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Torched: A Rough Firefighter Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One



The word crowded into my mind, but it had nothing to do with the stench of grease and garlic permeating the dense air. The hunger racing through my body was all about letting go. The bar was crowded; beautiful people strewn across barstools and chairs, the majority laughing or swaying to the late nineties dance music. I swirled my glass of merlot, merely an observer in a bar ripe with sin.

Several couples were as close to fucking in public as could be allowed by law, their writhing bodies drawing my interest.

Igniting my desire.

I slid my finger around and around the rim of my glass, one stilettoed foot tapping to the heavy thumping of the drumbeat. I had no idea about the name of the bar. In truth, I didn’t care. I’d required a diversion tonight, a moment to pretend that everything about my rather dull existence wasn’t about to change, and for the worse.

At least in my mind.

Sighing, I threw back the rest of the wine, immediately motioning for the rugged male tending bar, his six pack abs highlighted through the oh-so tight tee shirt he was wearing. At least there was decent eye candy. I wasn’t worried about becoming intoxicated. The bar was within walking distance of my new place.

The thought brought another heavy exhale, my nerves on edge. I’d never had an issue meeting new people. Somehow, I knew this particular career decision meant walking on the edge. Perhaps of my very sanity.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the sexy smile of the bartender as he slid a drink across the scuffed bar top. That is until my nostrils were infused by the scent of something wonderful.


And all male.

The body sliding onto the only available barstool in the entire joint immediately reached for the bowl of peanuts, breaking open and popping several into his mouth.

I took another deep breath, inhaling the scent of fresh pine and exotic spices. The combination was more than just pleasant. I was instantly aroused, ashamed that some stranger could have that kind of effect on me. I purposely scooted away, as much as the heavy steel base of the stool would allow. Even over the din of the music, the solid scraping sound of metal against linoleum drew his attention.

Mystery Man shifted his gaze, turning his head just enough to send a hard stare in my direction. It was far too dark in the bar to gather the color of his eyes, but they were penetrating nonetheless. A smile crept slowly across his face, sultry in nature. Those same eyes shifted all the way down, not quite undressing me, but I shivered just from the heat emitted from his body.

I had no time for men and the thought of entering into a relationship was revolting on several levels. I had my reasons. Even though Mr. Mystery Man was sexy as hell: long legs encased in tight jeans, a leather jacket that screamed bad boy and dark shaggy hair meant for a girl to run her fingers through during a hard fucking, I turned my attention away immediately.

I’d left my comfort zone for a reason, advancing my career. Nothing was going to get in my way.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” the bartender exclaimed as Mystery Man advanced, both, smiling in a gregarious manner. “Haven’t seen you in months. Why you slummin’ in this part of town?”

The laugh coming from the rough-hewn man was just as I’d expected: sexy as fuck, husky in a non-assuming manner. Quivers trickled down the backs of my arms, shifting into my spine and ultimately into my pussy. I hated my body’s reaction, refusing to acknowledge any attraction.

“Been busy. You know how it is,” Mystery Man said causally, his voice just as alluring as the rest of him.

“You guys have been in the news one hell of a lot. Heard the word ‘hero’ more than once,” the bartender said in jest.

“You know I hate that shit, Jack. Just trying to get by every day.”

“I heard you. Whatdya have? First drink on the house,” Jack offered.

The slight squeak of the barstool grabbed my attention, my reflexes allowing me to dart another glance in the Mystery Man’s direction. I could swear the man smiled, as if knowing I was curious.

“Just give me a Bud. Gotta do some work tomorrow.”

“Sure thing, Blaise” Jack said, grinning as he tapped his hand on the bar.

Interesting name. He reminded me of all the other bad boy wannabes. There was no reason for me to be interested in the hunky man in any fashion, but I found it difficult to take my eyes off him. I could swear I knew Blaise from somewhere. That wasn’t possible given my recent move. Still, I shuddered from the way my body was reacting:

My nipples fully aroused.

My pussy dampening my panties.

My legs quivering.

This was ridiculous.

“You know, most people would actually strike up a conversation before undressing a man with their eyes.” After Blaise made the statement, he popped open another two peanuts, taking his time actually sucking them out of the shells.

I was thrown at first, heat cresting along my jaw, mortified that he’d witnessed the fact I’d been leering. Then I grew incensed with his arrogant statement.

“What in the hell are you talking about?” I huffed, determined not to give him the time of day.

He chuckled in a dark and dangerous fashion, the timbre suggesting all the nasty things he could do to me. “I’m no fool, sunshine, but when a beautiful woman gazes at me in a seductive manner, I’m more than flattered.”

“You certainly have some balls. Then again, maybe they’re as shriveled as your cock,” I said without thinking, shocked at my outward display. I had no excuse, not even the three glasses of wine I’d consumed, but I knew the kind of behavior in forward men far too well.

