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Tyrant: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Sample




There was nothing like the wretched scream filling the chilly air, the horrible screech managing to rise above the roar of flames. As bright orange littered the night sky, a raging fire licking toward the heavens, I struggled to hold her in my arms. “There’s nothing we can do, baby. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“No! I will not leave her!” Carmine yelled, fighting my hold with everything she had.

As the terrified horses scattered in all directions, their horrified whinnying giving me chills, I bit back a cry of my own. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The fire had torn through the massive barn within minutes, consuming everything in its path.

“We got most of them!” my foreman Joshua called, coughing and wheezing as he stumbled out of the barn, several other workers following him.

“Not all of them.” My wife of five years refused to be denied, breaking free of my hold and racing directly into the middle of the fire.

“No. No. No!” My reactions stilted, I lumbered forward, losing sight of her as she rushed inside the burning building.


Another wall came tumbling down, the force as it smashed against the dense terrain spewing embers and ashes several yards away. The horses went crazy, kicking the fence as two of the workers tried to herd them away from the corral.

“Help me do this!” I roared as I ducked another group of falling timbers, holding my arm across my face as I moved into the blackness. “Carmine!”

“Help me. Please,” she called from a distance.

Everything was distorted, the flames licking closer and closer. Acrid smoke filled the space, making it impossible to see anything in front of me. “Baby. No. Please.” My words were strangled, cut short as I became overwhelmed by the effects of the dense smoke.

I heard muffled sirens in the distance, but they would be too late to help.

Too late to save anything from the all-consuming fire.

“Boss. We have to get out of here,” Joshua called. The sound of his sharp cry was quickly overpowered by another series of timbers crashing down on the barn floor.

I took another step, pitching forward after tripping on some of the timbers. Then I heard another horrible sound, an anguished cry of her beloved horse. She refused to allow the precious girl to die this way.

“Carmine!” I managed, fighting to get to my feet. There was nothing but the cries of the horse, the sound becoming more animated. Flames had consumed at least seventy percent of the building. It would soon collapse.

“We have to get you out of here.” Joshua grabbed my arms, pulling me backward. His coughing sounds echoed in my ears.

“No. Not without my wife!”

“We can’t… do… this.” Joshua fought to say the words as the smoke became toxic.

Within seconds, I was numb, screaming out her name as he dragged me out of the building. I finally broke free of his hold, stumbling forward only to be stopped by several of the workers.

“No, sir. You can’t. There’s nothing you can do,” one of them yelled.

They pushed me away as the sirens shifted closer. I could see the flashing red lights in the distance.

Too late.

Too… late…

As another crash occurred, flames bursting from several spots in the building, I heard a wail of hope, the rumble creating vibrations beneath my feet. Then she appeared, the beautiful palomino that had been a birthday present, a special horse that had given my wife so much happiness.

“The horse is hurt. Get a blanket!”

I knew it was Joshua’s voice, but it was almost completely drowned out by the roar of the flames. As I stared at what was left of the opening, doing something I’d never done in my life—praying—a shattering feeling exploded in my heart.

Then I fell to my knees. “No!”

Chapter One


Two years later

I want to die.

I remember thinking those words often, the haunting feelings grabbing onto my everyday life. I’d almost been debilitated by them, but I’d fought through the wretched moments, relying on an inner strength I hadn’t known I had. Now everything was different.

But it was far more dangerous, at least to my heart.

Darkness surrounded me, clawing at my insides like a demon brought up from the bowels of hell, prepared to drag me into the fires of purgatory for my filthy sins.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I almost laughed but stifled the sound as I huddled in the intense shadows, barely taking shallow breaths in an attempt to keep my location hidden. My mind reeled with dirty images, picture after picture of the hunger that I’d succumbed to.

And the man responsible.

He was larger than life, his six-foot four-inch body teeming with sculpted muscles, his eyes always burning into mine when he looked at me from across a room. There was never any doubt what he desired.

To taste me.

To stroke me.

To fuck me.

To consume me.

I shuddered from the sensations coursing through every inch of my body. I longed for his touch, the searing of my skin from the lightest brush of his fingers. But I remained in the darkness, refusing to give in. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that my choices weren’t in my best interest. They’d allowed the man to take over a good portion of my life.

