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Theirs to Tame by Ivy Barrett – Sample

Chapter One

“We cannot elude them any longer,” Fanaris’ deep voice had never sounded so resigned. “The hunters are approximately ten minutes behind us. We must decide how to proceed.”

“Fuck you, freak,” Sam Caldwell snarled. “I’d rather go down fighting.”

“Stop it,” Tori Somersby snapped. She was pressed between the two powerful males as they huddled in the forest for warmth.

She wasn’t sure how the Kobar had found her headquarters. One minute she had been planning the upcoming raid with Fanaris and Sam, and the next hunters swarmed the mountain hideout. She hadn’t had time to grab anything but the emergency pack she kept by the back door. She didn’t even have a decent coat. They piled into her car, but an automobile was no match for any of the Kobar ships. And hunter ships were fast and agile. A well-aimed shot from a hunter disabled the car and forced the desperate humans to brave the chill of a Rocky Mountain night on foot.

“I do not fear death, human.” Fanaris echoed Sam’s derisive tone. They hated each other and had never pretended otherwise. “The hunters will kill us, but Vixen is their target. They must take her alive.”

Vixen, Tori’s alter ego, was acting leader of the human resistance and the ruthless Kobar allowed no opposition of any kind. She must be humbled, punished, and interrogated. She must become an example for anyone who dared to defy the Kobar invaders. Every knee would bow eventually. Defiance resulted in pain.

“What do you suggest, oh wise and noble monster?”

She elbowed Sam in the ribs as hard as she could, but the bastard just grunted. “Stop antagonizing him.” Wise and noble were accurate, but Fanaris was no monster. Even if his disfigured face and massive size made him look like one. Besides, jealousy was at the root of Sam’s dislike of Fanaris and everyone knew it. Sam was in love with her and she spent more time with Fanaris than anyone else. She didn’t have romantic feelings for either of them and had made the fact clear to both. Fanaris had taken it all in stride. Sam had sulked for a few days, but the Kobar hunters brought his protective instincts surging back to the surface. Still, defining their boundaries hadn’t been enough to keep the two males from despising each other. “Fanaris is right. Our only hope is if we split up. They will likely follow me, which means the two of you can—”

“No!” her companions snapped in unison.

“Sam will create a diversion while you and I find somewhere to hide,” Fanaris suggested.

“We’ve been trying to find somewhere to hide all night,” Sam argued angrily. “Why don’t you create the diversion while Vixen and I make a run for it?”

“I am better able to protect her.”

Sam just glared at him. Arguing with an established fact would make Sam look foolish. Twenty plus years in the military left Sam with many lethal skills. However, the experiments that ruined Fanaris’ features also amplified his paranormal abilities. Fanaris only used his power when absolutely necessary, but Sam had witnessed the phenomenon often enough to know that he couldn’t compete.

She turned toward Sam, placing her hand on his shoulder. “You have to run and run now. I’m already caught. We all know it. This cannot be for nothing. Without a leader the resistance will collapse. Go. Keep the dream alive.”

Head shaking, expression tormented, Sam pushed to his feet. “I can’t just leave you here.”

“You’re the only hope we’ve got.” She stood too and shoved him hard. He stumbled back a step, still shaking his head. “Go!”

Sam choked back a scream of frustration as he sprinted off through the trees.

Emotion burned the back of Tori’s throat. She’d never wanted to lead the resistance. In fact, she’d been a reluctant participant while Chris Phaeton, her stepfather, was in charge. She agreed with the quest for freedom. The Kobar had no right to Earth and needed to be motivated to leave. But she refused to accept that genocide was the human race’s only option. Then Chris had been arrested and there was no one else to fill his shoes. Well, no one that all the volatile factions within the resistance would agree to follow.

She took a deep breath and forced her spirit to calm. Emotions were weak. Emotions were dangerous. She had always relied on objective logic to be her guide.

Fanaris pressed his hand against the center of her back, spreading warmth through her chest then down her arms. “You’re trembling.”