He slowly turned his head, leaning closer. When his spoke, his heated breath cascaded against my skin, forcing my nipples into even harder peaks. His tone was raspy, inviting, “Such dirty words coming from a such a sophisticated woman. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were bucking for a firm hand.”

Perhaps it was the ridiculously long few days I’d had or the fact I hadn’t been able to sleep for days, but my reaction had nothing to do with a rational mind. The moment I tossed the wine in his face, at least four people around us gasped, another two customers laughing.

Blaise reared back, his only reaction to grab a handful of bar napkins, taking his time to wipe the strings of wine from his face.

I was mortified, even shocked at my behavior. He didn’t deserve my wrath just because I was in way over my head. The man was a stranger, for God’s sake and I’d been the one gawking.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Blaise said in a slow drawl.

“Yeah, well, if you got to know me, you’d learn that I’m not very nice at all.” I grabbed my purse, yanking out two twenties and tossing them on the bar. Then I did something that was far removed from my usual behavior.

I retreated.

“And thank God you’re never going to see me again,” I murmured as I attempted to make my way to the front door. The rush of people coming inside was insane, the crowd pushing in my direction. After a few seconds of trying to shove my way through, I took backwards steps, refusing to look in Blaise’s direction. If the light inside had been turned up, there was no doubt everyone could see just how embarrassed I was by the flush of warm heat sliding up both cheeks.

I took several deep breaths, refusing to look in his direction as I made my way toward the rear of the bar. There had to be a back door out of the place. Please God, let there be.

The silent prayers didn’t seem to be enough, my stomach lurching by the time I made it to the shadowed hallway leading to the restrooms. I rushed inside, heading immediately to the single sink. By the time I gripped the cheap porcelain, I was gasping for air.

My hands were shaking as I dropped my purse, trying to turn on the water. My reaction was ridiculous, but I knew it had almost nothing to do with the sexy man or my horrible comments. I was terrified of what I was about to embark on, second guessing myself for the tenth time in a matter of days.

As I splashed water in my face, I reminded myself that I knew what I was doing. I was the best candidate for the position. I heard the sound of the door opening, realizing I’d forgotten to engage the lock. “I’m sorry, it’s occupied.” I reached for a paper towel just as I heard the lock being snapped. “I said…” My words died off as I jerked my head to glance into the mirror.

Blaise stood behind me, studying me intently, only this time his expression bore a look of seriousness.

And lust.

“You’re very beautiful. What a shame you have such a caustic mouth,” he said under his breath.

“You’re not supposed to be in here.”

Shrugging, he inched closer, the scent of him intoxicating. “I have no intention of playing by the rules. Never have. Never will.”

His words were far too exciting, creating a warmth between my legs. He was far more attractive than I’d realized, the two-day stubble creating an aura of delicious danger. The way the cobalt blue shirt hugged his chest did little to hide his chiseled body and the well-worn blue jeans accentuated all the well-endowed qualities that God had given him.

“What do you want?” I demanded, unable to turn around given the close proximity of his body.

“What do I want,” he repeated, but not as a question. “While I might not play by the rules, I’m a firm believer that women should.”

“I beg your pardon?” Was he really going to play a game with me?

“You heard me. You insulted me for no apparent reason other than you’re obviously having a bad day.”

I honestly had no idea what to say. As he inched even closer until I could feel the extreme heat of his body, I was instantly quivering from the wild electricity soaring through my body and angry that he thought he had any authority over me. “Look, buddy.”

He shook his head, creating a tsking sound. “That’s not very nice, especially for a lady. I think you need to have some discipline in your life.”

“Discipline? You must be out of your fucking mind!”

“And that mouth of yours. You definitely need to be taught a lesson.”

I knew this either had to be a hint of the Twilight Zone or I’d been thrown into an episode of Punked. This just wasn’t going to happen. “Look here, buster. You have no idea who you’re talking to.”

“Maybe not, but I think you need a stern lesson.” When he placed his hands on top of mine, leaning over, grinding his hips against mine, I was absolutely stunned.

“You’re out of your mind,” I whispered.

“I’ve heard that before. Now, you can take your spanking like a good little girl or I’ll be forced to pull out my belt.”

The man was serious. I was mortified, riddled with anger. I was also one hundred percent ashamed given the wafting of my feminine wiles that filled the tiny space. I had no doubt he could tell how turned on I was. I blinked several times, finding it difficult to focus. “I… Uh…” I never stuttered. Ever. Why was it that being close to this man invoked every fantasy, creating butterflies in my stomach?

Blaise jerked at my dress, tugging on the hem. “Where I come from, we spank our women bare assed.”