As well as my mind.

He was dominating in every way, refusing to allow me to object to anything he craved. While I’d tried to ignore the powerful vibrations, electricity crackling into my bones, I’d failed. He was the only thing that could ease the pain.

Even though he required full submission, inflicting his own brand of anguish when he felt necessary. I remained captivated by his prowess, his ability to control anyone at any time. But like a moth to a flame, one day the fire would eat through our flesh.

I heard footsteps and hunkered close to the wall, folding my arms over my knees. He was coming.


The man I couldn’t resist.

And he would take me again and again, just like he’d promised.

I bit my lower lip when he seemed to be coming closer. Then there was nothing but silence.

“Come out, my sweet kitten, or you will face the consequences.” His husky voice covered me with goosebumps, the smooth velvety tone rich with the promise of punishment.

A part of me wanted to give in, to expose where I’d been hiding for the last several minutes, but the deep emotional need was only a part of the reason I didn’t act on the requirements. He craved the cat and mouse and lived for the moments of freedom, free from the demons he’d lived with for years. Free from the agony coursing through him like a tidal wave.

Only I could give him that freedom.

But it came at a hefty price.

My very soul.

I sucked in my breath when I heard the creaking of a floorboard, the only one in the beautiful estate that ever did. He was close. Far too close. He was going to find me and when he did, there would be hell to pay.

I’d disobeyed him. I’d run away from his commands.

I’d violated his trust.

And I was going to face harsh punishment.

Closing my eyes, I envisioned the first day I’d met him, the moment when I knew my life had changed forever. Only I hadn’t known it then. I’d pretended as if I wasn’t drawn to him, as if I didn’t need him as much as I needed to breathe. The day seemed so long ago, only it had been little more than five weeks. Everything had changed.


I heard his frustration grow in the growls pushing up from the depths of his being. They permeated the room in continuous echoes.

Then I heard several crashing sounds and covered my ears, fighting a yelp threatening to give me away. He hated being denied anything. The man had no patience, no method of controlling his anger.

With one exception.


He was destroying the bedroom in some crazy effort to find me, although I knew his demons were pushing him to do so. I took several deep breaths, shaking like a leaf, wiggling my handcuffed hands in front of me. I could swear they made a sound, enough so to indicate where I was hiding.

The noise suddenly ceased.

Then there were more footsteps and another hesitation before he threw open the closet door. He remained standing outside, not even turning on the light. He craved the darkness as much as I did, preferring the protection and comfort of night to any glorious sun-filled day.

“You’ve been a very bad kitty,” he whispered, his breathing ragged.

I slunk back even further, even though I knew it was no use.

“I will give you five seconds to crawl to me or your punishment will be much worse.”

How many times had I heard the same statement? How many times had I pushed hard against him, uncaring about what I might face? Too many. I wrung my hands together, trying to control my emotions and the hard shakes.


I leaned my head against the wall, dragging my tongue across my lips. I could still taste his cum and his scent covered every inch of my naked body. My pussy ached to have his cock inside, my bottom still burning from the last spanking he’d given me. I remained where I was, defiant as ever.

“Four.” His voice never rose, but the tone was even darker.

I bit back another whimper, debating what I could do. I had few options. After all, I belonged to him.

“Three. I can see you’ve decided to be very naughty today, my love. I obviously haven’t trained you very well.”


There was no concept of love. He’d never issued the words, nor had I expected him to. Our relationship wasn’t about commitment in the same sense as everyone else. Devotion was something else. He was as devoted to me as I was to him.

As long as I obeyed.

My legs ached, my heart hammering hard against my chest. He won’t break you. He will never break you. My inner voice was constantly nagging me, but she would never win the fight. He would. He always would. For a few seconds, I was pulled into a previous life, the moment when my entire world changed, a real monster taking what didn’t belong to him.

And I’d been far too weak to respond or to push him away.

This was something entirely different. But then again, was it? I hadn’t been given a choice. Not by the man or by my body. It had betrayed me from day one, accepting the ugliness furrowing inside of him, pining away for his intense passion when we weren’t together. He was everything to me.