She looked up at him and forced a smile. From this angle he was gorgeous. With long dark hair and rugged features, he looked like many of the Kobar warriors. But the other side of his face was a mass of twisted flesh that distorted the shape of his left eye and stretched his lips into a perpetual snarl. Blood of the Kobar might flow through his veins, but he hated them even more than she did.

She’d protected one of her loyal companions. Now she needed to protect the other. “You need to hide and let them take me.”

“Never,” he sneered.

“My only hope of survival is if you rescue me. You cannot do that without assistance—”

“My life is yours. I will never leave your side.”

Clearly, Fanaris was going to be a harder sell than Sam. “You’re not listening.” She hardened her expression and made her voice as cold as her hands. “I would rather not remain a Kobar prisoner forever. I expect you to get me out of this mess, but you can’t do that here and now.”

His head snapped up, his body tense with sudden alertness. “You’re too late, Tori. They’re already here.”

As if to confirm his statement, a pulse of energy whizzed past Tori’s head and struck Fanaris in the chest. He growled, staggered back a step, then shook it off. Another energy pulse arced toward him, but Fanaris was ready this time. He ducked and twisted, positioning himself in front of her.

She pulled the gun from the back of her pants and fired around him, aiming into the shadowy trees from which the pulses came. They had rested in this thicket because it provided cover. Unfortunately, the branches also blocked out the moonlight. The hunters were likely wearing flex-armor, which meant they could see in the dark. Fanaris could see better than she could, but they were still disadvantaged.

The ground rumbled and the night creatures chattered wildly. The hairs on the back of Tori’s neck prickled half a second before Fanaris pushed her aside. She looked back angrily then felt her eyes widen. The space all around him glimmered and glowed as if a swarm of fireflies had encircled him. He bent to one knee and splayed his fingers against the earth, forcing energy particles into the ground.

Bursts of energy shot from multiple directions, all aimed at Fanaris. He didn’t seem to notice as the firefly aura effortlessly absorbed the extra energy.

The ground bucked and rippled, moving rapidly toward the surrounding trees. She leapt out of the way as the controlled disruption passed. She’d seen hints of Fanaris’ power, but nothing like this.

More shots came from the trees. She fired back, but the hunters were clearly focused on Fanaris.

A crash sounded in the darkness, then branches snapped and animals shrieked as trees and bushes shot high into the air.

Muffled cries echoed in the darkness as gravity brought the forest bomb crashing back down. Three Kobar hunters rushed into view, all of them repeatedly looking back.

Tori targeted the one nearest her, but his armor deflected her bullets. Fanaris staggered to his feet, throwing balls of energy at the other two hunters. One hunter lunged for her, but Fanaris toppled a tree with the wave of his arm, blocking the hunter’s path.

As chaos ebbed and the hunters advanced, Tori accepted reality. The only escape was if Fanaris managed to kill all three hunters. The chances of that were minuscule. But the chances that the hunters would kill him multiplied with each step they took.

Fanaris’ movements slowed and the time it took him to gather energy grew.

“Fanaris, stop!” She placed her gun on the ground then raised both hands in the air.

Chest heaving, eyes wild, Fanaris looked at her in disbelief.

“We can’t win. They will kill you.”

“I don’t care,” he cried. “I will gladly lay down my life.”

“It won’t matter. The result will be the same. As soon as they found our hideout, they won.”

“Listen to Vixen,” one of the hunters urged. “My blaster is set for maximum output, which means it will take off your head.”

The glow surrounding Fanaris’ fingers sputtered out and he slowly lowered his arms.

“We live to fight another day,” she whispered, reaching over to give Fanaris’ hand a firm squeeze.

He stared straight ahead, jaw set, every muscle in his body tense.

Obviously, he was not happy with her decision. Surrender was not in his nature.

“Restrain him.” The apparent leader motioned the other two toward Fanaris as he approached Tori. “You just saved his life.” He pulled her hands in front of her and secured her wrists with magnetic restraints.

“I’m aware.”

The hunters looked identical in their flex-armor. Mirrored visors concealed their faces. At the moment, their suits were dark greenish gray. But like chameleons, flex-armor took on the color of its surroundings.

