a large circular room; curved benches made concentric rings around a small raised round stage, and a ramp allowed them to roll her up to its center.

At least a dozen men, all of them tall, buff, and decked out in fancy rich robes stood there waiting and smirked down at her. Carrie wanted to die; her humiliation rocketed through every inch of her body as they drew nearer.

“Ah, they are bringing out the meat,” one said.

They laughed, poked and prodded her, and one of them smacked her right cheek. She squealed.

“What, Jericho, you putting your ‘brand’ on her?” Aswad said. “Aren’t you being a bit premature?”

“She has such lovely red cheeks; I wanted to see if I could add to them.”

“That is not their natural color,” he replied.

“Ah, she is a wild one, eh?” another said. “Splendid, I will bid on her.”

“Wait, she is not an Orion,” a third said. “What manner of animal is she?”

“Human, planet Earth,” Aswad said. “More important, an anal virgin!”

The men cheered, and she blushed bright red. It was too much for her to process. Her blood surged, sweat tickled her skin, goosebumps made her tingle, and for some reason she couldn’t fathom, she was growing damp between her legs.

“Gentlemen, if you will take your seats,” Aswad said, raising his hands high. “We will begin the auction.”

They did so, gleefully, and Aswad took up a position near her as the table started to slowly rotate, thus giving the men a nice look at every exposed inch of her. He then told them about her: a female human, age twenty-five, sexually active in the conventional sense, and quite capable of anal and oral gratification, which got the men practically drooling. They growled like a pack of hungry lions.

One of them shouted, “Five hundred credits!”

Aswad hadn’t even finished talking. The numbers quickly rose from there, she shut her eyes and tried to block out what was being said, and then her brow wrinkled as total silence enveloped her. She opened one eye and looked around.

The men were frozen in position as they looked toward a large ornate door on her right. She continued to rotate, which brought the door into view as the men all dropped to their knees and bowed their heads, and that was when she saw him.

It had to be the king.

He towered over everyone, and the other bidders were easily close to seven feet. His trousers were snug, but not tight, and a long sword hung from his wide gold belt. His shirt was sleeveless and sheer, an intricate paisley pattern in gold running across it. She could see his rippling muscles, and then there was his face. He was gorgeous: firm jaw, piercing dark eyes that also had softness, and wavy black hair that hung to his shoulders.

Aswad raced down the stairs toward him and got down on his knees. “Sire, you honor my humble market. I had completely forgotten that you planned to attend the sale today. Please, allow me the honor of conducting you to the place of honor.”

The king smiled and strode down the center aisle, flanked by two men, one who looked a lot like him. She had to wonder, was he a relative, maybe an older brother? The other was clearly an advisor. His clothes looked official, like he was a government agent, and he kept fiddling with a large ring on his right hand. Reaching Aswad, the king clapped him on the shoulders and smiled warmly down at him.

“Ah, Aswad, my old friend, it is such a pity that I know you so well.”


He frowned. “I can always tell when you’re lying!”

“Your Majesty, no! Why would you—?”

“You knew my interest in the ‘Golden Girl,’ and yet you put her up for sale first. Now, why would you do that when you also knew I was scheduled to be late today?”

“Ah… ah… as I said, I forgot you—”

“Rather convenient that you should just happen to put up for sale the one pet I desired, if that was true, don’t you think?”

Aswad opened and closed his mouth, but no words came out, and Carrie shuddered as the king drew his sword.

“Hold out your arm,” he said simply.

“No, Sire, please, mercy,” he begged.

“Hold out your arm or I shall take your head,” he replied, his tone soft and steady.

Carrie wished that she was still moving, but the rotation must have been controlled by Aswad, and now she was stopped and forced to watch. She couldn’t turn away or even close her eyes, her mind didn’t want to have any part of this, but her body just couldn’t resist. It was as if the king was speaking to her, ordering her, and she was powerless to defy him.

Oh, God, what’s going to happen here?

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