“Two. Tsk. Tsk. You are a very bad girl tonight. I can see you’re going to need a very harsh punishment.”

One second left. One second to decide on my own whether I would give him exactly what he wanted. One second to break away from his hold.

And I couldn’t do it.

“One.” He reached inside the closet, his massive hand wrapping around my wrist. As he pulled me out and onto my feet, the amber glow in the room allowed me to see the burning hunger in his eyes. They pierced through me like a knife, cutting into my heart and soul. He slid his other hand around the back of my neck, holding me in place as he took several steps away from the closet, dragging me with him.

I was trembling all over, darting my eyes back and forth. His scent was even more intoxicating, pulling me into the same vacuum that always left me spinning, desperate for him.

He smoothed down my hair, taking his time to tangle his fingers in my long strands, shaking his head back and forth very slowly. His cock was rock hard, throbbing as he pressed it into my stomach. He was so handsome, his chiseled features only adding to his powerful aura. “What am I going to do with you, Aspen? My sweet, beautiful kitten.”


“Ssshhh… No need to answer. You know exactly what I must do. Don’t you, my love?”

I nodded, a cold chill slithering down my spine.

“Now, you’re going to be a very good girl while I prepare to discipline you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.” Respect. I’d learned about respect early on, his need to assert authority always in the forefront of his mind. Tonight wasn’t the time to fight him any longer. Not if I wanted sweet bliss.

I was almost desperate for his touch, and he always seemed to know what I needed. He slid his hand down my arm, moving his fingers past the handcuffs, flicking the tip of one back and forth across my nipple. I was shaking to the core, no longer able to feel my legs.

“So gorgeous. You’re just perfect in every way,” he whispered as he swirled his finger several times before pinching my hardened bud between his thumb and forefinger. “I think you’d look incredible with your nipples pierced. Don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” The pain was biting, but almost instantly rolled into the extreme pleasure I craved. I closed my eyes, mewing as he twisted harder before moving to my other breast and repeating the action. This was only a taste, a mere morsel of what I craved, and he knew it. He was making me wait until the round of discipline was completed. I wasn’t certain I could wait that long.

“I think that’s what we’ll do this weekend.” When he shifted his hand down my stomach, sliding his fingers between my legs, I was no longer able to hold back a ragged moan. “You’re wet. Very wet in fact. Maybe we’ll have your clit pierced as well.” He chuckled darkly as he rolled his finger around my clit several times, finally pinching the tender tissue as he’d done with my nipples.

The following wave of anguish was brief but beautiful. The scent of my raging desire wafted between us, another telling of our mortal sin. I would never be able to break free from his spell.


I tipped my head, staring up at the ceiling, studying the way the light cast various shadows across the surface. They were ominous but inviting, drawing me further into his perpetual darkness.

“You are very hungry tonight, my kitten.”

“Yes. Yes, sir.”

“Then you shall have everything you crave, but only after you’re punished. Come with me into the playroom.”

The playroom. I’d dreaded the place the moment I’d set foot inside. The various instruments of pain had been carefully collected, his cabinets of implements unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Now I grew excited every time I was invited inside, which had been only recently. My mouth watered even though I continued to tremble.

He took his time walking us toward the door, opening it slowly as if lifting the lid to Pandora’s Box. The single light switch activated a series of highlights, some creating a glow around a different apparatus. As always happened, my breath skipped, my heart racing. This had been his world.

Now it was also mine.

And I never wanted it to end.

“What shall we choose tonight?” he asked as if he would allow me to choose at all.

“Whatever you determine.”

He pressed his head against my neck, darting his tongue back and forth across my earlobe. “You are so special to me. I am very hungry tonight. Let’s give you salvation. Shall we?”


It was the one thing he’d needed desperately, the one aspect of his life that had nearly derailed him. I was his strength. I was his hope for the future.

I was his.

The light to his darkness.

When he placed a hand on my shoulder, a very emotional sense of comfort swept through me. He had an uncanny ability of knowing when I needed his touch. After he led me to the apparatus of choice, a bench he’d never used before, he eased my hair from around my shoulders, brushing his fingers down the length of my spine.