Chris insisted that knowing one’s enemy was essential and Tori agreed. They had both been injected with translator nanites so they could understand the Kobar when they spoke to each other. Learning their written language was much more complicated, but Tori was trying hard to accomplish that too.

She also spent hours researching their laws and traditions as well as their technology. They weren’t the mindless savages so many humans believed. They had strict codes of conduct and passionate beliefs. Understanding their justifications didn’t change reality, however. The Kobar had invaded Earth. They had no right to be here, and the resistance would do whatever they must to rid the planet of the incursion.

“Shackle the mutant’s feet and gag him,” the leader persisted in Kobar. “I want no more trouble out of him.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

Tori tensed. This male was an alpha hunter? According to her research, there were only six on the entire planet. Why would they have sent an alpha hunter after her? The resistance had struggled since Chris’ arrest. She had done her best to keep the network operational, but her goal had always been survival until Chris returned. Chris Phaeton was the power behind the resistance. Without him they lacked the connections and resources to accomplish more than annoying guerilla attacks. Chris owned and operated a massive pharmaceutical company. He knew powerful people all over the world that were ready and willing to assist the resistance as long as they could do so from the shadows. None of those people would risk their lives and livelihoods for his stepdaughter.

The two lesser hunters approached Fanaris with obvious reluctance. His hands were already bound, but they had witnessed a brief demonstration of his power. One held a gag, the other ankle restraints with a length of chain connecting them.

Fanaris growled, eyes narrowed in warning. There was no way he would allow himself to become that helpless without a fight.

She felt a slight pressure against her temple as the alpha warned, “Behave or she dies.”

Holy shit, he was threatening her with his blaster. Her gut knotted and she held perfectly still.

“You will not kill her and we both know it,” Fanaris said calmly.

“You’re right.” The alpha shifted his blaster from her to Fanaris. “You on the other hand…”

Fanaris hesitated. Most were too distracted by his scars to notice how easy his expressions were to read. Tori saw frustration, anger, a blip of resignation, and then unmovable stubbornness, all in the span of a heartbeat. He mouthed the word, “Sorry,” then snapped the wrist restraints and knocked one hunter’s head back so he could grab his throat.

The alpha fired, but the energy pulse barely slowed Fanaris’ movements. He ripped out the hunter’s throat, then snatched the blaster from his hand as he fell to the forest floor. Fanaris fired on the second hunter, who seemed frozen by disbelief. The blast obliterated his visor and created a bloody crater where his face should have been. Leaping over the hunters, Fanaris charged, head lowered, toward the alpha.

Ignoring the blaster in his hand, the alpha raised his other arm and shouted a word Tori didn’t understand. Fanaris dropped to the leaf-strewn ground instantly unconscious.

The entire surreal exchange had taken place in a few seconds. Would Fanaris have attacked if he knew about the alpha? She should have warned him. Should have—it wouldn’t have mattered. Captivity was worse than death to Fanaris. There was more at play here than his need to protect her.

The alpha stormed over to Fanaris and pointed the blaster at his head. “Convince me not to kill him, Vixen. How much does this creature mean to you?”

Fear tingled down her spine. She knew what he wanted, what all the Kobar wanted: information and sex. Her body would be used, there was no avoiding that. But she would do everything in her power not to reveal anything important about the resistance. Too many had fought too long and sacrificed too much to allow it all to come crashing down now.

“Are you my master?” The question proved that she understood their customs and expected him to behave accordingly. If he was not, it offered her a temporary protection against his sexual demands.

“You were awarded to my cadre. We were tasked with taming you, and now I see why.” He still hadn’t deactivated his visor and his voice was cold and emotionless.

She wasn’t surprised by his casual statement. There was no other reason for an alpha hunter to waste his time chasing down a human female. However, he had evaded the real issue. “Are you the cadre leader?” It was an important distinction. If he were not her master, there was only so much he could do until after the cadre leader had finished with her.

“Your master is Xoktal Byrne. I am his third.”

Her relief was instantly replaced with dread. A soft gasp escaped despite her best effort not to react.