“You are… I mean…” Oh, this was ridiculous.

“Are you trying to tell me that you don’t need a hard spanking? Are you trying to tell me that your behavior was acceptable?” There was such a gleam in his eyes, but all I could concentrate on was the sound of his soothing voice, the words that should terrify me.

Instead, they excited every portion of my body.

Another round of utter shame washed through me, goosebumps popping along my arms and legs. I felt like I was standing outside of myself, gazing down at the mischievous girl who desperately needed a round of harsh punishment. I had no idea where this was coming from.


I’d purposely shut down my previous life.

“Yes. No. I mean…” I was a blubbering idiot. Jesus Christ.

“That’s what I thought.” He yanked the dress up to my waist, bending me over the sink.

That’s when I remembered that I’d selected a violet lace thong to go with my plum colored dress. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life. I was shaking, unable to react in any manner.

Blaise kicked my legs apart before caressing my bottom. “A hard spanking will do you some good, releasing the tension I can see written all over your face.”

I was almost numb as my face was pressed only inched from the mirror, leaving me forced to glare at my reflection. The stress had been killing me. I blinked several times as he backed away. When I noticed his hand coming down, I winced and closed my eyes, preparing for the pain.

Tingles shot down the back of my legs, the mere sting more stimulating than anything. I gripped the edges of the sink, digging my fingers in as he lifted his eyebrow, watching me. Then he lifted his hand again, coming down in even and swift smacks, moving from one side to the other. The sound of his palm slapping against my skin became an aphrodisiac, causing my pussy to gush and my nipples to press hard against the matching lace bra. Everything about this was mortifying.

I took several deep breaths as he continued, the sounds echoing in the dense space. Slowly, the sting turned into actual pain, his brutal swats moving to my upper thighs.

“You need to learn to control your mouth or it’ll get you into a lot of trouble,” he offered, the hard crack finally forcing me to gasp.

“Jesus! That hurt,” I yelped.

“You should know by now that spankings are supposed to hurt.” Blaise lifted an eyebrow as he continued, his look of unbridled desire increasing.

I couldn’t believe I was allowing this, but here I was being spanked by a stranger in the middle of a cheesy bar. I took gasping deep breaths, moaning every time his hand connected with my bottom. I could feel the heat increasing and had no doubt I’d have difficulty sitting for some time.

And the bastard was clearly enjoying himself.

I wanted to scratch out his eyes, no matter how aroused I’d become, his utter control sexier than I wanted to admit.

He gave me another extremely painful smack before caressing both ass cheeks, creating a fire deep within my belly. I knew my thoughts were completely outrageous and absolutely sinful, but there was something about him that simply turned me on.

Like wildfire.

“That’s better. If we had more time, I’d wash your mouth out with soap,” he said, grinning.

“You. Wouldn’t. Dare.”

“Or what?” he challenged. “Are you threatening me now, little girl?”

“Little girl?” Furious, I shoved away from the sink with everything I had, catching him off guard enough I was able to swivel around. Before I had a chance to yelp, he was on me, grabbing both my wrists and pulling them over my head as he shoved me backward and against the wall.

The hard thud was enough to piss me off.

“You are a little girl with a big mouth,” he stated in a chastising manner as he managed to grasp both wrists in one rugged hand.

The man was so damn strong and no matter how hard I struggled, I wasn’t getting out of his grasp. “You’re horrible.”

He leaned in close, enough so I could feel the hard throbbing of his cock. “That may be true, but I honestly don’t think you mind in the least. In fact, I think you hunger for a controlling man.”

The audacity of this asshole was off the chain. I was ready to retort when he crushed his mouth over mine, instantly thrusting his tongue past my lips. I continued to struggle, whimpering into the kiss, but the taste of him as well as the white-hot heat soaring between us was far too powerful. Suddenly, there were stars in front of my eyes, my hunger matching his. I’d never wanted a man as much as I wanted him, a damn stranger.

I arched my back as he brushed the back of his hand down my cheek, delicately caressing before allowing his hand to crawl down my waist. Every inch of my body was tingling, my heart racing from the excitement surging through me. This was delicious and dangerous and crazy.

As his fingers crawled under my dress, I heard the rip of material as the lace gave away, freeing me of the thin fabric. I was aware he’d tossed them to the floor before sliding his hand between my legs. When a single finger parted my swollen folds, penetrating my pussy, I moaned into the kiss.

Blaise took full control over my tongue, dominating in every manner. The kiss was far too tasty, and I knew my thirst might never be quenched.

He shifted his fingers to my clit, swirling one around in lazy motions. He allowed one arm to be freed, keeping the other pinned against the wall.