“I’m going to remove the handcuffs.”

I remained silent as he rubbed his fingers down my arm, sliding a small key from his pocket as he moved in front of me. I didn’t need to be told to hold my arms in front of me. I also couldn’t take my eyes off him as he used the tiny key to unlock the shackles. He tossed the steel pieces onto a table then took thirty seconds rubbing my wrists, pulling one hand close to his mouth.

The feel of his hot breath trickling over my skin created another round of goosebumps. I found it difficult to breathe as I watched him raise my hand to his mouth, pressing kisses across my knuckles. His eyes never left mine, his voluptuous mouth only adding to the wetness between my legs. The man knew how to arouse me with a single heated look.

After a few seconds, he guided me toward the bench, preparing to pull me over the padded surface. I noticed the vibrator secured in the middle as he eased me over the instrument of pain. He pulled first one arm then the other over the side, bending down as he secured my wrists with leather bindings.

He took his time moving behind me, tugging my legs apart then binding my ankles. When he was satisfied, he pressed his hand against the small of my back, gently caressing my skin.

“You look so beautiful this way.” His words were still full of such command, but they were also sensual, the sultry vibe only adding to my excitement.

My rational mind still had no clear understanding of the joy it brought me to receive this level of pain, but the release surrounding the moment was nothing short of ecstasy. I twisted my head as he walked toward one of the cabinets, obviously selecting the implement to use. I craned my neck in an effort to find out, holding back a series of whimpers as he selected some kind of a leather strap.

I sucked in my breath, anticipating the heightened level of pain. The moment seemed surreal, as if I’d seen the event in my mind before. Just being around him created such a pull toward his darkness, an almost desperate need to find himself again. The night and day of our professional life versus our heated passion was so extreme. I struggled in my bindings as he walked closer, the hard wooden floor adjusting to the vibrations of his heavy step.

After he closed the distance, moving behind me, he bent down. The sound of a crank of some kind filtered into my ears. What was he doing? I found out soon enough, a bulbous tip of the vibrator sliding between my legs. What the hell was he doing?

“I’m going to issue twenty for your original misbehavior. Another ten for not coming to me when I commanded.”

I shuddered from his words alone, fisting my hands as my heart continued to race. I was lightheaded from the position I’d been placed in, fighting to take another look at him.

“Remember what I told you earlier, Aspen. Pain and pleasure are often morphed together to achieve a feeling of nirvana. You’re going to understand more of what I was talking about tonight. After I’m finished, I am going to fuck you.”

His statements were never to be questioned, his desire as powerful as my own. I held my breath as the anticipation sent another wave of butterflies into my stomach. At least he didn’t force me to wait but for long. The whooshing sound was something I would never forget, the snap of his wrist becoming secondary.

But when the lash was smacked across both bottom cheeks, I reared up immediately, the clang of the chains holding the leather bands in place minimal in comparison to my moans. I was shocked the pain wasn’t immediate, more of a tingling sensation rocketing through me. Blinking furiously, I took several scattered breaths, still fighting with the bindings.

He delivered two more in rapid succession, both hitting my sit spot. That’s when I felt the first hint of pain, a jarring set of tingles sliding down the back of my legs. When he brought the lash down four more times, one placed on my upper thighs, I was unable to hold back a slight scream. “Oh. Oh. Oh!” I jerked up, gasping for air as stars floated in front of my eyes.

The caress of his fingers did little to hide the anguish. Heat flashed through every inch of my skin until it was on fire. Just when I thought he was going to continue at a rapid pace, I heard a whirring sound. The second something thick was placed against my clit, a powerful set of vibrations swept through me like a tidal wave. I lifted my head to scream, but there was no sound other than an anguished moan.

I felt his hot breath as he leaned over, his husky whisper burning into my mind. “Agony and ecstasy, my kitten.”

As he continued the spanking, the vibrations only seemed to increase, pulling me almost immediately toward a raging climax. I could no longer breathe, had no sense of what was happening. All I could concentrate on was the sheer pleasure the vibrator was providing.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh…

With every hard snap of his wrist, I jerked up from the apparatus, barely able to move. I was thrown into a new state of mind, floating above the stratosphere, no longer blinded from the pain. I couldn’t stop bucking as the whirling head of the vibrator yanked me close to an orgasm. I opened my mouth to speak but was unable to find any words to say.