The alpha chuckled, though the sound was tight and humorless. “Clearly, you have heard of him.”

Xoktal was the supreme commander’s younger brother. Both males were ruthless, but Jesorax was somewhat hampered by his responsibilities. Xoktal did whatever the hell he wanted and no one ever considered objecting. He took the concept of a jet-setting playboy to an entirely new level. With a spaceship literally at his command, he flitted all over the planet just to fulfill his hedonistic desires. All of this was according to gossip blogs and tabloid journalists, of course. The only Kobar warrior with a bigger following than Xoktal was the supreme commander.

Focusing her scattered thoughts, she said, “Then we are headed to the Exlotiss.” It wasn’t a question. Xoktal commanded the massive warship. It was rumored to be the fastest in the Kobar fleet. That had to be where they were going. She shivered. Her situation couldn’t be worse. Rescue from one of the spaceships was nearly impossible. She should know. Chris was being held aboard the supreme commander’s ship, which was why he was still a prisoner.

“You don’t seem pleased.” The mockery in the alpha’s voice was unmistakable. “I’m still waiting for a reason not to splatter the ground with this creature’s brain matter.”

“You are not allowed to—have me until my master does, so what do you want from me?”

“I want what I am due, your obedience. From this moment on, you will not attempt to escape and you will do as you are told without hesitation or argument. If you fail to follow any directive, there will be consequences for you, but I will also punish your pet mutant. You seem unusually fond of him.”

She looked at Fanaris. He still hadn’t so much as groaned but the subtle movement of his chest assured her that he was still alive. “How do I know you won’t kill him as soon as he is out of my sight?”

“You don’t,” he said coldly. “He just murdered two of my best hunters, soldiers I consider friends. It is well within my rights to take his life. However, I cannot continue to use him to motivate you if he is dead.”

She knew enough about Kobar laws to know he spoke the truth. “Will this arrangement continue once we reach the ship? My obedience will keep him alive and unharmed?”

“That is up to Xoktal, but he tries not to contradict Rytez and me.”

Rytez must be the cadre’s second. She prayed to God there were only three.

She was surprised the alpha was willing to negotiate at all. She didn’t really have a choice. She could willingly submit and he would not harm Fanaris. Or she could refuse, Fanaris would likely die, and the alpha and his cadre would show her all the painful punishments waiting for disobedient females.

“I will obey you. Please do not harm Fanaris.”

“Good. Now remove your clothing. You lost the privilege of covering yourself when you ran from me.”

She gasped, unable to hide her astonishment. “I’m already chilled to the bone. If I take off my clothes I’ll have hypothermia before we reach your ship. Do you want me unconscious too?”

He paused, likely accessing her vital signs. “Your body temperature is slightly lower than normal for a human. I will allow you to remain dressed until we reach my ship.” He motioned with his blaster. “Move.”

“What about Fanaris?”

“Another team is on its way to pick up our fallen as well as your pet mutant.”

She bit back an objection, not comfortable walking away while Fanaris was still unconscious. Kobar were picky about their dead. It was more than likely the alpha’s words were true. Again, she didn’t really have a choice. “Thank you,” she muttered as she headed in the direction he’d indicated.

“Thank you, Alpha,” he corrected. “You will refer to Xoktal as Master, Rytez is to be addressed as Sir, and I am Alpha.”

“Yes, Alpha.” She tromped through the forest as best she could. There was no trail in the direction he’d told her to go, and very little light.

His massive hand closed around her upper arm as she stumbled for the third time. “Are you doing this to annoy me?”

“I can’t see,” she protested, her voice sharper than she’d intended. She glared in his general direction, but he was just a shadowed blur.

A beam of light emanated from his helmet, clearly revealing the forest floor.

“Thank you, Alpha.” Miraculously, she kept the sarcasm out of her tone. Passivity did not come naturally to Tori. They walked for a few minutes in silence, then she asked, “I know I am not allowed to speak your name, but am I allowed to know it?”

He hesitated so long that she took it as a refusal. “My name is Cassik.”