I wasted no time in palming his chest, savoring the way his rippling muscles felt against the tips of my fingers. He was built like a carved wall of stone, perfect in every manner. I eased my hand to his belt, fumbling as I attempted to unfasten the buckle. I wanted to touch him, stroke him.

When Blaise drove one then two fingers deep inside my pussy, my muscles clenched immediately, pulling him in even deeper. I was shocked how wet and hot I was, my hunger already insatiable. I didn’t care the consequences; I wanted this man – this rough and tumble stranger. As he continued pumping, adding a third finger, I was forced onto my toes, the dazzling sensations shooting through every cell and muscle.

He broke the kiss long enough to let off a savage growl before licking across the seam of my mouth. “Do you want this?”

“Yes,” I said without hesitation.

“Are you going to obey me?”

“Mmm… Yes!”

“Good girl,” he muttered and thrust had and fast into my pussy, flexing his fingers open.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I blinked several times, still trying to free him, finally able to yank down the zipper. Freeing his cock was glorious, wrapping my hand around his thick shaft sublime. I pumped up and down, twisting my hand until I created friction.

“Fuck. Me.” He closed his eyes, tossing back his head, the look of ecstasy crossing his face exquisite. “I can’t wait. I have to be inside of you.”

There was no question about his control, and I hated to admit that even through the guilt and shame, I loved it. I craved his domination. I might burn in hell for what I was doing, but I’d risk it.

“Going to fuck you hard, sweet thing,” he whispered and nuzzled into my neck, nipping and licking my skin.

He finally released my other hand, allowing me to peel away the edges of his tight jeans, struggling to tug them down his carved hips. As soon as his cock and balls were freed, he wasted no time, jerking me off the floor.

I wrapped my legs around his hips as he jutted his forward, impaling me with the entire length of his cock.

“Oh. My. God!” My scream filtered all around us, shrill enough that I would swear it could be heard over the wild beating of the music. The feel of him filling me, spreading my muscles was blissful, sending vibrant hued stars dancing in front of my eyes.

Blaise rode me hard, rolling onto the balls of his feet as he slammed me against the wall. Everything around us seemed to be shaking, adding to the sheer excitement.

As I began to slip, I managed to slap my heel against the sink, holding myself in place as I clung to him, one hand entwined in his long locks. I envisioned running my fingers through his hair as we kissed for hours. The thought was far too wicked. This was just a one-time thing.

But damn, if it wasn’t hot as shit.

“Do you like that, sugar? Do you like the feel of my hard cock?” he asked in a breathless tone.

“Uh-huh.” I lolled my head, unable to think clearly as he pumped in and out; smiling as he tipped his head back and howled. If only the people in the bar could see us now.




I closed my eyes briefly as my pussy muscles clenched, tightening around him like a vice. I knew I was close to coming, losing full control.


Even though shame continued to smack hard against my naughty girl thoughts, I no longer cared. This was far too delicious.

“That’s is, sugar. Come for me. Come on my big, fat cock.”

I adored his dominating words, the husky inflection. “Yes, I…” I was breathless, my pulse racing. How could anything this wrong feel so damn right?

As the climax swept into me, I bit back a series of cries until the single orgasm turned into a beautiful wave. “Oh. God. Yes!” Nothing had ever felt so good.

“Come on, baby. Come for me again,” he instructed, peppering kisses along my chin and jaw, dragging the tip of his tongue around my lips.

I sagged against him, gulping for air. I clawed his shirt, pushing my foot hard against the sink; doing everything I could to meet his savage thrusts. There was no holding back, another tidal wave crashing into me. This time as my toes curled, my nipples ached to the pain of utter anguish. I opened my mouth to a silent scream, riding the orgasm until I was left spent.

His body stiffened, his mouth twisting as his entire body began to shake.

I did what every red-blooded bad girl would do.

I squeezed my muscles.

“Shit. Jesus… I…” He slammed into me again and again until he lost all control.

The warm gush as he erupted inside was far too tasty, his cock continuing to throb. I allowed my head to rest on his shoulder as he continued to shake.

“Damn hot,” he whispered.”

“Uh-huh,” I managed.

Only then did I hear the hard rapping on the outside of the door, and a muffled but angry voice.

As we both began to laugh, he eased me down, rubbing a single knuckle across my cheek.

“Next time, you should remember that bad little girls usually get fucked in the ass.” He winked before easing back and adjusting his jeans. He took backward steps toward the door, giving me another heated look. “Next time.”

My legs were quaking as I attempted to smooth down my dress, finally remembering to grab my panties from the floor seconds before a woman raced into the restroom.

I fiddled with my hair, cognizant she was glaring at me, and grabbed my purse. As I walked out, I scanned the crowd. He’d already disappeared.

“There isn’t going to be a next time,” I muttered under my breath.

He knew.

I knew it.

What a damn shame.

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