Another four strikes were issued, each one harder than the one before. Then I heard his voice, the deep baritone penetrating into my mind.

“Are you ready to come for me, little kitten?”

“Yes. Please… Please, sir.”

Neither my actions nor the words were coming from the same girl who’d arrived at the location only a few weeks before. I’d been transformed.

No, I’d been set free.

I no longer felt the harsh round of punishment, the pleasure too intense. My entire body was on fire, every cell seared by the dazzling electricity shooting through me like bottle rockets. I undulated my hips as the climax roared to the surface, slamming into me. While I managed to let off an audible scream, the sound was scattered. I couldn’t stop shaking from the powerful orgasm, one shifting into two. Then a giant wave.

“That’s it, kitten. Enjoy.”

Just hearing his words fueled the fire even more, pushing me to new heights of pleasure. I was cognizant of the continued spanking, but I no longer felt the pain, only the extreme pleasure.

He was relentless in his punishment, continuing to give strike after strike. But all I could do was fade into the sheer euphoria.

I wasn’t certain how much time had gone by, but when the whirring sounds ceased, I released a cry, prepared to beg for more. After taking several deep breaths, I closed my eyes, more satisfied than I’d been before.

As he brushed his fingers across my bruised bottom, I heard several purrs erupting from my throat. I had no energy, no need to struggle any longer. He continued caressing, moving his hand between my legs as he cranked the incredible vibrator away.

“Wet and hot. Are you ready for me?”

His question had to be rhetorical. I murmured my answer, although I wasn’t entirely certain I’d said any words. Yet I didn’t need to.

While a few seconds must have passed, I was lost in the same blissful world, just trying to control my breathing. Then I sensed him once again getting closer, the touch of his hands as he kneaded my back adding to the warmth racing through every cell and muscle.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you, including in your tight little ass.”

I didn’t bristle as normal, didn’t buck up from the apparatus. I wanted nothing more than for him to take me.

Use me.

Possess me.

My rational brain was pushed aside as I felt the tip of his cock slip past my swollen, aching folds. A smile crossed my face before I licked my lips, my hunger only increasing.

He wasted no time thrusting every inch of his thick shaft deep inside, the force shoving me forward. His ragged growl was an indication of his own level of pleasure. As he dug his fingers into my hips, I twisted my head back and forth. I longed to see him, to feel the weight of his body against mine.

That would come later.

After his dark hunger was satisfied.

He pulled out, taking several deep breaths then slamming into me again. The heat resonating off his body was electrifying, the guttural sounds he made indicating his beast had breached the surface. Soon, the creature would be sated.

But only for a short period of time.

I closed my eyes, the glorious moment fulfilling my own needs. We’d found each other, satisfying vile and filthy needs. I could only imagine how much more the man would hunger for.

He pounded into me for a full minute as he brushed several fingertips down the crack of my ass. Every hole belonged to him.

His growls became more ferocious as he slid the tip of his cock up and down before pushing it into my darkened hole. I tensed as I always did, fighting the urge to struggle. As he drove his cockhead in until he hit the tight ring of muscle, I almost panicked, but the warmth of his hand as he rubbed my back proved calming.

The powerful man plunged the rest of his cock inside, his roar of ecstasy floating all around us. I adored the sound of him letting go, capturing the light as he satisfied his needs. Today was even more extreme than any time before, our playtime private and secure. No one was ever to know.

My muscles stretched to accommodate his wide girth, the initial ache quickly morphing into an elongated series of sensations. How could anything feel this good?

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” With every brutal thrust, I was unable to hold back even a single moan, fisting then flexing my fingers with every savage pass. Nothing could be sweeter than this. Nothing.

I could tell he was struggling to hold back, losing his control. A smile crossed my face, exhaustion settling in, only I knew this was only the beginning of a wondrous night. There would be more.

As he erupted, filling me with his seed, I realized a single tear had slipped from my lashes.

Soon there would be silence.

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