Cassik. She had no idea if the name suited him or not. All she could see was his freaking armor. She walked faster, now that she could see where she was going. “How far is your ship?”

“Not far. Why do you care so much for the mutant?”

She glanced up at him, for all the good it did her. He looked like a gray/green storm trooper. “He saved my life, more than once.”

“Are you lovers?” The disgust in his tone made his opinion of the possibility obvious.

“No.” She refused to say more. He already knew they would do anything to protect each other. A fact he’d been quick to exploit.

They crested a hill a short time later and she spotted his ship in a small clearing in the valley below. Larger than shuttles, but not as big or mean looking as Kobar fighters, hunter ships were still impressive as hell. At the moment the wings were folded at a ninety-degree angle to the fuselage. The ability allowed the model to land with very little room. It could take off vertically then unfold its wings for flight. Kobar technology was centuries ahead of anything being developed on Earth, yet their attitudes toward females were centuries behind. She had always found the contrast curious.

“Why did you run? You had to have known it was pointless.” His deep, pseudo-disembodied voice pulled her back into the moment.

Drawing the hunters’ focus had given the others time to scatter and escape. The resistance had survived the loss of its real leader. It would survive her loss as well. “Habit. I’ve been running from the inevitable for the past three years.”

He chuckled and there was honest amusement in the sound this time. “Are we really that bad? If I am not mistaken, the human race has benefited greatly from our governance.”

“Governance?” she sneered, her passivity forgotten. “On Earth, your form of governance is called tyranny.”

Any hint of humor vanished from his tone. He sounded almost mechanical when he spoke again. “We tried to cooperate with you, to compromise. Your leaders would not let us.”

From the Kobar perspective, she had no doubt that was true. Unfortunately, she remembered the events from the human perspective. “Think back to life on Kobar before the super volcano destroyed your planet. If an alien species suddenly appeared and demanded that you evacuate an entire continent so they could have a place to live, how would your people have reacted?”

He didn’t even pause to think about it. “If our weapons were equal to or greater than theirs, we would have attacked without delay. However, if they were clearly a superior force and had a long and in-depth history with our planet, we would have—”

“If Earth was seeded by Kobar, why was your invasion the first any of us have ever seen or heard of you?” She was so tired of the ridiculous justifications. They claimed that Earth was a distant Kobar outpost and they were simply resettling an established territory.

“This planet was a social experiment. Watching humans develop was like experiencing our distant past. We kept interaction to a minimum, only interfering when it was obvious that not doing so would have resulted in your destruction.”

She’d heard it all before, had even watched their ‘historical records.’ Convincing propaganda wasn’t hard to create with their level of technology at one’s disposal. “Can we return to the thought exercise?”

“Perhaps. If you ask me nicely.”

Jackass. “Please, Alpha, will you answer my original question? Once the Kobar governments realized that the invading force was far superior to their military capabilities, how would they have reacted to the aliens’ demands?”

“To protect the safety and wellbeing of the civilian population, our leaders would have granted the visitors’ reasonable requests.”

There was overt mockery in his tone now. He was no longer taking this seriously, probably never had been. “With all due respect, Alpha, that’s bullshit. I’ve seen how aggressively the Kobar fight to achieve their desired goals. You would have fought, and kept right on fighting until there was no one left to fight or your enemies were no more.”

A chuckle rumbled through his chest. “How did that strategy work out for humans?”

She clamped her jaw shut and tromped on through the forest. His mockery was aggravating, but it was not undeserved. The Eleven-Day War was an embarrassment and a tragedy. All of Earth’s nukes combined had been as effective as throwing gravel at the Kobar ships. The arrogant aliens allowed the attack long enough to prove that it was futile, then they obliterated every military base on the planet. In less than two weeks Earth was conquered and hundreds of millions of brave soldiers were dead. All but a few thousand of the casualties had been human.

After the Eleven-Day War the Kobar stopped playing nice. They systematically reshaped Earth to better suit their needs. Farming was completely automated, so there was no longer a reason for anyone to live in rural communities. The smaller cities were combined, leaving many formerly thriving communities abandoned. Personal property was abolished, as were privately owned businesses. The Kobar controlled everything. They even changed the name of the planet to New Kobar. Humans became a worker class, subservient to their alien masters.

How could anyone wonder why humans continued to rebel?

The ship sensed Cassik’s approach and triggered the hatch, powering up in anticipation of his first command. Kobar ships were ‘tuned’ to the DNA of their operators. It made theft or sabotage nearly impossible. Many of their weapons had the same safeguard, a fact the resistance had learned the hard way.

Cassik motioned her inside. Her heartbeat accelerated with each step she took. Once he got her onboard, her chances of rescue diminished exponentially. Their destination was his cadre’s spaceship and resistance fighters could barely leave the planet.

The hatch closed behind him and he finally deactivated his visor. The rest of his armor followed, retracting into the thin case strapped to his back. Kobar uniforms were formfitting, leaving no doubt that every one of them was in optimum physical condition. Like nearly all of the Kobar, Cassik was ruggedly handsome. His dark hair had been buzzed, drawing attention to the bold arrangement of his features. His skin was more golden than the reddish-brown that was more common among the Kobar. His eyes were luminous amber.

His physical appeal was irrelevant. He was the enemy and his intentions toward her were anything but friendly. Humiliation, subjugation, interrogation, likely in that order.

And the worst part was if the report she’d intercepted was legitimate, she might not be able to resist. The Kobar called it Project Evolution, and it was the most despicable development Tori had ever read about. According to the report, self-replicating nanites had been added to water supplies and food sources all over the world. The nanites were harmless to anyone outside the target demographic. However, any female in her twenties who was fertile but had yet to produce offspring was irreversibly changed. They became more sexually receptive, more responsive and willing to submit. Many even developed the need for pain. In other words, they became perfect sexual partners for Kobar cadres.

Tori didn’t know if she had been exposed to the nanites. Her hideout was secluded, yet the water supply was public and her food came from wherever they managed to steal it that week. She didn’t feel any different, so she hoped that she had dodged the genetic bullet. Either way, she was about to find out if her body had been mutated without her consent.

Without a word, Cassik slipped onto the pilot’s seat and activated the holo-control grid. Tori couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing, but it didn’t take him long. The subtle vibration and sudden motion of the ship told her they’d left the ground. The jerk hadn’t even warned her so she could sit down.

After looking at several different displays, he turned off the grid and spun his seat around to face her. “Undress.”

Lifting her bound wrists, she muttered, “That’s a little difficult right now.”

He shot to his feet and stalked toward her, gaze boring into hers. “Your demeanor lacks respect. You need to learn your place or you and your mutant will suffer greatly. Your master is used to command. He will not tolerate insubordination of any kind.”

“You told me to undress,” she protested. “I was pointing out the reason—”

He fisted her hair and tilted her head back. “Do not argue with me. There is much you can remove while still bound.” His fingers released as suddenly as they had tangled in her hair, and he stared down at her expectantly.

Welcome to New Kobar. She sat down in the nearest seat and pulled off her boots then her socks. The demeaning way Kobar warriors treated females was one of the driving forces behind the resistance. Kobar attitudes were so archaic and chauvinistic that it was almost laughable. They wanted mindless sex toys that enjoyed being spanked, not intelligent, opinionated women with aspirations and goals of their own. Project Evolution was proof of their utter disrespect toward females.

She stood and unzipped her jeans, the tension in the pit of her stomach spreading to her core. Cassik couldn’t fuck her until after Xoktal did, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t touch her.

“May I know what you intend, Alpha?” Her voice trembled, revealing more than she wanted.

“No.” He sat back down. “Stop stalling.”

She took off her jeans then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. It was obvious he wanted her naked, but she couldn’t make herself do it. For the past three years, she had sacrificed security and comfort to avoid the lottery. Bureaucrats used patriotic phrases like civil service, shared burden, and greater good to gloss over the fact that they had sold their young women into sexual servitude for access to Kobar technology. She couldn’t even blame the Kobar for the arrangement. They demanded access to ‘willing’ females as part of the ceasefire at the end of the Eleven-Day War, but human leaders had devised the system by which that need would be met.

And Tori’s year of service had just begun.

“All of it.”

Hating human leaders almost as much as she hated the Kobar, she wiggled out of her panties. She blew out a premature sigh of relief as she realized the hem of her T-shirt covered her crotch. The magnetic restraints released, falling to the deck with a noisy clatter. Wonderful. She took a deep breath and carefully pulled off her hoodie, holding the bottom of her T-shirt with the other hand.

“Do you require assistance? This is taking an inordinately long time.”

She’d read many accounts of females during and after their year of sexual servitude. They all reported being forbidden clothing in the beginning. All indicated that they had been disciplined, so Tori had no doubt she had a spanking coming in the near future. And after that would come sex, endless rough, multi-partner sex. She shuddered, fighting hard not to picture herself in that situation.

The reports had varied wildly on the subject. Some women indicated that being used by the Kobar was something to be endured and then forgotten. Others made it sound like a hedonistic fantasy come to life. Several continued their relationship with their cadre after their ‘civil service’ obligation was complete. No doubt Project Evolution had a lot to do with the positive reports. At the moment, Tori couldn’t imagine feeling anything but anger and shame.

She finally removed the T-shirt and bra, not wanting to give Cassik another reason to discipline her.

“Turn around—slowly. I want to see the body I will soon enjoy.”

She waited to glare until her back was turned. Would he make her open her mouth so he could check her teeth? When she faced him again, the front of his uniform was tented by a massive erection. Clearly, he approved. He couldn’t fuck her yet. She tried to let the knowledge calm her but his next command spiked her anxiety.

“Bend over my lap and spread your legs. I want access to your pussy.”

Her instinct was to argue, to resist, but that had only angered him before. If he was determined to spank her, she would rather have him do it while he was calm. Reluctantly, she placed herself face-down across his lap then eased her feet slightly apart. Being naked in front of a stranger was embarrassing, but she hadn’t felt truly ashamed until she assumed this position.

His large, incredibly warm hand slid from the small of her back, over her bottom, and onto the back of her thigh. “Wider.”

Eyes squeezed shut, she moved her feet farther apart. The pose wasn’t just awkward, it was incredibly demeaning. How the hell was she going to survive this sort of treatment? The same way countless young human females did every day. Shame silenced her self-pity and restored her calm. She’d been fighting to restore the rights of lottery girls. And she would find a way to fight for them again.

He stroked her folds for a moment, his touch surprisingly gentle. Then his fingers delved deeper and he lightly rubbed her clit.

She held perfectly still, determined not to feel anything but loathing.

“You cannot ignore me forever, Vixen. I will not allow it.” He pushed one of his long fingers into her core, slid it in and out several times then added another. “You are still rather tight. When was the last time a human male mounted you?”

Every muscle in her body tensed. She would not talk about Jacob. Those memories were sacred. She would never share them with the enemy. “It’s been a while,” she gritted out between clenched teeth.

He withdrew his fingers then slapped her hard on the ass.

She cried out and twisted around, glaring at him. “What the fuck was that for? I’ve done everything you told me to do.”

Grabbing the back of her neck with one hand, he urged her back down. “You shot at me and my hunters. You are disrespectful and profane. You are in need of serious taming, and your training starts right now.” He swatted her other cheek, pausing to let the sensations spread before returned to the first. Back and forth his hand moved, delivering stinging slaps with balanced intensity.

She tried not to clench her muscles, had read that doing so made it worse. Her emotions, however, were much harder to control than her body. She had never been so angry in her life, or so afraid. He controlled her effortlessly. There was no hope of escape. No way she could fight him off even temporarily.

The swats paused and he ran his fingertip across both cheeks. “Your skin is turning such a pretty shade of pink.”

Did he expect her to say thank you?

He squeezed one cheek then the other, intensifying the discomfort. Then he returned to the hard, fast slaps.

Her cheeks soon felt hot and swollen and his hand continued to fall. “I’m sorry,” she snapped angrily, not meaning a word of it. She squirmed uncontrollably, unable to escape the throb of her muscles or the rhythmic tightening of her core. She felt restless and needful in a way that didn’t make sense. There was no way this was turning her on. That possibility was unthinkable. She was simply overwhelmed.

His next swat found the under-curve of her cheek and she cried out. More disturbing than the sharp sting was the ache that erupted between her thighs. She needed to come, was terrifyingly close to doing so. There was no denying what she was feeling. This was arousing her sexually.

It had to be the nanites. She had been infected by Project Evolution just like she feared.

“Stop! Oh, God, please, stop,” she cried, much more afraid of the arousal than the pain.

He spanked the same spot on the other side and her clit pulsed, signaling how close she was to an orgasm. “Please, please stop.” Humiliation dragged a sob from her throat and her legs began to shake.

“Why?” He stroked her folds, sliding easily in her shameful juices. “Do you honestly think I don’t know you’re soaking wet? I smelled your arousal the moment your cunt began to ripen.”

“I can’t control that.”

“So stop trying so hard to deny what you’re feeling.” He pushed two of his fingers into her core, fucking her with steady thrusts. “Your pussy belongs to us now. Your pleasure belongs to me. You will come on my fingers, and you will do so now.”

She sobbed again, horrified by how fast her body reacted to his autocratic tone. His fingers were long and the angle of his hand rubbed them against her G-spot as they slid in and out. She didn’t want to come for him, hated that he commanded her body so easily.

Was there nothing these vile Kobar would not take from her?

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out and slapped her wet pussy. She screamed as much in anger as pain.

“I said come!” He thrust his fingers back in and fucked her even harder.

The anger backed off her arousal just enough to keep her orgasm at bay. She would not be a slave to her sex drive regardless of what the nanites did to her. She would not eagerly welcome their cocks or come on demand like some well-trained fuck toy. She went limp over his legs, a silent, passive protest.

“Do you really want to challenge me?”

His menacing tone sent a shiver down her spine, but she was too angry to heed the warning. He shifted his fingers to her clit and rubbed with rhythmic demand. Sensations swelled with alarming speed, dragging her to very brink of orgasm. He slapped her again, then rubbed her clit some more.

Pleasure, pain, pleasure, the cycle kept her off balance. Her core began to ache more than ready for the return of his fingers—or something considerably bigger.

No! She would never wish for that, never want them to fuck her. This was bad enough. She would not submit.

“You will come because we will keep at this until you do. Now stop fighting me.” He slapped her pussy, the hardest swat yet, then resumed the steady finger-fucking.

It was too similar to what her traitorous body craved—fast, hard penetration. She clenched her fists and cried out in exasperation as she came in hard, rhythmic spasms. Her mind was still screaming refusals, but her body simply obeyed. Her inner muscles rippled around his fingers and the blinding pleasure curled her toes.

“Good girl.” He drew out his fingers and pulled her up off his lap.

She ended up on her knees, panting harshly, dazed and resentful. How the fuck was she supposed to resist them when her genetics had been altered to suit their needs? She had never hated them more than she did in that moment and she’d never felt more defeated.

He pushed his wet fingers into her mouth, his gaze drilling into hers. “Taste what discipline did to you, how ready you are for my cock.”

Refusing to be cowed, she sucked on his fingers, licking eagerly as she glared in open defiance.

His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared. “Since you are so eager to suck and lick, you shall use this warm wet mouth to drain my aching balls.”

Shit. Every time she rebelled it seemed to backfire.

He spread his legs and pulled her between them then shifted his hips to the edge of the seat. After triggering the seam in his uniform pants, he parted the sides and motioned to his long, hard cock.

“Isn’t my master supposed to be the first to use me sexually?” It was a Hail Mary, but she had to try.

“I cannot be the first to spill my seed inside you. That privilege belongs to Xoktal. After I have enjoyed your sassy mouth for a while, I will come on your tits.” With a mocking grin twisting his lips, he grabbed the base of his cock and pointed it toward her face. “Open, Vixen. The faster you learn your place, the more pleasure we will allow you.”

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